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A Detailed Lesson Plan

in Math 4
Prepared by: Generalao, Aubrey Hyacinth T. and Valesquez, Jolina Rose M.
Content Standard: The learner demonstrates understanding of concepts of continuous and repeating patterns and number sentences.
Performance Standard: The learner is able to identify the missing element in a pattern and number sentence.

I. Learning II. Learning III. Learning IV. Learning Procedure V. Assignment/
Objectives Assessment Content Agreement
By means of A. Subject Matter:
_________ Patterns and Teachers Activity Pupils Activity
The pupils are a. What Algebra A. Pre-Assessment
able to; comes next? Pupils will find the Find the missing term
1. Fill in the B. References: missing term in
A. identify blanks to MATH FOR each term.
continuous complete the LIFE 4 Worktext
and repeating pattern. book in 1.
patterns; Number Mathematics
Pattern Revised Edition,
1,2,3,1,2, Adela C. _____
3,1,2 ___ Villamayor
12, 14,
16. 18, Tagle, J. M. et
al.(2014) 1 2 3
_____... Realistic 2. 1 2 3
1, 4, 5, 9, Math
1,4, 5, 9, Scaling 4 5 6
1, ____... Greater 4 5 6 ___
2, ___, 8, Quezon
11, 14, 17 City: Sibs _________
Publishing 3. Fill in the missing even
3, 4, 6, House, Inc. or odd numbers
___, 13,
18, 2 K to 12 Grade 4 a. 6, 8, 10, ___, ___, 16
Curriculum (12, 14)
Guide, LM Math
b. Grade 4 pages
166 to 168 B. Preparation:

B. determine 1. Apperception:
the missing C. Instructional a.
terms in a Materials
sequence of Cut outs of 2. Motivation
numbers; and different a. The teacher and student
shapes will sing the song Small
C. find the Triangles Circle with action.
missing Circle
number in an Square
equation Small Circle, Small
involving D. Concept: Circle,
properties of Number pattern or Big Circle, Small Circle,
operation. number sequence Small Circle, Big Circle
are numbers that Six times six is thirty six
are arranged in Six times six makes
order to follow a magic. This is the boat
specific rule. that were going to ride
Love Mama, Love Papa
E. Skills: Waving goodbye.
- Determining the
pattern of the
given sequence
and writing b.. After singing the song,
number patterns. the teacher will ask
- question.
F. Values: -What shapes were
Care for mentioned in the song?
number -What are the sizes of the
patterns. Scircle in the song?
Alterness -Can you draw the circles
on the board?
-what did you notice in the

3. Statement of the Aim:

q. Why is it important to
learn number patterns?

C. Presentation
1. Present the situation to
the class
What are the missing term
in 6,8,12___, 26___ ?

D. Medial Assessment:
E. Comparison and
F. Generalization:
G. Application:
H. Final Assessment: