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After reading the book: The Path of Alchemy: Energetic Healing & the World of Natural Magic by Mark Stavish, I
came across a formula towards the end of the book on Page 193 derived by an alchemist named Count St.
Germain. Count Saint-Germain possessed a formula that entitled him to live to an extreme age. Some say he is not
dead, but resides in a Tibetan Monastery. The formula he used is freely available and can be found in many ancient,
as well as recent texts. It is commonly used to improve digestion and relieve constipation. The Formula dates back
to 18th Century Holland and has a very similar formula on page 270 of the July 1988 publication Comte De. St.
Germain: Last Scion of the House of Rakoczy by Jean Overton Fuller with Fennel being replaced by with the Anise
Herb being replaced by the Spice Fennel, which have similar properties. This text also describes soaking the
mixture of herbs and spices in red wine for several hours than filtering it out or by doing the procedure using very
low heat. Another method is to soak in distilled water, than strain and drink. It is possible, when he made the formula,
he did it using the planetary charts, which are used by Alchemists when making tinctures. He may also have used
the Spagyric Tincture technique when preparing the formula also.

Count Saint Germain invented and consumed this formula and allegedly lived for centuries (some say he is still alive
today). Because there are so many anti-aging elixirs out there I usually dismiss many of them, however this formula
matches the 3 principles of Longevity:

1: Count St. Germains appearance stayed betweeen that of 35 and 40 years of age. Much like Mr. Li Ching
Yuen whose appearance also remained that of a 40 year old, as he allegedly lived to over 200 years of age.

2: The formula is a laxative and improves digestion, as I cover in my book Living Beyond 120, many of the best anti-
aging herbs have laxative effects, and enhance digestion, especially the digestion of proteins.

3: Count St. Germain's formula contains the herb Star Anise, which strengthens digestion , allowing proteins and
other foods to be properly broken down. This is important, because Ginger is commonly combined with Anise, and
Ginger happens to be one of the most powerful spices to help break down proteins. As a matter of fact a combination
of Ginger, Anise and Cinnamon are the most commonly combined spices for healing digestion. Fennel and Cumin
Seeds are used as a substitute for Anise in cooking and Cumin seed was what Zaro Aga (Agfa) ate a lot of and
allegedly lived to 160 years. Vanilla is sometimes added with Anise to create a dark, rich Vanilla Aroma/Flavor .

Count St. Germain formula, has been repeated throughout many historical texts. It may vary slightly, however it
always contains similar herbs and spices. One formula, found published twice in ancient texts and obtained from
the book The Path of Alchemy: Energetic Healing & the World of Natural Magic lists Count St. Germain's formula as

4 Grams of Elderflower (Elderberry)

2 Grams of Senna

1 Gram of Anise

15 grams of Manna Ash

How to Properly Prepare the St. Germain Formula

This formula involves subjecting the Senna to a high potassium compound, which is than dried out over a low
flame/heat. This is a key part of the process and improves the results of the herbal combination significantly. The
Ingredients are as follows:

3 Parts Senna

Just under 1 part Cream of Tarter

Just over 1.5 Parts Elderberry

1 Part Crushed Fennel Seed

0.5 Parts Star Ansie (use the actual star, as the seed does not make as fine a powder).

Grind up herbs and if you want a fine powder, than after crushing in the mortar and pestle run the crushed herbs
through a fine sieve over a paper plate or plastic bag to collect the fine powder.

Next on a copper sheet place the crushed Senna herb.

Next using a fine mist of spring water from a hand trigger mist sprayer lightly spray the surface of the senna herb
until it is moist. You can also the top of a salt and pepper shaker to lightly apply the

water until the senna is moist.

Next using the end of a salt or pepper shaker, place the powdered cream of tarter and gently shake the salt and
pepper lid with the cream and tarter over the most senna until it is evenly covered.

Now wait until the cream of tarter has turned a mid yellow color before you start the drying process.

Next take the copper sheet and place over a burning candle, lamp or low burning flame.

Now by avoiding the senna smoking, and at a low heat gently dry out the senna using the low heat. Once it has
dried, place the almost dry senna back in the mortar and pestle and lightly re-pulverize gently to make into a fine
powder. You may have to repeat this process by crushing, than placing back on the copper sheet to re-dry some
more until the final powder has been achieved.

Next combine all ingredients with the newly treated senna powder and bottle.

Take once very 3 days.

If we were to make this tincture using Tincture Alchemy , we would learn that Anise is a Jupiter Herb and Senna a
Mercury Herb and Elderflower a Mercury Herb. Because Mercury is dominant in this tincture, using an alchemical
planetary chart, we would begin making the tincture on a Wednesday, between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m.

