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Saturday, September 16th, 10 am to 6 pm

and Sunday, September 17th, 10 am to 4 pm


Main Street Route 31 Palmyra

Grand Parade  Saturday at 4:00 pm

Advertising supplement to Messenger Post Media for the week of September 3, 2017
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Couple contribute to Palmyra in quieter ways

Anson and Nancy Johnson are 2017 Canaltown Days Grand Marshals
By Steve Buchiere
Nancy said her husband didnt believe it when he was told of the honor being
bestowed upon them.
I really felt honored, he said. Most of what Ive tried to do has been in a quiet way.
But the list of community activities is impressive from the Palmyra-Macedon Board of
Education to the Palmyra Fire Department where he also served as a secretary to
his church, where he served as a deacon (his wife a deaconess) and as a board trustee.
But it is the pharmacy where he made many of his community connections and went
about doing extraordinary things in an ordinary way.
His entry into the pharmacy business came by way of his father, also named Anson, but
who liked to be called Andy. His father, in the midst of a successful career with what was
then a heavyweight in the pharmaceutical industry, Parke-Davis now part of Pfizer
decided at age 42 that he wanted to run his own pharmacy.
So Ansons dad bought the drug store at the corner of Main and William Streets in 1949,
bringing his wife and family of four (Anson the eldest at 12) from Elmira to Palmyra.
Upon graduation from Palmyra-Macedon in 1954, he attended pharmacy school at the
University of Buffalo.
There the guy who claimed he didnt study a lick in high school got serious about his
studies. He earned a degree in what is considered a very tough program, and eventually
joined his father at the pharmacy.

He was the gentleman in the white coat dispensing medicine from the platform I actually did not take over the business until my dad had his first heart attack at age
at the back end of Johnsons Palmyra Pharmacy at the corner of Main and Cuyler 58, which would have been about 1964, recalled Anson. He was able to get back to
streets. If you looked toward the sky, he might be the pilot banking for a landing work limited until about 1970, when he had the second heart attack. Then I had
toward the old Palmyra airport on a perfect summer evening. And he was the guy no choice but to really take over.
tooling around town and in plenty of Canaltown Days parades in any number His father died in 1971 at age 65.
of antique cars he owned over the years. Anson Johnson was all of those things When Anson talks of quiet contributions, they could be seen in how he operated the
and more to his community, and most importantly, to his family. pharmacy. It may have had regular hours, but as Anson noted, my phone number was
And on Saturday, Sept. 16, youll see him in a convertible in the parade, but he wont in the book.
be the driver. He and his wife, Nancy, are the grand marshals for 2017. Invariably, he would get calls at off-hours for a prescription that someone neglected to
The festival itself is marking its 50th year. fill, and he would accommodate them if he could.
Once again I believe that our grand marshal selection committee has done However, there was a call that came in one day that he did refuse.
an excellent job in choosing to honor Anson and Nancy Johnson this year, said Well, kind of.
Canaltown Days Chairman Tom Klemann. I know they have spent many, many years
A woman phoned early Christmas morning, saying she needed not some medication
contributing to the betterment of our community through both their long history
shed run out of, but flash cubes for her camera.
with Johnsons Pharmacy, as well as their long-time church and civic involvement
as well. They are to be commended for their work and dedication to Palmyra. Continued on Page 8 ...
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10:00 am - 6:00 pm 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
1 Breakfast in the Park 7:00 to 10:00 1 Breakfast in the Park 7:00 to 10:00
3 Art Show 10:00 to 4:00 6 Canaltown Days 5K Run or Walk 9:00
1 Food Booths 10:00 to 6:00 3 Art Show Noon to 4:00
1 Craft Booths 10:00 to 6:00 1 Craft Booths 10:00 to 4:00
2 Market Square 10:00 to 6:00 2 Market Square 10:00 to 4:00
10 Beef on Weck Sandwiches 10:00 to 6:00 1 Food Booths 10:00 to 4:00
10 Historic Church Tour 10-11:30 & 1:30-3 10 Hymn Sing Presbyterian Church 10:00
14 33rd NY Volunteer Infantry 13 Horsedrawn Wagon Rides -
Civil War Encampment 10:00 to 6:00 Main Street 10:00 to 11:45
5 Car Show 11:00 to 3:00 (Rain Date Sunday) 11 Chicken Barbecue 11:00 until GONE!

13 Horsedrawn Wagon Rides - 1 Little Dude Ranch Pony Rides

Main Street 10:00 to 2:00 11:00 to 4:00
12 Antiques at Brickhouse Antiques Center 8 Museums Open 11:00 to 4:00
10:00 to 6:00
12 Antiques at Brickhouse Antiques
1 Little Dude Ranch Pony Rides 11:00 to 6:00 Center Noon to 4:00
8 Museums Open 11:00 to 4:00 7 Historic Canal Walk 12:30
9 Chicken Barbecue 11:00 until GONE! HORSEDRAWN PARADE 2:00
7 Historic Canal Walk 12:30
4 Barn Dance & Hay Ride 7:00 to Midnight Giant 50th Anniversary
GRAND PARADE 4:00 Cake Cutting
Pre & Post Parade Band Demos Free! 2:30 pm on Main Street

