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EDUP3043 Behaviour and Classroom Management

As a teacher, there are always challenges and obstacles to be faced in the teaching
career especially involving the selection of a conducive learning environment and
problematic behavioural management. In relation to the choosing of a conducive learning
environment, teachers also has to account on the fact that not all students are made the
same and different individual may have different preferences and behaviour problems.
Based on The Ron Clark movie, a teacher has to approach their students personally in order
to know them better and in the end successfully condition them to become better in every
way possible compared to before.

Due to this issue, teachers as the role model have to learn the skills in managing the
learning environment so that it will become conducive to the targeted students. In the Ron
Clark movie, Mr. Ron Clark has created a conducive learning environment where he has
make sure that all of the students are facing him and are listening to him while the class was
going. This then ensures that all the students are able to grasp what he is trying to present
and in this case, the ground rules of the class. Moreover, his introduction of the ground rules
to the class is also a way of managing the students behaviour in order for the learning
environment be further compatible with the students in it [ CITATION Bro05 \l 2057 ].

There are various classroom-related issues that can cause behaviour management
problems. Moreover these behavioural problems will cause issues and difficulty in classroom
management and also in the determining of a conducive learning environment. In the Ron
Clark movie, there was a scene where a student named Shameika, was constantly ignoring
the teachers orders and always think that rules are meant to be broken. This behavioural
issue causes a domino effect and made the whole class to ignore the teachers instructions.
This issue is a serious issue and will cause a disturbance in the teaching and learning
session in the classroom[ CITATION Ade15 \l 2057 ]. Other issues includes violence during
class sessions. In the movie, Julio Vazquez and Tayshwan had a fight during class and Mr.
Ron Clark was fortunately made it there to stop the fight from getting worse. This act of
violence is one of the worse problems that a teacher can find in a classroom with
behavioural problems. This issue is called aggressive child behaviour and if not fixed, may
cause serious problems among the students such as physical injury, mental breakdown and
also detention and they might also end up as a school dropout due to bad behaviour during
classes [CITATION Rac \l 2057 ]. As an addition in the movie, Mr. Ron Clark was also
dealing with student who does not respect teachers at all and this poses a serious threat to
the students reputation and future as what they are doing may cause them to get a
disciplinary act and in return may cause them to lose a chance in education once and for all.
This issue is quite uncommon in this day and age but the chances for it to happen during the
teaching and learning session is still plausible. This problem is also one of the hardest

EDUP3043 Behaviour and Classroom Management

problem to tackle due to the fact that the student dont respect the teachers to begin
with[CITATION Man17 \l 2057 ].

Other than the issues stated in the movie, the current problems that most teacher
face during the teaching and learning sessions are issues such as lack of attention or focus
during classes. This issue has a lot of causes one of which is simply because the students
are too tired to gain focus and the other includes the lack of interest in the overall lesson
presented by the teacher [ CITATION Hak15 \l 2057 ]. Other issues that are commonly found
in todays classrooms are students that loves to distract others from the lesson either by
talking or doing something. This will not also cause the student to lose track of the lesson,
but will cause other students to lose focus or get distracted, thus causing the effectiveness of
the lesson to go down. This issue is quite common but can be easily controlled by applying a
simple punishment and reinforcement rule to the student or the whole class [ CITATION
Sha05 \l 2057 ]. Besides all of that, another behavioural issue that can be commonly found
in todays classroom are issues related to student-teacher or student-student relationship in
the classroom. Students that dislikes a teacher for whatever reasons, may end up being
weak in the subject that the mentioned teacher is teaching. This is because disliking a
teacher will also translate to disrespect and disregard towards the teacher and the
information that the teacher is teaching or presenting [ CITATION Rac \l 2057 ]. On the other
hand, when a student is having a problem with another student of the same classroom, the
students involved may experience discomfort in seeing the other student and may cause the
deterioration in the learning process of the students involved. This is because, due to the
presence of an undesirable personnel, one environment will become unconducive for both
learning and teaching [ CITATION Sha05 \l 2057 ].

EDUP3043 Behaviour and Classroom Management

To overcome these issues faced by the teachers, disciplinary and interventions

models are applied in order to restore the conducive learning environment for the students
and at the same time, overcome behavioural problems in the classroom. One of the ways of
overcoming these problems during classes are by implementing positive and negative
reinforcement during the sessions. Reinforcement has been one of the most effective
weapon in dealing with problematic behaviour for ages. This is true because most children
loves rewards and at the same time hate punishment. The utilization of reinforcement
techniques is one of the ways one can condition another to follow the ones intended
behaviour which in this case, a teacher wants his or her students to maintain a good
behaviour during his or her class. Positive and negative reinforcement are the two types of
reinforcements that a teacher can apply to deal with problematic behaviour. Positive
reinforcement works by giving the students what they want in return for their good behaviour.
This method can be carried out by teachers to encourage students to behave during classes
and in return they will get a prize in which it can be either concrete such as a piece of candy
or abstract such as praises and moral support [ CITATION Sut98 \l 2057 ].This type of
reinforcement can be seen in the Ron Clark movie as he said to his students that he will
drink a box of chocolate milk every 15 seconds until he vomits if the students pay attention in
the class and dont make noise. This method works because all of Mr. Ron Clarss students
wants to see him vomit so badly. Negative reinforcement on the other hand works by
removing something that the student dislike in return for their good behaviour. This method
can be carried out by teacher to encourage students to do something quicker or to make
sure that the students follows the ground rules of the class[ CITATION Fio04 \l 2057 ].
Negative punishment can be either concrete such as giving no homework for today or
abstract by giving early recess for the students. This type of reinforcement can be seen in
the movie when Mr. Ron Clark rapped about the president of the united states to teach his
students about them. This is a negative reinforcement because Mr. Clark removed the
seriousness of a typical classroom to give way for fun during the teaching and learning

As a conclusion, dealing with behavioural problems are a mess during the

teaching and learning session. Teachers such as Mr. Ron Clark in the movie is constantly
facing behavioural problems among the students. Behaviours such as this will give a
negative impact to the classroom teaching and learning sessions. Due to this models of
reinforcements are introduced to counter the bad behaviours of students during classes.
Based on the movie, the effectiveness of this model is fairly sufficient to overcome bad
behaviour among the students which in return had made the class that Mr. Ron Clark has
taught, a well-performing class in the end.

EDUP3043 Behaviour and Classroom Management

EDUP3043 Behaviour and Classroom Management


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