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a) Countenance e) Brittleness
a) Thirsty Commendation a) Amusement 22. NAVET :
c) Deposition b) Tumult a) Armaments
b) d) Declaration c) Torment b)
Devastate e) Denial d) Calm Sophistication
d e) Epidemic c) Ingenuousness
c) Untrue 8. DOLTISH : d) Futility
d) a) Casuistic 16. FLINCH : e) Recital
Unsatisfied b) Imbecile a) Revive
e) Foiled c) Qualified b) Extol 23. LONGEVITY :
d) Disabled c) Offend a) Latitude
2. HIATUS: e) Perspicacious d) Advance b) Evanescence
a) Nexus e) Pierce c) Solemnity
b) 9. ABSTRUSE : d) Lightness
Atavist a) Detested 17. PROSAIC : e) Recital
c) Cognate b) Detained a) Romantic
d) c) Obvious b) Opposed 24. SESSILE :
Vortex d) Tight c) Inured a) Ceasing
e) Reflex e) Rebuilt d) Fictional b) Mobile
e) Biographical c) Steady
3. ADROIT: 10. ESCHEW : d) Solvent
a) Prim a) Welcome 18. PROCLIVITY : e) Searing
b) a) Proposition
b) Swallow whole b) Propensity 25. DESTITUTE :
Unskillful c) Borrow c) Aversion a) Adrift
c) Correct d) Save d) Activity b) Civilized
d) Reset e) Delay c) Affected
d) Strong d) Affected
e) Apt 11. SCHISM : 19. HALCYON : e) Miserly
a) Concealment a) Rough
4. RENEGE b) Calm b) Meager 26.
a) Vilify c) Clumsiness c) Notable
b) Infringe d) Union d) Varied CAMARADERIE :
c) Carry out e) Reduction e) Customary a) Sincerity
faithfully d) b) Retardation
Enjoin 12. AVARICE : 20. PARRY : c) Refutation
e) Augment a) Cupidity a) Return d) Animosity
b) Virtue b) Delay e) Parody
5. REPUGNANCE: c) Altruism c) Discuss
a) Love d) Kindness d) Ward off 27. DISSUADE :
e) Stealth e) Thrust a) Extort
b) b) Exhort
absolution 13. LACONIC : c) Extol
c) Blame a) Cool d) Assuage
d) b) Voluble e) Intensify
Virtue c) Friendly
e) Awe d) Militant 28. EGRESS :
e) Fretful a) Exit
6. FRACTIOUS : b) Entrance
a) Delicate 14. FACTITIOUS : c) Acceptance
b) Solid a) Untruthful d) Rejection
c) Agreeable b) Spontaneous e) Snake
d) Liberal c) True 21. DULCET :
e) Wholesome d) Superstitious a) Air of command 29. GELID :
e) Magnified b) a) Hard
7. ADMONITION : Tendency to inhibit b) Warm
15. c) Strident c) Soft
d) Conciseness d) Cold
e) Medium c) Conclusion c) Unsatisfactory
d) Venality c) Blasphemous 54. MALIGN :
30. SUPERCILIOUS : e) Lament e) Chilly a) Prevaricate
a) Excited b) Slander
b) Humility 38. VIRILE : 46. MITIGATE : c) Sin
c) Haughty a) Honest a) Adore d) Berate
d) Below b) Loyal b) Saturate e) Eulogize
standard c) Effeminate c) proclaim
f) Whimsical d) Pugnacious d) Aggravate 55. PRELUDE :
e) Virtuous e) Chilly a) Scene
31. GRITTY : b) prologue
a) Excitement 39. CAPITULATION : 47. TRACTABLE : c) Conclusion
b) Exaggeration a) Resistance a) Inadmissible d) Aftermath
c) Solitude b) Detraction b) e) Intermezzo
d) Cowardice c) Dejection Unquestionable
ness d) Perception c) Unsystematic 56. PROSAIC :
e) Relaxation e) Perversity d) Froward a) Realistic
e) Submissive b) Dreamy
32. BEDIZEN : 40. RENEGE : c) Forgiven
a) Propel forcefully a) Carry out 48. REVILE : d) Thoughtful
b) See dimly faithfully b) Feast a) Slander e) Imaginative
c) Dig deep swiftly b) Awake
d) Strip bare c) Follow up c) Deaden 57. TRITE :