RESTROOMS: Back of Park at the Top of the Hill, Musical Entertainment

Park and Club Rooms, at the Fairgrounds, Port-o-Potty at the
Library, and the Village Hall is Wheelchair Accessible All Weekend!
See schedule on next page 4 FREE
at Fairgrounds
11 1 8 8 SERVICE
10 7 12
13 7:00am-8:00pm
5 3
14 2 Saturday
15 Sunday

- - - - - - PARADE ROUTE
St. Annes
Catholic Church
off Church Street
and the east side of
7 Canandaigua Street
INFORMATION from Main Street
and FIRST AID to Jackson Street

American Legion For the comfort and safety of all our guests bikes, skateboards, rollerblades and pets
and Bowling Alley except for certified therapy or seeing eye guide dogs are prohibited from all festival areas.


palmyra canaltown days 2017 page 4


10:00 - 10:30 am Towpath Volunteers Main Street|Park
10:30 - 10:50 am Palmyra-Macedon Select Choir Park
11:00 am - 12:30 pm Music Makers Park
Noon - 1:00 pm Studio Z Performing Arts Street
Noon - 2:00 pm Caricaturist Kate Street
1:00 am - 2:30 pm The Cool Club & The Lipker Sisters Park
2:45 - 4:00 pm F.O.G. (Freakin Old Guys) Park
3:00 pm Stilt Walker Street
3:30 Pre-Parade Mighty St. Joes Drum & Bugle Corps
Hit Men Brass Band Main Street
Post-Parade DownBeat Percussion Main Street

11:30 am - 12:30 pm Fiddlers of the Genesee Park
12:45 - 2:15 pm Paul Strowe Park
2:30 - 3:45 pm Kellys Old Timers Park
1:00 - 2:00 pm Pal-Mac Conservatory of Dance Street
2:30 - 4:00 pm Krazy Firemen Street
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16 15 14 13



St. Annes PARK 10

Catholic AREA




Methodist Presbyterian BOOTH 3
Church Church
19 Info 5 4 2 1

BUS 22 23 24






1. Palmyra Republican Committee 11. Nancys Hot Sandwiches 17: Black Hart BBQ
Bagged sugar waffles Chicken pitas, Philly cheesesteak, Pulled pork sandwiches, brisket sandwiches,
chicken fingers, French fries, pizza logs, pork ribs, salt potatoes, baked beans
2. Fowlers Taffy mozzarella sticks, deep fried pickles
Taffy, candy and caramel apples, 18: United Methodist Church of Palmyra
onion rings, macaroni & cheese bites
cotton candy, fresh lemonade Sunday 11:00 - 3:00
12. Nancys Fried Dough Chicken BBQ with drink and dessert
3. Masons Fried dough, deep-fried Oreos, egg rolls,
Hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, drinks 19: Western Presbyterian Church
fresh-squeezed lemonade, fruit smoothies,
Saturday Only
4. NY Central Hose Company #5 raspberry chimichanga, dessert calzones
Roast beef sandwiches, soda, water
Fried dough, water 13. GMBConcessions
20. Macarollin
4. Pal-Mac Last Bash Bloomin onions, ribbon fries, chicken fries,
Various macaroni creations
Pizza, assorted candy, water, soda beer battered cheese fries, garlic/parm fries,
deep fried ravioli 21. Zion Episcopal Church
6. Pal-Mac Lions Club Hot fudge brownie sundaes, pulled pork
Popcorn, deep-fried Oreos, soda, water 14. MNL Concessions:
sandwiches, hot dogs, water, soda
Funnel cakes, sugar waffles
7. Fowlers Gyros 22. Palmyra Reformed Church
Greek Gyros, chicken pitas, Greek salad, 15. Little Red Wagon
Dutch fritters, water
rice pilaf, cold drinks Breakfast platter, pancakes, rib eye
steakn cheese sandwich, pizzaburger, 23. Hansons Original Kettle Korn
8. Palmyra Community Center chicken parm sandwich, grilled chicken n Kettlecorn, sweet crisp popcorn
Village Park Booth cheese sandwich, French fries, sweet potato
Breakfast Sandwiches & Donuts fries, fried cauliflower & mushrooms, 24. Wursthaus III
7-10 am or til gone! mozzarella sticks, soda, coffee, water German foods:
Hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Knockwurst, bratwurst, hot & spicy
Italian sausage, coffee, soda, water 16. Mo Jos Tacos wurst beef & pork, schnitzel, platters,
Hard & soft tacos, nachos, corndogs, taco German potato salad, sauerkraut,
9. Santillos Concessions salad, nacho grande, chimichanga, burritos, Coke products
Old fashioned soda cart, tin mug refills, jalapeno poppers, funnel cake fries
eight flavors of soda chocolate frozen banana, fried ice cream, 25. American Legion
fried cheesecake, soda, water Hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages
10. Dars Delights salt potatoes, drinks
Homemade ice cream, ice cream floats
palmyra canaltown days 2017 page 6

