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Q1 Answer in very short

a) What is the unit in which temperature is commonly measured?
b) Name the process by which heat is transferred within the liquid?
c) Name two types of breeze which flow in coastal areas.
d) What is the other name of poor conductors of heat?
e) Name the method of heat transfer which does not require any material medium.
f) What is the range of clinical thermometer?
g) When does the flow of heat from a hot object to a cold object stop?
h) Name the process by which a frying pan transfers heat from the gas stove through its
bottom to the food kept inside it.
i) Which metal is used in making thermometers?
j) By which process the heat of the sun reach earth?

Q2 Answer in short
a) Why are cooking utensils provided with handles made of plastic?
b) Explain why a clinical thermometer has a short temperature range?
c) What is the function of kink in a clinical thermometer?
d) Why is it better to wear dark clothes in winter?
e) Why cant we use laboratory thermometer to measure human body temperature?

Q3 Answer in detail
a) Explain the formation of sea breeze and land breeze with the help of diagram.
b) Differentiate between clinical and laboratory thermometer.

Q4 High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

A) One end of objects like steel spoon, a plastic scale, a pencil and a divider is put in a
beaker of hot water. In which of the objects will the other end get hot? Why?
B) A person has a white shirt and a black shirt. Which shirt will make him more
comfortable in:
a) Winter
b) Summer