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Shattered Shards

By hellkat9940

Submitted: June 18, 2008

Updated: October 25, 2011

A strange event merges the modern world with one of DnD-esque fantasy, with some strange results.

Provided by Hentai Foundry.

Chapter 1 - Dawn of Dragons 3

Chapter 2 - Magical Mishaps 16
Chapter 3 - Reptilian Rapture 29
Chapter 4 - Hooves and Hippodrakes 36
Chapter 5 - Magical Mishaps II 45
Chapter 6 - Devilish Desires 55
Chapter 7 - Alicorn's Apprentice: Monday 93
Chapter 8 - Myshelle's Medicine I 100
Chapter 9 - Myshelle's Medicine II 110
Chapter 10 - Myshelle's Medicine III 123
Chapter 11 - Myshelle's Medicine IV 140
Chapter 12 - Mirror Mirror I 153
Chapter 13 - Sorcerous Science 169
Chapter 14 - Perilous Plunder 184
Chapter 15 - Sexual Summoning 189
Chapter 16 - Aethernauts 198
Chapter 17 - Witch's Ward 209
Chapter 18 - Cursed Costume I 219
Chapter 19 - Devil's Domain 226
Chapter 20 - Horse and Hypnotist 238
Chapter 21 - Tempest's Texts 245
Chapter 22 - Fey's Fancy 259
Chapter 23 - Dwarves and Dragoncats 284
Chapter 24 - Sealed with a Kiss 290
Chapter 25 - Sealed with a Kiss II 300
Chapter 26 - Devil's Delight 316
Chapter 27 - Two Headed Monster 326
Chapter 28 - Kissing Cousins 333
Chapter 29 - Cursed Costume II: Cursed Coupling 341
Chapter 30 - Siren Song of the Sea 349
Chapter 31 - Pendulous Pendant 359
Chapter 32 - Goddess' Grove 386
Chapter 33 - Marital Mayhem 399
Chapter 34 - Hell's Henchman 415
Chapter 35 - Devil's Debauchery 428
Chapter 36 - Rodentine Rapture I 438
Chapter 37 - Sorcerous Sentiment 446
Chapter 38 - Rodentine Rapture II 465
Chapter 39 - Rodentine Rapture III 474
Chapter 40 - Pornstar's Pleasure 484
Chapter 41 - Serpent of Storms 491
Chapter 42 - Ashfall: Prologue 500
1 - Dawn of Dragons

Shattered Shards
Dawning of Dragons
By Von Krieger

In the years to come scholars of both realms would delve deep into the cause of the event that so
catastrophically changed the way of life for billions of people. The ideas they came up with were
manifold, a rip in twelve dimensional space, the will of a mad god, two dimensions colliding, the end
result of a dark ritual that lasted for millennia, a convergence of a powerful spell cast in a place of
chaotic power intersecting with humanity's first attempt at a portal that could one day be used to traverse
the stars.

Whatever the cause, the effects irrevocably changed two worlds forever. The technological planet called
Earth, home to a single sentient race, and the wondrous realm of Aerth and its many moons, all filled
with wondrous magics, and manifold thinking beings of all sorts, suddenly occupied a similar space.

For the inhabitants of Earth, the sky was suddenly filled with many orbs, some looming frighteningly
close, and others mere specks, but all now circled the planet as its single solitary moon had.
Measurements taken later estimated that the surface area of the spheroid that housed the combined
Earth and Aerth had increased by four hundred percent from the original size of the planets, twice as
much that would be expected from a mere merge.

A world were magic had never existed, where wars were fought over words on a page, divine word
without a divine voice to give meaning to it, fragmented, fragile countries keeping each other in check
through a convoluted political and economic balancing act...

The people of this world suddenly found themselves side by side with creatures from faerie tales, myths,
dreams, and nightmares. Big cities suddenly found enchanted glades were lush parks once were,
towering skyscrapers replaced with giant golden castles, highways filled with gridlock traffic suddenly
sharing right of way with carts and wagons pulled by all manner of strange beasts.

And strangest of all, a significant percentage of Earth's populous found themselves altered, some
lacking the bodies they were born with and thrust into unfamiliar shapes, others having familiar features
alter into those of races of the new realm.

Aerthborne suddenly found the familiar paths beneath their feet transformed into a strange sort of stone
made of a single piece of porous rock, their peaceful planes suddenly filled with the growling of strange,
metallic chariots on air-filled wheels. Ancient trees and graceful towers replaced by strange, smooth
boxes covered in panels of glass.

They found themselves confronted by common men who carried the power of wizards in their pockets,
one man able to strike down entire companies of men with strange devices that belched smoke and
roared like beasts from the depths.
Two worlds became one in the blink of an eye, and despite many tragedies and triumphs, the shared
world admitted, in the end, that each half had gained a great many wonders.

This is a tale of such a wonder...


Joey groaned softly, feeling strange. His head felt stuffy, like someone had stuffed cotton into his brain
and made it a bit harder than usual to think. Or forced him to watch eight continuous hours of celebrity
reality television; it was the same thing, after all.

He groaned once more, blinking his eyes a few times to focus them. He was rather confused at what he
saw immediately in front of his face. It was a pale green, somewhat blurry, and occupied the lowest
portion of his vision.

He brought a hand to it and was startled to find that the green bit was part of him. More disturbing was
the fact that his fingers were rather strange. He sat up and looked down at his hand; there were fewer
fingers than he remembered having there, three and a thumb on each hand, and they most certainly had
not been tipped with blunt, white claws before.

Once more he brought his hands to his face, feeling the strange addition there, a short, blunt muzzle.
Joey ran a forked tongue over sharp, unfamiliar teeth, finding his body increasingly strange.

He stood, and the feelings of weirdness grew. His clothes were unpleasantly tight and clingy, they had
been quite baggy that morning, but now they clung to him as if they were a size too small, and most of
them were ruined to boot.

Clawed, green toes poked from his sneakers, having torn through sock and shoe alike. Behind him his
pants were in similar condition, as a thick, heavy, muscular tail had torn up the waist and rump of his

It was weird, he was well aware that he had changed, and he knew what the changes were, but he felt
no mental discomfort or unease from them, just a bit of annoyance at the ruination of his clothes and
their uncomfortable tightness.

With a sigh he kicked off the scraps that once were his shoes and slipped off his jeans. To Joey's
surprise he found the area between his legs to be without bulge. Puzzled by the lack of organ, he stuck
a fingertip inside his boxers, which had merely been pushed down by his new tail, and not torn.

Instead of the familiar sack and tube, he instead found a narrow slit in the same area; the fingertip didn't
go in very far before it encountered resistance. A hazy memory of biology class brought to mind the
reason for the alteration; birds and lizards kept their bits on the inside.

Joey's stomach rumbled loudly, reminding him that before he'd been knocked unconscious, or whatever,
he'd been heading to the cafeteria with his two friends. Feeling very hungry, and now free of
uncomfortable clothing, though he kept his t-shirt and boxers, the new lizardboy began to look around at
his environment for the first time.

The layout was familiar, but the construction was in fact quite different. It looked like the trophy hall
where all the school's athletic and academic accomplishments were preserved for all to see.

But rather than the door behind him that led to the East Commons, there was instead a bricked up
archway. The black and white linoleum in the black and white checkerboard pattern had become
checkerboard stones, the whites and blacks aged and stained, making them varying shades of gray.

Rather than trophies, the shelves alongside the corridor were lined with books and stacks of scrolls.
Joey pulled out a book and looked at the cover, but rather than the familiar shapes of the alphabet, he
instead found strange, straight, pointy runes that looked as if they could've been carved by a claw.

Since he couldn't go back, Joey figured he might as well move forward down the hallway, hopefully
finding something to eat. After that maybe he could try and figure out what had happened to him and
why everything was so weird; though it was pretty likely that he'd fallen asleep, or something.

The corners of his muzzle turned up into a rather pleased smile at the thought. Yeah, a dream! That
sounded about right. Maybe he'd fallen asleep in study hall again and was now dreaming of being
something out of his biology text.

He looked down at his thick, muscular legs, and the large, clawed feet at the end of them. He was
walking on the balls of his feet; interesting. His dreams were never this creative, he hoped that it was still
early in the hour, before the bell woke him up for the next class, as this dream was light years above the
usual drudgery he thought up.

Aside from the naked in class dreams, of which this seemed to be one at least in part, there were the 'go
out and fail to get a job' dreams, the 'doing mundane, household chores' dreams, the 'have to pee, but
am asleep, so there are weird peeing circumstances, or toilets showing up in weird places' dreams, and
the occasional 'wet dream where I still don't get any so I'm fapping to porn even in my fantasies' dreams.
Occasionally there was something like an action movie, once there had even been credits, but they were
never as detailed as this.

Joey's tongue flicked out of his mouth occasionally as he walked, something he did without thinking
about it at all. He could breathe in air through his nostrils, but when he did that none of the smells
seemed to come through, which they did when he flicked his tongue out.

The air smelled of dust, old books, and a faint, pleasant scent that Joey couldn't quite place. It made him
feel rather happy, comfortable, and safe. He found himself following the scent, turning left in what would
have been the old staff offices, where the walls had been torn down and a new computer lab installed.

Or had been in the waking world; in the realm of this strange dream, it instead appeared to be rather like
a combination living and dining room, decorated in a well off, classical, but eclectic style. All of the
furniture looked tasteful and expensive, but none of it matched.

The source of the pleasing scent was no longer of interest to Joey's subconscious; instead it was the
sight, and scent, of the partially eaten steak dinner sitting on one corner of the table across the room.
It smelled delicious, though it had cooled off and been there awhile. The lizardboy looked around for the
steak's owner, but seeing nobody, he darted to the table and sat down. He poked the thick slab of meat,
and as the scent had told him, it had cooled off. Whoever was eating it had been gone long enough for
the meal to cool down to room temperature.

Since it was Joey's dream, and the unknown diner was nowhere to be seen, he decided to help himself,
cutting big chunks off the rare slab and stuffing them into his muzzle. Feeling the need to wash them
down with something, Joey grabbed the heavy goblet nearby, lifting it to his muzzle with both hand,
taking a big gulp of the frothy, pink liquid contained within.

The taste was incredible, perfect, sweet, it was like a milk shake, but room temperature, kind of fruity
and creamy, like whipped cream mixed with Jell-O, but somehow even better.

Without being aware of it, Joey found himself draining the goblet dry, his forked tongue darting out to lick
it clean of frothy leftovers. He patted his belly and burped loudly, suddenly feeling rather full, happy, and
contented; and also a bit horny.

Joey sighed happily and pushed away from the table, reaching down to rub his genital slit. He moaned
softly as he felt his reptilian shaft slither out. He slid his boxers down, admiring the altered length.

It was longer and thinner than his human member was, with strange bumpy nodules on the underside,
and an enlarged, egg-shaped head. The lizardboy wrapped a hand on his new shaft and slowly began to
stroke, shivering each time his fingers bumped over one of the small, marble-like bumps.

He heard a faint hiss from somewhere in the room behind him, but he paid it little attention. He looked
down at his elongated length, licked the lips of his blunt muzzle, and broke out into a grin. Another
theme that popped up into the few sex dreams he had, being able to wrap his lips around his shaft,
being able to bob up and down to give himself pleasure, to reach the very base.

So that was precisely what he did, bent in half, dexterous, forked tongue curling around his length. He
could've sworn he heard and amused chuckle from behind him, but he paid it little mind.

Mmm... such a nice dream...


"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oooooh fuck!" moaned Nia, falling to the side as everything went all strange.

In the blink of any eye, the hallway around her shifted, the industrial gray carpet becoming a series of
worn, but beautiful red-purple, trimmed with yellow gold.

The harsh fluorescent lights were replaced with decorative chandeliers that glowed with a blue-green

Her fall was halted by a dark blue locker, one of the school's colors. The noise of the post-class bustle
seemed to halt immediately. Nia expected they has all shut up and were now staring at her.
She was overcome by sensation, barely able to breathe. Quickly she reached behind her back,
unclasping her bra and pulling it off, tossing it aside, taking a deep breath. But the removal of the bra
only made her focus on the other sensation.

There was a sudden, aching hardness between her legs, she reached down to relieve the pain, and
found her fingers wrapping around what could only be a cock. She couldn't help herself; she began
stroking it rapidly, right in the hallway, right in front of everybody.

It only took a few moments before she erupted with climax, thick jets of seed creating a puddle between
her legs. Her face hot with embarrassment, she stood, the feelings of oddness having passed.

To her surprise, the hallway was empty, save for herself and her brother.

Reed gave no indication of having seen his sister's strange actions, his hands were clutching the side of
his head, his eyes clenched shut, lips back from teeth as a pained hiss left his lungs.

He looked... wrong. Though tall, Reed was your typical nerd, and was rather pear shaped. As Nia
watched, the overabundant fat on her brother's body seemed to shift around into a more solid

It was rather like the Incredible Hulk, but on a smaller scale. Reed's shirt and shorts began to tear as the
youth's frame began to increase in height and width, not merely shifting mass around.

Nia watched, mouth agape as her brother's skin took on a rather strange shade, a deep purple. His ear
grew larger, gaining points, and a pair of teeth poked out from his lower lip.

She blinked a few times to make sure she wasn't seeing things, but it was quite clear what had
happened. Her brother had become an orc.

Nia looked down at her own body, finding some changes to herself as well. She had also grown, grown
more than Reed had, as a matter of fact. But most of her growth seemed to be vertical, going from a
short, heavyset girl, to a tall, statuesque beauty, a statue made of obsidian, apparently, as her skin had
become black.

Not the dark brown shade of skin tone that was called black, but true, pure, coal black.

"No way..." she whispered, her voice sounding a bit different, more relaxed, more sensual, and to her
ears, very sexy.

Nia reached up and grabbed a portion of her hair, pulling it in front of her eyes, finding it pure, snow

"No way!" she said again, more excited than scared.

She pulled up her shirt to check her belly, and then peered down at her legs; all of it was the same jet
black shade as the rest of her. She also took the time to tuck the new addition between her legs back
into her undergarments; somehow it had popped out right through the zipper, which was rather ruined.

The pain in his head seeming to have passed, Reed looked around at their surroundings and then
focused on Nia. He blinked a few times and slowly looked her over before speaking.

"Nia?" he asked, voice deeper and a bit... thicker than normal, "Is that you?"

She nodded and grinned, "Yeah, I think so! Isn't it cool? Somehow I'm a dark elf!"

Reed looked down at his large, purple hands, running one over his chest and abdomen.

"Well... if the headache was what I had to put up with to look this good, I'd consider it well worth it." He
said with a fanged grin, stripping off his shirt to admire his new muscles.

Nia, on the other hand, looked up and down the hall, finding some oddities. In places it seemed like it
was closer to way the school had been, the walls alongside them covered with lockers. In others it was
more like a castle passageway, with chests placed on platforms set into the wall, rather than lockers.

She walked down the hall a ways, peering down the other intersections and then into one of the
classrooms, or what had been a classroom. It seemed more like a barracks now, though it was totally
empty, free even of a teacher transformed into a mind flayer, or a class pet that became a displacer
beast, or anything remotely like that.

Nia saw movement out of the corner of her eye, but the movement was her own, reflected in a mirror on
the wall. She approached, admiring her reflection. While plain and dumpy before, Nia considered herself
to be an absolute knockout now. It was a shame that her clothes weren't quite suited for her sexy new

She grinned to herself and stepped back out into the hall, her grin widening.

The lockers were still there, but the locks, however, were not.

The dark elf giggled and slapped her brother on the back, "C'mon, big guy, let's try and find us a new


Joey's tail twitched as he sucked himself off, the pleasure of the act much more intense that the muffled
sensations that usually filled his dreams. It felt so very real, encompassing all the senses. He could taste
the sweet, slicks drops of pre on his tongue, he could feel the wet smoothness of his saliva soaked shaft
as it slid over his lips, he could feel the hot pressure building inside him as he neared climax.

He felt his entire body quiver as he found his mouth filled with huge amounts of sticky sweetness, too
much to swallow, he found it leaking from his muzzle, dripping onto his chest and belly.

"Oh wow..." he gasped, out of breath from the intense self-loving, "That's too much!"
"I don't know..." purred a deep, sensual voice from above him; it looks hardly worth bothering for to me."

The voice seemed to sink into Joey's bones, making them quiver with delight. He slowly drew his gaze
upward, eyes widening at the sight of the creature above him. More accurately, it was the creature's
head and neck, a long, sensuous, streamlined muzzle leading to a long, serpentine neck.

The dragon's scales looked to be a shade of tarnished gold, and they seemed to glisten in the light from
the candelabra on the table. Pure purple eyes peered down at him, sparkling with amusement.

"Seeing as you are so... shall we say eager... with your muzzle, having consumed both my dinner and a
generous helping of your own desert, I think perhaps that you could seek to repay your host for the meal
with a similar act?" the large reptile purred.

The thought seemed to bypass Joey's conscious mind entirely. He found himself getting up while he was
still considering what the dragon had said. As he turned back, he saw the size of his host. It was about
the size of a horse, but most definitely heavier.

Though the majestic creature's body was a similar size, its legs were thicker and shorter, but they still
were straight down like a mammal rather than a true reptile. Scintillating golden wings jutted from the
dragon's back, narrowing into a sort of frilled crest along the sides that met at the base of the tail,
becoming a sort of fin.

The dragon was very long and thin, though not quite the snake-like serpentine dragons from Asian
myths, more like a cheetah or a greyhound was a long, thin, streamlined cat or dog.

The lizardboy found himself hugging his host's neck, nuzzling at the smooth scale with his snout. His
tongue flicked out, ingesting the dragon's scent. Ahh, this was the odd, pleasing aroma that he had
followed into the dining room. Up close like this, Joey found himself calming, his breathing slowing,
becoming more relaxed. It was instinctive, dragons wouldn't hurt him, they would protect him, keep him

"Go on, my pet, you know what I want." The dragon rumbled, softly nuzzling Joey's neck, "Don't be shy."

Joey found himself grinning and blushing as the dragon called him 'pet.' He felt his member surge back
to full arousal at the thought of being the dragon's plaything. He knelt, crawling beneath his master's
belly, his tail swaying gently from side to side with delight.

The dragon's shaft was enormous, the size of Joey's arm, at the very least. It was rather like his own but
more... predatory. It had the same bumps on the underside, but it retained the same width all the way to
the end, where it actually got bigger. The spade shaped head narrowed to a point, where a thick droplet
of precum awaited Joey's eager, questing tongue.

The pet wrapped both hands around the dragon's thick shaft, caressing just beneath the head. He
brought his lips to the tip, giving it a gentle kiss while lapping up the sweet treat. He quivered softly at the
taste, so very much like that wonderful, frothy desert he had drank.

The lizardboy lay on his back, wrapping his legs around the base of the dragon's member, his tail curling
around it as well. Joey opened his muzzle wide, somehow managing to take the head of the dragonshaft
into his mouth and throat. It fit in easily and without discomfort, like it was meant to be there.

"Mmm... very good, well worth the price of my mostly eaten steak, I think; though the potion in the goblet
was for you. Well, not you in particular, but rather whoever happened along." The dragon purred,
squatting down on his haunches so that Joey could grind his own aching shaft against the dragon's
mighty member.

"I haven't the slightest idea where all you humans came from, what with your rather colorful clothes, no
weapons, and not a spellcaster amongst you. Quite an ill-prepared raid on a dragon's lair; let me tell you.
Though the magic that preceded it was perhaps the strongest I've ever seen."

Joey paid little attention to his master's words, they didn't concern him, all that he needed with right in
front of him; shiny, black, glistening, and oh so warm.

"I have had a very busy and productive afternoon. I can only imagine what else I'll accomplish before
dinner. I'm quite glad I've taken the time to set up so many traps. It would be quite tiring to personally
enslave so many scampering little human pets." The dragon purred.

Joey's eyes opened at that, and he was suddenly aware that this was most definitely not a dream, but try
as he might, he couldn't unwrap himself from the dragon's gorgeous cock.

"Mmm... I love it when I dispel the mind fog and realization sets in. Let me tell you what you are now, my


After a few minutes of searching the lockers, Nia had managed to find quite the selection of clothes for
herself. She'd tried on several outfits and combinations, but kept coming back to what were essentially
the sluttiest clothes she could find.

Bubblegum pink platform heels, a matching leather miniskirt, and something that was oddly enough
found in one of the chests in the room, a sort of micro t-shirt-like top that showed off several inches of
her lower cleavage, but clung stubbornly in place no matter how she moved.

Considering the absolute skimpiness that sword-swinging women in comics and movies wore, more than
likely it was some sort of magic armor. Nia found herself admiring the way the white and pink contrasted
with her ebony skin, her new organ was half erect as she admired herself in the mirror in the back of the
barracks locker she had been investigating.

Oddly enough for a barracks, there hadn't been any weapons so far, but there were some locked
cabinets, which Reed was doing his best to break open. Nia smirked as she turned and admired her
brother's muscular frame. They hadn't found much of anything that fit him, though they'd replaced his
torn pants with thematically appropriate bright green shorts.

With a loud crack, the wooden cabinet's door gave way, spilling a sort of sparkly dust into the air. Reed
sneezed and blinked his eyes. Aside from the dust there didn't seem to be much of anything inside that
warranted being protected by a lock, just more blankets.

Reed sighed; he'd hoped he'd have found something useful and made Nia happy. It was a bit difficult to
think about things and it was just easier to let Nia do the thinking. He sneezed again, the dust that had
settled onto his body making it feel a little warm.

The orc turned and watched Nia for awhile, the dark elf occupied with her reflection in the mirror, her
pink skirted rump extended as she bent downwards, leaning forward to apply passion pink lipstick to her
dark lips.

Such a perfect, sexy rump, and for that matter a perfect, sexy body, and Reed wasn't the only one to
think so. He had noticed the odd tear in Nia's pants, the thick white puddle on the carpet, and the bulge
in the front of her skirt that had appeared as she had gawked at her own beauty.

Nia was turned on by her own body, and Reed was increasingly feeling aroused by it as well. His
already clouded thoughts seemed to slip away further as he felt a tightening in his pants. With a smile he
slipped them off, he was aroused, Nia was aroused, and it would be fun to give his sexy sister
something to make her feel good, since he hadn't found anything useful.

He walked across the barracks, slipping up behind his sister. He moved quickly, one hand slipping under
her shirt, gripping a plentiful black breast, the other gripping that bulge in her skirt, stroking it in a manner
honed to perfection by long nights of internet porn.

"Reed! What the fuck?!" Nia shouted, trying to wriggle her way free of the overbearing orc pinning her to
the locker.

Reed only heard the word 'fuck,' and took it as a sign to keep going, he tugged down his sister's panties.

"No! No! Stop it! This is wrong, you realize We're..." Nia protested, pausing to think. She looked back at
her brother, then imagined herself. The two of them looked nothing alike. So was it really incest

Nia moaned as Reed's thick orcish member forced its way between her legs. She had gotten herself
pretty worked up by admiring her sexy body in what was admittedly a very slutty outfit, her cock had
begun to throb and her pussy had begun to ache before Reed had clumsily thrust himself upon her.

"This is wrong." Nia giggled, "So very, very wrong."

The thought made her loins ache even more. She was a Drow, after all, doing wrong, immoral things
was in her nature, after all.

"No, oh no, you big gorgeous beast!" she giggled, opening her legs ever so slightly.

Both siblings moaned as purple flesh disappeared into ebony depths. While not the first sexual act for
either, it was the first with a partner that was not an inanimate object. Nia moaned loudly, grinning as
she protested and gave token attempts at escape. Her brother felt so good inside her, nice and thick,
and though his caress of her maleness and breasts was a bit crude and ham-handed, it also felt quite

"You're pathetic!" Nia growled, "You think this gentle lay will please a woman?"

The words filled Reed's mind, somehow he managed to comprehend their meaning. He bared his teeth
and abandoned all restraint, pounding into his sister, growling as well. He bit into her neck with his fang,
enough to bruise, perhaps, but not enough to break the skin.

For her part, Nia could no longer shout protests or spur her brother on; she was lost in her deviant, dark
elf lust, reveling in her ravishing. She pressed herself up against the bank of lockers with each thrust he
made into her, shoving back each time he drew away, angered that he would dare try to deprive her of
that wonderful, cunt-stretching thing that he had rammed into her without permission. She would not
allow him to take it away until she was damned ready.

With each thrust Nia slammed into the lockers, her body protesting at it, but her mind and spirit relishing
it, her pain adding to her pleasure.

Neither noticed the small bottle atop the lockers, it had been back against the wall, the seven foot height
of the storage units too much to see over. With each thrust of the Orc's body, for he was using his entire
weight to drive himself into Nia, the bottle crept forward an inch or so.

Both siblings were too absorbed in their lusts for them to notice that Reed had begun to change. Where
the dust had touched his body, his purple skin began to darken, becoming smooth and shiny, like an
amethyst. His already thick nails darkened to black, beginning to grow forth from his fingertips, fingertips
that began to shorten.

The orc released his grip on Nia's neck, throwing his head back in a feral howl of pleasure, his
formidable teeth beginning to grow and lengthen. Soft pops could be heard as his body began to contort
itself into a new configuration. While his earlier change had merely been one of mass moving around,
this one was far more than that.

Nia's howl joined Reed's as she felt his cock seem to surge, to grow inside her. She felt something give
way within her, pained pleasure, and her anger was enough to clear her mind for a moment, "Dammit,
you could go deeper this whole time and you've been tormenting me with your half-assed effort?!" she
snarled, before she was once more lost in an ocean of ecstasy.

Reed's legs joined his torso in the symphony of cracks and pops. Toenails became huge, black, lethal
claws that gleamed in the barracks' light. Portions of the leg grew shorter, while others lengthened,
forcing Reed up on his toes. A forked tongue lolled from the side of his mouth, or more accurately his

The orc's face slowly pushed forward, red eyes gaining narrow slits, black horns curling back from his
temples. The orc-dragon growled his pleasure, beginning to care more for his own pleasure.

His hand parted ways from his sister's body, inciting a cascade of curses. But a second surge of girth,
and a shift in shape to her brother's pounding, pulsing shaft quickly silenced them. As did the sudden
impact of a fragile glass bottle atop her head.
"WHAT THE FUCK?!" she howled, more out of surprise than pain. A thick, viscous goo dripped down
her body. Though also black, the blackness of the fluid contained a bit of blue that made it gleam such a
shade where it was struck by the light. The oily essence seemed to creep over her flesh, sinking into her
pores with a cool chill.

Reed paid the stuff no mind. He gripped Nia's shoulders with clumsy forepaws, his body more like a
beast than a man. A scaled, snarling beast. He hissed softly as something slithered out from his rump,
his thick, draconic tail smashing into the nightstand behind him, sending it spiraling across the room.

As the slime seeped into her, Nia began to change as well. Since her oafish brother had lost interest, her
hands replaced his at her breast and member, the latter of which seemed to surge in her hand, much as
Reed's had done moments before.

Thick, heavy, and deep blue-black, Nia quivered as her hand traveled over small bumps that grew in on
the underside. Her vocalizations ceased as her hand popped over the six ridges at the base, three to a
side. The growing, spade-shaped tip darkened the smooth wood of the lockers as it drooled thick
precum onto them as it rubbed against the wood with each thrust.

Clawed fingertips dug into the flesh of her black breast, thumb and forefinger tightly gripping the now
deep blue nipple, sending spikes of icy pain and hot pleasure through the dark elf's body. She opened
her mouth to send a hiss of pleasure through clenched, white fangs.

With a near-deafening roar, Reed's climax arrived as did the final changes, his hair becoming a rough
mane, a line of thick, black spikes pushing their way out of his skin along his spine and tail, his neck
elongating into something befitting a dragon.

Nia cried out as she was suddenly filled by what seemed like gallons of his scalding hot essence. But
the pain vanished quickly, and her body seemed to gulp up every last drop, none of it spilling from her,
even as Reed pulled away, his member making an audible pop as it parted ways from his sister's sex.

Apparently satisfied, he turned away and hopped up onto one of the beds, curling up.

Nia leaned against the lockers, panting. Her efforts at pleasuring herself ceasing. Azure claws dug
grooves into the locker's door as pink boots shifted to make openings for cerulean talons.

"You didn't..." Nia whispered, a chill running down her spine, beyond her spine, down into the length of
ebon tail that emerged.

"You didn't!" she repeated, louder, eyes blazing with fury as a pair of ribbed horns emerged from her
temples, their sharp points framing Nia's vision, pointing her to the target of her wrath.

"YOU DIDN'T JUST PULL OUT BEFORE I CAME, DID YOU?!" Nia snarled, wings erupting from her
shoulders and fanning to their absolute widest, making her look large and terrifying.

The feral Reed looked up at the noise, eyes wide.

He tried to make it for the door, but Nia was on him with one flap of her wings. Though the dragon was
far larger, he was hampered by the fact that he was neither enraged, nor that he was in possession of a
fully loaded cock that had been coaxed to the point of climax, and then released before the big moment.

The dragon found his tail gripped and tugged upward, a powerful punch to his back forcing his
forequarters down onto the floor.

Nia hissed with rage, driving her aching shaft into her brother's tailhole, "YOU... DON'T... CUM...
UNTIL... I... TELL... YOU!" she growled, punctuating each word with a powerful thrust.

She sighed as a cool tickled spread over her skin, bringing shiny scales with it, transforming her truly
into an obsidian beauty.

The dark dragoness closed her eyes as she thrust deep into the dragon before her, her own dark shaft
erupting and spilling her discomforting seed deep into the creature's body.

"You belong to me!" she growled, hugging her brother's tail, "And you will learn to see to your mistress'
pleasure before your own!"

Reed whimpered and nodded his head, not wanting to displease the angry, forceful, dominating
dragoness behind him.


"You see, my pet, dragons are creatures of powerful magic. It is only natural that creatures with such
strong bodies, minds, and spirits can have many effects on lesser beings. It has been shown that a
dragon's bloodline can be added to nearly any creature, so long as it can breed and draw breath." The
tarnished gold dragon explained to his new plaything.

Joey smiled at his master, his hands cradling his round, seed-filled belly. It had been delicious,
heartbreakingly delicious. He knew that he was bound to the dragon against his will, but if he resisted, or
tried to escape, he would be forever denied any more of the wonderful, plentiful sweetness that made
his greedy tummy swell.

The dragon had curled up on a pile of pillows and cushions in one corner, Joey cuddled against him
beneath a soft, majestic wing.

"So it should come as no surprise, no pun intended, that the sexual essence of a dragon, a substance
released naturally with the intent of making new draconic life, may indeed create such a life while within
the body of a different creature. Of course it takes training to do, and requires a great deal of magical
effort. But it is well worth it, and there are so many fun ways to do so, and with so many differing results."

The dragon yawned, curling away from Joey, "Such magics are what I use to defend my lair from
robbers, invaders, and egocentric lesser creatures that seek to slay me for no reason other than their
own pride. Feh."

The lizardboy moaned softly as the dragon's warmth was taken away from him, though a different sort of
warmth pulsed gently throughout his midsection.

"Which is why I keep a goblet filled with a little concoction meant to tantalize the senses of taste and
smell nearby when I eat my dinner in my humanoid shape; after chasing me away from my meal, most
of those self-loving pricks sees nothing wrong with devouring my lovingly prepared supper. I think it only
fitting that I inflict my most humiliating transformation upon a prospective murderer."

The great beast chuckled, "You'll learn to enjoy it, truly enjoy it, in time, little one. All the other Jeyarr did.
The changes to your body begin even now, making you an exceptionally fertile female, in part."

Joey shuddered at that, though a shameful, distant ache filled his loins at the thought of it.

"Made heavy and round with eggs, with equally heavy and round milk-filled breasts. Something I find
rather attractive on a biped, actually. But a Jeyarr's role isn't merely to breed for her dragon, oh no. She
is a pleasure toy, a plaything, a living dildo that can be passed around for other dragons to relieve their
sexual frustrations upon."

"I'm not going to pass you around or insist you spread your legs at a moment's notice for every one of
my pets that passes by, but I will ask that you try and hone your technique, though pleasurable, it was a
bit sloppy. You could easily keep me on the edge of climax all day, and you most certainly can refrain
from climaxing on me at least until I've had my fun."

Joey's green facial scales reddened with a blush. His master had made him lick every inch of the
dragon' mighty member clean. He couldn't stop himself from doing it, though he had quite thoroughly
enjoyed the flavor.

"Now, if you would head off into what would be the gymnasium in your version of this building, you will
find where I keep most of my horde. You can help yourself to a trinket or two if you like, but what I want
you there for is to practice your technique on my new guards. I think after a few hours of drilling, they'll
be quite worked up and in need of some release." The dragon purred.

The dragon's words made the lizardboy quiver, and he felt himself standing up and darting away in the
direction of the gym, now treasure hall, without the thought going to his brain for consideration.

His blush deepened as he found himself hard once more, his body eager to please his master's guards.
He wondered what they would be like, and as he opened the double doors, he got his answer.

Perhaps eight feet in height, muscular, frames larger and wider than even the football team's
linebackers; they stood in a line, moving swords and shields on cue, the mailed tops and plated skirts in
familiar colors and patterns, but with far different material.

"Okay team!" roared the largest of the guards, "Let's try it again!"

The phalanx shouted their new, yet familiar battle cry, moving their weapons in tandem.


2 - Magical Mishaps

Shattered Shards
Magical Mishaps
By Von Krieger

Arilee groaned loudly as she looked at her two study partners. The blonde elf raised her hand
immediately, "Miss Chromium, can I change partners?" she asked, a foul expression on her face.

The silvery-gray dragoness scowled with an equally foul expression over the glasses on the end of her
snout, "No. I've chosen the groups I've chosen for a reason. I'm asking you to complete your alchemical
synthesis project with Cathell and Nathara for a reason. I'm not asking you to take them to a ball or to
one of your high society dinners. You need to make a circle, cast a spell, and that is all."

The dragoness' tail flicked in annoyance and she snorted to show her displeasure, exhaling a small
cloud of smoke. "Nor am I asking you to dive into a mosh pit with them, which considering the number of
marks on your disciplinary record for forging parental excuse notes to take part in contact sports is
probably for your benefit."

"But...!" the elf protested.

Chromium's lips pulled ever so slightly back, exposing sharp, metallic teeth, "You are enrolled in a public
school, Miss Appleleaf. Your private tutors may have catered to your slightest whim, desire, and
abhorrence of non-elven races, but I do not. If you want to abide by the Terran regulations of twelve
grades of education, rather than the familiar elven forty eight, you are obligated to abide by the
regulations of such a system."

Arilee's disgust was obvious, and she regarded her assigned partners with a look that she would give to
errant dog droppings.

"I will remind you, Miss Appleleaf, that baring exceptional circumstances, one's species is, thankfully, not
contagious in nature. Human children banish the concept of 'cooties' before they enter middle school.
Now, get over there with your partners and start working on your assignment before I assign you to
catching frogs for my afternoon biology class, and Principal Murglarp's lunch. He likes the big fat ones
from the middle of the swamp, you know."

Arilee wrinkled her nose just thinking about all the mud, stagnant water, mosquitoes, other assorted
bugs. And also the croaking slimy frogs, and the equally slimy principal. She wasn't sure how the
sahuagin managed to get himself, not only a position with a public school, but in a place exceptionally
far from the nearest ocean.

The elf maiden shuddered and forced herself up out of her chair, approaching her two partners and
reluctantly sitting with them. Nathara sneered and made a show of cracking her knuckles, the menace of
the act enhanced by her bald head, dusting of scales, and the rather prominent fangs within her mouth.
"Fuck this up for Cath 'n me, tit, and I'll be rearranging that face of yours so that not even an orc'll be
looking at you without throwing up." She said in low, accented tones.

"Miss Chromium!" Arilee said, standing, backing away from the serpentkin.

"And leeches. Big, black, slimy, chewy leeches. They'll go well with the frogs, I would think." The
dragoness said, not even bothering to turn her head.

"Wouldn't that be a sight, Cath? Miss high 'n mighty forced to slog through the bog waters, picking
bloodsucking gobs of black snot off her perfect little legs."

Cathell sighed and clenched her eye shut, the Cyclops shaking her head, "I think that the three of us
ought to put our personal and racial issues aside and accomplish the task set before us. It will require a
minimum of effort from all parties involved. The assignment is merely a low-grade transubstantiation.
Nathara can draw forth the energy, and I am easily capable of both drawing the circle and performing
the incantation."

Arilee shook her head, "No way! I'm doing the incantation!" the elf said with a scowl, "There's no way I'm
going to let my grade hang on the efforts of a pair of... moral, spiritual, and genetic deviants! I'll do the
incantation. Just tell me where and when."

"Right after school, out in the parking lot, tit. I'll take your block off for talking about Cath that way. Insult
me all you like, but don't be flinging hateful words at an admitted pacifist. That's just bad taste."

Cathell simply sighed once more, "Please stop fighting you two, it's not going to do anyone any good. I
have my arcane chalks at home. If you'd prefer to get this done as soon as possible, we can all head
there after school."

Arilee shook her head, "You live in a CAVE."

The Cyclops nodded, absently toying with her auburn hair out of nervousness, "Well, yes, but it is a
particularly nice cave. It is essentially nature's pre-fabricated housing. It's not like it's a wet, wild, filled
with bats type cave. It's just that same as any other house save for the general shape and
undergroundedness of it. It surpasses all the human world guidelines for construction and safety."

She gave Arilee a small scowl, "And the fact that it is solid stone and not living wood means that my
floors are perfectly acceptable drawing surfaces for the ritual."

The elf snorted, "Fine, I'll see you there, then." She said, getting up just as the bell rang to signal their
next class.

Nathara expressed her own disgust, sticking out her forked tongue at the elf's back. "That's one girl that
life really needs to smack around a bit and teach a lesson."

Cethell shook her head, "Don't you dare do anything to her. Karma will make sure her bigotry will catch
up with her."
The serpentkin sighed and placed an arm around the cyclops' shoulders, "Only because you asked me
to, Cath." She said, giving her a quick peck on the cheek.


Later that afternoon, Arilee knocked on the door of Cathell's cave. Aside from the fact that the entrance
was in the side of a hill, it was otherwise like most of the homes in the neighborhood. There was even a
porch light, a mailbox, and a small window.

She waited for a few moments, putting her pointed ear to the door. It was rather rude of them to keep
her waiting on the doorstep like some common beggar. The cyclops had said after school, and four
o'clock was after school.

Arilee sighed and grabbed the knob, finding the door unlock she turned it and stepped inside.
Immediately she had to go down several stairs to where there was a mat with several pairs of shoes on
it, sitting right to the side of another door.

It may not have been the epitome of high architecture or a well-sculpted elven tree-home, but it wasn't
the repulsive, water dripping hovel that Arilee had been expected. The walls had even been stuccoed
and painted, with the shiny, latex based paint that was favored by the humans of the mundane world.

The elf opened the inner door, her eyes wide with what she saw. Cathell and Nathara were seated on
the couch, holding hands, and they were kissing! Kissing! Two females! With TONGUES even! Arilee
was stunned into silence for a few moments.

"That is DISGUSTING!" she finally managed to say, startling her classmates.

"Hey, don't be knocking it until you've tried it." The serpentkin said, a bit of a blush adding red to the
dusting of green scales.

"Urgh, a world full of loathsome deviants." Arilee sighed to herself.

"This from the gal whose pantheon of deities is headed up by a somewhat poofy, foppish male god of
art, beauty, and prancing faeries." Nathara said with a chuckle.

Arilee growled and lunged forward as the good name of Corellon was insulted. Nathara leaped up from
the couch and drove her shoulder into the elf's midsection, taking her down to the ground.

"Well, finally! I've been waiting for you to start something for a long time now, tit!" the serpentkin said
gleefully as she got to her feet, waiting for the elf to strike again.

"Stop calling me 'tit!'" Arilee shouted, throwing a wild punch that Nathara sidestepped. The serpent took
up a boxing stance, ready to brawl when Cathell imposed herself between the two.

"No fighting in my house!" she scolded, "Now Arilee, if we could just calm down for a moment, go into
the other room, get the assignment done, you can be out of here in fifteen minutes with the entire
weekend free of Nathara to look forward to. Or if you like the two of you can go right back to brawling."

"Fine!" Arilee said with a snort, her mind already plotting how to get even with the serpent for her
disgusting sexuality as well as her besmirchment of an elven god.

"True, we ought to get you to speak that incantation before I knock all the teeth out of your face."
Nathara said in a sickly sweet tone of voice. She whistled happily as she walked into the other room,
leaving Cathell to restrain an enraged Arilee.

"Look," the cyclops said with a sigh, "I know you don't like us, for whatever reasons you have. I don't
want to see Nathara or you get hurt. So please, let's just get the assignment done with so we can part

Arilee nodded, "Fine. Let's just do this and be done with it." She said, walking into the other room.


Arilee knelt in one of the outer circles. She had to admit, the two were actually almost competent. The
series of circles and triangles required for the ritual were just about perfect, the runes written with the
proper flourishes that Arilee herself took pride in adding, rather than merely using the base runes.

Nathara drew the elemental energy into the circle quite well; there was more than enough to work with.
Her serpentine blood must have given her a tie to the earth. The assignment was quite simple; they'd
been given a chipped ceramic cup and a rubber ball. The idea was to transform the ceramic into rubber
and also have it smoothed out and blemish free. The latter quality was represented in the third inner
circle by a perfectly smooth mirror.

It was a simple spell, and one that Arilee would have been able to complete by herself. But the
assignment specified all three of them, and the object needed their three arcane signatures.

The elf began to shape the mana, spreading it out in the circle as she began to chant. They'd been given
the specific items to use for this. Arilee grinned as she continued the chant. Her grade in the class was
exceptionally high, in the high 90's. She could afford to botch one assignment. Though perhaps her lab
partners could not.

Either way, it would be a spot on their records and a lesson not to mess with Arilee again. The elf took a
deep breath, ready to finish the incantation. With a sudden movement Arilee faked a sneeze, leaning
downward, blowing chalk dust into the circle.

"Dammit you tit!" the serpentkin growled as the project was ruined.

But rather than the effect Arilee thought would happen, a flawed transubstantiation, there was instead a
white light, a sudden heat, and a loud noise. An explosion.

The elf's vision filled with white and she felt herself suddenly thrown forward. She hit her head against
something, and then she saw no more.

Arilee moaned softly and tried to sit up, but she found herself unable to, a strange weight on her chest.
She groaned and reached up, attempting to rub her aching forehead. Instead she found smooth scales.

"Great," she grumbled, "I'm stuck under a stupid snake."

She opened her eyes and blinked, but she wasn't able to see much, she could see some light, but
strands of soft auburn as well as some of her own white-blonde hair were in the way.

She tried to move her other hand, but found a rather plump breast instead of her head. Arilee grumbled,
the busty cyclops was lying on her too. She could feel them breathing so they most definitely were not

Arilee felt strange, it was a little difficult to breathe and there was a strange ache that she couldn't quite
place, as well as several other rather strange sensations. There was an annoying tingling over most of
her body as well. Probably discharge from the left over spell energy.

Arilee's hand followed the cyclops' breast upward, hoping to find a shoulder to shake her awake. The elf
was being squished and she didn't particularly like it. Arilee blinked as the orb seemed to go on and on.
If she was feeling things right, the cyclops had tits the size of beach balls. She was busty, but not THAT

Arilee continued moving her hand upward, but rather than finding Cathell's head, she found another
breast. Weird. She kept feeling around, finding another scaled shoulder. That didn't feel quite right. The
elf's arms were quite far apart, she was finding Nathara's shoulder's about a body length to the left and
to the right as well, and the breasts beneath the left shoulder didn't feel like the serpentkin's
comparatively small bumps.

"Wake up Nathara!" the elf called, "You're squishing me!"

"Mmm?" Nathara mumbled, before opening her eyes and trying to sit up.

Arilee yelped as she felt herself moving as well, but it was better then nothing. She pushed up from the
ground as well, hopefully managing to get whatever the strange weight was off of her.

The elf felt a strange weight on her left side, dead weight. Was she partially paralyzed? Had the cavern
collapsed? A rock striking her spine and making half her body numb? Arilee didn't think so, she felt

The cyclops' hair was out of her face at least now, and she blew her own out of her eyes.

"Oh bugger..." Nathara said, almost right in her ear.

"Would you get off of me already?" Arilee muttered, "You've got to be just about in my lap."

"Ah.... I think you ought to take a look down. I've got no idea whose lap it is." The serpentkin said a bit
quieter and less forceful than usual.

"Look down?" Arilee asked, "Why should I look... down?"

She did, and found a rather large, tan orb in the way. She could see things out of the corners of her eyes
as well. Another of the orbs, breasts! Three huge breasts on her chest as well as... oh no.

The elf turned her head and came literally face to face with the serpentkin. "No, no, no, no! No way this
can be right! Where are my arms?"

"Umm... I think there's one over here. Is this one yours?" Nathara asked, and Arilee felt a scaled hand
grip her wrist, in fact she felt the scaled hand as well. Having figured out where the arm was, Arilee
wiggled her fingers.

"Which one has the wiggling fingers? I can't see; these damned things are in the way!"

Arilee gestured at the three beach ball sized breasts hanging from her... their chest.

"The one I'm holding. What about this one?"

"No, I feel it, but it's kind of hard to move. I don't think that's mine."

Nathara sighed, "I can't see past your hair, is Cathell on the other side?"

The elf turned and found herself nose deep in soft, auburn hair. She'd never noticed before, but Cathell
used a rather pleasant floral scented shampoo. And her hair was quite soft, she'd have to asked what
kind of hair care products she used.

"Yeah, she's apparently stuck in this mess too." Arilee sighed, "Any idea what happened?"

Nathara chuckled, "I've got a pretty good idea. You went and fucked up the transubstantiation spell."

"What? ME?!" Arilee said, horrified, insulted. It was quite true, and she knew it, but Nathara didn't have
to know.

"You sneezed during the most critical portion of the spell, and the sneeze went and screwed up the
circle something awful! Who knows what the hell happened?"

"You added to the incantation while you were serving as a mana focus! Your calling me a tit all the time
is probably why we have these three huge tits now!" Arilee growled.

"Six." Muttered Cathell, blinking her single eye, finally waking up after the sudden shock of the spell
gone wrong.

"Six? What do you mean six?" Arilee asked, sounding a little hysterical.

"Well, I can feel the weight on my chest, and I can feel a similar weight on my belly. Plus I can run my
hands over them." She said matter-of-factly.

"Hey, stop that, those aren't your hands!" Arilee said rather testily, her arms twitching as she could feel
Cathell try to move them.

"Sorry, sorry. I think mine are on the bottom, then, since I can see scales on the shoulder here."

The cyclops moved her hands over the trio's conjoined body, gripping each breast in turn. "See, one and
two on my side, one and two on Nathara's side, and one..."

Arilee slapped Cathell's hand with one of her own.

"Ow!" all three of them said at the same time.

"Don't do that, tit!" growled Nathara, "You hit one of us, we all feel it."

"Don't call me a tit!" the elf growled, and punched the serpentkin in the face, making all three of them
wince. Ignoring the pain, Nathara struck back. The elf took advantage of the lower position of her arms
to grip Nathara's wrists, preventing her from striking again.

"Please stop fighting, you two." Cathell said with a weary sigh, "Let's get our feet under us and head to
the office. One of the walls is covered with a mirror, we ought to be able to survey the extent of the
conjoinment and see if things are readily fixable."

Nathara sighed, "I'm fine with stopping the brawl right here. She popped me one, I gave her the same in
kind, so we're even."

Arilee turned and glared eye to eye with the serpentkin, "I won't hit her unless she calls me that filthy
word again. And for the love of the stars, what is that weird hot, itchy feeling down below my belly?"

Nathara's jaw dropped and Cathell's eye widened in surprise. The serpentkin began to laugh.

"What? What's so funny? Why are you laughing at me, you stupid snake!" Arilee growled, though Cathell
managed to grab the elf's hands before she could start swinging.

"I had thought that being in high school, you would be familiar with such bodily aspects, but perhaps
elves develop such urges later."

"What sort of urges?" Arilee asked, rather confused. She could feel the heat rising in Cathell's cheeks,
not needing to see the cyclops to tell that she was blushing.

"You're horny, you damned puritan elf!" Nathara managed to get out before rupting into another fit of

"Horny?" Arilee asked, not understanding.

"The sensation you're feeling is sexual arousal, Arilee." The cyclops explained.
The elf whipped her head around, staring into the girl's single eye with a look of confusion, disgust and

"It can't be! Elven sexual urges don't tend to kick in until our early fifties! I'm only thirty six years old!
Those are definitely NOT my urges!" Arilee protested.

Nathara continued to chortle, "It's a definite feeling in the middle. I'm well aware of my own arousal feels
like, and I bet Cathell knows damn well what it feels like when she's all hot and bothered. So it's
definitely you!"

Arilee felt a blush come to her own skin, most of her portion of their shared flesh heating up in
humiliation and embarrassment, and somehow that made the strange inner fire grow warmer and more

"You're lying just to tease and torment me!" Arilee said quietly, trying to prevent her eyes from tearing
up. She didn't want to start crying in front of Cathell and Nathara. Well, technically between them.

The cyclops released Arilee's wrists, her left hand instead gently gripping and squeezing Arilee's own.

"There, there," she said softly, her right hand reaching up to brush some stray hair from Arilee's face,
"This is a strange and confusing event for all of us. But as we are all sharing, for a time, the same flesh,
we all need to cooperate in order to function. Now, let's take things slowly, one step at a time. Agreed?"

Arilee nodded, "Agreed." She said with a snuffle.

"Agreed." Nathara added, still grinning like a loon.

"Okay, first thing, we need to get all our legs straight out in front of us so that we can see how many of
them we have and which ones are under whose control. Okay, move them on three, one, two, three!"

The trio shifted their legs, finding four of them.

"Okay, I can tell this one is mine for sure." Nathara said, pointing to the further right of the four, "On
account of the scales and all."

"And likely that means that the left one is mine. Arilee, if you'd like to try and bend the toes on the two in
the middle?"

The elf nodded and concentrated, it was rather difficult to do so, but the ten toes bent.

"Okay, now just the left one, I'm going to try and help out."

With both Arilee and Cathell thinking about the movement, the toes wiggled quite easily.

"Okay, Nathara, now you do the same with the middle right."
The serpentkin nodded, and the middle-right foot's toes bent.

"Arilee, let Nathara and myself try now."

Even with two of the girls concentrating, their combined effort could only match what Arilee could do on
her own.

"Now, walking. I think the most stable will be using alternating legs. Left and mid-right take a step, then
right and mid-left. That way we essentially approximate a 'normal' gait for the reach of us, since we all
have control over two legs. Now, let's try standing up..."


The three stumbled a few times, but managed to make it into Cathell's office. It was a strange gait, but
the three managed to settle into the pace quite quickly. It was kind of like walking normally, each one
moving one leg, then the other. Once they got started they found it quite easy to keep pace, though each
couldn't fully control portions of the body, they could all feel ever inch of their shared flesh.

"It looks so... perfect." Arilee managed, her part of the body quivering a little bit, her skin was flushed,
the sight of their naked form in the mirror only making her arousal worse.

Cathell chanted softly, placing a hand to her closed eyelid. Though the cyclops race only had a single
eye, the simplicity made it a great deal easier to cast spells to enhance or alter their vision.

She opened her eye and looked carefully over their reflection, "We seem to be okay. The spell has
seamlessly merged our bodies. I don't see any problems with the respiration, circulation, or digestive
systems. Our organs aren't quite what you'd expect. We have four lungs, two larger ones and two
smaller ones, two hearts that are a bit larger than normal, and our digestive system is hooked up kind of
strangely. I think we have four stomachs, three smaller ones that I'd consider normal, and then a larger
one that the three connect to. We only have a single set of intestines leading from it, though."

Cathell placed her hand over her eye and chanted a few words once more. "Our skeletal system is a
bit... odd. But it seems to be quite functional. The entire form is quite well crafted, so I don't think we're
going to have any problems, medically at least."

"The whole layout of our body is rather interesting. Rather than what I'd expect, three different sets of
organs haphazardly working together, we have what seems to be a similar form that is perfectly suited
for optimal efficiency." Cathell said, seeming rather proud.

"Our skin looks very smooth." Nathara observed, running a hand over a central breast, and then down
over a leg, "I'm not sure if it's from me or what, but aside from our heads, there's not a hair on our

" it..." Arilee moaned softly as her breast was stroked.

Cathell did the same thing, rubbing the inside of their middle-left for a moment before moving downward.
"Very interesting, I think it's more than hairless. I do believe that rather than focusing on the cup, the two
spells for rubberization and smoothing worked on us."

The cyclops grinned and gripped a nipple on the lower central breast, tugging hard. All three girls cried
out, but in pleasure, not of pain. The flesh had stretched quite far without the slightest hint of pain.

Nathara's hands immediately went for their upper outside breasts, while Cathell cupped the lower. "I
thought I had detected increased blood flow in the breast and loin regions," the cyclops said
breathlessly, "It would explain the increased sensitivity."

"Increased sensitivity?" Nathara asked, grinning widely, "That I've got to try."

"Nrrrrgh! STOP IT!" Arilee shouted, "Please, stop it! I don't like being fondled by lesbian perverts!"

"Well, judging from which set of legs has the hardest ache between them, I think you're lying." Nathara
teased, moving her hand over, caressing the elf's netherlips.

Arilee yelped, "Cease that lewd behavior at once!" she demanded, "It's un... un... oooh..."

"Arilee, is self-pleasure considered a deviant act?" Cathell asked, hoping to defuse the situation.

"" the elf whispered, eyes and teeth clenched, trying to fight off the pleasure.

"Do you feel this?" the cyclops asked, running her thumb over their top-right breast.

"Yes." Arilee said, shivering at the caress.

"What about this?" Nathara asked, moving her hand from Arilee's nethers and stroking her own.

"I can f-f-feel that also." She hissed through clenched teeth.

"Well... so can we." Nathara said with a chuckle.

"Any pleasure I would give you or Nathara I am also giving to myself. Any sexual contact we engage in
with each other is now by default a sort of masturbation." Cathell explained, "Which is something that,
while not openly embraced, is something that your race would consider acceptable behavior as long as it
is carried out in private, yes?"

Arilee's blush deepened, "I... I suppose."

"Good. Then let us make way to the bedroom where the toys are kept."

"T-toys?" Arilee asked, at once frightened and curious.

"Oh yeah, you didn't think two girls are just all about tongues and fingers and rubbing against one
another, did you?" Nathara asked with a chuckle.

"I... I'd never even thought about it." The elf said.
The three made their way out of the office and began to walk down the hallway.

"Could you please turn your head this way for a second, Arilee?" Cathell asked, "I want to see

Arilee did, finding herself nose to nose with Cathell. "Why? What are you....?"

The elf suddenly found the cyclops' tongue in her mouth, Cathell's lips meeting her own. Her eyes
widened in surprise and she felt her anger begin to rise. But the rage she expected never came. Instead
her anger popped like a bubble at the gentle sensations.

Arilee had never been kissed before, not in this way, at least. She closed her eyes and did her best to
return the favor.

Cathell pulled away, leaving Arilee whimpering, eager for more. "Give that to Nathara." She said,

The elf blinked, not sure as to what Cathell wanted. She felt her head turning, not of her own will, she
found her lips suddenly against the serpent's. Overcoming her initial anxiety, she hungrily pressed her
tongue into Nathara's mouth, exploring the points of the sharp fangs, and the thin smoothness of her
forked tongue.

Arilee held onto the kiss, delighting in it. It didn't quench the burning in her loins, but it seemed to ignite
another sort of fire that she found rather enjoyable. She found herself becoming lost in the sensations,
only snapping back into full consciousness when she felt the three of them flopping onto the bed. She
could feel a basket held in one of Cathell's hands.

Curiosity overcame desire and she broke the kiss from Nathara, turning her gaze forward once more,
peering over the large breast beneath her head to try and see what was in the basket.

The elf found Nathara removing several long, brightly colored tube-like items from the basket.

"As you have not experienced lovemaking yet, Nathara and I are going to concentrate on you for awhile.

Arilee nodded, extremely curious as to what was going to happen.

"I hope you don't mind, Nathara, but the rubber-like ability of our body has given me a few ideas. Allow
me to use your arms for a moment?"

The serpent nodded, "Sure. I know how devious you can get with toys. I'm wondering what you're going
to do with our little elfy in the middle too. Any protests, elfy?"

Arilee giggled as Nathara's forked tongue slithered out and licked her cheek. She shook her head,
"N-no. It's going to be fun, r-right?"
Cathell nodded, a huge grin on her face, "Oh yes, it's going to be great fun." She said, reaching into the
basket and removing several smaller objects.

Arilee moaned as Nathara's scaled hands gripping her nipples, tugging them hard, pulling and stretching
them away from her breasts. She cried out as the pressure continued, a pinching sensation added that
made her tits seem to virtually radiate pleasure.

Looking down she found her stretched nipples held in place with clothespins.

"Oh... oh gods..." Arilee whimpered, "That feels so good."

She bucked her hips, or at least she tried to, as a similar sensation shot through her loins. It made the
ache in her sex that much greater, her sensitivity seemed to grow. She could feel the wetness on her
thighs, as well as on the fingers that rubbed and caressed her aching pussy.

"Oh... oh please," she moaned, "Do something about that ache! It feels like my sex is on f-fire!"

"Well, there's a few ways we can do it, do you want the..." Cathell began to explain.

Arilee growled and grabbed the cyclops by the hair, turning her head to meet the elf's gaze. "I don't care!
Fucking put something me in already! Whatever feels good!"

The elf felt something cool and smooth slip into her, parting her netherlips, being pushed deeper and
deeper into her hungry snatch. There was a sudden, brief pain for a moment, and then Cathell flicked a
switch on the toy, which began to buzz and throb deliciously inside Arilee.

The elf moaned loudly, finding herself unable to hold back any longer. She could feel the arousal of her
bodymates rising, the pleasure of their fused flesh's central sex making the others ache in envy. She
couldn't stand to have any of that ache remain. She found her hands darting between their outer pairs of
legs, fingers slipping into Nathara and Cathell as the toy had into Arilee.

The cyclops and serpentkin yelped at the sudden movement and sensation.

"Oh think you can do better, eh?" Nathara said with a grin, "Cathell, let me show her what happens to
naughty newbies."

Arilee found herself writhing at the sudden pleasure that filled her. The serpent had taken Arilee's
netherlips and stretched them over the end of the vibrating toy, using the clothespins to pinch close the
petals of her sex, sealing the toy inside.

Arilee lost her concentration. She couldn't rub or caress anymore, the sensitivity of her rubberized flesh
sent her spiraling deep down into animal lust.

She lost herself in the deep, swirling tide of pleasure, allowing it to flow over her. She let herself loose,
let the other use her arms, and let them add to their own pleasure with her help.

It felt so incredible, Cathell and Nathara's pleasure, their arousal, their desire, it didn't add to her own. It
multiplied it. It all built up, and up, and up, and up to a wonderful white hot moment of purest bliss.

If that was what sex felt like, Arilee felt rather sure that she was going to be engaging in lots and lots of
'deviant' behavior.


Their shared triple climax left the trio breathless. They lay in the bed for awhile, letting the toys continue
their buzzing. But the climaxes that followed seemed to minor in comparison, out of sync with each

Cathell took the initiative, removing the clothespins and toys, setting them aside to be washed later.

As the three regained their breath the cyclops noted that their hands seemed to be instinctively moving.
She smiled at their placement.

Her left and Arilee's right rested on their belly, between the upper and lower rows of breasts. The elf and
the serpentkin had their right arms up by Nathara's head, similar to the placement of Cathell and the
serpent left hands.

Each of the six hands was entwined with another. It was a rather cute pose. The cyclops wondered how
longer the delicious, tender, loving moment would go on.

"Umm... girls?" Nathara asked, breaking the silence?

Arilee mmmed softly in reply.

"Yes?" Cathell asked.

"I hate to bring this up and ruin the moment, but I think we might have a problem."

Arilee blinked several times, pulling herself up from her drowsy cuddle-puddle state, "Which is?" she

"Umm... I may be wrong on this, it may be nothing."

Cathell sighed, "What is it, Nathara?" Count on the snake to ruin paradise for the rest of them.

"Girls, I do believe that we have to pee."

3 - Reptilian Rapture

Shattered Shards
Reptilian Rapture
By Von Krieger

Rhylith moaned softly, putting a hand to her aching head. She must've gotten into the drinks a little
harder than she had intended last night. Usually she wasn't one prone to downing the stuff until
blackouts and headaches were the norm.

The last thing she remembered was looking across the bar and deciding on this cute, yellow naga girl to
chat up. She remembered that it had gone well, and the serpent seemed interested in having some fun,
but she couldn't recall what had come after that.

The dragoness opened her eyes, drawing a deep breath into her lungs. She felt the uncomfortable ache
of her shaft between her legs, the throbbing in her head seeming to match the throbbing in her cock.
Morning wood wasn't typically so bad for Rhylith, though usually her femsex also decided to join the
party of longing for attention.

The hermaphrodite dragon sat up in the bed, putting a hand to her forehead, trying to rub out the
discomfort, she rubbed her short blue hair and blinked a few times, trying to figure out where she was.
The surroundings were unfamiliar.

Someone was lying next to her and Rhylith turned to see who she had shared a bed with. She smiled at
the sight of the naga girl from the bar. She reached out and ran a finger over the serpent's small,
cobra-like hood.

The naga made appreciative noises, opening her eyes and smiling at Rhylith as she awoke. The serpent
shuddered and gasped, "Oooh, I think I had a little much to drink last night." She said.

Rhylith grinned, "Me too."

The naga's hands gripping the dragoness's shoulders, pulling her down atop the serpent; Rhylith found
herself tugged into a deep, forceful kiss. It made the headache seem to fade. The scent of arousal filled
the air, making her member ache even more with longing.