200 years since the beginning of the Erie Canal

One short block north of the technically the NYS Barge Canal,
Canaltown Days festivities on the one we know today, in 1918. To
Palmyras Main Street is the reason those of us who love it, however, it
for the celebration the Erie is the Erie.
Canal, the waterway that made The canal basin one block north of
New York the Empire State and Main Street came into being due to
opened the American Middle West the efforts of two forward thinking
to the world. Palmyra mayors, Jim Elliott and his
It was no coincidence that successor, Peter Wilson. Thanks to
DeWitt Clinton, the NYS Governor a HUD grant, the basin was carved
responsible for the construction out of a wetland area. A boardwalk
of the Erie Canal, had been, not was built and the development
too many years earlier, Mayor of of todays marina began. In the
New York City. As mayor of New years that followed, amenities
York, he prepared his city for the have been added informational
inevitable growth he foresaw. To kiosks, picnic tables and benches,
the north of the occupied portion wi-fi, and, most recently, thanks
of Manhattan island, he laid out a to a grant from the NY S Canal
grid system of roads for the homes Corporation, a Comfort Station
and buildings which would be and picnic pavilion. With the help
required. Mayor Clinton is also of another Canal Corporation
credited with urging ship owners grant, a boat launch and parking
to develop and adhere to a regular lot for boat trailers have been built
schedule of operation. Prior approximately one half mile to
practice was to wait for a full load the east of the marina. Its location
before departing. opens the east end of the Palmyra
One cannot help but wonder just business district to visiting boaters.
when the idea of a canal across New York State first occurred to Clinton, but his actions Boaters docking at the marina are met by a Palmyra Harbor Host, one of a group
as mayor and his determination to go forward after being rebuffed by President of local volunteers, there to welcome them, answer questions and make them feel
Thomas Jefferson indicate the importance of the canal to him. For that we should all welcome. The Harbor Hosts have been recognized by the NYS Canal Corporation and
be thankful. named official NYS Canal Ambassadors.
The Erie Canal, begun in 1817, opened in sections and was formally dedicated in 1825. Interesting note: NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo was the head of HUD at the time of the
Palmyra, however, became a canal town in 1823, and was a bustling community and original award that began the construction in Palmyra.
commercial center. With a population of approximately 3,500, Palmyra was twice the Owned and maintained by the Village of Palmyra, the Port of Palmyra marina and the
size of Rochesterville, about 20 miles to the west. The immediate success of the canal Erie Canal are a part of Palmyras history and a major asset in the future of Palmyra,
led to the construction of the enlarged canal , wider and deeper than the original. Queen of Canal Towns.
These were the canals of the draft animals and tow paths. Another forward thinking
Vicky Daly, Palmyra Mayor, 2001-2012
Governor, Theodore Roosevelt, was responsible for the construction of what is
palmyra canaltown days 2017 page 7

Horse-drawn Wagon & Carriage Parade

Sunday, September 17th at 2:00 pm
As part of the 2017 Canaltown Days celebration, a special horse-drawn wagon
and carriage parade is planned for Sunday, September 18th at 2:00 pm.
The parade will start at the Fairgrounds and pass through Main Street.
The nostalgic demonstration of horses, wagons, carriages, and people will be
an attempt to depict the role horses played in transportation during the early
canal era.
The horse, while not the only means, was by far the most popular and speedy
mode of transportation available during the early canal years.
Business depended heavily on horse drawn wagons to deliver goods for
them to work with or to sell. The family horse and buggy was necessary for
many reasons. It provided the means with which to fetch provisions from the
general store, to take the family to church on Sunday, to visit the neighbors, to
go for help in an emergency, and even to provide the young men of the family
with a suitable courting vehicle.
The finer (lighter) breeds served the family transportation needs and light
commercial duties, such as transporting the traveling salesman as he made
his assigned rounds.
The heavier draft horse provided the muscle to pull the heavily-laden freight
wagons. Grain, lumber, and other heavy materials were transported across
the land to and from the canal boats on wagons pulled by these great animals.

Come out and enjoy the parade!

palmyra canaltown days 2017 page 8

Continued from Page 2 ... Anson also served a stint on the Pal-Mac school board,

FREE PARKING Now, a lot of us might have told the lady to go fly a kite.
But not Anson. He only asked if she could wait until later
and learned as many others did, the rewarding and
frustrating aspects of helping to run a school district.
The hours were as long as the state mandates, but he
at the fairgrounds with in the morning. Nope, she said. She would be out of
town by then. Without flash cubes. was part of a board that built the Palmyra-Macedon

Middle School.
His son, Anson B., admired his fathers business
philosophy. And through it all, Anson has had the always-smiling
BUS SERVICE His true love was not medicine, but helping the people
Nancy by his side. She was a Clifton Springs girl who
was going out with someone else when she met
of his community, he said. All his children worked in Anson, who was also in a relationship. Each of them
the store and learned the value of serving others. had some feelings for the other, but it wasnt until their
Anson sold Johnsons Palmyra Pharmacy about 1990 relationships fizzled that Anson got the nerve to ask her
to pharmacist Dave Becker and continued work in the out.
business in a more part-time capacity until 2001. The God does work in mysterious ways, said Anson, a
pharmacy itself lasted just a few more years, as Rite Aid devout Christian, as is Nancy. For years the couple, both
bought out Becker. The building has since been divided 80, attended the First Baptist Church in Palmyra, and for
into two storefronts and has had several businesses. last few decades have attended Life Spring Community
Through it all, Anson has pursued his love of cars. He is Church in Canandaigua.
an antique automobile aficionado and a 50-plus year I told someone the other day the two smartest decisions
member of the Genesee Valley Antique Car Club. He has I made in life are marrying Nancy Morrow and accepting
owned a number of antique cars over the years; his first the Lord as my personal savior, he said. We decided
was a 1924 Ford Model T. Many of his cars have been to follow the Lord together and raise our children the
featured in the Canaltown Days Parade. same way.
But his love of machines went beyond the asphalt. The couple went on to have four kids, Jackie
He received his pilots license and, with friend Gene (VanNorman), Amy (Rupp), Anson III and Andrew. They
Spangenberg, purchased a plane. Anson eventually lived on Main Street near the Baptist Church for many
became one of the owners of the old Palmyra AirPark. years and have resided on Burnham Heights for about
He was also a longtime member of the Palmyra Fire 25 years.
Department. And the fact that he worked and lived just As for Nancy, shes been with him through the good and
steps from the old fire station at the Village Hall came the bad, he said. Nancy always supported me in the
in plenty handy. Being able to work any type of gear business, our apartments, my hobbies and some other
system didnt hurt either, and he drove the fire trucks crazy ideas, he said. Any time I was ever down, she was
for years. there to boost me up.

