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Chowchilla Union High School - Art Class Syllabus


Mrs. Spivey,

Room 32

Course Schedule:

Art 2 (Periods 1,2,3) Art 3 (Period 7) Stained Glass (Period 5) AP Studio Art (Period 4) Prep (Block 6)

Course Description

Chowchilla’s Visual Arts program is designed to encourage learning of the fundamental principles and elements of design, the importance of craftsmanship, skills and techniques of creating, and an understanding of artistic perception, creative expression, aesthetic value, and historical and cultural art awareness.

The first two weeks will be devoted entirely to class and school procedures, guidelines, and reviewing previous artistic principles and elements. Once the foundational knowledge is established, hands-on project work begins. It is important to be patient as these concepts are learned, because they are the basis for all artwork.

Students in Art 2 will be exploring 3-Dimensional Art, including ceramics, painting, and mixed media. One semester will be devoted to ceramics and clay work and explore methods of handbuilding and sculpture. We will be using materials such as tempera, acrylic, and watercolor paints, drawing pencils, pen and ink, oil pastels, and various craft supplies such as paper mache, wire, beads, wood, clay, etc.

Students in Art 3 will focus entirely on 3-Dimensional Art. Semester one will be ceramics and semester two will introduce stained glass, including mosaics and mirror etching.

Students in Stained Glass will study the history of glass and learn techniques and skills, including cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering, and lead came. Projects include, light catchers, nameplates, boxes, flowers, mirror etching, and mosaics.

Students in AP Studio will work on compiling a culminating portfolio of artwork to submit to the College Board for college credit. Concentration categories are Drawing, 2D Design, and 3D Design.

Mandatory materials needed for Art Class (by the beginning of 2nd week) :

• Small Supply box to store materials listed below

One large eraser

• Two mechanical pencils and two wood pencils

Pencil sharpener

• 9 X 12 inch Sketchbook (no lines!) Composition bound is preferred, No tear out binding

• One 1” binder with insertable dividers (5)

• 2 Black Fine FELT tip pens (Sharpie, Micron, Sakura, Pentel, or Faber-Castel)

• Box of Bandaids (Stain Glass only)

$25 Art Donation:

As per the Ed Code, school districts are responsible for providing books, equipment, and tools that actually remain in class as school property. School districts are not expected to provide materials that become a student’s personal property (by virtue of being incorporated in his or her art projects). Thus, purchasing such materials is primarily made possible by parents/guardians contributing towards their own student’s art

materials. This is not a class fee, it is strictly a voluntary donation.

supplies that run out during the year such as paint, worn-out brushes, glue, etc.

This money helps us restock

I thank you ahead of time if you are able to help out in this area. Donations are accepted all year.


I grade on the point system. Each activity or assignment is given a point value. Accumulated points versus

possible points will determine the student’s grade. All work must be completed to receive an “A” in my class. To be successful in my class, students can not pick and choose what they want to do . Each project or assignment is important. I give minimal homework, which is usually planning sketches or ideas for a new project. Because planning is so crucial in art, homework is worth a high point value.





A = 90-100%



*For excused absences only

B = 80-89%

Class work


C = 70-79%



Time: equal to # of days missed

D = 60-69%



Student’s responsibility to find out what they missed.





Supplement competed work - yes Make-up for missed work - no

# of days per week:

0 - 1 occasionally

Accepted: Yes



50% max


time per night:







Absent: must take on day of return

* Graded on completeness, not drawing ability * Each sketch must have title, date, and fill entire page *All warmup sketches are counted, even days absent

NO project will be graded unless accompanied by a grade sheet. This form is required with drawing of project, plus a written assessment and student reflection of success or struggles with each project.

May retake once if:

*D or below *Student schedules outside of class *highest grade possible “C”


Form will be returned by teacher with detailed grade earned.

Class Conduct

The art classroom environment is one of self-directed learning with a lot more freedom than core classes. However, for the class to get the most out of this course, there have to be strict guidelines for behavior and procedures. Disruptive and non-productive behaviors interfere with the progress of other students, so rules will be strictly enforced. Whether you agree with all rules, please be committed to following them so that this year will be fun and enjoyable for all.

* Be on time, and in your seat BEFORE the tardy bell rings * NO food, drinks, candy, or gum in class

* Warmup is 10” only so begin as soon as you sit down.

* Remove all sunglasses, hats, beanies, or hoods in class

* No purses or backpacks on the table

* No heads down or sleeping, otherwise jumping jacks will follow

* Student ID is MANDATORY daily to check out tools.

* Do not scratch or draw on table or furniture

* Trash is thrown away at the end of class

* Remain in seats unless you have permission to get up

* 3 B4 me - you should ask 3 of your classmates before asking me to repeat information already reviewed

* No PDA, massages, hugs, etc. in class

* No electronic devices of any kind in class

* Ladies - class is not a beauty salon so do not fix your makeup or hair during class-time

* Dress code will be STRICTLY enforced.

NO talking during warmup

* 5 bathroom passes for the entire year. Use these wisely. Once they are used up, every time you leave class, 5 minutes will be owed at the end of the day. Unused passes may be turned in to add points to your final grade.

Subject matter for projects is based on teacher’s discretion. No gang, drug, or violent symbols may be used. Specific numbers are prohibited. Sports related numbers must be verified before approved. Mushrooms, guns, needles, knives, blood, or any other negative subjects are not appropriate.

Theft or Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated! Bullying, racist, or prejudicial remarks, even in jest, will result in strict disciplinary action. Respect others and treat everyone as equals.


Three Step Process:

1. (3 points deducted from participation)


2. (3 points deducted from participation)

3. Guided Study -2 day window to serve.

compliance will be handled by Vice Principle of Discipline


4. Referral

Call Home

Failure will result in double guided study, non-

(3 points deducted from

(3 points deducted from participation)

Website Information:

Both students or parents can access my website to see what is done daily in class. Due dates, material covered, test schedules, etc. will be listed. If a student is absent, they will know exactly what they missed and should talk to me about makeup dates. The link to the website can be accessed through the teacher list from the CUHS website. Deadlines and reminders will be available. Students will also have an opportunity to have their work published to the website, honoring the most creative, most improved, or work that best met the project objective. *Parent Signature is required for the release and permission to post images of student work*

Attitude and Effort

is your key to


Student Contract

By signing below you state that you have read and understand the terms set forth by the teacher per the syllabus online, and agree to do your best.

I have read this online syllabus and agree to all of the conditions for this course.

I have reviewed this online syllabus with my parents and agree to uphold all of the conditions presented by the teacher.

Student’s Full Name (printed)


Student signature


Parent/Guardian Contract

By signing below you state that you have read and understand the terms set forth by the teacher in this contract and will support your child.

I have read the online syllabus and agree to all of the conditions for this course.

I also give my consent for the release and permission to take and post photographic images of

student work. Artwork produced by the students during the year may be kept by the teacher for entry into the County Fair, then returned.

Parent/Guardian signature