The serpent tugged the covers off herself, "I need you." She whispered, "I need you so bad it hurts."

The dragon nodded and grinned wider, "Hmm... there's something I always wanted to try with a naga..."
she said, gently coaxing her lover onto her belly. Rhylith scooted down the bed, wrapping her arms
around the naga's thick tail, hefting it up over her shoulder and holding it there.

"So much tail to hold and cuddle." She explained, slipping her eager shaft into the naga's awaiting
depths. The pain in head and loins seemed to vanish instantly upon contact. Rhylith sighed loudly, the
relief was wonderful.

The soft, smooth tail against her breasts felt delightful, Rhylith wasn't sure what exactly was going on,
but the merest brush of the naga's scales against her own felt pleasant. She found herself coaxing her
lover's tail to coil around her, to get as much scale to scale contact as she could.

The whole thing felt strange, the sex was more intense than normal, and Rhylith found herself rapidly
approaching climax. She tried to hold herself back, slow her pace, draw out her partner's pleasure, but
she couldn't stop herself. The dragoness thrust into her serpentine lover as fast as she could, instinct
seemed to have taken over.

Rhylith cried out, feeling her body quiver in ecstasy as her climax washed over her, the sensation
leaving her breathless. It was not only quicker to occur than usual, but also far more intense and

She wasn't sure how many jets of seed she had gushed forth so far, but usually they started to flag in
intensity after two or three. So far there had been at least five or six. The dragoness quickly lost count as
the flagging pleasure of the orgasm suddenly spiked back up again.

The naga's pleasured cries made Rhylith blush, she was definitely a screamer. She hoped that the
naga's neighbors weren't trying to sleep.

It took a few minutes for the pleasure to finally cease, for the dragoness's seed to finally stop pumping.
She wasn't sure where it had all come from, though what worried her at the moment was the fact that
even after all that she was still hard.

Rhylith pushed the naga's tail aside, leaning down and running her hands over the snake's back,
reaching up to massage the yellow scaled shoulders of her lover. The naga moaned softly and the
dragoness felt her femsex clench her shaft tightly as she rubbed her.

"Mmm... I don't remember much of last night, I'm sorry to say, but I'm guessing we had a fun time." The
dragoness purred.

The naga's face scales flushed orange, "Not as fun as we're having now. I'm Nadja." She said, smiling
back at Rhylith.

"Rhylith." The dragoness said with a grin, reaching down and shaking one of the naga's hands, "Pleased
to meet you."

The naga sighed happily, "Not as pleased as I am, I can tell you that."

Nadja's cunny seemed to suddenly grow tighter, and tighter, and tighter. It was almost painful for a
moment, but then the muscles seemed to relax all at once. Rhylith found herself beginning to thrust
again, but slower this time, more gentle.

"Oooh, you feel so good!" Rhylith purred, "I almost want to stay inside you forever!"
Nadja giggled and blushed deeper, pushing back against Rhylith.

The naga curled her tail around the dragon's middle, pulling her as tightly against her body as she could,
trying to pull every last millimeter of Rhylith's shaft into her. She shifted her position a bit, curling her tail
a bit just before her sex, allowing the dragoness's femsex to rub against her soft underbelly scales.

Rhylith cried out at the sensation, wondering why she hadn't thought of it earlier. Slow and steady once
more found itself replaced by hard, fast, and hungry.

"Oh stars..." murmured Rhylith "You seem to bring out the beast in me. I... mmm... I can't help but pound
into you like this."

Nadja moaned loudly, "D-don't worry about it. It feels just as good for me; p-probably even better."

Rhylith's second climax came even quicker than the first, and was even more intense. She threw her
head back and joined Nadja in celebrating their climactic bliss by announcing it to the world as loud as
they could.

The dragoness flopped back on the bed, wrapping her legs around Nadja's tail, thrusting against her as
cock and cunny both pulsed with sweet delight. Rhylith relaxed, letting the pleasure wash over her,
continuing to do so for a minute or two before she noticed the oddness of the feeling.

Something felt wrong. She clenched her teeth and tried to concentrate on the sensations of her body.
Tightness, then a rush of liquid, tightness, liquid rush; backwards, the climax seemed backwards!

Rather than seed and climactic essence leaking from her sexes, something seemed to be flowing its
way into her! Rhylith bit her tongue, trying to break through the fog of lust. The flowing sensations were
larger than they ought to be as well, they encompassed not only her loins, but portions of her belly,
thighs, and strangest of all, a goodly portion of her tail.

"N-nadja," Rhylith moaned, "I think something is wr-wrong!"

The dragon tried to pull out, but only succeeded in making herself cry out with pleasure as her climax
began anew. She ground her teeth together so hard that it hurt. She reached down between her legs,
hoping to pull her cock free of the powerfully muscled depths of the serpent.

She blinked as her hand could get down no further than her waist. Both hands darted to the area, feeling
around. But rather than finding her shaft, she found a thick band of flesh that seemed to tie the naga's
body to her own.

Wide eyed, Rhylith rolled over, pulling Nadja along with her, making sweet sexual pleasure surge
through their bodies. Rhylith pushed the serpent's tail off of her body, allowing her to see the
strangeness that her hands had felt.

The two were joined at Rhylith's crotch, yellow scales merging with blue to create green. The connection
continued downward, encompassing the dragoness's femsex and tailhole as well. Looking back over her
shoulder, Rhylith could see the effects of the surges into herself. Her tail had grown longer and thicker,
the scales becoming a bright green.

With each surge the naga's long tail shrunk just a little bit, the mass moving into Rhylith's tail, making it
grow an equal amount larger.

"Wh-what's happening?!" the dragoness asked, puzzled, confused.

"Oh stars..." Nadja moaned, "I've fantasized about this, dreamed about this but I never.... nrrrgh! Never
thought it could happen!"

"What? What could happen?" Rhylith asked eyes wide in fear and confusion.

There was something almost like a pop, and suddenly massive pleasure shot straight into the
dragoness' mind. It was like her cock had suddenly grown several feet in size. Almost like, like....

Rhylith looked back, seeing Nadja pushing against the bed, body trying to bend into the fetal position,
thick, white goo running down her chin.

Like almost all of the naga's body had become her cock.

With that super-powerful climax the floodgates seemed to open, and Rhylith felt the naga's tail-mass
rush into her, the dragoness's tail growing, expanding, transforming into a serpentine length. A tail meant
for slithering.

"No! No!" Rhylith shouted. She wriggled, trying to pull away from the naga, trying to reverse the flow by
force of will.

But it could not be stopped. In a few moments the naga's tail had vanished. The sensations of pleasure
faded, allowing Rhylith to think clearly at long last. With some maneuvering she managed to get her new
tail underneath her, allowing Nadja to slip around to be in front of the dragoness, rather than beneath.

"I don't want this!" Rhylith cried, gripping Nadja's shoulders and shaking them. The touch sent ripples of
pleasure through their combined body.

The naga smiled and looked over her shoulder at Rhylith, "Don't be upset, Rhylith. I do. I want to be your
cock." She whispered, reaching back with a fingerless hand, stroking the dragoness's cheek.

"I don't want to lose you!" Rhylith protested, hugging Nadja tightly against her.

"Silly dragon, how are you going to lose me? I'm going to be right here between your legs!" the serpent
said with a chuckle, her body undulating in Rhylith's grip, giving them both pleasure.

"I... I..." Rhylith protested, but her words were silenced as the serpent bent herself backwards, her bones
already beginning to soften. Nadja's lips met Rhylith's own, and the dragon's protests were silenced.

Rhylith could feel Nadja's passion, her lust, her desire, her happiness at having a wonderful fantasy
fulfilled. She found herself beginning to stroke the serpent's body, yellow scales melting into soft, slick
skin. She found her own emotions pushed aside as her hands began to move seemingly of their own
will, beginning to stroke at caress the increasingly cock-like body of Nadja.

The dragoness felt her hips begin to buck, the incredible pleasure increasing with each passing moment
as Nadja became less naga and more cock. Rhylith gripped her lower's breasts, caressing and kneading
them. They grew firmer as the dragon stroked them, the nipples transforming into the same, smooth
flesh. She felt them begin to recede, to join Nadja's now absent arms, shoulders, and hips in oblivion.
But they stopped receding, remaining on the shaft as a pair of rounded bumps.

Rhylith felt Nadja's face begin to shift; her teeth vanishing, her jaw bones fading away, replaced by soft
flesh. Their kiss became something more, and act of sexual pleasure, no longer simply emotion.
Rhylith's forked tongue caressed the inner walls of Nadja's cock-slit, making both of them quiver with

She felt her lover's body thinning, the mass added to her tail, the shape becoming more like that of a
proper cock than a naga woman. Rhylith felt Nadja begin to grow smaller and smaller, but all the while
heat and pressure built higher and higher.

Nadja's tongue, curled around Rhylith's own, began to recede, becoming one with the cockflesh around
it. Rhylith felt her fused body tense, and she heard in her mind a softly gasped "Oh stars..." before her
world turned white.

White-hot pleasure shot through her body and thick streams of white erupted from her Nadja-cock,
splattering the walls, ceiling, and a goodly portion of Rhylith herself. She kept the kiss as long as she
could, the excess mass of Nadja's body seemingly expelled in the form of thick gouts of semen. But the
shaft quickly grew too small for Rhylith's tongue to remain within.

The serpent-dragon flopped down onto the messy, sticky bed, stroking her cock, enjoying the feeling of
warm seed as it flowed out onto her belly and breasts. Though Nadja's body was gone, her mind most
certainly was not.

Rhylith could feel a consciousness caressing her own mind. She could feel Nadja's emotions, the
incredible feelings of pleasure, happiness, desire, and gratitude. She was beyond words at the moment
as she basked in the white-hot orgasmic glow of her body.

The dragoness peered down at the flesh that had once been Nadja's. Running her taloned fingers over
it, Rhylith could see some definite hints of Nadja's previous form. There were curves where the serpent's
hips and shoulders once were, not as pronounced, by there was a definite resemblance to a curvaceous
female body.

The two rounded domes that had been the naga's breasts remained as well, the most sensitive portion
of Rhylith's anatomy. The cockhead as well also retained traits of Nadja; there was most definitely a
cobra hood.

Rhylith absently stroked herself as she began to look over her merged form. There was the tail of
course, long, thick, and green. It felt rather nice. Truth be told Rhylith had also had a bit of a tail fixation
and she rather liked having a big, sexy snake tail of her very own.
Her feet and legs had also changed a bit. Looking down at them, the reality of her tail sunk in; she
wouldn't be using her legs for walking anymore. As if in compensation the bones had shifted, giving
Rhylith a second pair of hands. Though the fingers were a bit short, the claws a little large, and the
movement kind of stiff, they could still be used for gripping, and stroking.

Rhylith smiled and stretched her upper arms, folding them behind her head. Leaning against them she
felt her ear fins press against something that had not been there before. Exploring with her fingers,
Rhylith found that she had a bit of an addition to her head and neck; a cobra's hood.

She smiled as she felt Nadja's amusement. The naga hadn't been completely absorbed into Rhylith. The
dragoness rather liked the fact that there were portions of her that were reminders that Nadja shared the
same flesh as well.

She could feel the serpent inside of her, feeling her love, her pride, her pleasure. It was a sweet,
wonderful warmth that Rhylith found herself never wanting to be without. As she thought of Nadja the
dragoness found herself stroking her cock, going over the merger in her mind. She wished she could do
it all over again, knowing what was in store, making the process go smoother, sexier, making it more fun
for the both of them.

She found herself wanting more, and she could feel Nadja's desire for the same. They wanted to feel the
sensation of another's flesh melding with their own, another mind touching their own, the beauty of a
third species adding to their beautiful blue, yellow, and green body.

Rhylith's belly gurgled, several feet worth of it. It seemed that a few things had been moved now that
there was lots of room in the long naga's tail. The dragon-snake chuckled.

"Well, let's see what you have to eat in your apartment." Rhylith said aloud.

The dragoness felt confusion from Nadja. The naga pushed the pleasure aside, allowing herself to
speak into Rhylith's mind.

-My apartment? I thought we were at YOUR apartment!-

The bafflement grew, Rhylith slithered to the door and opened it, peeking out into what lay beyond.

It was a small, empty room, the only feature being a light recessed in the ceiling and a door opposite

"Glad to see you two have enjoyed yourselves, Rhylith and Nadja. But before lunch, I think a little more
fun is in order. Let's introduce the two of you to another pair of test subjects. I wonder how the mix of
avian and arachnid turned out, but I admit I'm more curious as to how that will end up with dragon and

Rhylith's eyes widened and she gasped at the words coming from an intercom. But her shock at being a
test subject quickly vanished. She hadn't ceased stroking herself with her new lower arms, and the
thought of another prospective merger in the future was enough to send her.... them over the edge.
She quivered in orgasmic delight, basking in Nadja's heightened pleasure as it added to her own.

She couldn't wait to find out what her future bodymates looked like.
4 - Hooves and Hippodrakes

Shattered Shards
Hooves and Hippodrakes
By Von Krieger

Tayon sat in the tall grass and bushes beside the small pond. He was quite sure that none of his friends
would be concealed in their usual spot, since they hadnt quite enjoyed the show theyd gotten

A nomadic band of equitaurs were camped nearby, and were using the muddy, spring-fed pond as a
place to bathe. The water was quite shallow this time of year, barely a foot deep during the day, but
there were rather plentiful amount of mud, which the horse-head centaurs spread over their bodies.

The human youth smiled as he saw her approach, the cute equitaur girl that himself and a half dozen of
his friends had spied on the day before from this very spot. They had chuckled and made soft,
appreciative noises as she had taken off her top and rubbed mud upon her generous breasts.

But what had followed next had disgusted them. The equine woman had put on quite a show, making it
evident that she was playing with herself; which had made certain signs of arousal perfectly clear.

The other boys had been disgusted by the sight of the thick black shaft that hung between her legs, but
Tayon had been enraptured by it. He had reluctantly followed his friends back to the village, but hed
vowed to come back alone and see the bathing beauty.

Just as she had yesterday, she removed the simple leather vest she wore, hanging it on a nearby bush
before she stepped into the muck. Weighing a bit more than a horse, she easily sank into the soft, moist
mud. She walked towards the middle of the pond, where the springs stirred up the dirt and dust, of which
there was always plenty to spare.

She leaned down; her humanoid portion able to bend so easily, the range of motion wider and easier
than a human would have bending at the waist. She scooped up a large potion of mud with her three
fingered hands and sighed softly as she began to rub it into her breasts.

Tayon too began to rub something as he watched the bathing beauty, imagining that it was his hands
upon her body. The equitaur kept one hand on her breast, using the other to apply mud all over her body
until her heavy maleness grew to arousal.

She bent her legs, lowering herself into the mud, lifting a foreleg as she bent her humanoid portion down
between her front legs, reaching back with her hands to stroke her erect manhood.

The human youth wanted to go to her, to help her with her obvious need. He wondered if equitaurs went
into heat like horses did. He also wondered why she didnt have a lover to aid her with her lust, perhaps
it was due to her dual-gendered state.
The equitaur moaned softly, thrusting into her caressing hands, as did Tayon, but he bit his lip, not
wanting to be discovered. He fixed his gaze upon her, upon her gorgeous equine face, her soft brown
eyes that seemed on the verge of tears at either the joy of her pleasure, or the sorrow of having to deal
with her need by herself.

She cried out softly, thick, plentiful jets of white seed splattering over the dark mud. She stood and
stomped upon the whiteness with her hooves, hiding the result of her self-pleasure.

Tayon, however, did no such thing, instead coaxing every last drop from his member, not wanting to
make a mess in his underclothes.

A large pair of hands clamped down on Tayons shoulders, You little pervert! grumbled a deep voice
and the young human found himself lifted off his feet by a very large and very angry male equitaur.


He was engaged in self-love as he spied upon your daughter, Elder. The equitaur guard said,
presenting Tayon to the grey-maned elder.

The human had been bound and gagged with cloth strips and tossed over the equitaurs back like a
sack of potatoes. His protests were unintelligible through the knotted strip of cloth that had been shoved
into his mouth. His captor hadnt even allowed him to put his manhood away, or button his pants.

The ride to the nomads camp had made them bunch up down around his ankles, and Tayon couldnt
help but blush in humiliation as he was paraded before what appeared to be the equitaurs tribal council
in his underpants.

There is only one punishment for an outsider who looks upon a holy maiden while she communes with
the mother goddess. The elder said, his words grave, Likely the mother goddess has already bound
his spirit and prepared him for his fate. Toss him into the stable with the stricken hippodrake; she will
carry out his sentence.

Tayon screamed through his gag, hed seen the equitaurs beasts of burden, large, powerful creatures,
large than even the equitaurs themselves. The creatures had the head and forelegs of a powerful
dragon, and the rear half of a massive horse. Though they possessed fearsome fangs and claws, the
beasts could easily thrive upon a diet of grains, grasses, and other plants. But they would also hunt and
eat meat.

The young human struggled as best he could, but the equitaur male easily overpowered him. Tayons
clothes were cut away from his body, his captors knife breaking his skin in a few places, bloodying him
so the hippodrake would catch the scent of wounded prey.

His bonds were cut away next, but Tayon had no time to run, not even to scream. He was hoisted off his
feet and tossed unceremoniously into a large tent that seemed to cover a small corral.

The fall had knocked the wind out of Tayon, and he couldnt move; easy prey for a rabid hippodrake. He
could hear the beasts footsteps as it approached, likely scenting easy prey. Its horrible fanged mouth
opened before his face; descending towards his throat.

Tayon clamped his eyes shut; not wanting to watch as the beast... playfully licked his face? The
hippodrakes forked tongue coated his cheek and forehead with a thick layer of slobber, the creature
nuzzling him playfully while letting out a happy draconic trill.

Uh, hi. The human said once he found his breath, scratching the draconic creature behind a long ear,
petting her soft mane, Good girl, promise not to eat me? he asked with a chuckle as the hippodrake
licked at his wounds.

It stung a little bit, but the shallow cuts quickly stopped bleeding. The creature quickly resumed her
nuzzling, just about knocking Tayon over as she leaned against his chest. She was probably used to the
equitaurs, who were big enough to press up against without knocking them over.

Tayon wrapped his arms around the hippodrakes neck, snuggling against her in the hopes that she
wouldnt try and press against him any more. Her scales were soft and smooth, feeling rather nice
against Tayons bare skin.

The creature licked his chest happily, making the youth chuckle. The hippodrake moved her head
downward, licking at his belly, and then at his groin. Tayon had noticed a strange, musky scent on the
air, but he hadnt paid it any attention until now. He suddenly realized that the stricken hippodrake
was in heat, and what was worse is that her scent seemed to be affecting him.

The hippodrakes tongue curled around his quickly erecting member; Tayon tried to pull away, but the
drake had him backed against the fence, and she was rather strong, so there was no pushing her away.

The youth moaned softly as the creature suckled almost hungrily upon his manhood. It felt... strange,
like it was the wrong shape and size, and it seemed to be getting bigger. Tayon cried out, gripping the
hippodrakes ears with his hands, thrusting into her eager mouth.

So this was his punishment; the humiliation of being forced to rut with a heat-stricken hippodrake? It
didnt seem so bad. Tayon stroked the beasts mane, the powerful sensation in his loins seeming to
increase with each passing second, as if he had more cock to pleasure each time the hippodrakes
tongue stroked his shaft.

The youth closed his eyes and relaxed, his punishment wasnt so bad after all. He smiled, not noticing
that the nails upon his fingers and toes had thickened, nor the shifting coloration of his skin.

Wherever the hippodrakes tongue had been, the skin had begun to darken, becoming the deep brown
of the creatures hide. The dark coloration slowly began to spread over Tayons body, moving outward
from his groin and chest, downward from his face and neck.

His copper hair shifted in coloration, rather than becoming darker it became redder, matching that of the
equitaur he had spied on. But Tayon did not see any of these changes, though he felt a slight stiffness in
his fingers and toes.
The thick nails that had turned black seemed to consume the digits they were attached to. Tayons toes
seemed to fuse into a single solid lump, which as the moments passed became more rounded, broader,
until each of his feet ended in a large, powerful hoof.

His fingers, however, took a different path. The mass of each finger that was flesh and bone seemed to
be pushed downward by the growing nail, each one becoming pointed, becoming a claw.

The boys new talons began to grow larger even as his fingers and thumb shrunk into tiny nubs, quickly
becoming the sharp claws the hippodrakes used for hunting and digging. The humans mouth opened
to let out a pleasured moan, showing off altered teeth and a forked tongue.

There was a soft tickle at the base of his spine, a few new muscles forming as long, thick strands of hair
sprouted from nothingness, giving him a long equine tail. He could no longer contain his pleasure, which
spilled fruitfully into the hippodrakes maw, the creature gulping down his seed with great relish.

Once she had coaxed the last drop of seed from Tayons shaft, she pulled away, leaving the male still
hard and horny. Tayon blinked a few times, his lust fogged brain rather puzzled as to why the pleasure
had ceased.

He looked down at his huge member, thick and equine with a strange, spade-shaped head rather than
the blunt trumpet shape of a true equine. He tried to stroke himself with his clumsy paws, but found the
act brought him little pleasure. He tried to take it into his mouth, but the organ was too big, sized for a
fully grown hippodrake twenty or thirty times his weight.

Tayon lapped at it with his long, forked tongue, but his small, weak tongue could do little to pleasure his
thick skin. His body quivered, bones popping softly as they expanded, a sound akin to creaking leather
filling the small tent as the boys body grew.

He smiled at the hippodrake female before him, her tail raised, her eyes meeting his with amusement
and glee. He was big enough now that he could stand and enter her. He stumbled forward on his new
hooves, catching himself upon her back. She snickered at his clumsiness and the way he gasped softly
when his shaft brushed against her furred flank.

Tayon looked down, guiding himself into her, sighing with relief as his aching shaft was welcomed into
the hippodrakes warm, wet depths. He leaned on her back, gripping her sides with his arms as he
continued to grow.

Bones popped softly once more as his arms and legs took on a different shape than they had known his
whole life. Powerful hips and thighs made perfect for running, matched with biceps, triceps, and
shoulders in his forelegs. His claws flexed, longing to dig into the earth as he ran.

Soft fur, like velvet, sprouted upon his lower body, the upper seeming to crack like dry mud, forming
moments later into the tough, yet still smooth and soft reptilian scales. Tayon sucked in a breath, making
a clicking, trilling purr of pleasure as he thrust into the smaller female.

His chest broadened, providing the base for the muscles that would allow his powerful forelegs to break
the back of a zebra with the swipe of one powerful paw. His neck popped softly as it elongated into a
sinuous, serpentine shape. His new neck allowed Tayon to lean down, playfully licking the females
ears as her mated her.

Incisors rounded, becoming sharp canine teeth ideal for ripping and tearing at meat. He gripped the
females scruff with his new teeth; biting down to get a good grip on her, to allow him to pull himself
forward with each powerful thrust, making the female sigh with delight as the nagging ache within her
was finally given attention.

Tayon thrust deep into the female, pulling her back against him as best her could as her climaxed,
feeling thick jets of seed erupting from him, much more intense than he had felt only minutes before
under the caress of her tongue.

The female whinnied loudly, her moist depths tightening around Tayon, not wanting a single drop of his
male essence to escape from her womb. The male slowly withdraw his cock, his eyes half closed, still
fogged with lust. The female dropped her forequarters down and stretched, rather like a cat.

She seemed to smile as a collar was slipped around Tayons neck. The male hippodrake placidly
followed as his leash was tugged on, an equitaur leading him out of the heated females stable and into
another tent. This one had furniture in it, as well as large cushions and pillows on the floor.

But what drew the most of Tayons attention was the beautiful equitaur girl reclining in those cushions.
His handler removed his leash, allowing the hippodrake to go to his mistress when she beckoned him
with a wave of her hand.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly, You will be my guardian from now on.
She whispered into Tayons ear. The words seemed to burn themselves into the hippodrakes very
soul; he would have no choice but to serve as her guardian.

You were rather naughty, Tayon, spying on me like that. The equitaur teased, seeming to pluck
Tayons name from nowhere.

No, from your mind, my guardian. She said with a giggle, I have been gifted by the mother goddess
with a deep bond to the land and to its beasts, and one beast in particular. Though I think it is time we
set aside your beast mind for a few moments.

The equitaur took her pets head into her hands, rubbing her muzzle against his for a moment before
exhaling a gentle breath across the top of Tayons snout. The act seemed to blow the lusty fog and
hippodrake instincts right out of his mind.

He looked up at his mistress with wide, fearful eyes. Only at that moment realizing what had happened
to him. He opened his mouth to speak, to beg to be changed back, but all that came out were the
reptilian and equine noises that hippodrakes made.

Shh, shh, shh, calm yourself, dear Tayon. This is your destiny, laid out before the two of us were born.
It is the will of the mother goddess that you and I be brought together. I am called Artemis, a name I took
upon proving my adulthood in the honor of the ancient hunt-goddess of your people. One race of them,
Artemis smiled, stroking Tayons neck, making the hippodrake calm against his will, Hippodrakes are
creatures of magic, two different creatures blended together into one. They are not as smart as true
dragons, and they cannot speak, but most have an intellect that approaches that of humans.

We aid one another, the equitaur peoples providing shelter, security, and defense from those that
would seek to carve their hides for armor, or harvest them for pieces to distill into potions. In return they
hunt and bring us meat and to acquire leather from their kills, as well as help to carry our homes and

Tayon found Artemiss hand scratching him beyond the ear; he couldnt stop himself from purring.

Being filled with magical energies, the time of heat and rut is very dangerous for the unprepared, as
you can see. For those without magic of their own may become enraptured by a hippodrakes need.
They will find themselves giving into the need themselves, and will quickly find their bodies changing to
help quell that desire. A first mating will never result in offspring, the new hippodrakes seed and eggs
still that of their old self. But a second mating secures the hippodrakes new self, and quite possibly
their new gender.

For the second time, Tayon felt his consciousness brushed aside by bestial instinct and lust. His shaft,
now more appropriately sized for his body, began to throb with a low ache. He tried to fight it off, not
wanting to discover what Artemis meant by new gender, but he couldnt help himself.

His mistress stood, stroking Tayons flank as she moved around behind him. The hippodrakes ears
lowered and he tried to hunch up, to avoid what was coming. The equitaur mounted him, all her weight
coming down on Tayons back. He whimpered, his tail lowered, not wanting to be taken like this by the
hermaphrodite equine.

Shh, calm yourself. You see, a hippodrakes magic alters an individual into an ideal mate regardless of
their original gender. If you had been a woman, you could have found yourself growing a cock under
Dawnbelles ministrations. But her magic still flows within you until your second mating is complete. Or if
we had given you to Moontalon, after two matings that part of yourself would have vanished.

Tayon moaned softly as he felt a strange tugging sensation in his belly, followed by a strange, dull ache
that seemed to mirror that of his shaft. He cried out as the ache was suddenly vanquished as Artemiss
cock entered Tayons new pussy.

Her eyes began to fill with tears, not only had her humanity been stolen, but also her gender. She
shuddered as something began to swell upon her chest.

Shh now, Artemis whispers, caressing Tayons neck, tilting the hippodrakes head so the two could
meet eye to eye, I am male and I am female, I am the goddess gift to my tribe, but along with that
comes the decree that any whom I take as my mate must be able to fully satisfy me and to carry my
young. You will not only be my guardian, Tayon, but my lover.

As they had before, Artemiss words seemed to suffuse Tayon to her very core. She could never be
anything but her mistress mate and lover. It was what she had wanted from the beginning, to go out
into the muddy pond and help the heat-stricken equitaur with her need, and now she would.

My race was made when a centauress was gifted by the goddess as I was, and she found a mate in
another being who combined man and horse, save that he walked upon two legs.

Artemis cried out softly, clinging tightly to Tayons back and neck, And in time, once we are tied close
enough in spirit, we will birth a new race, a unity of hippodrake and equitaur. Our children will be as
beautiful as you are, my love.

Tayon felt her eyes filling with tears, no longer afraid and resisting, but overwhelmed with joy. She could
feel Artemiss mind and knew that he words were true; she could feel her mistress love and affection
for her. But most of all she could feel the equitaur trying to hold on, to not erupt with her first climax with
a lover before Tayon was ready to join her.

The hippogriff didnt mind and gave her mistress a small mental nudge, making the equitaur lose
control. Artemis shrieked as she was overwhelmed by sudden climax, her many sessions of
self-pleasure not preparing her for the intensity of true climax when deep within her mate.

It was a long time before Artemis withdraw from Tayon. The equitaur simply hugged her lover and
sobbed softly. When the equine finally pulled free from Tayon she took a few shaky steps before nearly
collapsing upon the large cushion that served as her bed.

Tayon flopped down beside her mistress, a grin on her scaled face. Her forked tongue darted out and
licked away Artemiss tears.

Ive waited so long, Artemis whispered, To feel that sensation. To empty myself into my lover. Ive
had to hold back for so long, to prevent myself for taking anyone, or anything, as a lover, lest I bind my
soul with a blackguard or a beast. I know your heart, Tayon, and while a little bit dirty with perversion it is
certainly not black.

The equitaur reached out, caressing the new growth that had appeared as they had mated a further sign
of Tayons twin-genderedness. Upon her chest were the six milk-filled udder-breasts of a hippogriff
female. Tayon trilled softly as her mistress caressed them.

Youve been so kind; letting me feel pleasure without your own in return. Let me return that pleasure
now. Artemis whispers, bringing her mouth down to one of Tayons long, thick teats.

The hippogriff trilled softly, snuggling up to her mistress as she pleasured her. Tayon smiled at the sweet
sensations as she allowed her mind to ponder the days events. Most surely her mind had been
influenced by magics, and perhaps she had no choice but to gleefully accept her new life and her new

But was her human life and her human self worth mourning? The son of a peasant farmer, Tayon would
toil beneath the hot savannah sun, working the fields until the day he died. He would marry; have
children to help work the farmland, children who would be as bound to the land as he himself would
have been.
But now she would travel with the equitaurs; slowly making her way across the broad world, said to be
larger and grander than anything that Old Aerth had to offer. It was said you could ride for decades and
never see the end. She would see the ocean, she would see snow, and jungles, and rainforests. Tayon
the hippodrake would see all the things that Tayon the human could only dream about as he read words
in books and toiled in the fields.

She would see the world, and she would see it in the company of her beautiful hermie equitaur lover.
Tayon had fallen in love with Artemis equine perfection from the first moment shed laid eyes upon her.
Tayon had fallen asleep the previous night wondering what it would feel like to suck on that beautiful
cock; and now she had the perfect opportunity.


The warm morning sun had lost its fire, growing weary as it traveled the sky, the cooler night air
caressing Tayons scaled hide and she finally emerged from her mistress tent. The two had spent time
exploring each others bodies, fulfilling desires and answering questions that had been present within
them for some time now.

Artemis gripped Tayons collar with one hand as the two made their way to the pond, their activities
throughout the afternoon requiring Artemis to take another bath. This would be the third bath that Tayon
had witnessed, and this one would end differently than the previous two.

No longer would Artemis be forced to tend to her own lust, lonely eyes filled with tears as she longed for
a mate. The soft, cool mud felt wonderful on Tayons body. Though she was of a similar size to Artemis,
Tayons legs were shorter, lower to the ground.

She churred softly as her long teat-nipples dragged over the soft, smooth, squishy mud. She playfully
leapt up, leaving a pair of pawprints upon Artemiss rump. The equitaur giggled and chased her
companion towards the middle, splashing her with water.

This time Tayon rubbed the mud onto Artemiss breasts, her muzzle entwining with her mistresss in a
loving kiss. The hippodrake caressed as best she could with her clumsy paws, she figured it was more
the kiss that drew the equitaurs manhood to stir with arousal.

But it was not the equines shaft that interested Tayon. She left her mistress to fondle her own breasts,
the hippodrake plunging her paws into the mud to rub over her mistresss body.

Tayon could feel Artemis becoming needier by the moment; she could smell the equitaurs arousal on
the air, taste it as she flicked out her forked tongue. She waited until Artemis opened her mouth, about to
beg, before Tayon mounted her. She would never make Artemis beg, she would only tease her playfully,
and Tayon would never remind her mistress of the long years spent with no one to tend her need as
Tayon did now.

The hippodrake licked her mistresss neck, nuzzling her back with a muddy muzzle. Artemis whinnied
softly with each exhaled breath, while Tayon let out her burbling draconic trill. Neither was concerned
about the attention the noise would draw. Each wanted to shout to the world that they had found
perfection, and that they would never be parted from their soulmates side.
The two were a perfect match for one another, powerfully built creatures with incredible strength and
stamina. Both fit the other perfectly, femininity perfectly filled by manhood. The only problem was that
each could only service one of their partners genders at a time.

Tayon could only dream of the sensation of what it would be like to fill and be filled at the same time.
Artemis craved the caress of velveteen walls around her cock while she was thrust into from behind.

But for the moment their mere fantasies were enough as a cascade of fluid trickled down Tayons hind
legs and Artemis once more blessed the pond with her seed.

The two lovers panted, each catching their breath for what was to come. Their minds brushed against
one another, mental caresses joining the physical. The two basked in the radiance of the others

A stray thought entered Tayons mind, bringing a grin to her face.

A similar grin soon found its way onto Artemis face, and as one the two turned there heads and stared
into the tall grass along the shore of the pond.

Cries of surprise rang out as teenaged voyeurs began to flee.

Neither Tayon nor Artemis would give chase, but there were guards, and the penalty for spying upon the
Elders daughter would still stand until she had birthed her first foal, where she would become a
member of the tribal council herself.

Tayon churred happily as she withdrew from her mate. Artemis giggled at her hippodrakes thoughts as
she began to slather mud over her pets back.

Both laughed in their own way as they thought of what was to come. Moontalon was in his rut, after all,
and if a new race was to be born, combining equitaur and hippodrake, then why not create a hippodrake

Hippodrakes laid their eggs in communal clutches, after all. So why not acquire a few more wombs to
add to the first generation?
5 - Magical Mishaps II

Shattered Shards
Magical Mishaps II
By Von Krieger

Arilee sighed softly in her sleep and tried to pull her blanket over herself and roll over, as there was a bit
of pressure on her chest while she slept on her back, and it was a touch hard to breathe. However, the
blanket remained where it was, with half of it pinned beneath Cathell's third of their shared body.

The elf blinked a few times before she recalled what had happened to her, to them. Her bodymates were
still asleep; Nathara's serpentine blood meaning that she didn't mind the cold, as it helped her sleep.
Cathell on the other hand had the same fondness for nocturnal warmth as Arilee did, and she also had
the advantage of being on one of their fused form's sides, rather than Arilee's place in the middle.

She could use their arms to pull the blanket over to her side with ease, while it was a bit more difficult for
Arilee to do so. The elf closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, their body was divided into different zones
of control; most of their upper body divided equally, with control of their four legs divided somewhat
equally, as each could move two.

Arilee felt like she got the short end of the stick on that deal, since both of their middle legs were under
her control, but each of them could also be easily moved by one of her bodymates.

If there was little or no resistance, each of them could move a part belonging to one of the other girls, but
it was a rather difficult act. But Arilee managed to get Cathell to start sitting up, allowing Arilee to sit up a
bit as well, and thus allowing the elf to free the trapped blanket.

The cyclops muttered softly in her sleep, but didn't waken. Arilee tugged the soft, fuzzy blanket over her,
sighing softly at the sensation of the velvety fabric again the skin of her bare breasts.

Things weren't made off the rack for a body type like their's, so they would either have to visit a tailor...

A cold chill ran down Arilee's spine, she looked at each of her two bodymates in turn. The fair skin of her
face began to turn pink in a blush as she imagined the sort of mockery and humiliation she would
receive, not only for being stuck to the two sub-creatures, but having botched her spell casting so badly.

It was Sunday now; the trio would have to go back to school the next morning. Arilee shivered again,
she couldn't possibly be seen like this, no matter how good some things felt.

Arilee began to wiggle what portion of their shared body she could, making the serpentkin and cyclops
groan as they were roused from their slumber.

"Wake up!" Arilee said, sounding a little nervous, "We have to go and get this fixed! It's been fun and all,
and maybe we could get together some time and..."
The elf blushed, "Have fun again, but I've thought about it, and I don't think it would be for the best to
stay this way. We all have our own lives ahead of us, and sharing one body... well... that kind of limits
career options and post-secondary education. We'd all have to be accepted to the same university and
take the same classes and the same time."

Nathara yawned, her serpentine jaw allowing her to do so almost disturbingly wide, "And I couldn't have
th' two of you tagging along if I ever hope to take up fightin' for a living."

Cathell was silent for a few moments, "And I guess it would be rather difficult for me to read and study
my books with the two of you always wanting to do something." She added.

Arilee nodded, "So, we're all agreed on this then?"

The other two joined her in nodding.

"Well... there aren't too many spellcasters around here who would likely have the knowledge to figure
out what happened. I have a few cousins in the area..."

Nathara shook her head, "Nuh uh, bad enough dealin' with one snobby elf, let alone two or three that
don't have the stomach to attend school with all us low born beasties. Probably have servants to wipe
yer bottoms for you."

Arilee turned her head and glared at Nathara, "Don't insult my kinfolk, lizard!"

"Don't be callin' me a lizard, tit!" the serpentkin growled back.

Cathell just sighed and winced as she felt every fist that flew between the two of them. The thought
entered her mind that if they were stuck together like this, her bodymates might eventually learn to settle
their arguments without fists.

The cyclops merely shook her head, at least their rubber-like skin meant that there would likely be no
bruises or blackened eyes from the encounter.

"I think Miss Chromium would be our best choice, since she's our instructor in magics, after all." She
said offhandedly.

The snake and elf immediately stopped fighting to stare wide eyed at Cathell.

"No way!" Arilee protested, "Not only will she laugh at us, but she'll probably not help us because she
thinks it's funny!"

"OR that she thinks we're somehow deservin' of it!" Nathara added.

"Well, she's also the closest, and probably she's the only one that won't blab this all over the school. And
we ought to hurry up and do something about it, the two of you just agreed on something. Who knows
what other aspects might creep over from one of you to the other?" Cathell said, trying to suppress a

Arilee and Nathara merely stared wide-eyed at one another. The elf grinned, "Maybe then she could
grow some hair."

Nathara growled in annoyance, "And maybe you could get some color on that pasty pale noggin' o' yers!
You'd look rather fetching in green, I imagine!"

The cyclops groaned as the fists began to fly once again.


The trio blushed deeply, two of them scowling at the pewter scaled dragoness in front of them.
Chromium laughed uproariously, her sinewy form wriggling and twisting upon the ground as she howled
with laughter.

Eventually her amusement simmered to the point where she controlled her giggles. Arilee scowled at
her, "I don't see what's so funny!" she said, rather cross.

This merely sent the dragoness back into fits of laughter.

"Glad to be of amusement, Miss Chromium, but we're not here to be comic relief. We came here
because something went wrong during our casting, we're stuck together, and now we need to get apart.
We can't go to school like this!" Arilee said, the others nodding their consent.

The dragon continued to guffaw, tears leaking from her slate gray eyes as she looked upon the
combined form of Cathell, Nathara, and Arilee.

"It's not funny!" the elf roared, "Even though I left my people of my own free will, I'd still be welcomed
back, but like this? I'd be turned away! I'll never be able to see my family again, and here you are
laughing at my misfortune!"

Chromium seemed to sober and managed to hold in her laughter. "Now, tell me everything, and I mean
everything. From the beginning to your arrival on my doorstep."

The three quickly told there tale, of Arilee's accidental sneeze. The elf kept silent on the matter, not
wanting to reveal that she'd purposely botched the casting, not wanting to get into trouble.

The elf and the serpentkin blushed deeply as Cathell described their sexual encounters with clinical
detail. Arilee bit her tongue so she wouldn't interrupt the cyclops, as she instinctively wanted to put the
blame on the other two for the strange state of arousal the transformation had left in her when it was
complete. But she knew that the dragoness would likely mock her for it, and tell her to take responsibility
for her own actions.

Chromium smiled as the three told the story of their change and the aftermath, but she didn't laugh.

"Very interesting," she said, circling the trio and prodding at the bare, rubbery skin on one of their legs.
"On Old Aerth such a thing wouldn't take place. The spell would merely have fizzled. But things seem to
work strangely now. Morphogenic fields seem weaker, making the alteration of an individual frighteningly

She made her way to an old desk placed nearby. Unlike most residents of the town, Chromium preferred
her living space the old fashioned way, a large, wide open room, though she had gone with the modern

She plucked a book from the shelf behind her, dropping it on the table and flipping through the pages,
looking over the diagrams of magic circles.

"I think the problem stems from the use of two sets of circles in parallel alignment. Once the circle was
disrupted, the dust smeared essentially in a straight line, linking the inner circles to Arilee's, which was
tied into the other two caster circles. As a result the caster circles became transmutation loci, thus fusing
the three of your together and adding in the aspect of the rubber ball and the mirror. As a result you've
all got nice, smooth, stretchy skin."

Chromium scratched her chin, "It is an interesting concept; would the three of you consent to some
testing? I have an air pump somewhere around here, I'd like to..."

The dragoness shrugged under the weight of three scowls.

"Very well, I'll just have to go find some mice to try it out on.." she said with a sigh, rather reluctant to let
a matter of scientific discovery fall by the wayside.

"Overall, I'd say that yes, your condition is quite easily reversible. I'm surprised the three of you didn't
think to use the inverse of the process that transformed you to break apart. After all, if I recall correctly
between you there's two A's and a B+ from the last test we did. It's the same thing as getting raw
calcium and carbon from the antacid tablets."

Cathell winced, "Of course! Why didn't I think of that!?"

Nathara grinned, "I think ya were kinda distracted by the six huge boobs in front of you."

"My only concern would be that after a certain period of physical fusion, spiritual intertwinement might
occur. Three souls quickly bonding due to close proximity. I've already noticed some small changes in
personality. Arilee has actually shut up and hasn't whined once, Nathara has neither called Arilee
named, or threatened to hit here, and Cathell has actually spoken in a rather confidant fashion and not
used her quiet, shy, squeaky voice once."

The dragon smiled at the trio, "I honestly think that you're all maturing somewhat due to this fusion. I
think it's quite likely that within a comparatively short span of time that you'll grow to greatly enjoy your
combined form, and quickly begin to care for one another a great deal. There are advantages and
disadvantages to splitting apart and staying combined."

"But the decision will have to be made soon. If you're going to split, now is your best opportunity. I'm not
sure how long it will take before spiritual entanglement is such that the three of you will become totally
unable to be broken apart though a simple ritual, and would require the use of stranger magics."

"You don't need my help to do this. Think about it on the walk home." The dragoness said, closing the

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some mice that I need to catch. Or maybe a rabbit."

The dragoness flapped her wings, launching herself out the cave's opening, eager to collect a test
subject for the rubberization process.

The three girls looked over one another and down at their combined form.

"We agreed that we would divide ourselves before we came here." Cathell said, "And I do not think that
circumstances have altered enough that we would change our minds. I think we ought to back home as
quickly as possible and get this done while we still have the option."

The other two nodded and the trio began to walk briskly back in the way they had come.

"Cathell," asked Nathara, "Do you think we could... you know... maybe just get Arilee free? I... really like
being this close with you, sharing a body and all. I love you, and we're close as two people can get, well,
as close as we can with a pointy eared divider between us."

Cathell shook her head, "No, I don't think so. It would complicate things even more. We'd need a blood
focus for Arilee, to screen her out and keep the two of us together, and I don't think that we can actually
get one. I'm pretty sure our circularity systems are linked together."

"The two of you could always perform the ritual again once we've gone our separate ways." Arilee

"I don't think it'll work. We can't replicate the altered runes that your sneeze made into new shapes."

"Oh." Arilee said, sounding a little disappointed.

"I wonder if we'll be keepin' these honeys when we change back." Nathara said with a chuckle, giving
her upper breast a poke.

Arilee chuckled, "Good Corellon I hope so. They're beautiful. But let's hope they go back to being side by
side. It'd look rather silly having them stacked vertically."

"Urgh, th' would be an awful sight, no matter how big 'n lovely they are. With the three of us side by side,
it works, but on our own? Blech." The serpentkin chuckled.

The three continued to talk and joke as they walked in silence along the shaded, seldom traveled forest
path, taking their time as they returned to Cathell and Nathara's house for the ritual.

The runed circles for the division ritual were placed upon the floor in record time, what with the trio
having six arms available to work the chalk, and six eyes watching over them carefully, three minds able
to steady and guide each hand.

The three girls stood in the center circle, several rings of runs around it along with a trio of triangles
linking the center ring to the three outer ones, where hopefully the three girls would find themselves
reconstituted once divided from their combined form.

Arilee took a deep breath, "Okay, for this one I'm going to need earth mana for the base, since we're a
solid, and then lots of air mana to actually do the dividing. Nathara, you did well with the earth before,
Cathell, you think you can draw in the air?"

The cyclops nodded, "Quite easily. While I don't have an intrinsic tie to any element like Nathara does, I
do have some experience with air. I'm confidant I can gather what is needed."

Arilee took a deep breath, "Okay," she said, letting the breath out, "Let's do this."

Just as before Arilee began to chant and motion with her hands, focusing and shaping the spell that
would change them back to the way they were before. Nathara's energy was slow and heavy, but strong,
and she kept the flow of it coming easily.

Though there had only been a small amount of mana involved in their transformation, Arilee coaxed in
as much of the powerful energy as she felt comfortable with. While it only took a little spark to
seamlessly fuse them together, it would take a great deal more to break them apart and assure that they
would all be whole.

The air mana, light and breezy, was easily drawn in, and Arilee had to concentrate to keep too much of
the stuff from rushing into the circle. The thought of being inflated like a balloon, as Chromium had
suggested, made Arilee shiver.

She was well aware that drawing in too much air mana could have an effect much like popping a
balloon. It wouldn't cause lasting harm, but it would leave the mage with a huge headache and an
inability to draw in energies for spell for a few days.

This time Arilee didn't sneeze, she cast the spell perfectly, every gesture and every syllable spot on. She
began to feel a soft tugging at her flesh, the air mana flowing into them, gently coaxing their bodies

The elf gasped softly as a pleasant stretching sensation could be felt deep within her muscles, the
pleasant sensation seeming to spread even into her bones. Then suddenly there was a shift, and the
stretching sensation seemed to transform into a fluid warmth that surged from the extremities of their
shared body right to the core.

The three girls cried out as the makeshift toga they'd made from a pair of bed sheets flew off, the simple
knots pulled open by the sudden expansion of the flesh beneath. Already large and generous, the trio's
six breasts seemed to nearly double in size, surging outward, the soft flesh making them press against
each other.

The increase in size also came with an increased sensitivity. The smallest movements made the six
titanic tits rub against one another; the sensation of soft skin across soft skin was enough to make the
trio moan softly.

Arilee bit her lip, projecting her willpower as best she could, seeking to prevent caresses to their
sensitive breasts before they started.

"Okay, that was too much air, not enough earth." Arilee gasped, panting, trying to ignore the building
heat in her loins.

"Mmm... it's never done that when I underpowered an air/earth spell before." Cathell mused.

"Probably somethin' to do with morphic resonance. We're rubbery and got rounded bits, so the air mana
flows into and enhances those areas, since in our minds round, large, and rubbery means a balloon,
filled with air." Nathara guessed.

"Whatever it is, let's try not to do it again." Arilee said through gritted teeth, "Everybody ready?"

Nathara and Cathell drew in mana once more, all three girls suddenly cried out, unable to control their
aspects of the spell.

"Oh... oh fuck... it's not... the spell hasn't stopped. The mana is just going right... ooooh stop it... stop
pulling it in! Before I...."

The mana, now a high ratio of earth to air flowed into the trio. Rather than providing a more stable
foundation, the earth mana weighed down their air-filled areas. While their breasts had become sort of
inflated, weighing the same, yet growing larger, they now began to gain additional weight.

What was more, the new air mana had apparently decided to move to another rounded area; their rump.
Or was that rumps? Hip and buttock alike began to swell, but what had the girls on their knees crying out
with intense pleasure was the fact that something else seemed to be growing larger, or rather tighter.

The trio cried out, the flow of mana into them cutting off as a powerful climax washed over them,
breaking their tenuous grip on their concentration. Almost as one they quickly shucked the toga, their six
hands exploring their newly altered anatomy.

Their enlarged breasts had become correspondingly more sensitive, though the mix of elements was off
within them. While most definitely flesh, they were soft, squishy, and pillowy.

Infused with heavier elements, their broadened backside felt the same as the rest of their flesh. A pair of
hands traced over the soft curves, sensitivity had increased there as well. It felt rather nice to have their
hips and rump rubbed.

But what drew the most attention, and the remaining three hands, was what had happened to the trio of
sexes between their legs. The flesh was soft and slick, but it felt swollen and puffy. Finger slipped inside
were clamped down upon. There was more than a little resistance going in, and even without something
inside, their inner walls rubbed deliciously against each other.

The three lay back in the circle, overcome with need and desire. They didn't notice as sensation began
to creep into areas that were slightly benumbed, the senses beginning to flow throughout their entire
merged form. Each began to feel areas of the body that belonged to the other two, and it made the
caresses all the more wonderful.

Subconsciously they began to coordinate their movements, each of three minds working in concert to
skillfully move and position each portion of their body to where it would do the most good; a delicate
hand tilted a breast upward so a forked tongue could pull the enlarged nipple into a mouth. Hands
shifted, so that each was caressing a part that had belonged to another.

Desire and passion built, the individual flames coming together to burn all the brighter. While the
mana-fueled climax had been intense, it was like a lighter before a bonfire. The three cried out in unison
as the walls that had kept them divided turned to ash in the fires of their pleasure.

The moment had come and gone, they could no longer part utilizing simplistic magics. What was more,
they no longer wished to part. That shared moment of intense, perfect pleasure something more than
could be shared by anyone else.

"Mmm... girls? I do believe we're missed our little deadline. I think we're stuck like this now." Cathell
managed once she'd regained her breath.

"If it means feelin' like that every so often, I think it's worth bein' stuck next to this pale, spoiled brat."
Nathara teased, nuzzling Arilee's neck and giving her a quick kiss.

"Oh... I agree. I'll put up with any amount of teasing in order to have this... sense of closeness, not to
mention the pleasure." The elf said, caressing the serpentkin's cheek.

"Nice to see the two of you can channel your mutual aggression into something beneficial for a change."
The cyclops said with a chuckle.

Cathell gave Arilee a strange sort of nudge; though it seemed they could control the areas belonging to
one of the other girls, she felt it was a bit rude to just take control. But the small muscle tugs gave a hint
to the elf as to the cyclops' desires. Arilee turned her head and was met with a lustful kiss.

"Oooh..." Nathara said, fighting off a shiver from the intense sensation, "I like that. I can feel the both of
you doing that and... oooh.... any time the two of ya want to make out like that, just do it. You don't need
my permission. Oh Medusa's coils, here we go again!"


The sun had long since set by the time the three could keep their hands off of one another. The lustful
fire within them still burned, but the pleasurable heat was somewhat tolerable, though they needed to
pause and catch a breath every dozen or so steps.
"Okay, I can take going to school being stuck in the middle with you two, but there is no way we're going
to be able to make it through the day wandering around feeling like a she-cat in heat." Arilee panted.

"For something like that you'd need a charm. Those require a lot of delicate work. We'll have to go out
and get one somewhere." Cathell added.

"Though for tomorrow I'm thinkin' we can brew up a portion. It'll taste foul and we'll all have to drink some
to make sure it works. It won't be something we'll want to go through every day, but I think we can
tolerate it for a bit." Nathara said.

"I don't have any experience with potions," said Arilee, "Do either of you?"

Cathell shook her head.

"I have some experience, but something to block arousal isn't something that's in my books." Nathara

"Well, I suppose we can call Miss Chromium and ask her."

The cyclops got a glare from the other two.

"You mean we could've just called her in the first place?"

"We didn't have ta sneak over there?"

Cathell blushed, "Well, I thought it would be important for her to see us like this, to know how we got
stuck together. This is just something simple. Now if one of you could hand me the phone?"





"Whoever it is, call back later, I've got a bit of a problem that needs... STOP IT! Needs sorting out.
Maybe call back in, DON'T TOUCH THAT an hour or two!"

Chromium hung up the phone and jabbed a clawed finger into the demoness' eye, "I said to stop bloody
masturbating so I can think and try and get us a way out of this!" Chromium growled at her bodymate.

"Oh come now, not only do I have this wonderful bounty of breast before me, but there's also a pair of
pussies down below! You can't deny such a bounty to a succubus, my dear. Plus you were the one who
wanted to recreate that accident." Purred Gloriel, the demoness.

"On MICE, dammit, on the mice!" Chromium said with a sigh, cupping her head with two hands, pinching
the bridge of her nose with another, and using the fourth to fend off Gloriel's attempts at self/mutual

"And where the hell did we get these extra four arms from anyway?!" the dragoness growled, not at all
pleased to have been merged with a demoness and molded into a humanoid form.

"My grandmother was a Marilith, dear. A very well cultured bloodline, I might add."

"Like bread mold in a Petri dish." Chromium snarled, "Now stop that and let me think! We're two very
magical beings here, a fission spell needs to be incredibly precise, as I don't want to lose anything to
you, and I sure as hell don't want anything extra back!"

Gloriel clicked her tongue and gave their four breasts a simultaneous squeeze, "Come come now, it's
natural to express a curiosity towards something you don't have, but other women do. Haven't you ever
wondered what it would be like to have breasts?"

"Haven't you ever wondered what it feels like to go more than 12 hours without something crammed into
one of your bodily orifices? Or life at a nunnery?"

"That's Victorian slang for a brothel, you know."

"Every word is Victorian slang for something sexual. Now could you kindly stop fondling me and for the
love of all that is unholy, will you face forward so those horns aren't going in my eye?"

Gloriel sighed and flicked their two tails, one above the other, her own thin, demonic spade tip, and the
thick, proud, reptilian length.

"You know, I don't think you have enough hands to block all four of my AND my tail."

Chromium sighed, "If I let you explore for fifteen minutes, will you give me some time to bloody think?"

The demoness grinned, reaching up and stroking the dragoness's muzzle, "Only if we do a bit more than
explore. You see, I think participation ought to be mandatory." She purred, pressing her lips against
Chromium's own.

"Oh... oh my..." gasped the dragoness, "So that would explain why bipeds are kissing all the time."

"Oh yes, and more, my lovely dragoness. Now just lay back and let me take care of you..."
6 - Devilish Desires

Shattered Shards
Devilish Desires
By Von Krieger

I moan softly as I lie in my bed, knowing that I still have several minutes before I need to get up. After all,
my wake up call hasn't arrived yet, and I get one every morning. I simply lay back, snuggle up under the
silk sheets, and enjoy some closeness with the two beings that I am closest to in the world.

Or worlds now; somehow there was some sort of a dimensional intersection, and a world of science and
steel met with one of swords and sorcery and meshed together. Though the world is a much bigger
place than it once was, that is not merely why I say worlds.

There are strange shapes hovering in the sky, orbiting the Fused Earth, some of them, many of them,
contain life. They're like miniature worlds, and they're not too difficult to get to. Teleportation is easy if
you have the money. Flight can be accomplished on the cheap, be it in an airplane or on a dragon.

The air goes up all the way. You can even visit the moon now, though you still need space suits and an
air supply for that. Somehow it's been kept perfectly as it is. Somehow something prevents gravity from
tearing these other places out of the sky and prevents them from crashing into one another.

It is a wondrous, beautiful world that we live in, even greater than the ones that existed before. I grew up
on Aerth, exposed from an early age to all sorts of mystical creatures, enchanted objects, and lessons in
sorcery. But upon the union of the worlds I quickly became enraptured by the wonders of technology.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Said science fiction author Arthur
C. Clarke. But I find technology to be all the more impressive.

A wizard sitting before his scrying pool can see and converse with another wizard as if he were standing
there. You can sit at a computer and do the exact same thing. The primary difference is rather than
utilizing a simple incantation and a use of magical energy, the computer user performs the task through
the intertwining use of literally thousands of small, tiny inventions all building upon one another.

And he also has the benefit of encryption, word processing, and the ability to play Minesweeper. Plus
you don't have avian familiars thinking its a birdbath. Though I have heard tech support horror stories
about chickens sitting on them because of their warmth.

You tend to get that sort of thing out here; in what was once the American South. Sadly you don't get
much in the way of magic here. There are places in the Fused Earth that are still strongly of one
particular nature. There are places were magic just doesn't work and makes nonhuman sentients and
fantastic creatures instinctively nervous.

In the same way there are places that'll warp your cell phone into a crystal ball and give you pointy ears
and a newfound adoration for trees before you can blink.

I'm not very fond of these places, but I like to think that my presence here helps things somewhat. In
fact, I know it has. Merely by drawing breath in the Confederate Territories of America I'm helping to
bring the joy and wonder of the new world right up to their slack jaws and belting them across the face
with reality.

From what I've read about the American South in history books sticking your head in a hole and
ignoring, declaring sinful, shooting, or shouting explicatives at anything you don't know, like or
understand has always pretty much been the way of life here. So the fact that the place has a strange
sort of magic of its own isn't surprising.

To the folks around here, the world pretty much ended ten years ago when the worlds became one.
Their history books say that everything went kaboom in a nuclear holocaust, and it's only through luck,
chance, and the power of prayer that the CTA was spared.

People don't leave the CTA lands, they think you go beyond them you hit irradiated wasteland. Any sort
of evidence that there is something out of the ordinary around just gets overlooked. People are literally
unable to see the supernatural. If a dragon flew over and set a building on fire, than sat on the inferno
and preened itself, the next day the papers would talk about gas leaks and instinctively crop out the bits
of the image with the dragon in it for use in the paper.

Ignorance here isn't all that willful. For most people it's essentially mandatory.

What's ended up here is a bit of a theocracy, which is something I've always found strange. You don't
have acolytes of this particular deity able to heal the sick and injured, that can't make a symbol of their
faith light up, they can't even conduct a proper exorcism.

Though magic doesn't really work here, with all the religious practice and prayer going on, you still have
a build up of divine energies; they're just not being collected. You have a hot commodity like that just
laying around, just getting shinier and sparklier as time goes on, left completely unguarded and well...
you just know that eventually someone is going to take it, and that that someone usually isn't going to be
all that nice or polite about it.

Which is exactly what drew me here; my family has always had close ties with the divine. Stems back
many generations for when somebody did something real important for someone pretty high up in the
food chain of Hell.

Well, not THE Hell. But it's been a long time, historically speaking, since there's been one of them. It's
pretty much a franchise operation, the McDonald's of the afterlife. As with any operation, the bigger you
get, the more employees you have, the harder it actually is to keep everything running nice and smooth
without any corruption.

And with devils and demons in the mix, trust me; you get all sorts of corruption. This particular Hell is
actually a rather nice one, as far as Hells go; one of the largest and still running smoothly, an innovator
in the market; the whole layers thing, the three headed dog guarding the gates, all ours.
I rather take pride in my connections, they've served my family quite well; wealth, power, fame, anything
of the sort for those who want it. Even those that don't find fortune going in their favor and find
themselves well off for life; a good paying job, a loving family, a dog, and a picket fence, if that is what
you want.

Though every so often you have an individual, like me, in whom the old family blood runs strong. We're
born knowing about the history of the family, about our gifts, and we know that in our adulthood we'll be
granted wishes, rewarded with things beyond our greatest and wildest desires.

I shift in bed again, snuggling close to my lover. I can feel her pressed up tightly against the dog, a
knotted cock still crammed between her legs. She has more fun with the dog that with me, but I don't
mind, just watching her is a wondrous treat in its own.

The cool silk feels heavenly against my breasts, even more so against my cocks. I feel them begin to
awaken, surging and ready to start the day. I lick my lips, eager for what is soon to come.

There is the soft sound of tinkling bells, and it's time for my wake up call. I just love getting up in the
afternoon, the whole evening and night ahead of me.

I realized long ago that things weren't quite what I expected them to be, and when they said wishes
fulfilled beyond your wildest desires, boy did they ever mean it. But I wouldn't trade it for anything; I
absolutely love my life, despite the strangeness, despite it not being exactly what I wanted.

But the family blood is indeed strong within me, and even though I didn't get exactly what I wished for,
the bargain makes absolutely sure that I just adore the result; though I have learned not to wish for
things aloud.

I lay in bed for a few minutes after my wake up call, basking in the feel of the new day, letting the other
two occupants of the bed sleep undisturbed for a little while longer. But eventually I have to get up and
head for the shower, the ranch has a few new employees that arrived last night and need to be shown
the ropes.

But I'm getting ahead of myself; I really ought to start back at the beginning of the tale, the story of my
arrival here in the CTA and of my wishes and the interesting results brought about by them.


It all began on the train ride in, an engine converted back to the old ways of coal and wood, rather than
gasoline. Though I was rather fond of cars I most certainly wouldn't be missing the smog that they

Personal transportation in the CTA was usually an electric cart, or a bicycle, or if you could afford the
precious gasoline, a motorcycle. Unlike the rest of the world, the CTA hoarded the stuff as their
processing plant was rather limited, and they needed food crops for human and animal consumption, not
merely for Ethanol.

Truth be told, I actually rather enjoyed the train ride. It was a different way to travel, one that I had not
experienced before, and the sights were quite lovely to see. By the sights, of course, I mean the
individuals of a female persuasion upon the train, typically naked, pressed up against the side of my
compartment or the wall of the bathroom stall.

It's a gift, the combination of a sort of animal magnetism, a handsome face, a good body, more than
decent personal hygiene, as well as a hint of the devil's own luck. I never had problems finding women
who were eager to perform various pleasurable acts of a carnal nature for my amusement.

I'm a traveler by nature, so all my relationships, save one, have been of a temporary, transient nature;
though my traveling originally began due to the unwanted outcome of a temporary relationship involving
a threat to my nether regions with an enchanted sword.

I look upon it as an unexpected gift. Though illegitimate, any children of my bloodline would enjoy the
same gifts of luck and providence that I myself have taken good advantage of in my life. Mother and
child will never want for food, shelter, or clothes. Though mother might be finding herself of strangely
looser morals and slightly needful loins far more often that she would expect.

I've looked in upon past dalliances from time to time, even sampled their services. They're all good at
what they do, and they have a genuine love for the act. It may not be glamorous, or what a young girl
aspires to be when she grows up, but my girls always wind up making a very good living for themselves.

I felt myself drawn to the region, getting to take a look at how the Earth population had lived before the
merge of the worlds would be somewhat interesting. But what really occupied my mind was the fact that
later in the evening I would be granted a wish, essentially. Anything reasonable that was within the
power of my patron, or one of her followers to grant.

Even with a pretty blonde between my legs, her lips and tongue busily giving adoration to my cock, my
mind was more centered on thinking of what I would wish for, rather than the task at hand. Though the
girl did something strange with her tongue that made me cry out and suddenly pay attention.

Her tongue seemed to have lengthened, growing longer, but thinner, and smoother. She suddenly had
my attention. She began to pull away, sensing that something was strange and out of the ordinary, but a
feminine, black nailed, red skinned hand shoved her back forward, and this seemed to end all

"Mmm... hello Celeste." I said without looking up at my visitor, "I wouldn't think that you could play your
games with her, being so deep into this realm of ignorance, after all."

The demoness smiled and shrugged, sitting down opposite me. Some people talk about having guardian
angels. Celeste, however, is essentially my guardian demon. She was my nanny when I was growing
up, my tutor when I needed schooling, my instructor in lovemaking once I was old enough to start feeling
desire, and in my adult years my travel agent, guide, researcher, casual sex partner, and performer of
many other little tasks that aided me while on the road.

Her full black lips parted in a smile, revealing perfect white teeth and elongated canines. On that day she
was the very image of professional loveliness; her long navy blue hair done up in a tight bun, a pair of
elegant glasses upon her face, a tight business suit and short skirt, and a pair of black, opened toed high
heels that allowed her toe claws to poke out without damage to her footwear. She'd even tied a bow
around her cute, spade-tipped tail.

"If you weren't one of the blood, I wouldn't even be able to manifest here at all, let alone use my power to
have a little fun with one of your playthings. Would you mind if I..." she grinned wickedly and motioned to
the blonde.

I shook my head, "Not particularly. Just nothing too obvious, I think. Even with something in the air
making people ignore the supernatural, I think that any drastic alterations will become quite apparent, at
least to the one in possession of them."

Celeste nodded and slunk down in her seat, her tail slipping up beneath the girl's skirt, she was trying to
hide her soft moans, but I could feel the small vibrations of when she vocalized the pleasure my
demoness was giving her.

The demon paid her little attention; however, she simply took a pen from her coat pocket and began to
write on a clipboard that somehow had appeared in her hand.

"Just a reminder with the fulfillment of wishes and desires, material goods will not be spontaneously
created, and if you wish for anything specific, like the Caliph of Share's favorite scepter, that you will
actually be receiving the very same scepter and the Caliph will notice that its been stolen." She began.

I nodded and rolled my eyes; she'd been schooling me in this for the past few months.

"Anything above a class six incantation is out of the question. Meaning any raising of the dead requires a
corpse, the individual wishing to return to life..." she scowled at my eye rolling and skipped ahead,
"Essentially if they died from old age, no dice. I can do it with just a piece of the corpse, but then I'll have
to create a new body."

Celeste grinned and I felt the girl shudder, she pulled away again and this time I let her. She tugged up
her skirt and peered down in confusion at the strange thing she found there. The demoness reached out
and patted her on the head, "Be a good girl and stroke it." She purred.

The girl's eyes glazed over and she absentmindedly began to stroke the six inch length that had
suddenly grown from where her clit used to be. Quite familiar with the way Celeste used some of my
toys in the past I gently guided the girl's head back to my groin, where she obediently resumed sucking.

Celeste is a bit strange in her tastes. Though she will, grudgingly, partake in intercourse with pure
humanoids and pure animals, she prefers her lovers to be a mix. Her typical curse was to grant one of
my girls a male member of some sort of animal, and each time she pleasured it, the girl would gain a
bestial feature.

It would stop about halfway between man and beast, and judging from the split that had already begun
to form at the tip, Celeste had made the equipment match the tongue she'd given the girl earlier. A
snake wouldn't be so bad here, opposed to fur, which doesn't translate well into something else, the
scales she'd have in the future would likely be seen as some sort of skin condition.
"Emotional manipulation is plausible, but tends to have long term consequences. Overriding the natural
emotions for more than a span of six months will essentially result in an addiction to the condition. And
that's cumulative, no turning it off for a day and then turning it back on again."

I sighed and waved my hand, "Right, right, I know all this. Don't worry; I don't want a palatial estate, the
love of the Queen of the Silver Arrow, the mighty sword Calamitas, or to bring old Uncle Gerald back
from the grave. I hear he's rather happy with his room arrangement and has got settled in with his new

Which was getting some of the new arrivals to loosen up in the loins. You wouldn't believe how many
'vow of chastity' types show up down there. You can stick to holy vows all you like and still wind up in our
neck of the woods just because you're an utter asshole.

Uncle Gerald tends to go for the power mongers that enjoyed terrorizing small children. He always did
have a thing for women in uniform.

Celeste sighed and continued on. I ignored her, concentrating more on the enthusiastic ministrations
that the sexy snake between my legs was performing on... well... the sexy snake between my legs.

The skilled caresses of Celeste's well-practiced tail and the sensitivity that my demoness always gave
her playthings' new toys filled her with pleasure, and she eagerly wanted to share that pleasure with
someone else.

"Also a note that you will get what you desire and..." Celeste continued to drone on.

I cried out with my fourth or fifth climax of the day, the soon to be snake eagerly gulping down what I had
to offer as she herself erupted with climax for the first time from her maleness. Going by Celeste's usual
modus operandi, her eyes would be the next thing to change.

"...what you get." Celeste finished, pulling her tail away from the girl and beginning to lick it clean.

"Do you have anything particular in mind? You'll be getting these every so often, one per season at the
very least, if the power in the area is strong, you do well with your duties, I'm not particularly busy, and
the Archduke is pleased with your progress, you might get them often as once or twice a week." Celeste
said, sitting up in her seat, her tail against the girl's cheek, coaxing her that way.

I shook my head, "No, nothing in particular. I tend to be a rather spur of the moment guy." I said with a
shrug, putting myself away and zipping up my pants.

Celeste nodded and smiled down at her new plaything, "I thought so. I just figured I'd ask, easier to set
things up, after all."

"I'm going to go get some lunch. Will the two of you be fine in here, Celeste?" I asked, not knowing if my
demoness could remain while I was several cars away.

She nodded and grinned, showing off those perfect fangs, "Oh yes. She's filled with enough of my power
to keep me here for several hours at least, and the more fun we have, the longer I can stay."
She fixed her gaze on the girl's slit-pupiled eyes, "And we'll be having lots and lots of fun, won't we
cutie? She purred, the girl merely nodding her reply before ducking beneath Celeste's skirt, beginning to
stroke herself once more.

My guardian always puts on an excellent show, but I'd had my fill of carnal pleasures for the moment. My
sexual hunger had been satisfied and it was now time to feed my physical hunger. I just love how they
fry everything in the south.


Later that evening I had settled into my new apartment and properly broke it in with the realtor and her
sister. I just adore twins; especially cute, busty ones with enough pudge on them to drop their
self-esteem a few notches to make them blush when someone handsome and charming complimented

It was a rather nice, clear evening, I'd left the television on for background noise, most of the buildings
were rather quiet, there were far more places for people to live than there were people to live in them.
Families had moved out into the rural areas to help with food production, others hadn't believed what the
new government was telling them, and headed off into the supposed nuclear wasteland, and others
simply vanished, there one moment, gone the next.

They were building more housing in the farm towns, but here in the big city people for the most part were
heading out. After all, it was advisable to be closest to where the food is.

Of course that meant that my company and I could be as loud as we wanted. Though sadly it had been
a bit disappointing for me, I had wanted them to scream, to cry out in intense, incredible pleasure the
likes of which they'd never felt before. I could only coax a mild shout from each of them.

I thought about the prospect for a moment and grinned, "Celeste," I said to the darkness, "I wish that I
was hung like a herd of bucking broncos; Clydesdale broncos."

My demoness appeared in the chair by my bedside, clipboard in hand, a huge grin on her face, "You're
sure?" she asked,

"Positive." I replied.

"You want the stamina to go with that?"

"Hell yes."

"The ability to just about go forever without losing erection?"

"Would I ever!"

"And do you want to grant the twins the same stamina?"

I nodded, "Might as well. No sense on being able to go all night if I don't have somebody that can match

Celeste nodded, making notes on her clipboard. "A rather simple incantation, though the material
components are a bit out of the way. Do I have your permissions to roam around the city to gather what I

I nodded once more, waving her away, "Do whatever you have to, and try to make it quick, hmm?"

She chuckled, "Of course, my charge, you can expect things to begin in a few minutes. I know I can
acquire the first components by then."

The two girls in my bed didn't stir as Celeste opened the window, the shadows of night seeming to
gather and pool at her back, forming into black feathered wings. The workings of magic are strange
things; boundaries are different depending on location. A train is narrow and long, there are only few
routes for the energies that she drew upon from me to take. Without them she would be immediately
banished back to our Hell.

In a city it was different, like street gutters there are natural corridors of magical flow that allow such
energies to swiftly move from one place to another without degradation. A city is solid, slow to change. A
train is always in motion, always moving, the cars swaying ever so slightly. A train lacks permanence,
emotional attachment.

While Celeste would be unable to venture into the caboose if I were in the engine, utilizing the conduits
of energy that flowed through the city itself, she could appear nearly anywhere.

I would also have to make sure to allow Celeste a bit of fun in the near future. She tended to get a little
bit unpleasant if she hadn't added animal parts onto a human anytime recently. The serpent girl on the
train was only a warm up for her. I'd let her roam around the city for someone who deserved her special
brand of creativity.

I began to feel a familiar stirring in my loins, my member slowly growing hard. I simply lay back and let it
happen, holding the two sisters up against my body. I felt the familiar rush as my shaft grew erect,
swelling to full arousal. But tonight I felt something more, an additional something pouring into my length
other than the usual blood.

My member reached its typical stopping point, but rather than being fully erect, it still felt floppy, not yet
reaching further erection. I carefully slipped my right arm off the girl and began to stroke myself, hoping
to aid the process.

I could scarcely get my fingertips to meet around it. The sensation as I slowly slid my circled fingers up
the length was heavenly. I closed my eyes and lay back, continuing to stroke my growing length,

I was no slouch before at eight inches, what I had now felt like half again, maybe twice that, and even
greater thickness. Though there was something rather odd, the texture of the flesh seemed to change
part way up the length, and there was a strange swelling in the middle. I ran my hand fully up the shaft
and found my fingers against the back of the head.
It flared outwards, rather like a trumpet, not the familiar bell shape that I was used to. I opened my eyes
and looked down at my cock, except that it wasn't exactly my cock anymore.

What hung between my legs was dappled pink and black, emerging from a fat sheath, rather than an
extension of the skin. There seemed to be an additional envelope of skin at the base up to the ring in the
middle, and then the flat, blunt, rounded head.

I had a horse cock between my legs.

Rather than find it strange, or abhorrent, I simply grinned, "Cool." I said aloud, moaning softly as I
continued to play with the bestial shaft that projected from between my legs.

I've long since had time to think about what has happened to me, and I realize that I ought to have paid
more attention, both to Celeste's warnings, and to the words that I use when I ask her to grant my
desires. Some demons and devils will actually give you what you want. Celeste, however, I soon found
out greatly enjoys playing games.

If I myself had to do it all over again, I wouldn't have changed a thing about any of my wishes. But if you
had told the version of myself in the past what the outcome of the wishes would be, likely he wouldn't
have made them. But I absolutely adore what I've become, and wouldn't give up any part of myself.

The horse cock leaked thick, plentiful precum as it grew fully hard, helping to aid the speed of my
increasingly rapid stroking. It felt better than my human cock had, and there was more of it to feel good.
It was incredible. With a cruel grin on my face, I rolled a bit, adjusting myself in the bed as I bent my
cock backwards.

With a muted cry I climaxed for the first time from my equine organ, thick, plentiful ropes of seed gushing
out and splattering onto the face and breasts of the girl to my left. Though I myself was not immune from
the fallout; my own chest got quite sticky as well.

It awoke her from her gentle dose. She was confused at first, but then the effects of my wish hit her,
Celeste's magic acting upon her, increasing her lust and her stamina. She licked her lips and began to
scoop up my seed in her cupped hands, gulping it down.

She giggled and looked over at her sleeping sister on the other side of me. She crawled over me,
moving atop her sister, my seed dripping from one down onto the other. Between their tanned bodies it
looked rather like a fresh s'more, with hot seed replacing gooey marshmallow.

The girl brought her lips against her sister's own, her tongue slipping into her mouth, sharing the bounty
of my cum with her twin. They'd kept rather hands off before, each content to pleasure herself while the
other was with me; a typical side effect of libido altering spells.

My horse cock hadn't flagged a bit; it was still hard, aching, and eager to be plunged into a nice, wet
pussy. While I had watched the two sisters making a cum-sandwich it had continued to grow. It had
stopped in length, but the girth was tremendous. I don't think that I could ever have actually put it in
someone without hurting them.
But the problem was alleviated a moment later as my cock began to divide. Like a cell reproducing, it
divided in half, creating a perfectly identical second organ, complete with sheath and heavy balls. The
weight of my two new balls atop my first cock felt great. I grinned and shoved the top girl down on top of
her sister, position my twin shafts to take them at the same time.

The girls cried out as I stretched them wide, likely wider than either hand been taken before. Likely it hurt
a bit, but their cries were pleasured ones, and they continued to press against each other. Lips meeting
one another with hungry desire, hands seeking out breasts, rubbing slick seed over bare skin, bringing
seed covered fingers up for both to lick clean. I'd have to thank Celeste later for helping to bring out the
fun loving slut in these two.

They were so tight around me, so wonderfully tight and textured, their inner walls gripping my dual rods,
trying to coax my seed into their greedy depths. I don't think I could have pulled away from them even if I
had wanted to.

It was rather difficult to thrust into them, as the two were not in sync, each gripped me at a different time
as I tried to pull back so I could thrust in again, slowing me down, but it felt so damned good I didn't care.

The sensations from my two cocks were almost too much, the love juices from the upper sister trickled
down onto my lower shaft, making it slicker and easier to drive. But it also made it a sticky, sopping
mess, slick juices covering all four of my thick equine balls. The sensation of having my upper sack slide
across my lower shaft as I pounded into them also served to enhance my pleasure. This was easily the
best sex I'd ever had.

Soon I found myself having a bit of difficulty; I couldn't seem to push back into the girl on top. Looking
down I saw that the base of my upper cock had grown thick and fat. I watched in fascination as the black
flesh seemed to flow like liquid, granting me yet another pair of horse shafts and two more sets of balls.

They were smaller than my other cocks, and I took them in my hands, stroking my new pricks rapidly as
the first two continued to slam into the girls, no longer hindered by the additional mass.

Once more I felt the flesh within my grip grow, becoming longer, thicker, more and more heavy horse
meat hanging between my legs. I now had four proud horse cocks between my legs, all erect, dripping,
and needful.

Each time I thrusts my shafts into my girls, the sensation changed just a little bit, something rubbing at
the bottom and top of my top and bottom shafts. I paid it little attention, enraptured in my own pleasure.
The two had begun to moan loudly, and were clinging to each other even tighter than before.

There was a sudden surge, and I realized what I was feeling, the added touch of growing sacks on my
shafts and soon the balls as well. The smooth skin, the balls thick and heavy, interesting weights on my
cocks as I drove them into the twins again and again.

I've never been particularly fond of male genitals that were not my own, but strangely my mind seemed
to make an exception in this case. The thought of what the two girls were doing, hidden from my sight,
turned me on immensely. The thought of two sexy girls, huge horse shafts and balls between their legs,
thick cum on their bellies and breasts, their new members rubbing against each other, growing slick with
pre, glistening as they slid against well-lubed bodies.

I cried out and felt my foursome of cocks blossom with climax, the sensation turned my muscles to water
and I fell forward onto my girls who finally gave me the delicious sounds of peaked pleasure that I had
wanted to draw from them.

The bed suddenly became a mess as a virtual torrent of horse cum flowed from the three of us. It was
most definitely unnatural they way that each long, massive, sustained, delicious burst of cum went from
high powered intensity, to low drip, with a moment's reprieve and then another full powered blast.

It was like our balls were emptying, and then growing full again. So much seed and it felt so good, felt so
very good to have it gush out, to feel the warmth on your skin, to feel it trickling over your body.

I'm not at all sure how long it lasted, but eventually the cum stopped flowing. I pulled myself from them,
rolling the top one over and then flopping down between them, hugging their gooey, cum covered bodies
against my own. I kissed each in turn, delighting in the taste of mingled seed. We were all out of breath,
but our cocks were still hard and aching.

The twins pressed up against me, their shafts slipping between mine. Each of them took one of my
cocks in each hand, pressing them together around their own, gently thrusting between them, making it
so they ended up pressing against each other.

They began to lick the seed of my absolutely saturated body, but they seemed to be focusing more and
more on my nipples, their soft lips and tongues feeling better and better with each passing second.

I closed my eyes and relaxed, letting them do all the work. Oh how I loved the sensation of cum-covered
cockflesh against cum-covered cockflesh. I let myself drift off into a lustful doze, not quite awake, not
quite asleep, merely awash with pleasure and letting my conscious mind rest while my instincts took

If I had been paying attention then, I would have noted an increased sensation from my nipples. I would
have seen them darken to a shade of brown-black, and I most definitely would have seen them begin to

The twins neither noticed nor cared, they merely positioned their mouths to better take advantage of the
new growths. Soon I had a pair of smallish dicknipples, well on their way to joining the rest of my horse
cocks in size. Even as they grew, surpassing six inches in length, eight, twelve, the twins still managed
to keep pleasuring them, instinctive skill granted to them through Celeste's magic.

In some portion of my mind I heard the faint sound of the window being shut and latched, and a chair
pulled up alongside the bed. The soft movements of Celeste propping her feet on the bed as she
watched the action, no doubt enjoying herself.

I continued to float adrift in a sea of lust as the skin around my nipples began to bunch up, forming
sheaths and sacks for the two surging pricks that were now growing from there. The twins bobbed their
heads up and down upon my nippledicks with gleeful and hungry abandon, continuing to caress our
many shafts down below.

From there the rest of the night became a sweet, white hot blur of pleasure, of lustful desire, of rapid
climax, and of oozing, spattering, high velocity horse cum. The sun had risen before we grew tired and I
came back to myself.

The room was drenched in seed, the bed sopping wet and still sticky, as were the three of us in it, and
my demoness beside it. Celeste had cast aside her working attire, allowing herself to appear as her
proper succubus self. Her hair wild, her wings majestic, her hooves polished and gleaming, the white
seed of eight horse cocks standing out on her apple-red skin.

I felt a deep, intense sexual satisfaction the likes of which I had never felt before. Usually I had to stop
because my partner's body had failed long before I could fully work out my lust. But my cocks, all six of
them, were still hard, ready to go at a moment's notice if I wished to continue, but I did not.

I smiled and snuggled up between the girls, my hands on their shafts, my index and middle fingers were
crammed into the urethra, stoking them from the inside while my thumbs traced over the underside of
the sensitive heads. They leaked thick precum, and even climaxed while I toyed with them.

I sighed happily once more and looked to Celeste, "Celeste, I wish I could wake up feeling like this every

She laughed and smiled at me, crawling onto the seed-soaked bed, which squelched with her every
move, giving me a tight, tender hug, "You have no idea how happy you've made me." She said softly,
resting her head on my chest between the two cocks.

"I'm glad," I said with a grin, not quite getting her meaning. The male mind does not think well after
mind-blowing sexy, and is even worse when it is desiring sleep.

"I think I'll add on a couple services to the wish, if that's okay with you." She purred, her perfectly
smooth, hot body snuggled up against mine.

"Sure! Do whatever you think is best. You've never steered me wrong before." I said to my demoness,
who giggled gleefully, almost drunkenly.

"I think I'll do it right after a nap." Celeste said softly.

A bit drunk on the ambient divine power in the area and able to bring me a second wish perhaps twelve
hours after the first, Celeste deserved a nap. I kissed the top of her head and allowed myself to sleep,
surrounded by three girls, after having spent most of the night giving them all pleasure; though in an
emotional way with Celeste.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep; knowing that the wondrous sensation that filled me would still
be there when I awoke.

Some hours later I found myself opening my eyes, the bed around me soft and dry, though there were a
few drips and drabs of precum from my many cocks oozing down onto my body, as well as a little bit
more from the twins.

I yawned and blinked a few times, focusing my blurred vision. I was rather puzzled at what I saw, as
there was a centaur standing with his front hooves of the footboard of my bed. And not merely his front
hooves, but his cock as well.

A rather proud and gorgeous specimen, his elven torso tanned, well-toned and proportioned, his large,
equine body's red-brown fur groomed to an almost shimmering perfection. But none of that drew my
attention, what I was focused on was the fact that he sported a cock that in all likelihood weighed more
than the rest of him.

I'd seen this type of centaur once or twice, called Overdrafts they were primarily owned creatures,
bought and sold by wealthy individuals with strange, perverse desires. The overdraft winked a
green-yellow eye at me, his many feet long, several feet wide cock suddenly erupting and splattering me
with an incredible amount of cum.

I cried out with blissful ecstasy as my six cocks seemed to erupt with sympathetic climax, my many balls
emptying, filling, and emptying again as my body bent backwards, my hips thrust into the air with
intense, powerful sensation. My cry was joined by two others as the twins were caught up in the same

Cum continued to pour over us, far more than we had been coated with the previous night, thick, hot
horse seed covering every inch of our bodies, delivering orgasmic joy. It went on for about a minute,
then the centaur vanished, leaving behind a room that was just about ankle deep in cum.

My climaxes faded, but they left me with the same incredible sensation of sexual satisfaction that I had
longed for with my wish. What did it matter if I had to be coated in cum every morning in order for it to
happen? Likely Celeste would make sure the stuff vanished before too long.

I managed to extract myself from the arms of the amorous twins, both eager for more pleasure after
being woken up with a wondrous climax. I squelched my way to the bathroom as they fell into one
another's arms, a flurry of stroking, caressing, kissing, licking, and sucking.

I would have loved to stay and watch, but I needed to freshen up, wash the cum from my body, and then
go out and look for a job of sorts. If I didn't have one, fate would somehow provide for me, but I was here
to experience the realm in all its glory. When you live in luxury but don't have a job people tend to be a
little suspicious, distrusting, or downright unpleasant; working class people are distrustful of those who
don't have to work for a living.

My shower took longer than usual, partially because I had sticky centaur seed to wash off just about
every inch of my body, and partially because my many cocks still had not ceased being erect. I thought
back to my wish the previous night, and recalling my words I realized that they would not be ceasing in
their arousal, ever.

In the shower, looking down at the six shafts that studded my body, I realized for the first time that this
wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I'd made the wish. What I'd envisioned and what I received were
two very different things, yet I found myself rather enjoying the outcome.

"Celeste!" I called as I shampooed my hair, letting the lather sit and work for a few moments, my slicked
hands working over my nipplecocks absentmindedly.

I felt the demoness' breasts against my back as she appeared in the shower with me, she rested her
chin on my shoulder, her tail curling around my leg and rubbing against my thigh.

"What am I going to do for clothes?" I asked, as I strangely wasn't displeased in the slightest with the
result, just slightly annoyed that none of the clothes I had brought, nor any of the ones I'd had purchased
for me ahead of time would fit.

"Don't worry about it, I'll find you something to wear to your appointment." She purred, her long, forked
tongue slithering down my chest and giving one of my dicknipples a teasing lick.

Then the shower was empty of Celeste's presence, leaving me to wonder about the nature of the
appointment, as I was just planning to look around the city and see if there were any jobs to be done that
looked fun, or that didn't seem particularly tedious.

I completed my shower, managing to have only made my nipples climax twice. I dried myself off, donned
my bathrobe, and went into my office. The bathroom had two ways in, and I was thankful for them as I
walked out into the hallway. I would be able to have breakfast without getting my feet covered in cum.

I poured myself a bowl of cereal, not wanting to risk unpleasantness involving a hot skillet and six two
and a half foot long shafts. I took a seat at the table and turned on the noon news.

I didn't pay much attention as I ate, but the lead story was that a dozen horses had gone missing
overnight, half were workhorses, but six of them were prized show stallions, worth big bucks for breeding

I finished my breakfast, waiting for Celeste to show up with clothes that would accommodate the new
additions to my anatomy, as well as to disclose the nature of the appointment I had.

With little better to do, I watched the report on the stolen horses. Six had been breeders; two were
common works horses, while another four had been very temperamental workhorses.

"Folks are welcome to keep Demon, Devil, Lucifer, and Lillith." Said the farmer, "Whoever took 'em
deserves what they get. Those four were the orneriest horses I've ever seen in my life."

"Alicorn bloodline," Celeste explained, "Very useful for certain types of magic; dark type of unicorn, so
rather good for transformation, alteration, and corruption magic, as well as things involving gender roles
and sexual orientation. Took those on principle, the two others, well, you saw what I needed those for,
and the six prized stallions, that's the nature of your appointment."

My demoness laid several packages on the table and continued to explain things to me as I opened
"The owner of the stallions sold them to you several weeks ago, though he didn't expect you for another
month. We merely have to go down to the equestrian club and sign the change of ownership papers, so
that others can come to you when they require semen for artificial insemination or when they want their
mares bred."

I wasn't really paying attention; I was too busy staring in shock at what Celeste had acquired for me that
bore a slight resemblance to clothes.

She rolled her eyes, "Oh get over it. Being as out of the norm as you are, people won't remember hardly
a thing about you except that you looked good, looked interesting in a strange new style of clothes, and
that you seem to be a rather dashing, eccentric millionaire type."

"Celeste, it's still a skirt." I said, glaring at the leather garment with apprehension.

"You wore just about the same thing all through your days as a blacksmith's apprentice." She pointed

"Which was when I was what? Twelve? And just about everything else would catch on fire or be
uncomfortably hot?"

"Honey, from now on any pants you wear are going to be incredibly uncomfortable. There's some leather
covers for your cocks, so they won't be exposed to the elements and people won't think you have
genitals or nipples showing. Quit complaining, you'll like it the moment you try it on."

I knew better than to argue with her. Aside from the front, the skirt hung to my knees, and it wasn't...
quite a skirt. More like two pair of loincloths. I have to admit they looked rather regal with their silver and
gold detailing, plus the fact that they were sort of shield-shaped, further making it look less like a skirt.

Celeste also had a pair of what I would tentatively call pants, save for the fact that the entire crotch
section was missing. It fit snugly, but didn't restrict my movement any. From the upper body I had a
narrow tank top and a leather jacket with holes in it for my nipplecocks.

The coverings for my cocks were also tight and snug, and I was panting by the time I'd put three of them
on, but I had to admit they made my shafts look nice, all my cocks and balls wrapped in form-fitting

I smiled to my demoness and hugged her, "Thanks, Celeste. This fits just perfectly." I said, giving her a
kiss on the cheek.

"The enchantments in the rings on the cock sheaths will make it so no fluid emerges from your cock,
even after climax. Though once you remove it, it will all flood out at once with a repeat of all the pleasure
that each cock has gone through since it was last freed. You'll want to take this into account when you
begin removing them."

I nodded, "And why would my cocks climax while I'm out and about?"
She smiled and tossed me a ring of keys, "Because your method of conveyance is going to be a

I shivered and gasped softly with the thought of my oh-so-sensitive, leather-wrapped cocks vibrating and
bumping around with the movements of the motorcycle.

"You naughty thing..." I whispered, grabbing Celeste around the waist.

"Always." She said with a grin, planting a kiss on my lips and wriggling free of my grasp.

She slapped me on the rump, "Giddy up and get along to your meeting horse boy, I left the card with the
address in your helmet."

I chuckled, "Look after the twins, will you?" I said as I headed out the door, "Make sure they get home

My demoness nodded, "I always do." She purred.


It was a rather interesting few hours; I had gotten some rather strange looks. It's incredibly amusing to
watch someone's face when they see something out of the ordinary, realize that it's the strangest thing
they've ever seen, then watch their attention instinctively move elsewhere, then focus back on you,
trying to figure out exactly what it is that's out of place that their mind won't let them realize.

I especially loved the look on the middle aged secretary's face when I grabbed myself. Every time I
mentioned my horses, I would point to, caress, fondle, or openly stroke one of my cocks. She would
begin to get an outraged look on her face, but it would be gone in an instant and she'd look confused.

But things had gone rather smoothly, I produced the papers that Celeste had place in one of my
motorcycle's saddlebags, she'd called the original owner of the six horses and he was rather amiable.
Considering that Celeste had probably dumped a great deal of money in his lap, or given him something
with a value greater than money, he was as cooperative as expected.

It felt so good riding that motorcycle; just as good as I had thought it would. I couldn't count how many
times I felt my cocks burst with pleasure, only to have the hot rush of fluid never come. I had damned
near drained the motorcycle's battery by the time it had gotten dark and I decided to return home.

I began to strip out of my clothes on the elevator ride up, my coat, jacket, and motorcycle boots were off
before I made it to my apartment, my pants and skirt scarcely remained on for a few moments longer
than it took me to get inside and close the door.

I sighed happily and flopped down onto an oh so comfortable recliner, I leaned back, ready and eager to
tug off the cock covers and let the fun flow, but something caught in my mind and I grinned.

"Celeste, do you think you have enough power to grant me another wish?" I asked the empty apartment.
"Why yes, I believe I do." My demoness purred from right behind me, her delicately clawed fingers
rubbing the tension out of my neck and shoulders.

"Great!" I said, laughing triumphantly, "I wish for a cute, young cowgirl here to rein in my rather rebellious
heard of bucking broncos here."

Celeste nodded and continued to massage my back, "I want her blonde, sexy, a great body, and busty.
Oh hells yes busty, lots of tit on her. Think you could go find me a girl like that?"

My demoness purred softly, "Oh yeah, I think I can find exactly what you need."

"Great!" I said with a laugh as she vanished. I lay back in my chair and eagerly waited for Celeste to
return with my evening entertainment.

A sudden cold sensation washed over my body, as if I had suddenly been doused with ice water, and
then there was the feeling of incredible heat. I cried out as a strange sort of pressure crashed against my
body, it felt like it was crushing me, molding me into something else.

I stared down at my body, watching it reshape itself. First to go was my body hair; it just seemed to
vanish all of a sudden, leaving my skin soft and smooth. I ran my fingers over it, confused, puzzled, not
knowing what was happening, just that it felt quite good to have perfect, smooth skin.

My hands looked different, and I held them up to my face; the fingers were thinner, the overall shape
more streamlined and lithe. I watched as my nails darkened to black growing outward about half an inch.
The shape and the polish-like black made me realize what was happening.

Celeste had done it again, altered my wish. I was turning into the cute, busty cowgirl that I had wanted to
fuck. Strangely the thought didn't bother me in the slightest; it actually seemed kind of cool. I ran my
girlish hands up my smooth skinned arms, following the flow of the changes.

My well toned, muscular physique began to melt away, leaving my build smaller, but still somewhat
athletic, save that the muscle shapes and sized were now of an athletic girl in her mid to late teens
rather than a fully grown man.

The change flowed up my shoulders, over my neck, up to my face, down my chest. I expect the flesh
around my nipplecocks to swell into the large, plentiful breasts I had imagined on the body of my wished
for companion for the night, but strangely it did not happen, leaving me flat chested.

My hips and butt took on a curvier, rounded appearance. I smiled and rubbed my hands over my cute
new butt, rolling over in the recliner to admire it. Or at least I tried to; my legs didn't seem to want to
cooperate. They gave off soft pops and cracks, bones reshaping to a larger degree than merely a
change of gender.

Puzzled by this, I stared at them, my shin bones shortening, my ankles lengthening, muscles seeming to
shift and flow to accommodate a gait that was not human. Much as they had on my fingertips, my
toenails turned black and grew outward, only this time the growing wasn't just outward, but back along
the toe.
I watched with fascination as glossy, shiny black engulfed my toes, fusing the inner trio and morphing
them into a cloven hoof. My big and little toes migrated up my foot, becoming vestigial dew claws.

I stared down at my new feet, reaching down and running my fingertips over the smooth, glossy finish of
my hooves. As I did that my ears began to tickle and I reached up to see what was happening to them.
Beneath my touch my ears grew, elongating and smoothing out. New muscles appeared on the sides of
my head, allowing me to move them.

When I had said cowgirl, I had meant the profession, not the humanoid with bovine attributes, but I didn't
mind at all. I loved the changes; they were rather interesting, making me even more special and unique
in a place where every single sentient being had the exact same anatomy.

I rubbed the muscles at the base of my ears, sighing in delight at the sensation. I really wanted to see
what I looked like and rose from my chair onto my new hooves, balancing upon them as if I had walked
on them my entire life. I clopped my way to the bathroom, giggling like the giddy schoolgirl I somewhat
resembled as I felt a tingle at the base of my spine.

I looked over my shoulder, smiling at the presence of something else that was new, I had been sitting on
my new tail. It was long and thin and hung about to my knees, tipped with a small tuft of the same
brown-blonde as the hair atop my head, which had begun to lengthen.

Typically I kept my hair short, but now it tickled my shoulders and ran down my back. It was wonderfully
soft, and I didn't mind. Now that I was well on my way to being a girl myself it would probably be a good
idea to dress and groom myself in the fashions I liked on the girls I seduced.

The thought brought a grin to my face, knowing that for the rest of my life I would never be more than a
look in the mirror away from being able to see a cute, sexy figure. I swished my tail behind me happily as
I walked into the bathroom and turned on the light.

The smiling face that peered back at me from the mirror was not my own, but I could see traces of the
features I'd had as a man translated into a sexy and cute feminine form. I'd wished for a cute, young
cowgirl, and that was exactly what I was becoming. The youthful face before me was on that had barely
brushed up against fifteen or sixteen.

I giggled again and pursed my lips, blowing my reflection a kiss. I felt weak in the knees suddenly and
gripped the edge of the sink for support as my hooves quaked unsteadily beneath me. My belly churned
and there was a strange pulling sensation between my legs.

Slipping a hand between them I found that in addition to my myriad horse cocks, I now had myself a
seventh set of genitals, albeit that of a female this time. I found myself looking forward to experiencing
sex from the opposing perspective than I usually found myself partaking in.

I lay hunched over the sink and began to explore my new gender, slipping fingers inside, my thumb
caressing the small button of my clitoris. It felt somewhat strange to me that I had one; after all, typically
that part of the anatomy would become a penis in a male, of which I already had several. But the
sensation of stroking it made me moan.
Unlike my cocks, my pussy was not in a permanent state of arousal, though it entered arousal easily.
Within a few moments I found a torrent of lubrication coating my fingers, as well as my thighs with
enough left over to create a puddle on the floor.

I hopped up onto the counter, lying on it so I could play with myself and admire my gorgeous, feminine
form in the mirror. As my eyes roamed over my soft, youthful, sexy, beautiful body I noticed something
else that had appeared without my noticing. I had nipples again; but they weren't where they were
supposed to be, and what was stranger was that I had six of them.

I had two rows of three, one set above my nipplecocks and the other set below them. I explored them
with the hand that wasn't buried in my snatch, tracing over the thick, black nipples. They matched the
shade of black I had at the base of my horse dicks, and I rather liked the coloration, they stood out
against my tanned skin.

I rubbed and caressed them, the flesh around them beginning to grow puffy and swollen. Not only did it
seem that I would get breasts after all, but a large number of them. Six gorgeous, beautiful, bountiful
breasts; that thought immediately made my six cocks climax again, the magic of the still remaining
leather sheaths keeping the sticky mess from being expelled.

I wondered how big they would be, though my frame was that of a lithe girl, I was still my original height,
tall for a woman, my bovine legs making me a bit taller still. I pictured myself with various sized breasts,
wondering which would be the most appropriate. But as I thought of them, the bigger I pictured the
breasts, the more excited I got.

I soon had six titties large enough to be a handful for me, and I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't let my
sexy, unique, perfect body be contained any longer. I left my place on the counter, stepping into my
sauna and turning it on. The heat and moisture that soon filled the air rivaled the heat and moisture
contained and unleashed within my sexed up flesh.

It took all the willpower I had to pull my fingers from my hungry sex, tugging off the protective sleeves
two at a time.

The sheer intensity of the first pair of dual climaxes made my muscles turn to water; I slumped down
onto my side on the sauna's bench as thick, sticky torrents of hot horse cum virtually exploded from my
nipplecocks. I really shouldn't have ridden my motorcycle that much. I had no idea how long I would be

I clenched my teeth, fighting through the pleasure and lust, managing to grip two sleeves with each
hand, having gotten them all unbuttoned before. With a quick tug, I freed the remaining four cocks, their
eruption adding to the delicious, overwhelming, mind-blowing pleasure.

I lay on the bench, the air filling with thick, sexy, musky scent as streams of my seed splattered onto the
sauna's hot rocks. I closed my eyes, letting my hands explore my body on instinct. I bucked my hips
rapidly, thrusting into the air with the four horsecocks between my legs, the heavy balls of my lowest set
slapping against my clit and cunny with each thrust, pleasuring me more.
My hands were occupied with my breasts and nipples, rubbing, caressing, fondling, stroking, and
rubbing my thick cum over them to make them all slick and slippery. They grew bigger and bigger,
crowding my chest, pushing against my arms, the soft tit flesh pressing against my nipplecocks and
balls. I hugged my six tits tightly, rubbing the two I could best reach, doing my utmost to grant myself the
greatest pleasure possible.

I sort of zoned out, allowing my lust to drive me, allowing by body to fountain with climactic fluids and
milk. Celeste had indeed added that little part of bovinehood. Eventually, long before the climaxes
ceased, my body grew weary, and I drifted from a hazy state of lust, to a restful sleep filled with
wondrous, orgiastic dreams.


The dreams of a never-ending orgy faded as the night went on and my oversexed body finally released
all the pent up orgasms it had acquired during the day. There was a sudden, cold sensation on one of
my cocks, followed by slight pain, followed by another cold sensation.

I opened my eyes, finding myself upon a familiar altar, my arms and legs bound. I looked up to see my
demoness standing over me, some sort of metal device in her hand. She smiled down at me and
brought it against one of my nipplecocks, the chill of cold metal followed by the slight pain of a ring being
clamped down to piercing the tough skin.

I murmured softly through the gag in my mouth, something that was always present during the
occasional arcane ritual. I wasn't here in the flesh, but merely in spirit. The piercings Celeste gave me,
however, would return with me to the material world. I looked up at her questioningly, wondering what
was going on.

She smiled and me and gave me a loving pat on one of my large, milk filled breasts. "Don't worry; I'm
just putting a place for the reins to go." She says with a chuckle.

Reins? I didn't recall anything about... oh. The wish; I'd asked for a young cowgirl to help me rein in my
bucking broncos. I'd become the young cowgirl and now it seemed that my horses would have reins
attached to them.

I shivered with delight each time Celeste's little device clicked, permanently embedding a Mythril ring
into my body with each use. I've never been one to mix excess amounts of pain with pleasure, but a little
bit of it was exciting.

My pussy began to drip with arousal; my juices flowing down the small channels carved into the surface
of the ancient altar, meant to channel away any fluid that ran across them. I craved a cock, but what I
got instead was Celeste's spade-tipped tail.

The spade was like soft leather, constructed rather like a stingray, able to wiggle and ripple and bend
and fold itself. It rolled into a tubular shape, pushing into my needy sex, clenching and unclenching,
trying to open itself within me to give me pleasure.

I nodded my thanks to my guardian demon and lay back, allowing her to finish her work. Four silver
circles of metal for each of my cocks. The reins themselves came next. Black leather inscribed with
silver runes of infernal script. The demon-hide leather could not be cut by any tool the mundane
city-state in which I lived could offer; only enchanted steel could part it.

She slipped the thin leather strap through the piercings on one of my nipple cocks, then ran it through
them again, creating a loop of leather around my shaft. She took four small, silver bells and with a minor
incantation bound them to the reins in places that would assure that I would never be able to remove the

"You won't be able to wear your cock covers anymore," she explained, "But the reins will do the same
thing. You can tie them off in a knot, and they will prevent your shafts from spewing cum each time you
climax, and will hold the orgasm off until later, just as your cock covers did. But the spirit of each horse
has been awakened within each of your members. They want to mate and spill their seed. If you haven't
let them climax for awhile, even if the reins aren't tied, they'll buck and thrust and cum on their own."

She repeated the process on the rest of my cocks, binding the mystical reins to them. Once she was
done she climbed atop the altar, snuggling up against me. She continued to pleasure me with her tail
and began caressing one of my breasts, coaxing the milk out of it. She stroked my cheek with the back
of a hand and nuzzled my neck.

"Mmm... you're so beautiful, so very, very beautiful." She purred, "You're the prettiest girl I've ever made,
I want you so badly, want you to be mine so badly, and you will be mine, in time."

Celeste smiled and removed my gag, kissing me softly, gently, affectionately. It wasn't the hungry, lustful
kiss that I had known her for. Up until this point in my life, our sexual encounters had been for pleasure,
for relief, and for relaxation. But now there was something else, true desire for me as an individual, not
merely as the nearest owner of a cock; in her own way she had begun to love me.

"Thank you, Celeste," I whispered, leaning into her caress, "Thank you for making me beautiful."

My demoness remained there, cuddled up against me. Her soft lips sought out my upper-middle nipple
and she began to drink.

"They used to think that a third nipple on a person fed demons. I don't know if that's true or not, but the
milk in the middle always seems the tastiest to me." She said with a giggle.

I longed to hug her against me, to run my fingers through her navy blue hair, but my bonds kept me from
moving. She fell asleep, curled up against me until I was pulled into wakefulness.


I opened my eyes, finding myself on the floor of the sauna, the automatic timer having shut it off
sometime during the night. I blinked my eyes, yawned, and stretched. I'd been cleaned up over night, the
thick scale of dried seed that I'd expected was nowhere upon more body, nor the room around me.
However the thick, musky scent of sex still lingered in the air.

I groaned softly, my breasts feeling achy. Looking down they were half again the size they had been
when I went to sleep. They were filled quite heavily with milk and moving around made the fluid within
them slosh around. Each step I took made my tits shake and quiver, which rubbed against my
nipplecocks and balls. As a result I was panting and horny before I'd even got to the door.

I opened the sauna door only to find myself face to cockhead with the Overdraft's enormous shaft. I only
had time to let out a small, startled 'Eep!' before my body was doused in cum; my seven sexes erupted
in sympathetic climax. My tits seemed to get in on the action too, spilling as much of their milky load as
they could.

I was left gasping in a virtual lake of sweet, tasty centaur seed. My breasts no longer ached, though they
were still bigger than usual, and I could swear that my nipples had elongated a bit overnight. They
weren't quite teats, but they were longer and thicker than normal nipples ought to be.

I rose to my hooves each step squelching loudly as I trod upon several inches of cum that had pooled on
the floor as I made my way to the shower. As I waited for the water to heat I toyed with the rings and
reins on my nipplecocks, making the tiny bells jingle.

I stepped into the shower, letting the hot jets blast the thick coating of centaur cum from my body. I
smiled as I discovered that Celeste had replaced my usual shampoo with several bottles of shampoo
and conditioner, more suited for a long and luxurious mane of hair like a pretty girl ought to have. I would
take care of my cute, girlish body; I would make absolutely sure that I did my best to look as sexy as

After two shampooings to wash the last of the seed from my hair, I applied the first of the special
shampoos, meant to make my hair thick and shiny. I giggled as I applied it to my tail tuft, figuring that I
might make sure it was pretty as well.

I left the shampoo to sink in and poured liquid soap onto my hands, washing my beautiful, bountiful
breasts. I hadn't wished to be transformed into a girl, especially not one with six huge, milk filled hooters,
hooves, a tail, and if the slight tightness I felt in the skin at my temples was any indication, I'd also have
horns eventually.

This hadn't been exactly what I had wished for, but upon living it, experiencing it, I couldn't possibly
fathom going back to my boring male body. I felt incredible, my perfect, smooth skin, my soft, thick hair,
my picture perfect, heart shaped rump, the way I instinctively swayed as I walked, the delicious weight of
my plump breasts, the way they rubbed against my nipplecocks.

The cold water of the shower brought me back to myself. I had allowed my mind to wander and I'd
dropped to my knees and started masturbating. I had no idea how long I'd been like that, rubbing and
caressing my gorgeous body beneath the shower's spray.

I turned it off and stepped out of the shower, blushing, rather embarrassed about my lack of control. My
nipplecocks began to twitch, almost like a muscle spasm. I grabbed the leather straps and tugged,
crying out as pleasure shot through my body, the cocks erupting with climax.

But instead of the usual torrents of seed, what came out was a mere trickle; enough to clean up with a
few tissues. I thought of putting my bathrobe on, but I didn't think I would need it anymore. Between my
breasts and cocks, it would never be able to close.

My hooves clopped on the tiled floor as I made my way into the bedroom. Celeste had apparently had
time between her transformation of my body and applying my piercings to replace all my clothes.

I slipped on a pair of silk-looking shorts that were cut to fit me perfectly, fitting snugly around my eight
balls with openings for each of my shafts. It was delicate work with the piercings and reins, but I got the
hang of it.

I slipped a pair of socks over my hooves and looked over the footwear I had provided. I moaned softly at
the sight of a pair of black platform heeled latex boots, designed perfectly to fit my cloven hooves.

I slipped them on and zipped them up, tightening the straps at the bottom and top of the boot so that my
legs would get the proper support. I added a pair of tube tops to complete the outfit. Everything clung to
me so tightly. I could see the curve of my balls and the shape of my nipples through the silken garments.
They fit me perfectly, yet they were cut in a way that didn't hamper my movement at all.

I took a moment to admire myself in the mirror before I put on my make up. I let out a cute little moan as
all my horse cocks began to buck, apparently driven to lust by either the sight of myself, or my own
reaction of arousal at my reflection.

Though I wasn't at all familiar with makeup, I did seem to have an instinct of what to use. I applied every
bit of it expertly, and by the time I was finished and started brushing my hair, I was biting my lip to
prevent myself from getting aroused and darkening the crotch of my shorts with feminine need.

"You look good enough to eat." Celeste purred appreciatively from behind me. She took the hairbrush
from me and began to brush my long locks herself. Once everything was nice and straight she began to
braid it.

I blinked a few times when she mentioned eating, the last meal I'd had was breakfast the previous
morning, but I didn't feel particularly hungry, nor had I needed to go to the bathroom.

"Celeste, why don't I feel hungry?" I asked my guardian demon.

She smiled and continued braiding my hair, "You won't need to eat for awhile. You essentially have
stores of energy saved up to power your body. I had to do something with the rest of the six stallions."

"Is that why I don't feel thirsty even though I spew out gallons of fluids and milk?"

She shook her head, "No, that's just magic." She said, tying my braid with a black ribbon. She peered at
my reflection and smiled, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"You look perfect." She purred, "A cute, sexy, slutty girl. You'll make a great impression on your client."

A sweet thrill shot through my body when Celeste called me a slut. She always knows the right things to
say to make me all hot and bothered.
"Client?" I asked, reluctantly tearing my gaze away from our image in the mirror.

Celeste nodded, "Yup, you first breeder. She has a mare she wants..." she reached down and gripped
the reins of my lower middle cock, "Bred with this one."

I moaned softly at the thought of my cock in the clutches of a tight, heat stricken, lustful mare pussy. I
couldn't help it. Thankfully the dark silk of my shorts hid the wetness better than I thought, but I had to tie
the reins on my cocks to stop them from bucking.

As Celeste gave me directions to my client's ranch, I wiped myself down, removing stray bits of precum
and seed.

"You client owns the Carriage Cab Company and she's sent one along to bring you in and take you
home, which is good, since after all that masturbating you did with your motorcycle last night, it's still

I blushed, instinctively picking up the black leather purse that was one the table as I made my way out
the door. I was so excited, looking forward to my first day as a horse breeder; a literal horse breeder.


My body was covered in sweat, milk, and seed. I stank of sex, hay, and horse. It had felt so good, filling
that sweet mare pussy; flesh designed to take my horse cocks and grip them perfectly, expertly milking
me to climax.

I couldn't help myself; I'd needed to have more. After the first climax I'd tried to ram my upper-middle
cock into the mare's rump, but the action apparently frightened her and she bolted, leaving me standing
on a step stool, my body burning with need.

I hadn't seen my employer, only the ranch manager, an older gentlemen who clearly didn't approve of
the way I was dressed. No big deal, it's not like I wanted to fuck him anyway.

What I wanted was another horse, or some sexy bimbo that I could cover in cum. I'd torn off my clothes
and tossed them aside, allowing me to paw and lick frantically at my breasts and cocks.

"C-Celeste," I moaned, "I wish there was a hot girl here to help me. I want her to be horny as hell, and I
don't want to be the girl I'm wishing for!"

There was a soft laugh and I felt a burning sensation over my body. Celeste had turned my wish upon
me one more time. I arched my back and thrust into the air as each part of me climaxed at once.

I opened my mouth and cried out, my long, forked tongue slithering over new fangs, curling around a
teat-like nipple. My nipples had grown once again, larger and thicker, on my basketball sized breasts,
they were the size of small teacups, the areolae the size of saucers.

My furry, bovine ears tickled strangely as they moved back on my head a few inches, allowing for a
second pair to sprout. I ran a hand over one of them, finding them to be large, tapered, and pointed;
some would call them elven, but I'd seen the shape for years on the head of my demoness, for that was
what they were; the ears of a demon.

The tiny nubs upon my forehead that had not even grown to the point were they broke skin suddenly
erupted, growing thick and curved. They split, a part of the mass becoming circular and rounded,
growing outward from my head, curling into formidable horns, becoming points. The other portion was
strange, shaped like a quarter circle with one rounded edge and two straight. Those horns grew back
along the curved of my head, moving slightly outward so that they could spiral. They mimicked one of
the classic demonic looks; ram's horns.

Sweet, sweet fire filled my body, boiling my blood, seeming to cook me from within. It felt so good, so
very wondrous as my skin turned bright, blood red. My horns, my hooves, my skin, I was damned near a
demoness myself now. Once my spirit and my mortal flesh parted ways, I would be such a wondrous

But until I died, I would be mortal, and I would cling to that mortality for as long as I could. I adored the
material plane, and wished to remain here and partake in its delights for centuries yet to come. My wish
was to be a cute, young cowgirl, or at least that was what the result had been. I would not age,
remaining perpetually youthful.

I bared my fangs and hissed and tore at the ground with my clawed fingertips. My tail lashed from side to
side in my frustration, growing longer, growing thicker, the soft tufted tip losing hair, instead the flesh
forming a spade-shaped hood. I opened a second set of eyes, small, tiny ones that were not much good
for seeing anything other than movement. But the venomous viper that my tail had become could see
heat, and it could taste and scent the air far better than I could.

I took it in my hands and stroked it, giggling happily as my two mouths met in a playful kiss, forked
tongues entwining. The serpent was me, and yet it was not. I could control it, but it had its own set of
instincts that it would follow. I continued to kiss my sexy, snaky tail, stroking its soft, smooth scales with
my hands.

This wasn't what I had wanted, it was most definitely NOT what I had wanted, but as I stood, licking my
beautiful black lips, I couldn't help but love it. My hair had turned the same deep navy shade as
Celeste's and through the eyes of my tail I could see that my own eyes had lost their whites, becoming a
deep black, while my irises flickered with flaming shades of orange, red, and yellow.

My bovine ears twitched, hearing a sound behind me. I turned to see a gorgeous woman dressed in
riding attire. Her hair was like burnished gold, her skin like porcelain, and her ears bore the slight point of
elven heritage. Her blood may have been a generation back, but she was human enough to enter this
realm without trepidation, and she still sported a fey bloodline, preventing her eyes from being clouded
as she saw me.

My serpent tasted the air, and it could tell that she had been there for quite some time, long enough to
see me change. It also scented something else on the air; her lust. The elf-blood looked at me with wide,
emerald eyes, their exotic slant likely to be confused for Asian in this blindfolded world. My own eyes
roamed over her body, the perfect mix of elven and human beauty.
She sported a lithe, athletic build, but whereas elves were typically built like gymnasts, she was tall for
even a human woman and sported gorgeous curves that made my clawed hands ache with the need to
explore them.

I growled softly, the powerful muscles in my legs tightening as I crouched. I leapt over the fence
separating us with inhuman grace and agility. I was on the ground before she knew it, rushing at her.

She turned to run, but that merely excited my predatory instincts. My hooves and back-bent legs were
suited far better to running than the unwieldy things humans have. I caught her as she tried to duck into
a barn, tackling her into a pile of hay.

My serpent lashed out, sinking its fangs into her thigh, she cried out at first with pain, then with a lustful
moan as my serpent's venom went to work, forcing upon her incredible need and arousal.

The crotch of her riding slacks immediately became doused with moisture from her desire, my claws
making short work of it, striping her bare save for her boots, gloves, and helmet in no time.

My long, forked tongue slithered out from between my lips, caressing her cheek and neck as I took her
bare breasts in my hands, my claw tips lightly piercing her soft, creamy skin. My serpent could smell her
need, her lust; she looked back at me with a mix of fear and desire in her eyes.

I pressed my middle horsecocks up against her, not yet trying to penetrate her, but merely to tease, to
inform her of what was to come. I could feel her wetness and heat upon my members, the stallion spirits
within them eager to fill her.

"Beg." I growled softly, my eyes flaring with light for a moment, "Beg for what you desire, slut. Freedom
or fucking, ask your mistress for what it is you desire."

Her eyes filled with tears and the shuddered. Her body craved sex, but her mind told her to flee from the
terrible demoness before her. She struggled as best she could in my grip, only succeeding in rubbing
her nipples against my hands, and her aching pussy against my prick.

"It... it'll tear me up..." she whispered softly.

"Will they?" I purred, pressing the blunt, trumpet-shaped head of my lower horsecock into her. She cried
out with pain and pleasure, her cries becoming soft whimpers as I removed it.

"Oh it hurts, it hurts... but I... I need it. I need it inside of me." She said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Say it then, wish for your mistress to fill your pussy and your ass with her cocks." I said, nibbling on her
neck with my fangs.

"M-mistress," she whispered, "I wish for you to fill me with your cocks."

With a delighted chuckle I pulled away from her, drawing out a frustrated yowl from the elf-blood. She
rolled over onto her back and looked up at me with confused, hurt eyes. I reached down and caressed
her cheek, my lips meeting her own in a delicious kiss.
I pulled her into my lap, lining up my middle shafts, forcing them both into her with a soft grunt of effort.
She howled as if her insides were being torn apart, but I knew that they wouldn't. Though sex with a well
hung demon will hurt like the fires of hell, it won't actually leave any marks or wounds. An incubus takes
his victim and leaves no evidence of his dalliance; I could be twice as big as I was and I would still be
able to fit into her with ease.

I broke our kiss leaving her mouth wide open and her tongue questing for my own. I gripped her by the
hair and shoved one of my nipplecocks into her mouth. The Gift of the Cubi worked for oral as well, my
fist-thick cock pushing into her mouth and throat with ease. She ought to gag and choke, unable to
breathe, but once more my demonic gifts allowed for comparative comfort as she took every inch of my
length into her.

I chuckled, stroking her hair like I would that of a favorite pet with one hand, my other toying her one
breast. My serpent slithered up and sunk its fangs into a nipple, making her whimper softly.

As my venom pumped into her once more it was obvious that this was venom of a different sort.
Immediately her breasts began to swell with milk, which my serpent began to greedily suck down. Her
nipples grew as well, becoming thick, red, puffy, and as needful as her pussy.

Until the venom wore off her body would demand to be milked. Until then she'd look like a specialty
stripper or a porn star. But like my own bountiful breasts, her own would be all-natural.

I coaxed her hands down to my side cocks and commanded her to stroke, which she did
enthusiastically. I ceased petting her and jerked off my other nipplecock instead, turning around and
flopping down onto the hay, the cute rancher virtually impaled upon my body.

I lost track of my climaxes, filling her three ways with my hot, devilish essence. I took great delight in
coating her body with it. It seemed to spur her on, infusing her with new energy each time I slathered
thick handfuls of cum over her bare skin.

Eventually my serpent drank its fill of milk, and with nothing better to do, I put it to use to pleasure my
pussy. I eagerly drank in all the pleasure my body had to offer, and longed for more. The only thing that
would make this more perfect would be the presence of an additional girl to fill with a trio of cocks and a
sexy stallion to pound my own pussy with his equine rod.

But I knew better now, I wouldn't be asking Celeste for wishes to fulfill spur of the moment desires
anymore. I would have to think them out beforehand and phrase them carefully so that she couldn't turn
them into an excuse to transform me again.

The thought of having my body altered even further was something that filled me with warmth, made me
ache with longing for it. I wanted to feel the fires of transformation flow over my cherry red skin once
more. But it was a lust I would not give into. My body was perfect now; male and female aspects
entwined with the best of human, bovine, equine, and demon. I knew that I would adore any wish that
would alter me in the future, but the mental alterations of the three wishes I'd made so far told me that I
was perfect now; no room for improvement.
I fucked the rancher until her muscles gave out, unable to clench at my cocks or stroke my shafts. I
gently coaxed my trio of lengths from her. I grinned; proud of the effects I'd had on her body.

Her breasts had swollen up to the size of beach balls, her puffy nipples aching to have the milk within
them released. She also looked nearly nine months pregnant as I had made her belly bloat with huge
amount of horse seed.

I picked her up, carrying her back to the main house. She wrapped her arms around my neck and buried
her face in the soft flesh of one of my tits. "Stay." She managed to squeak out, "Please stay with me."


She looked up at me with a strange look in her eyes. To this day I cannot tell you what emotion it is. It is
love, it is lust, it is fear, it is respect, shame, sorrow, levity, content, desire, and a dozen more things all
rolled into one. It is what a natural born plaything feels when she looks upon her owner after she has
been well-used.

My lover had kept her true self chained and locked away, buried deep within her, never allowing it to see
the light of day. Society tells us that we are to keep our sexual interludes small, quiet, and private;
women especially. A man with many lovers is considered a stud, someone to be envied. A female with
many lovers is called a whore; she is looked down upon, loathed, hated, and pitied.

As I learned that night as I soaked with her in her hot tub, scrubbing her clean of my seed as she could
scarcely lift her arms, her name was Gwendolyn, and she had been raised in Old Aerth. She had wed an
adventurous man who had left the magic-dead comfort of the CTA to discover what was beyond. He
returned with gold, gems, and his new wife, purchasing the ranch with the treasure.

An automobile accident had taken him away several years prior, and my poor elf was a lonely girl who
craved the exotic, but who had never allowed herself to give into temptation before.

Warm tears fell onto my breast as she explained how she had always desired the love of beasts, longed
to feel the cock of the equine she rid within her, would become dripping wet at the thought of being
violated by a dragon. But she could never bring herself to do it, for fear of discovery.

But with me no one would know, no one in her social circle could see beyond the mundane. If they
happened to stumble across us making lover, they would see a woman and what they would assume to
be a man, well hung, but average of features and somewhat androgynous. They would see what they
wanted to see, rather than what was.

I was perfect for her, my lover tearfully confessed to me. She would do anything I asked, as long as I
slaked the lusts of her perverted soul. She was so sweet, tender, innocent, and vulnerable, even if I
didn't have the beginnings of love for her blossoming within my heart, I would still have taken her as I
did, for the sex if nothing more.

Even though the pleasure I'd felt while using her was incredible, I adored her for other reasons. She
could see my perfect body for what it was, and she shared my opinion of its perfection. She loved to look
upon me, her eyes lingering on a particular feature of my body, licking her lips as she devised the next
wonderful, amorous thing that we would next take part in.

Though there was a great deal of sex, there was also an equally great amount of time spent engaged in
other things. I told her of my exploration of the Fused Earth, of the wonders that I had found left over
from both worlds as well as the unique aspects that the merge had allowed. She told me of elven
histories, folklore, and fairy tales. She read to me from the many books she gathered.

But what I loved the most was when we'd sit on the couch and she'd snuggle up with me, and we'd
watch television, or a movie; something so simple that I had never really taken the time to enjoy before.

I had taken my lovers in my life, but until Gwen I had never had what you would consider a real
relationship. Though she was my pet, she was such of her own will; she was the first mortal woman that
I had ever looked upon as my equal.

Our equality, however, did not prevent me from sleeping around. I would always need more than one
woman, and my lover agreed with me. My unique body could never be satisfied by a single person,
though Gwen came closest to doing so. Truthfully the fact that I bedded other women, and the
occasional man, excited my lover even more.

When her body grew tired from our lovemaking she would find great joy in watching me perform with
whatever partner I could find. She would join in from time to time when her strength returned. She would
sit nearby and bring herself to climax each time I mated one of her mares, or used one of her stallions to
please myself.

After months of practice riding my shafts, my lover's body had permanently adapted to taking something
of my size without discomfort. She cried tears of joy the first time I coaxed one of her stallions into
mating her, the presence of one of my own cocks in her throat muffling her cries of pleasure.

And so my life went, filled with wonder until a year and a day had passed since my arrival in the CTA.
Such a span of time is tied deeply into magic, and with my presence in the magic-sealed land, I had
helped to weaken the barriers, allowing a few creatures of magic to slip in and move about with ease.

But what was to come would eventually blow the area wide open. With what was to come, we could
harvest the grand stores of divine magic in the area, make the CTA our own. It was the goal that I had
been sent to achieve.

I just wish they would have explained to me what they had in mind beforehand.


After my demonic transformation my dreams slowly ceased becoming the ramblings of my subconscious
mind and had taken on aspects of demonic purpose. During the day I worked to spread the influence of
the demonic, while at night I practiced to hone my craft as I would one day become a full fledged demon
of Hell.

In life my current project had been a rather fearsome; a ruthless business woman whose mysandry had
been widely known. Her torment was to suffer being filled with my horse cocks every night, finding
herself craving them more and more.

I had altered her to suit my needs, thick tentacles grew from her back, each tipped with a lush lipped
mouth and containing an eager tongue within. Even when she tried to resist suckling upon me her new
appendages did so with instinctual glee.

Her arms were bound in a sleeve behind her and her legs were similarly bound to the knee, allowing me
access to her sex if I so wished. I wasn't to that point yet, I'd told her that I would only fill her pussy when
she begged me to.

With her once more refusing to willingly suckle upon the feast of horseflesh before her, I'd gagged her
and enjoyed the ministrations of her mouth-tentacles. She'd been whimpering softly all the while as her
dozen mouths hungrily partook of my milk and seed, but suddenly she'd begun to scream as best she

The noise pulled me out of my lustful daze in time to see Celeste approaching, a smile upon her face. I
returned the grin and shooed away the tentacles as I stood to great my guide and guardian. Her soft
feathered wings curled around me as we hugged, our lips meeting in a lustful kiss.

In the past year we had met often many times during my waking and sleeping hours to engage in the
sweet bliss that our demonic forms could provide. Even though she had altered me against my will, I still
adored her for it. She was kin now, a strange mix of mother and sister.

She had granted me demonhood, transforming my body and spirit into something more than the mortal
man I'd been before. I bore the shape and coloration of her order, marking me as a special sort of

I had figured out how she had gotten around my desires. I had said that I did not want to be the girl I
wished for, but with the presence of so many cocks one could easily see that I was not a girl; or at least
not fully a girl.

We broke our embrace and I turned to my pet, who lay upon her back nearby, looking on in wide eyed
horror and the twelve inch cock and grapefruit sized balls between her legs, which her curious
tentacle-mouths were already exploring.

My demoness shrugged, "I figured that it would be a cruel, yet pleasurable act to perform upon her; now
even with you gone she cannot escape the embodiment of her hatred for the masculine gender."

I chuckled, "A very good idea. I wish I'd thought of it."

Celesta caressed my back as she stood beside me, "We need you for a ritual, my dear." She purred,
turning to tease the inside of my bovine ear with her forked tongue, making me giggle.

"Mmm... it's been so long since I've taken part in a ritual. What is it?" I asked, curious.

"The big one," Celeste said with a fanged grin, "The ritual that will break down the barrier between our
realm and the material plane. There has been enough of our activity there to allow us to send a powerful
beast of Hell through; though we need to perform a rather strange summoning to bring it about."

I nodded, "Good. I've been waiting for some help. The hidden stables are getting a touch full, after all."

Celeste merely smiled and placed her hands upon my temples, sending my spirit back to my slumbering


I regained consciousness, or what passed for it in my dreaming state, to a cold pinch and a feeling of
pain. I felt the familiar bindings upon my arms and legs, the gag in my mouth, and the stone altar
beneath me.

Now fully aware, I recognized the sensation; piercings. Aside from the four Celeste had done in each of
my cocks, I'd had a few more done on my own, placing a few rings and studs in a variety of places. I'd
been so busy I hadn't gotten anything done recently. I'd forgotten how much my demonic flesh adored
the sensation.

To a trained succubus pain could be made into a form of pleasure, and in my first few months Celeste
had been very hands on in my education of the arts and abilities of my new race. I moaned with delight
at every metallic pinch upon my sides.

I didn't need to see the piercing to know what was taking place. I'd seen this practice put into place.
Corset piercings; twin rows of rings on either side of the body through which laces or ribbons were
wound. For most it was a temporary process, but with a devilish immunity to disease and infection, the
rings could remain in my flesh for all eternity if I so desired.

The altar was well-covered in my sexual juices before they had finished, making the stone slick in
places, sticky in others. Black ribbons were wound through the rings, though they were not tied off.

Instead I was lifted into the air, left to dangle from the cuffs upon my wrists and ankles. I wondered what
sort of kinky deviltry that would be performed upon me when that unforgettable scent hit me.

Part sulfur, part burning grease, with a hint of wet dog, that smell only meant one thing. Cerberus, or at
least one of them. The grandest of all breeds of hellhound, I could hear the large claws of the three
headed canine as he was lead forward upon a leash.

I tilted my head back to allow me to see the creature. I shuddered at the sight of the red skinned beast,
his sides sporting similar piercings to mine. My eyes widened as I knew what was going to happen.

Cerberuses were used to guard the exit and entry points into Hell. They were filled with such powerful,
otherworldly energies that you needed a rather powerful portal spell to summon one, making it obey you
was a different matter entirely.

Over time the creatures and the gates had become intertwined in myth, so wherever a Cerberus was
located for a long period of time, such would become a passageway to Hell. I was still mortal, and thus
belonged upon the material plane. By binding the hellhound to me, it would be considered a part of me
despite its immortal, hellish nature.

I was torn between two extremes; my perfect body was about to be altered, bringing it away from
perfection, but it was also going to be altered, I would once more feel the familiar warm, wonderful
warping of my flesh as it took on a new shape. I couldn't decide if I ought to laugh or cry; instead I settled
for moaning like a bitch in heat and showering myself with thick, hot horse cum.

The beast lapped at the droplets as he was lead beneath me. I raised my head as Cerberus' handlers
positioned him properly. While this Cerberus was still more massive than any mortal animal, he was still,
thankfully, not the biggest example of caninehood that I had ever seen. This one had been chosen for
his similarity in size to me.

I realized as Celeste tied the end of Cerberus' ribbons to my own that the merger was going to be a bit...
strange. Our flesh would unite with us in back to back position. The thought of having three heads
flanking my own, or my upper body atop his shoulders, behind the three fearsome heads had come to
mind. But this was a true oddity, a strange, unnatural deviation in form. The mere thought of it excited
me like nothing I had thought possible.

The ritualists began to lower me, my back meeting that of the hellhound. Despite my hellish blood, he
was warmer still. My demoness stepped around me, tying the ribbons upon the other side.

She grinned and licked my cheek with her forked tongue, "Ready?" she asked with a lustful gleam in her

I couldn't nod my head fast enough. I gleefully and hungrily abandoned my perceived perfect for the
unnatural, the unholy, the bestial and deviant. My lust easily overpowered my vanity as I leaned back,
rubbing the back of my head against the central head of my new canine companion.

Cerberus tilted his other heads up and playfully licked and nibbled on my ears. I could see why they
were using such a valuable creature for this project, even though hellhounds are meant to be friendly to
those with demonic blood, this one seemed a little too easygoing for guard duty.

His serpent-tail curled around my own, the tail's forked tongue licking the hood of my own tail-serpent. I
giggled through my gag at the tickling tongue, but then Celeste gave the ribbons a hard yank, drawing
them tight.

My muscles turned to water as the wonderful burning I had felt a year before enveloped me once again.
I had missed its warm caress, but I could not give up my beauty to satisfy my cravings. Not until now.

Our tails were the first to unite. The serpents were forced to uncoil as the flesh and bone fused, creating
a single, sinuous tube of serpent. For half the length it became back-scales, the two patterns of the
different serpents intertwining to create a new beauty.

Halfway along the length, our tail ceased their fission, retaining their individuality. The small scales
giving way to underbelly scutes. I could now see through three sets of eyes, but the second serpent was
not mine to control or command. It was merely a part of my body, but it belonged entirely to Cerberus.
I wished with all my heart that I could see the flesh of our backs merge, but even bending and twisting
our tail, I could not get much of a view. Our hips and shoulders were in the way, and where those were
not, rings and ribbons obscured the view.

But I felt it, oh yes, I felt it. Flesh flowing to the side like liquid to allow for bone to grate upon bone with a
sound that set my teeth on edge. Our spines joined, and the sensations of the beast's body opened fully
to me.

The four rows of rings, the two on my sides and the two on his, were now three, the ribbons winding
between them in a pair of zigzag pattern. Cerberus huffed and panted as I moaned into my gag.

I felt my blood boil, my flesh burn, my bones consumed by inner fire. I had been transformed into a
demon, but a succubus was not a creature of physical strength or durability. As the hellhound's blood
flowed through our united veins, it seared away all weakness, consuming my lack of might and replacing
it with his own beautiful power.

I felt renewed, like all my life had been carried out with the aches and fatigues of a grueling, torturous, all
day marathon of exercise where I took every muscle in my body to near its breaking point and now I had
finally had that hurting weakness washed away.

Cerberus' skin crept over mine, covering my arms, legs, shoulders, and sides with his strong, yet
somehow still soft and smooth scales. I arched my back, or tried to, as I could not pull Cerberus weight
upwards as my horse cocks erupted once more in climax as the heat surged through them.

Even throughout my demonic transformation my six horse cocks had retained their dappled pink and
black coloration; but as hot seed surged forth from me that changed. What hung between my legs and
lay nestled between my breasts was now pure black. My piercings moved back along the length, the
trumpet-shaped cockheads swelling, coming to conical points, like a dog's cock.

Near the base of each shaft thick knots began to swell, my piercings and reins attached just behind
them. I couldn't wait to run my hands over them, couldn't wait to shove them into Gwendolyn's eagerly
awaiting pussy, ass, and mouth. The thought of my beloved pet made me climax all the harder.

The middle row of rings had vanished now, the ribbons longer than they had originally been, but Celeste
drew them still tighter. I could see through Cerberus' eyes now, I could feel every part of his body,
experience the world through his vibrant senses, his senses of scent and sound superior to my own.

The canine's blood had transformed me, burning away my weakness and replacing it with his strength,
granting me a few of his characteristics. Now the process was going the other way, the beast was
gaining a portion of my own attributes.

The creature growled softly as his three proud cocks grew, the balls swelling to match the equine size of
my own. As the four eyes of our serpents watched the squat canine lengths elongated, the ends swelling
into heads, the tapering length growing thick and fat, a medial ring appearing in the middle. In a few
moments they were just as my own six were; a perfect, beautiful fusion of horse and dog.

Next came the tits, six of them, arranged in rows of three, mirroring my own. Cerberus bucked his hips,
thrusting with his enlarged cocks as his new breasts swelled, growing as large and heavy as my own,
equally as filled with milk. Thankfully he was a large dog, even with the elongated near-teats they still
cleared the floor.

A second pair of ears, long and slender like my bovine ears, grew in on each of his heads behind the
original pair. Joining them were equally bovine horns. The center one even gained my ram-like spirals,
the horns too large for each head to have and retain any sense of comfort while looking forward at the
same time.

Finally Celeste tied knots in the ribbons at the top of our piercings, symbolizing that were would be
forever bound together as one flesh. With an additional three throbbing cocks in addition to my typical
load, I felt much as I had on the day I became a demon; horny as hell.

Cerberus tried to move away, but my restraints held the two of us atop the altar. Celeste smiled and
quickly removed them all, allowing Cerberus to leap off the altar, pouncing a nearby acolyte who had
likely provided some of the spell casting power for the ceremony.

My beast didn't care. His strength overcame that of her robes as he thrust against her, tearing through
the black fabric to penetrate the demoness' sex. I lifted my head up and raised a brow at Celeste, whose
face darkened in a blush.

Well... that explained why he was so friendly.


It turned out that unlike my own members, Cerberus's were not in a state of permanent arousal. Though
it took quite some time before he grew tired of fucking the lesser demoness we had captured.

The moment my dog pulled out of our fucktoy, Celeste latched a leash to his central collar. "Just a few
final touches to complete the look; new collars for him and a few more piercings for you."

I smiled at the thought, crossing my hands behind my head as Cerberus did the walking.

"He's been prepared for this. When you want to walk on your own, you tell him to stand, ok? Just don't
do it right now, we'll get the leash all tangled up." My demoness said with a chuckle.

I nodded and let Celeste lead the way. I shivered with delight as I realized that my demoness was
essentially leading me around with a collar around my neck. I had been wrong before, what I had
experienced the past year had not been perfection. Fused with one of the greatest beasts Hell had to
offer, feeling not six, but twelve titties bounce and sway with every step, experiencing life through senses
provided by six heads, and enjoying the delicious lack of control that a second consciousness offered,
the joy and pride I felt told me that the form I had now truly was perfection.

Cerberus followed obediently at Celeste's heel, my demoness leading us away from the altar into a
smaller, more private room.

Cerberus hopped up onto the bed and laid down, his six tits smooshing together, sending sparks of
pleasure through our body as our weigh pressed them together. Celeste patted him on the head as she
once again took out her mystical piercing kit.

She also pulled a trio of collars out of a belt pouch, as well as some leather straps. She hummed happily
to herself as she replaced the beasts' collars with the new ones.

My demoness than took the piercing device in her hand, placing into it a huge, thick ring. My eyes
widened at the sight of it, and before I knew what she was doing, the padlock shackle thick ring had
pierced my upper-middle nipple.

I couldn't help it, I climaxed HARD. The jets of horse-cum splattered against the ceiling. "Wh... what?"
was all I managed to stammer out before Celeste repeated the process with my lower middle nipple.

Every time I opened my mouth to speak, Celeste derailed my train of thought with another piercing.
Once she was through with my tits, she had Cerberus roll over and added a few piercings to the beast's
breasts as well, though smaller than my own.

Our body was fully aroused once again and Celeste laughed and gave Cerberus's cocks a playful stroke
before having him roll back over.

I panted from the sheer power of those pain-induced climaxes. But my question was answered as
Celeste used those leather straps to bind Cerberus's collars to my nipples.

The head on my right side was bound to my right side breasts with a Y-shaped strap of leather that
looped around the inside of the ring and merged with itself somehow, leaving smooth, seamless leather
attached to a smooth, seamless ring.

She repeated the same action for the left head. The center, however, was attached differently. Two
straps linked the middle head to my upper middle nipple; another strap bound the rings in my top and
bottom nipples together.

Celeste grinned as realization dawned, "When you want to steer Cerberus when he walks, just tug on
the leashes in the direction you want him to go. I think you'll rather enjoy taking him for walks."

I reached up and gripped Celeste's shoulder, pulling my demoness down to me so that I could thank her
properly with a lustful kiss. "Oh Celeste, thank you so much!" I choked out, tears in my eyes at the
beautiful gift she had given me.

"Oh you are quite welcome, my pet, but I do believe that it's about time for you to go."

I cried out as my entire fused flesh seemed to erupt with sweet orgasm upon being called Celeste's pet.

I cursed as I felt the all too familiar sensation of being yanked back into the material world as I awoke.


It's been several months since that wonderful day, and the wonder and joy that I've woken up to every
day of my life since arriving here still has not lost its charm.

Perhaps I was a bit obfuscating in the beginning, but I think my tale has explained itself.

This morning I awoke in the bed Cerberus and I share with our beloved Gwendolyn. Upon seeing the
beast fused to me she was immediately delighted, able to slake her hunger for sex of a bestial sort even

I hadn't even woken up before she had virtually impaled herself upon Cerberus shafts, snuggled into the
canine's breasts, much as she had done with me.

I've never felt jealous; Cerberus is a part of me, after all, even though he is under his own control. I feel
all that he feels, so she makes love to us both.

I awoke to the soft tingling of the bells on the overdraft's tack and harness as he dosed me in his hot,
beautiful seed as he does every morning.

Of course Cerberus once more rolled us atop Gwen, so that I took the brunt of the hot, sticky blast, while
the canine and elven lovers remained mostly cum-free.

Cerberus's serpent tail snaked down, caressing Gwen's rounded belly. Her enlarged tummy bore the
red-orange glowing sigils indicating demonic property, in this case informing everyone that the spawn of
Cerberus grew within her.

Of that I was perhaps a little jealous, but not that much. My seed was not compatible with most women,
after all. But the farm had grown quite wealthy on the stud services I offered. The black coated, orange
eyed foals that resulted helped to spread the magic just a little bit further.

I lay in bed, basking in the sensation of pleasure as Cerberus climaxes, making Gwen cry out with
delight as she's flooded with hellish canine seed once more. As the pregnancy has developed, she has
steadily craved sex more and more.

I suppose it only makes sense, considering that now she's horny for two.

After letting the proud parents to be cuddle for a few moments, I turn and step off the bed, walking to the
shower to freshen myself up before I tend to my morning duties here at the farm.

It's become a rather busy place recently. The plan has worked quite well, with Cerberus here; the farm
has managed to gain a small portal to the lower planes and we've managed to get a few lesser demon

While the citizens are still blind to the workings of magic, spells can be worked here now, allowing for a
lot of... fun happenings.

I switch to all fours, letting Cerberus walk to one of the new barns. I can't help it, I love lying back and
relaxing, rubbing my breasts and tugging on the leashes, pleasuring myself while I get to my destination.
Once we arrive I order Cerberus to stand. I slide open the door and smile, looking at the hallway before
me, each of the new cows having their own small stable/room to themselves.

My serpent tail picks up a bucket by gripping the handle with its mouth as I step towards the first one.

I unlock the door and step in, Cerberus draws in a deep breath, allowing me to fully experience the
scents of arousal, sex, and milk upon the air.

The cow pulls her lips from around her shaft and looks up at me with a smile, "Good morning, Mistress."
She says shyly.

I chuckle and pet her before coaxing her onto all fours over the bucket. She makes such a cute cow,
even if technically speaking, she isn't a she.

She takes one of my cocks inside her ass like a pro as I give her a well-deserved reward for being such
a good milk cow, allowing her large, udder-breasts to fill with milk so that she can be profitably milked
every morning.

I alternate hands, one tugging at a think teat-nipple, the other stroking her plentiful bovine shaft. I had
never thought up until recently that the farming life could agree with me. But as more and more demons
arrive and start making pets and playthings for themselves, we need to do something with the ones they
grow bored with.

I look forward to seeing the new arrivals, the creativity of my associates, sculpting the flesh of humans
into something more interesting, more pleasing. The portal has grown large enough to bring a
fiend-blooded Alicorn through, and I can only imagine what strange wonders she will create during her
time here.

I am no longer unique in this realm, no longer the sole bringing of dark magics into the hollow void of
rich, divine energies. Others have arrived and are doing their best to transform the CTA into a sort of
Hell on earth.

Only this is going to be a rather strange sort of Hell, as Celeste and I have captured this prize for our
fellows, it has been given to the Ordo Altaris to shape.

As the cow cries out in climax, I find myself pulled right along, though I still have the presence of mind to
place the bucket where it will allow the thick, rich bovine seed to mix in with the milk.

It is what fills my mind now, fantasies of alteration, of taking mundane mortals and reforming them to be
creatures of interesting and unique beauty. I cannot help it, it is what I was destined to become when
Celeste transformed me into one of her own kind.

You see, my guardian demon is not unique. Our entire order of incubi and succubi share our lust for the
fusion of man and beast, of manipulating wishes. Celeste has been teaching me how to use the divine
energies here to great effect.

I can't wait for it, I can't wait for the day I can takes the gifts I've been given and bring someone else to
this wondrous state of bliss that I feel. I know you'll love it. You may look upon me as a strange, freakish
monster, but you have to realize that beauty is a state of mind.

Once you've been changed, you'll know how it feels to be truly beautiful as well.

So go on.

You know you want to.

Make a wish.
7 - Alicorn's Apprentice: Monday

Shattered Shards
Alicorn's Apprentice
By Von Krieger


Alison moaned softly as she meditated. During the last few days her normally relaxing afternoon activity
had become something strange, different, erotic. It had been faint at first, but it had quickly grown to an
intense, physical sensation, like what Alison imagined having her pussy licked would feel like.

Rather than break her concentration, the pleasure made it easier to focus, made it easier to clear her
mind of thoughts. She wasn't sure how it was happening, but she'd learned to enjoy it. She sat on her
bed in the lotus position, trying to keep herself still, trying to not buck her hips into every sensuous lick.

The sweet sensations had built more and more in intensity, the more she focused on them, the stronger
they grew. Starting last night they were powerful enough to bring her to climax, though she'd only felt the
one before her hour of meditation was over and she'd had to go do homework.

She'd gotten all her homework done for the following day, and her mother would be out of town until late
Sunday. So Alison had the entire week to devote to her newest pastime.

She wasn't particularly interested in sex, and considered herself to be too young for dating. Maybe once
she was a junior or a senior, but not as a high school freshman.

This strange sort of meditation-masturbation was something she engaged in primarily for the curiosity, it
was rather strange, but also interesting, and it didn't seem to be dangerous or anything. How could
anything that felt so good be dangerous? It was just sex, after all.

Alison had been meditating for ten minutes now, and the sensations had already grown to become
harder then they had been the previous day. She'd climaxed once already, the bedcovers beneath her
growing wet with her juices.

She licked her lips, a thought slipping through past her concentration. She wondered what it would feel
like to do the licking, rather than be licked. Her tongue poked out from between her lips and she lapped
at the air in time with the sensation in her pussy.

To her surprise there was something like resistance in the air, a sweet taste spreading across her
tongue. She licked again, swearing she could feel wetness upon her lips, trickling down her chin.

Alison kept her eyes closed, continuing to lap at her phantom lover, the pleasure in her own loins
seeming to explode as she returned the favor. She couldn't hold the lotus position any longer and fell
back on the bed, though the pleasure didn't cease.
She opened her eyes, growling softly with frustration as she imagined that the pleasure would stop, but it
didn't. Alison sighed happily and lay back on her bed, head propped on her pillow, continuing to lap at
the invisible pussy in the air.

She brought up a hand before her, trying to see if there was some sort of invisible thing in the air, but her
hands found no resistance. But the wetness on her chin and neck was real, somehow, a smooth, slick
fluid that was not her own saliva. She stuck her tongue out as far as she could, then tried to feel for her
invisible lover's sex.

But her fingertips found nothing; even where her tongue told her that there was warm, wet flesh. She
giggled a bit and resumed licking, enjoying the strange, sweet taste.

Suddenly most of her head and upper body became drenched in warm, sticky liquid. It had a strange
scent to it, but it tasted so delicious. Alison felt almost intoxicated as she sought out every drop of the
fluid, scooping it up and bring it to her mouth.

She didn't even notice that the sensation of having her sex licked had ceased. She giggled and closed
her eyes, feeling wonderfully euphoric. She snuggled into the soft blanket that covered her, only to blink
a few times, not recalling having covered herself with a blanket.

She opened her eyes to find herself covered with a massive ebon wing, covered with soft feathers. She
followed the wing back to its owner, a large, majestic looking black horse with a flowing white mane,
kind, lavender eyes, and a single spiraling horn.

The unicorn looked at her and smiled, "I've been waiting for you to return my caresses for a few days
now, little one, I'm glad you finally figured it out."

Alison blushed at the thought; she'd just had sex, kind of-sort of, with a horse. The unicorn snickered at
her blush and turned around, covering Alison's naked form with her other wing, but the position allowed
her to nuzzle the girl softly with her snout and nibble playfully on her hair.

"Oh don't be ashamed, you've been a very nice lover. I have plenty more juices if you'd like to keep
licking, or I could pleasure you more, if you liked." The equine said with amusement, making Alison
blush all the more.

"Is this a dream?" the young girl asked, giggling and she tugged her blonde hair away from the playful

"It is a dream of sorts; you are partially awake and partially asleep. But only a few seconds pass in the
real world for every few minutes we speak or play here." The unicorn explained.

"Are you... real?" Alison asked, reaching out and patting the mare's snout.

"I am very real, but for the moment I cant bring my physical being to where you are. It isn't a place
particularly welcome to magic. I had to send out my spirit to find someone with an open mind, a kind
heart, and a pure body and spirit. Unicorns can only bring their magic upon someone who has never
known the touch of a lover."

Alison merely blushed deeper, "I'm Alison, by the way." She said quietly, introducing herself.

"Interesting, I'm an Ally too." The unicorn said with a chuckle, "Would you like to help me spread magic
around your city, Alison?"

The human thought about it for a moment and smiled, "Sure! I've heard stories about all the neat things
that some people have seen outside of the CTA, but they get ridiculed for it. There's no nuclear
wasteland out there, anyone can see that, just like you can make out city lights with a telescope on
those big orbs in the sky."

Ally chuckled and nuzzled the human, "Exactly. I can use you as a gateway to bring in magical energy
through, if you'd let me. And it will let us talk and play without you have to be asleep or meditating first,
would you like that."

Alison smiled and nodded, "I'd love that!" she said with a giggle.

"Good!" Ally said with a nod.

Alison suddenly found herself on all fours on her bed, her rump raised in the air. She blinked a few
times, wondering what was going on, and then she felt the sharp tip of the unicorn's horn slide into her

She yelped and tensed her muscles, wanting to pull away, but she didn't think it was a good idea with
something sharp so near her loins. Plus it wasn't like it felt bad, in fact felt rather good, better than the
equine's tongue against her sex.

Alison moaned softly as Ally slid more and more of her horn into the girl's sex, brushing her hymen aside
as if it weren't even there. The human bucked her hips softly as the unicorn horn-fucked her. It felt so
good within her, the smooth, tapering length, the gentle spiral caressing her inner walls.

She cried out as she climaxed, sitting bolt upright in her bed, fully clothed, though she could feel the
stickiness of dried unicorn cum on her face. She looked around the dark room.

"A-Ally?" she called, looking for her wondrous new friend. In reply she felt a soft caress over her nipples,
a playful equine tongue.

The human giggled as she headed for the bathroom, to shower and clean herself up. She stripped off
her sex-scented clothes and tossed them in the hamper. Alison hummed happily as she turned the
shower on, letting it heat up.

She caught sight of herself in the mirror and gasped. She darted to the bathroom counter, getting as
close to the mirror as she could. She looked at her reflection in awe, then looked down at the blackened
skin on her belly.

It looked like a tattoo, but it was far darker than tattoos got. It looked like it had been painted on, but
running her fingers over the winged horseshoe design around her bellybutton Alison felt only smooth

"With my presence there are a few small... changes." Ally explained.

The human felt herself calming with the feeling of the unicorn's muzzle resting on her shoulder; she
smiled and reached up with one arm, hugging the invisible equine. Looking over herself in the mirror,
Alison could spy a few more changes. Her eyes were the same shade of lavender as the unicorns, and
her ears were a bit more pointed than they were supposed to be.

"Cute." Alison said with a grin, "I look... exotic."

"That's just the bare minimum; I can make you look even more exotic, if you want. Though I say keep
the changes small and simple, after all if we go too crazy with the way you look, the strange anti-magic
this place has going, no one will be able to see your beauty. Like this they can see how pretty you are."

Alison blushed and reached up to feel the points on her ears. She expected them to be an illusion, some
sort of fey glamour, but she felt solid flesh and cartilage beneath her fingers.

"Ch-change me more, please." She said, shyly, a little embarrassed.

The unicorn chuckled and nuzzled Alison's neck, "All in due time. We have to proceed slowly, but I can
give you a few minor alterations to make things more fun. What do you say?"

Alison felt her invisible friend's breath upon her face, could feel a soft heat hovering right in front of her
face. Scarcely able to control herself she turned her head and leaned forward, finding herself in a
sensual kiss with her spirit guide, or whatever Ally was.

The equine's saliva tasted strangely sweet and delicious, and Alison found herself unable to pull away,
not that she wanted to. She felt heat spreading across her skin, a deep, intense blush that came close to
burning heat, but stopped just shy of discomfort.

She cried out as an intense sensation overwhelmed her, it was like two burning hot coals of pleasure
had been placed within her. The incredible sensation was so strong that it was painful, only the presence
of Ally's lips on her own prevented her scream from rattling the windows.

But the agonizing pleasure dimmed as the small, central heat seemed to fan out, spreading into her skin.

Alison opened her eyes; with the unicorn still invisible she could see what was taking place in the mirror.
Her nipples darkened, turning a shade of lavender. She watched in fascination as her breasts began to

A sharp pinch upon each of her nipples made Alison gasp as a mix of pleasure and pain shot through
her. A pair of silver hoops had appeared in her nipples, a jewelry representation of the tattoo upon her

The girl brought her hands to her breasts, moaning as her fingertips slid over newly sensitive skin.
"Don't they feel wonderful?" Ally whispered into Alison's ear, giving it a playful nibble, "And go right
ahead, you know you want to."

Alison hooked her thumb through the piercing and gave it a sharp tug, her body quivered with delight as
the action fanned the flames of pleasure within her loins, a generous torrent of lubrication spilling down
her legs.

The pulling seemed to accelerate the growth of her breasts, making the flesh expand outward to make
the nipple even with the distance she pulled. Alison bit her lip, if doing that with one made her breasts
grow like that and send that tremendous feeling of pleasure through her body, what would pulling on
both do? What would happen if she pulled hard and fast?

The result sent Alison sprawling to the floor as her body bucked and twitched under the power of
overwhelming orgasm. Alison looked down at her chest, finding a pair of tits that were bigger then her
head and hung down onto her abdomen. It was freakish, and yet the thought of walking around with a
pair of melons this size for everyone to see sent a thrill through Alison's body.

She ran her hands over them, moaning at their erotic sensitivity as she stood. Their weight made her
body want to lean forward, and even after a few seconds of standing she felt the tug of exertion in her
back muscles.

"Umm... Ally?" Alison asked, "C-could you maybe... make it so I can..." she blushed. She had never
been ashamed of her body, nor all that interested in a bigger bust, but now that she had massive
mammeries, she didn't want to lose them.

"Make it so I can carry these around?" she finally finished.

"Of course!" the unicorn said, her voice filled with delight.

Warmth began to spread over Alison's back, but rather than the fiery points of pleasure, it was a widely
spread, even heat from the start. Alison leaned down, gripping the bathroom counter, a soft gasp
escaping her lips as the cool porcelain made her nipples grow erect.

The sensations upon her back felt like the best massage ever. Soft pops emanated from her as the
caresses seemed to work the kinks out. The warmth seemed to spread through her body and Alison
could hear and feel more of her body changing.

She pushed herself up, wanting to see what had happened. This time she felt no discomfort upon
standing, her heavy breasts easily able to be held by her stronger muscles.

Her frame was larger, a heavier bone structure allowing for larger muscles. While not body builder type
ripped, Alison was awed at the definition of her body. She giggled and rubbed her abdomen, where her
muscles had formed a bit of a six pack.

There had also been some other alterations, small adjustments to make her more of the ideal of
feminine beauty with broader hips and derriere, a thinner waist, pert, puffy lips that sported lavender

Alison was also sure that her eyes had changed a little bit, a touch bigger and slightly slanted. Her
blonde hair also had several platinum streaks, and her bangs had also taken on this coloration.

She drew in a deep breath, surprised at how easy it came. Not only was she more muscular, but it
seemed like she was most definitely more physically fit.

The girl looked over herself and found several more of the black tattoos; a pair of tribal wings upon her
shoulder blades, and horseshoes upon her palms and feet. Studying the one on her belly in the mirror, it
seemed that it too had altered to take on the jagged, pointy look of the others.

Alison smiled at her reflection, "Ally, how will people see me when I go to school tomorrow? How much
of this will they notice?"

The unicorn's tongue tickled the point of Alison's ear, "They'll notice the hair, and that you seem to be
somewhat bustier than they remember. But it will all be normal to them. They will question their minds
and memories, not your appearance. Is there anything else you'd like to ask for?"

Alison shook her head, "Oh no, this is fine! It's wonderful!"

She licked her lips and reluctantly turned away from the mirror, which had begun to fog from the
shower's steam.

Had it really only been a few seconds since she'd stepped into the bathroom? It felt longer, like maybe
half an hour had passed. It had probably been merely the intensity of the experience. That made it seem

Alison stepped into the shower, sighing happily as the warm water hit her buff, busty body. She washed
her hair and then applied conditioner. She reached for the body wash as she let the conditioner sink in.

She couldn't help herself; Alison tilted the shower spray straight down and poured a generous amount of
the wash into her hands and began to rub it all over her breasts.

"There's a girl..." Ally coaxed, "Just rub them, caress them, get them all slick and glistening and shiny."

Alison closed her eyes and leaned against the wall, her eyes half lidded, one hand upon her breast, the
other jerkingly making its way down between her legs, as if it were not under her own control.

"Just a little more fun, Alison, and then time for bed. We have a big day at school tomorrow."

The girl nodded absentmindedly, her mind feeling strangely fogged, but she paid it no mind as she
played with herself.

Once she left the shower she recalled feeling something hard and hot rubbing against her, sliding over
her slick skin. She couldn't quite recall what it had been. There had also been something odd at the
moment of her climax, the torrent of fluids that were expelled from her felt... strange, and there had been
a great deal more of them than she had expected.

Alison brushed it off, probably something Ally had done to make things more amusing. She could see
why unicorns were so fond of virgins. All the sensations were bright and new, and they could watch each
new experience unfold upon an individual with no expectations.

Her nightgown was a little tight, but it had fit better after a few moments while it had been in contact with
her body.

"I'll work on the rest of your clothes overnight." Ally said as the human girl slipped into bed.

"Don't you worry about it," the unicorn said, folding an ebon wing over her charge, "I'll take care of

"Absolutely everything."
8 - Myshelle's Medicine I

Shattered Shards: Myshelle's Medicine

By Von Krieger

Myshelle tossed he auburn hair over her shoulder, looking with a scowl at the methods of conveyance
parked outside the club, though in some cases the term 'stabled' would be more accurate.

She wrinkled her nose at the scent of horse, not horse dung, merely horse. The air was thick with it here.
She hated coming to what 'normal' humans referred to as 'Grimmtown' in some circles, a place where
fairy tales came to life. Myshelle came here after work because it seemed that leaving the comfortable
modern world behind and jumping head long into a place where the extraordinary and strange was the
norm was the only way that she could drink in peace. Every time she would go to a bar, someone would
either recognize her, or try to hit on her. Before the strange events that changed the world forever,
Myshelle had taken to visiting strip clubs, where the focus would be on women who were most definitely
less pretty than herself, but made up for that in the eye of lecherous males by being bereft of clothing.

The glowing sign above the door read "The Amorous Satyr," the glow from magical enchantment rather
than neon lighting. Beside it was an image of a well hung, hoofed individual.

The brunette sighed, doing her best not to grab a strand of her long, gorgeous hair and start pulling
worriedly at it. Even despite her going to Grimmtown, eventually people started learning what bar she
frequented and began their creepy stalkerhood anew.

That was one part of her celebrity that Myshelle absolutely loathed; the drooling, adoring, mindless
masses of fans. Get yourself a recurring role on a popular television series and appear monthly in the
pages of several fashion magazines, and all of a sudden you can't walk down the street in a big city
without some fat, BO-scented idiot recognizing you.

The model wrinkled her nose again, it was probably her imagination, but she could swear she could
smell the faint hint of sex upon the air. Though any trace of it once she recognized it was buried under
the scent of horse and fried food.

She hated looking for new clubs; she'd been banned from the last one after throwing a drunken patron
across the room. The place mainly served the shorter Aerthan races. Apparently it was an unforgivable
crime to toss a midget when he was pawing her leg and making comments about 'wanting to go make
some three-quarterlings.'

Myshelle's heels clicked on the pavement and she got over her trepidation and marched into the club.
The scent of horse and fried food only got stronger, as well as a strange, sharp scent in the air that
made the model sneeze.

She immediately made her way towards the bar, and took a stool. The place was set up to look rather
like an Old Aerth-style inn, though it had all the modern conveniences, and most of the bottles on the
shelves were Earthen brands.

Though Myshelle thought they went a bit too far with the rounded, over-buxom bartenders and
waitresses. Or wenches, she supposed. She ordered her drink, tossed down her money and leaned on
the bar, nursing her drink while she thought over her day, as she usually did.

Her day had been ruined by a particularly ugly backdrop, and an incompetent gofer who seemed
chronically confused at Myshelle's insistence that the coffees she instructed him to get for her were all
wrong. Did the idiot think she couldn't tell the difference between one shot of cherry syrup or two?

And then there had been...

Myshelle spun on her stool, feeling rather anxious, wanting to lash out for her mistreatment during the
day. Her eyes settled on the stage for the first time, and her brain seemed to lock up and shut down. Her
drink glass fell from her hand and shattered on the floor.

Her mouthed opened in a gape that was only slightly wider than the size of her eyes at the performer on

"What the hell?" she said to herself, though anyone close to her could hear.

She stared in shock and bafflement at the 'stripper' on the bar's central stage. She wasn't human, that
wasn't a surprise. The most surprising thing was the Myshelle was rather sure the performer didn't count
as a 'she.'

Not with the two foot long equine phallus and grapefruit sizes balls between 'her' legs. Myshelle
shuddered at the sight, she had no idea she'd walked into one of those 'weird' clubs.

Made even weirder by the stripper's size, well, not her size, but her build. She was as hefty as the
serving wenches. Myshelle winced, trying not to lose her lunch. She couldn't believe that people came
and paid to watch he-she porkers wobble their fat rolls about.

She turned and stood, preparing to dart out the door, when she found one of the wenches in her way.

"Watch were your going, you disgusting blob!" Myshelle growled, putting a hand on the shoulder of the
obese server in her way.

A latex-gloved hand gripped Myshelle's wrist and blazing emerald eyes met her own. There was
something in them that immediately sent a shiver down Myshelle's spine. Only when she looked down
did she notice the woman, or quite possibly 'woman' was dressed in a latex outfit, rather than a blouse
and skirt. Her bright red hair hung down her back, contrasting starkly with the deep black corset, gloves,
and thigh-high boots she wore.

"I... I'm sorry..." Myshelle stammered, the satyr's eyes seeming to see into her very soul.

"No, you're not." The latex-clad satyr said, "You're not sorry at all, and I think you need to learn some
Myshelle scowled and tried to pull her hand away, "I'm leaving." she said, trying to walk away from the
creature. Instead she found a hoof pressing down on her toes with a portion of the satyr's potential
weight, enough to cause pain, but more of a hint of what was to come.

"Get off my foot you bloated hulk!" Myshelle snarled, not at all used to treatment like this.

Her words seemed to anger the satyr more. For a large, hefty individual she moved rather quickly,
ducking behind Myshelle and gripping a handful of auburn hair in her gloved hand, pulling the rude
patron along.

Myshelle screamed all the way as she was dragged out of the public portion of the club, literally
dragged, as she couldn't walk backwards very well in her heels.

She was tossed unceremoniously into a room behind the kitchen. No wonder the place smelled like fried
food, the staff of the club probably ate chunks of lard for their meals.

The model was tossed into a strange looking chair. She stood, ready to fight back, to jab her lacquered
nails into satyr's eyes, but the chair made some strange clinking noises, and she found her arms and
legs restrained by padded clamps.

"What the fuck are you doing, you bitch? You cant do this!" she growled, trying to break free.

The satyr grinned, grabbing something off of a shelf and forcing it into the model's mouth. The gag made
it impossible for Myshelle to form words, but there was a hole in the middle, which still meant she could
make loud sounds.

The satyr smiled wickedly, "Honey, Aerthen land, Aerthen rules. One rule you need to learn is to never
piss off a sorceress. I can do whatever I want."

The model's protests were dimmed as the satyr attached a large, thick plastic tube to the front of the
gag. Some clamps hung down from the ceiling, to which she attached to the tube at various points, to
hold it up. At the top she inserted a huge metal funnel, sticking the end in the tube. It too was clamped
into place.

"You think you're better than the girls and I just because you're thin, hmm?" she asked, caressing
Myshelle's cheek, "Well, we're going to change that."

The satyr went to the back of the room, pressing her hand against the wall, using the force to push a
board up into the ceiling. Behind it was a small safe, which she rapidly turned the dial to, inputting the

The safe popped open and the heavy shemale reached in and pulled out a jewelry box containing a
pendant. It sported a large, white-yellow, opaque stone on a rose gold chain.

It was fastened around Myshelle's neck. It felt strangely heavy, and almost obscenely warm.
"Now that little beauty is going to take everything that passes your stomach, and will channel it directly
into body mass. It'll be slow going, but I think we can bulk you up nicely in a few days."

The satyr turned and walked to the door, leaving Myshelle to continue to struggle in the chair.

"Oh Stephanie!" the satyr called, sticking her head out the open door.

"Yes, Kora?" came the soft, sultry sounding reply from the cook.

Myshelle couldn't see anything save for lilac hair, white, tapering horns, and a pair of mint green ears
with the fat satyr, Kora, apparently, in the way.

"See that she gets some good hearty food in her. Start her on milkshakes and malts." The satyr said
with a chuckle.

"Yes ma'am!" the cook said, chuckling also.

Myshelle didn't understand what could be so funny, but she expected that the joke was about to be on


Myshelle was left sitting in the chair alone for several minutes, fuming in anger as she tried to free
herself, get the gag out of her mouth, or at least knock that stupid plastic tube out of it.

But try as she might she couldn't budge. This had to be some sort of cruel joke, binding her up and
leaving her alone for a few minutes to scare her. They wouldn't actually do anything to her, not someone
as important as Myshelle.

A few minutes more passed before the door opened, but rather than Kora or horned cook, instead
Myshelle found herself strapped to a chair, alone in the room with the very performer she'd insulted.

The shemale looked very cross, her pink eyebrows bent into a scowl. Myshelle couldn't believe that she
hadn't noticed how... loud the creature was. First had been the bubblegum pink horsecock, next had
been the rolls of fat beneath pale white skin. She hadn't had time for her mind to process the bright pink
hair and tail and the equally bright, intense blue fur on the creature's lower body.

The dancer had a bucket in her hands, which was spotted with condensation. She smiled and with a
cruel laugh spit into the funnel before pouring the bucketful of milkshake within.

The girl seemed content to sit and watch, as she pulled up a stool, sitting beside Myshelle.

"There's no reason to insult other people just because they're different." She said softly, almost shyly.

To Myshelle's disgust the satyr began to stroke her half-hard cock, "Mmm... it never goes all the way
down anymore. I'm too horny." The satyr said with a giggle, "I love it! It's so much fun when you're
dancing. When I dance good, I feel good, and when I feel good..."
She sighed happily as a thick jet of precum spurted from the flared tip of her cock, it splattered on
Myshelle's arm and chest. The captive looked at the satyr with wide, frightened eyes; they couldn't
possibly be planning to...

No, that would be inexcusable. When this band of kidnappers and freaks were caught and brought to
justice, and they knew they would be, they wouldn't want to have charges of rape added to kidnapping
and torture by... by...

Chocolate-marshmallow swirl?

The thick ice cream-based treat had begun to slowly leak down the tube, coming closer and closer to
Myshelle's mouth. She'd only gotten the first taste of lighter liquid. It seemed more like a malt than a
milkshake. Whatever it was, it was rather delicious.

The taste took Myshelle's attention off the satyr, who continued to stroke herself, "I just love it here, you
know? Getting to dance, getting all the cock I could ever want and... mmm... Mistress Kora makes sure I
feel so good when I dance. The customers love my lap dances. I get into the rhythm and I move all sexy,
and sometimes.... ooooh." She moaned.

"Sometimes I'll get so worked up that I cum all over the client. Oh they love that. Oh yeah, oh, OH!" she

Myshelle closed her eyes and turned away, but still her face was splattered by the hose-like torrent of
seed from the satyr. She shuddered, it was disgusting! The bitch had just... covered her in inhuman

The captive growled and renewed her futile struggles with the chair. It was then that the ice cream mix
finally made it to her mouth. Myshelle found her mind going more away from struggling and more
towards how to swallow the stuff without choking. It was taking all of her concentration to do so.

Concentration that was broken when the satyr licked her cheek. Myshelle coughed and sputtered, or at
least she tried to, rather than choking, the act merely seemed to make her unable to control the muscles
in her mouth and throat, resulting in a massive flow of the stuff down into her belly. The rapid flow of
chilly ice cream also gave her a terrible cold headache.

Myshelle wailed her discontent at her treatment, trying to keep her head away from the satyr, who
continued to lick until Myshelle's face and hair were free of spooge.

"Mmm... don't you go anywhere, cutie, I'm going to be back in a bit with your next meal." The satyr said
with a giggle.


Myshelle wasn't exactly sure how she was managing to breathe while gulping down a mouthful of malt
every second or two; it was rather difficult, and exceptionally uncomfortable.
With the gag making it impossible for Myshelle to get a perfect seal, she couldn't stop the flow of the
stuff; she had to keep gulping it down. Chilly, sticky chocolate ice cream leaked from the sides of her
mouth, dripping down her neck and staining her expensive silk blouse, another thing that angered

But she couldn't focus her anger for long, somehow every time she tried to struggle, the ice cream slid
down her throat faster and faster. Her shirt had begun to feel tight around her midsection, she wondered
how much she'd swallowed.

The big plastic bucket the satyr had brought in looked like your typical 5 gallon bucket. Myshelle's
stomach couldn't possibly hold that much! But she'd been gulping the stuff down constantly for minutes.
Maybe the thing around her neck really was enchanted after all.

Myshelle felt weird, like someone had knocked the wind out of her and she was about halfway to
recovering. Her belly felt tight; did she dare look down to see what had happened?

It was at that time that there was nothing else coming into Myshelle's mouth, save for a low trickle. Her
eyes widened and she looked down at her belly, finding it hideously disfigured, rounded and bloated,
sticking out of her body with the presence of 5 gallons of ice cream and milk inside.

It took Myshelle a few moments to stop instinctively swallowing, accidentally gulping down several
mouthfuls of air that came up in a massive, incredibly embarrassing burp. The captive model was
thankful that there was no one around to have heard the sound.

Once more she was left alone with nothing to do. The mingled scents of the sticky things on her clothes
made her feel weird. The mix of satyr cum and ice cream shake made her mouth water. Soon Myshelle
had to start gulping to keep herself from drooling. Stupid pendant; Myshelle began to wiggle her head,
trying to get the chain caught around her ear, so that she might be able to shake it off.

Though after a few tries she realized that likely the pendant was the only thing keeping her stomach
from rupturing from being massively overfilled.

Myshelle sat for a long time, unsure how much time had passed, before she felt her belly... bubble. It felt
like she was a water bottle with a tiny hole poked in the side, except without the leaking part, more the
bubbling up part.

Turning bright red she kept burping and burping. She could feel the ice cream filling her belly moving
around, being digested maybe?

All of a sudden the tiny bubbles became a huge torrent, and Myshelle couldn't help but let forth with one
massive, continuous burp as the ice cream seemed to vanish into a bottomless pit.

After a few moments it was all over, though Myshelle still sported a rounded tummy, it didn't look like she
was smuggling a watermelon. She sighed, hoping that this would be all the worse things would get.

As if taking a cue from her, things got worse.

Her body felt warm, unpleasantly warm. Myshelle began to sweat, water virtually pouring from her pores.
Her pants felt tighter all of a sudden. Looking down at her legs, Myshelle could see them thickening, the
slight slack in her jeans vanishing as they became skin tight.

Her bra similarly felt a little too constrictive, it didn't hurt, but it was uncomfortable. Myshelle prided
herself on keeping her weight down to a svelte 110. What got added onto her was perhaps around ten

As soon as her body stopped swelling with the addition of fat, so too did Myshelle stop sweating; all of
sudden she felt cold. She began to shiver and kept doing so until the door open, a blast of thankfully
warm air from the kitchen accompanying Kora as she walked in with two buckets.

She chuckled as she looked over Myshelle, "Hmm... looks like the calorie method." She said, reaching
down and giving the model's arm a bit of a pinch, "A good ten pounds, I think. We'll take things faster a
bit later on, but for now I think that's a good rate."

Kora set down the buckets and pulled the tube from Myshelle's gag; she giggled and gave it a lick,
grossing Myshelle as the satyr lapped at the mixture of ice cream dribbles and Myshelle's saliva.

"Now, let's get you cleaned up for your next feeding. We can't have you all sticky and uncomfortable now
can we?"

Myshelle made unhappy sounds into her gag, struggling a bit at her bonds. Kora laughed and reached
into one of the buckets, removing a washcloth dripping with water. With gentle care she cleaned off
Myshelle's face and neck.

"Hmm, this is no good. That shirt is going to have to come off." She said.

Myshelle would've grinned if not for the gag. She would have to be removed from the chair in order for
her shirt to be taken off.

The satyr began unbuttoning it, and then stroked her chin with a latex gloved hand, "Hmm... actually, I
think I have a better idea."

Rather than take Myshelle out of the chair and remove her shirt, the satyr reached back behind the
captive and unhooked her bra, tossing it into the bucket of water.

Rage burned on Myshelle's face, her underthings were one of a kind! That top cost more than some
dumb Grimmy would make in a lifetime!

Myshelle's rage was ignored, as Kora clicked her tongue, "My my, what a messy eater you are. Sticky all
the way down your breasts."

Myshelle howled as the satyr gripped her breasts and then lowered her head, running her tongue over
the bare skin, her tongue stud tickling Myshelle's nipple.

"I can't wait to see what these will look like once you've bulked up." Kora said. The satyr hmmed softly,
and then tweaked Myshelle's tits again, "Implants!" she burst out with a laugh, "No wonder you're so
bitchy, you've got one hell of a self-image problem!"

Myshelle growled through her gag and tried to head butt her captor, who merely chuckled and gripped
her head in both hands, her long tongue slipping into Myshelle's mouth.

The model tried to spit, to rid herself of the taste of the creature's saliva.

"Oh don't flatter yourself, there was a bit of ice cream left, and I have no idea what getting soap suds in
your mouth will do with that pendant." Kora said, going back to washing Myshelle.

Myshelle wasn't sure what it was, something in the satyr's spit, perhaps? Enchanted lipstick? Or maybe
even the strange, mouthwatering scent that wafted out of the other bucket, but a shiver went down her
spine after their lips broke.

The washing done, Kora tossed the washcloth onto a pile of laundry in the corner and hefted the bucket,
not noticing as Myshelle began to squirm. She felt... strange; an odd itch in her loins. The satyr hefted
the bucket, and Myshelle winced, presuming that she was about to be doused.

"Oh stop it." Kora said with a snort, "I'm not going to get you all wet, yet."

She poured the soapy water into the large funnel, holding up the end of the tube, spinning the funnel
around on its hooks. After a few moments she placed the tube in the bucket and let the water drain. She
repeated the process a few times before dumping it out into the nearby sink. The bucket was quickly
filled with new water, which was run through the feeding apparatus several times as well.

"There we go!" Kora said happily, hooking the tube back up to Myshelle's gag.

With a sinister grin she lifted the other bucket.

"This ought to be a bit more fun. The pendant prevents excretion, which makes this much more fun for
all parties involved."

Rather than pour it in, Kora took the bucket over to a bench nearby. She went to a cabinet and unlocked
it by uttering a few words that Myshelle couldn't hear. It was filled with strange bottles, filled with even
stranger liquids. The satyr chuckled and selected a trio. She put a drop of a weird part black, part white
fluid into the bucket, a carefully measured spoonful of something glowing blue, and then another
carefully measured spoonful of some swirly blue-pink-purple stuff. She seemed to think about it for a
moment, then laughed and poured in the entire thing. She shook the last few drops out of the bottle, and
then stuck her long, dexterous tongue inside, apparently enjoying the last dregs of the bottle herself.

Myshelle found herself blushing, thinking odd thoughts at the sight of Kora performing some acrobatics
with her tongue.

The satyr began to pour the mixture of unknown substance and magical potion into the funnel. It was
thick, but more of a fluid than the ice cream had been.
The captive found herself a little bit curious as to what it was, its smell was absolutely delicious.

It was only a few moments before the stuff slipped into her mouth. It was rather strange, salty, but also
pleasantly sweet. There were strange under-tastes that seemed to come and go, one strong, heavy, and
reminding her of steak. The second even heavier, also meat-tasting. But the most common, and most
delicious was a mixture of flavors, all absolutely wonderful, too many to individually pick out. While she
had been trying to keep the ice cream from going down out of principle, Myshelle found herself trying to
prolong this feeding for as long as she could, loving the wonderful taste. She didn't even flinch as Kora's
hand stroked her cheek; she merely ignored it and continued gleefully drinking, "Well my pet, I've got
business to attend to. But I trust you'll sit here and enjoy your meal. Ought to be delicious with the
special potions I mixed up just for an occasion such as this."

The satyr knelt and looked Myshelle in the eye; the model returned the gaze, finding herself thinking that
although incredibly heavy, Kora didn't look all that bad. Somehow the black eye liner and black lipstick
meshed with the latex outfit she wore to make her look rather stunning. It seemed to have been tailored
perfectly to fit every curve, every turn and fold of her body. If circumstances had been more... pleasant
Myshelle would have asked who her tailor was. Since if he could make a nearly five hundred pound
satyr look stunning, Myshelle could only imagine what sorts of beautiful clothes that could be designed
for her. The satyr and herself were about the same size. Well, height wise, weight wise the satyr was
probably four and a half times her size. So likely she could even use similar designs.

Myshelle wondered why she was thinking about fashion at a time like this, as well as wondering why
she'd been having strange thoughts about Kora, what with the tongue, and now thinking she looked
somewhat pretty, and the whole wanting to run her fingers through the gorgeous red hair of the satyr's
head and tail.

Kora grinned, "They say you are what you eat, and with some things you consume when you wear this
pendant, that turns out to literally be the case. Put a little magical focus into a few things smuggled out of
a hospital and you have some interesting magical potions."

The satyr rested her head on Myshelle's shoulder, placing a hand on the captive's breast, her
latex-covered thumb tracing circles over the nipple in a way that made Myshelle quiver and long for
something more. "Bovine growth hormone for one. Testosterone for another. And a very liberal dose of a
mixture of site-targeted testosterone and estrogen. Magic and science are so very much fun to mix, and
with neat results."

Myshelle began to slow her rate of consumption even further, not to prolong the enjoyment, but rather to
prevent more of the strange hormones from flooding her system.

"After all, now there's a genetic way to get proper shemales. All girly on the outside, with a delicious
creamy center." She said, her studded tongue tracing over Myshelle's cheek, lapping up the rear that
had began to trickle down. "You'll love it, sweetie. Now, I really have to get to work. I'll be back later to
check on you. You enjoy your big bucket of horse cum now, you hear?"

Myshelle let out a sound of rage and disgust, trying her best not to swallow now. All she accomplished
was sending about a tenth of what went down her throat down her front instead.
It made her skin tingle and her nipples ache, and still it dripped lower. She blushed deeply, terrified of
what would happen when it would soak through her pants and reach her groin.
9 - Myshelle's Medicine II

Shattered Shards: Myshelle's Medicine

By Von Krieger

Tears leaked from Myshelle's eyes, mixing with the rivulets of stallion seed that trickled down her face.
He body ached, seemingly every inch of her aroused and lustful, longing for sex.

It was disgusting, the moment Kora had mentioned what it was Myshelle had recognized the taste.
Earlier in her career she'd had to do things she wasn't proud of in order to get ahead of the other

It was humiliating, the way she was forced to gulp down gallons of cum, from an animal no less! The
perverted satyrs didn't just pleasure themselves, like the one that had splattered her, but they also jerked
off the animals as well!

The experience was horrible, being strapped to a chair, the gag in her mouth. She'd had a cursed
necklace hung around her neck, been groped and fondled by a five hundred pound blimp of a satyr, and
now they were making her horny somehow. And they were making her fat and heavy and ugly like one
of them, just because they were jealous!

And somehow they had made her like the taste of horse cum. At first Myshelle had thought it was merely
the potions, but rather than feeding her different things, like they had done the first time, they kept
pouring bucket after bucket of equine spooge into her feeding funnel.

Myshelle had thought that having a belly full of five gallons of ice cream had been bad, she wasn't sure
how much buckets of stallion splooge she'd been forced to slurp down. It all seemed to blend together
as she tried to force off her arousal.

The more that was forced into her the more food her body craved. It was the necklace, the stupid,
cursed, enchanted necklace. It was doing this to her, making everything taste wonderful, making her
belly swell and slosh.

The model couldn't even bring herself to look down. She could feel the rounded bulk of her belly push
her breasts upward; she could feel the pressure against her thighs. She had begun to wiggle in her
bonds, trying to somehow get some stimulation to her aching sex.

The feeding tube ran dry, the steady flow of delicious animal essence no longer pouring over Myshelle's
tongue. She began to whimper, but her rational mind quickly took over and prevented the loud moan of
protest from leaving her throat.

She felt so heavy, so disgustingly heavy. But it felt good. The stupid curse on the stupid necklace made
it feel good. Myshelle wanted her arms free, not so she could escape, but so she could hug her bloated,
cum-filled middle, and then to finger herself until her feeling of arousal went away.
The bubbling feeling returned, thankfully free of belches this time. Myshelle's curse-addled mind felt a
little bit disappointed at the lost of her massive middle, but another part was thankful that she'd be going
from maybe fifty pounds of weight added on, to maybe five or ten.

Cum wasn't that nutritious after all. Or at least she didn't think so. It was probably made up mostly of
water, after all.

As her belly emptied, Myshelle found herself blushing. Unlike the last time the weight seemed to be
adding itself to specific places, rather than generally all over her body. She could feel her breasts slowly
expanding, becoming larger and heavier.

She felt a weird sort of fizzing feeling in her breasts as well, it seemed that as Kora had said, Myshelle's
implant were dissolving, being replaced by actual breast tissue. In a few moments the sensation stopped
and Myshelle found herself enjoying the weight of the larger breasts on her chest.

She hoped that once she escaped, or was rescued, that the increased bust size would stay behind once
she worked off the excess poundage that the satyr had forced upon her. At least that way things
wouldn't be all bad. Her larger breasts felt great, and Myshelle longed to have her hands free so she
could squeeze them.

Unfortunately the addition to her bust stopped while she still had quite a ways to go before her belly was
emptied. This time it was targeted on Myshelle's butt, hips, and thighs. She groaned as she felt her jeans
grow tighter and tighter, her flesh expanding until the seams began to rip. It was almost torturous, but
not from pain. Rather it was increased pressure on Myshelle's sex. Her thong seemed like it was almost
digging into her. But it... mmm... it allowed her to finally get some sensation going on her aching,
dripping pussy.

Myshelle closed her eyes and bucked her hips, enjoying the sensation, but longing mightily for
something real to fill her, to scratch an itch where her thong couldn't reach.

But for all her effort, the most she could do was lightly pleasure herself, she was nowhere near bringing
herself to climax. Mostly what she did was wear herself out.

Eventually her bucking came to an end and she could no longer keep her head up upon her neck, it kept
falling down to her chest. Her position wasn't the most comfortable, but Myshelle found herself drifting off
into sleep anyway.


Myshelle found herself at her photoshoot, everything all pretty and perfect. The hour or so of makeup
applied to her face making it look perfect. The mascara outlining her big, beautiful blue eyes, her long
red-brown hair made to look sexy and casual, but had taken a lifelong stylist to get just right. She
strutted and smiled and showed off her perfect 5'10", 110 pound, gorgeously lithe frames, walking upon
platformed heels, showing off the company's designer jeans and t-shirt.

She was stunning, gorgeous, and she was happy. Then all the cameras went away, the backdrops
vanished, and so did the dozens of fawning attendants, and Myshelle found herself all alone in the dark.

She didn't really have any friends, it took some cutthroat tactics to get to where she was, and they would
get more so in the weeks and months to come. After all there were mythic races that easily surpassed
typical human beauty; nymphs and dryads and some of the elven races.

They'd already begun to creep in, and Myshelle had attended some shows with mythics, drawing all the
attention away from her. If things went badly they could supplant even the most beautiful humans in
mainstream fashion, leaving girls like Myshelle to model in specialty human-only magazines and such.

And she found that terribly frightening, to so easily be made obsolete. She'd put everything into her
career, to be at the top, to be the best, to be regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

If Myshelle lost that she wouldn't have anything. Feeling so terribly, crushingly alone and frightened, she
curled up into a ball in her dream, wishing she had someone to hug.

She felt warm arms wrap embrace her, driving away the cold. Wonderful, simple human contact that
sent the dream away and let Myshelle sleep easily.

She awoke to find the hug real, a softly snoring satyr holding her. Her gag and feeding tube had been
removed, though she felt a great deal heavier. They must've poured something into her funnel overnight.
It was a wonder she hadn't choked or drowned!

Turning her head Myshelle could see that the creature hugging her was none other than the neon-hued
performer that had visited her the previous evening. Myshelle found herself reaching up and stroking the
woman's hair. It seemed that the tight padded straps had been removed and replaced with bracelets on
a long chain.

The two were connected through a central ring, and in order to move one up Myshelle had to move the
other one down. The satyr had a smile on her face as she rested her head on the captive's shoulder,
and Myshelle found herself enjoying the simple contact too much to wake her up.

Instead she leaned against her as best the chair would allow, sighing softly as she ran her fingers
through the woman's soft, bright pink hair.

The pale skinned satyr was rather rounded, but she wasn't as fat as Myshelle had thought. She was built
rather like a sumo wrestler, not exactly fat, but not exactly athletic either. The term 'solid' seemed to
describe her build better.

Myshelle could feel muscle beneath the satyr's smooth skin. She was rather pretty, actually. Thinking
back to the times she'd seen the satyr with her makeup fully done and her hair styled, she'd actually
been rather stunning.

For an overweight shemale satyr, anyway; but for some reason Myshelle didn't find the thought of male
parts on an otherwise female body as repugnant as she had the previous day. In fact if her arousal went
like it had the previous day, she might actually enjoy having the big, thick horse cock inside of her.
The thought shocked her, not because of what it was, but of how easily it came to her. If they were going
to pump her full of cum again, they might as well stop tormenting her and actually put something in her

The more thought about horse cock, the more her body began to ache with need again, and there was a
good deal more of it to ache than there had been previously.

Myshelle was sure she was about half again as heavy as she had been when she had gone to sleep.
She looked... nice, actually. It wasn't just 60 pounds of pudge packed onto her typical 110 pound frame,
but the additional muscle required to effortlessly cart around her new bulk.