e) Set right immediately d) d) praise a) Meaningful
Debase totally e) Secrete b) original
33. COGENT : e) Turn of c) Proverbial
a) Complaining pleadingly 49. TURBID : d) Healthy
b) Incoherent a) Limpid e) Ugly
c) Unconvincing 41. PEREENIAL : b) Activated
d) Bothersome a) Gregariousness c) Turgid 58. LOLL :
e) Outspoken b) Illegality d) Viscous a) Leaped
c) Commonplace e) Hungry b) Belittled
d) Inherited trait c) Refused to jump
34. DISTEND : e) Evanescent 50. ECLECTIC : d) Adult
a) Diminish a) Agnostic e) Move
b) Swell 42. SOPORIFIC : b) Dogmatic vigorously
c) Begin a) Parasite c) Habitual
d) Forecast b) Energizer d) Incisive 59. EQUIVOCAL :
e) Prevent c) Supervisor e) Impulsive a) Unyielding
d) Cleanser b) Fertile
35. FECUND : e) Itinerant 51. RECTIFY : c) Surreptitious
a) Unable to a) Remedy d) Clear
produce b) 43. ENSUE : b) Redeem e) Eternal
Unlikely to change a) Litigate c) Err
c) Easy to decipher b) Precede d) Turn left 60. OBDURATE :
d) Tangential c) Fortify e) Sanctify a) Yielding
e) Admirable d) Accent b) Motivated
e) Delay 52. GAUCHE : c) Moribund
36. PIQUANCY a) Grotesque d) Azure
a) Delicacy 44. INDIGENOUS: b) Tactful e) Hard
b) Solidity a) National c) Inane
c) Acidity b) Exciting d) Fashionable 61. NEFARIOUS :
d) c) Alien e) Classified a) Wanton
Wholesomeness d) Intelligent 53. GUSTO : b) Lackadaisical
e) Blandness e) Inimical a) Taste c) Angelic
b) Liking d) Mortal
37. NASCENCY : 45. REFRACTORY : c) Distaste e) Dastardly
a) Excitement a) Renewing d) Disapproval
b) Decency b) Obedient e) Zeal 62. RETICENCE :
a) Silence c) Ally 79. TURPITUDE : c) Praise
b) d) Rotate a) Nervous d) Feuding
Loquaciousness e) Gather b) Rainy e) Conservative
c) Quiet c) Cautious
d) Calm 71. SENSUAL : d) Private 88. TURBULENCE :
e) Storm a) Seasonal e) Virtue a) Calm
b) Personal b) Storm
63. EXASPERATE : c) Wicked 80. PROBITY : c) Weariness
a) Vex d) Spiritual a) Research d) Agitation
b) Placate e) Free b) Watch e) Anxiety
c) Confide c) Error
d) Admit 72. EPHEMERAL : d) Tome 89. ASSUAGE :
e) Correct a) Emancipated e) Corruptibility a) Wane
b) Persistent b)
64. ALLEVIATE : c) Popular 81. TYRO : Waive
a) Limited d) Sensual a) Expert c) Worsen
b) Humiliate e) Eternal b) Novice d)
c) Debar c) Retire Wrest
d) Melt 73. DISPARATE : d) Place e) Improve
e) Exacerbate a) Simplicity e) Saint
65. EXHUME : b) Discord 90. HAPLESS :
a) Decay c) Clamor 82. WANTON: a) Wealthy
b) Enter d) a) Desirous b) Unhappy
c) Fertilize Homogeneous b) Chaste c) Happy
d) Clarify e) Solemnity c) Runaway d) Fortunate
e) Inter d) Simple e) Strong
74. SUPERFLUITY : e) Trivia
66. OBTUSE : a) Excess 91. MELLIFLUOUS :
a) Clear b) Superiority 83. INTREPID : a) Medium
b) Transplanted c) Liquor a) Painting b) Short
c) Shrewish d) Dearth b) Sculptor c) Dulcet
d) Tense e) Inferiority c) Pusillanimous d) Strident
e) Perspicacious d) Sincerity e) Superior
75. Ebullient : e) Duplicity
67. NOCTURNAL : a) Ancient 92. PROTRACT :
a) Sheer b) Heroic 84. GRATUITOUS : a) Postpone
b) Placid c) Crestfallen a) Thankful b) Summarize
c) Serene d) Cowardly b) Decorative c) Stripe
d) Diurnal e) Gentle c) Scant d) Shorten
