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NOTATION LEGEND Legato Slide ‘Shift Side Pull-On Hammer On| Ghost Now Vibrato “Tremolo Picking Tal Peresve Tone Teany Maing PM) Sica (Show Na) (Open Hames (tums) :——__ iS SS a eer “Tap with Right Hand Fingers Bend ‘Micrtone Bend ‘Bend and Release “Tap with Lef-Hand Fingers Slap (Thumb) Pop ‘Strom The Power Of Equality By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith O-o O-n O-» O-n Tauro Moderate Funk J = 104 En? = En? =] = SS] Spoken: Hey, batter bat er, hey, batserhey,battr batter. Hey,batter batter, Swing. 1. I've. gotasoul_ that can-ot sleepat 1 2. Right or wrong my song is strong, 14. See Additional Lyrics 3 Bass Fig hight when some-thing justain't right. Blood red, but without sightex plod ing © - gos inthe nigh. you don't likeitget along. Say what 1" want, dawhat I can, death 10 the mes-sage ofthe Ku Klux Kian. end Bas Fg 1 ros wi Bas Fg 113/42 Ie mes Mix like sticks of dyn-a - mite, red black or white this is my fight. A come on cour-age, let's be heard, — T don’t buy su-prema - cy,” a medsi-a chief you men-ace me. The peo-ple you say cause al the crime, wake up um fel-ings in - to words. A-mer-i-can e-qual-i ty has always been sour, an at - ti -tude.I would like to de-vour. My mother fuck-er and smell the slime. Black - ist an - ger, whit - ist fear, Can you Am T clear? My Copyright © 1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (2M) 2 ‘mtematonal Gopyright Seoured All Rights Reserved ToCota2 6) Chorus Bho. NCDm7) ©) name is Peace, this is my hour, — ‘names Peace, this is my hour, can | get just alittle bit of power? Pow (m7) @ (m7) oo % isnot yetwhat it ought to be, fils me up ike a hol «WOW ice, + (Ought t0 be.) ( holow te, vo rrrererertr iy T ae TOULPuereretty 1 7 pes re Coo eS oe To Coda! gy (m7) @ ass Bas Fg 1 a @ the pow -er of Interlude DS. al Coda 1 NCAEbm7) ete er Torr ptr pre pr rte pre pre pr rte ete ere ae = x x : r 7 = apy hep ee s 4 @ Coda 1 oe Ds.alCote? (Coda 2 Ta Bate i. a3 em aly oo Em? 2 —— —= 6 Seat a Ae 5 “Yo. ho - mic, who you tlk-in' wo” Backed up pad-dy wag-ommackin’ on a cat's ass soak it up’ in = Side, deeper than a se-cret Much more than meets the eye, tothe i id NaF a a= oe Ts: Ss 7 = Copyright© 1901 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (BM) 6 Infornavonal Copyright Secured. All Fights Resarved fone upper cut to the cold, up per mid dle class Bom to storm on boredom's face, funk 1 fall in-t0 omy new ride My hand, my hand Deis Dm? add a little lust to the funk-y ass Flea bass. Most inthe race just lose their_grave, magic on the one is a med-i- cine man. ‘Think - in’ ofafew ta - boos that T ought to kill, ihe backien hole Im al of syuce. Crooked. as a hook-er, mom, muck my thumb, Bees fee Mewcmgs im Veen 1 fod mo gwd” em Ww decal 10 Cota & Chora Dmi3. NCIC) hme i [aia any = body wan-na come get some? booty of ahood ~ lum rock-in’my red hood. | unk-y moth - er fuck - er will not AF you have to ask, you'll never FFunk-y moth = er fuck - er will not DS. al Coda Interlude as w/ Base Fig 1. mens. cly never know. - Punky moth -er fuck - er will. not be tld wo 60. GF you have to you'll nev-er Interlude QP Gb. -aete cz. Ebmgj9 Bb7 D749 o ae pm co Ebmaj9 Bb7 79 GT Ebmajo BbT THO Guitar Solo Bas Bas Fg. 2 es 16 NC@S) Outro. aes Bas. 1 Breaking The Girl By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith Oa On @-» Intro ‘Moderately J. = 60 ‘‘ GBA Amt DA. DG D BMA A Bas Fig Find Bas Fg T Verse A G BA AmT DA_ DGD BA A G 1 ana man cut fromthe know. Rare ly do 2 Raised by my — dad, irl of. the day. He