Though a lot of it seemed to have been packed onto her tits and ass. But again, that weight felt strangely
good, the chair was more comfortable, for one thing, and Myshelle loved the addition to the general feel
of her breasts. She sighed happily and moved her hand from the satyr's cheek to her breast. It felt so
nice to squeeze, not a little hard and stiff like the implants had been. Plus they seemed more sensitive,
probably because of the necklace. Myshelle had always wanted bigger tits, but if she'd gotten implants
any bigger they'd have looked obviously fake on her lithe body.

She moaned softly as she continued to fondle herself, feeling the heat in her loins spiking. Her eyes
went wide as the captive suddenly realized what she was doing. Her skin turned a deep red with an
incredible blush.

It had to be the necklace, or the potions, or something. But somehow, in some way, Myshelle found
parts of herself enjoying her captivity, and it terrified her. She shuddered, wondering if the strange
alterations to her mind would continue until she was another fat shemale satyr, fucking horses and
shaking her blubbery body on stage for weirdoes that liked that sort of thing.

She began to sob when she felt her arousal rising once more at the very thought of horse fucking and
shemale satyr cocks. It wasn't fair, making her crave a cock and then not provide one.

Her soft sounds of sorrow awoke the satyr sleeping at her side. She yawned and stretched, and then
hugged Myshelle all the tighter.

"Mmm... another bad dream? I came down to get a snack last night and heard you crying while you
slept. You don't need to be scared of what isn't real." The satyr said, moving around and slipping her
hooves through the gaps between chair and armrest, sitting in Myshelle's lap.

The captive wasn't squished like she expected to be. As the satyr's arms wrapped around her, pushing
her into her plentiful, pale chest and tummy, Myshelle found herself relaxing, her tears drying up.

She hugged the satyr back as best she could, enjoying the feeling of the soft, short fur on the woman's
legs and loins as they brushed up against the bare skin of Myshelle's tummy. She craved contact like
this, someone to hug her when she was feeling sad or upset. But she couldn't trust anybody; they might
be after her for her celebrity, or her money, or just as a trophy, rather than as a person.

The satyr coaxed Myshelle's head back, leaning down and planting a gentle kiss on her lips, "Sssh,
there there. Just let Melissa kiss it and make it better." She said, giving another delicate kiss.
The kisses felt so gentle, so sweet and tender, it made Myshelle long for more. Her curse-confused mind
and body longed for more.

"I... I'm Myshelle." She said softly, shyly.

Melissa giggled, "Cute name. I like it, and I like you." She said, stroking Myshelle's hair much as the
model had done earlier while the satyr was sleeping.

"I can see that there's a nice, sweet person inside of you just yearning to get out. I know that if things
went differently in your life you wouldn't be so grouchy and snarly. You don't like being a bitch all the
time, do you?" she asked, her tone meaning it as a question, and not an insult.

Myshelle shook her head, "N-no, I don't want to be a bitch all the time. But it... it's so hard to do what I do
all day, every day. I wish I wasn't alone all the time, but I... I can't really take a boyfriend who's interested
in the real me, now can I?" She sighed, "If I'm not on the cover, I'm at least in the pages of at least one
magazine on ever newsstand in every gas station on this side of the country. I'll never find anyone who
doesn't treat me like a piece of meat, or a piggybank, or a fashion accessory."

Myshelle thought she was about to cry again, but the long tongue in her mouth, gently tickling her palate
made her moan softly instead. It was unlike anything she'd every experienced before.

She wasn't sure if it was an effect of the necklace or something natural to the satyr, but Melissa's saliva
tasted so sweet, so delicious, almost as good as the horse cum had.

Myshelle gleefully and hungrily suckled upon Melissa's tongue, the woman's hands petting her, stroking
her, giving her gentle, loving touches meant to comfort, not to arouse. Though the warm, heavy
presence in Myshelle's lap also had that effect.

The captive longed for sex, but the cuddling was nice, the cuddling dulled the ache down to a low throb.
She clung to the satyr until she felt a new warmth between the two of them.

A soft moan escaped Melissa's lips as her cock stirred to morning hardness. Its presence on Myshelle's
belly and breasts made cuddling rather difficult, as it moved both of them to desire something more.

With a blush the satyr pulled away, leaving Myshelle's front and lap feeling uncomfortably cool after
several minutes with her sweet, warm presence.

"Breakfast is still a ways off." Melissa said wistfully, the thought of food making Myshelle sigh as well,
"But we can have a little fun before breakfast. Would you like me to dance for you?"

"I... I... I..." Myshelle stuttered, blushing and lowering her gaze, "I think I'd like that." She said softly.

Melissa flicked her hair back behind her head and turned, the blue tips of her otherwise pink tail tickling
Myshelle's face as she spun. The satyr lowered herself, putting a portion of her weight in Myshelle's lap,
but keeping most of it on her hooves.
She shook her hips from side to side, bobbing her body from side to side, one arm slowly journeying up
her side. Once that arm reached the top, she repeated the movement with the other, then dropped them
down quickly.

Melissa placed both hands atop her breasts, running down over them, giving a light squeeze, tracing
over her rounded middle and giving a squeeze there as well. Her hands spread out, going to her hips,
prompting Melissa to stand and give a shake with hands on her hips, turning around.

Her hands moved down further, between her legs, cupping her balls, stroking up over her long, thick,
equine member. A thick drop of precum hand formed upon it, and Myshelle leaned down to lick it, but
the restraints on the chair got in the way. She found herself breathing heavily, unable to tear her eyes
away from the dancing satyr.

She reversed the movements, running her hands down her shaft, over her balls, back to her hips, up her
belly, and to her breasts, leaning forward with them held inches from Myshelle's face.

Melissa turned, her tush in Myshelle's lap once more, starting it all over again. It was wondrous, so
beautiful and sexy to watch. She was obviously enjoying herself while she danced, and seeing her
plentiful body jiggle, feeling it rubbing against her, Myshelle began to understand why people visited the
Amorous Satyr.

Her breaths came faster and faster, somehow the satyr managed to pleasure her without providing
anything but some small touches. Likely it was something magical, the reason why satyrs in mythology
could somehow get laid despite being drunken louts, fond of baser pleasures and dancing.

Myshelle's eye widened at that thought; more magic was being used on her. She was being seduced
and fucked by the spell of Melissa's dance. With a blush she realized she loved it, and if it felt like this,
she would probably have eagerly paid for something like this.

The captive moaned loudly, bucking her hips in the chair, grinding against Melissa, who only grinned
and pushed back a bit harder.

Myshelle felt strange as she approached climax, the lips of her sex felt puffy and swollen against the
fabric of her thong and exceptionally tight jeans. With a hard thrust against Melissa's rump, the model
felt herself erupt.

And erupt was indeed the word for it. It was like a blockage had broken away inside of her and a
massive torrent of cum burst for from her. It made a wet, splattering sound as it encounter her jeans, but
the denim wasn't enough to contain the flood, it poured through the fabric, making a huge puddle
beneath Myshelle's feet.

And it wouldn't stop; the thick whiteness just kept pouring out of her, turning Myshelle's moan into a cry
of purest pleasure. She gripped her chains, pulling herself up from the chair, bending her back in order
to thrust as hard as she could, thick, hot, sticky cum pouring from her at an incredible rate.

It was only then that she recalled Mi... Kora's words from the previous night, about how she couldn't
excrete, and that the excess would be expelled in a 'fun' way.
Myshelle couldn't judge how long her orgasm went on for, each pulse of cum seemed to spew from her
with the same intense force as the first. She felt the goo rise up to the level of her toes, and she couldn't
help but wiggle them, making them squelch in the mess.

Eventually Myshelle slumped back into the chair, a wet splotching sound accompanying her when she
did so. She hung her head, out of breath and exhausted from the ordeal.

It was then that her gaze looked downward, seeing all the thick whiteness upon the floor. It wasn't clear
like the usual fluids she expelled during sex. She looked to her groin, and spread her legs.

She saw a... bulge between her legs, something pushed several inches out of her. Her eyes widened,
"Oh no! No! Fuck no!" she whimpered.

Melissa seemed to be coming down off her own orgasmic high, turning around as she heard Myshelle's

"What? What is it?" she asked.

"Take my pants off, take them off now!" Myshelle demanded, "I need to see! I need to know what's
happening to me!"

Melissa did as she was told, digging her fingers into the torn seems, ripping Myshelle's strained pants
and thong away. The model gasped in horror at what she saw. Her netherlips looked swollen and puffy,
but they had grown thicker, along with her clit. Her vaginal opening was smaller, scarcely half the size it
was before. The whole collection was pushed out perhaps two or three inches, looking like it was
beginning to transform into a thick, bestial member.

"Oh fuck!" Myshelle cried, "Oh fuck! I'm growing a dick! I'm g-g-g..."

She bent double, or tried to as she gagged, dry heaving in disgust and panick.

"Stop it! Please make it stop! Please change... hurk!" her stomach muscles tightened painfully. Her
empty belly tried to expel contents that it did not have, and it hurt.

"Please change me back!" Myshelle whimpered, gulping air, tears streaking down her face.

Until this point, until seeing a part of her body altered and twisted, on the route to becoming something
else, Myshelle hadn't been particularly worried. Extra weight could be exercised, dieted, or surgically
removed. But this? Having the very center of her womanhood transforming into something alien to her
gender and to her species?

The captive shuddered and heaved again. This was a permanent disfigurement, even if the change
stopped where it was, she'd never be able to model a bikini bottom ever again. She wasn't going to
escape, and despite her thoughts the previous evening, she wasn't going to be rescued.

She hadn't told anyone where she was, she didn't wear a cell phone or a beeper or anything that could
be tracked down. It would be days before she was reported missing, and it would take forever for
someone to find her car.

By then it would be too late, Myshelle would be transformed into whatever Kora wanted her to be.

She sobbed loudly, sucking in a deep breath that only came out with another retch. "You're making me
into a monster!" Myshelle howled, trying to squirm away when Melissa hugged her tight.

"No, Myshelle, right now you're turning into one of us. You're going to see what it's like to be something
that you insulted, something that Mistress Kora saw that deep down in your heart that you hated."
Melissa said.

The satyr crammed two fingers into Myshelle's warped genital slit, and forced them into Myshelle's

"No food, no water, just plain 'ol you is going into this. How does it taste?" she said, softly, sadly.

Myshelle grimaced and spat, trying to clear her tongue of the foul taste. She was silent for a few
moments, turning her head away, "...b-bitter..." she said, barely audible.

"What was that?" Melissa asked, moving her hand down as if to repeat the action.

"Bitter!" Myshelle howled, "I taste bitter! Horrible, disgusting, and bitter!"

The satyr knelt, looking Myshelle in the eye, her own eyes weren't full of anger or hatred, but of concern,
of kindness, and of pity. "And how do I taste?" Melissa asked, her tongue trailing over the captive's lips,
Myshelle's tongue following a moment later.

"Sweet. Wonderful. Delicious." Myshelle sobbed. She shuddered as she felt her lust rising again, her
proto-penis-like vagina throbbing, dripping as precum flushed her system, dripping down onto the chair.

"I... I don't want to do this. I don't want to be a shemale. Please... please... you've done enough. I'll treat
people better, I won't insult people, I'll do whatever you want. Please, just don't make me into something
else. I don't want to be a slave here." She said, sniffling.

"Sweetie," Melissa said, stroking Myshelle's cheek, "We're not slaves. All the girls stay here because we
want to. We're all like this because we love the way it feels. What are you afraid of? Being changed? Or
being changed and loving it?"

The satyr ran her hands over Myshelle's chubby tummy, gripping her wider hips, "There's a big part of
you that enjoys the hefty you, isn't there?" she asked, hugging the captive.

"Mmmhmm." Myshelle said softly, pressing her head against Melissa's chest.

"Then accept it. Love it. Embrace it. Enjoy being someone and something different. Mistress Kora
doesn't turn people into something they hate and have them stuck that way forever just because of a few
hasty words."
The sweet, beautiful satyr's closeness made Myshelle's proto-cock throb, filling her with arching desire.
She couldn't help herself as she began to lick at a nipple, hoping to coax Melissa into something that
would get rid of that painful ache and growing emptiness inside of her.

"This is meant to be a punishment, so there are going to be some uncomfortable aspects. But look at it
in another light; this is a chance for a vacation. A vacation from yourself. You can be someone else for
awhile, just enjoy it, and when Mistress Kora feels satisfied that you've learned your lesson, she has a
potion you can drink that will zap you right back to your old scrawny self the moment you take that
pendant off."

Melissa ran a finger over Myshelle's chains, she felt the clamps on her ankles change, becoming
shackles, rather than fastening her to the chair. The chain binding her wrists shortened, but it was also
no longer connected to anything. A metal collar and chain leash appeared out of thin air, fastening
around Myshelle's neck.

"Would you like to be sweet inside?" Melissa asked, standing up and giving a gentle tug on the leash,
making Myshelle stand as well. Her shoes were unsteady on the cum-slicked floor, so she kicked them
off, her thicker calves having broken the straps as they'd grown while she slept.

"Y-yes." Myshelle admitted, shyly.

Melissa smiled and sat down in the chair, she looked at the thick trickle of fluid down Myshelle's thighs,
the expelling of the leftover fluids from the foods she'd eaten translating arousal into a slow, oozing
torrent from her half-gendered sex.

"Don't listen to what Myshelle wants, she's vile, nasty, and underfed. Listen to what the new you is telling
you, sweet, sexy, sensual, kind, caring, loving, eager to help others. What is the new you asking for?
What does the pleasantly plump shemale satyr inside want?" Melissa asked, lifting a hoofed foot and
rubbing its smooth, shiny, deep navy surface over Myshelle's hybrid folds.

Myshelle closed her eyes, picturing herself like Melissa, like Kora, like the other girls in the club. She
licked her lips at the image, feeling her mouth and pussy watering at the thought of...

"Cock. She wants cock, Melissa." Myshelle admitted.

"As the newest girl, you'd call all your sisters Mistress until you got permission otherwise. Understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Melissa." Myshelle said softly, her loins tightening, giving her a twinge of pleasure as she
spoke the words.

"Is there anything that your shemale satyr self would have that your skinny human self wouldn't?
Something that would make the old Myshelle feel jealous?"

Myshelle thought for a moment, moaning softly as her body seemed to reward the answer she came up
with before she spoke, "Love, mistress." She said, "If Mistress Kora does this to people who insult you,
and if the other satyrs are as nice as you, and we're all sisters, then..."
She snuffled softly, "Then she would be loved."

Melissa smiled and hugged the transforming human, "And if your new self wanted cock and wanted
pleasure and wanted to show her big sister how much she loved her, what would she do?"

Myshelle blushed and turned, without a moment's hesitation lowering herself onto all twenty-some
inches of Melissa's equine shaft, crying out with delight as it entered her rump with ease.

Myshelle moaned, eyes half-lidded, "Wh-why does this feel so good?" she asked, twisting herself from
side to side with small motions, wanting to work every last millimeter of Melissa's shaft into her.

"Satyrs are innately sexual beings, so sex feels good. Sex almost always feels good." Melissa explained,
wrapping her arms around the model's middle, hugging her tightly.

"And sex with someone who isn't a satyr, or isn't fully a satyr, is the best sex we can have, and the best
sex we can give. It's magical, literally. Think about how good I made you feel just from giving you a
lapdace." The satyr said, one hand moving down, slipping two fingers into the narrowing slit in the tip,
her thumb and pinkie encircling the 4 inch long base.

Myshelle leaned back against Melissa, but something felt wrong, getting in the way of her full enjoyment.
She looked back to Melissa, who grinned and ran a pink-paint fingernail over the stained silk blouse that
still clung to Myshelle's frame. It fell away into fragments of thread and dust.

The captive found herself crying once more, not of fear, fright, or sorrow, but simply because she felt so
good. She blushed, shamed for feeling as she did. The most wonderful sex of her life was coming from a
plump shemale satyr while she has bound, shackled, and held hostage.

She shouldn't be enjoying it. She'd just willingly taken the cock of one of her captors inside her, taken it
with absolute glee. Yesterday Myshelle would have screamed and struggled with an equine shaft in her
ass, she would've probably felt a little bit ill at the thought of being plowed by an inhumane shemale.

But Melissa felt so soft, so cuddly against her. Her bulk was comforting, it made Myshelle feel safe and
secure. She had no idea if the choice had been her own, or if the necklace had something to do with it.

She knew that she should be trying to escape, to fight back, to flee. Not embracing the changes, not
enjoying what they were doing to her, not even a little bit.

But what Melissa said made sense. There would be some things that she didn't like, that she found
repulsive or disgusting, things that were sickening and illegal, but... they seemed like so much fun.

She'd enjoyed guzzling horse cum; she liked the heavy, bulky feeling of her two hundred pound frame,
she absolutely loved her large, implant-free breasts, she loved the feeling of a nice fat stallion cock in
her ass, and...

Myshelle moaned as Melissa pulled her fingers from the slit in what was rapidly becoming an equine
cock; the opening had grown too narrow to comfortably accommodate them. She replaced them with a
single finger. The sensation of having her proto-cock fingered and jerked off was tremendous. The
lapdace had been nothing compared to this.

She was starting to like the idea of being a shemale as well. The four inch long, three inches thick organ
between her legs felt wonderful as it was fingered and stroked. Myshelle wondered what it would feel
like fully grown, two feet of sweet stallion length between her legs, and those heavy, delicious balls.

The captive found herself nearly drooling at the thought. It was a ghastly, hideous perversion, a human
woman craving animal cock, and the wrongness of it, the strangeness of it, the humiliation, the shame; it
all excited her even more. She shouldn't be turned on by the thought of becoming a fat, cocked, mythical
creature, but she was turned on, oh fuck was she ever turned on.

The sound of the door hinges squeaking made Myshelle open her eyes just in time to see the nude form
of Kora striding into the room. The satyr leader with her hair and tail already groomed and makeup
applied, but the latex corset, skirt, gloves, and boots Myshelle had seen her in the previous evening
were gone, exposing every inch of corpulent frame.

She smiled at the sight of Myshelle being fucked, "Mmm... I see you're making new friends, my pet." She
said, her purple nailed hand reaching down, beginning to stroke her member.

Myshelle blushed, turning away, only to have Kora gently take hold of her chin, turning the captive to
face her, "Having fun?" Kora asked, her puffy, purple tinted lips tantalizingly close.

The captive couldn't help it, rather than give an answer she leaned forward, and hungrily kissed her
captor, the cause of her alteration. The satyr returned the kiss with equal hunger, lust blazing in her

"You love it, don't you?" Kora taunted, gripping Myshelle's hair in her hand, not hard, meant more to
coax than to force. She tugged the model's head downward, bringing it down to her cock.

"Suck it, pet," she panted, still stroking the equine length. It was bigger than Melissa's, noticeably wider,
and perhaps a few inches longer. Myshelle's mouth watered and without hesitation her lips parted,
somehow managing to get them around the five and a half inch flair of Kora's fat horsecock.

The lead satyr pushed Myshelle's head down, letting inch after inch of her impressive, bestial length
slide between her pet's lips and down her throat. Myshelle kept waiting to gag, to choke, to find it difficult
to breathe. But somehow, be it the necklace or the natural ability of the satyr to fit within any lover, she
managed to take half the length into her, her tongue meeting the medial ring around her mistress's shaft.

The thought entered her mind and Myshelle did nothing to shoo it away. Though she was bound and
though she had been taken against her will she wasn't really a captive anymore. She wanted to stay, for
a little while at least, to accept her punishment and take what delights she could out of it.

She'd loved being fed, she loved feeling weight on her formally frail frame, she loved the feeling of her
growing cock, and above all she loved the feeling of huge equine shafts stuffed into her wherever they
would fit.
The feeling of being sandwiched between two bulky shemale satyrs was also delightful. They were so
soft and squishy, fun to cuddle. Myshelle wondered if they slept with several in a bed, to snuggle up to
one another in the night, to have someone to help deal with your morning wood when you awoke.

It would be fun being a satyr, living a carefree live of love and lust, not merely for sex but for food, for
drink, for affection. The lifestyle of the girls at the Amorous Satyr was a seductive parallel to her own
career. In the end both the satyrs and Myshelle showed off their bodies for a living, but while the girls
didn't have fame, they had lives filled with more pleasures than Myshelle had ever imagined.

She felt so strange, so confused, each moment she spent inside the club, the more she wanted to stay
forever. Her two forced meals had been delicious, the feeling of Melissa's cock in her ass was better
than any mundane masculine lover she'd ever had, she couldn't even imagine what it would feel like to
perform the act on someone else. A cute human girl dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, bending down to
pick something up, showing her panties, just a quick tug and a thrust and... and...

Myshelle's cries of pleasure were muffled by Kora's cock as her body seemed transformed into a geyser
for a moment; it felt like everything from tits to thighs was one big erogenous zone. As hot, sweet satyr
seed poured into her ass and down her throat Myshelle found herself not only cumming with the long,
plentiful, powerful gushes from her proto-cock, but also with streams of milk from her tits.

The warmth within her seemed to vanish almost immediately as it came, and Myshelle found the torrent
of cum narrowing, becoming a stream, the steady flow instead becoming jets. Melissa's hand wrapped
around the pet's growing length, which became a little bit larger with each jet of cum that spewed from
the tip.

The satyr-in-training had a proper cock now, though short and squat. Six inches of length, though just as
thick as Melissa's, even with a proper equine flare. As the neon-goth satyr stroked her, Myshelle's
manhood continued to grow, longer and longer, doubling its former length in a few minutes.

Kora withdrew her cock from Myshelle, an audible pop heard as the new satyr's hungry lips were
reluctantly parted from her mistress's member. Kora grinned, snapping her fingers, making everything
but Myshelle's collar and leash disappear.

"I don't think you need those anymore, hun." Kora said, planting a kiss atop Myshelle's head as she
continued to gush cum and milk. The satyr didn't mind the mess upon her fur and hooves at all. If the pet
had been able to pull herself up, she would've hugged Kora.

"Once you two are done in here, wash up before breakfast. You especially, Melissa; you have a bad
habit of showing up to eat absolutely filthy." Kora scolded.

Melissa only grinned, "Motzenger's Syndrome, Mistress Kora, you know that."

The lead satyr laughed and left the two to cuddle as Myshelle continued to rid herself of the unused
portions of the meals she'd consumed.

She finally managed to sit up, leaning back against Melissa, the neon satyr helping to coax milk and
seed from the rapidly-becoming-not-human. Myshelle couldn't make herself form words, only soft, bestial
sounds of pleasure. She found herself crying once more as Melissa planted a kiss upon her neck, her
chubby fingers no longer stroking, but rubbing the smooth skin at the base of Myshelle's penis, it was
strangely sensitive and malleable, and as her lover caressed it, Myshelle found it altering and changing.

It seemed to ooze up her shaft several inches, wrapping her increasingly sensitive member in loose skin,
providing it with a place to go inside her body, keeping her cock warm and protected.

But what prompted her eyes to join in the expulsion of fluid, though to a lesser degree, was the growing
weight she felt at he base of her shaft, the skin puffing outward as Myshelle grew real testicles. Melissa
giggled and gave her lover's growing balls a gentle squeeze, making Myshelle cry out with delight,
making the jets of cum surge from her all the stronger.

Myshelle wasn't quite a woman anymore, like all the other satyrs in the club she was now a sexy
shemale. As the flow of fluids, and the accompanying pleasure, slowed she found herself able to think
clearly again.

She reached down with her fingertips, gathering a few spoonfuls of seed, bringing it to her lips. She
smiled as the sweet taste spread across her tongue, nowhere near as sweet and delicious as Melissa or
Kora were, but much better than the horrible, bitter tang of her earlier juices.

With a playful giggle Melissa gave Myshelle a shove, sending her sprawling into the mess on the floor.
The pet responded in kind, scooping up a handful of the milk-seed mixture and tossing it at her lover.

The two were absolutely saturated by the time they headed for the showers.
10 - Myshelle's Medicine III

Shattered Shards: Myshelle's Medicine

By Von Krieger

Myshelle leaned against Melissa the entire way, her hand gripping the full satyr's own. They dripped and
dropped, leaving quite a mess behind them.

"Who's going to clean that up?" Myshelle asked, curious.

"Imps, sprites, brownies, lesser gnomes, we have a great deal of tiny fey living around in places unseen.
We're a strip club, we're a restaurant, we're a tavern, we're an inn, and we're a home, so we get all sorts
that are willing to keep things tidy in exchange for leftovers, free shows, and the occasional pair of
panties to make a tent out of."

Myshelle laughed, hugging Melissa as they stepped into the bathroom, entering one of the shower stalls
and drawing the curtain closed. The hot, heavy spray felt heavenly upon Myshelle's equally heavy body.

Without being asked she instinctively began to help Melissa wash, working shampoo into her scalp,
rubbing soapsuds over her soft, plentiful flesh. Melissa did the same for Myshelle, the two trading playful
caresses than left both of them partially erect, but neither was interested in sex at the moment, just
affection cuddling, kissing, and being close.

"What's Motzenger's Syndrome?" Myshelle asked as she rubbed lather into the fur of Melissa's lower

"It's a problem in you get occasionally when you transform an individual whose race isn't intrinsically
magical into a fey. Their magical wiring isn't really set up to handle all of what's going on. You see it
most often in satyrs and nymphs, since we pretty much can't shut off the magical effects of pleasure and
seduction that we have."

"It's kind of a feedback loop where you start doing the things common to that sort of fey more and more
to the exclusion of everything else. Eat, drink, dance, sleep, fuck, that's what the satyrs in the old myths
pretty much did. They weren't natural satyrs, but rather transformed ones."

Melissa grinned and patted her large belly, "I think it's one of the reasons why Mistress Kora has us get
so big. The more of you there is, the more it takes for you to develop Motzenger's. There are a few
treatments, but they all involve a bit of a... donation from another transformed individual of the same

Myshelle hugged her friend and lover tightly, enjoying the way their wet, bulky bodies slipped against
one another, "I'd do anything to help out. I think it'd be fun hanging out with you, even after this is all over
and Kora changes me back and sends me on my way."
Melissa giggled and returned the hug, "Oooh, don't say something like that around a fey, hun, they'll take
you at your word!"

The two kissed deeply, bellies, breasts, and cocks pressed up against one another, the feeling making
Myshelle blush.

"I... I'm starting to wonder if the punishment is getting to experience all this for a few days and getting
kicked out of it all at the end."

Melissa kissed her lover deeply, the action bringing both satyrs to full arousal, "Sweetie, if you love it
here, Kora won't kick you out. There's always more room for new girls. Once your changes are done,
you're going to be one incredibly sexy satyr. Most of us here were just normal girls, and a few guys, but
the more attractive the raw material, the more powerful the satyr that results from the change. I bet you'll
be able to make a busload of hockey players cream their jeans from a mile away."

Myshelle backed away and shivered, looking down over herself, "Th... this isn't normal, Melissa. I
shouldn't enjoy being like this, I'm two and a half times my original weight with a foot long horsecock
between my legs, and I can't believe that not only am I enjoying it, but I want more. I'm scared, and what
scares me is that I want this all to happen."

She looked up at her lover with watery eyes, prompting the neon satyr to forget her seductive advances
and merely hug her new friend to comfort her.

"Honey, don't worry about it. Nothing bad is going to happen to you here, and when that pendant comes
off for a whole day, you'll pop right back to your boring, bland, bitchy, bimbo body any time you want."
Melissa teased, drawing a laugh from Myshelle.

"Sure we recruit, sure we sometimes force the change on folks, sure as hell we're cheaters and
seducers and just love to 'corrupt' so-called 'innocent' hot boys and ladies into taking on the fuzz and
flab and joining our ranks. But we're fey, hun, and that means we've got rules to follow. You're worried
that your mind is so fogged by magic that you can't tell what you actually want, right?"

Myshelle nodded, and Melissa laughed.

"Then you idiot, take the pendant off!" she said, doubling over.

The new satyr blinked, reached up to her neck, following the chain around to the back to find the clasp.
To her surprise it popped open easily. She stared at the removed pendant in her hand, dumbfounded.

She felt the pendant's presence upon her mind fade, she was no longer filled with overwhelming need to
eat, to obey, and to fuck. She playfully hit Melissa in the shoulder with her fist.

"It's not funny!" she protested, "I thought this was some sort of horrible cursed artifact!"

Melissa laughed all the louder, "Sweetie, if an item is cursed and you're wearing it, you'll never notice,
it's what they do!"
Myshelle couldn't help but begin to chuckle at her friend's mirth. With the pendant removed, her feelings
for Melissa were still there, just not as sexual, or as urgent.

"And what about the satyr seduction magics?" she asked.

The gothic satyr flicked the flair of Myshelle's half-hard cock in reply, "You're satyr enough that you're
not going to feel anything you don't want to. Just close your eyes, take deep breaths, and try and
imagine a bubble around you, then pop it."

Myshelle did so, and to her surprise she felt a weight vanish from her mind, and heat from her loins. She
felt... oddly normal. She took a few deep breaths, looked herself over, and found that her feelings hadn't
changed. She still liked her body, her cock, her cute lover who looked at her expectantly.

"Well? I'm not suddenly some sort of hideous blob, am I?" she asked, grinning.

Myshelle laughed and fastened the pendant back around her neck, "No, I think you're a rather cute
blob." She said with a giggle, giving Melissa an eager, lusty kiss.

She rubbed her belly and looked down at her furless legs and toed feet. "It's not going to hurt, it is? I
mean your legs bend in a completely different way. Below the waist we're built totally different."

Melissa chuckled and took Myshelle's cock in her hand, leading her out of the shower, "Not too much
different in places," she teased, "It feels a little uncomfortable and weird at first and it takes some getting
used to, but I like my satyr legs lots more than I liked my human legs. Ingrown toenails all the time,
bleh!" she said with a giggle.

She led Myshelle to the towel rack, picking up a fluffy white towel and playfully using it to dry the new
satyr's breasts. Myshelle let out a soft moan, her nipples leaking milk.

She giggled and tried to push Melissa's hands away, "Stop that! You're going to make me all messy and
horny again!"

The neon satyr grinned and brought her lips to a thick nipple drawing out a mouthful of milk from within,
"And that is bad because?" Melissa said, punctuating her words with a soft nip.

With that small action, Myshelle suddenly found herself fully aroused once again, her body and will soft
and malleable, easily coaxed into performance by the hands and lips of a trained sculptor.

As Melissa suckled upon her breast, Myshelle felt something seem to give way, she suddenly felt a long
tongue equipped with a tongue stud within her nipple. She looked down and found that her breasts
were... changing.

The areole upon the breast she could see was growing, spreading, becoming thick and puffy, but also
pale, losing the coloration that made it differ from the rest of her skin. In a few moments it was the size of
a teacup, then a saucer.

She brought a hand up, running a single finger over the smooth, sensitive flesh. Her nipple had grown
along with it, but not to the same scale, it was larger and thicker, true, but it looked tiny compared to the

"Wh... what's happening?" she asked softly, awed as her body changed before her eyes.

As Myshelle stared in rapt fascination, her nipple... moved. Slowly moving downward and toward the
middle of her body. The model stared at it, puzzled, until a trio of new nipples appeared, aligned in a
square-like configuration upon her swollen areola.

Her bust also began to expand slowly as things seemed to shift around within her. Myshelle now sported
what looked like areole-less breasts capped with four large, flesh colored nipples. Though they weren't
hanging and saggy they looked...

"M-m-melissa? I have u-udders!" Myshelle squeaked.

"Mmm... and what delicious udders they are! I bet they feel wonderful." Melissa virtually purred bringing
her hand to Myshelle's other breast, caressing and coaxing streams of milk from her nipples with gentle

Myshelle blushed, they did indeed feel wonderful, the larger areolas meant more sensitivity, which
meant more pleasure, which meant more fun, and easier, more plentiful climaxes.

"Melissa, stop!" Myshelle panted, "Please stop!" The new satyr shuddered as a thought went through
her head, a thought that frightened her, once more from her completely lack of fear. She wanted to
change more, wanted her body to develop into something more sexual, better designed for feeling
pleasure. She wanted huge tits, a big fat equine cock, and huge, heavy balls.

Melissa continued to gleefully suckle, and it took Myshelle some pushing to get her head away. It was
only then, deprived of the milk, that Melissa realized what she was doing. "Sorry about that." She said,
her pale body reddened with a blush, "Once I get a taste, it's kind of hard for me to stop."

Myshelle nodded, "Is it... Normal to want bigger...You know?" she asked, "The more I change, the more
pleasurable this gets, the more I want it to keep happening. The bigger my tits get, the bigger I want
them to be. The bigger my cocks gets, the more I can't imagine going without it. The more my body is
changed, the more change I want."

Myshelle hugged Melissa tightly, pulling the neon satyr against her, Melissa sighed softly and began
running her fingers through the model's hair.

"Yeah, at the start we're all like that, it feels so good, so wonderful and liberating it's only natural to yearn
for more. But the bigger you go, in boobs, balls, or body fat, the more difficult it is to do some things, to
find clothes that aren't spellcrafted, to manage to hide a hard on..."

"For the first few months your libido is pretty hard to control, and if you end up with Motzinger's like I
have, it's never in control. I can't go out in public without fear that I'll get horny and end up using my
dance to have some cutie on their knees, sucking my cock on a street corner."
Myshelle gasped softly, "Oh... that doesn't sound bad at all."

"Yeah, but the mundane folks frown upon sex in public places and using mind-altering magics. I'm one
of the best dancers here, and if I get real carried away, things might go beyond a little loving on the
street corner." Melissa said, blushing.

Myshelle cried out as a strange numbness swept over her feet, accompanied by a gentle pressure at her
temples. She clenched her eyes shut at the weird sensations, the muscles on her face giving small
spasms as something grew at her temples.

"Wh-what's going on?" she asked, unable to keep herself from blinking, her bust and belly making it
difficult to see her toes as well.

Melissa grinned and began to rub Myshelle's feet, "Well, it looks like you're getting a bit more of the
moo-cow rather than just the udders. You've got some small bumps on your temples that are going to be
horns, eventually, and I think you're well on your way to having to throw out your shoe collection."

The numbness suddenly overtook Myshelle's fingers, "W-wait! What's going on? Why are my hands
changing?" she asked.

Melissa giggled, "Well, it's probably because you've had a lot more animal cum than satyr cum than is
usual for a transformation. The ice cream we use for controlling the change has a good dose of bull seed
in it. We've never gone with the ice cream as the first catalyst before. Don't worry about it."

The neon satyr took Myshelle's hands in her own, her fingertips gently tracing over the digits, stroking
where the first two and last two fingers upon each had begun to merge, teasing the thickening flesh in
the middle.

"You're going to have two fingers now." Melissa explained as her growing horns still made Myshelle
unable to stop blinking.

"I've always thought that was kind of sexy. Big, thick fingers," she said, bringing the tips of what once
had been Myshelle's right middle and index fingers to her mouth, suckling on the as they thickened, flesh
and bone growing to become one large, thick digit.

"I'd love to have a hand like this; I keep imagining wrapping my two fingers around a cock, curling my
nice thick thumb, coaxing the shaft gently into my mouth, curling my tongue around it."

As Melissa mentioned it, Myshelle couldn't help but picture the image in her head, so wonderfully sexy,
beautiful, and exotic. Her tongue slipped from between her lips, curling around the imaginary cock, only
there was a bit more of it to curl. She felt a bit of tightness in her jaw and lips, like muscle flexes, her
facial structure altering just a bit to accommodate the new tongue.

It was long and thick, extending a good ten inches from her lips, and a bit wider. Her teeth felt funny,
moving around a bit, and taking on a more boxy, bovine shape, though not transforming so far from
human that she would be chewing grass.
Melissa ran her tongue over her lover's fused fingers, now a little bit longer so the two inch thick digits
could bend properly. The satyr's tongue curled around each thumb in turn, also grown thick to match the
size of the new satyr's fingers.

The neon satyr leaned forward, kissing each of the new satyr's horns as they gently poked through the
skin, pricking her tongue on the small point adorning each tiny black horn.

"Mmm, I just love seeing the changes in a newbie, going from the mundane human to the more exotic."
She said, pulling away, allowing Myshelle to look over her altered form.

The model looked down at her three fingered hands, flexing them experimentally, admiring the shiny
black nail upon each.

She reached up and felt her small, bovine horns upon her temples, and then stuck her tongue out as far
as she could, moving it in the air, admiring its dexterity. She shivered with arousal as a thought passed
through her mind; she couldn't wait to wrap it around a cock.

She stood, raising a leg and peering at the altered foot upon the end of it, her toes merged into two
larger ones, once more topped with a thick, black nail. Stray strands of hair rested upon her ears, which
new muscles made twitch, sending the tickling strands away. The motion was instinctual and she did not

"You look so sexy right now, Myshelle." Melissa said with a grin, handing her a towel so that she could
finally dry herself, and remove stray droplets of milk, as well as a few more of precum.

The new satyr grinned, "You think so?"

"Honey, I know so." She said, planting a kiss on Myshelle's cheek.

"Breakfast will be served soon; the dining room is down the hall to the left." Melissa said, drying herself
off as well.

"As much fun as breakfast is, I'm going to have to grab something later. If you're really serious about
helping me with a cure for my condition, Mistress Kora will have to set something up. You'll keep your
word on that, right?"

Myshelle nodded, "Of course! I'll do anyth..." she grinned, "I'll do what I can."

Melissa laughed and gave her lover a playful swat on the rump, "You're already the sexiest satyr in the
club to me, Myshelle, and you're only going to grow more beautiful as the change progresses."

The model blushed and looked over her figure, shoving aside her old prejudices. The weight suited her,
the roundness padded out just the right places, and just as Melissa had said, the touches of bovine upon
her body, the udder-like breasts, the odd hands, made her look exotic.

"Maybe not the most beautiful, but I..." she blushed; she'd never gotten into a casual discussion about
her beauty before. "I think I'm pretty sexy." She admitted.
The gothic satyr nodded and stepped behind her lover, placing the pendant around Myshelle's neck, not
fastening it, merely leaving the central stone between her plump breasts.

"See? And you feel that way without a drop of magic, satyr or otherwise." She said, tickling Myshelle's
elongated ear with her studded tongue.

"I..." Myshelle's eyes widened, "I guess so." She said with a smile, turning to a shocked giggle as
Melissa pinched her sides and tickled her.

"Now don't eat too much, hun, I want you to save some room for me, you hear? I want to try out that new
tongue of yours." She said, giving her lover a nuzzle of the neck before she headed for the door.

The pet quivered with delight, licking her lips at the thought of sweet, tasty Melissa-cock in her future, "I'll
try," she said as she fastened the pendant around her neck and began to dry herself once more, "But I
think I'd like to be up in your weight class when we have some fun."

Melissa giggled, "Oh you will be, I just know it!" she said as the two walked out into the hall and parted


Myshelle was about in erotic overload as she sat at the table. There were several dozen satyrs, all
shemale, all naked, all in various states of semi-arousal, all varying degrees of heavy. There were some
that were merely curvy and plump, and a few that rivaled Kora for bulk.

They were all very touchy-feely, giving Myshelle hugs, pats, rubs, and gropes. She wasn't sure she
could make it through breakfast without moistening the hooves of everyone present with her plentiful
climactic fluids. As it was she had a raging erection hidden beneath the table.

The two girls pressing up against her did not help at all. As many were very wide individuals, typical
chairs would be constricting, pressing into their sides with discomfort, and with so many three hundred
pound individuals, chair backs would quickly be bent or broken.

Thus even at the dinner table they all sat on bar stools, which allowed the black skinned, black furred,
white haired, comparatively thin satyr on Myshelle's left and the large, hefty, thick-boned Clydesdale
satyr on her right to scoot up so they were hip to hip, belly to belly, and breast to breast.

Myshelle could smell the scent of oatmeal wafting from the kitchen; it didn't smell particularly appetizing
compared to what she had been fed so far. She wondered why something so healthy and bland would
be served to a bunch of hefty shemales.

As soon as the carts were wheeled into the room, Myshelle got her answer. Servers began pulling all
sorts of toppings for the oatmeal and placing them upon the table. Jellies of all sorts, sliced fruit, thick,
rich cream, butter, brown, white, and powdered sugar, cinnamon, honey, raisins, nuts, and flavored
syrups of all kinds. There were also pastries covered with frosting, buckets of ice cream to mix with the
oatmeal, thick slices of butter-crisped toast, crispy bacon, boxes of sugary cereals, eggs prepared in a
variety of ways.

It almost seemed like the scent of the oatmeal had overwhelmed the new satyr and prepared her for
disappointment. But what was being presented before here wasn't merely a bowl of bland mush, but a
virtual breakfast cornucopia. She took a few pastries and munched on them as the food was placed on
the table, big ladles placed in the pots for easy and plentiful access. She waited patiently for her turn, but
found that the girls next to her were selecting her portions for her.

The new satyr noticed that her bowl seemed to be much larger than anyone else's, and that oatmeal
was only a fraction of what went into it. The oatmeal went in first, followed by the pre-melted butter, fruit,
cream, sugar, chocolate syrup, and crushed peanuts, more like a sundae than oatmeal.

Before she could fully grasp what was happening, she found a straw pressed against her lips, and with
her pendant-driven hunger, she wrapped her lips around it and sucked, finding delicious cream. She'd
never thought of cream as a beverage before, but before she knew it, Myshelle had slurped down an
entire pitcher.

Myshelle found her stool pushed over to the corner of the table, to better allow the other satyrs room to
have fun with the newbie. She quickly found herself to be the center of attention.

She didn't have the first clue how to best feed the furnace that her portly new form seemed to be, but the
other satyrs did. She was given huge serving spoonfuls of the oatmeal mix, her mouth opening wide
enough to take a horsecock in order to accommodate them.

But each big ladleful of deliciousness was easily swallowed, the sweet deliciousness spreading across
her tongue. A spoon occasionally replaced with a straw, or a pair of lips. The other satyrs petted
Myshelle, caressed her, one even brushed and braided her long, auburn hair, making sure to keep it out
of her face, and out of the food.

Oh the wonderful, wonderful food. Myshelle wished every breakfast could be as plentiful and delicious
as this one, such a wonderful variety to sample, and a belly that could take so much. It was almost
erotic, the manifold vibrant tastes and textures of breakfast. She couldn't help herself; if something was
brought before her mouth she gobbled or gulped it down, giving little regard to what it was. Her body told
her to eat, eat, eat, and she was powerless to resist. It felt so good, being fed like this, being caressed
like this.

It was a little messy, but the other satyrs did quite a good job of cleaning her off, giggling and leaning
down, using long equine tongues to lap a stray dollop of whipped cream or a fallen cherry from her
chest. It all fell on her chest; after all, her breasts were huge. Or were they her udders now?

Either way, they began to leak milk as they were licked and caressed. Were they growing again? They
felt like they were getting bigger, their weight more and more upon her belly. Not just her breasts, but her
cock and balls as well. It felt like getting an erection, but it never stopped erecting, the more blood flowed
into her shaft, the larger it got.

Soon the length began to press up against the table and Myshelle couldn't help but thrust, especially as
her thick nipples were gently taken between expert fingers, having the milk coaxed out of them and into
bowls, which were poured upon her meal. Oh how perfect and delicious her milk tasted, far better than
anything that she had tasted that had ever come out of a cow.

She giggled, letting out a low, playful moo, relaxing, letting herself become enraptured with the orgy of
eating and caressing. The slow expansion of her body came quicker now, more natural now that she
had ceased resisting it. She felt each mouthful of food slide down her gullet and reach her belly, only to
be quickly whisked away to pad her prodigious frame.

Her tits leaked, her cock leaked, her body swelled, and still Myshelle longed for more. In her haze she
didn't notice that the oatmeal had been left behind, the mixture she was being fed a thick slop of butter,
cream, frosting, sugar, and blueberry syrup, seemingly designed for expanding her body at a rapid rate.

Myshelle found herself having to push away from the table, so large had her belly become. Her erect
equine shaft now rose above the height of the table, and thus became fair game for the other satyrs to
play with.

The former model's revelry was broken by a feeling of intense pressure upon her feet, not painful or
uncomfortable, merely strong. The giggles and words of the satyrs around her seemed to fade away,
and all Myshelle could hear were the loud pops and cracks of the bones in her feet altering.

She looked down, only to find her view blocked by her own girth, she leaned to the side, trying to see,
but there were satyrs in her way.

Myshelle felt suddenly like she'd been kicked in both knees by a mule. She felt her knees break
painlessly, or at least that was what it felt like, as bone and tissue grinded together. The intensity was so
great that she fell off her stool in surprise.

Her hefty body was protected by a generous layer of fat, but her head still only had the smallest amount
of flesh between floor and skull. Myshelle saw stars for a moment and she rolled onto all fours, feeling

But her changing legs would not cooperate, and all she managed to do was to press her cock against
the floor, sandwiched by the heavy weight of her belly. She moaned with pleasure, but it came out as a
lowing moo.

That seemed to snap her from the haze of lust and hunger that had overcome her. With wide eyes she
leapt to her feet... hooves... and ran from the room, darting back to the bathroom, her bulky body
bouncing against itself as she ran.

She began to pant, not from exertion, as even though her three hundred some pound frame seemed out
of shape and flabby, it didn't hamper her at all. Well, except for the pleasurable sensations that filled her
as her milk-filled udders wobbled and her cock bounced off her belly.

She burst into the bathroom, looking for a mirror, her hooves sending loud, hard echoes through the
large room. She found what she was looking for between two banks of shower stalls, flanked by two
potted trees was a full length mirror upon the wall.
Myshelle's eyes widened at the sight of her reflection. She didn't recognize it. The creature in the mirror
was not Myshelle, but rather something that had snuck up upon her and devoured her.

The former human could see no familiar features in the mirror, not even her eyes. Her blue eyes filled
with an unnatural lust. Her corpulent body had to be well over three hundred pounds. Her tits... udders...
whatever they had become, were a pair of massive, milk-filled orbs that would look right at home on a
fetish porn star. No, not even a porn starlet, but a milk cow.

A big, fat milk cow stripper. No one would believe her if she had said she was, Myshelle, THE Myshelle,
the cover girl, the budding actress, the sexy, svelte starlet who had a career in film ahead of her.

That life seemed like a distant dream, a bad dream. There was nothing warm and comforting in
Myshelle's all of it cold, distant, prickly. How sad was it that the bloated milk bag that she'd become had
gotten more sex and affection in the past three hours than Myshelle had gotten in the past three years?

It would be so easy to let it go, just throw it all away and embrace the life of an amorous satyr stripper
and whore with open arms, and open legs. The very thought of being paid to fuck made her loins ache
with desire.

She was a satyr now, a fat, slutty shemale satyr.

Myshelle approached the mirror, not wanting to believe it, not wanting to see the horns upon her head,
the hooves that had replaced her feet, the blotches of tan discoloration upon her legs, the nearly three
foot long, throbbing, delicious beast-cock. Oh how she wanted to wrap her lips around it, probe its
depths with her... oh gods, with her thick, fat, cow tongue.

She let out a cry that was half pleasure and half despair, her long-teased member finally erupting at the
thought of oral self-satisfaction. The offending reflection was banished under a torrent of Myshelle's
seed, the new satyr dropping to her knees, unable to keep from wrapping her thick, clumsy, bovine
hands around her throbbing, spurting manhood and jerking herself off.

"I... I don't want to be a cow." Myshelle sobbed softly.

"Liar." Came the soft, seductive voice of Kora, the lead satyr standing in the doorway, "Tell the truth."

Myshelle winced and bowed her head, unable to meet her mistress' gaze. "I don't want to be a cow!" she
protested, voice wavering.

"That's not it, hun." Kora said, kneeling beside her pet in the thick, sticky mess that was slowly spreading
across the floor, "What is it that really has you upset?"

Myshelle wrapped her bulky arms around Kora, hugging her mistress tightly, "A part of me knows that I
shouldn't like this, like being a cow. But it's getting smaller all the time, and I'm not sorry to see it go. I... if
I change all the way, I don't think I'll ever want to change back. I don't want to make that decision."

The red-haired satyr grinned, nuzzling her pet's neck, "Would you like me to decide for you, Myshelle?"
Myshelle closed her eyes, a tear trailing down her cheek as she whispered her answer, "...yes..."

"It's so telling that you break down, not by captivity and forced feeding, but by gentle, loving affection
and free will. You'd rather have this forced upon you than go along peacefully with it, wouldn't you?"

Myshelle found herself nodding, "Why is that? What's wrong with me?"

The satyr laughed, "You get off on being forced to do something, even if it isn't entirely forced."

Kora slipped a finger through the ring of Myshelle's collar, "Let's get you strapped back into the chair and
get you marked as my property then, my pet."

Myshelle moaned softly as she stood, following along obediently behind Kora, her face and chest red
with a shameful blush. The thought of being strapped into the chair, the gag in her mouth, food poured
down her throat, it made her so very, very horny.


Much to her surprise, Myshelle was not lead back to the small room behind the kitchen, but rather to a
very pretty, well decorated room. The floor was coated with rubber, and metal hooks rose from the floor
and lowered from the ceiling in places.

In the middle of the room was a large, plush, comfy looking chair, comfy save for the fact that it had
thick, padded, restraint straps placed on it. Looking like solid black leather at first, but the light glinted off
runes painted upon it, the leather magically enchanted for strength. The straps would hold, despite them
being merely sewn onto the arms of the chair.

It looked halfway between a recliner and a barber's chair, save for the large black dildo rising up from the
middle. Kora led her to it and gave her a shove, forcing her into the chair, the huge, thick, equine-molded
cock slid easily into Myshelle's tailhole, making her moo softly with pleasure as she sunk down on it, her
mistress placing straps around her ankles, wrists, neck, and waist with practiced ease.

Kora grinned, something metallic glinting in her latex gloved hand. "Stick out your tongue, my pet." She
said with a grin.

Myshelle did as she was told, and found her long tongue within Kora's latex grip. An instrument looking
rather like a pair of pliers was gripping in the satyr's other hand, pinching down upon Myshelle's tongue.

There was a cold pinch, a soft popping sound, and a momentary flair of heat. Kora removed the device,
allowing Myshelle to see the golden stud that now ran through her tongue. There had been no pain at
all, merely a sense of pressure. The new satyr pet didn't even taste blood.

"I mark all my pets with orichalcum adornments; I can afford it, after all. They'll be staying where they are
for quite a while, hun." She says with a grin, placing it upon Myshelle's lip as she stared at the
decoration upon her tongue.

With a quick squeeze and another cold caress, Myshelle's lower lip sported a ring.
"W-wait!" Myshelle sputtered, getting her tongue back in her mouth, "If these can't be removed, what
about if I want to go back to being a hmmmph!"

Myshelle's protests were silenced by the return of the feeding gag.

"It doesn't matter what you want, pet," Kora said with a grin, "You wanted me to make the choice for you,

She gave the lip ring a gentle tug, and then with a quick motion of her hand added a ring to the side of
Myshelle's nose, and then a trio to each elongated, bovine ear.

The satyr giggled and leaned down, her tongue slipping in through the gag, curling around Myshelle's
own tongue, Kora's tongue stud meeting her pet's own. The former model found herself a little angry that
her body would be altered like this without her being told. But she also found it exhilarating, something
permanent beyond her transforming flesh, being made Kora's property.

It was something forced upon her, something that marked her even more as a pet, and it sent a thrill
through her loins, making a thick trickle of precum begin to pour from her cock.

A wicked grin appeared on Kora's face as she brought the device down to Myshelle's cock, placing it at
the top of her flare, just above the slit. The former human shook her head, not wanting such a sensitive
place to be adorned with such invasive jewelry, but her wishes did not matter.

She cried out into her gag as Kora squeezed the device, a thick golden ring forever made a part of her
cock. She didn't climax, but she sprayed a rather large gout of pre-cum that left the latex-clad satyr
dripping with it.

Kora laughed and licked her fingers clean. She turned and walked from the room, returning a few
moments later pulling a rather strange contraption upon a wheeled platform. It was an old fashioned,
claw foot bathtub with the drain connected by plastic tubing to a hand pump, which had more plastic
tubing leading out, which was promptly fitted to Myshelle's feeding gag.

The lead satyr smiled, and stroked Myshelle's cheek with a gooey hand, "You might find this a bit
strange, but I'm sure you're going to love the end result." She said with a chuckle.

Kora turned her head, "She's ready for you now, Melissa."

A side door opened and the neon satyr stepped into the room, black runic drawings upon her pale white
skin. She smiled and strode over to the captive Myshelle, removing the feeding tube for a few moments
so she could properly kiss her bound lover.

"This may seem a bit strange and scary, but don't worry. Everything will be fine. Once this is all said and
done, I'll never have to worry about Motzenger's Syndrome ever again, and neither will you." She said,
replacing the tube and stepping into the tub.

"Mistress, if I have your permission?" she asked, bowing to Kora, who merely nodded and stood at the

Melissa smiled and brought a strange gemstone to her lips, dark green shot with veins of black, about
the size of a robin's egg. She placed it in her mouth and swallowed, humming to herself as she did so.

The gothic satyr began to dance, not like the lapdance Myshelle had gotten earlier, nor something of a
stripper. This was more beautiful, more graceful, rather like ballet. It was bewitching and Myshelle found
her eyes focused upon her lover, found herself instinctively humming the song.

As the satyr danced her skin slowly took on a shiny sheen. There was a fluid grace to Melissa's
movements, and as Myshelle watched the dance, she could swear she saw beads of perspiration begin
to drip from the tips of the satyr's hair.

Only the droplets were not sweat, they were mostly white, with small specks of pink and blue coloration.
More of the droplets began to form upon Melissa's body, falling around into the tub.

Myshelle could only watch as her lover's cock stirred to arousal, whiteness dripping from the tip, not cum
or precum, but something else entirely. She didn't understand what was going on, she would have asked
Kora, but the gag prevented speech, and she could not bear to take her eyes off the beautiful dance for
even a moment to try and catch her mistress' gaze.

Dark blue droplets began to fall from Melissa's legs, and as the satyr danced she seemed to be growing
thinner, smaller. Her bulky body appeared to be thinning before Myshelle's eyes. Was her lover
somehow donating some of her weight to make Myshelle even heavier? How would that help to solve
her illness?

As the dance continued Melissa's flesh grew transparent, not showing muscle and bone within, but a
single color all the way through. The droplets became rivulets of moisture, dripping down Melissa's body.

Myshelle cried out as her friend and lover began to melt before her eyes. All the while Melissa continued
to dance. Kora began using the pump, pulling the shed essence of the pale satyr into the clear tube,
which immediately filled with the swirling white-pink-blue mixture.

The pounds literally melted away from Melissa. Myshelle was forced to watch as Melissa's rounded belly
and plentiful breasts faded away into flatness. She danced as her tail dripped from her body, the
beautiful color fading from her hair, leaving it a washed out brown. The white seemed to leech from her
skin, making it darker, giving a spattering of freckles.

The fur upon her legs faded away, bereft of bones, they took on a human shape. Tears filled Myshelle's
eyes as she watched her lover's lips part in a moan of pleasure that turned into bubbling as fluid from
within oozed out of her, cascading down her chin and neck, over A-cup breasts, over a flat belly, and
down over a rapidly shrinking cock.

For a moment Melissa appeared as she had been before she had become a satyr, a blend of human
and elven, her eyes meeting Myshelle's. She smiled, the sight stirring a memory from within the former
model's head, something from several years past, an assistant, a shy, girl next door whose pointed ears
showed her elven that had once, with a red face, asked the model on a date.
Myshelle had been offended, disgusted, outraged, she'd had her fired immediately, and had taken
delight in seeing the over-reaching sub-human lesbian whore storm out in tears. Tears like the ones that
filled Myshelle's eyes. How could she ever have delighted in being so cruel to this wonderful, sweet,
beautiful creature?

And she was sweet, oh how she was sweet. The smooth, silk fluid that had been Melissa's body reached
her lips, pouring into Myshelle. She could not describe the flavor, knowing that it was sweet, and that the
merest taste brought tears to her eyes and broke her heart into a million pieces.

And even as she melted, Melissa continued her beautiful, heart wrenching dance. Her cock had
vanished, leave smoothness between her legs. Myshelle didn't want to watch, didn't want to see the love
of her life melt away into a rail, fragile wreck. She didn't want to eat her.

Myshelle pulled at her bonds with all of her might, but the enchanted leather held easily. As she danced
Melissa began to sink into the fluid that had been her body. She broke her gaze from Myshelle as her
face began to lose definition. She raised a melting, mitten-like hand to her lips and blew Myshelle a kiss
as no part of her existed below the hips.

She turned her back upon her lover, her fingertips meeting the muck that had once been her body. One
arm fell away, flesh turned to fluid no longer able to keep it held to her body.

Her torso began to sink into the multicolored fluid that had once been flesh and bone. Her hair fell away,
transformed into oozing clump, transformed into goo as they dripped down her back.

Her face began to smooth out, melting like a wax figure, eyebrows, lashes, nose, and lips turning white
and dripping away, leaving only the suggestion of a face; the black void of the mouth and eyes, now
visible from behind.

The head and neck merged as shoulders melted away, the head tilting back, the face moving around,
lipless mouth forming a smile, a translucent eyelid sliding down in a final wink atop a gentle bulge atop
the fluid.

And then Melissa was gone.

Tears poured from Myshelle's eyes as she clenched them shut. She didn't understand why Melissa
would do this, why she would destroy herself. Was it revenge for Myshelle's mocking scorn of her past
adoration? Myshelle deserved it. Why had she ever done such a hateful, cruel thing? Why had she
banished such a kind, loving person? She could've had years spent with the love she felt for Melissa if
she had only opened her cold, icy heart.

And now? Now it was too late.

She lowered her head, a terrible wail of emotional agony rising in her throat, muffled by the candied treat
that had once been her lover as it was pumped down her hateful, loathsome gullet.

She deserved it for what she had done, how she had behaved, to everybody. For a few short hours she
had known what love was like, and for the rest of her life she would mourn its loss.

Myshelle would be all the more alone and worthless having had a few moments of joy and affection.

She sat and swallowed her punishment, which seemed to amuse Kora greatly.

"Good thing you have those four stomachs now." The lead satyr said with a heartless laugh.

She wondered how the satyr could be so cruel, to casually throw away the life of one of her satyrs and
laugh about it, merely to take revenge on a small, petty, worthless being.

"You're not worthless." Whispered a voice in Myshelle's ear.

A gentle warmth spread over her body as it began to expand, putting Melissa's mass to use. It wasn't
merely the usual swelling of her flesh; it was soft, gentle, like a loving, tender caress.

"That's because it is." Said the voice again, "Don't be sad, Myshelle. I'm not gone. I'm not dead, or dying,
or anything even close." Said Melissa.

The former model felt the sensation of a loving, lustful kiss, "One spirit might not be enough to accept
the strongest satyr magic, but two can easily take anything that the Fey can dish out. I'm not leaving you
alone, beautiful, I'm not hurting you; I'm making sure that we'll be together. Forever."

The more of the fluid that was pumped into Myshelle, the larger her body became, the more she felt
Melissa's presence, the loving satyr's spirit entwined with her own. She opened her eyes, looking down
at her body. She watched her tanned skin go pale, the color slowly leaching out of it.

"One flesh, one soul, one spirit, eternally." Melissa whispered.

Myshelle could feel something tickling her mind, memories that weren't her own, a past that she had
never experienced; an unpleasant, hurtful, human life that she had made all the worse. Pain magnified
pain, Myshelle's guilt mixing with Melissa's suffering, the result unbearable.

And then it all went away, all that had been human seemed suddenly distant now, something that was
not even worth thinking about. There was love, love of the other satyrs, her sweet, beautiful sisters, they
had taken her in from her life of human misery, and made it go away. She lived life to its sweet fullest
now; the human world had nothing to offer her.

"Do you want that, my love?" Melissa said softly, giggling as their shared body began to complete its
transformation into satyrhood, their fur tickling as it grew from their legs, their long equine tail sprouting
from their rump.

"Yes!" Myshelle said in her mind, "Oh please, yes!"

"Good." The neon satyr purred, "It'll take a few hours before we get settled in. Just enjoy your first day
as a satyr, mmm... g'night."
Melissa yawned, her consciousness wrapping itself within Myshelle's as if it were a blanket. The new
satyr remained in this state, disconnected from her body, psychically embracing her lover, until a dull
ache drew her back to wakefulness

Myshelle opened her eyes and stood, no longer strapped to the chair. She looked over her body, smiling
as she found that she was perhaps half again as heavy as she had been before. She loved the way it
felt, thick and hefty, her flesh rubbing against other flesh, so soft and smooth.

Her auburn hair cascaded down her shoulders, the tips transformed into a navy blue just above her
thick, luxurious tail, colored just the same way. Her body shape felt different, retaining the large belly and
bust she'd had before, but adding Melissa's shapely hips and butt to the mix, giving her an extremely
exaggerated hourglass figure.

She strode happily on heavy cloven hooves. Unable to see over her girth, she kicked out a leg to the
side, delighting in the sight of her fur. She ran both of her three fingered hands through its sweet
softness. The pure snow white of her fur was just a few shades off from her now naturally pale skin. But
rather than the black of the typical bovine blotches, Myshelle sported the gorgeous navy that Melissa's
fur had been.

The satyr let out a soft, happy moo, the noise making her giggle. She practiced walking, shaking her big
bovine booty. Something tickled within her mind, but she ignored it. She took in a deep breath, sighing
softly at the throbbing arousal from her loins.

Her cock hadn't changed much, perhaps a few inches of thickness and length, some minor changes in
shape, and the alteration of the color to a very pale pink with navy blotches.

Myshelle was horny as hell, and she knew exactly where to go to slake her lusts. She went there all the
time, after all, to help with her...

Oh right! She wasn't the one with Motzenger's that had been Melissa's problem, thankfully gone forever
now that the two were one.

Her cock didn't ache anywhere near as much as Melissa's had in the throes of a Motzenger's lust fit, but
it was still rather annoying, and something that she was very eager to have quenched.

She smiled, admiring herself in one of the mirrors that studded the bondage room's walls. She took pride
in the fact that she looked about as big as Kora now, though the lead satyr had more of a belly, whereas
Myshelle had bigger boobs, butt, and balls. It wasn't enough, though. She wanted to be bigger. As big as
her gorgeous shemale satyr body would allow her to be and still be able to keep dancing.

The thought made her quiver and gasp with delight, she couldn't wait until Mistress Kora allowed her to
dance again. Her cock throbbed, a few pints of precum splattering onto the floor.

The bovine satyr giggled and strode out into the hall, the cowbell placed around her neck giving off low,
melodious tones as she walked. She didn't remember it being there before, but it had the same vaguely
magical warmth of her orichalcum piercings. She reached down and gave her cock ring a playful tug,
making her moo with pleasure.
She needed to reach the stables quite quickly, before she made a mess.
11 - Myshelle's Medicine IV

Shattered Shards: Myshelle's Medicine

By Von Krieger

Myshelle took a deep breath, moaning softly at the twin scents of horse and sex, the scents she had
faintly detected outside the club what seemed like a lifetime ago.

The horses weren't penned up within their stalls, but were allowed to roam around freely. A white mare
with a pale blue mane approached the satyr, curiosity sparkling in her sapphire eyes. Myshelle knew
these weren't mere beasts, but creatures of the fey, like herself. A part of her new that, but another part
of her gasped in awe at the sight of the beautiful snow mare.

The equine gently nudged Myshelle's middle with her snout, her long tongue playfully lapping at the
satyr's shaft. She knew exactly what Myshelle wanted, and seemed rather eager to give it to her.

Her member ached, its massive weight longing for relief. But she wasn't tall enough to mount the mare
properly. Her eyes darted around, finding a wooden plank atop some cinder blocks that was used for the
specific purpose, the way it was stained with seed.

The mare gently took Myshelle's cockring in her teeth, leading her over to it. As she climbed up onto the
platform, she felt her hooves stick a bit to the presence of past satyr ejaculations. Rather than disgusting
her, it excited her. She knew from Melissa that this was a perfectly acceptable thing for a satyr to do, but
she still had a very human mindset, and found it comforting that she wasn't the only satyr that did this.

She was a little hesitant, even though the horses kept here had human levels of intellect, they were still
animals of a sort. The more Myshelle thought about it, the less she wanted to actually go through with...

The thoughts of finding something else to make love to immediately vanished from her mind as the mare
backed herself up, allowing the first few inches of Myshelle's equine shaft to slip into her.

The former human cried out softly, not at all minding the moo she made as she did so. She gripped the
mare's snow white flanks and pushed herself in deeper, every inch of her three foot shaft buried within
the playful mare's snatch.

Myshelle mooed happily as she began to thrust. No wonder the satyrs kept horses here, no bipedal
creature would be able to take their massive bestial shafts and grip them as the mare did. There just
wasn't enough body to make a pussy that long, even the satyr magic didn't help.

There was also such an erotic thrill that Myshelle felt, every bit of her that was still human, though there
weren't many, screamed out that this was repulsive, disgusting, and wrong. Every bit of her satyr self,
every part that she had gained from Melissa, told her that it was a fun thing to do exactly because
humans felt it to be something that was wrong.
The mare was so large, so heavy, so easy for Myshelle to put her five hundred plus pound bulk into
every thrust, another reason for the horses to be here. After all, most human girls, and some of the
smaller satyrs, would be unable to support Myshelle's new weight; just a minor problem with her new,
beautiful bulk. But the satyr wouldn't give up even a single pound of her gorgeous girth.

She loved being big, she loved being heavy, she loved having a huge belly, huge butt, huge tits, hot,
heavy balls, and a throbbing three foot cock. She loved the sensations she felt as gallons of seed surged
from her, of milk being suckled from her impressive udders.

No way could she give this up. No way could she imagine returning to being a stick thin, scrawny
woman. She couldn't possible give up her cock, oh how she wished she could've had one earlier. The
image came to mind of Myshelle's favorite photo of herself, a smile on her face, eyes half lidded, leaning
back, seemingly in the wind, the short red dress she was wearing moving up, mere millimeters from
showing panties.

She imagined the dress bunched up a few inches, the thick, hot horsemeat between her legs jutting from
the small, svelte, sexy body that she'd had before. Certainly not as sexy as she was now, but her thin,
human self was exactly the kind of thing that would just about give her an instant orgasm now.

The thought of a small, thin human girl sitting in her lap, tentatively sliding down her massive cock, it was
enough that she couldn't wait to be able to perform again, or for the first time. She wasn't quite sure
which. Thought over all it didn't really matter, she knew what she was doing, and the part of her that had
been Melissa knew that combined the magical power they controlled while in the dance would more than
make up for an inexperience left over from Myshelle.

She couldn't leave. She couldn't possibly leave. She was the lead dancer and the most popular whore,
after all. Meli... Myshelle couldn't just go and leave Kora with her best performer missing. Even if she
had wanted to leave, it would only be polite to stay until Mistress Kora had a replacement.

But why would she ever want to leave? The food, the company, the many opportunities to dance and
fuck every day, the sweet, sexy horses here, the beds, furniture, showers, doorways, everything
designed to easily allow someone of Myshelle's bulk to move around with ease. Life at the Amorous
Satyr would be heavenly.

Myshelle's daydreaming was cut short as the mare's vaginal walls tightened upon her shaft, the equine
love tunnel gripped her tightly, milked her eagerly, almost hungrily. The satyr found herself unable to pull
out, merely able to thrust in deeper, allowing more of her cock to be enveloped by the mare's pussy.

The tightness was too much for her to take; her pendant-fueled growth made her erupt with the now
familiar amounts of seed. Myshelle threw back her head and moo-moaned in delight, her eight nipples
sending stream of milk trickling down her body.

The mare whinnied happily, though her womb could not contain the flood of the satyr's seed, it gushed
out from her, drenching Myshelle's belly, balls, and thighs, spattering down onto the platform beneath
her. No wonder it was so sticky!

Though her climax had passed, the mare remained still, allowing Myshelle to empty herself within the
equine. The satyr hugged the beast as best as she could, "Mmmooo... thank you." She half-moaned,
shivering as the mare pulled away from her, the equine's sex parting from Myshelle's half-erect cock with
wet slurping sounds.

Before the satyr could catch her breath she found a pair of red-brown stallions with bright orange manes
nuzzling at her. Myshelle couldn't keep her balance, forced to hop down to the floor.

Once she was on the floor the nuzzling turned to shoves at the back of her legs with their broad snouts.

"H-hey! Stop that you guys!" Myshelle said, giggling nervously, trying to get away from the rowdy horses.
Her hoof became submerged in a puddle of her own seed, sending her sprawling to the stable floor.

Before she could recover, one of the stallions was already standing over her, its thick, black member
fully erect, dripping with precum, inches away from her face.

"Wh-what..." was all that the satyr was able to get out before the horse thrust forward, the shaft forcible
shoved into her mouth and throat. She cried out in protest at the treatment, her shouts of displeasure
muffled by the thick horse meat crammed into her.

The equine flopped onto his side, pulling Myshelle with him. The other stallion helped push Myshelle
over as his twin rolled onto his back, leaving the satyr resting atop his belly and chest, head bent back
as the laying horse bucked his hips, fucking her face.

The satyrs were apparently not the only ones with magic of a sort, as the second horse stood over
Myshelle, somehow managing to guide his member into her ass without being able to see, and without
any sort of way to position it, and also seemingly with not a single drop of resistance from Myshelle's

What was going on? She was being raped by two horses, what the hell was this? Another of Melissa's
memories came to the surface; the new satyrs were typically shy and skittish about their bodies and their
desires, their first week or two was spent on duty tending to the horses.

Oh gods, the two stallions had never seen Myshelle before, they didn't realize that she'd merged with
Melissa; they just thought she was another horse whore! The thought of it made her shudder and
wretch, trying to expel the bestial cock from within her mouth. She wasn't some random strumpet
seduced in off the streets, she was a merger of one of the world's most popular models, and the club's
best dancer! She shouldn't be... oh...

With her Motzenger's and her almost constant lust, Melissa spent a great deal of time in the stables, the
horses more interested in sex than most of her satyr siblings. Melissa had willingly been the stable slut
for the last few months. They horses knew the treatments for her illness, knew that if she found
someone to merge with she was...

Myshelle cried out, her heavy arms striking the horse above her. As half Melissa and half newbie, she
had been declared horse whore twice over. That wasn't fair! She hadn't known! Well, she did know, but
she knew too late, her memories as Melissa weren't nearly as strong as her memories as Myshelle.
It was wrong, disgusting, hideous; an assault to her very sensibilities! She would fuck, suck, and dance
for humans and human-like individuals; she would eagerly and willingly pleasure the horses, but not like

The satyr felt her cock stirring, surging almost instantly to full arousal. She panicked, wriggling her
plentiful body, trying to dislodge herself from the type equine shafts that impaled her. However all she
managed to so was to rub her breasts and cock against the chest of the horse above her.

The two beasts thrust into her slowly, languidly, teasingly. They knew that she was trapped, sandwiched
between them, and that they could take their time with her. It was wrong, disgusting, horrible, and all
sorts of other things and yet...

Yet it made Myshelle feel as horny as she had the moment she walked into the stable. The more her
human half hated what was being done to her, the more disgusting, loathsome, and unpleasant, the
more her satyr half gleefully embraced it.
She was being raped by two horses and her body delighted in it. Her rump and throat seemed to tingle
with pleasure as they were penetrated. She couldn't help but obey the lustful needs of her body, her
hands going to her udders, curling her thumb and forefinger in a crescent about her nipples, her second
finger placed a bit further down.

She squeezed, tilting her hands outward from her body, tugging her titflesh upward at the same time,
causing a few ounces of milk to leak from her eight nipples. She arched her back and then bucked her
hips, her rump tightening on the shaft within her, milking it as her muscles tightened as she thrust her
cock between her soft belly and the horse's solid chest.

The beast's fur provided texture, sending delicious sensations into the massive member. As she bucked
something seemed to give way inside Myshelle. Her cock leaked precum, or at least tried to. But rather
than leak, a thick, plentiful torrent shot out, lubricating the passage between satyr and equine flesh,
making it all the easier to buck against the beast.

It dripped down her belly, down into the gulf between her breasts, it quickly coated them as Myshelle
squeezed her tits together, the warm precum seeming to aid the flow of her milk, two thick fluids dripping
down her breasts now.

A second warm jet spread over her, and a third, leaving her coated and dripping with her own arousal.
Her skin felt warm as she broke out into a shameful flush, tears leaked from her eyes as the scraps of
her human self surged to the forefront, protesting her treatment.

All she had wanted was some relief for her fat, throbbing, aching horsecock. It felt so wrong to think that,
so very wrong, so very disgusting. The last remnants of Myshelle's original personality surged to the
surface. She shuddered as she realized what she was, what had happened to her.

Her true consciousness had escaped from the pleasurable prison it had been placed in, finally able to
break free as even her newly transformed satyr self had been horrified as she'd been penetrated by two
animals against her will.

And yet she could not stop herself, she couldn't keep her hands off her tits, couldn't stop thrusting
against the horse above her, couldn't prevent her long, bovine tongue from curling around the shaft in
her mouth, caressing it, coaxing it closer and closer the climax. Her hungry flesh, hungry for food and for
sex, for overindulgence of any sort. Her lusts were out of control.

The part of her that had been Melissa felt gleeful, delighting in the sensations of a larger body, a larger
cock, and bigger, more sensitive tits. It felt so good to be a satyr, and most of her mind was that of a
satyr now. The essence of Melissa uniting with the bits of her consciousness converted into one of the
fey creatures, overwhelming Myshelle's sanity with an endless deluge of sex.

It wasn't fair! How could she ever hope to return to her human self, return to the her old life, with so
much magic and an entire other person within her longing to dive deep into a pool of desire, never to
come up for air?

It was so seductive, the offer of so much pleasure and delight every day. It would be so easy to merely
let go, to allow herself to become a satyr. The true Myshelle, the real Myshelle, the one buried beneath
an additional 425 pounds of mass, didn't want to stay, didn't want to be fat, didn't want to be a shemale.

She was a woman, she wanted to be a woman, a proper woman, without a cock. But she... she couldn't
give up Melissa. She wasn't sure how she truly felt about the neon satyr that was now a part of her. She
lamented spurning her years before, she could easily have had the love and affection that would have
brought joy to her miserable, icy, empty life.

She could have it now; all Myshelle had to do to feel that love, the love and lust of her fellow satyrs, was
to give up everything that she was, that she had been. Give up her career, her home, her possessions,
her body, her gender, her individuality. Her personality and memories and those of Melissa would meld
more and more over time, resulting in a single individual.

The longer she was a satyr the less she would remember her human life, the less she would care about
what she had been. It was so tempting, so very tempting to give up her old life, her old, empty life. All
she had was money and fame, and they didn't make her happy, at all.

It took all her willpower to fight her satyr self, to prevent the slutty shemale that she was becoming from
taking control of her consciousness, stuffing her into a corner of her mind, and leaving her to helplessly
watch as her new self began a new life.

But it felt so good, feeling her precum saturated folds of skin and flab rubbing against each other. Having
huge, milk filled udders that gave intense, erotic feelings when squeezed; she could only imagine what it
would be like to be properly milked. And her cock, oh gods, her cock.

She couldn't imagine losing it now, she couldn't possibly go back to being just a normal woman, not after
she'd felt the pleasure of her thick, bestial rod erupting, the weight of heavy equine balls between her
legs, the delicious pleasure that surged over the length each time she stroked it. Sure, it would need to
be smaller if she were to continue her modeling career.

Myshelle didn't want children anyways, odds were she'd never find a husband, and the pregnancy would
be devastating on her figure. So she didn't need a pussy anyway. Just a big, beautiful horse dick, just
long enough to reach her lips, just long enough to curl her tongue around and...
All thoughts, of sex, of humanity, of fear and confusion about her conflicting emotions and desires, all
were washed away upon a white tide of pleasure as Myshelle felt herself climax.

It was like a tidal wave of cum pouring forth from her, a tsunami of seed that instantly doused her in her
own essence within moments. There was so much of it, so much more that poured from her now that
she sported a three foot length.

Without a mare to contain the jets, to slow them down, to direct them back out once her womb had been
filled, Myshelle found herself expelling gallons upon gallons of seed, leaking away the excess of the
some three hundred pounds of Melissa that she'd made a part of herself.

And what of Melissa? The sweet, sexy satyr would always be inside Myshelle, and she most certainly
wouldn't like being a skinny human. She would want to stay at the Amorous Satyr, to continue
performing, to...

Myshelle's mind hiccupped once more as the twin stallions experienced climaxes of their own, their
warm, wonderful bestial seed surging into her, lighting up strange, psychic pleasure centers.

No wonder they would send the new girls in to be horse whores; Myshelle felt rather light headed and
bubbly, giggling, and horny. Like she was drunk and popped a few Viagra. She wasn't sure if her lustful
intoxication came from the satyr magic or the sorcery woven into the fey beasts themselves.

Even with her human self in control, she felt her inhibitions falling away, basking in the afterglow of the
powerful climax the stallions had given her. She nearly whimpered and begged for them to return their
cocks into her mouth and tailhole when they pulled away, having little interest in her now that they'd
gotten their rocks off.

Myshelle was left in a pool of her own cum, her entire body dripping with shemale satyr seed. The scent
made her achingly hard, the effect that it would have upon a human. She was still human! She just
needed to get away! To take off the necklace and toss it aside. But that could wait, she was soooo
horny, and there were so many mares close by.

It wasn't like things could get any worse. She'd boned a beast once; she might as well do it again.
Besides, there might be some sort of problem if she didn't drain herself of the extra mass that was stored
up from the pendant's magic. Once free of the cursed jewelry, her natural metabolism would reassert
itself, and the pounds would just slide right off.

Myshelle smiled, this was the stable, after all, she could see the neon lights of the club next door through
one of the windows. As soon as she'd fucked a mare, she would be able to just walk right out that door.

The satyr rose, dripping with her own seed, her long, thick, bovine tongue slipping out of her mouth,
lapping up some of the mess as she walked, letting her satyr instincts guide her to the most desirable

Rather than approach one of the free roaming horses, Myshelle made her way to an enclosed stall. She
opened the latch and stepped inside. Gasping at the site within.
She found it erotic, hideous, disgusting, and so very arousing. A blonde woman peered up at Myshelle
from her place in the straw, a look in her eyes equal parts, fear and pleading lust.

At first glance she seemed to be a satyr, her body furred and equine to the waist, but the long tail
matching her blonde hair was a bit lower than it ought to be, scarcely covering her dark black pucker.

Her hands had become hooves as well, absolutely useless for the purpose she was trying to put them
to, trying to give pleasure to her aching, throbbing stallionhood. Her cock dripped thick precum onto the

Myshelle could see that the fur had begun to creep up onto the woman's midsection, her ears long and
furred as well. A few small changes in the face showed that she wasn't becoming a satyr, but rather an
outright stallion.

Unable to speak, the horse-woman let out a soft, pleading sound, her tail raised. Myshelle couldn't help
herself, as this was just about the perfect thing to set off her satyr lusts. A mix of human and beast, the
exotic and strange.

The satyr stepped forward, bringing a cum-covered hand to the woman's rump, rubbing her seed against
the she-stallion's tailhole to ease the entrance of Myshelle's own stallionhood.

The woman cried softly, tears of relief and terror, the scent of her longing thick in the air.

Myshelle brought the flare of her cock up to the she-stallion's rump, gripping her tail, preparing to sink
her shaft into the poor plaything. But another scent reached her nose, one that made her mouth water
and her belly rumble.

Food came before sex, she still wasn't big enough. Or so her satyr-self believed. What were a few more
pounds? It'd take her months to ditch all the weight anyway.

The former model turned her back upon the captive woman, clopping clumsily towards the enticing

She didn't have far to go, she stepped from the stable stall to find Kora standing a few feet away with a
grin, an erection, and what looked like a rather large can in one hand.

Myshelle found herself turning beet red, "I... I..." she stuttered, feeling humiliated that she'd been caught
here by the captor. It was obvious what she'd been doing.

"My, looks as if you're the popular girl. A mare, two stallions, and just about to get it on with our resident
horse thief." The red-headed satyr said with a chuckle.

The former model found herself crying, "P-please, please let me go, Mistress." She begged, "Please,
change me back. I... I've learned my lesson."

Kora only grinned the wider, waving the can under Myshelle's nose, the delicious scent making her
drool, her bovine tongue lolling out, trying to scoop up whatever was inside.

But the satyr kept the tin out of reach, "There's a problem, my dear. You see, if you leave, you take dear
Melissa with you. I think you'd be much happier if the two of you stayed for awhile, and then made your
decision once you've gotten your hybrid mentality sorted out."

Myshelle shook her head, dropping to her knees, wrapping her arms around her Mistress' waist, taking
all the willpower she had not to lick or caress the sweet cock that was so very close to her. She could
feel the delicious warmth, it would be so easy to have that warm sweetness between her lips.

"I... I don't want to be a satyr! I don't want to be fat!" she protested.

"I don't hear you saying you don't want to be a shemale, my toy. I don't hear you saying you don't want
to have these big, sexy udders." Kora reached down and ran a latex-clad fingertip in a circle around one
of Myshelle's nipples, making small droplets of milk leak from it.

Myshelle whimpered, unable to contradict Kora, even her human self didn't want to be quite as human
as she had originally been.

"But I am a fair woman; I'll let you decide what you truly are." She said, dipping a finger into the can and
returning with a dollop of something thick and not quite white in coloration.

Myshelle found it within her mouth, the taste spreading across her tongue, her four stomachs rumbled,
craving whatever the wonderful, delicious substance within the can was.

As Kora pulled her finger away, Myshelle found herself following it, trying to suckle the last bits of the
wonderful foodstuff. The lead satyr merely laughed and took a few steps back.

"Now, I'm going to count to thirty. You can prove you're a human by being able to resist what I'm
offering. You have food and you have sex. Both base desires, both things that are irresistible to
indulgent fey such as my pets. A human would be able to hold off her urges for a few short seconds.
And even if you can hold on that long, honey, do you really want to? You know how good it feels to be a
satyr. You know you'll be loved here. You know I can offer you wonderful opportunities that you'd never
find out in the human world. It's your choice."

Myshelle's eyes widened and she pulled her tongue back in, trying unsuccessfully to rein in her saliva,
"Th-that's not fair! The satyr magic, and Melissa, and the pendant, how am I supposed to be able to
chose? What if I can resist just one? I... I'm so hungry..."

Kora grinned, "I'm not sure you'll want to do that. After all, this is some special stuff. A lot of enchantment
went into this. It's pure lard, I'm not sure exactly how much more weight you'll gain, but if you eat a cup
full of this stuff, you'll never lose weight beyond what it gives you."

Myshelle's eyes widened in horror, and her stomachs protested all the louder, her satyr-self wanted it,
Melissa wanted her to devour it, to become the biggest satyr in the entire club, the pendant around her
neck demanded that she eat.
"But alright. If you can hold off from eating, I'll take away all those extra pounds. If you can keep your lips
off my cock, I'll change you back into a human. You do both, you can walk out of here however you want
to look, keep the parts you enjoy, ditch all the rest, deal?" the satyr seductress said with a grin.

Myshelle closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, holding it in as she nodded. Just as long as she
could keep herself focused on something else besides what Kora had to offer, she'd be okay.

"One, two..." Kora began to count.

Myshelle could prove herself human easily, and when she did she'd be able to walk out of the Amorous
Satyr on her own two feet, though hooves weren't all that bad, but they didn't lend themselves to fashion
very easily.

She'd be able to get exactly what she wanted, a nice big bust, and Kora could probably alter her cock to
make it big and thick when she was aroused and wanted it out, and small and inconspicuous otherwise.

With Melissa within her, Myshelle was sure she could keep herself and her lover's spirits separate, so
she'd have someone to talk to, to have fun with, someone kind and caring that loved her for her.

But then again it would also be nice to let the unpleasant parts of Myshelle drift away, portions of her icy,
prickly personality, her unfriendly demeanor, and her whole ice queen thing. She could go and find a
cock to loosen her up every once in awhile, or, better yet, find a cute model that was just starting out,
eager to spread her legs to get ahead, even for another woman.

Then again she'd have to keep the tale of Myshelle's member a secret. If she stayed on at the club, odds
were that there would be a steady stream of men, women, and every gender in between that would love
to have a roll in the hay with her.

That brought back to mind the sexy she-stallion. Not only would she have lovers as part of her duties at
the Amorous Satyr, but she'd also have the stallions, the mares, and the occasional plaything, like the
former horse thief. Strange exoticness that she would never be able to get as a human, at least not
without paying through the nose for it.

And she wouldn't be alone here, there would be the other satyrs, whom were already her friends.
Stephanie, the dragon-satyr cook, Dixie, the dark elf that had been beside her at breakfast, and so many
others. All of them loved her, cared for her. Kora especially.

The two shared a bed more often than not, the lead satyr understanding of Myshelle's Motzenger's
Syndrome, and always eager to lend a hand, or a cock, or a tailhole, or a pair of lips.

She was sure Kora would miss her company, as Myshelle was one of the few satyrs that say that their
Mistress was a person too and needed friends, not merely pets. Kora would miss her if she left, and
there would be an empty spot on the couch and half of a big bowl of popcorn uneaten when Kora
watched their favorite shows.

Myshelle gasped and shook her head, trying to clear her mind, trying to rid herself of Melissa's
memories. She was breathing again, her eyes open.
"Twenty four, twenty five..." Kora grinned and reached into the can, slathering her cock with the thick,
greasy lard.

Myshelle couldn't help it, ninety five percent of being surged forward, shoving the small portion of her
psyche that still remained fully human into the back of her mind. The can of enchanted lard was in one
three fingered hand, the other curled around Kora's cock, holding it as she greedily licked it clean.

Tears filled her eyes, the only protest her human self could make as she was forever enslaved to the
satyr. She felt her body begin to swell, already using the manifold calories from the lard to bulk up her
flesh. As she grew her human self withdrew in disgust, curling up into a ball in the tiny corner of
Myshelle's mind. Not wanting any part of the shemale slave-slut she'd become.

No... not a slave, not even a pet. She was Kora's friend, her lover, not merely an employee or another
satyr to snuggle with. Now that she wasn't going to be aching for sex all the time, things might even
become a little bit tighter than that, more romantic. Yes...

"Mmm... thank you Myshelle," Kora moaned, reaching down and stroking the bovine satyr's ears, "I don't
know what I would've done if you'd taken Melissa away from me. You're going to love it here, but then
again, you already know that, right?"

Myshelle nodded; of course she'd love it here. She'd been there for almost as long as she could
remember; the parts worth remembering anyway.

She reached into the tin, taking a mouthful of lard, enjoying the sensations of her expanding body. She
wondered how big she would get. The bigger, the better.


Caitlyn moaned and pressed into the ample backside of the satyress dancer before her. She'd been
rather shy about coming to the club, at first coming inside she'd wanted nothing more to get out, but then
she'd seen this lovely woman dance, and she knew she'd be stopping by every so often from then on to
get a glimpse.

The Amorous Satyr didn't have a cover fee, a minimum tip, or a drink minimum, though Caitlyn tipped
heavily. It was worth it for the strange, erotic feelings she experienced. Somehow the seven hundred
pound shemale satyr could make her cum from across the room, and right up close like this... oh it was

She bucked her hips, pressed her denim-clad loins against the white and blue fur of the performer's
backside. She didn't seem to mind the contact. In fact, there was an awful lot of contact. Mainly because
there was an awful lot of satyr butt.

The young blonde student sat upon the curved padded couch that seemed to be constructed in the
Amorous Satyr's VIP lounge just for Myshelle to give lap dances. If she got a little too excited and
pressed too hard, she'd break the chair the patron was sitting on, and possibly even the patron
The couch was very well padded, but a stiff padding, that barely dented from Caitlyn's one hundred and
forty pounds. Myshelle spun with surprising grace, lifting a hooved leg that likely weighed more than her
client did. Her huge, beautiful horse cock throbbed, apparently she enjoyed the lapdance as much as
Caitlyn did.

"Wh... what does it feel like? Having one of those?" she asked, remembering her instructions, not to
grope the dancers without having paid for the privilege. It was all she could do to stop herself from
licking the golden ring upon the flare of the dancer's cock.

Myshelle moaned softly, shaking her hips and rear, "It feels wonderful, incredible, better than..." she took
a deep breath and turned to the side, a generous surge of precum dripping onto the floor.

"Would you like to try it?" she asked the human, a grin on her face, "No charge."

"I'd love to!" Caitlyn said ecstatically without thinking, "Err... wait, what do you.... AAAAH!"

Myshelle changed her dance every so subtly, picking up the pace, leaning back against the heavy,
reinforced bar placed before the couch. She leaned back with surprising grace, wrapping her thick legs
around Caitlyn's waist. The satyr began to thrust and buck, her balls against Caitlyn's breasts, the cock
so tantalizingly close...

She couldn't help herself. The girl wrapped her arms around and hugged the length against her, planting
a kiss of the precum-drenched cockflesh, crying out with climax as she did so, her hips thrusting as hard
as she could.

She felt something give way inside of her, something surging outward, like her normal climax, except it
seemed to go on and on, down past the lips of her sex, pressing against the silk of her panties, the
denim of her jeans, and then erupting with wet, hot, explosive bliss, surging outward against the satyr's

Caitlyn didn't notice the heat and wetness in her loins, as her entire upper body was coated in thick,
sweet satyr seed. She gasped softly and fell back, eyes half lidded in a state of blissful lust.

Myshelle grinned and she untwined her legs from around another satisfied customer. Caitlyn would be
occupied with herself for a good hour or two. The human dreamily tugged her ten inch length, decent
size on a human. Myshelle didn't want to get her into the bestial stage too quickly, she knew her client
would just love having a horsecock, but she wanted to take it slowly.

Temporary transformations as a first, a few hours to feel the best parts of having the male member, then
when she was curious about how the equine length would feel, they'd take it from there. Temporary until
Caitlyn asked her if she could keep it, and then from the equine cock, she'd see if she could coax the
cutie into a few more satyr-ish features. It was more fun the longer than change was drawn out.

She sighed; it was the one thing she regretted about her transformation. She'd walked into the bar, said
a few words, and experienced a world of bliss in less than twenty four hours. Not even a day between
skinny bitch, and busty, beautiful, big-balled babe.
She felt the familiar sensation rise in the pit of her gut, quickly turning into a shameful blush. Myshelle
loved the aspect of her change, the little bit of her old, human self that remained, stuffed into a corner of
her consciousness, allowing her to feel delicious shame, humiliation, and disgust at the things she did,
making them all the more delectable.

She walked from the VIP room, out into the main bar area, a grin spreading across her face as she saw
the familiar red on black of Kora from behind. With a giggle she wrapped her hefty arms around the
smaller satyr.

Kora turned her head, allowing Myshelle's lips to meet her own, allowing the bovine satyr's tongue to slip
hungrily into her mouth, her own long, studded tongue curling around it, seeking entry into Myshelle's
own maw.

The spotted satyr's three fingers hands gripped her Mistress' breast and groin, the latter of which got a
playful swat as Kora turned, her latex-gloved hands running over Myshelle's pale skin, fingertips slipping
between plentiful folds of flesh to tickle the sensitive skin hidden within, giving the bovine's udders
enough of a playful tweak to make droplets of milk form upon her nipples, but not enough to let them
leak down.

Kora pressed against her, Myshelle feeling a heat in the redhead's loins, her Mistress' cock half
hardening as the bovine's hands moved down Kora's back, gripping her rump and pulling her lover even

The redhead broke the kiss, panting, her eyes darting across the room where patrons stared, their
attention diverted from the stage, where a feather winged, unicorn satyress also seemed enraptured by
the two.

"Get out of here before the customers blow their loads for free." Kora said with a giggle.

"Yes, Mistress." Myshelle responded, shivering softly as a small flash of malice surged across her mind,
like the bussing of a gnat, not even loud enough to make out more than the emotional content.

"Will Caf Krygar still take our weekly reservations? Did the matter about us and the cute waiter get
cleared up?" she asked.

Kora grinned, "Waitress now. Matters of gender are a bit... flexible in temples of Krygar, be they brothel
or restaurant. Nothing to clear up, hun, they actually called to confirm that we were coming again

"In more ways than one." Myshelle said with a giggle, "I'll remember to bring some condoms in my
purse. I didn't think it was possible for someone's belly to grow so big so fast."

Kora patted the plentiful roundness, "And I'm sure you'd be an expert." She said with a grin, giving
Myshelle a parting peck.

"Shoo, off with you! We're drawing the focus from the stage!" Kora said, giving Myshelle a swat to the
rump, which the bovine satyr wiggled cutely as she strode across the room, slipping into the hallway
beside the bar, heading for the stables. Oh did she ever adore the stables, especially the last few


Myshelle sat in the straw, mooing contentedly as a fey-foal suckled at her udder. The small creature
ought to be weaned off milk by now, but the bovine satyr always had plenty to give.

She ran her three fingered hand over the foal's fur, radiant white coupled with deep navy spots, and an
auburn mane and tail that faded to icy blue at the tips.

The little boquine (Bo from bovine, quine from equine) always trotted up to greet Myshelle on her little
cloven hooves.

"My, you're getting big," Myshelle said, patting the four month old foal, "You're getting your horns in
early." She said, raising a thick finger to scratch at the base of her horns, five inches long and following
the curve of her head, rather unlike bovine horns.

"Just like your daddy." She said with a smile, moaning softly as she stroked her cock, the words always
bringing those delicious, arousing feelings of disgust and shame to the surface.

Oh how she loved being a satyr.

12 - Mirror Mirror I

Shattered Shards: Mirror Mirror

By Von Krieger

"Should we really be heading out in this?" Megan asked, peering out the window at the heavy black
clouds that let out an occasional ominous rumble over the city.

"I'd like to go out and find something nice to restore," Ember said, twisting his long brown hair between
his fingers, "Aside from a little thunder and rain, I don't think we'll have a problem. If it gets too bad, Drew
can just pull over and we can wait out the storm."

The eldest of the roommates nodded; the football scholarship holder a man of few words, "My mom's
birthday is coming up and I need to buy her something nice anyway." He said, "Might as well get all our
shopping done in one trip. Saves gas, after all."

Megan sighed, "I guess you have a point. It just... feels weird out there; like something big and messy is
about to happen. It feels like the tornados we had in Iowa, except bigger and... I dunno. It feels wrong

Ember rolled his eyes, "There you go talking about your psychic powers again." He says with a chuckle.

Megan brushed her dark hair back and glared at him with her equally dark eyes, "Don't make fun of me.
I'm the one who's always finding your keys and your wallet when you lose them."

She sighed and turned to stare out the window once more, "Though I guess I could come along. Big as
this feels if anything is going to happen, it's just as likely to happen here as it is out on the road
somewhere. And with this thing looming overhead, I don't think I'm going to get any homework done."

Ember chuckled and ruffled his friend's hair, "That's that spirit!" he said with a grin, his excitement only
made Megan scowl more.


Twenty minutes later the ancient Nissan pickup Drew had been given by his grandfather pulled up to the
curb in front of Ember's favorite antique store. He had a fondness for old crafts, he would go out and
purchase something that was a bit worn, usually with paint flaking off, and he would remove the paint,
touch it up, stain it, and make it look as good as new.

The rain began to pour down as the trio exited the car, eliciting a mad dash to the front door of the
antique shop.

The owner peered over her novel and nodded to Ember, quite familiar with his presence, as he visited
her store quite often.
A massive clap of thunder shook the windows; the lights flickered for a few moments before deciding to
stay on. Drew and Ember fanned out into the store, browsing the shelves.

Megan found a chair and took a seat clutching her arms as she shivered; the chill she felt had nothing to
do with the cold rain. "Oh geez, I feel weird..." she said, her cheeks breaking out into the red-pink of a
flush as she felt suddenly warm.

After a few minutes Drew called out from the back of the store, "Hey guys, come take a look at this!"

Ember was there within a few seconds, but Megan shuffled across the store awkwardly. She kept trying
to adjust her pants into a more comfortable arrangement, but seemed rather unable to rid herself of the
strange, warm discomfort.

The object that Drew has discovered was a large, ornate mirror. It was the kind that stood on its own,
rather than being hung on the wall. The bronze frame sported the images of many different kinds of
animals, some from legend and myth.

Thunder shook the windows again, and this time the lights stayed out. Megan moaned softly, "Oh fuck..."
she whispered.

Ember turned to see what was wrong with Megan as the mirror began to glow a strange purple color, a
sort of mist-like energy coming off of it with purple and black.

"What is that?" Drew asked, reaching out with his hand.

"No!" Megan cried, "Don't touch it!"

But it was too late. There was a flash of purple light, and for a few moments, all was dark.


Light returned, the three teens finding themselves standing in a cavern. Looking around them the three
teens saw a large collection of strange objects on crudely constructed shelves.

"Wh-what just happened?" Drew asked, his eyes wide.

"I..." Megan doubled over, moaning loudly, "I told you not to touch it!"

"Ah! Customers!" came a strangely accented voice, "Welcome to Muldoon's Mystic..."

A six foot tall fox in an ornate wardrobe stepped around the shelves, his words cutting off in mid

"Invaders! Naked salamander monsters!" the fox cried, backing away.

The three teens gawked at the talking, two legged creature.

"No, we're..."

The vulpine chanted some strange words, making gestures with his hands, and the trio found
themselves once again transported to another place.


The storm that had raged in their city seemed paralleled in the jungle around them, heavy rain pouring
down around the wreck of an old cabin. Three walls still held and the roof was still functional.

Every so often the ground shook, accompanying the small tremors were changes in scenery, the
collection of plant life around them seemed to move and shift, sometimes even vanishing before being
replaced by another arrangements of trees, bushes, stalks, and vines.

Megan had passed out during the forcible relocation from cavern to cabin, and neither Ember nor Drew
felt comfortable giving more than a few words on the matter.

Perhaps fifteen minutes passed until Megan regained consciousness. She moaned softly and gripped
her head with both hands as she sat up.

"Oh gods, it's so hard to... to think with all this and... and the weird feelings." She panted.

Ember offered a hand to help Megan up, but she paid it no attention, instead lying back down, "Do you
have any idea what's going on?" he asked.

Megan nodded her head slowly, wincing, "It feels like things are... being pushed together. Like two balls
of clay being smooshed into one another, but cleaner and less forceful. It's like they're swirling into one

The two boys looked out at the altering landscape.

"That looks like what's going on out there." Drew said, pulling off his jacket and rolling it up to provide a
pillow for Megan.

"Thanks." She said, resting her head on it, placing one arm over her eyes.

After a few minutes a strange, sweet smell began floating around the ruined cabin, despite the rain.

Ember turned to Drew, "Do you smell that? It smells good, but weird."

Drew's face reddened a little bit, "Yeah and it's making me feel... funny."

Megan groaned from the ground, "Is it making you feel... horny?" she asked through clenched teeth.

Both the boys blushed and nodded, "Yeah." Ember reluctantly admitting.
Megan blushed as well, "I... I think it's coming from me. I don't know why it's doing what it's doing but I've
felt..." she let out a soft moan as she shifted position, "Horny and weird since we entered the store. I
think it's a side effect of whatever is going on. I..."

Her blush deepened to a shade of red, "I'm so horny I can't even think straight, and it's giving me a
headache. Plus I feel really... cramped down there. I need to..." she winced, "Take care of this. I... I just
can't keep going like this. Please don't look."

Ember and Drew turned their heads away, looking out into the woods rather than at their lust-stricken

Megan fumbled with the button on her jeans, but finally managed to unzip them. She cried out as
something seemed to surge forth from her now that it was no longer constrained in a cotton prison.

Her cry made the two boys turn around; the trio shared the same expression of shock as they stared at
the eight inch tapering length between Megan's legs. Her hand immediately darted into her panties and
she moaned as she cupped her new balls and her fingertips brushed against the swollen netherlips of
her pussy.

"I'm st-still a girl... kinda..." she said, trying to remove her hand from her pants, but she couldn't.

Once her body had felt the first hint of sexual pleasure, it didn't want to give it up. Megan couldn't help
but start fingering herself. She sat up and leaned forward, then growled in frustration that she wasn't
quite flexible enough to make mouth and member meet.

"Oh fuck..." she whimpered, eyes tearing up, "I'm drooling. I'm fucking drooling and I want a cock in my

"I don't..." Ember began, but Megan virtually pounced him, popping the fly buttons off his fatigue pants
with a tug. His eyes widened in shock as his erect shaft suddenly had Megan's lips wrapped around it.

"Megan, stop. Megan, stop! Megan, st... oh Megan, don't you dare to stop." Ember gasped, Megan's
tongue felt strange upon his shaft, dry, rough, and sandpapery. He reached down and gripped her head,
thrusting into her mouth, bewitched by the herm's pheromones.

Drew sighed and shook his head, looking out into the forest, "Dude, you have all the luck."

"Stop bitching and fuck me!" Megan growled, able to control her craving for cock for a few moments.

Though he had some reservation, Drew found himself standing and immediately walking over to where
his two friends were already engaged in an act of pleasure. Megan's strange scent upon the air had
already provoked him to almost aching hardness.

Within a few moments his pants were tugged down to his ankles, as were Megan's own. Drew groaned
as he slid into her eager depths, though well-lubricated she felt incredibly tight, and only seemed to grow
tighter as he thrust into her.
Ember was feeling the same sort of effect, but he did not notice it. Nor did Megan feel any ill ease at her
increasing pleasure; she merely increased her pace, her body aching to be filled with powerful,
masculine essence.

She brought them to climax again and again; their bodies continuing onward after climax without
flagging of lust, so powerful were the pheromones of Megan's heat. The two males had exchanged
places several times, and as lust fogged their minds more and more, at Megan's coaxing Ember finally
began to give her neglected maleness attention.

It was the first climax from this that seemed to let all the tension out of Megan, allowing the flames of her
need to die down to mere cinders.

Darkness had fallen and the rain still continued. Though a breeze blew, it was warm, and the three had
no problems snuggling up against one another to sleep.


The peaceful dawn was shattered by Megan's surprised cry. The young woman having awoken to
discover that the addition of a male organ was not merely a dream, and also to the realizations that such
was not the only portion of her anatomy that had changed, nor was its mere addition the end of changes
in that area.

Stirred to arousal through the morning hormone production, Megan's member was proudly erect at
nearly twice the eight inches it had been before. Though what worried her more about it was the fact that
it was beginning to look less and less like a human phallus, the skin tightly against it and the rounded
head and cylindrical length tapering off.

The growth wasn't merely confined to her loins, her bra strap had snapped during the night, unable to
contain the mass of her expanding breasts.

Megan brought a hand to her chest, moaning softly at the sensation that filled her as she gave a breast
a gentle squeeze. The touch was enough to make a wet spot appear upon her shirt.

"I... I'm lactating!" she said, horrified.

The two males didn't seem to notice, as both had alterations of their own.

Similar to Megan, the two had essentially fallen asleep without re-clothing themselves after their romp,
so their own morning erections towered for all to see, and one could easily see that something was

Ember's length was headed much in the way of Megan's, becoming long and thin and tapering. Drew's,
however, was bigger all around, longer and thicker. Unlike the other two it was not tapering, but retained
the same length throughout, except at the head where it had begun to widen.

On all three the skin at the base had begun to form a sheath, located just above large, heavy, seed-filled
But their members were not what drew their attention. Ember was staring at his hands, which had their
shape altered overnight, along with a portion of the rest of him. Looking upon him, one saw a very
androgynous build.

Drew was also staring at his hands, the two inch long claws sprouting from his thicker fingers completely
alien to him. The white, triangular-indent claws looked almost wickedly sharp.

The football player also sported a pair of b-cup breasts, and had a general feminization of his features,
much as Ember had gone through.

Megan's ears had grown and elongated, and after discomfort while sitting, Ember discovered he had the
beginnings of a tail, nearly a foot and a half long.

"What's happening to us?" Ember said, stating what was on everyone's mind.

"We look like we're changing, gaining animal features. Like that fox in the store. But I don't know why I'm
getting more masculine, and the two of you are growing more feminine." Megan said, absently running
her fingers over her tapering length.

"And why are we so... so..." Drew licked his lips and turned his gaze away from his companions.

"Lustful?" Megan offered, "I have no idea. It just... I just... oh it feels so good." She moaned, as her
stroking became not so absentminded anymore.

Ember reached over and gripped Megan's hands by the wrists. "St... stop that. We're not going to get
anywhere if the three of us get ensnared and enraptured into another sex marathon. We need to get out
of these woods, find some civilization or something, and try to figure out what's going on. We need to
find a way to get home."

He looked over at Drew, who was sighing softly as he cupped the new additions to his chest. He jumped
when Ember called his name.

"Drew, don't you start too. For all we know giving into our need is the reason why we changed more in
the first place."

Drew blushed and immediately ceased fondling himself, "I was just curious. Haven't you ever wondered
what it would feel like to... well... you know?"

Drew stood and pulled up his pants, wincing as he tried to align his new member in the least
uncomfortable manner. He had to use his pocket knife to make a new notch in his belt so that his pants
would stay on due to his narrower waist and wider hips.

"If we don't fix this quickly, guys, I think we're going to be finding out what everything feels like as a
member of the opposite gender. C'mon, let's get going. I can hear running water. Follow the flow and
we'll eventually come across some sort of habitation."
Megan pulled off her jeans and tossed them aside, they were too tight to wear; her body seemed to have
grown overnight. Though she still felt incredibly horny she followed Ember, stroking her manhood as she
walked along, a blissful smile on her face.

Drew dressed as well, blushing and looking down at his shaft, which stuck up out of his pants and had to
be concealed beneath his shirt. He licked her lips again and shook his head.

"No way." He said to himself, "I'm not sucking one of them off, no matter what."


About two hours later Drew was on his knees, shirt off, Megan's cock sandwiched between his tits. He'd
been downwind from Megan the entire time they'd been walking, and her heat-scent had finally
overwhelmed him.

Ember stood well away from the two, not wanting to get caught up in the action. He let his two friends
have their fun, since it seemed that the transformations weren't related to sex.

Megan couldn't stop touching herself as she walked, and as a result brought herself to climax several
times since they had started out.

She seemed the least changed so far, her ears had grown a little and smoothed out, otherwise the only
change seemed to be that her tits and cock had grown even bigger, and that was a change that seemed
to be occurring to all three of them, though at different rates.

Drew's growth was the most noticeable, his breasts were already the same size as Megan's, and his
thicker cock dwarfed her own. Ember could see his friend growing more feminized as the day wore on,
he could also see Drew's claws becoming larger as well.

But of the three, his own transformation seemed to be the furthest along. As Ember looked down into the
placid water to gaze at his reflection once more he shook his head. If you went by looks there was no
way you could call him a male anymore.

His body shape and facial features had smoothed out, grown more feminine and curvy, though Ember's
breasts were still the least noticeable of the trio. He also seemed to have gained the most bestial
aspects, as his ears had become triangular, rising to the top of his head.

Between the ears and the three foot long tail behind him, Ember was rather sure he was transforming
into some sort of feline. He looked over at his friends in time to see Megan pull her member from Drew's
mouth, crying out as she climaxed and coated Drew's face and chest in her seed.

Drew's eyes were half lidded as his tongue, now forked, slithered from his mouth to lap up the mess.

Ember gritted his teeth and swallowed several times to prevent himself from drooling. He had felt pangs
of hunger all afternoon, but with no idea of what was safe to eat, none of them had any sort of food since
they'd arrived.
Though oddly with all the growth, Ember thought that they ought to be even more ravenous than they
already were. Unless the energy for the changes was being provided by an outside source, which would
allow for the...

Ember couldn't stand it anymore; he got up from his rock and approached his friends, before he could
stop himself his lips were wrapped around one of Megan's nipples, drawing out the surprisingly sweet
milk from within.

Megan sighed happily and reached down, coaxing Ember's shaft into her sex. "Aaah... you feel so right
inside me, Ember. I think we're becoming the same kind of creature, you and me. Maybe we're going to
be literally made for one another?" she said with an almost drunken giggle.

"Mmm... we already have matching tongues." He said, beginning to purr as Ember's feline tongue
caressed her as he drank hungrily from her.

Ember felt Drew press up against him, sandwiching him between his two friends, "I... I can't help it,
Ember, you look so pretty and I... I think I'm in heat now too." Drew said softly.

"I... I'm like Megan, boy and girl, and I need to..." Drew moaned softly as Ember's tail curled around his...
her shaft.

The only non-hermaphrodite member of the trio couldn't help it, caught up in the twin overpowering 'fuck
me' pheromones the other two were putting off, he found himself longing for sex as much as the other

Drew's length was, long and thick, but somehow it slipped into Ember without much discomfort.

"Nrrgh... I hate this but it... it feels so good, I can't help it."

Ember couldn't pull his mouth away from Megan's breast to respond, but he found himself purring in
agreement as Drew's clawed hands found their way to Ember's breasts. Apparently all the
self-inspection had given Drew some experience in coaxing wondrous pleasure out of them.

Ember quickly found himself succumbing to the same overpowering lust that consumed his friends. He
found himself beginning to purr as he felt himself growing in certain areas. He filed that bit of data away
for later use, arousal and desire meant cock and breast growth.

But Drew was right; it did feel so very, very good. The overwhelming need tore his inhibitions apart.
Ember was rather sure he'd slip his prick into an animal if it gave off the same scents as his friends.

At the moment he felt like an animal, all purrs and soft growls, unable to control himself, thrusting
eagerly into the sex of a heat-stricken female as he himself was filled in the manner of one.

He wondered how long it would continue, how big they would grow, and if their need for sex would ever
let up. Or were they doomed to eventually grow immobile with their massive manhoods and mammaries,
surviving off their own magic-produce seed and milk?
Ember finally managed to pull himself away as that thought crossed his mind, but it was at that moment
that Megan pressed her lips against his, grinding against him as she climaxed. The warm tightness
around his shaft, and her hot seed upon his belly sent him over the edge, his tightness triggering a
torrential release from Drew.

The two lusty herms hugged the shemale tight between them. Ember found himself unsure if given the
opportunity he would chose to go back to his human self, or to allow the changes to continue and see
where they lead.

He felt strange; there was a complete lack of concern in his mind for the growing alterations to his
gender, to his sex drive, to his now seeming complete lack of sexual inhibition, his sexual preferences,
and several other things.

It seemed to be the easiest path to simply relax, to let the changes happen and see where they took
Ember and his friends.


Night closed in around the three several hours later. The waterway they followed had spread out into a
swamp. Thankfully they had found an old campsite, a few discarded flints around that could be scraped
with Ember's swiss army knife in order to get sparks.

In order to prevent further incidents, Ember had asked Drew and Megan to walk on opposite sides of the
creek. He had also changed position from in front to behind as the blowing of the wind warranted,
wanting to keep well away from their lust-inducing pheromones.

It didn't help much, each of them were still incredibly horny, breasts and cocks growing several more
inches throughout the day. There had been changes of a bestial nature as well.

Four additional nipples had appeared on Megan's belly, and although they hadn't developed into
breasts, they were worrisome in that they were a more bestial trait, a deviation from humanity.

A few hours later, Ember had acquired the same feature, only the change had not stopped at merely
nipples. He'd been forced to move his t-shirt around, the bulk of his breasts such that it would only reach
to the bottom of his middle pair.

What had caused them to stop for the day had been Drew's transformation. With an uncomfortable
sounding series of cracks and pops, her legs had begun to transform into a different shape. It had made
walking impossible.

They had settled down to sleep cuddled up against each other after having dinner. Megan and Drew had
greedily drunk from Ember, while the shemale had only drunken lightly from Megan. Somehow they had
managed not to start fucking each other silly.

The powerful, mind-numbing scent that the two heat-stricken herms put off seemed to dim while they
were asleep. All three of them were still fully erect in their sleep; Ember's own shaft dripped thick precum
onto his belly and breasts. The three of them were making a bit of a puddle. The scent made Ember's
mouth water, but he managed to control himself.

Ember quickly found himself slipping into slumber, not even able to escape his lustful need even in his
dreams. There was no clarity; everything was soft, fuzzy, insubstantial save for the sensations of

He dreamed of a cock in his mouth, not that of Drew or Megan, it was smaller, oddly shaped, it had an
ovoid, egg-shaped bulge at the head and an odd swelling at the base. But it was absolutely delicious,
and Ember sucked on it gleefully, even as his tail was lifted and a similar shaft found its way into him.

He felt faint sensations, clawed hands groping, caressing, tearing away his clothing, sharp toothed
mouths playfully nibbling and nursing at his breasts, though his cock was frustratingly ignored.

The dream continued throughout the night, with Ember's body shifted into different positions. Most of the
time was spent on his back, with his tits used for nursing, and also for fucking from more of the strange

Eventually the dream faded, as all dreams did. The fire seemed to have died overnight, but the sunlight
poking through the canopy. Ember opened his eyes and yawned, feeling stickiness clinging to most of
his body.

He was startled to full consciousness, looking down at his body, and finding it covered with dried and
drying cum. What was more frightening was the fact that once more his body had changed overnight, far
more radically this time.

He could see, and feel, a short muzzle upon his face, sharp, canine teeth within his mouth, and the
retractable claws that his nails had become left no doubt about what he was becoming.

Ember looked over his hands, flexing them experimentally; finding out how to extend his claws. The skin
on his palms hadn't grown out into a pad yet, but it had begun to darken and change color and texture.

While he had thought himself becoming a feline, the inspection of his cock and tail left some doubt in
that. His cock was strange, it had become thicker, no longer tapering so noticeably. While it still came to
a point, there was a bit of a head to it. Ember shuddered as he found it to be a mix of the feline state his
shaft had been in before, and the shape of the cocks he had taken in his dream last night.

Only it wasn't a dream, it had been real, as his messy, cum-covered body attested to. He faintly
remembered the feeling of scales against his bare skin, a thought that made his cock quiver and coat his
six breasts with a generous burst of precum.

Aside from his cock, another lizard-like transformation had been his tail. Long and thin the night before,
waiting for fur, it was far larger now, thicker and heavier. It was perhaps half again the length of one of
Ember's legs.

He reached out and ran a fingertip over it, having to bite his tongue to stifle a moan from the action.
Rubbing the underside of his tail made him feel strange, aching to be filled.
Ember reached between his legs, but found only smooth skin behind his balls, he wasn't a
hermaphrodite yet, thankfully. But he could feel small twinges in his belly as something seemed to be
shifting around.

Only then did his gaze go from himself to the area around him. He was in a woodwork cage, one of
several in a line, rather like stables. There was a bucket of water in his stall, and a loaf of bread with
some cheese on it in a bowl just outside the cage door.

On one side he found Megan, curled up, purring happily, looking equally as used as Ember did, and just
as transformed. She too sported the additions of a lizard tail and lizard-like cock, but her feline changes
had gone down a different path. Ember could see faint rosettes upon her skin, marking her as a leopard
or a jaguar.

On the other was a strange, black skinned woman with pointed ears, brilliant white hair, and a thick
reptilian tail. She was sitting with her eyes closed, but they opened as she heard Ember's movement.

Ember did a double take; the woman's skin wasn't merely dark colored, but actual, midnight black, and
her hair color appeared to be perfectly natural.

She smiled at him, showing small fangs, "Aaah, you must be one of the arrivals from the homogenized
world of technology." She said, "Never seen a sentient being not of your own species before, I take it?"

Ember's tongue was tied, he could only nod.

"That would explain your..." she gestured at Ember's large, milk filled breasts and huge cock, "Assets.
You don't even know enough about magic to know not to venture into this realm without a shield to keep
the ambient magic away."

"This realm is filled with stray fertility magic. It seeks to create new life, but beings not of nature confuse
it. All it knows are animals, and so it infuses the unknown with bestial life. Not knowing our kind, it cannot
determine our gender, and so it grants both to make sure."

"The more you resist it, the more it coats you in magic, the way an oyster coats a grain of sand to make
a pearl. Once your body is converted, it begins to eat away at your mind. You forget where you have
been, you embrace your new homeland with adoration and glee."

She sighed, "And if you're not careful, you get forcibly drafted into the war between the furred and scaled

The dark elf's face twisted into a scowl, "But don't worry, we're not going to be doing any fighting, oh no.
The new 'sallies' as they call us, short for salamander, are charged with 'morale boosting' activities."

She looked over Ember, "They're not going to lay a claw on you or the other feline. The scaled alteration
didn't take. Too much mammal in your systems already. None of them would be caught dead fucking a

"Your large, reptilian friend on the other hand..."


Drew moaned softly as she was placed in a cage, she got to her knees, gripping the bars with her
handpaws, mewling softly, her tongue lolling out, lapping at the air, seeking out a reptilian member that
wasn't there.

It wasn't fair! She hadn't finished yet! Her body still surged with enough arousal that she wanted to bed
the entire lizardman army. Once it became quite clear that she wasn't going to be played with anymore,
she snuffled around her cage, finding food and drink, which she quickly devoured.

Despite a stomach full of cum, she craved something more nourishing. It was only after her bestial
desires were pushed aside did she recall that she wasn't exactly supposed to be looking as she was.

She wasn't at all sure when it happened, but she looked very different from how she remembered
herself. Her skin was a deep emerald green, not yet scales, but well on their way. Her body, while large,
was also lithe and slender, more feminine and serpentine.

A thick tail, half again as long as her body, extended from behind her and a short, blunt muzzle
protruded into the lower portion of her vision. Her teeth were also sharper, and her claws were full sized
and rather lethal looking.

She didn't mind the changes at all, in fact, she was rather fond of them, becoming more like the
wonderful lizards that were oh so eager to play with her. A faint hint of warning and confusion tickled at
the back of her mind, but she was not sure why it would be as such.

She was safe and warm here, after all, she would be given plenty to eat and drink, and be provided with
all the sweet, wonderful lizardcock she could handle. Or at least that could handle her.

She had, after all, been pulled away before she'd been fully satiated, though that just might've been
because she was full. Her belly was nice and round, heavy with the sheer mass of the lizard seed
contained within her stomach, sex, and cloaca.

The latter thought confused her, a cloaca was not a sexual organ that she recalled having, but it lead to
the womb in her tail, so how could she ever have been without it? But then again she hadn't had a tail
before, had she?

Drew stared at the length for awhile until a sound broke her out of her reverie. The sound had been
repeated many times with varying volumes. She wondered what it was, blinking a few times and turning
her head to find the source of the noise.

Only it wasn't a noise. Actually it was a word, and not merely a word but her own name!

The lizard blinked a few times and stared across the aisle as the sexy stripe-skinned shemale shouted at
her again. Her forked tongue flicked out instinctively, as it had been for the past few minutes, which was
how the lizard knew that the tigress was a shemale rather than a hermaphrodite like herself.
She smiled and waved at the pretty creature, who would be even prettier once she'd grown proper fur.
She looked silly with just faintly colored skin. Though like herself Drew assumed that it would grow more
vibrant before becoming fur, just as her own scales would appear sometime soon.

"Hi kitty!" she called back, giggling, "I'd love to snuggle with you, but you're too far away."

The lizard yawned and blinked her eyes, "And I'm pretty sleepy too. Maybe we can snuggle later when
the other lizards let me out of my cage?" she said, not bothering to pay attention to a reply before curling
up in the straw of her cell, curling her tail around so that it met her snout.


"Drew! Drew! DREW! Dammit, wake up, talk to me! DREW!" Ember shouted. It had taken him five
minutes to get the big lizard to stop staring at her tail and notice him, and when she did she'd giggled like
an airhead and then curled up to sleep.

"Not much use until she's fully transformed." The dark elf said with a sigh, "But even then your friend will
be somewhat different. The further the transformation progresses the more your past before you came
here doesn't matter. What happens to you in this land does. You embrace it, it becomes your new home,
and you forget about your old life and former existence. "

Ember shuddered, looking down over his transformed body, his large breasts and cock beginning to
ache slightly, demanding attention. His fingers twitched, longing to grope soft tit-flesh, to encircle his
cock and stroke his length to sweet, explosive, blissful pleasure.

His mouth watered, hungry and eager to take any nearby cock into its depths, his velvet tongue slipping
from between his lips unbidden, his body leaning down, down, down, craving to lap the sweet,
translucent precum from the ovoid head of his cock before it trickled down.

N-no! Ember gasped, slowly pulling his head back, his body reluctant to make the movement, I dont
want to live like that! I dont want to succumb to being some sort of sex kitten!

Give into your instincts when they arise, get them satiated and out of the way. Better to have a few
more moments of clear mind that long drawn out seconds of struggle where you can barely form a
thought. Sex or no sex, the magic of this land is going to change you.

Ember whimpered softly, unable to hold back any longer. The sheer size of his shaft coupled with
feminine, feline flexibility allowed him to easily engulf the lizard-like head of his cock, coated in sweet,
delicious precum. He only had a scant few moments of bliss as he suckled upon himself before the door
of his cage was unlocked and a clawed hand jerked him upright.

A smooth, forked tongue slipped between his lips, a softly scaled hand wrapping around his member,
gently stroking him, Cmon kitty, said the lizardman guard with a chuckle, You and your sister there
are going to be the entertainment for tonight.

The lizards tone was sinister, but Ember couldnt help but follow him, literally lead by the cock. His
body craved sex, and it didnt care about the origin of it. He found his thoughts shoved rudely aside,
filled with erotic yearnings. He found himself longing for another orgy, to have every inch of him, it
seemed, used to pleasure his captors.

His flesh wanted to be used so very badly, disappointed when he was lead up onto a raised platform in
the center of the encampment, a collar placed around his neck, a thick chain leading to the stone of the

Megan was similarly chained next to him, her own body surging with the lust that came with waking from
slumber. She nearly threw herself upon Ember, only the two guards holding her prevented it.

My disciples. said a voice from behind Ember. He turned his head to see a lizard dressed in leather
robes, scales painted with small runes, a staff adorned with a gemstone in one hand.

The Destinies have seen fit to deliver upon us more gifts, in the form of three untouched salamanders.
One of them will make a fine matron, granting our tribe strong warriors in the future!

A chorus of cheers came from the gathered throngs of scaled warriors, making Ember wince, his
triangular ears going flat against his head from the noise.

Sadly these two shall not be joining the ranks of out kin, but there is no reason that they cannot please
us in other ways. The chieftain-shaman said, raising his staff.

Tendrils of glowing green and orange light began to swirl up from the ground, flowing to the gem upon
the staff, the four lizardman guards quickly retreated.

Ember and Megan merely stared at the glow, awed by the sight of magic, real magic, something that
had been impossible in their world.

Will of the Land, shape these two as you see fit! Allow your bounty and fertility to flow within them, fill
them with pleasure so that your chosen may also experience pleasure in the sight of your wonders!
With a theatrical flourish, the shaman discharged the magic, the tendrils leaping from the staff, the green
seeking out Megan and the Orange flowing into Ember.

The effect was immediate, Embers consciousness evaporated, replaced by a raging beast intent on
fucking anyone and anything that came within reach. He tried to stand, but found his legs and feet were
not up to the task, nonfunctional as they cracked and popped, reforming into a bestial shape.

His six breasts swelled mightily with milk, he couldnt remember ever having six before, but they felt so
nice, so full, so natural, just another part of him.

Leather padded palms gripped milk-filled breasts, sending twin streams of whiteness surging forth,
splattering upon the platform.

Megan crawled forward, yellow and black fur rippling as it grew from her skin, emerald eyes fixating
upon the puddle as she slunk forward, lowering her head, lapping up the sweet treat and then continuing
forward, interested in the sexy tigress so very close to her, perfect for fucking.
Ember yowled like the cat in heat that he was, jaws popping, teeth growing into a proper feline shape.
He began to crawl as well, ignoring the tickle of tawny fur as it surged from his skin.

