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A Hero need not

speak. When he is
gone, the world will
speak for him.
Alright Spartan, perk up your ears, cause Im only going to say this once. You gotta know the
rules of war before you hop in to combat and start throwing stickies at everything that moves. The
following documents will give you the basics, but theyre no substitute for real experience.

Starting Off Hindrances

Things are going to be a tad different here than in Now Spartans wont be perfect, but there are some
your standard Savage Worlds game. Lets go down hindrances that dont apply to these guys.
the list of whats changed. A lot of things are going All Thumbs
to be cut out, but the goal is to keep it simple and Anemic
running smooth. The emphasis is going to be on Bad Eyes
combat abilities, squad combat, and fast paced Blind
action. Delusional
New Race Spartan Doubting Thomas
Lets be honest, you want to be Spartans. So heres Elderly
the stats for Spartans. Free d6 in Strength, Agility Greedy
and Vigor. Free d4 in shooting and fighting. 1 Free Habit
combat edge. All have the Outsider hindrance. Hard of Hearing
One Arm
One Leg
One Eye
Ugly (you wear helmets, no one cares)
Edges Heavy Arms Expert Novice, Agility d8+,
These are the edges that dont fit in this setting. Shooting d10+, Steady Hands
Arcane Background Youre the man to see when you need something
Arcane Resistance big brought down. You get +2 to all attacks made
Attractive with a heavy weapon against a vehicle. You also
Berserk may spend a benny to reroll any damage against a
Noble vehicle.
Rich Squad Combat
Filthy Rich The emphasis here is all about a squad. Either a
All power edges squad of Spartans or a full unit of marines with
Acrobat Spartan COs. Everyone needs to learn how to
Champion work as a unit, pick a squad commander before the
Investigator fighting begins and go off of his orders. A standard
Holy/Unholy warrior marine squad is composed of five members of the
Mentalist following unit types.
Scholar Marine Infantry
Wizard Human Non Wild Card
Woodsman Agi d8 - Smarts d4 - Spirit d4 Str d8
Charismatic Vigor d6
Connections Shooting d8 Fighting d6 Guts d4 Driving
Weird Edges d6
New Edges Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 5(11)
Professional Edges Front Line Infantry
Front Line Infantry Novice, Agility d8 + Marine Combat Armor +6
Shooting d8+ Fighting d6+ Assault Rifle, 5 clips
You spent your career on the front lines; youre Shotgun, 2 clips
accustomed to fighting up close and personal. Add 3x Frag Grenades
+2 to fighting with the Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Marine Sniper
all melee weapons. Human Non Wild Card
Sniper Novice - Agility d8+ - Shooting d10+ Agi d10 Smarts d6 Spirit d4 Str d6
You took extra training to make one shot and make Vigor d6
it count. You get +2 to rolls with the Battle Rifle Shooting d10 Fighting d4 Guts d4 Stealth
and Sniper Rifle. With the sniper rifle you get a +2 d8+6 -
to all stealth rolls. Pace: 6 Parry: 4 Toughness 5 (9)
Medic Novice Smarts d8+ - Sniper
Healing d10+ - Marine Scout Armor +4 (+4 Stealth)
First aid is your forte. You are trained enough to Sniper Rifle, 2 clips
use field medic kits in battle. Field medic kits are
described later.
Marine Pilot
Human non wild card
Agi d10 Smarts d8 Spirit d4 Strength d6
Vigor d6
Driving d8 Pilot d8 Shooting d6 Repair d8 -
Pace: 6 Parry: 2 Toughness 5 (8)
Marine Field Armor +3
Magnum, 5 clips
2x Frag Grenade
Repair kit
Marine Medic
Human non wild card
Agi d6 Smarts d10 Spirit d8 Strength d6
Vigor d6
Shooting d6 Healing d10 Knowledge
(Medicine) d8 Survival d6
Pace: 6 Parry: 2 Toughness 5 (8)
Marine Field Armor +3
Magnum. 3 clips
3x Field Medic Kit
I Need A Weapon
Alright Spartan, time to go over the basics of the gear youll be using out in the field. I trust you already
know how to fire a rifle, so Ill spare you the long boring details. Heres the technical information for all
the equipment and weapons youll have access to. Once thats out of the way, well go over what youll be
starting with in the field. All weapons require 2 hands unless noted.
Assault Rifle 24/48/96 3d6 3 10 32 D6 Auto, AP2, 3RB
Battle Rifle 24/48/96 2d10 2 15 36 D6 Semi Auto, AP4
Flamethrower Cone 2d8 1 30 27 D6 Ignores Armor
Machine Gun 30/60/120 2d10 4 50 400 D10 AP2, Auto, Snapfire, HW
Magnum 15/30/60 2d8 1 7 8 - AP 2, Semi Auto, 1 hand
Missile Pod 30/60/120 4d8+2 1 60 8 D10 Med Burst Template,
AP20, Snapfire, HW
Rocket Launcher 24/48/96 4d8 1 50 2 D8 Med. Burst Template,
AP9, Snapfire, HW
Shotgun 12/24/48 1-3d8 1 10 6 D8 Shotgun notes
SMG 12/24/48 2d6+1 3 5 60 D6 Auto, 1 hand
Sniper Rifle 30/60/120 2d8+2 1 35 2 D6 AP4, Snapfire
Spartan Laser 15/30/60 4d10 1 70 5 D10 1 round recharge, HW,
Frag Grenade 6/12/24 3d6 - 1 - - Med burst template, 1
Type Range Damage ROF Weight Shots Min Str Notes
Beam Rifle 30/60/120 3d6 1 40 10 D8 AP4, Snapfire, Plasma
Carbine 24/48/96 2d8+2 1 20 18 D6 AP2, Semi Auto, Plasma
Energy Sword Hand Str+d6+8 - 5 - D8 AP 6, Hand Weapon, Plasma
Fuel Rod Gun 24/48/96 4d6+2 1 50 5 D10 AP12, Med Burst Template,
Snapfire, HW, Plasma
Needler 12/24/48 2d8+2 3 25 19 D6 AP 2, Special Notes
Plasma Cannon 30/60/120 2d8+2 4 50 100 D10 AP4, Snapfire, HW, Plasma
Plasma Grenade 6/12/24 2d8 1 1 - - Special notes, Plasma
Plasma Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 1 10 100 - AP 2, Special Notes, Plasma
Plasma Rifle 24/48/96 2d8 1 20 100 D6 AP 2, Special Notes, Plasma


