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MasterGlenium 51

(Formerly known as GLENIUM 51)

Polycarboxylic Ether Based High Range Water Reducing / New Generation Super
Plasticizer Admixture

Description of Product Advantages

MasterGlenium 51 is a polycarboxylic n Improves concretes early and final

ether based, high range water reducing new compressive and flexural strengths,
second generation super plasticizer concrete adherence to steel, and impermeability
admixture developed for readymix concrete compared to traditional super plasticizers
and precast industry that needs high early and (NSF or MSF***).
final strengths and durability*. n Improves concretes mechanic properties

like carbonation, resistance to chlorine ion

Consistent With the TS EN 934-2 Table attack, resistance to aggressive chemicals, and Table 7: High range water shrinkage, and creeping.
reducing/Super plasticizer Concrete n Enables the production of low water/cement

Admixture and ASTM C 494 Type F: High ratio, low segregation and leaching risk
range water reducing/Super plasticizer Rheoplastic**** concrete.
Concrete Admixture Standards. n Enables production of high early strength

concrete even in low temperatures.

Fields of Application n Minimizes stripping time.

n Improves wear resistance of concrete by

n In the production of self consolidating and reducing segregation and bleeding.

self compacting concrete. n Reduces application periods of resin based

n In the production of Rheodynamic** concrete pavement systems on new concrete with its
that can easily set to densely reinforced low water/cement ratio, high early strength,
concrete elements. and bleeding reduction properties.
n In the production of 18 24 hours and 28 n Increases Freezing Thawing resistance of

days high strength concrete. concrete.

n In the production of precast and prefabricated n Reduces curing time and curing temperature

concrete. in the production of precast elements.

n In the production of readymix concrete. n Can be used with all cement types. Shows

less sensitivity to material differentiation.

n MasterGlenium 51 does not contain

Structure of the Material Polycarboxylic ether based

Color Amber
Density 1.082 - 1.142 kg/liter
Chlorine Content% (EN 480-10) < 0.1
Alkaline Content% (EN 480-12) <3
Obtained in +20C 50% relative humidity conditions.
MasterGlenium 51
(Formerly known as GLENIUM 51)
The Chemical Mechanism of the New the mixture along with the remaining water.
Generation Super plasticizers MasterGlenium 51 must be mixed for
60 sec. or for the duration determined in
In traditional melamine and naphthalene laboratory experiments in the mixture for a
sulphonate based superplasticizer polymers, homogenous diffusion.
cement particle surfaces are surrounded during
the first stage of concrete mixing process. Dosage
Suphonic groups of polymer chains increase
negative charge of cement particle surfaces MasterGlenium 51 is suggested to be used
and electrostatic force pushes these particles. as 0.5 1.5 kg for 100 kg binder (cement-
This electrostatic mechanism causes cement micro silica-flyash). The dosage to be used
paste to disperse, and in turn enable concrete must be determined beforehand by laboratory
workability with less water mixture. Along with experiments. BASF YKS Technical Service
this, hydration process begins when cement must be consulted for detailed information.
particles contact with water. Rapidly growing
hydration crystals change surface mechanics Compatibility
of the particles and prevent free dispersion of
them. MasterGlenium 51 can be used with the
following materials:
The difference of MasterGlenium 51 1. IfMasterGlenium 51 is to be used
from traditional superplasticizers (NSF or under +15C where stripping is desired in
MSF based) is the new and unique affect 18-24 hours, then Glenium Activator
mechanism that improves efficiency of cement is suggested to be used combined with
dispersion. MasterGlenium 51 is made of MasterGlenium 51 if steam cure will not
long chain carboxylic ether polymers. At the be made. Suggested dosage for Glenium
start of mixing process, electrostatic pushing Activator is 1.5 3 kg for 100 kg cement.
mechanism is started like in traditional This combination improves early and final
superplasticizers. With this process, a fluid strengths. In temperatures above +15C,
concrete with much lesser water need is there is no need for Glenium Activator.
obtained. However, chains bound on polymer 2. MasterGlenium 51 is not compatible with
backbone stabilizes cement particles other Rheobuild (NSF based) series super
dispersion and spreading abilities mostly and plasticizers.
form a steric obstacle. Thus, higher fluidity is 3. Can be used with all cement types.
obtained with less water. 4. Can be used with silica, flyash and slag where
high binding material like Rheodynamic self-
Application Procedure compacting concrete is needed to be used.
5. Used with Glenium Stream viscosity
Binder (cement-micro silica-fly ash) and agent in the production of Rheodynamic
aggregate must be mixed until a homogenous self- compacting concrete.
mixture is obtained. After adding 50%-70% 6. Can be used with air entraining Micro
of the water to be added to the mixture, Air 200 (environment condition XF1-XF4
MasterGlenium 51 must be added to according to TS EN 206-1) to increase
MasterGlenium 51
(Formerly known as GLENIUM 51)
Freezing Thawing resistance. be added directly to the dry mixture.
7. Used with Meyco MS 610 micro silica n If MasterGlenium 51 is to be used under
(environment condition XA1-XA3 according +15C, then necessary precautions have
to TS EN 206-1) to improve the performance to be taken in cure conditions (temperature
of concrete and its strength in aggressive and time) and cement doses.
environments. n The performance of MasterGlenium 51 is