e) Starry d) Necessary e) Defy
76. HIBERNAL : e) Derogatory
68. TARRY : a) Estival 93. UNWARRANTED
a) Dislike b) Drowsy 85. LOQUACIOUS : :
b) Avoid c) Sleepy a) Positive a) Dig
c) Nibble d) Wintry b) Placed b) Conceal
d) Gourmandize e) Vicious c) Taciturn c) Inter
e) Hasten 77. GREGARIOUS : d) Turbid d) Reasonably
a) Garrulous e) Settled e) Absolve
69. EVASIVE : b) Preventive
a) Frank c) Sociable 86. PRIM : 94. PRODIGAL :
b) Serene d) Antisocial a) First a) Wandering
c) Elusive e) Devious b) Last b) Fierce
d) Mistaken c) Needless c) Average
e) Correct 78. MAUL : d) Improper d) Cross
a) Sane e) Rare e) Thrifty
70. ANTAGONIST : b) Lunatic
a) Join c) Handmade 87. FULMINATION : 95. ULTIMATE :
b) Separate d) Extol a) Imaginative a) Incipient
e) Normal b) Dreamy b) Final
c) Postpaid c) Enamour e) Miserly 119. SPURIOUS :
d) Futile d) Extenuating a) Malignant
e) Influential e) Zealous 111. MITIGATE : b) Authentic
a) Intensify c) Incumbent
96. ASTUTE : 104. INELUCTABLE : b) Defend d) Gracious
a) Shrewd a) Unwilling c) Mire e) Speculative
b) Foolish b) Unusually d) Frequent
c) Callow small e) Coax 120. SPRUCED :
d) Winning c) Easily avoided a) Feverish
e) Debating d) Fanciful 112. TREPIDATION : b) Monstrous
e) Frequently a) Contempt c) Squalid
97. DISRUPT : overlooked b) Restlessness d) Resolved
a) Enhance c) Rancor e) Transparent
b) Atone 105. VOLUBLE : d) Vigilance
c) Renovate a) Intermittent e) Courage 121. NEFARIOUS :
d) Move forward b) Inebriated a) Virtuous
e) Join together c) Refined 113. FECKLESS b) Pedestrian
d) Reticent a) Well-planned c) Resourceful
98. RENEGADE : e) Forgone b) Gargantuan d) Sordid
a) Refute c) Strong and e) Potent
b) Belittle 106. PIQUANT : effective d) Short-lived
c) Fulfill a) Shocking e) extremely 122. INDEFATIGABLE
d) Stalwart b) Jovial hostile :
e) Disband c) Rigorous a) Redolent
d) Merry 114. PROCLIVITY : b) Exhausted
99. e) Bland a) Prodigality c) Famished
b) Aversion d) Regrettable
CONTAMINATION : 107. RECIDIVISM : c) Credence e) Ignorant
a) Ingenuousness a) Effective d) Calumny
b) Miserliness rehabilitation b) Deep e) Awkward
c) Purification depression 123. PLETHORA :
d) Forgetfulness c) Unique talent 115. TENUOUS : a) Piety
e) Prejudice d) sufficient a) Unseemly b) Agility
funds b) Inherited c) Paucity
100. LAVISH : e) Truthful c) Trenchant d) Chagrin
a) Conclude accusation d) Forlorn e) Harmony
b) Hoard e) Awkward
c) Proclaim 108. LOUTISH : 124. MUNIFICENT :
d) Distinguish a) Boisterous 116. SALIENT : a) Skimpy
e) Frugal b) provocative a) Concealed b) Grandiose
c) Calamitous b) Inclined c) Faulty
101. DIATRIBE : d) Sophisticated c) Stagnant d) Perplexing
a) Purposefully e) Insightful d) Blameworthy e) Rudimentary
designedb) e) Omnipotent
Nontransferable 109. ENNUI : 125. DESPOTIC :
c) Distant a) Talkative 117. ENERVATE : a) Reclaim
d) Encomium b) Oppressed a) Invigorate b) Proliferate
e) Inquisitive c) Jocund b) Contemplate c) Refrain
d) Easily c) Necessitate d) Inundate
102. FACILITATE : avoided d) Evaluate e) Altruistic
a) Uniform e) Very common e) Elucidate
b) Righteous 126. MULTIFARIOUS :
c) Courteous 110. 118. NOISOME : a) Voluminous
