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This will update your version of Band-in-a-Box to 2010.5 Build 20 from any previous 2010 or 2010.5 build.

Please note that for this update to work, you need to have Band-in-a-Box 2010 Build 9 or higher installed in /

If you are updating an external PG Music hard drive, make sure to choose the correct destination volume (install
on specific hard drive).


Summary of changes for August 26, 2010

Updated: General maintenance update.

Updated: Program updates for non-English versions.
Updated: PDF manual.


Summary of changes for July 8, 2010

There are over 30 new features and enhancements in Band-in-a-Box 2010.5

Added: The StylePicker now has a filter to show/hide Real or MIDI styles. So if you only want to see MIDI styles,
or if you only want to see styles that use some/all RealTracks, you can set this.

Added: If you like the current mix (of volumes, panning, reverb), and you want this applied as a default for all
songs, you can now set this by Right clicking on the Combo radio control. Choose "Make Current Mix the
Default", "Load Default Mix" or "Reset Mix (to factory defaults)".

Added: RealTracks naturally occurring pushes are enhanced in many styles. This requires updating the ST2/
XT2 files, and these are included in the 2010.5 update.

Added: When rendering, you can now add a dB amount to the whole mix, so that the mix will be louder or
softer. There is automatic "peak-limiting" added, so that the music will not distort if you set it too high.

Added: Styles can now be made that are set to use Half-Time and Double-Time RealTracks. For example, you
can make a Jazz Ballad style (tempo 65) that uses a Sax Soloist at tempo 140 (playing double time).

Added: If Band-in-a-Box cannot find your RealTracks folder or your Drums folder, a yellow hint message
appears at bootup to alert you to that, and tells you how to fix it: "Note: You have RealTracks installed, but none
are found in your RealTracks folder. You should point to your correct RealTracks folder in Prefs-RealTracks

Improved: RealTracks Pushes are now played a little quieter (2 dB quieter), so that they dont stand out as

Added: For RealTracks, many Jazz comping styles now play triads (instead of 7ths) when simple triads are
entered, instead of "jazzing them up" to 7ths chords (e.g. Guitar: Freddie, Wes Piano: Some Jazz. All Stride,
Rehearsal). If you prefer this "the old way", where triads are automatically "jazzed up" when comping using
Jazz RealTracks, then you can set the Prefs-Realtracks settings option to force 7ths for triads.

Added: Enhancements for entering songs quickly: Typing special words, instead of chord names, will make the
following settings:

begin <enter> sets the begin of the chorus to the current bar
end <enter> sets the end of the song to the current bar
chorusend <enter> sets the end of the song chorus to the current bar
tkc <enter> sets key signature to c, tkbb would set it to bb
trc <enter> transposes song to key of C
t125 <enter> sets tempo to 125

Added: Enhancements for playing songs from the chordsheet

<spacebar> or double click on ending bar (or a bar in the tag), and it will play from the ending (or tag).
This only applies to the chordsheet, since notation windows always play from the ending or tag already.

-Right Click on ChordSheet (or notation) to quickly set Chorus Begin, Chorus End, or Song Ending

Added: Real Drums button now has a menu (like RealTracks picker button) to choose RD Prefs or RD Picker.
Ctrl-Click or Shift-Click to choose the Prefs or Picker directly.

Added: The Auto-generated song memo now says if Real Drums come from the song or style

Added: A message now appears if a frozen track is loaded, but the required RealTracks or RealDrums folders
do not exist.

Improved: Frozen tracks now start playing faster if played again.

Improved: In the RealTracks picker, the columns for Set # and Holds # sort is improved.

Important change: The default for the tempo swapping feature for RealTracks is now true. It used to be false.
Tempo-swapping is a nice feature that will automatically substitute a similar RealTracks that is recorded at a
tempo closer to the current tempo. For example, if you load a ballad style, with a RealTracks piano at a tempo of
60, and then speed the song up to 200, BB's tempo-swapping feature will choose a RealTracks piano that is
closer to 200, likely one that is 190. Prefs-RealTracks to disable this feature.