In this formula, the plant Manna Ash is the regnant, ( a regeant or dilution is a substance compatible with the main
ingredients that helps increase the effectiveness of the herbs) and Senna, Elderflower and Star Anise are the
working ingredients. This means we can substitute the dilution with a similar compatible ingredient, but before we
explore further, lets find out who Count Saint Germain was, or still is.

Who is Count Saint Germain?

St. Germain was an alchemist renown for his longevity and youthful appearance. " A man who knows everything and
who never dies," said Voltaire of the Comte de Saint-Germain. Madam du Housset says in her memoirs that the king
spoke of Saint-Germain as a personage of illustrious birth. Count Charles of Hesse Cassel, with whom he lived
during the last years in which history is able to follow his career, may have possessed the secret of his birth. Comte
de Saint-Germain was a man "of middle height, dressed with superb simplicity and strongly built." He was a master
at the violin, and an accomplished artist.

He confessed that he could make a large diamond out of several smaller stones. Diamonds that he wore in his
shoes and garters were believed to be worth in excess of 200,000 francs. He stated that he could increase the size

of a pearl at will and that some of the pearls he owned were of astonishing size.

Quote from The Theory and Practice of Alchemy

"Not only is it possible to prepare a medicine for metals; it is also possible to prepare a tincture for minerals by
means of which pieces of granite and marble can be turned into precious stones; also stones of inferior quality may
be improved."

"By means of this art the seed which is within the soul of a stone may be made to germinate so intensively that in a
few moments a diamond is grown from the seed of itself. If the seed of the diamond were not in the marble, granite,
and sand, a diamond could not be grown therefrom. But as the seed is within all these things, a diamond may be
grown out of any other substance in the universe. In some substances, however, it is easier to perform this miracle
because in them these germs have already been long fertilized and are thus more nearly prepared for the vivifying
process of the art."

A search term titled: Rubies, Sapphires + found embedded in granite - shows that rubies and sapphiers are
routinely found in granite deposits.
Websites documenting that Rubies and Sapphires are found in Granite:

Book Title: All about Gold, Gems, and Pearls

And today with rapid cooling techniques you can make diamonds at home using your microwave.

There is also an excellent article about him being one of the founders of the American Republic, who was present at
the signing of the Declaration of Independence and together with Franklin and Washington, he was a member of the
committee selected by the Continental Congress in 1775 to create a design for the American Flag. Although further
research is needed to confirm this, it is a historical fact he was alive during the year 1776, as many documented
papers prove this if you research it thoroughly enough. The name of the article is THE MYSTERIOUS

You can read an excellent Biography on St. Germain at the address below:

A Closer Look at Ingredients in the Formula

Besides the Regent Manna Ash, the formula contains the following: Senna, Elderflower and Anise. It is possible this
formula was used in combination with a longevity exercise, much like Astodefdia is used before performing the
Emerald Tablets Exercise and Apple Cider Vinegar used afterwards to increase longevity and strength. This is
because many people have copied the formula, and yet have not lived hundreds of years as the count did. Count
St. Germain also was a strict vegetarian who ate only foods that grew above the ground.

What is Senna?

Senna is part of the Fabaceae family, which involves laxative producing plants. It has powerful water-attracting
properties while it is in the intestinal canal. In some formulas it is combined with potassium and left out in open air,
which draws moisture from the surrounding air into the plant. In Alchemy, when the planets are in right, the air
becomes charged. This moisture drawing process is known as "Universal Fire" and is the key principle for creating
healing remedies out of herbs.

Senna is commonly combined with senna, coriander, Licorice root, cinnamon and clove in some teas. Senna is also
a powerful intestinal and body parasite remover. Ginger with Senna is a powerful colon cleanser. This would make
an excellent formula to use if taking Psylium Husk in the morning if you are doing a colon detox. The spices and
herbs contained in this formula work well taken with Peppermint Tea.

Potassium Depletion

Due to the evaporative ability of potassium, herbal laxatives may reduce potassium levels, which is why it is key to
increase your potassium levels with bananas or other high potassium foods 5 to 6 hours or more after taking this
formula. This could be why more recent formulas include Cream of Tarter, which contains high amount of

If Senna causes gastric or intestinal pain, it is combined with ginger, anise, caraway, fennel or coriander. Senna is
commonly combined with Bee Pollen and used as a powerful, fast way to naturally lose weight.