d) Relieved a) Luxurious b) Mundane
e) Impede RECALCITRANT : b) Beneficial c) Noble
a) Polished c) Idyllic d) Monolithic
103. Sedulous : b) Feckless d) Resolved e) Unsurpassable
a) indolent c) Yielding e) Transparent
b) Inebriated d) Somber 127. TORPOR :
a) Lucidity c) Apex a) Sagacious 150. POSTULATE :
b) Cohesion d) Nexus b) a) Verify
c) Activity e) Self-control Truthful b) Deter
d) Sobriety 136. OBFUSCATE : c) Purify c) Reject
e) Upshot a) Suppress d) d) Congregate
b) Elucidate Criticize e) Defame
128. DESULTORY : c) Reprimand e) Correct
a) Phobic d) Absolve 151. SEDULOUS :
b) Entrenched e) Protract 144. ADULTERATE : a) Imposing
c) Fabulous a) Renounce b) Fluctuating
d) Systematic 137. RAFFISH : b) c) Lazy
e) Inconsequential a) Tyrannical Forbid d) Ample
b) August c) Purify e) Exemplary
129. ABSTEMIOUS : c) Simplified d)
a) Self-indulgent d) questionable Criticize 152. INANIMATE :
b) Terse e) Moronic e) Correct a) Convicted
c) Obstreperous b) Progressive
d) Finite 138. LACONIC : 145. CHASTEN : c) Insane
e) Contrite a) Wordy a) portend d) Lively
b) Inconsistent b) e) Charming
130. GARRULOUS : c) Morose Refute
a) Grisly d) Merciful c) Avoid 153.
b) Fervent e) Contrite d)
c) Youthful Accept DIFFERENTIATE :
d) Cautious 139. SALUBRIOUS : e) Reward a) Reward
e) Silent a) Unhealthful b) Intend
b) In short 146. IGNOMINIOUS : c) Forbear
131. IMPERVIOUS : supply a) Uneducated d) Combine
a) Gallant c) Out of date b) e) Attack
b) Brazen d) Poorly Resilient
c) Penetrable planned c) Vigorous 154. ERRATIC :
d) Coherent e) Gradual d) a) Momentary
e) Intense Honorable b) Loose
140. MOTILITY : e) Dangerous c) Consistent
132. PILLORY : a) Laxness d) Mixed
a) Edify b) Insanity 147. ENSCONCE : e) Quiet
b) Truncate c) Wisdom a) uncover
c) Magnify d) Salvation b) 155. UNDERMINE :
d) Venerate e) Paralysis Enthrall a) Recline
e) Delineate c) Exceed b) Ascend
141. RAIL : e) c) Review
133. ABROGATE : a) eulogize Include d) Invest
a) Enact b) Refuse to e) Rely e) Strengthen
b) Disinfect accept 148. OBDURATE :
c) Replenish c) make note of a) Rapidly moving 156. BOMBAST :
d) Entice d) Return to b) a) Complaining
e) Tarnish e) Pass over Closely knit tone b) Shrill whine
c) Overly c) Improper
134. INVEIGH : 142. VACILLATE : affectionate advance d) Incorrect
a) Forswear a) Rise above d) Foul-smelling judgment
b) Barter b) Remain e) Easily swayed e) Simple speech
c) Laud constant
d) Misuse c) Laugh heartily 149. LASSITUDE : 157. INEBRIATION:
e) Remand d) a) Aptitude a) Sobriety
Attempt b) Civility b) Felicity
135. NADIR : Unsuccessfully c) Strength c) Jollity
a) Calamity e) incur d) Jollity d) Gravity
b) Perdition e) Largess e) Piety
143. TAWDRY :
158. PUNCTILIOUS: a) Retreat c) Monologue
a) Exacting b) Ensnare d) Divorce 183. RUTHLESS :
b) Veracity c) Belabor e) Disgrace a) Pitiless
c) feckless d) Condone b) Scant
d) Tardiness e) Attempt 175. NEOPHYTE : c) Merciful
e) Rigidity a) Experiment d) Armed
167. CURSORY : b) Clue e) Mature
159. SUPERCILIOUS: a) Fluent c) Veteran
a) Common b) Courteous d) Research 184. EQUABLE :
b) Humble c) Detailed e) Novice a) Sensual