Improved: Band-in-a-Box will keep on generating RealTracks even if some wav files are missing.

Fixed: Chord Options Update button updates the chordsheet, clear all works better.

Changed: File-New gets volumes of 127, instead of 90.

Fixed: Spurious message about better realtracks available when half-time realtracks were used.

Fixed: Copying melody when regions overlapped was losing some notes

Fixed: Frozen tracks were playing louder, when Play pressed again.

Fixed: StyleFavorites.txt and SongFavorites.txt now stored in Preferences Folder instead of BB folder.

Fixed: Error when adding a style favorites from the recently used styles dialog.

Fixed: Stylemaker list of soloists was stopping at 898

Fixed: Audition button and + button (band audition) fixed in RealTracks Settings dialog. Looks for a band or
solo demo in the RealTracks - Demos folder, and then the RT Folder, and then the web (


Summary of changes for June 02, 2010

Updated: Band-in-a-Box 2010 PDF manual


Summary of changes for Build 16 (May 04, 2010)

Fixed: Crash with some RealTracks.


Summary of changes for Build 15 (May 03, 2010)

Improved: Better RealTracks endings for complex chords like Cm9, C69, Cm11.

Improved: Chords like Cdim and C7sus can be used for endings (a held chord is played for them).

Fixed: Some RealTracks riffs were being transposed incorrectly.

Fixed: Soloist track not being loaded in certain cases if a melody was also present.

Added: RealTracks support for dominant 7th slash chords.

Fixed: Realtracks endings wouldn't play in certain cases if riff overlapped previous one.

Fixed: Jazz bass and piano weren't tempo swapping at fast tempos.


Summary of changes for Build 14 (March 30, 2010)

Fixed: Dragging soloist track sometimes said no music available to drop (if there was no RealChart).

Fixed: Drum Shot volume bugs.

Fixed: Playback misbehavior if a RealTrack audio file not found.


Summary of changes for Build 12 (March 25, 2010)

Fixed: Some RealTracks endings weren't playing correctly.

Fixed: Possible crash during RealTracks playback.


Summary of changes for Build 11 (March 24, 2010)

Fixed: Bug with saving/loading F5 bar changes which affected builds 9 and 10, but did not affect earlier 2009

Fixed: Wrong Patch changes were getting written to some RealCharts

Fixed: Generate Single Track of RealTracks would generate it twice with halfTime/Double Time tracks

Fixed: Some Bluesy RealTracks (like 751) weren't playing bluesy

Fixed: Time-offset track mute regions if there are F5 bar time signature changes in a song

Fixed: Prevent drum shots and pushes "leaking thru" on F5 muted bars.

Summary of changes for Build 10 (March 22, 2010)

Fixed: Remembers CoreMIDI port assignments between runs.

Fixed: Lost clicks on Toolbar buttons, especially the Stop button if it is clicked very quickly.
Improved: Slight improvements to Realtracks playback timing.

Added: Mouse scroll wheel support to the Main Window chord/notation panel.

Added: Mouse scroll wheel support to the Song Picker dialog, Style Picker dialog, RealDrums Picker dialog,
RealTracks Picker Dialog, Soloist Picker dialog.

Improved: Frozen tracks can now have volume changes applied to them (mute etc.) by f5 dialog at any time
(realtracks only) including after they are frozen.

Fixed: Volume changes (e.g. f5 dialog - mute at certain bars) were not working for generated soloists

Fixed: If soloist was generated on a blank song, the song wouldn't generate, just the solo would play.

Added: Looping any region added. Highlight the region (on the main chordsheet), then press PlayLoop button.
If you open the notation it will the selected area also.

Fixed: Hold chord at end works for MIDI and RealTracks.

Fixed: Show all styles button in the StylePicker fixed.

Fixed: Spurious message "this function cannot be done while the solo is generated" was showing up

Updated: PDF manual updated


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