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School :
Subject : English
Grade/Semester : IX/2
Text Type : Narrative Text
Theme : Fable
Language Skill : Reading and Writing
Time Allotment : 2 x 45

A. Standard of Competence
11. Understanding meaning short writing functional text, and simple short essay ; report and
narrative to communicate with the nearest environment and or in academic context
12. Expressing meaning in writing functional text, and simple short essay which form report
and narrative to communicate with the nearest environment and or in academic context.
B. Basic Competence
11.2 Understanding correctly and efficiently the meaning and the rhetoric steps which
expressed implicitly and explicitly in short writing functional text and simple short essays in
form of report and narrative which relates to the nearest environment and or in academic
12.2 Expressing ideas in report and narrative texts accurately to communicate with the
nearest environment and/or in academic context.
C. Instructional Objectives
At the end of the session, the students are able to:
1. Accurately and efficiently read aloud words, phrases, and sentences in form of
2. Understand the meaning inside the narrative text which is expressed implicitly and
explicitly in a narrative text.
3. Write the resolution of a narrative text
D. Expectation for students character achievements

E. Intructional Materials
a. Partly cloudy movie
b. find the information : vocabulary, phrases, sentences

F. Teaching method : Discussion, group work, number head together

G. Teaching Learning Activities

Greeting and introduction to the topic (responsible, respect, discipline)
Students watching a silent short movie title Partly Cloudy(responsible)
Students are divided into 6 small groups (communicative)
Whilst Teaching
Students discuss about the movie they watched
Students rearrange the scramble text given by teacher based on the short movie
they have watched (social, communicative, respect, courageous)

Students fill in the blank the incomplete text (discipline, respect,
Students present the result of their discussion.
Students answer some questions provided by the teacher in the students

Students involve in the game to check their understanding
Post Teaching
Students write a short narrative resolution based on the story
Students share their difficulties
Students listen to the teacher concluding the lesson
H. Learning Source
Internet source:, Cambridge Dictionary, Oxford

I. Instruments
I. Attach the scramble paragraphs into a good passage!
Match the words with the meaning on the right column!
No Vocabularies Meaning
1. saw a. solid hat used as a protection
2. equipment b. looked or watched
3. helmet c. to jab with something sharp
4. cuddly d. things; stuff
5. prick e. soft, which you can hug
III. State whether the statements below is true (T) or false (F)!
1. Gus was the only clouds making the creatures (.)
2. Peck was the only cloud making the creatures (.)
3. All clouds made cute and cuddly creatures (.)
4. There were three main characters in the story (.)
5. Gus was always angry (.)
IV. Answer the following questions!
1. What is the tile of the story?
2. How many main characters are there in the story?
3. What was the first animal delivered by Peck?
4. What was the main job of the clouds?
5. What was the main job of the stork?
V. In your opinion, what would be the next animal Peck had to deliver? Please
write your answer in at least 5 sentences by continuing the following phrase!

After delivering the electric ell to its expectant parents, Gus created another
surprise to Peck. __________________________________________________

J. Assessment
techniques Type Instrument
1. Express the ideas by In your opinion, what will be the
writing the resolution part next animals delivered by Peck?
Written Short essays
of the movie Write your answer in minimum 5

Approved by, Bogor, January 2017

School Principal English teacher