8. Used with Meyco TCC 735 and Binder reduced if it is mixed with other admixtures
5 to prevent shrinkage by preventing rapid in other classes. So, the storing and mixing
losing of the water in concrete mixture. equipments have to be used after cleaning.
9. Used against fissures from plastic shrinkage Contact BASF YKS technical service for
with synthetic fibers Meyco FIB. SP detailed information.
530/540/550 and steel fibers.
10. In environments with high temperature Packaging
and high air flow, must be used with a
suitable cure material like Masterkure In 30 kg drums
101, Masterkure 107, Masterkure176 In 220 kg barrels
or Masterkure 181 to prevent the water In 1000 kg tanks
of the mixture inside the concrete from Bulk
Must be stored in original packing, in +5C
n Not suitable to use with Rheobuild series environment. If the material freezes because
(NSF based) admixtures. of storing in undesirable environments,
n Concrete design and admixture dosage it must be thawed by keeping it in room
must be determined by prior laboratory trials temperature without direct heating, and mixed
according to concrete class and properties. by mechanical methods until it becomes
n The determined binder (cement-micro silica- homogenous. Pressured air must not be used
fly ash), at the end of laboratory trials, thin when mixing.
and rough aggregate must be mixed until a
homogenous and dry mixture is obtained. Shelf Life
If admixture is added to the dry mixture
before adding mixture water, then it will Under appropriate storing conditions opened
be absorbed by the mixture and uniform packages can be used throughout the shelf life
distribution will not be obtained. Even if all if the package cover is well closed.
the mixture water is added on top of this,
aimed concrete class and properties cannot Health and Safety Precautions
be obtained. Since the mixture will need extra
water, the water amount in design values will Work cloth, protective gloves, goggles and
be exceeded and the concretes mechanical masks concordant with Work and Worker
properties will be below the aimed value. For Health rules must be used during the
this reason, concrete admixtures must not application. Avoid contact to skin and eyes
MasterGlenium 51
(Formerly known as GLENIUM 51)

during storing and application. If such a

contact occurs, it must be washed by soap and
plenty of water. Consult a physician urgently
if swallowed. Food and drink must be kept
outside the application areas. Must be stored
away from children. Please look at the Material
Safety Data Sheet for detailed information.

(*) According to TS EN 206-1 environmental

standard about concrete strength
(**) Rheoplastic Concrete: Although has
the same water/cement ratio with the
reference concrete of approximately 7
cm slump, easily flowable (20 22 cm
slump), non-segrating concrete
(***) NSF (Naphthalene Sulphonate Based
Products); MSF (Melamine Sulphonate
Based Products)
(****)*Rheodynamic Concrete: Self-leveling
concrete without a need for vibration,
with a low distribution (65 - 70 cm), and
with low water/cement ratio.


This information given here is true, represents

our best knowledge and is based not only on
laboratory work, but also on field experience.
However, BASF Yap Kimyasallar San. A.S.
is only responsible from the quality of the
product. BASF Yap Kimyasallar San. A.S.
cannot be hold responsible from the results
caused by applications of the product not
in accordance with the written suggestions
of how and where to use the product and/or
faulty applications.
This technical document is valid until a
new one is printed and abates the previous
editions. 10/2006