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10 Cool and Cozy Places to Hang Out in Yogyakarta

If you want to spend great moments, go to these 10 cool and cozy places to hang out in
Yogyakarta. There are a lot of places you can always explore with your buddies. Yogyakarta has
been famous for its cheap and delicious cuisines. So, you can have culinary adventure without
worrying about your spending.

Here are the 10 cool and cozy places to hang out in Yogyakarta both in the afternoon and at

1. House Of Raminten

House of Raminten attracts people directly with its unique concept and menu. Here, you can find
Javanese traditional ornament and collections such as Royal Cart and statues of Javanese bride
and groom. The waitresses also wear kemben batik (Javanese traditional clothes for women) and
the waiters wear blangkon (Javanese traditional hat).

They will all directly greet and welcome you as soon as you enter this place along with gamelan
(Javanese traditional music instrument) music. Moreover, you will be offered with special menu
of the restaurants such as Nasi Kucing, Es Melonkolis, Ayam Koteka, Bubur Kelasworo, Cunduk
Raminten, and many more.

Located at Jl. FM Noto No. 7 Kotabaru, Yogyakarta, this restaurant offers affordable menu
starting from Rp 1,000 to Rp 25,000. You can go to this place at any time because it opens for 24

2. Legend Caf

Legend caf becomes the most happening hang out place recently. Strategically located at Jl.
Abu Bakar Ali No. 24, Kotabaru, near Malioboro and Kridosono stadium, this caf also opens
for 24 hours. No wonder that it is always full of visitors. This caf has elegant and unique
Holland house architecture. It offers diverse menu from Indonesian such as Nasi Goreng and
Bubur Ayam and western such as spaghetti and steak. You can also try various drinks at very
affordable price.

Moreover, you can use the facilities they offer such as Wi-Fi, soccer table, mini bilyard,
karambol, dart game, PS 3, and Nintendo. This caf also provide special space for those willing
to put their artworks. Hence, press conference and band concerts are often held in this place.

3. Semesta Coffee Shop

Located at Jl. Abu Bakar Ali No. 2, Kotabaru, Yogyakarta, this coffee shop can be a nice place
to hang out with your friends. You will not only be offered with various coffee, but also other
drinks such as tea, chocolate, soft drinks, and juices. You can choose various menu from snacks
such as roasted banana and crispy mushroom to heavy meals such as nasi penyet and spaghetti.

This coffee shop also opens 24 hours non stop. Thus, if you want to meet anyone at any time,
you can consider this place. Like other modern coffee shops, Semesta is also equipped with Wi-
Fi so that you can have a meeting with your colleagues or just chat with friends.

4. Momento Cafe

Momento caf is a cool place to hang out with friends with its warm and fun atmosphere.
Situated at Jl Pandean Sari Blok IV No 10, Sleman, Yogyakarta, this caf often holds live music
performance. Wi-Fi is also available so that you can surf and enjoy the meal.

The special menu in this caf is the desert called Choco Melt that is so mouthwatering with its
melting chocolate cake and smooth vanilla ice cream on it. Dont worry, the price in this caf is
very affordable for backpackers.

5. Alun-Alun Kidul (Alkid)

The south square of Yogyakarta palace, usually called Alkid, is a must visit hangout place in
Yogyakarta in the evening. You can see some cars with colorful lamps decoration ready to take
you go around this place. You can enjoy the ride for about Rp 30,000 40,000. Usually, local
young people and tourists hangout in this place while enjoying roasted corns, wedang ronde
(Javanese traditional drink), or heavy meals such as nasi goreng or sate ayam.

Well, the most interesting and challenging part of this place is passing through the gap between
two Banyan trees. It is said that anyone able to pass it successfully will get great fortune or
accomplish his/her dreams. Interested to try? You can try it for fun but dont take it for granted
because its just a myth.

6. Zero Kilometer

Zero kilometer has some historical Dutch buildings called Loji so that when you pass this area in
the evening, you will feel that you travel to the past through the well-cared buildings. The golden
light bulbs lighting this area makes it more dramatic. Perhaps you can have a romantic date with
your beloved one here.

7. Tugu Jogja

Who doesnt know this iconic landmark of Yogyakarta? Painted white and shielded golden on
some parts, Tugu Jogya stands tall at the crossroads of Jl. AM. Sangaji, Jalan Diponegoro, Jalan
Sudirman, and Jalan Margo Utomo (P. Mangkubumi). Tugu Jogja is also in the line between
Mount Merapi and Yogyakarta Palace making it as the heart of the town.
Although Tugu Jogya looks ordinary during the day, it does transform into magnificent in the
evening as the light shines on it. No wonder that a lot of people are willing to wait until the roads
get quieter so that they can take picture with Tugu Jogya at night. Hence, this spot becomes one
of the coolest places to hang out with friends.

8. Angkringan Lik Man (Lik Man Street Vendor)

It is perfect to unite a great cup of coffee and your evening in Yogyakarta. One of the most
popular angkringan (street vendor) in Yogyakarta is Angkringan Lik Man serving the most
special menu, Kopi Joss. Located at north of Tugu on Jl Margo Utomo, this place is always full
of visitors. They happily sit on simple old carpets and chats here and there while enjoying kopi
Joss, snacks, and nasi kucing.

9. Bukit Bintang (Stars Hill)

Do you want to experience a romantic date? Go to Bukit Bintang on Jl Raya Yogyakarta

Wonosari where you can spend the most wonderful night with your dearest ones. Here scattered
small restaurants offering various food with low prices. From the height of 150 meters, you can
enjoy roasted corns plus warm drink while watching the beautiful light of Yogya lamps from a
distance. Indeed, it will be much more memorable if you spend your time here with you loved

10. Pocinan

In the last place of the cool and cozy places to hangout in Yogya is Pocinan. Located near Code
river, in Kota Baru, Pocinan opens at 5 pm and closes in the morning. Established in 2004,
Pocinan has a lot of street vendors selling hot tea in the tin cup like poci tea.

Here you can hang out with your friends, your colleagues, and your special ones. Needless to
worry, the prices are affordable for students. You can bring the guitar or play magic. What you
need to remember is not forgetting to take a lot of coins with you since there are a lot of street
musicians in this kind of place. It is also crucial for ladies not to come to this place alone. Take
your girl or boy friends.

Yes, those are the 10 cool and cozy places to hangout in Yogyakarta. This town keeps alive
during the day and night. You can explore those places one by one if you stay in Yogyakarta for
a long time. Have great adventures in this lovely and friendly town.