was my fiends come and then go. She was a ‘man, that was the way, She was the but estranged —— We were the irl Spee 3, Feel ing the il as Copyright © 1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (8M!) International Copyright Secured Al Fights Reserved 9 Bs) “F veage all Feel-ing so tha don't know when or A feel-ing of ‘The twilight of 6 chore 4 em os oo 8 ‘Twist-ing and twin-ing, your feel-ings are burn-ing, you're break-ing the Bass Fig 2 Bas w/e Am EB ©. co F ind Bas Fg 2 Think you're so clever, but mow you must sev -er, you're break-ing the gil Am ETB cs Gp F Fr B @ Coda Outro Fade Out Base w! Bas 2, mes ie Am ETB © cp F 16 " ings Tong Funky Monks os oe By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith O-a Intro % verse ‘Moderate Funk 4 Bas Bas Fg 7 times N.CKG) NCG) ew lay imes 4 L.There are no monks in my band, — 2 Ey. "ry man_ has cer tain needs. — 3, See Additional Lyrics nd Bass Fig. (There are no monks in my band.) There are no — saints in me land. (There are no saints in me land. —) (Ev'ry man has cer-tain needs.) Talk-in’ "bout them dir ty deeds. (Talk-in’ "bout them dir- ty deeds.) eee igo MiSPeetdoctin’ val feet ce if, 1 die an hon-est man, To these nceds 1 must con - cede, liv. in’ by my lowly creed — as w Fete Base w/ Bas Fg, 6times = 7 7 (Wr 1 die an honest’ man.) Con - fu-sion is my middle name. (Con - fu-sion is my middle name.) (Liv-in’ by my low-ly creed.) A wom-an please know that I'm good. (A wom-an please know that I'm good. — ) Aske a-guin— Yl tell youthe same. (Ask me aguin I'l tell youthe same.) Per -sua-ed_ by one sex-y dame. — Know "that I~ did all Tcould.— (Know tat {'dkd — all "I. -- could) Bu, yes, t's tra the like -i-hood, — a vm eS Ms Fee EK + fe is os z Dy =a i Fs 35 = + iB (Copyright © 1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (BMI) 12 International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved No.1 do not feel no being great is not AS cy ES Ds Fl E aS cs EbS DS Can 1 get a lit-te lovin" from you, can 1 fet a lit-te bit of that dane did do? Tooter as cs ws Ds NCS Tellme now girl did you, too?. Aw! Tell me now git "eause I've. got a feel-ing Tor 13 i is NEDO. DS. al Coda Q Coda Ons rays ‘With Slight Swing (J77) = JTJ2) NC@) Fade Ou 2 eee Additional Lyries 3. There are no monks in my band, ‘There are no saints in this land, Til be doin’ all Tean, If Tdie and honest man. Virtue slipped into my shoe. No, will not misconstrue, More rockin’, more rockin’, now, doobley do, Dancin’ down your avenue. 15 Suck My Kiss By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith Gm? Well I'm sailin’ On, yeah! — eee ener al (ger Ne Nc. Ep _NCKGm7 nd Ras Fig. 1 4 3 $6 vere Bass: Bas Fi. 2 NC(Gm?) 11,3. Should have been, could have been, would have been dead if I did-n’'t get the message goin’ to my head, 2 Look at me, can't you see, all I real - ly want to be is free from a world that hurts me. 1 am what 1 am, most moth - er fuck -ers don't give a damn, 1 peed fe - liek do you want me girl to be your thief? as: Bas Fig. 2 Fm? Fem? Gm7NC(Gm7) ‘Aw, ba by, think you can? Be my girl, I'll be yourman. Some-one full of fun, do me'til I'm well. done. 1 baby, just for you Td steal an-yshing that you want met. K-i-s - s-i- m-@ ind Ras Fig. 3 Copyright© 1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (BM) on SepeeS eet NE ee eee. Lit tle Bo Peep cumin’ from my stun gun. — Be - ware, take care, chick =a chick . (en Soriage Fras NCCES) os playing for ase w Basie $ (5) Good God, the purple haze . now. (Good God De-Nir0's insane now. Good God, wellan-y day - now. Good God, take me a- way now. nd mas Fi S| Good God, the bad-dest of brains now. Good God, well an = y day now,. Good God, ridin’ my seigh-now. . ‘Good God, rack: in’ my brains now. Good God, well an - y day now.. Good God. take me &- way - now - 23 To Coda tas wi Bass Fit 2,183 meas. G9 Gh9 Post NC" Bm cim Bm Bbm = Being that I'm the duke of my do - main, my hat goes off to Mark Twain ‘Take me a-way.