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Simply Baby

Knitting Pattern
Nurturing Creativity for Imaginative play

Copyright: all text and images are property of Fig&Me Natural Toys 2013,
and are provided for private enjoyment purposes. Do not distribute copies in
any format.

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A very simple, fast and pretty
bonnet for your baby doll. Knit flat
with a crown decrease to create a
pretty shape that hugs, plus
crochet ties. Garter stitch front
and side bands for a snug fit.

This hat is made to fit dolls with

very soft hair that does not bulk
up in the back. Up to a 14 head

5 mm (US size 8) needles
I skein of Drops Loves You (50%
CO 36 sts.
alpaca, 40% wool, 10% linen)
Rows 1 to 6. Knit.
100 gr.
Row 7. K3, P to last 3 sts, K3.
5 mm crochet hook
Blunt needle to weave all ends Row 8. Knit.
Repeat last two rows 9 times.

LEVEL Row 27. K3, P to last 3 sts, K3.

Row 28. BO 3 sts, K3, K2TOG-TBL, (K4, K2TOG) four times, K3.
Intermediate beginner.
Row 29. BO 3 sts, Purl.
Row 30. (K3, K2TOG-TBL) five times.
CO. Cast on
Row 32. (K2, K2TOG-TBL) five times.
BO. Bind off
Row 33. Purl.
sts. stitches
Row 34.K2TOG all the way, K1.
CH. chain
Cut about 12 inches of yarn tail, and pull through remaining sts,
P. Purl
K. Knit sew with mattress stitch.
K2TOG-TBL. Knit two sts together
through the back loop. Ties
Join new yarn on front left of bonnet, CH 31. Slip stitch on each
GAUGE CH all the way back. Secure, cut yarn and weave ends. Repeat on
the other side.
3 sts and 6 rows on 1x1 in
Thank you for knitting with one of my patterns!