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B Fred Buscaglione BUONASERA SIGNORINA ‘Testo e Musica di Carl Sigman, Peter De Rose Moderate Do * Buo-na s¢-ra Si-gno-ri-na, buo-na so-ra, it is__ time to say good-night. to Na-po - Remz Sot Rem? cH, though it's hard for us to whis-per__“Buo-na ‘se-ra”, with that. old G7 Dut Sel? Do moon a-bove the Me-dj-ter-ra-nean Sea, In the morn-ing Si-gno-ri-na we'll go 7 er Dut G7 walking where the moun-tain and the sand come in-to sight. _—_—By the = Sort Salve buy a wed-ding ring for your Fae De lit-tle jew'll-er’s shop we'll stop and lin-ger, while T € 7 Gmajz ber Pe Fafa in the _mean-time let me tell you that I love you, buo-na Feition or r De Sel? Ln, 2d sotT Do se = 4 Si-gno-ri- na, kiss me good - night, Buo-na_ “night: ear & Buona sera Signorina, the Mediterranean Sea, while T buy a wedding ring buona sera, In the morning Signorina for your finger itis time to say ‘we'll go walking in the meantime goodnight to Napoli, where the mountain Jet me tell you thet I love you, ‘though it’s hard for us and the sand come into sight. buona sera, Signorina, to whisper “Buona sera”, By the little jewller’s shop kiss me goodnight. with that old moon above we'll stop and linger,