- Bn cim mn) Bbm Singing song a-bout what true men don't do, kiblin’ an other crea - ture that's kind of ‘blue, — aes Bas Fig Bm ctm Bm Bbm ea Writing a7 bout the world of the will coy ote, a good man Tru. man Ca po te Bm Bm Bbm Talkin’ a-bout_my though ‘cause they must grow, cock my brain to shoot my load. — Bm chm Bm Bbm Fm on the porch ‘cause 1 lost my house Key, pick up my book 1 read Bu ~ ‘Kow ~ ski DS. al Coda Bm Ne. FETsust Can 1 get another kiss from you? Kiss me right here on my t@ - 100, Coda Guitar Solo NCW) (am) ‘es nes Verse sw Bs Fi. 2,1 04 ies, me NCB, 2 Me and my friends and the sex machine, down - fo oth - ets like my broth er Bean... 1 Know you've gota mother, so give her a hug, _‘T-_know you've got_a moth-er with a whole lot of love.. Bil - ly sings and Ba - sle swings, these are just_a few of my favorite things. — aw Bass Fig 3 a Bas Fp. 2.3 me These are just a few of my fa-vorite things. —__ ‘These are just & few of my fa-vorite Outro ac Basi. Z ‘These are just afew. The Righteous And The Wicked By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith Sing Bass Tuning Intro Moderately J = 84 Lt cat retin we 2Ho ly moth = er earth 53. See Additional Lyrics Esust EB Nem) Bust E —— will you be my — friend? — Dark ages nev-er change, — well, 1. can't com.pre - hend. fey-ing in-to space. — ‘Tears on ber pretty face, a for she has been raped, Bm Esust E NCBm7) ——S Kiss me, we self de-struc, can you hear me Lord] Yes,— [think we're fucked, but Kill < ing your fu tureblood, fill her with di - sease. Glo" bala bor- tion please, Copyright© 1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (MI) 26 beceaibeal Consiete Eoneed “Seaman inenae ‘Righteous and the wick - ed on the war and peace. _ The Fight-cous and the wick-ed, war and peace, the killing fist of the human beast Killing fit of the hu man beast, — P. prod i-giesof peace, Ro. PEO CoE ea hear me when I'm calling you from my knees, T am pray-ing for @ better day. of peace, — ‘bear me when I'm call-ing you ffommy knees. _) Bm te PT or Bm cHe7 PT or playin’ fora better day, DS. al Coda 1 Bass Boss Fig. 2.153 meas Bm GH? PT Gor Bm_GH7 FT or Oh, yeah — ES for a better day. — @ Coda Bridge as: w Bass ig 2 Bm GET 7 G7 Bm G#97 FT 7 —— On yeah. Playin’ for a better day, — any way. Guitar Solo NCB) (cts) ey mes DS. al Coda 2 ey 2 co ena a I am play hear me when I'm call-ing you Additional Lyries 3. Are we fire flies flashing in the night?” Big thunder, rumble fish, did you get it right? Head strong battle song, exploding souls be gone. Marvin Gaye, my love, where did we go wrong? Give It Away By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith Intro ‘Moderate Funk J = 92 N(AS) (drs) Ge kdnm) —g — Verse NC(AS) 1.4. What T've'vegot to give itt yourma - ma Whatl've gotyou'vegot to give it t0 your pa = pa 2Greed -y lit tle peo-ple in a sea of dis - tess, keepyourmove tore - ceive your less. 2. See Additonal Lyrics Bas Fi Se s End Raa Fg What I've_got,you've got to give it to yourdaughter,then you do a it-tledance,and then you drink a it-tle wa = tx Un- impressed by ma-ter-i- al ex-cess love is free, love me, say “Hell yes!” What te've got to get i put it in you, Whatl've've got to get i put it in you Lowbrow.tut Tock a i-te know how No. time’ for the pig-ges oF the Roose: gow What ve've got to get it, put it in you, —Reel-ing with the feel-ing.don’t stop, con - tin - ue. Getsman, get down" with the powwow, never been a better time then right now. Re-al- ize 1 don'twan-na be a mi - ser con = de with ser Bob Mar > fey, powet and a pro pick Bob Mar = ey taugitme how to off it To Coda 1 Q To Code? Q Young blood isthe Jov-in’ up i - ser, Howcome ev. 