In many formulas ginger can be substituted for coriander seeds as it has similar effects to coriander. In the
book Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and ..., Volume 12 we see Senna combined with
Ginger or Coriander seeds with crystals of tarter. In another preparation brown sugar is added, which makes an
excellent laxative.

What is Manna Ash?

Manna ash is also known by the following names: Flowering Ash, Flake Manna, Fraxinus ornus (sounds similar to
Ormus), Frne Fleurs, Frne Manne, Frne Orne, Man and Manne. It is a small tree indigenous to the coasts of
the Mediterranean from Spain to Smyrna and yields a deep blue hue sugary sap from its bark called Manna which is
commonly used in pharmacy. The tree blooms flowers early in summer which occur in numerous clusters of whitish
flowers. It attains a height of 15 or 16 ft. The syrup produced by Manna Ash is high in mannitol, a plant sugar-alcohol
which is also a laxative.

Manna Ash was originally outsourced from Italy, however over the last 30 years it has dwindled due to artificial
substitutes. So instead if we examine more recent texts of Count St. Germain's formula (Called St. Germains
Laxative Tea), we find a common substitute for Manna Ash being Cream of Tarter, as shown in the book titled: Non-
secret formulas by Mr. Thomas Michael Griffiths. This book also combines Senna with Mandrake, Rhubarn, Jalop

and Cloves as a kidney and liver remedy. And in the book titled: Pharmaceutical Journal, it states that the addition
of cream of tartar counteracts any stomach discomfort the senna may cause.


As shown in my book Foods, Herbs and Pharmaceuticals that Extend Lifespan Elderberry happens to be high in
anthocyanins a stem cell stimulant. And Elderberries contain nearly four times the anthocyanins as other commonly
consumed berries. Elderberry is one of the very few anthocyanins herbs that preserves well, so its potency in herbal
formulas is better than most if you can't get or pick fresh anthocyanin containing herbs. Elderberry also happens to
be one of the best herbs for naturally keeping the immune system in balance, and one of the best for the prevention
of colds and flu.
Elderberry is also usually mixed with Ginger for a synergistic action.

Additional Synergists:

The Company Natura-1 Medicinal Blends lists the following: combination:

Anise, Fennel seed, Liquorice root, Spiny Restharrow Root, Elderflower, Senna leaf. So we can see another
possible synergist here called Spiny Restharrow Root, which is a kidney healing herb and is also used for sore
muscles and bladder infections. Spiny Restharrow Root is commonly combined with Fennel, as a way to "detox" the
intestines. Now let's take a look at the formula throughout history.

The Formula in Use Throughout History

The best way to confirm the validity of this formula is to look in the medical and herbal literature to see if the formula
also exists. By doing this we can locate compatible synergists, as well as find similar ingredients.

In the book titled: Non-secret formulas By Thomas Michael Griffiths, the formula is called St. Germain Laxitive Tea
(as shown below) and we see Manna Ash replaced by Cream of Tarter. This is because Manna Ash harvesting has
been dramatically reduced during the past 30 years, or when this formula was made it was hard to locate. Either
way, we now have a substitute for the Manna Ash.

In the book Lectures on the American Eclectic System of Surgery By Benjamin Lord Hill, we can see it used again.
Under For. No. 3 (D). It states One Half Ounce of Manna Ash with oz of Coarsely Bruised Senna with
Pulverized Anise or Fennel Seeds and 2 drachmes of Cream of Tartar or Epsom Salts. Interesting this formula
states that Fennel Seeds can be used in place of Star Anise, and Epsom Salts can be used in place of Cream of
Tarter. This concoction is than added to 1 pints of boiling water and than simmered slowly until 1 pint remains. It
is than strained and sweetened. Dose: 1 Tablespoon every half hour until conditions improve.

Also the formula can be strengthened by adding brown sugar, which creates a syrup and if a small amount of
alcohol is added, it will preserve it. It is touted as an excellent mind and efficient cathartic.

In the book: Pharmacopoeia Extemporanea by Fuller under the heading A Cachectic Decoction we see the
following formula:

2oz of Polypodium roots (also called Licorice fern) with 1/2oz of Ash tree-bark (Manna Ash), 1/2 ounce of Tamarinds
(Tamarinds can live for up to 200 years), 1 ounce of Raisins and 2 drams of Cream of Tartar. This is boiled in 20
ounces of Water until 12 oz remains than 4 ounces White Wine is added with 1/2 oz of Lemon Juice and 1oz of

We can see in this formula, that a good Synergist would be Tamarind, as it is compatible with the formula. Tamarind
should be used sparingly as if consumed for more than 7 days or it will cause bowel dependency.

