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Wise owl tutorial

VBA written using VBA editoroptions:

2003 : Tools -> Macro ->VBA editor

Or Right click on toolbar->visual basic-> VB editor

2007: office->excel options->popular->check mark show developer tab in the


New tab called developer appears->visual basic tab

2010/2013: right click on toolbar/ribbon tab ->cusotmize ribbon->check mark


New tab called developer appears->visual basic tab or ALT+F11

Once opened when u want to return back to excel, click on Excel button

Once VBE openend, we can see PROJECT box and Properties box, when no opened
we can open these 2 tabs by going to view->properties window/project explorer
To open Module screen for coding:

Right click on Project window -> Insert -> Module

OR, Ribbon tab -> Insert -> Module

Renaming Module:

Can be done only through Properties tab

Name cant have spaces or some other special characters. We can use special character like
underscore in renaming

Color coding for error etc.

Tools -> options -> editor format


Sub function is SUBROUTINE

Sub space name of program(without any space)

Ex: sub writingfirstcode press enter then it will change as below:

Sub WritingFirstVB()

End Sub

Commenting codes:

By using or REM

By default color of comment change to green . you can setup color code as mentioned above

Note: VBA automatically turn first small letter of sentence to capital letter

Note: String written in string double quotes. While can be typed as it is

MODULE 1: Excel VBA Introduction & Basics

This module gets you started with the VBA learning. It covers:

Introduction to VBA Language and the VB Editor

Recording/Decoding Macros in Excel
Running Macros in Excel
Writing Your First VBA Code
Understanding Errors in VBA

MODULE 2: Excel VBA Nuts & Bolts

Once you have a good understanding of VBA, VB Editor, and
recording/running macros, this module will expose you to the building

Working with Cells and Ranges using VBA

Working with Worksheets/Workbooks using VBA
Using Variables in VBA
Using Object Variables in VBA
Using Message Boxes in VBA

MODULE 3: LOOP Statements in VBA

In this module, you'll learn all about using Loops in Excel VBA

With Statement Loop

If Then Else Loop
Select Case Loop
Do While/Until Loop
For Next Loop
For Each Loop

MODULE 4: Advanced Excel VBA Elements

In this module, you'll deep dive into some advanced VBA concepts:

Creating Custom Functions in VBA

Error Error Everywhere - How to Handle it
Using Event Procedures to run macros
Userform - Basics + Deep Dive
Using Array in VBA
Working with Charts using VBA

MODULE 5: Practical Examples

In this module, you'll see some practical examples to apply the concepts you
have learned so far:

Show and Hide Elements using VBA

Update Charts/Dashboards with a Single Click
Creating Mouse Rollover Effect using VBA
Creating Chart Animations using VBA

MODULE 6: Creating Add-ins and Applications

In this module, you'll learn how to create Add-ins and Applications using
Excel VBA. These add-ins/applications can easily be shared with your
colleagues and clients so you don't have to do the same thing over and over
again for them.

Creating Add-ins using VBA

Creating an Application using VBA

BONUS MODULE: Looking Outside of Excel

In this bonus module, you'll learn how to work with other applications using

Working with Files and Folders

Generating Word Reports using VBA
Generating PDF Reports using VBA