No Pets, PLEASE!
The reasons why pets are not allowed at Canaltown know how to behave appropriately with a pet and
Days are largely due to the weather, the volume of that can welcome a dangerous situation in a crowded
people and a lack of shade and water to help them place. Finally, cleanup after pets and animals in close
cool off. Although your pet may be typically well- proximity to food preparation may create an unhealthy
mannered, the large number of unfamiliar people environment for both your pet and visitors to Canaltown
around the festival environment can make your pet act Days. Because of safety concerns, along with pets, no
differently. It is best to keep in mind that some people bikes, rollerblades or skateboards are allowed at the
arent comfortable around animals and are even quite festival.
frightened of dogs. There are also those who dont

Parking Restrictions
Gates Street - entire length Sunset Drive - entire length East Charlotte - entire length
Walker Street - entire length Birdsall Parkway - entire length Canal Street - entire length
Liberty Street - entire length Prospect Drive - entire length Williams Street - entire length
Carroll Street - entire length Hyde Parkway - entire length Church Street - entire length
Brookside Terrace - entire length Hansen Street - entire length Fayette Street - Main to Walker
Maple Avenue - Canal to Quaker Cuyler Street - Main to Jackson Market Street - Main to Canal
Main Street - 21S to Mill Street Canal Street - entire length Mill Street - entire length
E. Jackson Street - entire length Willow Street - entire length West Foster Street - entire length
Tremont Street - entire length Canandaigua - entire length Stafford Street - entire length


Saturday Approximately 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (approximately 2:00 - 3:00 pm)
Main Street - 21S to Holmes Gates Street Jackson to Main Street
Sunday Approximately 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Main Street Gates to Holmes Street
Main Street - 21S to Cuyler Holmes Street Main to Canal Street
Canal Street Holmes to Williams Street
CLOSING FOR FLOAT COMPETITION: Williams Street Canal to Main Street
Saturday Approximately 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
CLOSING FOR PARADES: Canandaigua Street east side
GRAND PARADE - SATURDAY from Main Street to Jackson Street
(approximately 2:00 - 6:00 pm)
Stafford Street Foster Street intersection to Main
Authorized Police Chief to restrict parking
Main Street Hyde Parkway to Holmes Street
according to School District and Fire Chief request.
Holmes Street Main to Canal Street
Both the Police Chief and Highway Superintendent
Canal Street Holmes to Williams Street
are authorized to make additions/deletions as required.
Williams Street Canal to Main Street
BE IT RESOLVED that the sale of Poppers (throwable Church Streets and Fayette/Market St., the display
fireworks), stink bombs and liquid string during any and vendor areas and the Palmyra Elementary School
parade in the Village of Palmyra be prohibited and grounds.
further that the sale or use of at or during Canaltown Be it further resolved that animals including but not
Days is hereby prohibited. limited to dogs and snakes be prohibited during
Be it further resolved that thatbicycles, skateboards, and Canaltown Days in these same areas. This restriction
roller blades be prohibited during Canaltown Days, on shall not apply to seeing eye guide dogs.
Main Street between the intersections of Canandaigua/
palmyra canaltown days 2017 page 9

Park & Ride

GREAT BARGAINS! During Canaltown Days there will be free parking at the
Wayne County Fairgrounds, using the West Foster Street
24 Hr Helping Hands Magnets,Tie Dye, Sweats
entrance. Follow the free parking signs as you enter
Anytime Fitness Marshall Exteriors
Palmyra from Rts. 31 or 21. Continuous free shuttle bus
Werndi Acker Clothes, New England Novelty
Jewelry and Gifts service will be available between the fairgrounds and
Norwex Products
Roxanne Brown Operation Christmas the activities on Main Street. The shuttle will run from
Gemstone Products Child 7:00 am - 8:00 pm on Saturday and from 8:00 am - 5:30
Charles Cruickshank: Palmyra Cavalry Chapel pm on Sunday. Special accommodation and wheelchair
Blankets,Hoodies, More Pampered Chef accessible parking is available at St. Annes Catholic
Christian Tees and Child Paparazzi Jewelry
Sponsor Information
Church off Church Street (north of Rt. 31) and on the east
and Accessories side of Canandaigua (Rt. 21) from Main Street (Rt. 31) to
Cutco Cutlery Partylite Candles
Democrat & Chronicle Jackson Street.
and Accessories Come shop til you drop! You will not want to miss shop-
Dodds Books Linda Patterson Jewelry, ping at Market Square this year. We have several new
ESL FCU Purses, Dreamcatcher s, vendors and many returning vendors offering a large va-

