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IS311 Enterprise Systems

Divine Word University

Assessment task 3: Enterprise Systems Development
Outcomes: 3, 4, 5, 6
Weighting: 30%


This is an individual assessment, which provides an opportunity for you to develop an enterprise
information system. Enterprise information systems are core software systems used by companies
to integrate and coordinate information in every area of the business. Enterprise systems help
organizations manage organisation-wide business processes, using a common database and shared
management reporting tools. Managers in many organisations are now trying to think in terms of
business processes that integrate the functional areas, thus promoting efficiency and
competitiveness. ERP system can help a company integrate its operations by serving as a company-
wide computing environment that includes a shared database delivering consistent data across all
business functions in real time. Real time refers to data and processes that are always current.

In this assignment, you will develop an enterprise information system for the Western Pacific
University. It is seeking IT support for the development of its enterprise system which will be used by
the students, registrars office and office of student services. This enterprise information system will
have a single shared database. The system will be used to manage certain processes in the
university. The three processes are enrolment, admission and dormitory management.

The system will allow students to:

Log in and out of the system
Enrol in four unit offerings per semester in a year
Unenrol from units they have already enrolled in
View their profile. The profile should display information about students and the units they
have enrolled in that particular semester.
View their transcript, including their overall GPA

The system will also allow the registrars office to:

Log in and out of the system
Add new student information
View students who are eligible for HECAS scholarship. In order for a student to be eligible,
the student must have a GPA of 2.5 or more.

Furthermore, the system will allow the student services office to:
Log in and out of the student
Allocate a student to a dormitory
View students living in a particular dormitory

In order for the enterprise system to function properly, the following data is required:
Staff details need to be stored including the staff identification number, name, gender,
address, contact number, email and password.
Student details that need to be stored including student identification number, name,
gender, address, contact number, email and password.
Details about units offered also need to be kept, including the code, name and description.
Each unit has multiple offerings. An offering refers to when a particular unit is offered. For
example, IS303 is a unit. It is offered in Semester 1, 2015; Semester 1, 2016, etc.
Information about enrolment need to be kept, including the mark and grading scored by the
student in a particular unit offering he/she has enrolled in. Students can only enrol in four
offerings per semester.
Information about dormitories that students are allocated need to be kept. Dormitories
have names. Each dormitory can have multiple floors, which also has multiple rooms.

When a student is accepted into the university, the students account is created and he or she is
provided with an identification number, email and password. The email and password will be used
by the student to log onto the system. At the beginning of the semester, the students will use the
system to enrol into the units they will be studying during the semester. The students can only enrol
in four offerings per semester.

When a new staff member is recruited, his/her account is created and provided with an
identification number, email and password, which are required to log onto the system.

Assessment marks
The assignment is worth 30 marks, which will be allocated as follows:

Database Development 6 marks

Enrolment process 6 marks
Admission process 8 marks
Dormitory management process 10 marks

Planning the work

Below is schedule you may follow so that the work required in this assessment can be accomplished
effectively in the available time.

Work Complete by week

Requirements analysis 4
Database development 5
Enrolment process 7
Admission process 9
Dormitory management process 12
Submission 13
The University has strict policies with regard to plagiarism. You are not ALLOWED to plagiarise.
Anyone caught plagiarising will be given mark of zero.

The following criteria will be used to mark your assignment.

Assessment Item Marks allocated

Database Design 4
Database Implementation 4
Database quality such as constraints, naming 4
View transcript 4
Staff log in/out 3
Add new student details 4
View students eligible for HECAS 4
Allocate student to a dormitory 4
View students living in a dormitory 4
Quality including consistency, comments, etc. 5
Total 40

Note: The marks you get out of 40 will be scaled down to a mark out of 30 (mark/ 42 x 30).