'ry-bod- y wan-na keep it tke the Kai - ser? Bob Mar - ley walk-in’ like he tak Good.ness me, can'tyou see I'm gonna ‘cough i? Copyright© 1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (BM) Intemational Copyright Secured Al Rights Reserved 29 ss NCKAS) Giveit away, giveit away, giveit a-way now. Give it away, give it away, giveit a-way now. I Giveit away, giveit away, give it a-way now. tell if 'm a king-pin or a pau - per! Base Give it away, give it away, give it a-way sae a te ed giveit away, giveit a-way now. Giveit, away, giveit away, giveit a-way now Gouitar Solo NCES), 1 can't tell if Tm a kingpin or a pan - per! ass ig? ind Has Fig? DS. al Coda 1 3. Luck - y Coda 1 ‘Chorus NCIAS) ey 3 oes ms sy” Give it away, give it away, giveit a-way now. I can't tell if 'm_a kingpin or a pau-per! Fayed ie ony Guitar Solo DS. al Coda ‘Base w Bos Fig, 2,3 ies se Bas Bas Fg. NCES) @ Coda 2 ‘Out-Chorus ae Ba F112 tes ile Baw Bass Fig 11 V2simes. ie NCAAS) ike linn BI teak. Give it away, give it away, give it a way now.— Give it away now. ay 3 ‘ha inet Give it away now. Give it away Give it away now. 34 Renetien ts... Setes.came AS. DS DbS C5 AS Ds Dbs cs on on ae Give it away now. Give it away now, Give it away now. Bags Bae Fi sie AS DS DbS CS As Ds Dds CS AS Ds DBs CS = =I 5 Give it away now. Give it away Giveit away now. AS Nc(Am AS Am => se Giveit a. way— ea ees Additional Lyries 3. Lucky me swimmin’ in my ability, Dancin’ down on life with agility ‘Come and drink it up from my fertility, Blessed with a bucket of lucky mobility My mom, I love her “cause she loves me, Long gone are the times when she scrub me. Feelin’ good, my brother gonna hug me, Drink up my juice, young love, chug-a-lug me. ‘There's a river born to be a giver, Keep you warm, won't let you shiver. His heatt is never gonna wither, ‘Come on everybody, time to deliver. Blood Sugar Sex Magik By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith Intro Free Time Moderately Slow J = 74 AS CS _DSES CSDS GSAS BS Bass Fig Pkt ring etd Verse Bas: Bas Fig 31/2 mee SDS BSCS FESGS = AS CS. *NC(AS) ly ime Spoken: |. Blood. sugar.suck-erfish in my dish, how man.y piec-es do you wish? — 2 Glor-iouseu-phor-i-a is my must, e-rotieshock is a function of lust. Tempo ~ Gir ps AS bat chord om Bs Fi Step in- 10 a heav-en where I keep it on the soul side, girl please me, be my soul bride marily blind, di-men - sions 0 dis-cov - er, in time, "each in-to the oth-er. Uncon Ev-‘ry wom-an has a piece of Aph = 10 - dite, cop-u - late to cre-ale a stale of sexu - al light — twol- able notes. from her snow white throat fill a space in which two bod-ies float. Op-er Capit 1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (OM ational Copyright Secured Al Fights Reserved 33 Kissing her vir-gin- i y af fin = i min-ple with the gods, I min — le with di- vin i at-ie by voice, a fanatic by choice, mat-ic is the flow - er, she— must be moist, % crorus Noes) Blood —su-gar ba ities (oy Bas w/Bas Fg 2,2 mee Blood su-gar era 7y, sex ma-gic, sex _ma-gic. Blood su-gar aby, she's ma- ge, noaOlnrcd