His tongue felt strange, needy, needing to be thrust into something. He leapt, the leopardess doing the
same, the two meeting in mid air in a passionate embrace. He thrust his suddenly longer, thicker tongue
into her mouth, feeling it swallowed up by something tight, something that wrapped around all of it.

The two growled, each trying to cram their cock into the other, but lacking the more convenient opening
of a female, Ember came out the victor, his massive prick forcing its way into Megans painfully tight

The leopard cried out, arms wrapping around the tiger, pulling him to her, their full breasts mashing up
against one another, thick streams of milk pouring from them, oozing down their furred bodies to pool
between them.

Then there was pleasure, sweet, full-bodied, erotic pleasure that shot through them. Ember felt his
nipples growing, thickening elongating, and somehow Megans were giving way to allow his entry into
her tits.

She thrust against him, her shaft secured in a wet, creamy tunnel, furred breasts lubricated by oddly
slick milk. It was sex, strange, deviant, monstrous sex. Embers dicknipples and cocktongue meeting
their feminine equivalent within Megan.

But still the magic flowed into them. The obvious places altered, the two fully transformed from human to
catfolk, the fertility magic sought out new places to change and to enhance.

Hips widened, facial structure was altered, fur patterns tweaked, and finally the magic found one last
place to put something.

The tip of Embers tail grew, pink flesh growing, taking on the now familiar egg-shape of a lizard-like
cockhead. Once more Ember found a matching organ upon Megan, her tail slipping over his own,
swallowing the furred length into its depths.

Their lust not allowing them to part, Ember and Megan's faces shifted, muzzles entwining in a grotesque
kiss, not merely a loving embrace, altered by the act into an obscene form of copulation. His tongue
swelled as her throat altered.

Tears leaked from their eyes as they wept for their lost traces of humanity and innocence. The more
warped their bodies became, the more they were transformed purely for sexual purposes, the greater
their pleasure became, the less the old world mattered, the less their captivity mattered.

All they began to care about was to remain locked in embrace, Ember's many shafts penetrating
Megan's many slits, oozing, dripping, drooling, leaking with lubrication and seed and milk as the lizards
around them cheered.

Perhaps that was it, the cheering, the fact that the lizardfolk cared so little about they that they used
magic to warp the forms of captives merely for entertainment, perhaps it was the last opportunity a
fading spirit saw to save itself.

The fertility magic continued to flow up from the ground, concentrated onto the shaman's staff. Ember's
tawny fur seemed to glow for a moment. But in that moment the staff erupted into searing flames.

The lizard cried out and dropped the staff, the crystalline orb rolling free from it, the tendrils of fertility
magic lashing out in random directions.

One last flicked of energy spilled over the two felines, flowing through Megan as her tormented body
was able to finally release in climax. It surged from her to him, the heat centered in Ember's belly and
loins. And then he was male no longer.

The last change that shot through him as his many shafts exploded with a flood of seed was that of a
soft, gentle surge within him, transforming him to a her. Gender no longer mattered to Ember, as long as
he could retain a sense of self, of what he had been before, that was enough.

Ember ran her finger through Megan's hair, comforting her as his body calmed, cocks shrinking, flesh
altering back to the way it had been before, almost.

"We'll get out of here." he whispered as the lizards around them panicked, seeking to flee from the stray
bolts of fertility magic that streamed around, searching for a body to alter, for a sack to filled with seed
heavy balls, a cock to extend, ovaries to excite, or a new gender to add.

It was some time before the camp settled down, the worn and weary 'entertainment' carried back to their

Once the guards had gone, Ember rolled to his side, opening glowing orange eyes as he looked upon
the dark elf in the neighboring cell.

"Elf," he said with quiet determination, "Tell me of magic and fire."

13 - Sorcerous Science

Shattered Shards: Sorcerous Science

By Von Krieger

Dranise walked along behind his girlfriend, Maya, his claws clicking loudly on the industrial tile floor. His
hips swayed as he walked, in part because of his tail and in part because of some strange feminine

Despite having his current form for several years, he still found many of the things he did rather weird.
Mind and body had both changed in ways he didn't exactly understand, but he went along with it

Things had changed half a decade earlier, when two worlds melded together to form one, leaving many
individuals in the city transformed, partially and fully, into other races, species, and genders.

Dranise had a bit of all three. Tall and lanky, he kept his height and his lithe build, but his transformation
had made him rather feminine in both mind and body. He had the broad hips, the slight build, soft facial
features, and more delicate musculature of a woman, though he lacked any actual female parts. No
breasts and still in possession of his manhood, even though the package didn't quite fit the wrapper.

Not that it had bothered Maya any. If anything she adored him more after the change than before. He
was the apple of her eye, singular.

While Dranise's transformation had been relatively mundane, a change in the shape of the ears, horns,
some scales and claws, bit of a shift in the feet, stick on a tail, then mold into a female shape, Maya's
had been weird.

She was some sort of demon with long taloned fingers, a spade tipped tail, hair replaced by thick,
writhing tendrils or tentacles, or something like that, and no eyes in her head. That had taken Dranise
awhile to get used to.

Instead Maya had a single large eye where her belly button used to be. It was rather weird to make eye
contact with her, and the attempt usually meant that it looked rather like one was staring at her breasts,
which Maya wholeheartedly approved of.

He smiled and gripped her rump in his clawed hand, making Maya giggle with delight, turning and
grabbing her boyfriend and pushing him up against the corridor wall before planting a kiss upon his
emerald lips.

"Tease," she says with a sharp-toothed grin, "If I had known you were going to misbehave so badly, I
would've dressed you in platform heels, a tube top, and a skirt."

Dranise's scales darkened in a blush, Maya had purchased an entire wardrobe of girl's clothes that
looked stunning upon his lithe, feminine frame and she delighted in dressing him in them at every
opportunity, parading him around clubs as her girlfriend.

It wasn't much of a punishment, since Dranise loved it so much, but it always embarrassed him to have it
brought up, especially since it was just about a guaranteed way to get him to equally embarrassing
levels of arousal.

"No more funny business until I say so," she said softly, purple-black tongue slithering out to lap at an
ear frill, "This is serious business. I owe Ayako a favor for tutoring me in advanced chemistry. And her
favors are always kind of interesting, I know you'll approve. But the sooner we get there, the sooner"

She licked her lips and slipped long, taloned fingers into Dranise's pants, teasing him further, "After this
is done we can go home, put you in a dress, get you all made up, go out on the town, find some cute girl

Dranise moaned and pressed against Maya's hot caress before she cruelly withdrew her grip and took
him by the hand, leading him onward, "And we can talk about that later. We can't keep Ayako waiting!"

Maya had an absolutely huge grin upon her face, more so than her usual amusement at dressing
Dranise up in drag would be. He'd since learned that protesting would only make here more and more
likely to pull out the clothes and forcing him into them.

He wasn't sure exactly how he kept ending up in them, or why exactly he enjoyed it, but until they were
actually on him, he'd fight tooth and nail to prevent it. Or at least fight with wriggle and running and
locking himself in the bathroom.

The hair began to stand on the back of his neck as Maya lead him down a branch in the hall, the walls
inscribed with small runes.

"Oh no" Dranise said, wincing, "The Applied Thaumaturgy and Sciences building?!" he groaned, trying
to turn around and flee from the place that caused all the windows on campus to shake at least twice a
week with whatever mix of science and sorcery had exploded spectacularly that day behind
enchantment reinforced walls.

His claws scraped on the tile as he tried to drag them, to turn around, "I just got used to being a dragon!
I don't want to spend the weekend as a frog to add to my troubles!" he pleaded, trying to escape from
the demoness's iron grip.

But it was too late, the large double doors at the end of the hallways hissed open ominously, and Maya
dragged her reluctant boyfriend inside, the door closing quickly behind them.

Dranise looked around, finding scattered bits of half constructed and deconstructed machinery, shelves
of toms and scrolls in a circular area beneath what looked like a neon orange icicle that grew down from
the ceiling, clockwork soldiers with various pieces removed, and of course the bubbling beakers and
cauldrons that no self-respecting wicked witch, mad scientist, or double-major in both would be without.

"Ah! An interloper!" boomed an ominous voice, a figure raising itself up from behind a desk, brandishing
a 1950's style sci-fi pistol at him.

"Er I'm with her!" Dranise protested, pointing at Maya, who had dived behind a pile of partially scrapped

"This is a girls only lab, and you'll have to pay the price for your arrogance!" the voice boomed.

There was a flash of light and Dranise found his body feeling all funny, like it was being blown up like a
balloon in a kind of sexy, erotic way. He moaned as bits of him seemed to swell, bucking against the air
as pleasure surged through him. He felt oddly weightless, a cry escaping suddenly lusher lips.

He threw his head back and cried out in climax, his clothes beginning to creak as the flesh and bone
contained within them began to grow. He felt a surging warmth ripple though him with each spurt of
climax, as each moment passed, the tighter his shirt and pants became, the more intense the sensation
grew, the harder he climaxed.

He couldn't move, he couldn't direct his gaze downward to see, nor move his arms to explore what was
happening. But it felt like he was being slowly inflated. Inch after inch, jet after jet of climactic essence
erupting from him, soaking the crotch of his jeans, the thought bringing an emerald blush to his face.

Eventually the blast from the weird ray ceased, and Dranise could move again. Panting, he dropped to
his knees, head tilted down he discovered what exactly had been swelling. He shot a glare to the
giggling pile of refrigerators and brought himself up to wobbly knees.

"Dammit, Maya!" he growled, his voice higher and of a bit different tone than usual, more feminine.

Upon hearing his own voice Dranise's eyes widened, "Oh you didn't!"

He turned and looked down at his rear, finding it larger and wider. A clawed hand groped the saturated
groin of his jeans, finding nothing there.

Maya stood up, out of breath from laughing. Dranise shook her head and instead directed her scorn
towards her attacker, who up close didn't look so large and intimidating. In fact, she was scarcely up to
the dragon's breasts, wearing some odd sort of helmet with tinted lenses, which she promptly removed
with one pair of hands, a second working over the blaster.

The goblin giggled, corralling hair gone wild from time in the helmet. She pulled it up into a ponytail, then
wound it around itself to create a bun. She looked up at Dranise with four large, dark blue eyes. "It was
Maya's idea, but the more alike we three are, the easier my next experiment will be." She said

"Oh, and you make a very cute girl!" she said, her head suddenly thrust between Dranise's melon sized
breasts, two hands gripping them, the other two clutching her wide, jiggly rump.

The dragon moaned loudly, her new breasts incredibly sensitive. The demoness had slipped up behind
her, and had unbuckled her belt, working on removing Dranise's pants, "My, we can't have one of the
girls walking around in wet pants, now can we? It'd be a bit uncomfortable."
The demon's long fingered hands replaced those of the goblin upon Dranise's tits; she couldn't help but
press against them, body craving more.

"I'll get the Chimerification chamber warmed up!" Ayako called, leaving the couple by themselves.

"Here, drink" Maya purred, placing a vial of an odd blue-purple substance beneath Dranise's nose.
Figuring things would only get weirder from here, the dragon refused to part her lips, but her girlfriend
gave one of her enlarged nipples a tweak, making her moan, forcing the grape-tasting fluid into her
mouth, which she instinctively swallowed.

Maya tugged down Dranise's pants, leaving the dragoness to blush as pale pink panties were revealed
underneath, making the demon giggle, "My, such a good girl you make, Dranise!" she teased.

The dragon turned and scowled at her lover, "You keep hiding my boxers!" she protested.

"Staggerdragon!" Maya called suddenly, leaping up on Dranise's back, wrapping her legs around the
dragon's waist. It was one of the games the demoness liked to play, clinging to Dranise, groping, licking,
caressing, until she either fell over, got her lose, or climaxed.

With all the new sensation, the poor, overwhelmed, gender-swapped dragon stumbled around, trying to
get to an area where falling over would not mean engine parts, pointy metal, or concrete breaking her

She managed to get to the small, library area, collapsing back into a dusty, overstuffed chair, but still
Maya hung on tightly. One hand slipped beneath the dragon's tight t-shirt, caressing a helpless, massive
orb, the other slipping into Dranise's panties, caressing the alteration there as well.

The dragon panted, eyes half lidded, as far as things could have gone, Dranise felt rather lucky that
she'd gotten off with just being a she. Sometimes they'd go out with Dranise dressed up as a girl, flirt
with a guy, and then lure him someplace secluded, where Maya would turn on the demonic magic,
leaving the guy unconscious with a headache and a few vague memories of something sexy. That and
an empty wallet.

Maya's touch was electric, as usual, a bit of succubus combined with quite a bit of practice on herself,
and the girls Dranise and herself had fun with on occasion meant she was quite familiar with the female
anatomy, and knew just where to caress to make her boyfriend, now girlfriend, quiver with delight.

Her fingers were naturally long and thin, easily slipping within the dragoness's eager, awaiting snatch.
The dragon was amazed by how sensitive she was, how easy it was to get her to shiver or cry out with

Dranise sighed and pulled off her shirt, tossing it away, she figured she might as well explore the ins and
outs of the feminine form while she had the chance. She ran a hand over a breast as Maya suddenly
removed her fingers from Dranise's sex, replacing them with her tail.

A succubus's tail was a very powerful thing, flexible and dexterous, able to slip easily into the proper
opening, and with the proper magics able to emulate any number of different sorts of organs. Maya had
no interest in changing her spade-tipped tail into anything else, but the rubbery, flexible folds of flesh that
made up the spade could be controlled with incredible precision.

She had wrapped them around the central shaft of her tail, making a wide, enlarged presence with which
to penetrate her boyfriend. The soft, smooth flesh entered Dranise's sex, rippling gently as it slithered
deeper and deeper into her.

The demoness pushed her boyfriend's breasts upward, leaning forward, her forked tongue slithering out
to caress an emerald nipple, "Try it yourself, hun, I bet you'll love it!" she coaxed.

Dranise blushed and did as Maya asked, her own tongue curling around her nipple, her hands joining
Maya's in fondling and caressing her breasts. It was rather fun, and felt great. Of course it was likely
some sort of ploy to keep Dranise in a further feminized state than usual, but the blaster's effect would
either wear off with time, or have a reverse setting.

For the time being he was content to be a girl, it just felt so damned good. She curled her tail around
Maya's waist, hugging her as best Dranise could with the positioning. "Mmm I can't wait to hit the toy
store and pick up a few little buzzing buddies to use on your cute new body." Maya purred.

"Just picture it, you spread legged on the bed, wearing your cute little pantyhose, heels, and skirt, your
hair in pigtails, mascara, eye shadow, and lipstick applied, laying back, gripping those perfect breasts,
performing for me, while something thick, bestial, throbbing, and powered by D-cells vibrates away in
your tailhole and twat." She whispered, her demonic powers making the images leak into Dranise's
mind, transforming them into waking dreams, allowing the dragon to almost feel herself there, seeing her
full lips painted red, parted in a soft moan, her tail curled around a large, bright red, demon-shaped sex

"Oh oh Maya" she whispered, her oversensitive body erupting in an intense, surging climax that
seemed to work its way over her entire torso, waves of pleasure from her tits and her loins slamming into
one another, ripples spreading though her body.

Several minutes had passed before Dranise stopped quivering, "Is is that what it" she gasped, "Feels
like for a girl?"

Maya shook her head, "Nah, that's what it feels like when you've been blasted by Ayako's Slut-Shooter,
gets you all sensitive, sexed up, and a few extra abilities tacked on to typical erogenous zones. I've been
trying to convince her to try and put it in pill form, but no dice. She just loves her little mechanical toys."

The words brought a flash of the intense, erotic image back into Dranise's mind, making her moan as a
small climax shot through her.

Maya slowly withdrew her tail, bringing it to the side, licking it clean of the dragoness's juices, "I think
that's enough fun for now, boyfriend," she said, "Ayako is probably set up by now. The sooner we get
this done, the sooner we can go shopping."

Dranise smiled, reaching down and gripping Maya's legs as she stood, hefting the purple, demonic girl
that still clung to her back, "Well then, we can't keep her waiting." Dranise said with a grin, turning her
head into a deep, tongue entwining kiss from Maya.

"Giddyup!" she said with a giggle.


Dranise found the goblin mad scientist in front of a near spherical metal device with all sorts of odd lights
and thick tubes running into it. A trio of padded openings were placed in an equilateral triangle around
the structure, the metallic top made up of small crescent shaped pieces.

"It's so the experiment subjects can move around and be moved around." explained Ayako, who was up
to her waist in the machine, making a few last adjustments, "You get weirdly shaped chimeras if you
force the three aspects to remain in one place. But you can also, oddly enough, direct the way the fusion
occurs with the placement."

"Err... wait..." Dranise protested, "Chimerafication? Fusion? I'm not liking the sound of this."

"Oh come on, boyfriend!" Maya teased, "It's perfectly reversible, and the only lasting side effect seems
to be a bit of closeness and empathy with the two you merged with. We make the beast with two backs
seven or eight times before lunch, usually, this isn't really all that different!"

"Well, actually it is." Ayako said, climbing out of the machine, "As far as I can tell all three individuals
retain full physical sensation over the entire form. Control, however, I don't know all that much about.
Which is why we're all going to become a chimera for an afternoon, so I can gather firsthand data of the
chimeric nervous system."

Dranise began to back away from the strange machine, but Maya put her feet down and hefted her
boyfriend/girlfriend up off the ground, "Nope, you're going in, Dranise. If you chicken out of this, you can
kiss your chances of getting your cock back goodbye."

She giggled and licked her lips, "That's something we need to find out once you have it back. See if you
can kiss it. Though I worry that if you can, you'll never leave the house."

Dranise snorted, a scowl on her face, "I actually have thoughts that don't feature sex, pertain to sex, are
sexual innuendos, or plots that will, eventually, lead to sex. Unlike certain demons I could mention."

Ayako chuckled as the two bickered, pressing the button to open the machine.

The sphere opened with a soft woosh, ominous mist pouring out.

The inside of the sphere was very well padded, and three small stools had been placed within. Maya
dropped Dranise unceremoniously upon one of them and then quickly had his neck secured in one of
the slots.

"Ow!" the dragon said, a muted thunk of flesh on metal heard. "Is that a... bucket in here?"
The goblin blushed, her green skin turning a darker shade and she reached in and removed the bucket
of dry ice, "It's the best way I've found to get that ominous mist effect. They dock three percent from my
grade on anything I build if it doesn't look sufficiently ominous right before it activates."

"I'd build a fog machine into the thing, but the ones I make from scratch tend to explode, and the stores
in the area are always sold out of them around mid terms and finals time." she said with a sigh.

The sphere had opened into three identical segments. Dranise's was placed in the center, while Maya
took a seat to his right.

"This is why you had to be a girl, hun." Maya said with a giggle, "Using creatures of different genders
tends to weird things up and produce long lasting side effects, Ayako says."

She leaned over and kissed the dragon's cheek, "And I don't think you want to be laying self-fertilized
eggs for the rest of your life. Though once they grow up, I think a couple cute Dranise clones would be
fun to have around..."

The demoness grinned, "Ayako, can you get the gender inversion ray? I don't mind side effects!"

The goblin glared with her four eyes, "Uh, no Maya, we're doing this by the book. You never, ever toss in
random variables on a complicated process like this. That's what finals are for."

The mad scientist finished inputting the data into the control console, a synthesized voice began
counting down from nine as Ayako began strapping herself into the third segment, the outer two
beginning to swing inward to complete the sphere.

"Wait, why is it starting at nine?" Dranise asked.

"Well, everyone ELSE starts their counter at ten, and if something goes wrong typically it takes me about
two seconds to notice, and five to turn things off. That way I have a one second spacer and no chance of
it ending all anti-climactic like on two. Where's the drama in that?"

The dragon winced, "Open this thing up, I want out."

Maya and Ayako giggled, "No way!" the demoness said, shaking her head, "This is supposed to be a big
rush, and I'm not going to miss it because you have cold feet!"

"You have nothing to worry about, Dranise, the process is very pleasure... AH!" Ayako was cut off by the
machine which jumped the countdown and surged to life at the one second mark.

A flood of glowing liquid of various colors swirled down the tubes, pouring into the closed and sealed
sphere. Dranise felt a warm goo flowing over her, making her clothes cling to her scaled skin ,and then...

"I LIKED that shirt!" the dragon said with a scowl.

"It's not wrecked, I just had it teleported somewhere to be recovered later. It's just get all torn up
anyway." Ayako explained.
The goo continued to pour in, washing over the bodies of all three, pooling down around their feet. As
the goblin had said, it felt quite nice. After the initial warmth had appeared on their skin, it had begun to
sink deeper, seeming to caress skin and muscle in a gentle massage over the entire back, rump, legs,
and feet.

"Oooh," Dranise sighed, "That does feel rather nice."

"And it's rather pretty too! All the colors swirling together." Maya said, with her eye in her midsection.

A second set of tubes began to pour fluid, this time pumping right into the laps of the three girls. Each let
out a cry of pleasure at the sensation.

"Oh... oh, it feels like... like... like..." stuttered Ayako.

"It feels like having a horse cock stuffed into your without the whole bother of torn muscles and a broken
pelvis." said Maya after a moan, rather familiar with all sorts of sexual pleasures.

"I f-feel something on my nnnn!" Dranise moaned, feeling something on her nipples.

"Those are the shape..." Ayako's words were cut off by a pleasured gasp, "The shapers."

"Oooh, using the Krygarian Spheroid Hex, are you Ayako?" Maya purred, familiar with the sorcery that
was happening out of sight of the other two.

"Well, I wanted something obvious to test the sensory input!" the goblin girl explained.

"Oh I'm not complaining it's just that..."

Dranise's eyes opened and she stopped moaning for a moment, "Wait, hex? Black magic?"

"Of course, black magic!" Maya said, the roll of her eye going unseen, "You think white magic would
make you feel so good?"

She gave a soft growl, and Dranise felt a fluid sensation, like something was flowing into her breasts.

"Oh for the love of... they're big enough!" she protested.

Ayako grinned, "Several chimera traits are essentially averaged, and being a goblin and thus naturally
flattish... well..." her ears turned a darker green, "You can't blame a girl for being curious."

Maya giggled as the last set of tubes began pouring liquid into the sphere, topping it off. The feeling of
pleasure deepened from surface skin and muscle, to the very core of each body.

"Oh gods, whose hand is that?" Dranise panted, the hand being joined by several others. "H-hey, stop
that! Play with your own!"
There was a sudden sensation of shock between the three, a sudden surge that made every hair stand
on end, a feeling of melting, of malleability. More arms and Maya's tail, all tormenting Dranise, and...

"What is that? That's not my tail!" the dragon yelped, "And those aren't my... mmm..."

Dranise began to purr happily. Things felt rather strange, she was feeling the groping, and she was also
feeling what was doing the groping, and oddly enough she felt like she had four breasts and two sexes.

"Th-that's mine." Ayako admitted, "I thought we'd look a bit weird with only two tails. I had one before I
figured out how to add the extra arms. Very useful." she grinned and moaned softly, Dranise feeling a
thin, smooth length slither across one pair of netherlips, "I found other uses for it."

Dranise giggled, "It feels like a snake slithering."

"Hey!" Maya cried, "No fair!"

There was a sudden jolt and once more Dranise felt as if more body parts were being added. She
moved her arms around in the thick goo within the sphere and found what she presumed to be Maya's
breasts, though they were larger than she was used to.

"Oh yeah, that's a good girl." purred Maya.

Everything felt strange, disembodied, like everything had become some sort of semi-solid, and
concentration was required to form any body part out of it.

"Interesting!" Ayako said, "Full on physical discorporation coupled with conscious transmutation and

"Err.. what?" Dranise asked, not understanding.

"She means that nothing has a set place at the moment so we can, for example..."

The trio cried out as Maya's tail pierced a pussy, no one was quite sure whose it was, and then a
second, and the third. Ayako and Dranise were reduced to frenzied moaning in delight, bucking phantom
hips as Maya tail fucked all three of them.

"And then positioning them just right to..." and then Maya was moaning along with them. Though her tail
penetrated them all, it seemed like that whenever one buck her hips, her sex pressed up against the
other two, which in turn made that individual buck, sending the three into a rapid cascade of pleasure.

"Oh I w-wish I could see..." Ayako moaned.

"I have an eye down there and I can't see a blasted thing." grumbled Maya.

Slowly the three sexes seemed to be coaxed further and further apart, Maya no longer able to have fun
with more than one, much to the disappointment of the others.
"Don't worry," the demoness purred, replacing the tail with her fingers, her skilled talons making the
other two forget all about the loss of the tailfucking.

The crescent pieces of metal allowed the machine to adjust the placement of the three heads and necks,
and slowly the three became aligned side by side, all in a row.

The strange disembodied feeling began to slowly fade, body parts being tugged into an actual
arrangement. Movement was no longer possible, and in a moment, no longer was conscious thought.

Each of the girls cried out with blissful pleasure, the sensation like a full body climax of the highest

Ayako grinned widely, feeling immense satisfaction at the progress of the process, the intensely
pleasurable way it felt, the wonderful mix of science and sorcery that made it all possible.

Maya's tongue lolled out as she climaxed, feeling intoxicated by the incredible energies used in the
process, deliciously dark magic coupled with various alchemical ingredients that she had only been able
to sample upon a few occasions, her demonic flesh drinking it all up like the finest wine.

Dranise felt vague echoes of both sensations, as the center, the core, the foundation for the entire
transformation; she felt the most intense pleasure and more. But mostly she could feel a bond, the
complex ball of emotional string that she felt for Maya entwining with something more, something

She could, faintly, feel Maya's own feelings for her, her love, her affection, her devotion, her lust for
teasing, toying, and humiliating her in ways she hated, but still enjoyed all the same.

And on the other side the incredible burning ball of curiosity, wonder, and shy lust of Ayako. The bookish
goblin admiring what Dranise and Maya had, not wanting to whisk it away for herself, but craving to
snuggle up against it, to add her own presence into a relationship between the three; a shy, slightly
embarrassed bundle of love and lust that were mere sparks longing to erupt into flame.

Dranise turned her head, tilting it just enough that her long, forked tongue could slip between Ayako's
lips, making the goblin's eyes widen in surprise, making her turn toward the source of the strange
sensation, allowing the dragon to press her lips fully against Ayako's own, welcoming her into the
relationship with a deep, delicious kiss infused with Maya's demonic touch as the succubus placed her
blessing upon it.

The moment lasted forever.

The moment was over all too soon.


The machine gave a soft hiss, mist pouring out as it opened, suitable dramatic. Within it, seated upon
the seats that seemed to have moved around with the neck holes, the three girls found their individual
forms had melded and merged into a unified flesh.
All limbs were present and accounted for, with Dranise and Maya's clawed hands placed in front, Maya's
above Dranise's, with Ayako's four arms right behind them. The differences in height had been
obliterated, with the much smaller Ayako brought up to the size and build of the other two.

Just about everything had been preserved, their widened torso featured six large, basketball sized
breasts, the sight of which made Dranise groan, annoyed that she had been forcibly given large tits to
begin with, was rather put off by having her two even larger.

Their varying skin types had spread evenly over their fused form, the majority of it being green. On the
outside it started with Maya's purple-pink, the dark color giving way to Dranise's emerald green, and
then finally Ayako's paler, goblin green.

Most of their skin was soft and smooth, through Dranise's scales had been retained, adorning their
shoulders, hips, and spines with darker scales, deep emerald and magenta. Each had a few scales upon
their faces, making a pattern in Dranise's case, acting as freckles upon Ayako's and Maya's.

Each of the three looked over their form, exploring it with their hands, the sensations delightful.

Dranise was the first to notice that something was a bit odd, "Umm we seem to have picked up a fourth
pair of legs from somewhere."

Ayako blushed, "About time I found them! I had been looking all over for those. I was wondering where I
left them."

Dranise looked behind them, seeing that Ayako's tail, the thin, almost feline-like thing she had felt while
in the tank had thickened, becoming a match for the other two tapering, lizard-like tails, Dranise's with its
plate scales and Maya's with the spade tip. The goblin's tail sported a green and blue tuft at the end,
matching the mad scientist's hair.

Ayako grinned, "I don't think we look too bad! Rather stunning, if I do say so myself."

Maya shrugged her allotment of shoulders, "I wouldn't know; I can't see anything but our hands, our legs
if we move them, and I think that shadow up on top is our lower-middle tit."

Dranise looked to the left and to the right, finding herself in the middle, "Err wait a minute"

She reached down well more to the side with one hand and found Maya's single vertical eye
embedded within her belly.

"Eeek! Maya, get your eye out of my tummy, why isn't it on YOUR side?" Dranise yelped.

"Probably because it'd make us look all lopsided and uneven if it were there." The demoness mused.

"Ayako, can't you do something?" the dragon protested.

The goblin shook her head, "Suck it up. It's the best place for it, after all."
"But I want my belly button back!" Dranise whined.

Maya chuckled, "Dear, you're a dragon. A reptile. You hatch from eggs; you haven't had a belly button
since you acquired your cute, scaly, girly-looking condition some years ago."

The dragon blinked and calmed down, "Oh. I hadn't thought about that."

Ayako giggled, "Any other protests, or should we try standing up and walking?"

"Is that going to work?" Dranise asked, "I mean we have all of eight legs and I have no idea which ones
are mine"

"Front and outside." Ayako interrupted, "Mine are all in the back, Maya's are in the middle."

"Wait, so does that mean that Maya's naught bits are connect to my?"

The demoness grinned, "They're your naught bits now, buster! Better spend the time to learn them real
good. I'm going to quiz you once this is all over! Maybe we ought to start your studying right now?" she
purred, one hand taking Dranise's own, moving it towards the cleft between the central join of their legs.

Having more arms than the other two, Ayako quickly vetoed any further mutual/self exploration.

"None of that now. There will be time for mutual sexual satisfaction later. At the moment we've got to test
other things, but first, to the clothing machine! We're not wandering around all bare!" Ayako said, with
her third of the body and control of half the legs, they were forced onto their feet, Maya and Dranise
working to make sure their heels didn't get stepped on as the goblin propelled them across the room.

It was only after approaching the machine did they notice that they hadn't fallen over, stumbled, tripped,
or wobbled much.

"You know" Dranise began, but was interrupted by Maya.

"You know, I think a nice black, casual tube top-y type dress and casual heels would be good if we're
going to take this out in public. And some pantyhose." The demoness purred, her grin wicked.

The dragon's eyes widened, "Th-that's not fair!" she hissed, "I don't want to wear girl's clothes!"

Ayako pondered this, "For the moment you are a girl, and you're sharing a corporeal form with two other
girls who are not adverse to wearing heels and dresses. Logically your argument is inconsistent and you
also have been democratically outvoted."

"More demon-cratically." Dranise grumbled, trying to figure out how to fold her arms to go along with her
rather cross scowl.

But it was no use; the rather frightening machine quickly weaved a shiny, slinky, form-hugging dress out
of some synthetic black fiber. With a pair of purses in hand, Dranise found herself outnumbered six legs
to two, and reluctantly was dragged along while Maya and Ayako talking of where they wanted to go.

There was Webb Weavers' to judge the difficulty and expense of getting clothes for their new form, a
restaurant to see how much a meal would be compared to the cost of one for all three, a visit to the adult
goods store at Maya's request, mainly to make Dranise blush, and several other stops that they would
be making using the bus service.

"There's no way we can get around on our own unless we have something like a horse and buggy."
Ayako had said, then began to write down her thoughts on how such a method of travel would work
perfectly for a group of chimeric individuals.


As they left the lab, however, they didn't notice that someone had taken advantage of their planning,
teasing, and embarrassment to sneak in.

The lab was warded from magical intrusion, so stealth of a mundane nature was to be employed. It
made Azria rather giddy, allowing her to actually use some of her training and seldom used spells, rather
than merely poof in, do what her mistress had instructed, and then poof out.

There was an art to breaking and entering, as much as there was to lovemaking, both of which the
succubus considered herself an expert in. With some of her abilities sealed by her servitude she rather
enjoyed being able to stretch her wings. Metaphorically of course.

As the lab door closed behind her, she turned her head and scowled at the tiny red and black wings
upon her back. She had once been able to spread them around her shoulders, arms, and most of her
torso as if they were a regal cape, but since her mistress had bound her, they couldn't even cover as
much as a worn shawl.

That was the part that bothered Azria to no end, having her luxurious wings, majestic horns, and
especially her generous bosom reduced to shadows of their formers selves by her mistress's power.

Servitude was fine. Mortals, even elves, didn't live for a particularly long time. Truth be told, she rather
enjoyed serving her mistress, she was deliciously vindictive and cruel to her foes without being messy or
gross about things. Azria abhorred blood and violence; it was beneath such a delicate, beauty such as

Her mistress had Griaule to do that sort of thing, after all. The seven foot tall dragon loved to vent her
frustrations on anything and everything she could in whatever fashion was available and allowed.

Azria supposed that if she had been a hundred foot long, several hundred ton, decidedly male dragon
bound and confined by a long dead elven sorceress into the form of a busty, seven foot tall, decidedly
female bipedal dragoness, she would be rather grouchy and vicious as well.

She ran her fingers through her navy blue hair, seating the strands behind the rows of thick, rubbery
tendrils where they were supposed to stay. She wasn't quite sure how they kept coming loose when she
was distracted, but they did.
She hummed happily to herself as she knelt down beside the machine's central segment, the panel
concealing the guts losing its screws with the wave of a hand.

She'd been sent to remove the thematic coupler, which aligned things on the shared form in their proper
places, the morphic resonance stabilizer, which kept an individual's magical 'me' field in place and wove
others through it, and of course the every-important polymorphic linear operation transducer, which
obviously made the whole contraption run.

They formed a bit of a sphere with three branches coming off of it, easily removed with a little hand
waving and a properly sized wrench, which took several minutes to find. It popped off quite easily and fit
into one of the large pockets on Azria's multipurpose, but still very fashionable, trenchcoat.

With a snap of her fingers she turned herself invisible again and strode happily out of the lab, mission

Or tried to, anyway. The lab doors were motion sensor activated, and as she didn't bounce back any
light, she smacked right into them.

She grumbled a bit, turned visible long enough for the doors to open, and then went on her merry way.

Taking one or two of the items wouldn't be enough; all three would make things too expensive, too
difficult, and far too time consuming to make Ayako unable to part herself from the other two for several
long, humiliating months.

Or at least that was what Mistress Ellie supposed. Azria didn't think that the young goblin would mind as
much as her elven owner believed she would. But that was not her problem. She was instructed to obey,
not to advise.

Besides, this course of action likely had a more interesting outcome.

No one noticed a limo door open for a few moments to allow the invisible succubus within.

Inside a moonlight pale hand reached out and unerringly pluck the combined device from Azria's pocket,
the hand's owner giggling and grinning all the while.

"Wonderful, Azria!" Ellie said with a sultry chuckle, as good as Azria's own, likely better since the young
woman spent most of her free time consulting with experts, learning how to be sexy and seductive by
will, rather than talent.

"Let's see that little goblin bitch suffer for disfiguring me!" she said, the chuckle building into a full blown
megalomaniacal laugh.

Azria shut the limo door, so the sound wouldn't disturb any nearby small animals, or potentially fill the air
with an ominous thunderclap.

Ellie's 'disfigurement' was nothing of the sort to Azria's eyes. But then again she was well-versed with
the female form and its various curves. To most she would be considered porn-star gorgeous, what with
her beach ball sized breasts, large, heart shaped rear, and wide hips.

Though the nobles of her home court thought of any more than token swells as a sign of gender
differentiation to be hideous perversions of nature; Disgusting, debilitating disfigurements, which was
why Ellie was forced to live apart from her family, not allowed to attend any of the High Elven courts of
her people, and be referred to by the diminutive of her name, which had too many vowels and
apostrophes in it for Azria to pronounce with her forked tongue.

Griaule had said it was short for "Elephant," but the busty elf had punched the transgendered dragon so
hard that he/she hadn't ever said it aloud within Ellie's hearing ever again.

The maniacal laughter was cut off by a soft gasp, followed by a muttered curse, shortly following by a lot
of wriggling to remove a pair of suddenly moistened panties.

"Mandrake root and mistiletoe!" swore Ellie, "You get the slightest jiggle going in these damned
over-sensitized weather balloons and it goes right to your loins!" she complained, hiking up her skirt to
reveal her swollen, puffy, rather enthusiastically wet sex.

"If you would please, Azria, I have a hair appointment at five thirty and I can't be making embarrassing
puddles upon the stylist's chair." She said dispassionately, but Azria could see the building lust in her
eyes, the demoness was rather sure that despite all her complaints and protests, her mistress enjoyed
the need for sexual satisfaction a good baker's dozen times a day or so.

The demoness bowed her head, extending her long, forked tongue, "Ah, but my lady, the appointment is
not for another hour and fifteen minutes."

Ellie sighed, but licked her lips with subconscious, but perverse glee, "Well that gives us enough time to
go over my lessons in some detail."

The demoness's eye glowed a soft purple in the darkness of the tinted limo, "Would Mistress prefer
instruction as I am, or shall I use one of my toys to properly simulate a male?"

The elf yanked Azria over to her by the lapels of her coat into a needy, breathless kiss, "No toys. I need
my lessons NOW." She half-growled.

The demoness bowed, a wave of her hand loosening the few remaining buttons upon her mistress's
shirt, allowing her tongue to trace down between the two large, cursed orbs.

"As my mistress wishes." She purred as Ellie let out a contented sigh.
14 - Perilous Plunder

Shattered Shards: Perilous Plunder

By Von Krieger

Lights coming on, alarms blaring, the sounds of heavy boots upon the concrete as security officials
rushed to the scene of the crime. It all mattered little to Aden, who slowly and quietly made his way
through the thick foliage that covered most of the mansion grounds.

Rather nice of his 'patron' to provide him with such an easy way in and out. There had been no security
cameras, no motion detectors, no guard dogs, not even broken glass or barbed wire atop the walls. It
was like the mansion's owner wanted Aden to break into his home and abscond with several items of no
small worth.

It would be more than enough to keep the thief in the lap of luxury for the next year; though he most
certainly was not going to remain idle for twelve long months. Oh no. Life wasn't worth living unless there
was a challenge involved, and the most grand challenges to Aden were his heists.

Utilizing a wonderful little broach that he had pilfered from the home of an absentminded herbalist, the
plant life shifted and moved away. Not a bit of it touched the thief as he strolled leisurely through thick,
thorny rose bushes, through prickly pine trees, through the tall grass and brambles that grew on the
outskirts of the property.

The displaced plants moved right back to their previous positions, camouflaging his passage, assuring
that no one would even think in the slightest that someone had come this way.

Not five minutes after his thefts had been discovered, Aden was over the outer wall and out into the
communal park that was nestled in between the walled lands of dozens of prime 'patrons,' several of
which had already 'sponsored' Aden's particular art.

He made his way to the center of the park, resting in a sheltered spot in a thick stand of birch trees that
would be impossible to pierce without magical aid. He sat upon a rock and opened his bag of ill-gotten
goods, eager to examine the items he had collected before accidentally triggering an unseen alarm.

As he went to open the bag Aden discovered that while the trees and plants moved to avoid him, it
seemed his bag was a different story. Several long, bristly stalks clung to the fabric, having become
stuck to the bag as he passed them.

Nothing to worry about, just a few easily removed foxtails. He chuckled and plucked them off, tossing
them aside.

They shimmered and sparkled as they flew through the air, landing nearby, tiny motes of metallic light
remaining in the air in a thick cloud.
Aden scowled at the cloud, the union of the two worlds had altered a few plants in magically heavy
areas, granting them an occasional odd property, like glow in the dark pollen.

The thief sighed and went back to his bag, sneezing several times as the sweet-smelling pollen worked
its way into his nose. He sneezed several more times, deep breaths followed by powerful expulsions of
the very same breath.

Thankfully the sneezes shooed away the remainder of the pollen, leaving Aden's nose thankfully clear of
irritants. But now he felt strange, feverish, too warm in the cool night. Warmth seemed to blossom within
him, making his entire body flush, blood moving closer to the skin to allow for more effective dispersal of

It wasn't any surprise that the increase in blood flow caused some other areas to stir. Aden moaned
softly as he felt himself grow erect. He began to unbutton his shirt, it wasn't like anyone would see him
out in the middle of the park, in the middle of the night, well hidden from any prying eyes.

He unzipped his pants and grinned as he began to stroke himself, casting his shirt aside. This wasn't
particularly unusual, as he tended to focus on a heist to the point where he forsook pleasures of the
flesh in order to concentrate.

This wasn't the first victory erection Aden had found himself with, but it was the most needful. In a few
moments he was on all fours, working his way out of his pants, as he still felt too warm.

He kicked off his shoes, tugging off his socks, his pants and underwear down around his ankles, he felt
much better as he stripped fully naked, leaning back against the smooth rock behind him, eyes closed in
blissful pleasure.

He did not notice that his body looked a bit different than before, a narrowing in the midsection, a
thinning of the build, a slight alteration of the angles in his face. Nor did he notice the slight swelling
upon his chest, for he was far more concerned with the swelling in his loins.

With each stroke of his shaft his body seemed to feminize, his hair growing out, his hips swelling, hands
and feet becoming more dainty, his skin growing softer. But none of this was noticed, not even as
something slithered outward from the base of his spine.

The new limb tickled dreadfully, making Aden giggle, the tickling spreading to his rump as he found
himself sitting on the new addition. He giggled some more and went to all fours, solving the problem of
his sitting upon his new tail.

And quite a splendid tail it was, bristling with red-orange and white fur along its three foot length, bushy
and thick, swaying gently as Aden thrust against his hand as he pawed off.

He no longer felt quite so warm, in fact, he felt somewhat cooled. He gasped softly as he felt his nipples
harden, leaning downward, planting his shoulder against the ground so that he could both stroke and
grope. He clenched his teeth as a pleasurable sensation shot through him as he caressed his pectoral
area, rubbing his new A-cup breasts.
Oh how wonderful and soft they felt, how very perfect, if only they were bigger; if only there were more to
caress, more to adore, and if only he had more limbs to caress them.

With his body suitably feminized, for now, the changes seemed content to alter him in a different way,
sharpening his teeth, transforming his ears from whorled flaps to proud triangles atop his head.

They twitched softly, detecting the sounds in the darkness that Aden had never before had the acuity to
hear. None of them bothered him, for his predatory instincts told him there was nothing out there to fear
and that as he was not interested in hunting prey and thus the other sounds were beneath his notice as

The shemale vixen giggled as the tickle of growing fur spread over her ears, pausing for a moment in
her self-love to flex her fingers, which felt rather funny and cramped for a few moments as her nails
darkened. Growing thin upon one axis, they thickened upon two others, extending from her fingertips as
small, black claws, a matching set upon her toes.

Having transformed a portion of her toes, the change lingered there for a few moments, enlarging a few
of them, shrinking another and moving it further back on the foot. Realignment of the legs came next,
bone, ligament, and muscle all warping, stretching, popping and creaking softly as Aden was gifted with
a pair of digitigrade legs, far better suited for fleeing thieving endeavors than what she had before.

The tickling sensation returned once more, spreading rusty red and gleaming white wherever it went,
making her entire body tingle with vulpine glee as her gorgeous fur coat grew in to its fullest.

Her caresses were quickly enhanced by the addition of black leather upon her finger pads and palms,
the black leather soon joined by equally black fur, marking her complete alteration into a vixen.

But Aden craved more, and more she would receive; for not only had she stolen, but she had done so
sloppily and arrogantly, her curse not merely one enchanted foxtail, but three.

Her tail tingled, the sensation spreading to her spine, not merely being robbed of species and gender,
the magical essence of the foxtails would assure that she would never steal from their master again.

As Aden's tail split in two, her breasts began to grow, making the lusty vixen moan with delight, enjoying
the sensations of the expanding flesh against her padded palm. Accompanying the alteration were
similar changes to her hips, rump, and lips. Her fur color altered subtly upon her face, placing upon her
eyelids a bright green.

The vixen felt a presence upon her shoulders, and upon opening her eyes saw that it was her own hair,
now a lush green, slithering out from her head, making her look all the more like the stunning beauty that
she had become.

Aden wanted a lover so badly, her cock ached, longing for the warmth and tightness that it would only
find nestled within the loving anatomy of another creature. The vixen found herself entering a state of
heat, longing for the touch of another.

She continued to stroke, continued to jerk, with each thrust she let out a soft, pleading bark, seeking to
call a potential lover to her locale, to aid her in slaking this growing lust that filled her increasingly
sexualized body.

To be transformed into a lusty harlot, that was the curse of the second foxtail. To have not merely the
body, but also in part the mind of a wanton slut. Left to her own devices, Aden would likely be carousing
bars and standing upon street corners within the week, eager to share her sleek, sexy, shapely form with
anyone who would have her.

The second curse was not particularly a punishment, but as Aden had made her presence known,
thieving was most certainly not the career for her in this new day and age. So one would be provided,
one that still flaunted the law and required a specialized set of skills, one didn't want to make the new
apples fall too far from the tree, after all.

A proper thief would've been left with species and gender warped a bit, but the rest of her faculties
intact. An incompetent thief would find herself with the natural ability and instinctual talents to pursue a
new career. But Aden had not only been a thief, not only been a clumsy thief, but he has also been an
arrogant thief, and thus her alterations were not yet through.

The vixen quivered as her belly filled with strange warmth. From the innermost depths to the edge of
each fiber of fur, the vixen felt change stirring within her once more. Rather than split, a third tail
emerged from her spine in the manner of her first.

While generous before, her bust now boarder upon the unnatural, the realm of porn starlets and
strippers. But added to this was an additional asset, one that made Aden moan with delight as she felt it.

Her cock began to swell, elongating and thickening, her sexual characteristics enhanced by her third
curse. The first two would have left her manhood as it naturally was, but with the third nothing would
remain of her original form.

Amber eyes clenched tightly shut as Aden's thick shaft darkened, swelling in places, retracting in others.
She shivered as her sheath properly formed. The vixen ran her clawtips over her swollen knot, delighting
in the intense sensation.

Her belly still churned, flesh and bone once more altering within her. Tears of joy filled her eyes as she
felt a swelling upon her middle, a second pair of breasts blossoming into existence. It was exactly what
she had wanted, more of her wonderful tits to love and...

She recalled the second part of her earlier musing and gasped softly as it too was gifted to her as a
reward. Rolling onto her back, removing her hand from her cock, she was now easily equipped to
pleasure herself.

Using her two new hands she sandwiched her lowermost breasts, trapping her generous cock between
them, thrusting against her soft, creamy furred tits. She couldn't imagine how life could be any better.

She panted, her tongue lolling out of her slight muzzle. She arched her back, bucking into the air,
pressing upwards with her legs, thrusting as deeply as she could into her breasts.
He pleasure peaked, a dam burst inside of her, allowing thick rivulets of seed to pour from her member,
damping the fur of her belly and breasts with its hot, sticky warmth.

But that was not all. Upon her second ejaculation, something else seemed to give way inside of her,
another river breaking free within her altered body, sending liquid warmth erupting from her body in a
different fashion.

Her new femsex climaxed explosively, dousing her thighs and tails with the pleasantly scented fragrance
of vixen climax.

Aden rolled onto her side, coaxing a few more jets of seed from her cock, letting them ooze onto the
ground, rather than onto her already sodden fur. Already she would need a bath, and there was no need
to make herself even dirtier.

Her lust partially sated, Aden stood and gathered up her discarded clothes, stuffing them into the bag of
recovered loot. She smiled as she walked through the dense brush, the plants parting eagerly before

Her mistress would be so thrilled with her, proud of her newest vixen who went out all on her own and
chased down the horrible thief that had made off with a few of her showpieces.

While pretty and valuable, Mistress did not leave her true treasures out in plain sight for any thief to
snatch. Aden knew that, of course. Everything in the mansion's main rooms was for show and for
decoration, and for sneak thieves to snatch, thinking themselves newly rich and clever.

Aden wondered what surprises thieves would discover upon trying to flee from her owner's property. She
desperately wished to know what interesting fates awaited those who would dare steal from the
wonderful woman that gave her and other sorts of gorgeous, sexual creatures a home.

A soft sound like wind chimes drew Aden's attention and she turned her head, seeing a few golden
grains of pollen settling upon her glowing, silvery seed. She grinned as she saw small, green shoots
sprout up from the soil.

She watched the plants grow and blossom, tall green grasses mixed in with tall plants with cascades of
beautiful flowers. Foxtails and foxgloves. They always marked the places where a nature-kissed kitsune
like herself found enjoyment. Enjoyment that would, on occasion, be gifted to a passerby when the
plants were ready to reproduce.

Aden moaned softly, rubbing her belly with her two lower hands. As soon as she returned home, she too
would be ready and eager to reproduce as well. With anyone she could get her four hands on.

Aden's three tails swayed happily behind her as the kitsune wondered which of her mistress's many pets
she'd snuggle up with first.
15 - Sexual Summoning

Shattered Shards: Sexual Summoning

By Von Krieger

Chloe looked around at the various runic scribbles on the floor, walls and ceiling, the many candles, the
small figurines, and of course the alter itself. The mouse found herself playing with her long blonde hair
absently and nibbling her bottom lip in nervousness.

Not only did the ritual she was about to undertake have a great deal of risk, but it seemed like the
responsibility of the entire world had been stacked upon her shoulders. The illegitimate daughter of the
mage-king of Tharia, the Resperian army had set a legion of bounty hunters upon her trail.

The last skirmish had seen her lose several of her bodyguards, all of whom had been her companions
for most of her life. The veterans had stayed behind to stall the hunting party, while allowing Chloe and
the remains of her guard to escape.

The mouse girl fought back tears at the thought of her fallen friends. Not even a half dozen of her guard
remained, and that was what worried her the most about the ritual.

They had no idea how far behind the bounty hunters were, and needing someone to actually cast the
ritual and several individuals to provide the energy, while Chloe served as the focus, there would be no
one to watch the perimeter.

With her father struck down and the beautiful spires of Tharia in ruins, the mage-army falling under the
sheer numbers of the xenophobic Resperians, the only hope was to call for divine intervention.

Detailed in a series of tomes whose locations and contents where known only to those with royal blood,
there were rituals detailed for calling upon and summoning direct manifestations of all the gods and
goddesses of the Tharian pantheon.

Of all of them, only a handful did not involve mass bloodshed, the sacrifice of incredible wealth, a
specific celestial event, or were to call divine beings whose actions would result in horrors worse than
the Resperians would inflict upon Tharia.

With only a handful that Chloe could call upon, none had the strength to turn the tide of the battle, save
for one. She shivered at the thought of it once more. Krygar dwelt in the Abyss, before ascending to
goddesshood she had been a demon. She was regarded as loving, caring, and kind, one of the three
Tharian high gods of fertility and bounty, but she was still a demon.

And the ritual to call her was an orgy, centered on a single individual. For the eight hours it took to
invoke the incantation, Chloe would be placed on the large, oaken table that they had found to use as an
altar, and she would be taken in various ways by four of the five remaining members of her guard.
She did not fear the intimacy with her guards, for Tharians knew well the distractions that the unsatiated
body could inflict upon an otherwise keen mind. She had lain with three of the four that were to pleasure
her today, and she would enjoy their pleasures in the future if all went well.

But she had never had more than one lover at once. Nor did she know if there would be problems
between the four once the ritual began. The text had detailed that after a certain point they would be
overcome by lust, unable to stop until the ritual's end, no matter what Chloe did.

The ritual's magic would also confine her to the altar, so if the bounty hunters broke in and discovered
them, they would be completely unable to defend themselves.

But what worried Chloe the most was the knowledge that she had kept to herself of the ritual, that by
taking part in it she marked herself as Krygar's property for all eternity. The purpose of this ritual was, in
effect, to make Chloe a sacrifice to the goddess of lust and fertility.

The mouse whimpered softly and adjusted her clothing, the herbal concoctions she had been required to
ingest had brought out a burning, aching, lustful need within her. It would be an hour yet before the
potions had taken effect fully in all five ritual focuses.

Chloe jumped as a hand fell on her shoulder. She looked up to find the Captain of the Guard, Kelton,
standing behind her, a look of concern on his face.

The otter was the only one left of the original twenty four guards that had been assigned to her upon her
birth. Some had taken other jobs, some had retired, but at the start of the war thirteen of them still
accompanied her, now there was only Kelton, three veterans, and a rookie.

"You don't have to do this." The otter said, once more reminding Chloe of potential other paths, "Xyos is
only two weeks' ride, the dragonmen have no love for the Resperians."

Chloe shook her head, "We've been over this. The swirling desert is filled with magics even my father
could not penetrate; they could lead us around in circles, or in one side and out the other. Our success
would be held hostage to the whim of the great sand dragons. I cannot risk the lands and the people that
we would lose to additional weeks of siege and slaughter."

The otter nodded; the hand on her shoulder replaced by a pair of arms around her middle.

"I hope that you know what you are doing, my lady. I warn you against this course of action once more,
but if it is your decision to place yourself in such grand risk, then I have no choice but to follow your lead
and do my best to aid you."

Chloe sighed softly and turned, returning the male's embrace. She had to bite her tongue to prevent
herself from thrusting it into his muzzle; regardless she pressed herself needfully against him, the effects
of the potions.

Kelton had been the one that instructed her on the art of lovemaking, not willing to risk a lust-crafter
disguising themselves as a tutor bewitching her mind. He had been her first lover, and her best.
"I... I cant see any other way to save Tharia than to call upon Krygar and beg her aid. She is a goddess
of life and love, she will not stand idly by as her children are murdered."

The otter nodded and gave the mouse a peck on the cheek, "I can only pray that you are right."


The ritual had begun; the otter standing some distance away, seated upon a stool with a podium before
him, the incantation that he was to read spread before him, an hourglass placed nearby that counted off
the ten minute span that he needed to wait between readings.

Chloe had succumbed to the effects of the elixir a good half hour before. She lay upon the banquet table
with half-lidded eyes, her mind wrapped in a lustful, dreamy fog. She moaned softly as she fingered
herself lazily, her thumb running gentle circles over her clit, her other handpaw resting behind her head.

The remaining four guards had been given more diluted versions of the potion, it had been an
uncomfortable wait, their erections standing at full attention for the last thirty minutes, made all the worse
as they had to remain in their sections of the spell circle without touching themselves, having to watch
their charge enjoy herself all the while.

Taryn was the first to receive a nod from his commander. The youthful squirrel scarcely able to contain
himself as he climbed onto the table, his gray facial fur fluffed in a blush as he approached the princess.

The squirrel had been the newest member of Chloe's guard, and as such she had yet to invite him to her
bed. She rolled over onto her middle, crawling towards him. Taryn paused, his flighty instincts telling him
to dart away, but his loyalty holding him fast.

As a result he was tackled by the small white mouse femme, the princess's muzzle quickly engulfing his
member, long, thin, and smooth. She suckled upon him greedily, only the potion he drank giving him the
staying power to prevent his climax from occurring the moment her warm tongue met his cockflesh.

He reached down, gently taking her large ears in his grip, guiding her as he bucked his hips, thrusting
into her eager, hungry mouth. He grinned, delighted in having a moment with the beautiful princess all to

Chloe moaned softly, unable to move her head away, unable to relinquish the squirrel's cock for the few
moments that would be required to transition from oral to vaginal sex. Her body craved penetration
through any means necessary, and it had been easiest to wrap her lips around the young male's

Hearing her whimpered need, Taryn managed to gently coax the mouse from his member, a finger
beneath her chin persuading her to rise onto her knees, allowing the young soldier to meet her lips for a
kiss, as well as positioning her so that Chloe could be given what she craved so badly.

The mouse's fingers still remained within her as Taryn added his girth to her sex, the potion's effects on
the young mousie allowing her to stretch comfortable to take on nearly anything. Supposedly even a fully
grown dragon could penetrate her without harm, though the diagram in the book had looked rather like
the proud reptile wearing a furre for a condom.

After a few moments Chloe removed her fingers, bringing them between Taryn's mouth and her own; the
two rodents quickly licking them clean of the sweetness that had accumulate there.

Unable to climax on her own, a few moments with a cock inside her brought her to reach her first
orgasm. Her ecstatic moan of pleasure seeming to be the trigger that made the circle glow, a wall of
silver-blue energy shimmering for a moment.

As Chloe climaxed energies surged through herself and her lover, bringing the young squirrel to climax
as well, her sex coaxing every last drop of seed that it could from him. He withdrew only when the tight,
magically enhanced muscles of her cunny allowed him to.

"More," she whispered, "I need more."

Chloe licked her lips and she pounced the squirrel once again, taking his still erect member into her
mouth. Taryn's erection, as well as those of the other guards, would not cease until the effects of the
potion wore off. There were tales of mad King Garnick in the fifth century using such a potion to
impregnate fifty of his concubines in one night, making a tangle of the succession of the throne for
centuries to come.

The chanting otter gave a nod to the next of the guards, a mighty red-scaled dragon named Hiron. The
dragon grinned and he climbed onto the table, his long, thick shaft dripping and eager to impale the
mouse upon it.

He gripped his mistress' hips and thrust into her sex, not minding the added slickness provided by the
squirrel's climax. It was not the first time the two had shared a lover. Hiron rather preferred going
second, letting his smaller friend getting the girl warmed up to take his generous shaft.

Chloe let out several soft squeaks as he entered her, the dragon's length encircled in several places by
bumps and swellings. Dragons could breed with anything, and thus by magic or nature their members
were designed to give wondrous pleasure to nearly anything with a compatible female sex.

While tall, Hiron was not large, his body sleek and sinuous like a serpent. His taloned hands found their
way to the mouse's small breasts. His tall frame and long neck allowed him to lean over to the squirrel,
his tongue slipping into the younger guard's mouth. They did not merely share lovers, but also one
another, often sharing a bed roll.

Between the two, Chloe shivered; she had never known such wonderful, bountiful pleasure. Her entire
body began to feel hot, the sensations of need from her sex began to spread until every fiber of her
being ached with desire, longing to be caressed, filled, used, covered with seed.

She suckled hungrily upon the squirrel's cock, her belly rumbling, demanding to be filled. It was a terrible
hunger that countered the pleasure, made her suffer in return for the sweet sensation. It felt like an
eternity before Taryn climaxed once more, giving Chloe the thick warmth that her belly craved.

But it wasn't enough, it was nowhere near enough. She cried out with despair as the squirrel pulled his
cock from between her lips, though it was quickly replaced by another.

Black, thick, and already covered in sweet precum, Chloe did not need to open her eyes in order to
know the identity of the male before her. Garrett, the northern warrior, his black and white fur marred by
many scars, his powerfully built body the one that most often was the one she pressed up against at
night. The husky her strongest guard, skilled in unarmed combat, his scars from wrestling the bears and
great snow cats of the north.

She had long ago grown familiar with every inch of his length, from the tapering tip to the thick knot that
swelled at the base. No longer so needy she caressed the swollen knot with her tongue, using her lips to
tease and pleasure the canine shaft.

She shivered as Hiron tensed, the dragon adding his seed to the squirrel's contribution, filling her greedy
womb. Not a single drop of seed escaped from between her nether lips, her body enchanted to soak it
up like a sponge, to utilize the powerful forces of creation contained within. Such would be the fuel for
her grand summoning spell.

The dragon continued to thrust into her sex, though he seemed oddly positioned, not able to fully enter
her. The mouse discovered why a moment later, as she found her tailhole filled by the young squirrel.

She had never had any interest in that kind of lovemaking before, but once Taryn was hilted within her,
she knew that she would be begging for it in the future.

Chloe still ached, still yearned for more, but she was unsure how she could take on a fourth male. She
did not have to worry long, as her climax approached, the tendrils of magic leaped from her to her
guards, making each of the three erupt simultaneously, their sweet, wonderful seed flowing into her. But
Chloe still craved, needed, demanded more.

She was lifted up, her rump virtually impaled upon Garret's cock, his knot making an audible pop as it
pushed into her. He lay back on the table, letting Chloe rest atop him as the dragon and squirrel shifted
their positions.

The squirrel buried himself within her sex once more; the dragon standing over her belly, his long,
slender length nestled between her breasts. She arched her back, opening her eyes, only to find her
head gripped between a pair of powerful striped handpaws.

Eyrole's strange spined length found its way into her maw. The tiger's shaft had always intimidated her
somewhat with its odd spines. While it had never been uncomfortable, it had always felt awkward, her
sex was not a feline's, and the points never had their intended effect.

But between her lips, rather than her netherlips it was sheer bliss, so much to explore with her tongue, to
tickle the roof of her mouth as he thrust into her. She cherished the sensations, the tiger being a rather
straight-laced member of the nobility, never expressing an interest in a sexual encounter beyond the
norm. Perhaps this would coax him towards such wonders in the future?

With all five of the participants within the circle, the magic began to intensify. Time became a blur for
them all. It was not mindless pleasure, but rather pleasure that they had no control over. It was as if
some outside force guided them, telling them what to do, where to move to next, what combination of
pleasures to experience next.

Though Chloe was the centerpiece, the four guards soon began to pleasure each other as well. Two
focused on the mouse at all times, allowing for two to occasionally part, to experience the delights of
each other's bodies for a time before returning to their mistress.

The mouse felt strange, her spirit stretched. Soon it seemed she could feel the lovemaking, not merely
from her own flesh, but experiencing the sensation of each cock that drove into her. It built from there,
and soon she could feel every sensation that went on in the circle, each caress, each climax, all of it
flowing into her, flooding her with seed and with energy.

Climax after climax rocked the four guards and the young mage-princess, but the pleasure was always
building, always surging towards newer, grander heights of enjoyment and delight.

The circle was not enough to contain the full energies of the ritual, sexual energy leaked from it, coaxing
Kelton to idly stroke himself while watching the timer. The act growing to full on frantic masturbation as
the hours passed, not even stopping as he chanted. The ritual undertook a life of its own, the otter no
longer needing the timer to know when to say the words, his sexual energies flowing into Chloe as well.


Outside the sun made its journey across the sky, sinking towards the horizon as the orgiastic
summoning grew closer and closer to completion. Arcane energies illuminated the mansion, making it a
beacon for all to see.

