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Styles Set #07: Country & Pop

Styles for Band-in-a-Box
Introduction and Overview
Here is Styles Set #07 with 25 great Country & Pop styles for Band-in-a-Box.

These are the standard styles files included with the MegaPak version of Band-in-a-Box. They can
also be purchased separately.

Styles Set #7 - We've made an entire Styles Set devoted to Country and Pop. Six new pop styles including
a "PHIL_C" ballad, a "MANLOW" pop ballad with strings in the "B" section, a Beach Boys style and a
Techno-Disco style. There are also nineteen new country styles including Line Dances, "Achy Shaky",
Eagles, Square Dance (check out the fiddle), Texas Swing, Travis, "Jethro" Bluegrass and many more! 25
Styles in all!

Note: You must have Band-in-a-Box Version 7.0 (or higher) in order for these styles to work properly.

Remember, its easy to make your own styles for Band-in-a-Box as any style can be modified,
altered and saved with the StyleMaker. If youre interested in editing or tweaking Styles or even making
them from scratch, be sure to check out the Secrets of the StyleMaker Audio-Visual CD.

One of the easiest ways to explore the new styles is from the select style window (press the
STY button). If you scroll to near the end of the categories list on the left, you can select the Chicago
Blues 33 category, then highlight the individual styles and press the Load song demo button. Its a good
idea to un-check the Auto-change Melody instrument so that youll hear the correct demo melody
instrument. You can also sort the styles by Styles Set number if you like. More detailed information about
each style is available by pressing the Memo button of the Demo tune. The Demo tunes for these styles
follow the same naming convention as the styles themselves. For example, a DEMO song for
ZZWaltz.STY would be ZZWALTZ.MGU

By all means visit the PG Music home page on the Web at There are lots
of interesting downloads, demos, magazine and customer reviews, including streaming audio-visual
program tutorials and radio interviews and more. Review your favorite products or stop by the Styles
wish-list page, where you can request specific styles or leave feedback and suggestions - thats how we
stay in touch with you. So drop in and check it out.

We hope you enjoy these various styles.

Have fun.
Styles Set # 07 Documentation
Country & Pop styles
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There are 31 new Country & Pop Styles in Styles Set #07.

Band-in-a-Box Style Descriptions


Country and Pop Styles - There are 19 Country Styles and 6 Pop Styles.


19 Country Styles
C_2STEP.STY Country 2 Step Style 4 Country 2 step
C_ACHY.STY Achy Shaky Style 5 Line Dance
C_BOBBYG.STY Bobby Goldsbro Style 5 Country Rock w/ guit, strings (8th notes)
C_CLANCY.STY * Clancy (Irish) Style 4 Irish 6/8 style w/ accordian
C_DENVER.STY Denver (Country) 5 Country Rock w/guitar ,strings-16th notes
C_DOSEDO.STY * Do-see-Do (Squaredance)4 Fiddle Squaredance
C_EAGLES.STY Eagles Style 4 Country Rock w/ guitar strumming
C_EZSHUF.STY * Country EZ Shuffle 4 Shuffle country style w/guitar
C_FINGER.STY Fingerpickin' Guitar 4 Folky, fingerpickin' guitar
C_GT_WLZ.STY * Country Guitar Waltz 5 Country waltz w/guitar and strings
C_JETHRO.STY Jethro Bluegrass 4 Bluegrass banjo w/ banjo and guitar
C_LDANCE.STY Country Line Dance 5 Country Line Dance w/ syncopated guitar
C_LSHUFF.STY * Line Dance (Shuffle) 5 Line Dance - shuffle feel w/swing in 'b'
C_NUWALZ.STY * Country New Waltz 5 New Country Waltz - Cape Breton
C_NU_BAL.STY Country New Balad 5 New Country Balad w/guitar and strings
C_SIMP24.STY Country Simple 2 &4 5 Guit. chording on 2 and 4, strings in 'b'
C_SWING.STY * Country Swing 4 Country swing in 'a' and 'b' section
C_TEX_SW.STY * Country Texas Swing 4 Two feel in 'a', swing in 'b' section
C_TRAVIS.STY * Country Merle Travis 5 Nashville sound (shuffle) w/ guitar picking
6 Pop Styles !
P_50BOUN.STY* 50's Bounce 5 Light pop w/ bouncy feel
P_JONI.STY Joni Mitchel piano 2 Left and Right hand Solo piano style of
P_MANLOW.STY Barry Manlow Style 5 Pop Balad style w/ strings in 'b' section
P_PHIL_C.STY Phil Collens Style 5 Slow Pop Balad style,16th notes
P_SURFIN.STY Surfin' style 5 Beach Boys, Jan and Dean
P_TEK1.STY Dance Tek 1 Style 4 Techno-Disco- Dance rhythm.
* denotes style is in a triplet feel