att aeitL. js =e To Coda 24) Bridge FS Fm G AS CS sex_ma- gle sex ma-gie, Interlude ‘Base Bas Fi 2emes cs bs cs a 2 DS. al Coda Ds cs Ds DES: @ Coda 1 Interlude cs bs cs DS. al Coda 2 bs cs Ds Dis Coda 2 Frey Dm Dim Em cm 35 Under The Bridge ‘By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith Intro Verse Moderately Stow J = 68 Faster E B ctm Gtm A 8 a => 1, Some-times 1 fecl—— like 1 don't have a partner ‘rive on her strecis ‘cause she's my com-pan = ion E B Cin A E B Some-times 1 feel like my on- ly friend. is the cit-y_T in, the walk through her hills — ‘cause she knows who Iam. — ‘She sees my good deeds, and she city of an - gels Lone-ly as 1am, t= geth-er we cry. kisses me wind =. Toney - er wor = fy now, that is a Tie Pre-Chorus E B Fém E don’t ev-er wan-na feel like I did that day. ‘Take me fo the place I love, Copyright © 1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (BM) 36 (veemaienal Oupyiga Gonaes aa tans tasanved B Fim B B Fm take me all the way. — don't ev-er wanna feel ike 1 did. that day. E B Fm E B ‘Take me to the place 1 Verse ‘Base w/ Bose Fig. 2s E 8 hard to be - lieve that there's no bod - y out ___ there. Ws hard 10 be - lieve that ctm A E B Chm Gim__A Vm all a ~ tone. — A teat 1 have her love, the city, she Jovem. E B ctm A Emaj7 ae bdsm Em E a Fim T don't ever wan - na eee ee id that dy E B Fam E ‘Take me to the place 1 love, take me all the way. 'don'tev-er wan-na fel like 1 did that day. Take me to the place 1 love, take me all the way, __ Bridge A Am 6 Fmaj7 A Am Fai? 57 6 Spoken: One time. cs Fmai7 A Amt is where T drew some blood. (Under the bridge down-town, Chorus A Am? ) (Under the bridgedown town, Gs Fai? T could not get ¢- nough. for- got Gs Fmaj? A Am? gave my life a - way, (1 gave my life a — way. love. (Unser the bridge down-town, 6 Fai? FS Fmaj7 * aa io, m0, mo, yeah, — yeah — Spoken: Will Tsay? Outro 6 Fmaj7 A Am Naked In The Rain By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith Intro Moderate Funk Rock J = 116 NCAAS) Gamo artnet nd Bas Fg Verse ‘ise w/ Bae Fg 1 times Gino) Dbm Dm Dbm_Dm Gmo [.Standin’ on the com-er of a civ i M-za - tion, there's a time, there's a place forme. — Gm Dbm Dm Gno Dom Dm In a world where 1 can't. be found, cold and mean, — peo-ple give me the creeps. — Pre-Chorus SDS cs Ds SDS cS__Ds csps cs ps csDs. css Going tothe jun-gle where the el-e-phant roams, got to get a. way, gonnamake it my home. aw Fie? nd Bae Fg 2 $6 Verve re mew nary ten Ges Dombm Gnd 2.Los-ing my — taste for the fever met an an. 1+ mal that 4. See Additional Lyrics CCopytght © 1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (BMI) Intgmatonal Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved a Gm9, Dbm Dm Gmo 2 _pbm _m so-cial grace— isa waste of time I's absurd. when 1 look a = round, you can come to me, Twon't bite. — Don't you know. dog is man’s best fiend? Pre-Chorus as: Bas Fig. 2 Gm9 Dbm Dm C5 DS 5 Ds cs Ds cs__ps $0 sub-lime— that we blow — my — mind, Na-ked inthe rain with a kill-er whale, ‘There is some lovethat_ you can't buy. — Na-ked inthe rain with a black tattoos, Bas: Bas Fg mes css css CDS Ch py Gm 1 can taste the salt when 1 Tick his tal runnin’ through the woods and laugh-in’ atthe blues. Chorus FS causd Gm9 Dbm Dm the ain, — lit = de what's your Te Dad Ard mes Fsus? caus? Gm9) Dbm Dm Give it to__ me doctor, Sa ToCoda ()- Bass Solo Dim pm "NC&Gm) DS. alCoda Coda ‘Chorus Bas w/ Bas Fg 3, ste ous? ‘cous? Gn Na ed inthe rain. Doctor Doo - lit tle what's your se = cret?