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A Thesis

Presented To the

Faculty of the Senior High School

Baras Pinugay National Senior High School


In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirements In Practical Research


October 2017


Time is one of the most important things here in the world. In everything we do,

Time limits us. Because there is just 24 hours a day to do a task that fits for a day.

Though time is limited and irreplaceable we still waste it and put it into an oblivion state.

Some of us spend it wisely but some are not.

Teenagers nowadays, has an allotted time of 8 hours for school, 8 hours of sleep

and 8 hours for computer games or spending so much time roaming around with their

respective friends. By this, time is seen and taken for granted rather than a necessity

and has a boundary. In the different parts of the world, Time is very important to the

point that they have necessary punishment to a person who is late. Just like in the

country of Thailand and Singapore once you came late you will have a deduction in your

salary. And if you're a student you cannot enter to your late class unless they have

finished their lesson. See, they really value time and discipline theirselves to follow just

a simple yet hard rules and regulations. Time has its own description. For Chinese and

Koreans, Time is Money. They tend to relate time with money because the time youd

wasted is the hour youd work hopefully for money. For Filipinos, Time is Gold.

Because, it is precious and has a high value and worth. With these, Time is so valuable.

Every one of us has a time to use or to waste. Though, we are the one who is

holding our own time, we are not the one who can stop and bring back the time that

already passed by.

Filipino is known for being late at some point but it doesnt mean to take it as a

whole. For some, there are many reasons why they are late; this is because doing

important and necessary things than doing the other. In school, work and even watching

favorite television shows time is what controls us. Despite the fact, that we hold our own

timeits the reverse of it. Time controls us in everything we do in our life. So, its up to

us if you will value it or not.

Time is actually related in every aspect of mans life. Just like in the world of

work. There is a time for coming to work, work hours or even overtime. In fact, there is a

guideline for regular latecomers:

All central government employees should adhere to the

Time guideline. A number of employees have made it
A habit to report late to work, Strict disciplinary action
Shall be taken against such employees.

All employees of the Central Government, from the lowest ranked staff to the highest-
level authorities, should be punctual. According to current guidelines, twice a month, the
employees can be late to the office by an hour. Any more late-coming shall be treated
as half-days leave of absence. If the employee is late for genuine reasons, then the
senior official has the discretion to excuse him/her.

Just like any other country, Philippines already took its part to take necessary action to

those regular latecomers implemented by the rules and regulations of the DOPT. These

only prove that Filipino just like others value the worth of time. All employees need to

take this, to avoid regular latecomers in their respective offices. Latecomers arent only

seen in offices but also in schools. Coming late at school is one of the common students

and teachers problems. Some go to school late because of some factors--both external

and internal. These are some external factors to deal with, like heavy traffic, delayed

service, waiting for a jeepney to pass-by or be full, waiting for your turn in the LRT.
While the internal factors are tardy, no interest, sick of school or work, being late is a

hobby, trying to perfect a situation before leaving home like cleaning and cooking or

making your outfit as OOTD and making your make up on fleek. With these, it has an

effect to the person involved. Tardiness from the Merriam Dictionary is defined as the

arriving or doing something late. Some of the students even the teachers, and

employees suffer from this kind of attitude. One of the bad habits a person may

possessed. But since we are human, we deal with it. Tardiness can be seen in the

Filipino culture as well. Filipino Time is the term used to describe the attitude of

Filipinos who arrive on a consensus of time. They came a minute or an hour late. But,

According to history, Filipino time is different from what we all know. Filipino time means

waking up before sunrise and going home after sunset. They are the farmers indeed,

who work in their farm. So, it means that Filipino time does not necessarily mean

Tardiness or latecomers. However, in todays society, there are legitimate reasons as to

why Filipinos still have the habit of Filipino Time. One of these is the incredible traffic

Filipinos have to go through in Metro Manila. Metro Manila is now known to have the

worst traffic on Earth based on a global survey by Waze. As such, when people want to

meet up at a certain time in Manila, the unpredictable traffic can make them either way

too early or too late for their meeting.

Moreover, Metro Manila also has the longest commute time, with an average of 45.5

minutes based on the Waze survey. Filipinos are already used to waiting in long lines for

the LRT and MRT lines, and with no set times for the trains to come, they can never be

certain of how long it will take to get from point A to B. As such, it is almost impossible for
two people to meet precisely at a certain time with the condition of traffic and public

transportation here in the Philippines.

Fingerprint-based biometric devices have been installed to accurately record the time of
entry and exit of employees.
This system greatly reduces chances of error.
The Department of Personnel & Training is the coordinating agency of the Central
Government, has issued an order yesterday which suggests that disciplinary action be
taken against Central Government employees who are regularly late to work.

This new and updated guideline of Department of Personnel and Training, in which they

have a strict implementation about the time of their worker and employees.

Punctuality in the other way around, that most of the time is taken for granted.

Being late has an effect to their performance, especially to students. There can be an

effect positively or negatively to their Academic Performance and even in some aspects.

In the behavior aspect, being late is never a positive behavior and being late is rude.

Though, we will look for the positive effect of it. In the emotional aspect, being late is not

an achievement to be proud of. But somehow it is related in the emotion of someone if

they wanted to be late or not. In ones intelligence, if a person is smart or average how

they cope with the time limit. This research will be helpful and can spread the

information about the Effects of Tardiness to the students in their Academic

Performance. The Effects of Tardiness has its significant and of vital importance.

