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How To Read Newspaper (The Hindu or Other) :-

What is not important?
1. How many people are killed in a car bomb blast in Pakistan or Afghanistan?
2. Anything small-time, that does not affect future of the World. For example sexscandles
of Italian PM or marital wooes of Sarkozy.
How to read the newspaper in 1 hour?
The beginning,Keep the red pen handy.
Im taking Delhi Edition of The Hindu as reference; just follow the same procedure for your City/States edition of
Indianexpress/ The Hindu.
The front-page and second page Circle down on important lines from the news (which news, that is already
explained above).Third, fourth and fifth page.
Local news for example-
* 20 people died in car accident in rajkot
*xyz girl eloped with a neighbour
*A cop was found taking bribes
*Stone-pelting and rioting in XYZ part of Ahmedabad after a cricket match.
None of above, is important.
Then what is important?
*Navjivan Trust of Abad says no to Gujarati version of Lets kill Gandhi written by Tushar Gandhi.
*Gujarat Maritime Board and pollution board gives clearance to ship-breaking of Exxon Valdez, but NGO lobby
says it contains dangerous chemicals. (Names are not important, but the important part is the big
environmental issue vs. livelihood of shipbreakers in Alang
*UP State Government launches xyz1 and xyz2 schemes.
*Ghaziabad Municipal corp will give Rs.250/- to all Government school students who live more than 3 kms from
the school, apart from the mid-day meal, Bicycle distribution.
We are done with 5 pages -
The 6 to 9 Page
*These are devoted to national news
Only concentrate on important exam oriented news. Underline the important lines using your red pen.
Page 10-11 (Columns and Editorials)
Highlight the gemstones and move on.
Page 12-13 (International)
Highlight the important news lines and move on.
Page 14 (TV, Astrology, Cartoon strips)
Highlight the important news lines for example the timing of Balika Vadhu. Haha just kidding, skip this page.
Page 15-16 (Business and economy)
Most important. Scan through every item, including small box news. Highlight the gemstones, if there are any
important diagrams, cut and file them.
Page 17-20 (Bollywood, Lifestyle, Sports)
Skip it.
We are done highlighting the important newslines. Now it is time for review.
Now Review what have you read..
Go through