__ Outro Bass Base Fi 16s ous? cwusd Gm9 Gm a, 16 Give it to me doc-tor, don’t keep it ‘Additional Lyrics 4. Listen tothe talking heart in my chest, With this gift, good Lord, Iam blessed, ‘There's a lump, and it’s in my throat, {'m in love with the wilderness. In the waterfall, just wanna play. [Naked in the river, skinny dipy my way Apache Rose Peacock ‘By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith Intro Moderate Funk J = 95 NCES) Em we Verse NCES) 1. Sittin” on _ that sack of beans, sit-tin’ down in NewOr - leans. You won't be - lieve what I've seen, 2A little boy came a - long, anameof Lov - is Atm-- strong.. Said that giel who left me silly, a awe gt sinc Tadtine sit-tin™ on that sack of beans. Luna tics. on pogo sticks, an-other southemfriedfreak on a cru-ci - fix. she liked the looks of me and my willy. So found” hee inthe quat- te, ‘goodGod, how! a-dored her. Chorus Dm? Hicks don’t mix with pol-i - tics, the people on thestest just kickin’ tothe licks LYesmy fa - vo-tite— Oh, she made me feel so co’ - zy, when she told me I could call her Rose - . 2. TV kiss your hair, — your — Bd as Fi a place 1 be is not a land called Ho - nah Lee. skin $0 bare, — TIL take you with me gir an-y = where. — Copyright© 1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (8M!) 44 wa valonal Copyright Secwed Aa Rights Reserved ott, chai 1 wannabe 1 never meta get $$ Bridge av aT 1. Oh, good brother, just when Ithought that 1 had seen itll, ny 2 Twinkle twinkle little star, shin = ing down on my blue car. 3. See Additional Lyrics Tass Fie 2 Ed Hae Fg 2 ine ad & dines Bas w Bas Fig. 2.2 V2 AbT AT ab eyes popped out, my dick got hard and 1 dropped my jaw. — 1 saw a. bird walkin’ down the block, her Dri vin’ down the boul -¢ vard, he was soft and I washard. A-pach - e Rose got a rock-in’ pea - cock, a Ab7 AT mime Apache Rose Pea.cock. could not speak, was im shock, but I told my knees to please not knock. hot-testass on the god-damn block. Reck-in’ to the beat ofthe funk-y ass meter, she has one of those built in heaters Dm? Ar Dmt fa vo = tite is not a place called Il kiss your hair, your — 7 "take youwith me girl ar Dm? ar A. men - tal You fare well To Coda Interlude "7 — 1 wan = na be in New __Or- leans. Ba, do. bom, 1 ev = er_met a girl that I liked bet-ter. (Do, do, do, do, do, bom, bom, bom, bom-noma - mo-n-om, oh. 46, do, do, do, a T We DS. al Coda D A BIH ® Coda outro a NCas) New.Or- leans. — ‘Additional Lyrics 3. Voodoo gurus casting their spells, Cockatoo drag queens shakin’ their bells. A silver sound escapes the trumpets, Watch your leg, someone might hump i Chicken strut your but, let's rock! Gettin’ it on under your frock, Flowin’ like aflame all through the night, My girl's insane but it's alright. The Greeting Song ‘By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith Intro Moderately Fast 4= 136 AS (CSAS C5 AS CS As cs Verse as cs ASC AS, AS cs 1.Di-vin’ a - round, I've got my ba-by and my top down, Merry go round,. 1 rideyou for my love. Thrown” me down inthe Copyright ©1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (BMI) Intemational Copyright Secured Al Fights Reserved a7 a set ee oe ee ee Bop mw. eee Hay tee back seat, un-der- ground, I'm on the mound... make it for my love nd Ras Fig. 2 Verse Bas Bas Fig 2 ines rc cs ASS ASCS AS C5 AS C3 AS. 2. Mak- in” my way,— I brakean - other LA day, time in the town, I need it for my love. 3. Sought and I founda life of — makin’ my blood sound, do any - thing —— for the one I love (Chet ASICS. ALCS As cs AS CSAS My Chev-r0- let, —yourroll-in’ to an-othaer play_ day, this is the sound_ I lis-ten for my_ love Some-thing pro found, the face of God is a sen-so-round, I'm on the mound, I make it for my — love. Pre-Chorus ‘ass: Bas Fig 2, 30m BS DS ES BSFIS BS |) DS BS BASES Bs Ds ES EAS FAS x y 7 = Fond = Ee Who you talkin’ to? Tak to me you. — (Who you talkin’ 10? Tak t0 me you) Bass Bat Fig 2, 3s NC(AS) BS Ds gS EAS FHS Bs DS ES EAS Fas — at Who you talkin! you talk-in’ to? % chorus Bass: Bas Fig. 3 Bs Ds ES EBSFES N.C.