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1. Giving Thanks before the program proper!

Perper: Before we proceed with our program proper, let us give thanks first our Allan: Yes, ofcourse, kasi nga! para makapag-create tayo ng greater awareness on the
participants for joining and attending our Happy Walk 2015: a Kick-off activity on importance of Nutrition among Filipinos and our fellow Biliranons. Since, we are
the Celebration of the 41st Nutrition Month: committed to PD 491 or the Nutrition Act of the Philippines.

Alternate Speak: PerPer: Wow , Very Well said! Kaya pala ang tema naten ngayon ay
a. Ofcourse! Our Beloved and ever supportive Mayor: Hon. Grace J. Casil together
With Vice Mayor: Angel Bacatano and the Sangguniang Bayan Members Both: Timbang Iwasto, Sa Tamang Nutrition at Ehersisyo!
b. To our Resource Speaker Ms. Josefina Jadulco and its delegates from the Province
c. Local Government Unit officials and Employees 5. Invocation and National Anthem
d. To our National Government Agencies: From Department of Interior and Local Government, Perper: To start with, may we call on, Ms. Ma. Socorro Velarde to lead the invocation
Philippine National Police Forces, Bureau of Fire Protection Forces, MCTC, Postal,
Commission on Election, Bureau of internal Revenue, & PCA Allan: Followed by the Hymn of our National Anthem to be led by Ms. Leila-Gabuya-
e. Department of Education- Selected Teachers from Biliran Central School, Felimon Nierras Ibajan
Mem. Elem. School, Core Shelter Elem. School, Biliran Central School, & Biliran National
Agricultural High School 6. Short Message
f. To our Barangay Officials, Staffs & Health Workers Allan: To give us a delicious message, may we call on, our beloved and ever supportive
g. Naval State University- Biliran Campus, Faculty and Employees Mayor, Honorable Grace J. Casil.
h. To Non-government organization: from BBA, OCCCI, Palawan, MLhuillier, Womens League, &
Basic Ecclesial Community. (After the message)
i. For giving us a musical and wonderful walk: From BNAHS and BilSci Drum and Lyre Corps
j. And ofcourse for making this Celebration possible: let us give thanks the Municipal Nutrition Perper: Thank you Mayor for such a fruitful and yummy tasty message.
Council and the rest behind the Success of this advocacy.
Both: Again thank you so much for your Full and Endless Support! (Adlib! Short message from Mayors talk if possible)
7. Nutritional Talk
2. FLOW OF ACTIVITY PROGRAM Allan: Moving on! To give us a nutritional talk, in behalf of Dr. Edgar T. Veloso,
Allan: Yeah! And later on we will be having a delicious message from our Beloved Provincial Health Officer, our resource speaker for today is:
1. Position/ Work - 2. Achievements 3. Believes 4. A woman of-
Perper: Yes, and a nutritional talk from our Resource Speaker 8. Funny Experiences- 6. Advocacy 7. Motivation-

Allan: At sympre may pa- ZUMBA BIDA pa! which is the highlight of this celebration san ka Perper: So may we call on, no other than Ms. Josefina N. Jadulco.
pa! (after the Nutritonal Talk)
Perper: At ang inaabangan ng lahat ang pagkain ng Free Arrozcaldo. :D Allan: Thank you Maam Josie for your words of wisdom, thoughts to ponder and nutritious talk.
Allan: Wow, Im so egzaited sa activity naten ngayon at sympre sa libreng Pakain! :D
Perper: Kaya nga! Dahil Egzaited na din ako! we will about to start our program after a few minutes. To award the Certificate of Recognition, may we call on our Municipal Health Officer Dr.
3. Greetings! Ellenor V. Briones
Perper: Good Day Everyone!
Allan: Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen (adlib! Regarding about the Speakers talk)
9. Zumba Bida!
Allan: Hi, Hello, Hello, Hi, HepHep Hurray, Hurray HepHep, Boom Panis!, Boom Boom Perper: For the most awaited part, lets give it up to the BilSci teachers to lead the Zumba Bida!
Panis Panis! (talk talk talk Adlib talk)
10. Healthy Lifestyle Oath Taking
Perper: Wow, Active na active ang ating mga participant epekto ata ng Happy Walk sa ________________________________________________________________________________________
umaga! ________________________________________________________________________________________
Perper: Anyways, This day, we are celebrating our 41st Nutrition Month which is isine- 11. Departure- Blah Blah Blah!
celebrate naten ito yearly every month of July

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