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Teacher Mrs. Eva Hardianti Tutor/Observer

Learning 1st Grade Date April 20, 2017

Resource required Specific need, e.g. differentiation
- Flashcard Flashcard head, shoulder, knees, toes, eyes, ears,
- Picture mouth, nose
Picture full of body
Subject Part of Body and function

Learning At the end of the lesson students should be able to:

Objective - Identify different part of body
- Give the function of different parts of body
Timing Topic Teacher activity Learning activity Learning
knowledge Check
3 minutes Welcome, Lets Pray, Good morning Praying together, None of this
greeting class! Listening and answer point
How are you today?
5 minutes Motivation We will sing a song : Sing along: None of this
Head shoulder, knees and Head shoulder, knees and point
toes, knees and toes toes, knees and toes
Head shoulder knees and Head shoulder knees and
toes, knees and toes toes, knees and toes
Eyes and ear, mouth and Eyes and ear, mouth and
nose nose
Head shoulder knees and Head shoulder knees and
toes toes
8 minutes Main Presentation about parts Listening to visual None of this
activity of body and function demonstration point.
6 minutes Application Give picture of body Fill the block with the During walk
name part of body around
6 minutes Evaluation Give question: function Students will be Q&A (is
part of body presenting their answer this correct)
3 minutes Closure Ask student : what one Listening and answer None of this
thing did you learn today point
In ending we said: