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Controller DULCOMETER diaLog

Water parameter analysis made easy with the
983239_AL_PM_297_01/17_EN. Printed in Germany. Technical changes reserved. Controller DULCOMETER diaLog DACa/DACb 1.1Water parameter analysis made easy with the DULCOMETER diaLog DACa/DACb

Do you wish a simple controller for water analysis? interference variables and switchover of control
One that is easy to operate and with which you can parameters, it closes the control circuit between
freely select between all common measured variables DULCOTEST sensors and ProMinent metering
per channel? There is one: our all-rounder pumps. The two measuring and control channels of
DULCOMETER diaLog DACa/DACb! What is more, the DULCOMETER diaLog DACa/DACb can be
it is Ethernet-/LAN-capable and can be ideally individually configured to meet customer
integrated into existing networks. requirements. Everything that you need for the reliable
The controller DULCOMETER diaLog DACa/DACb treatment of industrial and process water, potable
is our compact all-rounder for water analysis. With its water or even swimming pool water.
specially designed functionalities, e.g. processing or

Your benefits
Simple operation thanks to a clearly arranged Excellent process safety and reliability: avoidance
display of incorrect metering by time-based monitoring of
More for your money: two measuring and control control variables
channels now in the basic configuration -> Global application options: 24 operating languages
available from 3rd quarter of 2017 as the DACb can be selected and changed
version Minimal time and effort: effortless duplication of
Versatile use: all common measured variables can device settings
be set per channel and subsequently altered Precise monitoring and documentation: Event,
Control from everywhere: LAN-capable and calibration and measured data logger with easy-to-
convenient remote access via integrated web access SD memory card
server Optimum communication: Integration into
983239_AL_PM_297_01/17_EN. Printed in Germany.

Maximum flexibility: individually adjustable to customer networks by means of different field bus
different operating statuses, e.g. Day-Night mode systems (PROFIBUS DP and Modbus RTU etc.)

Field of application
Measurement and control of water parameters in Monitoring of the chlorine dioxide concentration in
industrial and process water treatment plants systems for legionella control and prevention, for
Monitoring of the water parameters potable water example in schools, hotels or hospitals
Measurement of pH value and disinfection Measurement of the disinfection parameters of
parameters in the food and beverage industry irrigation and sprinkler irrigation water in market
Measurement and control of the hygiene gardens
parameters in swimming pools
Controller DULCOMETER diaLog
Water parameter analysis made easy with the
Technical Data
Measuring range mV connection type:
pH: 0.00 ... 14.00
ORP voltage: -1500 ... +1500 mV
Connection type mA (amperometric measured variables, measuring ranges
corresponding to the sensors):
Chlorine dioxide
Hydrogen peroxide (PER sensor)
Hydrogen peroxide (PEROX sensor with PEROX transducer V2 Order No. 1047979)
Peracetic acid
Dissolved oxygen
Connection type mA (potentiometer measured variables, measuring ranges
corresponding to the transmitter):
ORP voltage
Conductivity (measuring ranges corresponding to the transmitters):
via Transmitter 0/4 ... 20 mA
via Pt 100/Pt 1000, measuring range 0 ... 150 C
Resolution pH: 0.01
ORP voltage: 1 mV
Temperature: 0.1 C
Amperometric analysis (chlorine etc.): 0.001/0.01 ppm, 0.01 vol.%, 0.1 vol.%
Accuracy 0.3% based on the full-scale reading
Measurement input pH/ORP (input resistance > 0.5 x 1012 )
Temperature compensation Pt 100/Pt 1000 for pH, chlorine dioxide (CDP) sensor and fluoride
Correction range 0 100 C
pH compensation range for chlorine Sensor CLE 3 and CLE 3.1: 6.5 ... 8.5, sensor CBR: 6.5 ... 9.5
Disturbance signals Flow via 0/4 20 mA or contact water meter 1 - 500 Hz, the interference variable acts on both
Control characteristic P/PID control
Control 2 x bidirectional control
Analogue outputs 2 (3) x 0/4 ... 20 mA electrically isolated, max. load 450 , range and assignment (measured,
correction, control variable) can be set
Control outputs 2 x 2 pulse frequency outputs for metering pump control
2 relays (limit value, 3-point step or pulse length control)
Alarm relay 250 V ~3 A, 700 VA contact type changeover contact
Digital control inputs 2 (5) as a remote control input for the functions pause control / sample water fault, parameter set
switch-over, level monitoring of chemical tanks
Electrical connection 90 253 V, 50/60 Hz, 25 VA, 24 V DC
Field bus connection PROFIBUS-DP, Modbus RTU
Ambient temperature 0 ... 50C (for use indoors or with a protective enclosure)
Enclosure rating Wall-mounted: IP 66 and IP 67 (NEMA 4X)
Installation in the control cabinet: IP 54 for control cabinet door
Tests and approvals CE, MET (corresponding to UL according to IEC 61010)
Housing material PC with flame proofing equipment
Dimensions 250 x 220 x 122 mm (WxHxD)
Weight 1.3 kg
Technical changes reserved.

ProMinent Group
Controller DULCOMETER diaLog
Water parameter analysis made easy with the
Standard equipment of the 1-channel design
Measuring channel 1 with 14 freely selectable measured variables (via mV or mA). The measured variables conductive
or inductive conductivity are provided by the Compact controllers COND_C (conductive) and COND_I (inductive).
PID controller with pulse frequency-based metering pump control for 2 metering pumps.
2 analogue outputs for measured value, correction value or control variable (dependent on the optional equipment).
2 digital inputs for sample water fault detection, pause and parameter switch-over.
2 output relays selectable as limit value, cycle timer, real-time timer or intermittent programmable control output
(depending on the optional equipment).
Measured variables and language selection during commissioning.
Temperature compensation of the pH, chlorine dioxide (CDP) and fluoride measurement via Pt100/Pt1000.
22 operating languages: all European languages as well as Chinese, Russian, Thai, Korean. The operating language is
selected during commissioning and can be changed at any time by a keyboard shortcut. The documentation language is
selected via the identity code. A data carrier is also supplied that contains all other languages.
Saving and transfer of device parameterisation by means of the SD card.
Calibration and event data logger (without SD card, data is saved in the controller).
Interference variable processing (flow) via frequency (contact water meter).
Subsequent upgrade of the software function by means of an activation key or firmware update.

Optional equipment of the 2-channel design

Package 2
Interference variable processing (flow) via mA, or
pH compensation for chlorine with pH control, or
External remote setpoint via an analogue signal for channel 1.
Package 3
Second, complete measuring and control channel with PID controller (replaces the D2Ca controller).
3rd analogue output for measured value, correction value or control variable (depending on the optional equipment).
3 additional digital inputs, e.g. for level monitoring, pause and sample water alarm for channel 2.
Temperature compensation of the pH, chlorine dioxide (CDP) and fluoride measurement.
Package 4

Combination of packages 2 and 3 (only one channel for amperometric sensors is available with the interference variable

Communication options
Measurement data logger with SD card
Visualisation of the measured data using a web server via LAN or WLAN and a PC/tablet PC and web browser
Hardware extension

Protective RC circuit for output relay: Protects the output relay if inductive loads are to be switched (e.g. solenoid valves
or motors). Not with 24 V DC electrical connector.

Note: The controller DULCOMETER diaLog DACa will be replaced by the DULCOMETER diaLog DACb at latest
by the 3rd quarter of 2017.
Technical changes reserved.

ProMinent Group