Everdry Waterproofing Pillows
riety of unique and exciting items. Children can pan for
Finger Lakes Perfectly Posh Products
Rada Cutlery gold while the adults shop for special treasures and bar-

Comfort Heating
Gutter Logic of Rochester Scentsy Candles gains. There will be sports collectables, clothing, culinary
Jewelry/Pan Wagon Thirty-One items, jewelry, home decor, home improvement ideas
KR Communications Tupperware and more. You will find many great bargains that are sure
Direct TV Usborne Books & More to please you and your pocketbook. Come spend the
Leaffilter Gutter Wayne County weekend with us and get a jump start on your holiday
Protection Childrens Cancer shopping. Our location is at the Hasseltine Liquor Store
Lipsense Wayne Copunty parking lot on Main Street.
Leukemia Fundraiser Democrats
If interested in more information or to become a vendor,
LuLaRoe YoungLiving Essential Oils
Marty Landesman: YOGIBO Lounge Furniture
please contact Deb Profeta 315-945-2150 or Patti Griffin
315-945-2150, or visit

is collecting eye glasses

during Canaltown Days.
Bring in your old
glasses and get a FREE
large bag of popcorn!
palmyra canaltown days 2017 page 10

GRAND PARADE! Historic Palmyra
Saturday, September 16 4:00 pm Museums are Open!
The five incredible
museums of Historic
Palmyra will be open
from 11:00-4:00 pm
on both Saturday and
Sunday of Canaltown
The Alling Coverlet
Museum, at 122
William Street, is
featuring a variety of
coverlets and quilts
on three display floors
with a great gift shop
of unique woven
goods, interesting and
educational games,
puzzles, books and
The Palmyra Canaltown Days Grand Parade will step off from Stafford Street at 4:00
area souvenirs.
pm on Saturday, September 16. Be sure to be near the reviewing stand for the
opening act. Mighty St. Joes Drum and Bugle Corps will be performing beginning at The Market Street
3:30 pm. This classic marching band will set the stage for the parade to come. Keep museums, including
a lookout for the Hit Men, as well! They will be accosting people on the street and the Phelps Store, the
might even ask you to dance! And thats not all, the parade lineup also includes local Historic Museum, Erie
favorites like the Marion Red Caps, Towpath Volunteer Fife and Drum, the Pal Mac Canal Depot and Print
High School Marching band, and more! Shop will be showing
off all their finest for
Fabulous Fifty is the theme of the parade and will be reflected in the floats and
this weekend. Stop by
marching groups. There will be a huge contingent from the Mid-state Miata Club,
for our special discounted Canaltown Days admission: $2/museum, or $5/ trail pass.
Bagpipes, Superstock cars, Monster Trucks, and much more!
Children under 17 are free.
Stick around after the parade to see an energetic performance by Downbeat
On Friday, September 15 we will feature a ghost walk tour giving you chills and
Percussion, the official Drum Corps of the Buffalo Bills!
thrills in the darkened streets of Palmyra. Market Street to East Main Street we will
There is still plenty of space if youd like to join the parade festivities. Placing a float discuss the darker side of Palmyras history.. Tour is from 8:00 - 10:00 pm, $10 pp. Meet
or banner in the parade is a great way to advertise your business or group. Please at the Main Street Park driveway.
contact Sharon Condit at for more information or visit
Stop at 132 Market Street Information Center or please call (315) 597-6981 or e-mail to make your reservations.

2017 ART SHOW September 16 & 17

We invite artists (all art levels are welcome) to A first place ribbon will be awarded in each category. The committee reserves the right to refuse works we
participate on Saturday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm & Sunday, No registration fee. judge as unsuitable. Canaltown Days is a community
Noon - 4:00 pm at the Palmyra Community Library, Bring your artwork to the Palmyra Community Library event for children and adults.
402 E. Main St., Palmyra. The art show is organized and Monday, Sept. 11 - Thursday, Sept. 14, 10 am - 8 pm. No functional art will be accepted.
hosted by the Library and sponsored by the Palmyra Please have your artwork ready to hang on peg board All works must be original.
Macedon Rotary Club. Categories include: Oil & Acrylic style hooks. No tools or hanging supplies available.
Painting, Photography, Watercolor Painting, Metal, Artwork pick up: 10 am and 8 pm on Sept. 18 or 19.
The hanging hooks do not fit under the saw-tooth style
Wood, Clay & Textile Sculpture (or mix), Mixed Media hangers. Please use wire to hang for safety. For more information please contact the
Painting, Fiber & Textiles, Pencil & Colored Pencil, Palmyra Community Library at 315-597-5276 or
Tables will be available for 3-D pieces.
Picture of Palmyra (all media), Charcoal & Pastel, Youth
18 & under: Works will be displayed together. Artists are limited to two entries per category.
palmyra canaltown days 2017 page 11