Type Range Damage ROF Weight Shots Min Str Notes

Brute Shot 12/24/48 See ammo 1 15 6 D6 Fires Grenades
Firebomb 6/12/24 2d6 1 1 - - Special Notes
Gravity Hammer Hand Str+d10+6 - 15 10 D10 One attack drains battery charge
Mauler 6/12/24 1-3d6 1 10 5 D6 1 hand
Spike Grenade 6/12/24 3d6 1 1 - - Med Burst Template, Special Notes
Spiker 12/24/48 2d6 3 10 40 D6 AP4, 1 Hand

Special Notes
Spartan Laser Upon firing the Spartan Laser, the Plasma Pistol/Rifle You may spend an action to
weapon will require a full round to recharge charge the weapon by making a shooting roll and
before it can be fired again. hitting the TN. The charge increases the damage
Needler Upon a successful hit with the needler to +2 and the ammo cost from 1 to 10. Charging it
(even if the damage done doesnt beat the targets a second time increases the weapons AP to 4.
toughness) a needle sticks in the target. If the Firebomb Creates a fire in the area of the
target survives seven needles stuck in him, the explosion that lasts for 2 rounds.
seven needles will explode causing 4d6 damage Spike grenade There is an additional blast of
ignoring armor. shrapnel in a large burst template. The shrapnel
Plasma Grenade The plasma grenade will stick does 2d8 damage. This damage is rolled
to the wall or target it is thrown at and explode the separately from the explosion damage. The
next round. shrapnel can be avoided just like the grenade.

Type Armor Weight Shields Notes

Marine Infantry Armor +6 20 Light Covers Full Body
Marine Scout Armor +4 15 - Covers Head, Torso, Arms, Stealth +4
Marine Field Armor +3 12 - Covers Head, Torso, Arms
Powered Spartan Armor +8 - Med Battle Suit, Full Body

