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Final Grade Semester Exam toward the students was very important to decide

how is the students in the higher grade So that students have to really prepare and face

seriously. So that students can get the results that pride for his parents and himself. With

maximum results is also very helpful for the students to determine the future at a later


In addition to business students are also other factors to maximize the

achievement of these students. Among them there are the teachers who are competent,

then there is also a supportive learning environment, as well as the motivation of parents

and those closest to the students. But what is clear is how the teaching and learning

environment may contribute to the learning success of the students themselves. In this

case is the school of the student. Schools must be able to accommodate the students for

learning success. Being able to be an effective learning tool and efficient for students. As

well as a comfortable place for students.

But the reality is, most of the teachers and the environment was not optimal in

helping students to learn. Such teachers are less clear in presenting the material. Or

teachers who are less friendly to students. Or maybe teachers who are not proficient in

the field he taught. Environmental factors are not ideal to carry out the teaching. Such a

place close to the crowds, uncomfortable conditions, or even place undue used as a place
of learning. The impact of all it is the things that are unwanted in terms of achieving

maximum learning results. Like the students who become reluctant to follow the lesson,

the students who come to school just for formality. All of that resulted in student learning

outcomes are disappointing.

Many ways students did to avoid with the things that are unwanted. One of them

is to implement the learning outside the school environment, and of course with the help

of teachers from outside the school. Such a way that the students are expected to solve

various kinds of problems experienced by students when students learn in the classroom.

Tutoring is the most effective way to learn outside of school. Because of the

tutoring process a lot of factors that can not be met in the school achieve maximum

learning process. Tutoring seemed to understand how to desired student learning process.

Such a conducive learning environment, students' relationships with teachers who are

familiar, even the teachers are ready to help students at any time if students have

difficulty learning.

Based on the description above, this paper tries to find scientifically how

important tutoring for students in PPMI Assalaam. And provide scientific reasons that it

was necessary for tutoring students in PPMI Assalaam specifically and all students in