Country and Pop Styles
19 Country Styles
C_2STEP.STY Country 2 Step Style
Memo: 2 step country dance style. Bass (root/5th), ac.Guitar (chording on off beat), rhodes (pad chording) Examples: On
The Road Again. Blowin in The Wind , Wabash Cannonball
C_ACHY.STY Achy Shaky Style
Memo: Great for line dances. Even feel. Rhodes(pad chords), bass (root/5th), muted guitar (5ths), jazz guitar (chording)
Examples: Achy Breaky Heart
C_BOBBYG.STY Bobby Goldsbro Style
Memo: Light Rock feel. Rhodes, Bass (root/5th), Ac Guitar chording, Strings in 'b' section
Examples: Light Rock tunes. Dream Dream Dream, If You Could Read My Mind, I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song, You'ge
Got a Friend, Rhinestone Cowboy, Kiss an Engel Goog Morning, Rainy Day People.Songs in Eagles style will also work.
C_CLANCY.STY Clancy (Irish) Style (triplet feel)
Memo: Irish 6/8 feel, Piano, Accordian, Bass (root/5th),
Examples: Macnamara's Band, Washer Woman
C_DENVER.STY Denver (Country)
Memo: Light Rock style . bass (root/5th), piano (floyd cramer clicks), guitar fingerpickin', strings in 'b' Examples: On the
Road Again, Country Roads, Red River Valley
C_DOSEDO.STY Do-see-Do (Squaredance) (triplet feel)
Memo: Fiddle/squaredance tunes. Triplet feel. Bass (root/5th), Banjo(chording in 'a', picking in 'b'), Ac Guitar chording on 2&4
Examples: Fiddle Tunes with triplet feel.
C_EAGLES.STY Eagles Style
Memo: Country light rock feel. Guitar strumming throughout. Guitar anticipates chords. Bass (root). Rhodes (pad chording).
Examples: Desperado, Ramblin' Man, Kiss an Angel Good Morning, Bobby McGee, Rainy Day People. Best of My Love, New
Kid In Town, Tequila Sunrise, Songs in Bobby Golsbro style will also work.
C_EZSHUF.STY Country EZ Shuffle (triplet feel)
Memo: Bass on root and 5, piano steady chording on 2 and 4.guitar fingerpicking
Examples: Song Sung Blue, Your Cheatin Heart, Would you catch a fallin' star ? Can't Smile Without You, Tie a Yellow Ribbon,
Bye Bye Love, Paper Roses
C_FINGER.STY Fingerpickin' Guitar
Memo: Ac Guitar fingerpicking. Rhodes (pad chording). Try muting all but the guitar.
Examples: Folky stuff. Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger tunes, Wabash Cannonball
C_GT_WLZ.STY Country Guitar Waltz (triplet feel)
Memo: Slow country waltzes. Bass (root on beat 1),Guitar chording (on 2 and 3) , rhodes(pad chording on 1), strings in 'b'
Examples: Could I Have This Dance, Happiest Girl in the USA, Time in a Bottle, Irene Goodnight Irene, Mocking Bird Hill,
Vaya Con Dios
C_JETHRO.STY Jethro Bluegrass
Memo: Acoustic Bass (root and 5th), Ac Guitar chording, Banjo (pickin in 'a', chording in 'b'
Examples: Bluegrass tunes. Bill Monoroe, Earl Scruggs, The Beverly Hillbilly Theme.
C_LDANCE.STY Country Line Dance
Memo: Drivin' bass on root and 5th, Muted Guitar in 5ths, Ac Guitar syncopated fills.