14th Annual Civil War Encampment
Canaltown Days with the Thirty-Third
5K Run/Walk New York Volunteer Infantry
Sunday, September 17 9:00 am Come to the west lawn of the Zion
Episcopal Church during Palmyra
The annual Palmyra Canaltown 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59,
Canaltown Days to experience history
Days 5k run/walks takes off 60-69, 70+).
in an authentic Civil War period
Sunday Sept 18th at 9am. The Additionally, awards will also be encampment. There will also be drill
event is sanctioned by the USATF. given for the fastest combined and firing demonstrations during the
The pre-registration fee is $16 until times in each of the following course of the day on Saturday and
September 6th ($12 for children categories: married couple, Sunday.
<18 years old) and $20 thereafter. mother/son, mother/daughter,
The 33rd New York Volunteer Infantry
Day of registration and check-in father/son, and father/daughter.
is a Civil War eraa reenacting group
will begin at 7:30 am at the corner All first time 5k finishers will
which is dedicated to recreating and
of Market Street and Division receive ribbons.
remembering the lives of men from
Street. The first 75 registrants will Registration forms and additional the upstate New York area who fought
receive a free race t-shirt. details can be found at www. to preserve the Union during the 1861
First overall male and female to 1865 war. Members attend living
winners will receive $50. Non-cash New this year, online registration history events, parades, memorial
awards will be given to top male is available at https://runsignup. services and battle events across the
and female Masters (40+), and top com/Race/NY/Palmyra/ Eastern United States throughout the
Early Civil War era photo of the 33rd New York State
three male and female finishers CanaltownDays5k. Volunteer Infantry, Company B, which was recruited in Palmyra. year.
in each age group (14 and under,

Canaltown Days Car Show
The popular Palmyra Canaltown Days rods, something sure to please every car.
Annual Car Show is being brought to you Registration begins at 9:00 am. Dash
by the Gone Cruisin Car Club. Vehicles will plaques will be given to the first 200 cars.
line up in the heart of downtown Palmyra, GCC Club judging from 11:00 am - 2:00
on Main Street, Saturday, September 16 pm. Trophies for the top 30 club favorites,
from 11:00 am-3:00 pm. Rain date for this plus specialty awards will be presented at
event will be Sunday, September 17 from 3:00 pm. All show vehicles are invited to
10:00 am-2:00 pm. There is no spectator participate in the Grand Parade starting
admission charge. Vehicles of all kinds at 4:00 pmFor information please call 315-
will be on display (up to model year 2002), 597-4325 or email gonecruisincarclub@
including classic, muscle cars and street

Vietnam Veterans Zion Episcopal Church
of America Chapter 20 to host Kidney Screening
Stop by their
Come to the Zion Episcopal Church during Palmyra Canal Town Days for a FREE
Mobile Outreach Trailer kidney screening. Zion has partnered with the National Kidney Foundation to hold
a screening event in the parish hall. Kidney disease often has no symptoms in its
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20 will have their mobile outreach trailer near early stages and can go undetected until it is very advanced (for this reason, kidney
the corner of Main and Cuyler Street during Canaltown Days, September 17 and 18. disease is often referred to as a silent disease.).
Chapter 20 is based in Rochester but services a six-county area in Western NY. The Screening will take place on Saturday ONLY from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. There will
goal of the outreach unit is to provide information and guidance to all who served be an information table (staffed by volunteers, a nurse, nurse practitioner and/or a
in the U.S. armed forces and their families to help familiarize them with services, physicians assistant) on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm to answer
agencies and organizations that provide assistance and benefits to our heroes. questions. Actual screenings take place on Saturday only!

a division of gatehouse media inc.

MESSENGER POST MEDIA 73 buffalo street canandaigua ny 14424
palmyra canaltown days 2017 page 12

