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How Relevant Economics is to Psychology

Interview with a Professional

First Performance Task

Basic Economics with Taxation and Land Reform

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Gabinete, Nikka Erikka S.

Honrales, Kenneth
Lalog, Revenn
Mendoza, Ralfh Jayson
Quindoza, Cherelyn P.
Saludo, Ronn Jacob M.

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September 2, 2017
Interview Date: August 31, 2017
Interviewee: Ms. Mahjalin A. Bugtong ,RpM
Interviewer: Gabinete, Nikka Erikka S.
Honrales, Kenneth
Lalog, Revenn
Mendoza, Ralfh Jayson
Quindoza, Cherelyn P.
Saludo, Ronn Jacob M.

Place: Nothing but through messenger

Time: 7:00 pm
As we interviewed Ms. Mahjalin, she explaned that psychology and economics
relates to the study of how human behave in markets and they are both dealing
with human behaviour yet they differ in which they focus on; economics is more
specific while the other is opposite. For her own definition of economics is the
study of choices, in particular it is about how individuals make decisions as to
best satisfy their wants, needs, and desires while considering their limited
sources. Her own definition is psychology is a discipline of science that deals
mostly with mental health. It aims to describe, explain, understand, predict and
change behavior. It is geared towards helping one to realize his/her full potential,
cope with the stresses of life and work productively. Economics help her before
in studies by studying economics has made me realize what things to prioritize.
You see, economics is deep, it will tell you more about making wise decisions
just as it did in me ( Ms. Mahjalin ) . She finished her studies and graduated with
awards because it taught her about prioritizing important things such as studies
over anything else. Economiics help her to achieve her goals by she was able to
achieve my goals because my decision making skills improved, (leaving personal
experiences aside) all because of studying economics. She said It has become a
part of me. It helps me in making wise decisions especially on buying and
spending related matters. Her opinion if we dont have economics is we might
make or create more wrong decisions and choices. She also said that economics
is important. In her case she can contribute to our society by using her career
being a future psychologist someday or since shes a psychology practitioner, her
way of contributing to society is by educating people of what mental illness really
is about and helping in breaking down negative attitudes and misperceptions
surrounding mental illnesses. Shell show others that they are not alone in their
feelings and in their symptoms. Her opinion is that one can be productive and will
be able to contribute to society if he/she is mentally healthy. She said we cant
survive without psychology and economics because these two disciplines supply
us with. Her advice to the youth is take it seriously in studying of economics
because they may not see how important it is now but when they start working
and earning, they will realize how important it is to be economically wise.