Examples: Country Rock, Black Sheep of The Family, Bobby Sue, Drivin My Life Away
C_LSHUFF.STY Line Dance (Shuffle)
Memo: Rockin' in 'a', swing in 'b'. Shuffle feel. Bass (drivin' on root in 'a' section, swing in 'b' section), Muted Guitar (chording in
5ths). Tempo = 150 (medium)
Examples: Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Dont Stop Thinkin Bout Tomorrow,
C_NUWALZ.STY Country New Waltz (triplet feel)
Memo: Bass (root on beat 1), Ac. Guitar chording, Jazz Guitar fills, Ac. Piano (Floyd Cramer)
Examples: Country Waltzes, Cape Breton, Mr. Bojangles, Friends and Lovers (Both To Each Other)
C_NU_BAL.STY Country New Balad
Memo: Slow Balads (tempo=65). Piano, AC Guitar and bass in 'a', Strings in 'b'
Examples: The Rose (Conway Twitty version!), New Country Balads (Vince Gill), Chariots Of Fire, Feelings,
C_SIMP24.STY Country Simple 2 &4
Memo: Bass on root and 5ths, Guitar chording on 2 and 4. Strings in 'b'
Examples: Blowin in the Wind. Older Country tunes, Happy Days Are Here Again
C_SWING.STY Country Swing (triplet feel)
Memo: Swing bass in both 'a' and 'b' section. Drums change to ride cymbals in 'b'. Rhodes and guitar chording
Examples: Country swing tunes. Heartaches by the Numbers.
C_TEX_SW.STY Country Texas Swing (triplet feel)
Memo: Two beat feel in 'a' and swings in 'b' section. 'Bob Wills' (Texas) used to talk to the audience and musicians during the 'b'
Examples: Country and Jazz Swing tunes.
C_TRAVIS.STY Country Merle Travis (triplet feel)
Memo: Fingerpickin' Merle Travis style, bass (root and 5th), rhodes chording, Ac. Guitar chording in 'b' on 2 and 4
Examples: Song Sung Blue, any song in C_EZ Shuffle style.
6 Pop Styles
P_50BOUN.STY 50's Bounce (triplet feel)
Memo: This style is between a swing and a light pop style. strings in 'b'
P_JONI.STY Joni Mitchel piano
Memo: Solo piano style. Left hand plays pattern, Right hand chording- anticipating the beat
Examples: Joni's 'Blue Album'
P_MANLOW.STY Barry Manlow Style
Memo: Pop Balad style. Ac Guitar and Piano chording. Strings in 'b' section.
Examples: Arthur's Theme, You Don't Bring Me Flowers, Desparado, Always on My Mind, Evergreen, Mandy, Don't Get
Hooked on Me, You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin.
P_PHIL_C.STY Phil Collens Style
Memo: Slow Pop Balad style. 16th note feel on drums. Rhodes chording. Synth Voice pad as well. Elec. Guitar rhythm in 'b'
Examples: Phil Collens tunes. Pop Balads w/ slow tempos. Do You Remember, When I'm back on my Feet Again, Sailing, The
Wind Beneath My Wing, Time After Time
P_SURFIN.STY Surfin' style
Memo: Typical surfin song rhythm, synopated in 'b' section
Examples: Jan and Dean, Beach Boys
P_TEK1.STY Dance Tek 1 Style
Memo: Technno-Disco- Dance rhythm. Open High hats in 'b' section. 16th note feel. Tempo =125. Uses Tr -808 Kit