(AS) AS c D < Talk to me you. — Sound of music. 1 love you, you) ee eee As Gs DFE AS 6 D swim through = me. __ Good feel ings, ToCode @) Guin St As Gs DFE NCH t Interlude (am) Ds Ds cs Pay $e DS. al Coda take 2nd ening Bs Bhs AS EBS ps Dbs cs Bs BBS Coda Outro Chorus BS D E Bs as Bt as c D As Gs DF As ings, My Lovely Man ‘By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith Intro Moderately d = 114 NCE) am em) : Verse Bas w/ Basi. 2mes cam NC(Em) (am) shout a- cross the room to 2.Rest withme my love- ly == Em) (am) Em) you'd come dancing ike — a fool, —___ Ow! Shuffle step, you funk = y moth = er. for you see there is no.oth er Mem-or-y—— so sad and sweet, Hey! Comet me all wam—— as cov - ers a Vil see you soon, save a seat Tr 1 Copyright © 1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (BMI) 50 Intemational Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved Chorus ‘Oh.well, Pm ery - in Bass Fig? Baws: Bae Fig. 2.2.14 es, se Am Bm? Em? ‘Oh, yes, I'm ery-in! now and no one can Am? Bm? Em? Will nev -er fll the, the hole you let = my man, Bac Ft Am? Bm? Em? TI we ym hs re =o $5 vere Pew Bi. 2 ns NGiem) am, em 3. In my oom I'm all a - lone, hey, waiting for you to. get ust in case you never knew, T= miss you slim, love you, cam) (Em, cam =e toe Pioneer a eat = Oh see my ea, it's backend the, Toole Q fm am) 51 — NGiAm?) m7) Co gee 7 qi Em) (am, Oh,well, I'm ery = in’ now my lowe = ly TM see you ta = ter, my love ~ ly man, if Guitar Solo NCEm) pla times We Ss oF ch eee SE re ee DS. al Coda Q Coda ‘Outro Chorus aw Bai 24.34, sie Am? Bm? Em? Ob, well, I'm ery ~ in now my love = ly man, Am? BT Em? Am? \ Bm? Em? Will never fll they the hole you Tet = my_ man, Amt Bm? Em? TH see you la - ter_ my love-ly man, if 1 can Bae: WF NWAmD) (m7) m7) Well, Pm ery ~ i! now my love-ly man, yeah — Uh, hunt =: pS aS car a (am?) Gm?) 3 em Well. i'm cry = in’, eah, they'll nev ~ et ko. — Yeah. (Ams) Bm?) m7) ayes Ti miss you when 1 dey (Am) Bm) love = ly mam PH see you ia - ter (am) (Bm?) (Em?) Sir Psycho Sexy By Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith otro ‘Moderate Funk d = 77 NC«Em?) es Fig. f. Verse NC. (Em?) Spoken: 1. A tong, long,long, longtime ago, before the wind, be- fore the snow, nd Mas Fig. Bass ig? ‘Base: Bae Fig 1p) Em7En9 Em? know, lived a freak of na - ture named Sir Pry-cho, Sir Psy-cho Sex-y, that is me, some. end Ras Fig. 2 times 1 find 1 need to scream, ‘Aaah! Bridge Bate w Bas Fie 2 Em? Emo Em? Emo Em? Emo Em? Em? Em? He's a freak of na- ture but we love him sa. He's a freak of nas ture but we Copyright © 1991 MOEBETOBLAME MUSIC (BMI) Intematonal Copyright Secured Al Rights Reserved 55 ‘Verse i was Fig 1114s Em9 Em7Emo Em? Emo Em? Em? Em? Emo let im go. Spoken: 2, Deep inside the Gar-den of Eden, stand-in’ there with my hard on bleedin’. There's a Em? End Em? Emo Em? devil in my dick and some de-mons in my se-men, ‘good God no, that would be tea-son, Emo Em? Emo Em7 Em? Be-lieve me, Eve, she gave good reason, boot -y look: in’ 190 good not to be squeezin’ Base wt Em? Emo Em? Em9 eS a era ree =a a ins ee fe : (SS SaaS ‘won't and I don't hang up until I please her, makin’ her feel lke