In the book:The Practice of Pharmacy By Joseph Price

Remington we see the formula again (shown on the left), however
it appears to include the powder of Bitartrate of Potassium
(Bitartrate of Potassium is the chemical name for cream of
tartar). Because Senna has powerful water attracing properties
and Potassium evaprates this water, it would provide an ideal
balance of the benefical chemical reaction taking place. Many
ancient alchemical texts call this the "Universal Fire" which peaks
in Spring and Summer as a result of the Moisture in the air being
evaporated, causing healing effects.

n King's American Dispensatory , 1898, was written by Harvey

Wickes Felter, M.D., and John Uri Lloyd, Phr. M., Ph. D.we see the
following formula(s) and combinations thereof:

2 1/2 ounces of Senna mixed with 2oz of seed free raisins freed from seeds with 1/2 ounces of bruised caraway fruit
and 1 pint of proof-spirit,

This is than made into a tincture. The British Pharmacopoeia (1898) directs the employment of a somewhat larger
quantity of senna (4 ounces, Imp.). Dose, from 1 to 4 fluid drachms.

In a related tincture the following applies:

2 ounces of Senna,

1oz of jalap powder,

1/2 ounce of fennel or coriander seeds (similar to Ginger),

3 ounces of raisins deprived of their seeds,

2 pints of best French brandy, or diluted alcohol,

It is an excellent purgative, for children, as it acts mildly and pleasantly. It is also used for cases of constipation.
Doses for adults are from 1/2 to 1 fluid ounce and for childred a year old, 1 fluid
drachm. It may also be given in a little sweetened water (brown sugar added).

Jalop is a unique herb in that it is a super laxitive and was used by the Aztecs as a miracle healer. Senna, like Jalop
is a very potent purgative, and excessive use of it may lead to sudden and intense stomach as well as abdominal
pains. Jalop is also called High John the Conqueror Root and is an extremly powerful laxitive. The root was also
used as an emergency food by the Pawnee, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Kiowa. Its laxitive properties are so strong
that it must be combined with such other herbs as coriander, ginger , licorice, or some other digestive stimulant.

In the book American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record, Volumes 48-49 we see the formula repeated again
(shown on the left). In this case the formula is sprinkled over the Cream of Tarter. When this occurs and you add
water, it causes evaporation to occur. This is because Cream of Tartor is high in potassium. As a matter of fact 1
TSP of Cream of Tater contains up to 5000mg of Potassium. Once again we see the evaporation efffect infusing the
healing elements in the herbs. In Alchemy this process is known as Crystallization, where small crystals are formed
by the water as it evaporates when coming into contact with herbs. After this it is than recombined with the other

I have personally gotten the best results taking the St. Germain herbal Formula with 2 to 4 Teaspoons of
Honey and 4 Drops of Ormus before bedtime and take it once every 3 days because it is such a slow
moving powerful formula, due to its doing its work in the intestines. Because it is an intestinal detoxer, the
hours between 10 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. are the hours the body is detoxing, especially the intestines, so taking
it before bed works best.


One of the best ways to create a more effective formula is to combine Zeolite with the St. Germain Formula. This is
because as the Zeolite detoxes the body, it also detoxes the digestive system. When this occurs, the St. Germain
Formula works in synergy with the Zeolite, clearing out the colon and adding healthy moisture to the digestive
system, thus enhancing health and well being considerably. I have found the best results are 10 parts Zeolite to 1
Part St. Germain Formula.

The St Germain formula is one of the very best intentional detoxer formulas I've ever seen . It moistens the intestine
and lucubrates the intestines and clears out the colon. Excellent when combined a grapefruit or pomelo fast/detox.
Because the formula can have laxative type effects, I take the SOD mix the following morning or 6 hours after taking
the St. Germain Mix

Enhanced St. Germain Formula

Here are the results of an enhanced st. Germain Formula I made:

1 part Ansie, equal parts of Cumin Seed with the original formula of St. Germain, a pinch of Ginger and a small
amount of the Jiaogulan herb. This formula was so strong that it had runny laxative effects for 12 hours. I took SOD
mix the following morning to help re-tighten the intestines. But on the other hand it was a powerful detoxer and I felt
very energetic and "clean" as I am sure many toxins were removed with this ramped up formula. I advise only using
this formula when you want a strong internal detox and be sure to have SOD or similar stool strengthener that you
can take the following morning.

So in conclusion, whether or not the ledged of Count St. Germain is real or science fiction, the formula that is used
does have interesting anti-aging traits.

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