c) Angry d) Confident b) Empty
d) Witty e) Loathsome 176. REPUDIATE : c) Stormy
e) Relaxed a) Answer d) Mercenary
168. SCOURGE : b) Continue e) Peaceful
160. TRUMPERY: a) predict c) Accept
a) Intensity b) Reward d) Becalm 185. ALTRUISM :
b) Velocity c) Reflect e) Annoy a) Good nature
c) Honesty e) Project b) Miserliness
d) Density e) Confine 177. EQUANIMITY : c) Decency
e) Pomposity a) Approval d) Fragility
169. Dissonant : b) Agitation e) Mercy
a) Thoughtful c) Volume
161. ACQUIESCENCE b) Forbidden d) Watchfulness 186. ALOOF :
: c) Harmonious e) Calm a) Gregarious
a) Rebellion d) Enviable b) Garrulous
b) Distillation e) Candid 178. ANTIPATHY : c) Gluttonous
c) Inquisition a) Objection d) Queer
d) Revision 170. PERDITION : b) Concern e) Anemic
e) Contrivance a) Remnant c) Hatred
b) Regret d) Fondness 187. MORIBUND :
162. TRUCULENT : c) Deception e) Obscurity a) Appropriate
a) Hampered d) Salvation b) Living
b) Docile e) Injustice 179. AMBIGUOUS : c) Deadly
c) Unappetizing a) Auxiliary d) Undertaker
d) petulant 171. MOLLIFY : b) Salvage e) Disgust
e) Candid a) Demonstrate c) Decent
b) Violate d) Descent 188. OBESE :
163. BENIGN : c) Intensify e) Clear a) Hungry
a) Bitter d) Grapple b) Transparent
b) Malignant e) Refine 180. EUPHONIOUS : c) Fatal
c) Frantic a) Strident d) Slim
d) Mournful 172. AMORPHOUS : b) Melodious e) Shrewd
e) Superficial a) Structured c) Lengthy
b) Ancient d) External 189. ZENITH :
164. UNGAINLY : c) Plentiful e) Moot a) Nadir
a) Graceful d) Truthful b) Height
b) Unfortunate e) Bland 181. OPPORTUNE : c) Summit
c) Miserly a) Occasional d) Depth
d) Remote 173. SOLICITUDE : b) Weeping e) Width
e) Clever a) Credulity c) Fragile 190. OPULENCE :
b) Inattention d) Awkward a) Affluence
165. JOCULAR : c) Proclivity e) Timely b) Stocks
a) Tuneful d) Toxicity c) Poverty
b) Placid e) Aplomb 182. NOTORIOUS : d) Checks
c) Sympathetic a) Maladroit e) Eyestrain
d) Boastful 174. OBLOQUY : b) Expert
e) Solemn a) Praise c) Unknown 191. PALATIAL :
b) Retort d) Libelous a) Wealthy
166. DECRY : e) Angelic b) Small
c) Belonging to the a) Untrue c) Practical 212. PACIFIST :
throat d) Adenoidal b) d) a) Objector
e) Poverty Supportable Alleged b) Artillery
c) Limited e) Venial c) Militarist
192. MOIETY : d) d) Drill
a) Fraction Favorite 206. OVERT : e) Troop
b) Partition e) Precise a) Frank
c) Integer b) 213. PALTRY :
d) Whole 200. OSTENTATIOUS : Reversed a) Trivial
e) Denominator a) Showy c) Inverted b) Myriad
b) plain d) c) Frightened
193. EGRESS : c) Divine Hidden d) Unimportant
a) Effigy d) ] e) Public e) Significant
b) Exhibit Niggardly
c) Showcase e) Noisome 207. PALPABLE : 214. CRAVEN :
d) Mirror a) Perceptible a) Brave
e) Entrance b) b) Glowing
201. PALLID : Friendly c) Belonging to
194. ORNATE : a) Weak c) Implacable birds d) Pusillanimous
a) Candid b) d) e) Spacious
b) Decorative Fainting Disturbed
c) Simple c) Wan e) Intangible 215. DECOROUS :
d) Private d) a) Shy
e) Inherent Robust 208. EMINENT : b) Improper
e) Ruddy a) Famous c) Impish
195. PAEAN : b) d) Angelic
a) Native 202. EMANCIPATE : Criminal e) Lucid
b) a) Insure c) Esteemed
