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Treatment by Hannah Nightingale


Restless Contents

3 Purpose

4 Audience

5 Genre

6 Locations

7 Production Crew and Cast

8 Equipment

9 Budget Required

Restless is a new Forensic Crime Drama unlike any aired
before. The difference between Restless and other more
generic crime drama, is its realistic scientific
pathology, paired with supernatural aspects. The
contrasting mix between reality and something more
questionable is something very fresh for UK television
drama, therefore entertaining the audience considerably.
For the majority of television dramas, the purpose is to
entertain and inform. This is the purpose of Restless,
however what makes it different from the rest is that
extra element that other UK crime dramas simply dont
The target audience of Restless is quite key to the success of
the series. Restless has the key elements of a crime drama, but
also brings something new and fresh to the genre- a spin which
makes the audience want to watch it. There is a big age range of
people, both genders within this target audience, which in turn may
make it more challenging to create, but will be beneficial in the
long run as the broad demographic means more people will be
consuming the programme, essentially generating more profit. Due
to the potential of some strong language and scenarios, the target
audience will consist of a more mature age group. The BBFC rating
for this series will most likely be certificate 15, the overall
target audience age range will be 15-40 year olds.

As for gender, the audience will be both male and female. The
females could be attracted to due to the male characters and the
males could be attracted by the content, for example the action.

The audience will consist primarily of middle class people, as

theyre watching evening television dramas, yet need the
intellectual ability to keep up with what some my consider a
slightly complex story line.

The genre of Restless primarily falls under the crime drama
category, under the forensic sub-genre. It does however have heavy
elements of psychic/ supernaturalism. Because of the combination of
all of these things, I believe Restless could even be described
as a Crime thriller.

There will only be a few locations used in this show, as the majority
will be studio based, the studio will be turned into a mortuary.
However when Leo has his dreams/ visions I will need a couple of
different locations, for example a forest/woodland at night. Despite
the supernatural aspects of this series, the storylines are set in
realism and supposed to imitate everyday life, therefore there wont
be any need to splash out on expensive locations as everywhere needed
to film should be free to use.
Production crew and cast

Researchers- Researchers will be required for this production in order

to make it as realistic and believable as possible. Researchers jobs
will be to find all of the scientific knowledge needed for each murder
case, in order for it to be as real and professional looking as

Director- The directors job will be to ensure perfection throughout

the whole process. Shots, lighting, acting location etc. will be
checked to ensure my vision of this television drama is exactly how I
want it to be.

Camera operators- It is these peoples jobs to get the very best shots
for this production, creating my vision and making it a reality.

Actors- These will be the people that the programme is associated with,
so its crucial that they are perfect for the role. They will be the
faces of Restless.

I will also require lighting crew, sound crew, editors, and a floor

Although there is the supernatural aspect of Restless, this will be
made believable in post- production editing. Aside from this, the
programme is based on reality and so there will not be a need for lots
of excessive equipment because this will take away from the realism of
the series.

List of equipment:
Make-up and prosthetics
Recording software
Vision mixer
Editing software

Budget Required
The cost of this production will not be cheap, but it will certainly be
an investment.
Studio hire- 1500/per day
Camera hire- 200/ a day (will need about 3 cameras)
Director- 400/per day
Camera operator- 300/per day (will need at least 3)
Lighting operator- 250/per day
Actor- 5000/per day

A few other minor costs here and there mean that each episode of this
series will come to about 40,000- 50,000.