3 Kati Mitchell 29 Fran Lindgren 63 Carol Mirabelli 83|119 Terry Bauer
birdhouses made from handmade flax seed pillows handmade leather and gemstone 5th Chapter MC
natural materials wrap bracelets, leather with bronze, raffle for motorcycle
30|31 Chris & Melinda Rodas pewter, silver
4 Tom Billott Stoney Ridge Farms 91 Lois Barto
Dr. Marinas Art Forms maple syrup products 64|65 Donna Garrison quilted table runners, placemats,
high-end face painting wreaths, padded photo albums, tote bags, coasters, baby knits,
34 Stacey Tunnicliff pillows, jewelry, silk arrangements potpourri, oils and pots, plastic bag
5 Lorraine Jackson handmade soaps holders, hanging towels, wallets,
cold-pressed soaps, lotions, creams, 66 Jackie Sparks lace fans, love knots and angels,
shampoo, conditioner 35 Gina Scaglione wreaths, signs, quilts, assorted needlepoint
handmade jewelry, necklaces, handpainted items, country decor
6 James Stiles earrings, bracelets, boot chains 92 Ann Marie Ballard
wood craft dog feeder, bear chimes, 67 Mary Pipolo Snuggle Sacks
heart boxes, bookcases, basket 36 Tracy Gates Soapestella fleece blanket and pillow in a
cabs, chimes, wood giraffes, post Just Tracy all natural handmade soaps and drawstring bag, pet bandanas,
people fabric pottery bowls, hand body products. body butter, lotions, pet bags, corn bags
polished gemstones, handwoven bath bombs, scrubs, essential oils.
7 Holly Corcoran dreamcatchers, handpainted 95 Carol Bloss
soy candle items, mini gardens, incense burners 69 Julie Missel knitted, crocheted items: slippers,
beaded charms Boggy Creek Primatives hats scarves, hot pads, towels,
38 Joan Clark handmade, painted country dishcloths, sweaters, hood scarves,
8 Sheila Schetrompf Bags by Joan decor and prints stuffed animals, dolls, scrubbies,
handmade beaded jewelry handmade quiltd bags afghans, neck scarves, mittens
70 Eleanor Patterson
9 Anita Richards 39 Tracy Edens 98 Bill Sampson
pot holder towels, plastic bag homemade purses, bags, coin 70A Lynda & Tom Hunt Sampson Metal Works
holders, sports team towels, bibs, purses, makeup bags, etc. jellyfish paperweights (glow hand crafted metal decor, welded
burp cloths, table runners in the dark), titanium sports metal sculptures, plasma cut signs,
40 Ruth Espinosa-Barone bands (neck and wrist) lawn ornaments
10 Walter Smith Critter and Creations by Ruth
Dragonfly Studio Pottery handmade fabric creations 71 Stacy Whitney 99 Bill Henrie
snack bowls, plates, mugs, Ikeban, furniture made mostly wood products birdhouses and
bowls, etc. 41 Pat Newman from salvaged wood plaques and paintings
Morphed Art
11 Donald Blauvelt jewelry, artwork, pendants, 72 Holly LeSchander 100 Christina & Ann Sherman
hand-turned, finished and polished necklaces Girly Things hand-sewn dog harnesses, fleece
exotic wood, acrylic, sterling silver hanging lamps, drinkware, jackets, crocheted dog sweaters
and gold 42 Walters European Sheepskins braided ribbon headbands
natural sheepskin rugs and throws 101 Brooke Leone
16 Lora VanDenburg 73 Catherine Kelsey Sort & Scrub
jewelry: copper, silver, jute, 45 James Perry Be Kind Soap homemade all natural body scrubs
shells, flowers Ropeworks USA handmade variety of bath products
rope bottle handles, covered with soaps, bath bombs, bath soaks, 103 Ruth Diamond
17|18 Mickey Sergent leather, charms and beads sugar scrubs and chapstick handcrafted quilled jewelry
woodcrafted shelves, signs and keepsakes, metal jewelry
and more 46 Charity Schmidl 74 Sue Lynch and matted photographs
tutus and hairbows Pauls Kitchen Crafts
19|20 Amy Walker repurposed crystal glassware to 109 Sara Meyers
birdhouses, painted signs 48 Susan Radcliffe lamps, earring trees, yard art, etc. crocheted baby blankets, hats,
handcrafted Christmas ornaments, stuffed animals, painted mason jars,
21|22 Karen & Edna Hutchinson coal shovels, lighted wine bottles 75 Susanne Ticknor fabric wreaths
baby bibs, embroidered towels, fabric, fleece hats, scarves, ear
t-shirts, sweatshirts 51 Brian Grosz warmers, oven towels, do rags, 112 Dorene Hofferman
hand-turned wooden bowls corn bags Daisys Doll Closet
23 Catherine Goodall made from local woods doll clothes for American Girl Dolls,
all occasion mesh deco wreaths 76 Kathy & Roger Burns Madam Alexandra, Our Generation,
52 Laura Crosetti Kats Krafty Kreations Bitty Baby, Bitty Twins and Cabbage
24 Marcy Baumgarden handmade beaded jewelry silk floral arrangements, wreaths, Patch. limited number of girl and
handmade beaded jewelry and swags, decorative wood trays, doll matching outfits
other beaded gifts 54 Jonas Shrock dish cloths
Drake Hill Woodworking 113 Cameron Youngman
25 Carolyn Redmond oak folding baskets/artistic shapes 77 Palmyra Macedon Rotary Club pallet wine racks, liquor bottle
hand crafted doilies, scrunchies, tickets for drawing lamps, pallet shelves
jewely, crochet, handbags, parasols 59 Mark David Thomas
pot holders, marshmallow guns, 78 Greg & Rachel MacKenzie 116|117 Michael Rechtin
26|27 Tracy Hall lighthouses, birdhouses, ghosts handcrafted stain glass and metal Graphic Rats Studio
handpainted wood bowls, tie die everything
halloween decorations, wood block 60 Christina Knight 79 Pat Piles
set, handpainted sterling silver CJK Design Shop self published books Additional vendors still coming in
jewelry vinyl decorated glassware and as of press time.
gifts, handpainted doormats, 80 Rose Leiter
28 Tracy Matricia sewn placemats pillows, pillowcases, pot holders,
quilted bags, framed prints, bean bags
fleece blankets


Saturday, September 16 & Sunday, September 17 Noon
Take a stroll down memory lane along the Erie Canal in Palmyra. See and experience tence. See how an Erie Canal Lock works, visit an old hydro-electric power station, and
Market Street and Bloody Corners, the shortest street in Palmyra. Walk in the bed of walk the Erie Canal path over an aqueduct! All 1 hour tours are FREE and will meet
the original Erie Canal and walk over one of the oldest cast iron change bridges in exis- on the sidewalk behind the Information Booth on Main Street.
palmyra canaltown days 2017 page 13


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palmyra canaltown days

for 50 years of celebrating
the palmyra community!
palmyra canaltown days 2017 page 14

Free Historic 2017
Church Tours Grand
Western Presbyterian Church will be holding free tours
of the church (celebrating its 200th anniversary) on Parade
Saturday, September 17 during Palmyra Canaltown
Days. Tours will be held 10:00 - 11:30 am and 1:30 -
3:00 pm. We estimate that each tour will take about 15
minutes. Please come by and tour this beautiful Church.