Mexican laborer b) d) 216. GARRULOUS :
c) Dirge Proclaim Depth a) Waving
d) Eulogy c) Make a man of e) Notorious b) Bestow
e) Mate d) c) Conspicuously
Enslave good d) Laconic
196. MOMENTOUS : e) Wander 209. CRASS : ] e) Extra wavy
a) Minutely a) Small
b) Unimportant 203. CRABBED : b) 217. CESSATION :
c) Hourly a) Notorious Refined a) Sewage
d) Tiny b) c) Graceful b) Disposal
e) Connected Fruity d) c) Beginning
c) Like a crab Modest d) End
197. EMACIATED : d) e) Airy e) Close
a) Stout Sweet-tempered
b) e) Unhappy 210. DAUNTLESS: 218. UNCOUTH :
Delicate a) Unusual a) Rude
c) Detailed 204. CURSORY : b) b) Graceful
d) Out a) Thorough Brave c) Trim
of order b) Not c) Courteous d) Crude
e) Final swearing d) e) Dry
198. COY : c) Classified Timid
a) Modest d) Moot e) Sly 219. BEATIFIC :
b) e) Sad a) Impish
Nave 211. UNISON : b) Blissful
c) Bold 205. a) Duct c) Angelic
d) Busy b) Harmony d) Neat
e) Unoccupied UNIMPEACHAB c) Sweetness e) Tiny
LE : d) Solo
199. UNTENABLE : a) Not Blameless e) Discord 220. DOFF :
b) a) Collar
Fault-finding b) Adorn
c) Nerve c) Terse a) Curly c) Blame
d) Judge d) Brief b) Tractable d) Virtue
e) Don e) Disguised c) Bright e) Awe
d) Tortuous
a) Show off a) Generous :
b) Pick up b) Philanthropic 238. DORMANT : a) Harmful
c) Flourish c) Miserly a) Lethargic b) Baneful
d) Pack d) Tense b) Immaterial c) Penetrable
e) Mistake e) Coy c) Comatose d) poisonous
d) alert e) Virtuous
222. CHOLERIC : 230. FLUMMOX : e) Fearful
a) Orderly a) Speed 247. HAPLESS :
b) Phlegmatic b) Force 239. EXTIRPATE : a) Carefree
c) Odious c) Hesitance a) Exhume b) Ill
d) Odorous d) Speech b) Trust c) Contented
e) Drilling e) Unfazed c) Exit d) Without vice
d) Implant e) Fortunate
223. 231. CHIMERICAL : e) Enter
a) Realistic 248. CONDIGN :
UNSCRUPULOUS : b) Romantic 240. fawning : a) Inadequate
a) Exhume c) Not fantastic a) Calling b) Worthy
b) Extirpate d) Shrewd b) Sycophantic c) Dignified
c) insidious e) Astute c) Arrogant d) Severe
d) Inter d) Erect e) Stern
e) Varacious 232. UNKEMPT : e) Hostile
a) Tidy 249. LACONIC :
224. BELATED : b) Clean 241. CHURLISH : a) Banal
a) Lamented c) Clever a) Gracious b) Lengthy
b) On time d) Close b) Doltish c) Tense
c) Too late e) Undressed c) Servile d) Turbid
d) Tardy d) Crude e) Tacit
e) Compelled 233. DOLT : e) Ruddy
a) Clever person 250. SENTENTIOUS :
225. DOLOROUS : b) Oaf a) practical
a) Doleful c) Intelligentsia 242. Unseemly : b) Avid
b) Dreadful d) Devil a) Staring c) Verbose
c) Happy e) Clod b) Becoming d) Verbal
d) Beautiful c) Sere e) Excused
e) Wandering 234. EXPATIATE : d) Coarse
a) Discuss e) Hurt 251. INIMICAL :
226. FLEDGLING : b) Urge a) Unfriendly
a) Experienced c) Talk Briefly 243. JOCOSE : b) Imitated
b) Shy d) Egg on a) Comic c) Alien
c) Newborn e) Trust b) Morose d) Morose
d) Youthful 235. FANTASTIC : c) Connected e) Amiable
e) Spry a) Romantic d) Contented
b) Realistic e) Disjointed 252. URBANE :
227. CHASTE : c) Frantic a) Poisonous
a) Rude d) Sharp 244. SENILITY : b) Rustic
b) Neat e) Tense a) Maturity c) Scholarly
c) Ashen 236. CHOLERIC : b) Dotage d) Futile
d) Wan a) Good-natured c) Childhood e) Naive
