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Who we are

BDECL is a growing drilling company that provides a complete range of

drilling services. It was initially formed as a water drilling company , but over
years has expanded into drill for mineral exploration.
It was Founded by a Mr.Prakash, its current Chairman.
After existing and operating for a decade BDECL has mastered their craft
and is a leading provider in drilling & exploration services.
Given the inadequate supply of water generally over the country, BABA has
continued to provide water drilling services to meet the demand
We continue to combine the strength of a large ,well capitalized enterprise
with the agility and flexibility of a small solution provider to benefit our
customers, suppliers , employees and communities in which we operate.
We have state of art equipment , technology and sourcing
of personal in order to achieve the highest and most
innovative standard and service possible. Delivery to clients
within budget and timeframe is our main priority.
Our corporate office is based in Lusaka, with offices in
Chingola, Solwezi and Ndola all locations in Zambia.
We have branches in Tanzania, Congo, and Sierra Leone. We
are planning to expand to Guinea and Liberia by year in and
Sierra Will be the head quarter for the three Mano River
Union countries in West Africa.
Locations in
Our core values

Continually identify and implement the most advanced

drilling technologies with increased efficiency and
We also support initiatives that raise awareness of the
need to protect our underground water resources from
illegal extraction and pollution as the best water is deep
underground. Sometimes it is hundred of meters of
crystalline rocks.
Environmental management.
Establish a good lasting relationship with clients.
Zero tolerance to fraud and corruption.

Drill for sustainable water supply so as to minimize

deaths that are related to water borne diseases
among nations mainly under five children.
We provide drilling services to aid irrigation programs
that in turn boost food security which will
proportionally improve the economy of the country.
To make water accessible to communities located at
remote terrains .
Drilling at Wellington in the
Sedimentary Bollom
Formation of the Freetown
What we do

Surveying/site inspections(Geophysical studies)

Water testing.
Water Borehole Drilling.
Flushing and Maintenance of exiting boreholes.
Installation and Supply of submersible pumps and Indian Mark ii
hand pump.
We also supply solar powered pumps to support the global
green energy campaign.
Educator programs for communities 'water facilities
Consultancy services on pump installation.

We have various types of drilling machines and we

have over 20 rigs globally.
In Sierra Leone we currently have two drill rigs and
two supporting trucks. We expecting two extra rigs
and one of them is a tractor mounted.
We have the required casings for all borehole drilling
and pumps in our Freetown stores.
We can drill in all geological formations in Sierra
Our parking lot at
63 Wilkinson Road
Freetown, Sierra
Borehole installation kits at 63
Wilkinson Road, Freetown Stores.
Resistivity Meter for Geo-
hydrological test
Borehole flushing
Samples inspection and logging
Drilling Types

At BABA Drilling and Exploration company we are

offering the following:

DTH Drilling
Mud Rotary Drilling
Reverse Circulation(RC) Drilling
Multipurpose Drilling

We officially opened in Sierra Leone in November 2015 and

we have executed the following:
Drilled five(5) successive boreholes in complex areas in
Freetown for private and companies.
Assessed ten(10) areas for water potential and drill rig
Supplied and Installed submersible pumps at hill station
,Wellington and Choithram Hospital.
Presently we are drilling for National Petroleum at Shell
Borehole installation at
Bore hole pump
Community sensitization on hand pump safe handling at one of
our projects in Africa.
Past projects

Zambia water sector and minerals drilling project

Tanzania water supply system and exploration.
DR Congo water sector and minerals exploration
Chothram hospital, Milla Group,JAGIGO Investment,
and Choithram Soap factory all in Sierra Leone. For
Sierra Leone we official opened in late November
Borehole drilling site

Hill Station Site

Looking into the Future

To drill and provide sustainable water supply to vulnerable

communities as water related borne diseases have claimed
many lives in Africa mainly the school-age children .
Provide an easy supply chain of pumps and other borehole
Partner with other agencies on initiatives that raise
sensitize sanitation and hygiene.
Expand and do more projects in remote areas on water
projects at a regional scale.

Our service charges are affordable and provide

sustainable services to our potential clients.

Our charges are not To Go but To Come.