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Activity 1 Recognition forum

Ronald Enrique Peña Sánchez - 1010178276 English IV 90170-363

Tutor Sandra Mendoza

Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia UNAD CEAD José Acevedo y Gómez Ciencias básicas, Tecnología e Ingeniería 03 de September de 2017


How can English help you in your personal development?

As part of my personal development English is one of the basic tools to coexist with the world around us as it is the universal language of things

2. Is English important in your career? If so, why?

The English is important in my career since the manuals of the telecommunications equipment are in English besides that the programming languages that are Written in English so you must learn this language for the development of my daily activities as I work in a French telecommunications company

3. Do you think the syllabus of this course is going to help you to improve your English?

We hope that with the development of the course I can improve my English language skills based on the methodology of the course and with the accompaniment of the tutor

4. Which of the topics from the syllabus is familiar for you?

I am familiar with the timelines since they are seen in the previous courses when the presentation was requested and several activities of the course such as writing The tests of speaking also used in everyday situations when questions are asked about processes and activities in my work

5. How has your English learning experience been?

It has been good when it has been constant since at times the lack of practice harms the learning, for me it has been positive in the work environment since we maintain contacts With people from other countries who only speak in English so you should focus on this to achieve a successful communication.