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1) A six pole 50 kW, DC machine operating at 1180 r/min has a generated emf of 136.8 V.

If the
speed is reduced to 75 % of its original value and the pole flux is doubled, then what would be
the induced emf
2) A 4 pole DC generator has a wave wound armature winding containing 55 slots with 19
conductor each slot. Its flux per pole is 3.0 mWb and it runs at a speed of 1500 rpm. What will
be the value of generated voltage?
3) A 300 V long-shunt compound generator supplies a load current of 200 A. The following values
of resistances are given. Armature Resistance Ra = 0.05 , Series field resistance = 0.04 ,
Shunt field resistance Rsh = 200 . If the contact voltage drop per brush is 1 V. then the
generated voltage will be
4) A six pole 250 V dc shunt generator is supplying full load current at a speed of 1000 rpm. Its
armature and field resistance are 0.04 and 100 respectively and it has 700 lap connected
conductors. The voltage across armature resistance is 7.2 V. calculate the value of load current
and flux per pole.
5) A 4 pole dynamo with wave wound armature has 51 slots containing 20 conductors in each slot.
The induced emf is 357 V and the speed is 8500rpm. Calculate the flux per pole.
6) A 8 pole lap wound armature rotated at 350 rpm is required to generate 260 V. The useful flux
per pole is about 0.05 Wb. If the armature has 120 slots, calculate number of conductors per
slot and hence determine the actual value of flux required to generate the same voltage for wave
7) A 8 pole DC generator has per pole flux of 40 mWb and winding is connected in lap with 960
conductors. Calculate the generated emf on open circuit when it runs at 400rpm. If the armature
is wave wound at what speed must the machine be driven to generate the same voltage.
8) A 4 ploe lap connected shunt generator has Rsh=100 and Ra=0.1 and supplies sixty lamps
each rated 40 W, 200 V. Calculate the armature current, induced emf and current in each parallel
path of the armature. Allow a brush drop of 1 V per brush.
9) A compound generator delivers a load current of 50 A at 500 V. The resistances are Ra=0.05
, Rse=0.03 and Rsh = 250 . Find the induced emf, if contact drop is 1 V per brush. Assume
a) long shunt and b) short shunt connection.
10) A 4 pole lap wound DC shunt generator charges a 100V battery of negligible internal
resistance. The armature of the machine is made up of 1000 conductors with a resistance of 0.5
ohm. The charging currents are found to be 10 A and 20 A with generator speeds of 1055 and
1105 rpm respectively. Find the i) Field current ii) Field circuit resistance iii) Flux per pole
11) The armature of a DC generator has 81 slots and the commutator has 243 segments. It is wound
to give a lap winding having 2 turn per coil. Number of poles is 2 .If the flux density is 0.11T
, core length is 30cm, diameter is 40cm and the speed of the generator is 950 rpm. Calculate
the emf generated by the machine.
12) An 8 pole lap wound armature rotated at 350 rpm generates an emf of 260V. If the armature
has 120 slots and the flux is 0.1 Wb. The Number of turns in each field coil is 1200. Calculate
i) the number of conductors per slot ii) what is the average value of the induced emf on each
coil on breaking the field if the flux dies after 0.1s.
13) A 20kW, 250 V, 1600 rpm separately excited DC generator is first run at rated speed and then
the field circuit is adjusted to give a rated voltage of 260V.The armature resistance per turn per
path is 0.02 with a total of 1080 conductors. Number of parallel paths is 6. The generator is
now loaded to deliver the rated current at 1440 rpm with the excitation remains constant.
Determine the terminal voltage of the generator upon load.
14) A 10 pole DC shunt generator with 800 wave connected conductors and running at 600rpm
supplies a load of 15 resistance at a terminal voltage of 240 V. The armature resistance is
0.28 and field resistance is 240 . Determine the armature current, the induced emf and flux
per pole.
15) Develop a simplex wave winding for a 13 slot, 4 pole DC armature with 13 commutator
16) Prepare winding table for a 4 pole DC machine armature having 32 coil sides. Number of
parallel path required is 4.
17) A 6 pole DC machine armature has 20 slots. Prepare a winding table to carry out simplex
winding with 2 coil sides per slot.