Take home
The Palmyra Canaltown Days Committee will again this
Brickhouse year be offering Canaltown Days items for sale all
with our logo!
Antiques NEW THIS YEAR! Canaltown Days baseball caps!
We will also have gray pull over sweatshirts with our
The Brick House Antique Center located at 247 East Main
navy logo. We have womens v-neck t-shirts in two colors
Street will be open for Canaltown Days 2017. Please
to choose from, charcoal or turquoise. We also have our

stop by to see the variety of quality antiques for sale.
drink mugs and a variety of discounted clothing items!
The store is located in a beautifully restored circa 1860s
building, offering two floors of quality antiques!
Store hours for Canaltown Days are Saturday, 10 am-6
pm and Sunday Noon-4:00 pm. Enjoy your visit down
memory lane. Canaltown days is always an exciting I began life in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1970. I moved
weekend in Palmyra. Please stop by the Brick House here to Rochester in 1999. Im a lucky guy because every
Antique Center to see what we have to offer! night they pay me talk about what I love...the weather!
Ive been trying to predict the weather since I was in
middle school. Fortunately I think Ive gotten better as
the years have gone a long. I went to one of the best
schools in the United States for Weather, Penn State.
My wife Jennifer and I are the parents of three little
Americans. Logan, 11 years old. Jack and Julia who will

turn 4 this coming winter. Im so happy to be here at
WHAM working along with such great people.
My job is different now, Matt Molloy and I are doing a

live direct to web broadcast each day at 12:45. I then
get to come back and forecast the weather for you on
13 WHAM news at 10 and 11.
Canaltown Days once again thanks Kevin and Dawn Things most people know about me: Avid golfer, Yankee
Wright and K & D Disposal for generously providing and Vikings fan and recent heart transplant recipient. If
the much needed clean up services and equipment you havent considered it already, please consider being
throughout the weekend. We are very appreciative of an organ donor.
their repeated contributions.
palmyra canaltown days 2017 page 15


Canaltown Days to our corporate sponsors
PACKET BOAT LEVEL: MacKenzies, Wegmans
make it possible! AQUEDUCT LEVEL: Community Bank NA,
Franks Wine & Liquor, Palmyra VFW Post #6778
The committee is comprised of numerous volunteers
who have met year-round to bring 24 Hr. Helping Hands, American Legion James R. Hickey Post 120
residents and visitors this enjoyable weekend. American Legion James R. Hickey Post 120 Inc.,
Jack Close Roofing , J D Chapman, Inc., Palmyra Family Dentistry,
General Chairman: Tom Klemann Info Booth: Wendy Gagliano Pal-Mac Service Center, Murphy Funeral & Cremation Chapels
Announcements: Dave Nagle & Ashley Powers
Bus Transportation: Parade: Sharon Condit Palmyra Macedon Rotary, Palmyra Community Library
Larry Williamson Police: Sherman Yates
Car Show: Kathy Dasson Promotional Items:
& Gone Cruisin Car Club Joan & Don Loveless
Clean Up: Adam Breen Publicity: Colleen and Tom Hall
Crafts: Renee Herrmann Review Stand: Barb LaBrake CHANGE BRIDGE LEVEL:
McDonalds of Wayne County, Community Bank,
& Kris Murphy Road Race/Walk: Matt Robbins
Marks Pizzeria, Reliant Community Credit Union
Entertainment: Deb Klemann Sound: Paul Hamilton
Market Square: Patti Griffin Street Dance: Ken Learn
GOLD LEVEL: Cook Brothers Truck Parts,
& Deb Profeta Traffic & Crowd Control: Marks Pizzeria - Palmyra, John S. Blazey, Inc., Vision Resale Center
Food Concessions: Mike Boesel
SILVER LEVEL: Breens Shop-n-Save - Palmyra, Graybill Real
Linda & Jerry Tome Treasurer: Alicia Lynch Estate LLC, RTR Automotive, West Wayne Plaza Restaurant
Horse Wagon Rides: Jen Smyth Webmaster: Jim Herrmann
BRONZE LEVEL: Classy Chassis Car Wash, Custom Trophies,
Curlys Service Station, Gas Man & Supply Company,

The Krazy Firemen Gooney Village Ice Cream, Macedon Collision,

Jims Trailer World, Rays Radiator - Newark, Wegmans
Best known for their Kevin Adriaansen/Johnson Equipment Sales & Service,
authentic German Bells Body Shop, John S. Blazey Inc., K & D Disposal
Oktoberfest music, their
Also a special thanks to all the area businesses that have helped
range is from the big band in many other various ways. The Canaltown Days Committee
sound of the 30s to the and community in general sincerely appreciate your contributions.
present, plus a collection of
waltzes, polkas, marches,
country-western and rock.

Wayne County Fair Old Fashion

Barn Dance
Saturday, September 16 7:00 pm - Midnight
Come dance the night away with the Slow Riders from Shortsville at the Wayne County
Fair Old Fashion Barn Dance. Many years ago, it was very popular to have barn dances
and the tradition is back for the 50th Annual Palmyra Canaltown Days. The Floral Hall
building on the Wayne County Fairgrounds is the last original building on the fair-
grounds and its character reminds us all of times gone by. Come take a moonlit hayride
around the track. All ages are welcome to this family event!
$7.00 advance tickets are available by calling 315-290-2137 or 315-945-7158. Price at
the door is $8.00 each. Children 5 & under are free.
Legal beverages and food are available featuring Ribilicious, Boy Scout Taco Booth,
Marks Pizza, Dandinos Hots & Burgers and Booth Waffles. Cider, donuts and popcorn
will also be available!
palmyra canaltown days 2017 page 16