Armor Notes Equipment

Battle Suit Increases Strength by one die type, Bubble Shield Creates a 2 radius transparent
adds +2 to pace, allows users to jump 2d6 spherical shield with heavy shielding. It lasts for 4
horizontally or 1d6 vertically. Has short and long rounds or until the shield is destroyed.
range communication device. All human weapons Deployable Cover Drops a 3 wide and 3 tall
are linked to the internal targeting system, giving shield with heavy shielding. It lasts for 5 rounds or
+1 to shooting rolls. Contains a radar unit that scans until the shield is destroyed.
in a 30 diameter and reports on live targets and Flare Creates a bright flash of light in a large
moving inorganic targets. Does not distinguish burst template.
between faction. Portable Gravity Lift Takes up one square, and
Shields Shields function as a solid object that gives anything that steps in it a 12 boost in to the
block incoming attacks. The shields on armor cover air. Lasts for 5 rounds or until destroyed. Has a
every part of the body the armor covers. Any type toughness of 12, all weapons damage it.
of damage can damage the shield. Plasma based Power Drain Disables all shields in a large burst
weapons have an easier time hurting shields. You template and disables all vehicles. Lasts for 1
must destroy the shields before you can hit the round.
target. Radar Jammer Disables radars in a large burst
Light Shielding Toughness 10 (6 vs. Plasma) template by showing large amounts of random
Medium Shielding Toughness 12 (8 vs Plasma) activity. Lasts for 3 rounds or until destroyed. Has a
Heavy Shielding Toughness 14 (10 vs Plasma) toughness of 8, -4 called shot to hit, and any
Personal Shield units take five minutes to recharge, weapon damages it.
or require a shield re-charger to be dropped. Regenerator Takes two rounds but regenerates all
armor shield units. Lasts for two rounds or until
destroyed. Has toughness 10, all weapon types hurt
Trip Mine 4d6 damage, Med Burst Template, AP5,
HW. Lasts until triggered, shot at -4 shooting, or 15
rounds. Shooting triggers the explosion.

Vehicle Acc/TS Toughness Crew Weapons Notes

Elephant 3/6 25(5) 5 LAAG Turret, 3x Tracked, Heavy Armor, Sloped Armor 5,
Turret Slots Improved Stabilizer, Mobile Base
Warthog 40/78 16(4) 3 LAAG or Gauss Turret Stabilizer, 4WD
Hornet 20/80 12(2) 2 2x Tri barreled chain Improved Stabilizer, Heavy Armor, Fixed
guns. 2x Heat seeker Gun, Climb 20
Mongoose 30/60 10(2) 2 - 4WD
Scorpion Tank 15/30 20(5) 2 Machine Gun Turret, Tracked, Heavy Armor, Sloped Armor 3,
Tank Turret Improved Stabilizer
Banshee 35/90 10(2) 1 Plasma Cannon, Fuel Climb 25, Stabilizer, Fixed Gun
Rod Gun
Ghost 12/40 12(4) 1 Plasma Bolts Stabilizer, hovering, Sloped Armor 2
Wraith 15/30 20(5) 2 Plasma Turret, Plasma Hovering, Improved Stabilizer, Heavy
Mortar Armor
Chopper 20/75 12(2) 1 35 mm Autocannon Bladed Chassis, Sharp turning
Prowler 15/35 15(5) 4 Plasma Turret Hover, Heavy Armor

Vehicle Notes Plasma Mortar 4d10+4 Plasma ROF1 AP 10

LAAG Turret 3d10 ROF 4 AP 2 HW. HW Arcs 1 round recharge 30/60/120 Large
24/48/96 250 rounds Burst Template - 10 rounds
Gauss Turret 4d10 ROF 1 AP4 HW Autocannon 3d8+4 ROF 2 AP 5 HW
30/60/120 100 rounds 24/48/96 200 rounds
Tri barreled Chain gun 3d8 ROF 6 AP 2 Bladed Chassis Ramming a target with the front
HW - 24/48/96 600 rounds of the vehicle does 3d10 damage at top speed with
Heat Seeking Missile 4d8+4 ROF 1 AP 5 AP 2.
HW Med Burst Template 30/60/120 Sharp turning This vehicle can make complete
+4 shooting rolls on target w/ heat source 20 180 degree turns.
rounds Hover The vehicle hovers a few feet off the
Tank Turret 4d8+4 ROF 1 AP 20 HW ground and travels over low obstacles easily. The
30/60/120 Med Burst Template 25 rounds hovering vehicle is not restricted by difficult
Plasma Bolts 3d8 plasma ROF 4 AP 2 HW terrain.
24/48/96 200 rounds
Plasma Turret 3d8+4 plasma ROF 1 AP 10
HW 30/60/120 Med Burst Template - 50 rounds