an o.ver a-chiev-er. take it away for a min-te just to tease her, = IF then I give it back a lit-tle bit deep-er. (eke ‘man tat leone time. (Sir Pry-cho, Sir Psycho, yeah) seo Hs sfeman cafe i (Sie Paycto, Sic Prycto, yeh.) (Si Prycho, Sie, yah : s “ ToCoia ee es) (Sir Psy-cho, Sir Pry-cho, yeah Bridge Bac Bae Fi phaser Em? End Em? Em9 Em? End) Em? Emo Em? He's a freak of na-ture but we love him so. He's a fieak of nature but we Verse Em En? Em Emo Em? Em Em? Emo let him go Spoken 3. I got stopped by a la-dy cop in. my aut-0- mobile, she Em7 Emo Bm? En9 Em? Emo Em7Ems Em? said, “Get out and spread your legs." and then she ied to cop a feel. ‘That cop, she was all dressed in blue, Wasshe 57 Em? Em? Em? Em7 Emo Em? Em Em? pretty? Boy I'm tellin’ you! She stuck my butt with a big black stick, I said,"What's up, now suck my dick” Like a Emo Em7 Emo EmTEm9 EmTEm9 Em? ram gettin’ read-y to jam the lamb. she wiggled just a little when she Felt my hand. On her erotch so. ver-y warm. could Em9 Em? Emo Em? Emo Em? feel her get-ting wet through her un = i - form. Proppin’ her up on the black and white, un DS. al Coda Bass: w/ Fi Em9 Em? Emo Em? Emo Em? Emo zipped and slipped, ooh. that’s ight! 1 swatted her like no S.W.A-T. team can. tumed a cherry pie right in (0 jam @ Coda Interude am Bm C Bm Am Bm c La, la, ta la, toy Ta, ta, ta, May ta, Ma tay ta ta, lay tla, tla, ta, tay Ta, apace rere tae Bm Am Bm Do DH. NCVES) Spoken 4, Hel-el-et Verse. aes: Bes Fi. her NCKEm?) lo young wom-an, that 1 love, pretty punk rock-er mama that I'm think-in’ of, Hold me naked if you will, in your ‘arms. in your legs, in your pussy I'd kill. To be with you, to kiss with you. 1 domiss you Bridge ar NC(Em?) @ Em?) en, (Em) oh, lay me down. — Lay me down, lay me down, lay me down, — fla, ta, Lai, ly, la Lay me down, lay me down, lay me down, — hi lk le, Bn, ar By me down. 5 ey Bas: 9 Buss Fi 3 NC(Em?) en (Em?) De-scend-ing waves of _______grace-ful pleas - ure For your love there at, tala, ty i, I, iy ta, lay I tay td, dat, Ma, ta, Ua, ta (B7) een en is no meas- ure, Her curvesithey bend with sub - tle splen-dor al ia tataag ial Ts, as sl oe Ue, es hae dey Te). Verse Bow BaF, (wpe) maj BI Em? Emo Em? Ho! Spoken: 5.Now I lay me down to sleep, 1 pray the funk will make me freak. If T should die be-fore I wa-Ked, allow me Lord to rock out na-ked. Emo Em? Em9 Em7 Emo Em? Emo Em? Bored by the or-di-nar-y time totakea trip, calling up a little girl with a bull whip. A. lick -e-tysplit, go snap, snap, Base iF Bas w Bass Fig. Em? Em7 Em? Em? Emo Em? Emo irl getting off all in my lap. The tall -est wee, the sweetest sap. blowin’ my ass right off the map Outro m7 Emo En7_, Emo Em? Em and i's nice out think Pl stay for a while. cm Ab on Em ‘Repeat and Fade N.c(Cm) (as) « ed They’re Red Hot By Robert Johnson. Chorus ‘Very Fast = 152 c B al Dr. ca Hot ta - males, they're Verse Bis: wil 2nd. Se 8A es cl Ic 11 got a gir, says she’s 2. You know the monkey, now the 3. See Additional Lyrics Copyright © 1978 King of Spades Music Intemational Copyright Secured AI Fights Reserved WA ‘Pov/Ab tong and tall, sleeps inthe itch - en with her feets inthe hall,_—Hey! ‘ba-boon playin’ in “the grass, well, the mon-key suck hisfin - ger in that old “Good Gulf Gas.” Hey! Tess a= she’s got ‘em for sale. Oh yeah, girl! sale. Oh _yeaht Additional Lyries 3, She got two for a nickel, got four for a dime, ‘Would sell you more, but they ain’t none of mine. 4. I'm ‘onna upset your backbone, put your kidneys to sleep out, T'Il due to break’way your liver an’ dare your heart to beat "bout.