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Carolina was walking with her cousin Harry to go to their first practice of Quidditch

season, followed by his twin sister Catalina and his two friends when the Wood

What is it Oliver? Carolina asks before meeting his eyes to the Slytherin team.

Oh, never mind. She says, shooting a worried glance at Harry, who just shrugged at
the chaser.

She heard Wood saying something about a new seeker and keeper; causing her to
furrow her eyebrows until Draco and his twin Clodagh appeared, smirking.

Clodagh shoots a polite smile at Carolina to which she returned.

They were quite known as the Slyffindor duo, making Slytherin and Gryffindors
rivalry quite fun.

Draco noticed and scoffed, elbowing Clodagh who shot her little brother (she was
older by a minute) a glare.

Carolina rolled her eyes as Draco went on about affording the best.

At least no one on Gryffindors team had to buy their way in. They got it on pure
talent. She growled, Hermione nodding.

Draco looked at her straight into her chocolate brown eyes, which was a bad
mistake on his behalf, seeing as he developed a strong crush for the Gryffindor.

No one asked for your opinionyou filthy little mudblood.

She froze, Hermione pulling her away thankfully as she put on her poker face.

Youll pay for that one Malfoy. Eat slugs!

Carolina widened her eyes as Rons spell backfired, literally, causing her to run to
the redhead.

She crouched down, as he turned over, making vomit-like motions.

Ron are you okay? Say something!

He spit out a slug, causing her to wrinkle her nose in disgust.

Here, let me help you up.

She put his arm around her shoulders as Cata got the other arm.

Lets take him to Hagrids, hell know what to do.

Carolina was looking down as Hagrid questioned who Ron was trying to curse.

Malfoythe brother that is. He called Carrie awell I dont know what it is.

She got up, walking towards Hermione, looking at her.

He called her a mudblood.

Hagrid gasped.

He did not!

Whats a mudblood?

Carolina turns to Harry, tears streaming down.

It means dirty blood. Mudblood is a terrible insult to someone with non-magic

parents. Someone like Hermione and I.

Hermione hugged her, sighing.

Its not a term you would hear in a civilized conversation.

You see Harry and Cata, there are some wizarding families, like the Malfoys, who
think theyre better than everyone else because theyre what there called pure-

T-Thats horrible! And to our own sist- cousin! Cata and Harry say, quickly
correcting themselves.

Ron spits out a slug before saying, Its disgusting.

Well, at least one of the Malfoy twins respects us. Hermione murmured, recalling
Clodagh yelling at Draco for insulting her best friend.

Carolina nodded, wiping her tears away.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME DRACO?! Clodagh shrieked at Draco, pushing him

SIS! CALM DOWN! Draco told her but she wouldnt have it.

Youve gone insane if you think you can insult my best friend in front of me! she
growled, her blue eyes that she inherited from her mother staring down at her
brothers own pair of blue eyes.

You think I dont know that?! he yelled, pushing her.

She scoffs, blowing a strand of her brown hair off her face.

I wish I was placed in Gryffindor. She mumbled, sighing. That way, I can comfort
my best friend with only my reputation as a Malfoy being in jeopardy. But nope, I
also have the name of being a Slytherin to bear.

Draco pressed his lips together, looking as his twin sister groaned.

Why cant you be nice to her Draco? Why not?

You know why. He growled.

So father disapproves, who CARES?! she sighs, rolling her eyes. Mummy doesnt
mind me being besties with a muggle-born-

Exactly! Besties! Not being romantically involved Clodagh! he exclaims.

She rolls her eyes.

Best friends are the best type of lovers Draco. She says, as if she already told him

He sighs, looking down.

She didnt seem that fazed by me calling her that.

Trust me, she WAS. She only acts tough on the outside brother. Shes like a nut
thats hard to crack. Layers of protection. Once you remove all that shit, youre left
with a vulnerable girl that hates herself AND her name.

Draco looked at her and sighed.

All right, Ill try! But, only towards her-

And Potter. She says, causing Draco to wrinkle his nose.

Not HARRY POTTER you dipshit! His twin! she exclaims, exasperated.

Catalina Potter? The one who fancies Longbottom?

Thank god, I thought only Carrie and I saw it. And yes Draco, the ONE who fancies
Longbottom, his ONLY twin. She says, sarcastically.
Draco raised his arms up in defense, sighing.

Well, hes going to try.

Draco watched as a random Slytherin knocked out the books from Carolinas hands,
snickering as she bent down to pick them up.

He hesitated before walking up to her and handing her a book, their eyes meeting as
she looked up.

She pressed her lips together, taking the book on his hand, still keeping eye contact
with him.

Sorry about earlier, I was being-

Racist? Carolina snapped, glaring at him.

He chuckled, nodding.

Yeah, I guess you can say that.

She narrowed her eyes at him.

Clodagh made you apologize, didnt she?

He widened his eyes, tensing.

Darn, shes smart!

Why wasnt she placed in Ravenclaw?

Because I still have a lot to proveat least that was what the sorting hat told me
last year.

He widened his eyes, about to question how did she know when she said,

Mind-related witchery, dont ask.

He nodded, completely aware at how awkward it had gotten.

He then reached out his hand, sighing.

Im Draco Malfoy, nice to meet you.

She looked at him; curious at why he was acting so strange.

She sighs, smiling at him.

She takes his hand and shakes it.

Carolina Dursley, nice to meet you.