Knowing these will help you alleviate the count of latecomers in schools. Both public

and private schools here in the Philippines

Background of the study

For Filipinos, being late and starting things late has always been part of our culture.

Many Filipinos seems to either practice it or accept it, so much that weve been given a

term for itFilipino Time. However, this habit of tardiness was already commonplace

even during the Spanish colonial period, and students may even remember that it was

featured in Jose Rizals El Filibusterismo. In chapter 22 of the novel, where the

characters watch a play in a grand theater, a lady and her husband enter the theater

very late into the play. She was decribed to have the air of a queen and came late as if

to say, Ive come later than all of you, you crowd of upstarts and provincials!. Rizal

points out here that tardiness by Filipinos was not just a habit, but a status symbol. He

even compared this mindset of tardiness of Filipinos to being in a mule racethat the

latest one wins and is considered most important.Tardiness is one of the common

problems of the people today. As a student, we are expected to perform well with

excellence in everything we do, most especially in academic aspect. Being always

present in class and getting to school on time are two determining factors of a students

success, not just a student but as a person who will be managing his or her own life in

the future. One of the factors that dictate the quality of performance of students is his or

her punctuality that is getting to school early or being late. Given the importance of

being punctual, this study aims to explore and find out the factors that affects the

punctuality of students. In this chapter, the researcher will be discussing about the

background of the study that includes facts about tardiness, the different factors that

causes it and its effect to the students as students and as bearer of their own lives in

the future. From reliable research materials like research papers, books and journals.
According to Nakpodia and Dafiaghor(2017), ''lateness" can be defined as the situation

where an individual arrives after the proper, scheduled or usual time Lauby(2009) puts it

as a term used to describe ''people not showing upon on time'' and Breeze et al. (2010)

contributed by saying that, lateness is synonymous with 'tardiness', whic\h implies being

slow to act or slow to respond, thus not meeting up with proper or usual timing. Lastly,

Weade (2004) defined as '''being late for any measurable length of time past the stated

or scheduled start time for work or school.'' In most schools, a student is considered

tardy when he or she is not present when the school bell rings or when the first teacher

starts to give instructional materials for the first subject in the morning class. One of the

most recurring and the most ''frustrating problem'' that the schools are having with their

students nowadays is tardiness (Sprick and Daniels, 2007). It creates problems, not just

to the students but also to the teachers (Cowan Avenue Elementary School Community,

2007). Cowan Crier, the official School Publication of CAESC, also states that while

having ''occasional tardy'' isn't a big deal, unfailing tardiness is and it gives students

problems including being ill-prepared for the job market. That is the reason behind of

this research paper. The researcher wants to find out the effects of tardiness in

academic performance of students.


There is a significant Effect of being late to their Academic Performance.

Statement of the Problem

This study aims to know the different effects of being late of students to their
Academic Performance.

1. What is the profile of the students in terms of:

1.1 Sex,

1.2 Age; and

1.3 Year and Section?

2. What are the effects of being late in terms of:

2.1 Behavior;

2.2 Emotion; and

2.3 Intellect?

3. Is there a significant difference on the perception of the respondents on the effects of

being late on their Academic Performance in school?

Scope and Delimitation

This study focuses on the effects of tardiness of students to their academic


The focus of this study is the students who are always late in their classes in
school particularly Grade 12 students.

This study will take place in Baras Pinugay National Senior High School.

The study will be conducted on June-October 2017.

This study aims to know the different effects of being late to their academic
performance, emotional, behavioral, and intellectual aspect.

This will be done by having a survey and interview to those respondents.

Conceptual Framework

The Effects of The strategy that Determined

Tardiness of I will do is Effects of
students to their random survey. tardiness of
Academic Wherein the students to their
Performance researcher will Academic
choose regular Performance.
latecomers each Understand the
section in Senior positive and
50 High School negative effects of
respondents it.
The study is all about:

The Effects of Tardiness of students to their Academic performance. In this

study, the researcher needs 50 respondents. Coming from different sections who are

regular latecomers. The method that the researcher will use is a Survey form, to be able

to distinguish the exact and specific answers of the respondents.

The Process include in the study, is the random survey. Wherein the researcher

will choose regular latecomers each section. From the vicinity of Baras Pinugay Senior

High School. To make the results credible and reliable.

The Output of this study is expected to determine The Effects of Tardiness of

students to their Academic Performance--Both Positive and Negative. This study can be

helpful for those students who are regular latecomers. To alleviate the rate of late, and

know the effects to their Academic Performance.

Definition of Terms

Academic Performance- This means the excellence and ability of a student toward his

subjects in school.

Attitude- This pertains to the way you think and feel about someone or something.

Behavior-This means the way a person acts or behaves.

Effects-This denotes that a change that results when something is done or happens.

Emotion-This pertains to someone's feeling. (Such as anger, fear, love, or hate)

Intellect-This denotes the ability to think in a logical way.

Late- This pertains to a person who came after the expected time.

Latecomer- A person who is late or not on time.

Perception-This means the way you think or understand someone or something.

School-This pertains to the institution of Baras Pinugay Senior High School where the

study will be conducted.

Students-This pertains to the students of Baras Pinugay Senior High School where the

survey will be done.