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Question: To select and decide upon the eligible candidate for a new product
division- The Network Print Manager.

The following characteristics were required(tested) for the role:

I. Leadership Skills.
II. 3 Basics sales qualities were tested 1) Sales pitch 2) Advertising skills
3) Capability to manage a salesforce.
III. High enthusiasm and energy was one of the most important
IV. Good resource optimization quality should be present.
V. Experience of the candidate was also measured.

I. CHRISTOPHER COWAN: Experience of working in different organisations.
Regional Manager and Accounts Manager. Involved in Sales (VAR) and
exhibited some leadership qualities.
Differentiating Characteristics:
i. Headstrong and stubborn
ii. Sometimes abrasive
II. WILLIAM WENDELL: Experience of working in many organisations as a
marketing manager and currently working as the Area Director,
Northeast. Managed a lot of successful events and some achievements
Differentiating Characteristics:
Very focused on own career
Interested in politics
III. FRED FALLON: Highly creative and customer driven approach. Worked
as a marketing and sales manager at different organisations. Had been
the Vice President, Sales.
Differentiating Characteristics:
i. Hard worker
ii. Good resource optimizer

IV. MITCHELL MADISON: Prior working experience in managing sales and

marketing of telecommunications equipment. Involved in planning,
supplies and budgeting in previous projects. All experience in marketing
field only.

Best Candidate:

As the case states, the new job was an important addition to the
company profile, therefore the candidate selected should have all
the necessary attributes, qualities and features that will ensure
the right selection of the individual for the new position.
The key criteria to fill in the position for the new job will be to
have a person at the top who can manage people and also take
decisions. As the job was a senior management position, therefore
whoever is selected should have the skill of managing a team and
get the best out of them.
This is the major job description because handling human
resource is an important aspect of the candidate. Secondly, he
should be a confident and effective decision maker, have a positive
attitude, the individual should be flexible at work, should be a
confident person who can handle different situations smoothly
and efficiently.
Candidate must have a desire to succeed and should have the
passion to drive the team members also. He should have the skills
and expertise to carry out the production process and make it a
smooth transition to the end customer.
The candidate will be responsible to develop the product that is as
per the requirements of the clients. The candidate must be a
seasoned campaigner who can further develop the resources of
Bitstream in the future.
The candidate should have the control over the distribution process also. In
short, the candidate will be the major force to take the new project to levels of
success as perceived by Jim Sole
Therefore for the role required by JIM, the best fit for the Job comes out to be