e) Impure b) Irascible d) Frankness
c) Impish e) Lethargy 253. LUGUBRIOUS :
228. UNFEIGNED : d) Coarse a) Stormy
a) Deserved e) Splenetic 245. REPUGNANCE : b) Heavy
b) Intense a) Love c) Portable
237. UNRULY : b) Absolution d) Gay
e) Famous a) Intractable c) exquisite
b) Likable d) Lamentable 279. DISSUADE :
254. SOPORIFIC : c) Frantic e) Cautious a) Extort
a) Legal d) Magnificent b) Exhort
b) Illegal e) hectic 271. METTLE : c) Extol
c) Stimulant a) Meretricious d) Assuage
d) Wonderful 263. sallow : b) Cowardice e) Intensify
e) Famous a) Deep c) Ingenuous
b) Ruddy d) Carefree 280. BLAND :
255. INTREPID : c) Wise e) Complacent a) Pale
a) Courageous d) Conciliatory b) Mild
b) Contrary e) Negligent 272. CIRCUITOUS : c) Angry
c) Cowardly a) Encompassing d) Vital
d) Pedestrian 264. Remiss : b) Direct e) Spicy
e) Stolid a) Painstaking c) Drastic
b) Unduly d) Bombastic 281. SANGUINE :
256. Laconic : c) Consequential e) Oblique a) Hot
a) Voluble d) Negligent b) Frantic
b) Friendly e) Sorry 273. PROPITIOUS : c) Arctic
c) Militant a) Magnanimous d) Pessimistic
d) Fretful 265. Veracious : b) Maligning e) Related
e) Fashionable a) Hungry c) Unfavorable
b) Sated d) Inclining 282. CUPIDITY :
257. GREGARIOUS : c) Tawdry e) Declining a) Love
a) Antisocial d) Mendacious b) Hate
b) Herbivorous e) Limited 274. WAX : c) Altruism
c) Ghastly a) Grow larger d) Fear
d) Indifferent 266. Halcyon : b) Grow smaller e) Despair
e) Carnivorous a) Turbulent c) Grow wilder
b) Meager d) Polish 283. LEVIATHAN:
258. DOLEFUL : c) Notable e) Mar a) Blasphemous
a) Merry d) Varied b) Pious
b) Charitable e) Usual 275. PLETHORA : c) puny
c) Miserly a) Despair d) Villainous
d) Weary 267. Sanguine : b) Denial e) Palatable
e) Sociable a) Goading c) Avarice
b) morbid d) Aversion 284. TACITURN :
259. Dilatory : c) Halting e) Scarcity a) Revolving
a) Inflating d) Melancholy b) Maintaining
b) Deflating e) Genuine 276. insipid : c) Callous
c) Expediting a) Wise d) Beautiful
d) Magnanimous 268. OPULENT : b) Flavorful e) Garrulous
e) Lucid a) Sanguine c) Cowardly
b) Futile d) Cautious 285. BANAL :
260. ACRIMONIOUS : c) Penurious e) Livid a) Tropical
a) Bitter d) Gemlike b) Dry
b) Harmonious e) Keen 277. NEBULOUS : c) Original
c) Scornful a) Hypothetical d) Enthusiastic
d) Affirmative 269. VACUOUS : b) Querulous e) Noisy
e) Avid a) Stupid c) Bickering
b) Cloudy d) Distinct 286. ANATHEMA :
261. OBLOQUY : c) Full e) Forgetful a) National song
a) Directness d) Frantic b) Factual report
b) Tortuousness e) Loose 278. HUMILITY : c) Name
c) Praise a) Comedy d) Concept
d) Kindling 270. CALLOW : b) Queerness e) Benediction
e) Migration a) Experienced c) Arrogance
b) Crude d) Loyalty 287. OMNISCIENT :
262. AMENABLE : e) Fastidiousness
a) Powerful
b) Weak
c) Scheduled
d) Wasteful
e) Ignorant

288. AVID :
a) Veracious
b) Forgetful
c) Insignificant
d) Stated
e) Loath

a) Resolute
b) Soothing
c) Embroiling
d) predicting
e) Verifying

290. NETTLE :
a) Mortify
b) Mollify
c ) Magnify
d) Blister
e) Magnetize

a) Disarm
b) Support
c) Entice
d) Execute
e) Exhort

292. REVILE :
a) Devoid
b) Castigate
c) Saturated
d) Encouraged
e) Avid