The old wooden doors did not stand up for long under the assault of steel-plated fists. The thick carpets
could not muffle the sounds of heavy footsteps at a run. The barricade that prevented entry into the old
dining hall could not withstand the might of dozens of Resperian knights, all eager to destroy the wicked
sorceress that drew upon sinister powers so arrogantly, not caring who saw evidence of her dark

A towering figure strode into the dining hall, his polished armor covered with a thick, black cloak.
"Slaughter the witch and her lecherous retune, let them pass onto the next world entangled in their sin."
He ordered.


The sounds went unheard, the presence of their foes unnoticed, their oncoming deaths not even
acknowledged. As the archers drew back their bowstrings six voices cried out as one as they climaxed,
something giving way inside Chloe, allowing the sheer power gathered within her to erupt forth in a fluid
cascade. Blinding light surged from her body, filling the room for a brief moment before passing through
the walls, sweeping over all of Tharia.

She opened her eyes, her body no longer demanding sex. Only the pleasant ache of tired muscles
remaining. She sat up, her body covered with hot, sticky seed, her lovers laying beside her, unconscious
their bodies unable to contain the power that had burst forth from Chloe.
The mouse sat up, an unfamiliar weight upon her chest. She looked down, finding that her breasts had
grown a great deal, and that there were four of them.

She put a hand to her temple, feeling an unfamiliar pressure, finding a small, pointed horn upon each of

Her other hand slipped over her well-rounded, seed filled belly, down to her loins where a strange ache
was centered. She gripped her half-erect shaft, felt her furred sheath and heavy balls.

"If you stroke it more than twice, you're playing with it." Purred a melodious feminine voice from beside

The mouse spun her head, seeing the new figure standing at the rooms entrance, looking down at a
number of fallen figures clad in bright armor. Her red and maroon fur formed stripes and a mask upon
her face, a rounded belly like Chloe's own was flanked by four breasts, each sporting four nipples, as
well as four more breasts above it.

The tail and wings betrayed her heritage, not as a raccoon, but as a demon; bright red and deep black
feathers upon her large wings, her tail spade-tipped, that of a sinister dragon.

Chloe's eyes would only focus upon one feature at a time, fixating upon the raccoon-demon's large
udder, upon her four spiraling horns, upon her huge, thick, beautiful cock, upon the strange adornment
upon her forehead, rather like the slit of a vagina surrounded by eight small tendrils.

"Not rather like dear, that's what it is." Krygar said with a smile, striding over to the table upon her odd
feet, half like the claws of a predatory creature and half the hooves of a placid bovine.

She offered Chloe a hand, helping the shy mouse down off the table.

"You've summoned me, dear one; you have given yourself to me. I know what it is you want in return, all
you need is to give it voice, and our deal will be done." She whispered, a clawed fingertip coaxing stray
strands of hair from Chloe's face.

The touch made the mouse moan, made her lean towards it, craving more from her goddess.

"Th-the war with the Resperians, I... I need you to bring a stop to it. Th-they are too many, even with our
magics..." she whimpered, awed and terrified by the goddess.

Krygar stroked Chloe's chin, her lips parting to give a fanged grin that somehow managed to be
comforting, and not frightening. She pulled the mouse into her embrace, Chloe sighing contentedly at
the feelings of pleasure and comfort that washed over her. Nothing mattered anymore, she had spoken
what she desired, and now she belonged to the demon-goddess.

"War is not my domain, little mage-ling," she purred, "I cannot end a war."

Chloe's eyes widened and she snuffled softly.

"I cannot banish the invaders, nor can I turn their minds to peace, or slay them where they stand. My
powers are those of life, birth, and fertility."

She chuckled, the sound a deep, pleasant rumble.

"So I will not banish the invaders. I will not make them desire peace. I will not smite them to ashes."

Her forked tongue slid over her lips and she released Chloe. The demon strode over to where the
cloaked leader of the Resperian hunters lay unconscious, placing a hand upon his shoulder. The
armored figure began to glow, levitating up into the air.

"I cannot destroy, but I can create." She said, her eyes glowing a soft purple, the same as the aura
around the floating Resperian.

Powerful muscle faded away, expertly forged armor melted away, leaving scant protection for the
warrior's bared skin that now showed. Chloe watched in fascination as the powerful human man was
reformed into a powerful human woman. The Resperian's eyes fluttered and she opened them, revealing
purple irises.

She let out a soft moan, gauntleted hands tearing away her full-plate bikini, caressing her large, full

Krygar grinned and tore off her mailed skirt, revealing a thick, erect cock, the former knight wrapping her
fingers around it, stroking frantically.

"All the warriors within your land will never be able to raise a blade against any non-human. There are
no men, there are no women, all who pillage your land are now both. In the presence of any creature not
of their own race, be they man or beast, they will crave sex."

"Each time they act upon their lust, they will gain a feature of that which has mated them. They will
become subservient to such a creature. They will produce offspring for any creature that desires them,
one of and litter they carry will be born as they are, the rest pure creatures of the kind that fills them with
seed. Any female with whom they sire offspring will have a healthy litter of her own kind."

With a snap of her fingers a blinding purple light poured forth from the demoness, spreading over the
room as the flash that summoned her had, out into the night, acting upon the unconscious invaders
throughout all of Tharia.

The goddess smiled, "Enjoy your new pleasure pets, my dear, enjoy your new familiars, servants,
slaves, sex toys, whatever you desire them to be."

Krygar bowed and began to walk away, stepping over moaning, hermaphroditic Resperians.

"W-wait!" cried Chloe, darting after the demoness, "The ritual said that I become a sacrifice to you, that I
become yours."
Krygar turned and smiled, kneeling down to plant a kiss upon the mouse's lips. "You are, my dear, your
body bears my gifts, and in time you will grow to have more of them."

"B-but..." Chloe gasped.

"But Tharia needs its queen. You will rule with the care and kindness that is needed to rebuild."

The mouse moaned softly as she felt the demoness within her mind.

"But when their queen rests, her dreams will take her to my court. While her body recovers from the
wears of the day and regal life, her spirit will come to service her goddess, to learn the new powers that
she holds as a demon-priestess of Krygar and as a Tharian Mage-Queen."

The demon purred, teasing Chloe's ear with her forked tongue.

"Would you like that, my pet?"

The mouse's eyes filled with tears of joy and she nodded rapidly, unable to form words as her throat
clenched with emotion.

Krygar turned, her tail caressing Chloe's leg as she walked away.

"You guards will awaken soon. I do believe that there is enough after effect of the potion to allow them to
help introduce the first regiment of monster maidens into the Royal Guard." She purred.

Chloe felt her new member stirring to arousal as she could scent the need of the altered Resperians in
the air, Monster Maidens, they were now called.

"I am sure that the queen would like to get to know many of her newest subjects." The goddess said with
a chuckle as her physical form began to fade.

"Oh yes," purred Chloe, her lips parting to reveal a fanged grin, "Their queen wishes to know them, quite
16 - Aethernauts

Shattered Shards: Aethernauts

By Von Krieger

"That one there looks like a nice place to settle down. It's big enough to have a gravimetric field, but it's
not big enough to have any monsters or anything on it. Looks like trees and plants and stuff are from
birds doing the seed spreading. There's even a nice little pond." Fortune said, the yellow and brown
fox-squirrel pointing out the window of the smallish aether-craft.

A mix of helicopter, airplane, and mobile home (with a few bits from a sailboat thrown on), the flying
machine was a bit of an eyesore, but it was functional, and it had been comparatively cheap. Nearly
free, after all, Fortune's boyfriend and exploration partner Billy had built it out of bits found in a junkyard
cobbled together with a few simple magical items.

"Looks like a good enough place for a picnic." The kobold said pleasantly.

With a little bit of ingenuity and a bit of magic a perpetual motion machine quite easily became possible.
A specially designed Decanter of Endless Water pumped its never-ending supply of water through
numerous hoses, leading to several hydro-electrical generators, storing their charge within hybrid
magical-chemical batteries. The water was then pushed into a central chamber, vanishing into a small
ring gate, which sent the water into the supply pipes of a perpetual-flow power plant. The co-op had split
the cost for the system since it could use the flow from vehicle power sources, rather than having to
acquire a vast number of devices for its own use. The water was then sent through a dimensional portal
back to the Elemental Plane of Water from which the flow originated to begin with. Perfectly clean,
cheap, free power for everyone.

Billy hummed happily to himself as he walked back from the cabin to the living area, opening the
refrigerator and packing a few things into a basket, giving a quick check to the gauges showing
pressures within the propulsion system, making sure nothing was clogged or leaking.

As much as he loved Fortune, the fuzzy fox-squirrel did not smell like a rose when he got wet, as was
the case with most furred creatures. When suddenly doused with several gallons of water in the middle
of the night, banishing the smell with the use of scented shampoos was not something that was on his

That was reserved for dragging Billy out of bed tail first and telling him to fix the pipes.

Typically the batteries were charged up when they were on the ground, stopping to eat, ask directions,
or rest for the night. When in flight they kept the system on the lowest flow setting, to make sure that no
air bubbles built up inside.

Billy took a quick look out the windows, admiring the view. Even though they'd been traveling in
Aetherspace for several months now, he was still stunned by the vista. When the worlds merged several
smaller worlds appeared in the sky, all linked by a band of atmosphere, air, and ley-lines, allowing for
easy transportation as long as you could go up.

Though once you got about 30 miles up from the surface of the Fused Earth 'up' became rather relative.
There wasn't any particular direction of pull, but anything bigger than a football stadium had gravity of
some sort, and anything smaller had a creature of import decide which way was down. It was rather
confusing at first, but as the astral plane had worked just fine on that sort of thing for all of recorded
history, there were easily learned methods and techniques for managing it.

With clouds and weather patterns forming in the Aether rain reaching most of the small places, and
migratory birds had been carrying seeds in their tummies and then pooped them out along a few stops,
giving rise to nice, grassy 'side of the road' places like the small Aetheroid below.

The craft touched down gently atop the grass, the propellers spinning down as Fortune removed the key
from the ignition.

"I'll get the blanket." The fox-squirrel said with an infectious grin, "You go out and find a good place to
set it up, okay?"

Billy nodded and stepped out the door, down onto the step, and then down a good four or five feet as the
dirt fell away from beneath him, revealing a small cave.

The kobold's surprised shriek drew his boyfriend's attention. Fortune's ears twitched with amusement as
he looked down the hole to see a scowling, dirty, uninjured Billy.

"You are such a kobold. We set down in a nice, happy, sunny field with a pretty pond and some trees
and you go and find a cave." He teased.

Billy sighed, "Can you give me a hand and help me up?"

Fortune hopped down into the hole.

"Or I guess you could come down here with me too, that works." He said, rolling his eyes.

Fortune peered into the darkness, the cave sloping gently downwards, "We can eat lunch later. There
might be something down here. You don't see caves in Aetheroids too often; usually they're solid chunks
of rock."

Billy sighed and climbed up out of the pit, darting into the Aethercraft to retrieve his spear and Fortune's
dueling dagger and rapier. If they were going to go poking around in a cave, like any good dungeon
crawler, they were going to be armed. Forewarned is forearmed the saying goes.

Later on Billy would think that his thinking the saying earlier made for a wonderful pun.


A few minutes of spelunking revealed no monsters, but as they rounded a corner, the duo found
themselves quite a treasure.

"A pre-merge Aethercraft!" Billy said with awe as he recognized the metallic hull of the vessel. It could be
a ship, but typically metal ships were sunk into the ocean, not floating around in rocks in the middle of
space. Nor did they have doors and a stairway that would be below the water line.

Especially not one that opened by itself the moment the two came within arm's reach. It hissed open
softly, oddly fresh, pleasant scented air wafting out. Apparently the air filtration systems still worked.

Billy poked his spear in through the door, tapping it on the ground to make sure there weren't any nasty
surprises. Finding none, he stepped forward, looking closely for holes out of which sharp metal objects
could come rushing at any moment. He was somewhat disappointed to find that the former owners of
the ship weren't as concerned with home safety as your typical kobold.

"You look disappointed that there aren't any traps to take apart." Fortune said with a grin, giving the
kobold a hug, "Don't worry, I bet you'll find some old piece of magical technology to poke and prod at."

Billy smiled at that, and strode into the opened door as if he owned the place, which by salvager's rights
he probably did. He was rather surprised when he found himself in a rather long hallway. The buried
vessel was more the size of a ship than the small Aethercraft he'd expected.

"Oh wow," he said, "If this thing still works we might have to upgrade. This thing is huge!"

Fortune hopped in after him and looked down the hallway as well, "Well, if we can get it out of here and
if it has all the comforts of home."

"If it doesn't, I bet it's big enough that we have a place to put our craft, and then we'll have the best of
both worlds."

Fortune nodded, "But first we have to find the control room to see if it even works, usually it's at the far

"Yeah, but we don't know which end is the front. So I guess let's just pick one, and if it's wrong, we can
come back and head the other way."

Billy headed to the left with Fortune following behind. The fox-squirrel raised a handpaw, placing it on
the wall.

"Weird, it feels warm, and it feels kind hot and humid in here." He said.

"I like it warm." Billy said with a grin, stopping to hug the fuzzy fox-squirrel, burying his muzzle in
Fortune's neck fur, "Mmm... warmth."

"Says the terrible cover thief." Fortune said with a giggle, turning so that his muzzle met Billy's in a brief

Emboldened by the kiss, Billy darted on ahead, eager to see if the Aethership would be theirs'. If it was,
they'd have to have it broken in properly, with celebratory sex in every room. That might take awhile,
considering how big the ship was.

The two moved down the hallway, finding it curved slightly to right, following the contour of the ship's
exterior. It ended in a smooth hexagonal hatch that was a few shades darker then the rest of the pale
blue-white interior of the craft.

Billy approached and began to poke at it, trying to figure out how it opened, while Fortune peered at one
of the recessed, pale blue lights that illuminated the hall.

"Okay, let's see, the outside one was motion activated, I think." The kobold said, though the door hadn't
opened on his approach.

"Um, Billy?" Fortune said, "The lights are weird. They're filled with glowing liquid, and they're..." the fox
poked one, finding it to have a soft, pliable membrane, "Soft. They're like big water balloons."

"I'll remember not to throw them at you. I don't want to end up with a glow in the dark boyfriend. The light
would keep me up all night." Billy said, poking at the place where the six triangular sections came

They door opened, and the off balance kobold fell through, tumbling down a small ramp, thankfully
landing on something soft and squishy, feeling rather like a beanbag chair filled with mashed potatoes, a
sensation he'd only experienced twice before.

He stood and surveyed the room around him. It was... weird. Like the room had been made of clay and
everything had been pinched and shaped up from the floor, walls, and ceiling. Most things were
rounded, giving it a bit of an organic look.

There were several rounded, vaguely chair-shaped object placed before angled tables, likely the control
systems. Billy leaned down to see if they were similar to any of the dozens of systems he knew how to

But he didn't see any designs or buttons or anything. He put a hand to the console, trying to brush away
some of the blueness to see if it was just clingy dust of a sort.

"Be careful with that," warned Fortune as he stepped in to look over the control room, "You have no idea
what it..."

The hexagonal door slammed shut just as quickly as it opened. The console was now glowing with a
single, large glyph, as were the rest of the half dozen or so in the room. They blinked on an off slowly.

"What it does." Finished the wincing fox-squirrel with a sigh. "You probably just turned on the security

"Good!" Billy said rather happily, "If it means traps or automated defenses, then it's something to take
The kobold stood at the ready, watching multiple circular openings slowly sliding open in the floor and

Fortune peered up into one, trying to see if it was anything dangerous. He promptly received a face full
of sticky, translucent blue gunk.

His lips curled in disgust as he whipped the stuff from his eyes.

"Well, that's not too terrible. I'm sure I can figure out an effective countermeasure for blue Jell-O." the
kobold said with a laugh that was soon stifled as Fortune tossed a ball of the stuff at him, giving them
matching goo-covered faces.

"That wasn't funny." Billy said with a scowl.

Fortune grinned, "I think it's hilarious."

Thicker slime started to pour from the holes, dripping slowly downward, forming gelatinous stalactites
and thick strands of blue.

"This stuff isn't caustic or anything. So if this was meant to be a trap by drowning, I think whatever the
stuff is might've dried out awhile ago." Billy said, prodding a tendril of slime with his foot.

With a serpentine suddenness the tendril struck, wrapping itself around Billy's ankle.

Fortune rolled his eyes, "Oh great, I think you pissed it off."

Billy leaned down and tried to pull his ankle free of the encircling slime, but only earned a pair of tendrils
around his wrists for his troubles. A fourth quickly seized his remaining ankle, leaving him fully bound.

"Oooh! Kinky!" Fortune said with a giggle, stumbling over to his boyfriend, seeming a bit tipsy, "I think
the ship wants to play!"

The fox-squirrel moaned softly as slime tendrils curled around his wrists and ankles, several more of the
things beginning to move, slipping beneath their clothes, with intent to remove them.

"Well, I hope it just wants to play!" Billy said, still trying to free himself, "Because if it's supposed to tie us
up until its owner gets here, I think it's going to be an awful long wait."

Fortune's eyes went wide as he opened his mouth and let out a contended moan of pleasure, "I don't
think it's interested only in tying us up." He said, his breath beginning to quicken.

Billy looked at his boyfriend questioningly, but before he could open his mouth to ask a question, the
tentacles began to undress him as well, and not merely undress him, but tease him.

They leaked a thinner, warmer slime, seemingly for lubrication. Most definitely for lubrication, as Billy felt
one probe at his tailhole, and then slip inside. Another curled around his balls, squeezing gently as they
rest of the tendrils stripped him down to his bare scales.
More tentacles slid out of their holes in the ceiling and floor, these were thicker and dripped a thick,
silver-blue solution which they began to smear over the captive fox-squirrel and kobold.

Fortune gleefully tilted his head back, playfully trying to catch one of the things. Successful he managed
to coax one into his mouth, where her began to gleefully suckle upon it, his shaft already erect as he
attempted to thrust against the tentacles, which seemed to have little interest in that particular piece of

The silver slime-dripping tentacles seemed to widen in places as they began to bring forth something
more solid than the slime, which was beginning to dry where it had been applied to Billy and Fortune's
arms, legs, and tails. It tingled rather pleasantly.

Billy clenched his teeth, turning his head away from a tentacle that had a keen interest in penetrating his
maw, an ovoid shape held just a few inches from the end, visible through the translucent slime. It wanted
to pack the two trespassers full of eggs.

The kobold whimpered as he felt his tailhole stretch, the tentacle already inside of him pushing its
contents into its new 'nest.' The egg made him feel pleasantly warm inside, it seemed to send spreading
feelings of warmth and pleasure through his interior.

Unable to help himself, Billy moaned with pleasure, the tentacle hovering before him taking the
opportunity to slip inside. It felt rather nice actually; its slow, rhythmic pumping making it feel rather like
sucking a cock.

Fortune 'mmmed' happily as he caressed the intruding tentacle with his tongue, the tendrils rewarding
his acceptance and passiveness by tilting him back, supporting him as he lay back in the air.

They were not gripping him as tightly now, allowing him to wrap his slime-covered hand around his shaft,
beginning to stroke.

The silver slime seemed to sink into the skin, but also to harden atop it, removing Fortune's fur where it
touched, making a strange sort of shell.

The larger tentacles broke apart, becoming many small ones. They slid over the two, caressing them,
leaking more of the silver slime. But they weren't merely caressing, they seemed to have a purpose as
they leaked their contents onto the two.

Liquid silver coated their arms and legs and Fortune's stroking assured that the goo covered his cock as
well. The substance began to darken, to solidify, growing somewhat translucent as it covered the flesh,
seeming to provide protection in order for it to be altered.

And alter it did. Billy and Fortune's fingers and toes were made to fuse, leaving two fingers and a thumb
upon each hand and two chitin covered toes that came to points. But such was not the limitations of the

As the fox-squirrel and kobold enjoyed the invasion of the tentacles, they found the color draining from
their bodies. Billy's scales began to smooth out, their lilac purple leeching away to a shade of blue-white,
his hair becoming a deep amethyst.

Fortune too found himself recolored according to the same design, his yellow and brown fur receded into
increasingly blue-white skin, his white hair darkening to the identical dark purple that Billy now wore.

The tentacles seemed to concentrate upon Fortune, more eggs being pushed into him, more slime being
packed onto him, primarily in the tail area. With his fur removed, seemingly devoured by the strange
process that was warping his body, his tail was a sad, skinny shade of its former thick, bushy self.

Under the care of the slime, however, it quickly began to bulk up, being shaped into a long, tapering
length like the reptilian kobold sported. The two were growing increasingly similar, now nearly identical in
coloration and tail structure, but that would not last long either. The additional eggs that Fortune received
seemed to have quite an effect upon his body. The fox-squirrel's body began to slowly shift, weight being
moved around. The mass of his body was being drawn from the midsection and placed upon his arms
and legs.

In a few moments it was obvious what was occurring, the fox-squirrel's frame was being altered into a
more feminine state. His hips and rump grew rounded and wide, the flesh around his deep purple
nipples growing puffy, expanding outward from his chest.

The dried slime upon his cock and tail began to crack, exposing new flesh beneath it. His tail was a
mirror of Billy's, and his cock now the same amethyst shade of his hair, eyes, and nipples.

The kobold's own member had turned the same pale color as the rest of him, and it seemed to have
grown larger, as had Fortune's. It was upon the loins that the changes centered now, broadening,
lengthening, and thickening their shafts and making their balls tingle strangely as something went to
work upon them, making the sack swell, growing larger to house the new contents. As their nethers
grew, the slime dripping tentacles returned, applying more of the substance upon the shoulders, sides,
and backs of the two. The sensations felt were strange, like a pins and needles feeling outside their
flesh, like that of phantom limbs.

With the liquid slime hardening into a thick, rubbery, protective shell, new flesh and bone began to form.
A new pair of limbs slowly took shape, simplistic and barely formed at first, but rapidly growing outward
and gaining definition. In a few moments it became rather clear what the two were being transformed


The tentacles slowly withdrew, lowering the two lovers to the ground. They moaned softly as the
tentacles withdrew, but their bodies continued to buck and thrust as their transformations continued.

The slime that covered them and had hardened was no longer transparent. It was now a grey-blue color.
Both still under the effects of the mind-numbing substances in the eggs and slime that had been pumped
into them, they began to explore their altered forms with four chitinous hands.

Fortune gripped his new breasts, delighting in the feel of them, their wonderful softness and sensitivity.
Warmth surged inside of him, swirled around in his belly for a few moments before slithering up his
spine, entering his mind.

The insectoid fox-squirrel moaned as the bones of his skull shifted ever so slightly, allowing a pair of
small tendrils to slip out. But they were not small for very long. They quickly grew to a length of nearly
two feet, branching out like a tree, or like a feather. The moth-like antennae tingled as the proper cells
within began to activate.

Fortune's eyes widened as his mind was flooded with information, sights, sounds, scents, and more. The
ship was alive, and it had been waiting for what it needed to return to full operation.

It had been attacked by pirates long ago, its crew abducted, leaving behind only the sterile workers, cat
and dog sized insects with no intellect to them, guided entirely by the living ship's consciousness. It had
used its workers to prepare for a time when it would be discovered, to be able to create new queens in
order to repopulate both workers and crew. And after unknown years, decades, maybe even centuries of
slumber, it had been awakened by Fortune and Billy.

Two different kinds of queens, to be exact. Fortune was made into the commander, his feathered
antennae allowing for powerful telepathic transmission and reception, able to give orders through direct
mental contact as well as through heightened pheromone production. Billy's antennae were shorter and
more solid, they stuck up and then bent forward, ending in a round protuberance. He lacked Fortune's
broad telepathic powers; his were more focused, allowing him to more easily communicate directly with
the ship. He served as pilot and engineer in one.

The two began to stroke their growing egg sacks, for that is what hung between their legs now, huge,
thick, and heavy. Each could feel the eggs already forming within them, different from the eggs that had
been stuffed into their bodies. Those had not been truly eggs, but rather storage capsules filled with
transformative compounds, nutrition, and chemicals to allow them to relax and enjoy their ascent into

Their sacks were about the same size as their upper bodies, and still continued to grow, a slit opening at
the end, already beginning to leak lubrication as the first of many eggs prepared for its journey.

Their carapaces were now fully hardened, a dark blue-purple about the same darkness as their hair, but
with the blue and the purple reversed. Fortune's markings had transferred to his carapace, metallic
purple stripes upon his carapace, darker blue stripes upon his back, tail, and ears.

The fox-squirrel gasped as the ship revealed something else to him. That he was now a she. The
alterations to Fortune's figure had not merely been for the ship's own amusement, or an overdose of the
insect hormones the two had been given, but rather for a different purpose. The ship would soon have a
new force of workers to maintain and operate it, but it still lacked a crew. It only had enough resources to
create a handful of queens, so creating a full and proper crew would require other methods.

The command-queen grinned and licked her lips, having the ship keep the information from her lover.
Fortune caressed her breasts, noting that they leaked with the thick, rich, nutrient-filled honey that would
be the primary food source for the ship's workers, though it wouldn't all come from her.
She cried out with delight as she felt the first egg slip from the slit of her egg sac, a small climax making
her body quiver. Her egg sack, and that of her mate, were now fully grown, as long as Fortune was tall,
but much thicker. The smooth floor of the ship would allow for comfort in pulling the weight around.

Billy had stood and begun to look himself over a somewhat tentative expression upon his face. It all
seemed strange to him, but he had to admit it felt good. Fortune could feel his trepidation and with a
short empathic burst and a release of certain scents drove it away.

The kobold gasped, his cock (Actually it was primarily an ovipositor now, but Fortune kept that bit of
information to herself) suddenly dripped with a thick load of precum. He turned to Fortune and grinned,
the fox-squirrel lifting her tail invitingly.

The operations-queen walked across the room, gasping softly at the sensation of his egg sack sliding
over the floor. He was upon Fortune in an instant, hugging the fox-squirrel to him, his ovi slipping
beneath her tail. It felt different, so much better than sex had before.

Fortune grinned, coaxing her lover on with mental nudges. Billy's upper hands gripped her breasts, while
the others grasped her hips, pleasuring her even more.

The command-queen let out a loud moan of delight, her ovi creating a large puddle of fluid beneath her
as she wished to have the ship fully operational as soon as possible, and that meant laying eggs as
rapidly as she could.

With malicious glee she found that she was able to induce the same condition within her beloved kobold,
whose own egg sack had begun to lay eggs, rewarding him with its pleasure.

"Wh-what?!" Billy whispered, feeling something thick and heavy entering his cock from within.

"You're laying eggs from both ends, silly." Fortune said, turning and giving Billy's nose a lick, "I thought
you might find it fun."

Billy grinned wickedly and situated himself upon Fortune's egg sack, making sure his length was as
deep into the fox-squirrel as it could go, "And I'm going to make sure that they're all going to go into
you!" he said, playfully nibbling on Fortune's ear.

The command-queen's equally sinister grin went unseen as her muzzle parted in a delighted moan of
pleasure as Billy's egg began to push into her, on its way towards her inner egg-pouch. Kept within her
body, exposed to certain hormones, the eggs would develop into something more than the mere
insectoid beasts that were workers; they would quickly grow into sentient insectoids.

"More!" Fortune cried, "Give me more!"

Billy growled softly and began to thrust harder, trying to coax the eggs from his ovi into the fox-squirrel's
body. But instead of his ovi narrowing with the passage of an egg and drawing out another it continued
to stretch, and stretch, and stretch. What was coming was not many eggs, but one large one.

"Ugh!" Billy grunted, "How is this thing going to f... fit?"

It just kept getting bigger and bigger, stretching the two lowers wider and wider, the sensations rocking
their altered forms growing more and more powerful by the second. Fortune didn't bother to reply,
merely tilting her head back to howl in exquisite bliss as her body accepted the massive treasure.

"Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods..." panted Billy, hugging Fortune tighter and tighter against him, the kobold
clenching his teeth, trying to prevent the building pressure within him from turning into a messy
explosion. His ovi felt like a fire-hose with a clamp on it, incredible pressure building behind it,
threatening to make him burst.

And then the pressure was gone, the huge, heavy egg passing its middle point, the widest portion of its
hard-shelled form. Fortune's body no longer had any resistance, the tension within her now aiding the
egg's passage, rather than hindering it.

Billy's feeling of being like a hose building pressure was a perfectly apt description. Lubrication fluids
flowed from his ovi with incredible force as he climaxed, all of it eagerly slurped up by Fortune, making
her belly swell even more in addition to the presence of the egg.

The kobold panted, drained from the effort it took to expel the massive egg from himself. He closed his
eyes, resting his head upon his mate's shoulder, his four hands caressing her swollen belly.

"I... I'm not sure if I ever want to do that again." He sighed.

Fortune giggled and squirmed free from her mate's embrace, letting the operations-queen fall to the
rather sticky floor, the kobold worn and weary. She purred softly, lifting Billy's tail with one hand, another
slipping beneath it to caress her lover's tailhole.

"Oh no you don't!" she growled softly, "Now it's my turn to lay an egg in you!"

Billy's eyes widened and he yelped in terror, "No! No way! I'm too tired, I have a headache, I need to
wash my hair!" he protested, trying to drag himself away from Fortune's clutches, but the fox-squirrel
was insistent.

"It's not going to hurt, you big baby! Now just relax, think placid thoughts. You're going to be a mommy

Billy groaned as Fortune's ovi slipped into him, a bit of a grin on his face.

"Enjoy it, because this is the only time I'm going to let you be on top like this."

Fortune giggle and nibbled upon Billy's ear.

"Oh you'll try, but once you're all worn out and unable to resist, that's when I'll strike." She purred.

"Yeah?" Billy said with a chuckle, turning his head.

"Yeah." Fortune replied, her muzzle parting to accept her lover's tongue, the two transformed queens
sharing a deep, loving kiss.
17 - Witch's Ward

Shattered Shards: Witch's Ward

By Von Krieger

Natsumi stood on the doorstep shaking; her teeth clenched tightly, a blush upon her face. She took in
deep breaths, trying to calm herself, trying to work up the nerve she would need for the task ahead of
her. She ran her fingers over her short, cotton candy pink hair, a reminder of what she had gone through
in the preceding weeks. She sighed softly and winced, slowly raising her hand to knock on the door,
which opened a moment before her hand moved forward.

She gasped softly, her eyes going wide as the store's owner startled her, the taller woman finding her
own actions amusing.

"I never get tired of doing that." She said with a chuckle, "Now, what brings you to knock upon the door
of my home just as I'm settling down for dinner?"

"I... I..." Natsumi stuttered, trying to get out the words.

The mocha skinned store owner looked down at the skittish young woman upon the doorstep, her grin
widening, "I expect you have something to say? An apology perhaps for something you did around a
month or so ago?"

Natsumi's blush deepened and she nodded, "I'm s-sorry. I-it was part of my initiation into the Thieves'
Guild, ma'am. I was supposed to take some things from your store without getting caught."

"And for a time you thought you did, didn't you?"

The girl nodded, "Y-yeah, but then..." she sighed, "Anyway, the Guild doesn't want me anymore. They
were the only ones that expressed interest in me at the hiring fair."

New Waterdeep's monthly hiring fair, where those seeks jobs and apprenticeships would gather and
anyone looking for employees in the manner of Old Aerth would present the potential hire with a scroll
with their expected duties and location. Though most places handed out modern business cards, the
Thieves' Guild however, slipped them into the pockets of potential trainees, the vanishing ink making the
card blank if the target didn't find it upon their person within a few minutes.

"And?" the shopkeeper asked, one brow raised, "This has to do with me how?"

Natsumi seemed to shrink, drawing back and making herself look as non-threatening as possible, her
face in a wince, her muscles tight, expecting to be struck for her impertinence for daring to speak the
words she did. "I was wondering if you wanted an apprentice for your spellcraft, ma'am." She said
through clenched teeth.
The effects of the witch's magic upon Natsumi were obvious to anyone who had laid eyes upon her. The
first alteration had shown itself as the girl's hair had grown out, her natural mousey brown replaced by a
hot, shocking pink at the roots, several shades more vibrant, but still recognizable as the cotton candy
she'd stolen from a street vendor a few blocks from the witch's shop.

The guild had lopped off her hair the moment it was discovered that Natsumi's theft had not quite gone
as undetected as she thought. She was left with nothing but memories for her natural hair color.

But the candy hadn't merely colored her hair, it had taken its toll upon the figure of the formally scrawny,
narrow thief-in-training. Her hips and rump had grown larger over a span of two weeks, to the point
where she needed to buy pants several sizes larger in order to be comfortable.

It looked rather ludicrous for awhile, but then the item that she'd stolen from the witch's shop kicked in.
Flat chested and rather shy about it, Natsumi had stolen a tube of bust enlargement cream, which had
its advertised effect. The girl's bust had expanded, and expanded, and expanded.

They were now twice as large as the poor girl's head, and drew attention to here wherever she went.
Pickpocketing and general sneak thievery were out of the question, and they made her a bit unsteady
and ungainly for anything requiring precision or agility. They got in the way when she tried to pick locks;
they blocked her view of trapped tiles on the floor and anything else below her chest for that matter.

In short the witch's curse has made quite sure that Natsumi would not be stealing from anyone ever
again. She looked ridiculous, with breasts close to the size of beach balls and a rear like two thirds of the
same all placed upon a five foot tall frame that was never meant to hold three digits worth of weight.

The witch blinked, her turn to be surprised, "I was expecting you to tell my that you'd learned your lesson
and would be asking for me to lift the curses I placed upon you so that you could take on a new career,
not ask me for employment."

Natsumi shook her head, "I'm not expecting you to undo the changes that my own actions caused. I did
a little study into magic in the Guild's library, and to be honest, it sounds more interesting and
challenging than petty theft and robbery. I figured you might prefer me working off my debt to you and
learning how to break the curses on my own to me showing up on your doorstep and whining and
begging to be changed back."

The witch's smile returned, "You figured correctly. And while I wasn't expecting fortune and fate to
provide me one so soon, I had been thinking about acquiring an apprentice to help me with some of the
day to day tasks of the store. You can have one of the upstairs bedrooms. I have some old clothes that I
can enchant to fit you, and you'll earn a small commission on anything you make or sell. Sound fair?"

It was Natsumi's turn to look surprised; she hadn't expected to be offered what she had asked.
Especially without being turned into a lizard or something.

She nodded her head rapidly, "Y-yes ma'am!" she said softly.

"Don't ma'am me, call me Chizura. I'm not one for formality, and you can tell that I'm not one for doing
things the way most people do them, either. You already know my policy on shoplifting." She said with a
wink. "Now come on in, dinner's ready. I had a feeling I was going to have company, so I went and made
enough for two. Now, let's hear all about yourself, see if we can get a good indication of where to start
your magical and alchemical training..."


Natsumi hummed happily to herself as she made her way toward the bathroom for her morning shower.
Though she showered every night just before dinner, her morning shower was less about getting clean
and more about getting herself fully woken up without the eye-widening rush that she got if she drank
some of Chizura's coffee. The stuff was strong and using enchanted water in the mix likely didn't make
things more palatable for Natsumi.

She carried along her clothes for the day, a hand-me-down outfit from Chizura that the witch had altered
to fit the young woman's frame through some minor sorcery. Though the witch stood a foot taller and
had a slightly plump build, the girl's butt and bosom meant that a similar amount of material was used.

Though the outfits were not something she'd consider fashionable, what with their bright colors and
clashing patterns, they were rather comfortable. The material had been altered to take on the properties
of spandex, making everything tightly hug and support her body. Today she wore one of Chizura's
favorite color combinations, a mix of leopard print with the feel of velvet, combined with shiny, purple

It was a mix of sensations, soft and fuzzy, and smooth and sleek. She could see why her tutor enjoyed
the fabrics. She supposed that people expected a bit of eccentricity from a witch and her apprentice, and
brightly colored, clashing clothes were more agreeable than bright green skin, warts, and a collection of

Natsumi's eyes widened as Chizura appeared at the top of the stairs, heading for the bathroom as well,
her skin indeed a bright green. Though on a second look, Natsumi saw that instead her teacher had just
gotten a faceful of slime.

"Second Tuesday of the lunar month, should've remembered. The local water elemental gets rather
moody if you use too much of the solid ingredients for a potion." Chizura explained, "A little hot water,
soap, and some scrubbing takes it right off the skin. I won't be but ten minutes."

Natsumi blushed, "Um... it takes me a good twenty or thirty minutes to get fully washed up, ma'am." The
water heater typically peaked at fifteen, slowly went from hot to warm until twenty five, and went quickly
from warm to cold after that.

The witch gave her apprentice a playful glare, "What did I tell you about using that word?"

The girl blushed deeper, "S-sorry, Chizura!" she apologized.

"Don't call me ma'am, it makes me feel old. And you know what they say, you're only as young as you
think you are, and I think I've been in my mid twenties for a good three hundred years."

Natsumi's eyes widened, she had suspected that the witch was older than she looked, but she hadn't
been expecting her to be THAT old. Chizura did indeed look to be in her mid to late twenties.

"I've been meaning to give that lazy salamander in the hot water heater a piece of my mind. He spends
far too much time napping, and a snoozing salamander means tepid water for everyone in the evening."
She said, beginning to strip of her slime-spattered clothes.

"There's plenty of room in the shower, I think we can share." The witch said pleasantly, revealing more
of her chocolate colored skin with each moment.

"Ma'am I... er... Chizura..." Natsumi stuttered, her blush growing even worse, trying to find the proper
words for what she was trying to say.

The witch turned the shower on and took Natsumi's clothes from her grasp, placing them on the counter.
With a quick motion she had the belt of the girl's bathrobe undone and her hands on Natsumi's
shoulders, pushing her into the shower.

"Oh hush, it's not like either of us has anything that we haven't seen before." The witch said, attempting
to silence Natsumi's protests.

The apprentice spun around, the words on the tip of her tongue, when she got a glimpse of her teacher
in the full nude. She couldn't help but stare, Chizura had a stunning figure, too well-padded to be on the
cover of any fashion magazines, but with her generous bust (which seemed to be somewhere on the
borderline of too big to be natural, but not 'float-y' enough to be magically enhanced), exotic features,
perfect skin, and deep purple hair, she was as gorgeous as Natsumi could expect anyone to be in real

"I... I..." she sputtered, her gaze moving up and down her teacher's body.

"Was wondering if the purple was my natural color? Well, it isn't, but neither is the green down there. I'm
surprised that every hair I have isn't a completely different color than the others, all things considering."

Natsumi remained silent, letting Chizura scrub off the mess of the magical accident, doing her best to
avoid accidentally doing what she would typically do to wake herself up every morning. As a result she'd
washed her hair, gotten most of her body lathered up and rinsed, all that remained was...

"Oh what a putz I am!" Chizura said with a giggle, "Don't be ashamed about it, love, I've had knockers
like yours before, for about a week before I managed to exorcise the air elemental from them, I know
how sensitive they can be."

Natsumi nearly turned red from head to toe, her head lowered as she stared at the base of the tub, or
tried to, since her massive breasts were in the way.

"Oh relax, don't be embarrassed! I should've figured that washing a pair of whoppers like these would be
a bit more intense than usual, and a young woman would want her privacy while bathing. No wonder it
takes you so long to wash up! You have all this..." Chizura absently ran her hands over the sides of
Natsumi's breasts, moving up to the top, and then back down again.
"All this that you have to get scrubbed and clean, and I bet that the way it feels drives you to distraction
every time you have a go at it."

Natsumi couldn't reply, she was panting, overwhelmed with sensation. Her own touches were typically
lighter than Chizura's, the witch had sunk her fingers in a bit to the soft, spongy flesh.

"Maybe showers would go faster if I washed these for you?" the witch asked, lathering up her hands with
a bar of nope, not waiting for Natsumi's answer, but the girl had nodded her head. Chizura grinned and
focused the spray of the shower head straight down before lathering up Natsumi's plentiful breasts. The
apprentice's knees seemed to turn to water as her teacher groped and fondled her in the guise of

The witch grinned and coaxed the girl downwards, having her sit in the tub. Natsumi's legs had nowhere
to go but around her kneeling instructor's waist. She tried to hold it in, but it quickly became obvious that
Chizura was more interested in teasing her student than actually getting her washed.

"Loosen up, Natsumi!" Chizura said with a giggle, splashing water up onto the girl to wash away the
suds, "If it feels good and you want to make a noise, just let it out! My word, if you keep it bottled in all
the time no wonder you're in here twice a day doing this! You can't let your emotion out in little drips and
drabs, dear."

Chizura grinned and leaned down, running her tongue gently over Natsumi's breast, up to her neck,
stopping just short of her lips.

"Especially your fire-elemental emotions; you keep your need and your lust bottled up, they're just going
to get hotter and hotter, under more and more pressure until you can't hold them in anymore and they

Natsumi did indeed feel like she was going to burst. She could feel her pussy throb, her nethers longing
for contact with something, anything, as they slowly leaked the essence of her arousal.

"Don't be afraid; just do what your body tells you is right." Chizura purred, her lips mere inches from
Natsumi's own.

The girl let out a soft, muted moan, turning her head away.

"Don't think about what other people have told you is right, don't worry about what other people would
think if they found out. You're going to be a witch, dearie, it's a position of power and respect. You
dictate your own terms on just about everything around here."

A purple lacquered fingertip gently coaxed Natsumi's gaze to meet her teacher's with the lightest of
pressures upon her chin.

She clenched her eyes shut and pressed her lips against Chizura's, tightening her legs around her
teacher's waist, pulling her sex against the smooth, water-slicked skin of the witch's tummy.

It was bliss, sheer, erotic bliss. It opened the floodgates within Natsumi, a deluge of trapped power
rushing free from its prison. She felt the searing heat flow through her, blood flowing to the sensitive
places in her body, making them swell and ache with need.

"You see, my girl, this is just a month's worth of power. If you're going to be a witch, to have to tend to all
your body's needs, to keep everything in balance. You can't just stuff your feelings into a dark part of
your soul and only let them out when they suit you."

Chizura ran her fingers through Natsumi's cotton candy hair, which had only recently grown long enough
for the witch to be able to do so.

"If we'd let this continue, some day you'd be out walking in the mall and you'd notice that each step you
took made all your tender bits rub against your clothes in an annoying, but pleasurable way. You'd keep
walking, trying to ignore it, paying no attention to that trickle of moisture down your legs."

Chizura's lips moved downward, kissing Natsumi's neck, and then her breasts, alternating with each

"And then it wouldn't be a trickle anymore, but a torrent. You'd head for the bathroom, but just short of it
you just couldn't walk anymore. You couldn't stand it, you'd tear your shirt open, let these beauties swing
free. You'd claw open your pants, to start to rub and caress yourself. You'd call out to other shoppers,
begging for them to help you scratch your not so little itch."

Natsumi had heard of incidents like that, heck, she'd actually seen a girl break down like that in the mall

"Now, just let it come. Let the fire surge through you. It will burn, but the burn will not be one of pain. Let
go of your last hold upon it, let the fires have free reign over you."

The pink haired girl moaned loudly, giving voice to the pleasures within her, but she could still feel a
pressure within herself, something that she was holding back.

"Come on, my girl, just let it go. Admit it to yourself."

Natsumi let out a loud cry, a wordless vocalization of the sweet pleasure and bitter frustration that
coursed through her. She could feel herself on the very edge, needing just the slightest of nudges to get
over, but she had something that tethered her, preventing her from that last fraction of an inch.

Chizura leaned forward and whispered something into Natsumi's ear. The girl's eyes widened and the
tether snapped. She clung tightly to her mentor as her body tensed and quivered under the throes of

The witch had been right; Natsumi did indeed find herself wanting to experience that terrible,
embarrassing, humiliating, public breakdown. Not all of her wanted it, but there was a part of her that

"A talented witch has to face the truth, face reality. She cannot lie to herself. Denying the urges of your
inner darkness is something we all must do, but denying that there is such a darkness in the first place
will do far more harm than good." Chizura explained, shutting off the now tepid flow of water.

She stepped from the shower and offered her apprentice a hand to help her up.

"Now, let's put all that fire you have surging around inside yourself to work before it drifts off back into
the ether..." she said with a grin.


"Okay, and I'll just need you to sit right here and concentrate. You're the power source here. You just
need to keep the water and fire mana coming." Chizura explained.

Natsumi nodded and knelt within her portion of the circle. She'd helped her mentor with a few fusions
before, taking a few magical items and electronic devices and uniting them into a single, functional unit.

At the very base most magics didn't mix very well. You could make a crystal ball for communication, or
you could make one for long distance vision, scrying as it was called, but making a single ball with both
functions essentially multiplied the effort, resources, and difficulty that it took to create. Since the Joining
of the Worlds, union magics like this had become easy to do, the energies from combining two planets,
possibly two entire universes, lingered allowing for rituals like this to take place. It was simple, one
merely needed to have the capability of channeling the raw amount of power needed.

It wasn't particularly subtle; it was a brute force type of thing, but the more skill and refinement put into
the task, the more effective the resulting device. A few percentage points of functionality or a more
aesthetically pleasing end result. The processes could not be automated, and the individualized nature
of each ritual casting made for varying results. It was easier for the companies to produce the parts, and
allow after-market spellcasters to make a thriving business in putting them together.

In this case the items were an old laptop computer, several upgrades for a desktop computer, a piece of
bubble wrap, a paper-sized sheet of transparent plastic, and a rolled up scroll.

The scroll was for shape, the computer parts for function, the clear sheet for substance, and the bubble
wrap for texture, giving the 'keyboard' on the resulting incredibly light weight computer buttons that had
tactile feedback, rather than mere flat runes upon the page.

Natsumi had done a few item merges before, but never something with an element so complex as a
computer before. Thankfully she was just the power supply for the spell.

She merely closed her eyes and focused upon the fire within her. Fire was the driving element, the heat
of the forge and smelter. Given great enough heat, anything would break down into its basest
component form. But rather than physical heat, the power used by the ritual was sort of a mental heat; it
took items down to the component ideas and mixed them together.

That was what the water mana was for. The only substance found naturally in the three classical states
of matter, it allowed for an easy transition between states when applied in the same manner. It allowed
them to flow, to mix, to merge, to be easily shaped by a powerful will.
While Natsumi had the focus to perform smaller and less complicated merges something like this was
far beyond her ability. She had the brute force, but not the delicate touch required.

She could feel Chizura drawing upon her power, could feel the surging heat slowly flowing from her spirit
and out into the circle, where it mixed with the other elemental magics Chizura called upon for the ritual.

But oddly when the heat had vanished completely from within Natsumi she felt it flowing back again, but
dulled. The sensation was different, it wasn't the burn of a flame, but the insistent warmth of a fluid. Like
a hot bath for the soul. She knew the feeling of this sort of power, the mix of manas used in the fusion

Something had gone wrong, the circle must've been drawn with a flaw, Natsumi was being used as a
subject as well, not merely as the provider of power!

She opened her eyes and spun to meet the gaze of her teacher. Chizura grinned and winked at her.
Natsumi looked down at the floor, the circles within the main circle were fake, the runes and designs
within them blocking the flow of magic into them, rather than coax it inward. The only parts of the
complex diagram that glowed where the main circle itself, and the two smaller circles that Natsumi and
Chizura sat in. Natsumi's eyes widened, she recalled the sight of her teacher in the shower, the purple
hair upon her head, and the green above her loins.

If Chizura was indeed three hundred years old, and had retained her youth for that long, had it been
through merging with younger girls? Stealing their youth and vigor for herself.

Natsumi begin to stand, ready to break the circle, but Chizura spoke the last word, and the apprentice
felt herself flow, her entire being turn to liquid and forced through a narrow pipe into some other place.

It was disorienting, her sense going completely blank for several moments before they returned. She felt
dizzy, awkward, like she had too many limbs and no idea where each of them was supposed to go. She
tried to take a step, but fell over, landing oddly. It felt like she was doing the splits, but painlessly and...

"Urgh," Chizura said, putting her hands to her head, "I thought I'd get it right with the dizziness this time."
She muttered, "Ah well, maybe next time."

The witch's voice came from Natsumi's right, but she felt it, she felt the hands upon Chizura's temples
also. She turned her head and found her vision going purple, her teacher's long locks tickling her face.

Natsumi shared a merged body with her mentor, two heads and necks upon a widened torso. Their
clothes had merged, the patterns had been identical before, and they remained, perfectly formed for
their fused flesh. The neckline had widened for their two necks, but ventured down a little lower than
Natsumi was comfortable with, showing plentiful cleavage, which allowed her to see that Chizura's skin
and her own were divided right down the middle. Her teacher's chocolate on the right, and her pale
vanilla on the left.

She still had both her arms and both her legs, and oddly enough so did Chizura. Beneath Natsumi's left
arms was another, identical left arm, though she could only move one of them, her right arm was in its
proper place on the other side of their shared body.

Her legs on the other hand, felt all weird, it was like she had been folded sideways, her right leg placed
immediately behind her left, which was exactly where it was. They had one pair of legs facing frontwards
and one pair of legs facing backwards.

And it felt like Natsumi's already plentiful breasts had grown even larger, she could feel the weight of
them on top of Chizura's and her own front legs. She tentatively moved a hand over one, and found that
her breasts hadn't gotten bigger, Chizura's had, and they were now placed below her own, which were
seated as the upper pair.

She wasn't quite sure how she knew which portions of their shared anatomy were 'hers,' as they all gave
the same sensations, but she suspected it had something to do with instinctively knowing which bits of
their merged anatomy she had no control over.

"Sorry for the scare, Natsumi." Chizura said, "But I don't think many people would agree to this as a
teaching method."

"A teaching method?!" Natsumi said, stunned, "How does this help me learn anything?"

"Simple, you can feel what I'm doing, and though you can't control my half of our body, you can learn the
motions and movements much easier when I do them. You'll also be able to experience the same
sensations I do when I draw upon power, when I release that power, just about every step in the
spellcasting process." She said happily. "I've been doing this for a good two and a half centuries now;
trust me when I say it works a lot quicker than doing things the old fashioned way."

"Having teacher and student in two separate bodies isn't 'old fashioned!'" Natsumi shrieked, "It's the way
things are supposed to be done!"

Chizura scoffed, "Just because something has always been done in a specific way doesn't mean that it
always needs to be done in that way, or that it's the best way. Now, get your legs underneath you and
stand up, we have to buy groceries."

Natsumi shook her head, "No way, I don't want to go out in public like this! And how do I know you're
telling the truth about this being a teaching method; that you're not just leeching off my youth?"

The witch chuckled, "Is that what you think I'm doing? Stealing someone's life force, their youth as it
were, requires me to siphon off energy from your soul. So I'd either be taking bites out of it, leaving you
separate from me so I don't hurt myself, or merge the two of us entirely into one spirit.

"This is kind of a loophole for aging, the souls remain individual, but the physical form becomes one. You
can only have one set of 'age' instructions on someone. Your biological clock keeps ticking on like
normal, and while we're merged, mine rewinds until it eventually synchronizes with yours."

Natsumi was quiet for a few moments, "Then you've essentially discovered the secret of immortality.
Why haven't I heard of this before in stories?"
"Are you sure you're reading the right stories, dear?" Chizura said with a chuckle, "I think the reason you
haven't is because most magic users that wish to extend their lives beyond the normal limits are
complete and utter selfish bastards. Before the Joining fusion magics were incredibly difficult and
dangerous. Much easier to just put your soul into someone else's body."

"I didn't think this up to extend my life; I came up with this method so I could teach a particularly clumsy
student of mine how to cast properly. The fact that I get a decade or two knocked off every time I take on
an apprentice is just a bonus. Now, let's try standing, okay?"

Natsumi sighed and nodded, doing as her instructor said. It took a few tries, but she managed to get her
feet beneath her.

"Why are our legs like that?" the apprentice asked.

"If we're going to part, I have to keep our combined mass about the same as that of two people. If we got
rid of one pair of legs, I'd have to make us taller or heavier in some places in order to make up for it.

"If we keep everything just about the same size as it is as individuals, muscle memory remains the
same, making it easier to adapt to the combined body. Plus it looks better. Four legs in a row makes us
too wide to sit in just about everything, three legs means adding more space in the middle of the body,
and I think that looks awkward with just two people. Having them face the same way is kind of
problematic at first as the apprentice learns to walk; we end up with a lot of stepped on heels."

Chizura grinned, "Plus it feels kind of like a spider, all slinky and sexy."

Natsumi blushed, "Oh... oh my..."

The witch laughed, "Oh yes, dear, we're going to experience everything together. Including having to
wash all four of these things."

"Oh gods..." Natsumi whispered, her skin flushing scarlet.

Chizura reached up, gently turning Natsumi's gaze to meet her own, "But I don't think that will be too
much of a problem now, will it?"

Natsumi smiled a little, "No ma'... er... Chizura." She replied.

250 years and dozens of different designs later, Chizura always made sure of one thing in her fused
form with her students; that their torso was just wide enough to allow the two of them to kiss.

It worked wonders on silencing protests and emboldening bashful students.

And it felt positively wonderful.

18 - Cursed Costume I

Shattered Shards: Cursed Costume

By Von Krieger

Avery ran his fingers over the suit yet again, the cool slickness of the latex reassuring him, comforting
him, proving with its contact against his fingertips that it was indeed real, that it was indeed his; that such
a gorgeous, beautiful thing was in his possession. He'd been poking around the fetish clothing stores
and had come across the outfit for a virtual song. Just a little more than one hundred dollars for the
complete outfit. Enough latex to cover him from head to toe, all of it meant to make him look like a
bipedal gryphon.

The moment he laid eyes upon it he knew he had to have it. He couldn't stop thinking about what it
would feel like on him, how sexy it would be to appear as one of the gorgeous bird-cats for a little while.

His roommate, Jordan, would probably consider it to be a bit weird. But the two were always doing odd
things; they just made life more interesting after all.

He couldn't stand it any longer, he had to wear it. He'd wanted to wait and show it to Jordan as a
surprise, but being pounced by a black latex gryphon the moment he walked through the door would be
an even better surprise. Especially a female gryphon.

Avery had never really been interested in blurring the gender boundaries before. Though he enjoyed
sexual encounters with just about anyone, he'd never given the slightest thought to dressing up as a
member of the opposite sex. The gryphon suit was padded in places to give him the proper curves on
the hips and rump, as well as a somewhat generous bust, likely made all the bigger to spread out the
weight of the large latex wings that jutted from the costume's back.

He couldn't stand it any longer, and before he knew it, he had stripped himself bare and had begun to
remove the many pieces of the costume from its box. The store owner had folded up everything quite
nicely, and packed it away. The instructions were simple, dress inside to out. First the two pieces on the
torso, then the boots, then the gloves. Over them would slip the leotard-like torso piece that housed the
breasts and tail and covered the midsection, as well as giving the mask a place to strap onto. Then
would come the wing harness, and then finally the sleeves and chaps that would cover Avery's arms and
legs. He wasn't sure he could wait that long, he was already hard as a rock just from touching and
thinking about wearing the suit. He didn't think he could contain himself for the length of time it would
take to don the entire thing.

Avery couldn't imagine why the suit made him so needy, but he knew he had to put it on to relieve the
aching tension within him that was growing stronger with every moment.

He dug through the box, removing the first piece, the one that went over his loins. He stepped into it,
pulling it up, the molded latex extending outward several inches, forming a snug latex form to hold his
manhood. He sighed happily as he pulled it upwards, arranging it so his erect shaft would slip into the
opening in the thick cup-shaped crotch of the outfit. He moaned as his member was caressed by
something soft and pliable. The suit piece must be meant to serve as some sort of sex toy. It gripped his
cock snugly, but not uncomfortably, seeming to tighten slightly every so often. It felt kind of like the rest
of the latex, soft, smooth, slick, and oh so wonderful against Avery's bare skin.

Next came the top, rather like a mini-tank top or a belly shirt, Avery supposed its purpose was to protect
his skin from chaffing due to all the weight and such that would be supported by that particular area. The
costumes breasts and wings would have their weight going across his chest. The smooth latex top also
felt oddly warm to the touch, and it stretched almost fluidly, seeming to adjust itself to perfectly fit the
contours of his body. He couldn't help but run his finger over it, moaning softly as he did so. It felt like his
sense of touch extended up through the latex, which acted like a substitute skin.

Avery gripped the smooth latex over his groin and cried out as intense pleasure filled him. The suit must
be something more than he had originally thought, something with enchantments woven into it to make
wearing it more delightful. He couldn't wait to have the entire thing on.

He tugged on the boots and gloves as quickly as he could, like the top, they seemed to remold
themselves to perfectly fit his hands and feet. They felt quite comfortable, fitting perfectly without even
the slightest pinch. They gloves even managed to fit his ring and little fingers into the same glove digit
with ease. Just like with the other parts Avery's sense of touch carried over, able to feel everything
though the gloves as if it were his own flesh. The material bent easily as well, not stiff and constrictive as
he had thought it would be.

He had thought that getting the remaining suit pieces on would be rather difficult with the gloves, but
instead it was wonderfully easy. The leotard almost seemed to flow onto him and Avery let out a soft
moan as he felt something press up against his rear passage, something he hadn't noticed in the suit
before. It was rather strange; it was like a hollow tube being pressed up into him, allowing for anal sex
while wearing the outfit. Not only that but like the latex covering his cock, it seemed to throb every so
often, pleasuring him, keeping him in a heightened state of arousal.

Avery was panting, he had to get the suit on, had to get every single piece of it on. But he wanted to
stop, wanted to explore, wanted to run his clawed fingers over his new...

The touch sent him to his knees, the sensation of latex hands on latex breasts felt so delicious, so
wonderful; so frighteningly real. The suit's breasts didn't feel quite like latex, they felt real, there was
some give to them, and they didn't feel like piece of molded rubber.

Avery fumbled with the wings, his latex-clad fingertips scarcely able to slip the straps into the buckles.
But as soon as he did, he felt the latex of the wings and the leotard flow together, making them a single,
solid, wonderfully real piece.

He tried to flap his wings, but they wouldn't move. Not yet, anyway. Avery tugged on the sleeves, finding
that like the rest of the outfit, they melded together with the other aspects, becoming a second skin.

He was nearly in tears as he tugged on the pants, moaning in delight as they too became one with the
rest of the suit. Avery walked over to the place where he'd removed the mask to get to the other clothing
underneath, noticing his lush hips swaying as he walked, his leonine tail swishing from side to side as he
walked upon the balls of his feet, the gryphon suit's boots forcing his feet into that position.

It felt so natural and graceful; Avery made the movements as if he had been walking like this all his life.
He snatched up the mask in his talons, closing his eyes as he brought it to his face, slipping it over his

His lips part to let out a soft, desperate moan as he threaded the two straps into the buckles on the

Her beak opened to let out a blissful cry of pleasure as she climaxed; her transformation complete.

Kiki panted as she dropped into a crouch, hot, white stickiness trickling down her midnight black thighs.
She didn't know where the name had come from, but since she was most certainly not a male while she
was being a gryphon, she decided that it was as good a name as any.

She could spread her wings, twitch her ears, and move her tongue around within her perfect black beak.
She could still feel her human form beneath the costume, but its sensations felt distant and dimmed, the
suit's skin was her own, for now.

All the straps and buckles had vanished, even the two on her neck. They had been replaced with two
clasps that blended into her beak, removing the mask would be as easy as flipping them.

She no longer felt the terrible need to be inside the suit, and just to assure herself that she could go back
to being Avery whenever she wanted, Kiki flipped the clasps, removing her mask.

Avery took the mask and held it in his hands, peering into the translucent lenses of the gryphon's eyes.
Without the mask the suit felt less alive, less vibrant than it had before. With it on, Avery felt like he had
truly become a gryphoness.

He smiled and donned the mask, becoming Kiki once again.

A pleasured purr rumbled from her throat as she walked happily into the bathroom to gaze upon herself
in the mirror.


Kiki stared in awe at her reflection, her large, violet eyes blinking as she peered over her beak. The suit
was no longer a suit when fully worn, transforming her fully into a latex gryphoness.

No lenses, no eyeholes, a complete transformation of her face, allowing for the larger, keener eyes of a
predatory gryphon. No wonder the suit felt so good, so perfect. It ceased being a suit and instead
transformed the wearer fully into what the latex and metal mesh was supposed to represent.

She ran her taloned hands over her slick, smooth body, a delighted moan escaping her beak as she
gripped her breasts. Though she could still, faintly, feel her human self somewhere beneath the
enchanted latex, the sensations of her pitch black form dominated.
She felt strange, a sensation of low erotic need seeming to suffuse her entire body. It was like someone
had managed to spread the intense, localized throb of the cock Avery had and spread it out into a few
key areas of Kiki's form.

Everything between her legs throbbed, her tailhole and the molded form of her artificial femsex, she
could feel Avery's cock aching with need as well beneath the enchanted latex coating as well. Oddly
enough her breasts and throat also had the same strange ache. Her amethyst gaze was already darting
around the bathroom, looking for something to stuff into herself when her feline ears heard the opening
of the door.

Delighted, Kiki rushed from the bathroom, scampering on all fours to the front door, where Jordan was
locking it behind him. The gryphon was on her roommate in a second, her beak parted, her latex tongue
stuffed into the human's surprised mouth. His eyes widened but he accepted it, stroking Kiki's soft, silken
latex-like form.

Kiki panted loudly, grinding against the male's body, fumbling at Jordan's belt, finally using her talons to
slash it off and reveal the erecting bounty within. She wrapped her legs around her lover's waist, using
her tail to guide his shaft into her awaiting depths. She'd instinctively positioned him to penetrate her
tailhole, being naturally male and never having a cunny before.

But it didn't matter, the sensations she felt from the penetration were just as good as anything she'd
fever felt. She clung to him tightly, not letting him break the kiss, barely even allowing Jordan to get a
breath. Her pace was frantic, needful, she needed to fuck and needed to fuck badly.

She suckled hungrily upon Jordan's tongue, felt his caresses upon her breasts and sex, it wasn't long at
all until her erupted into her, Kiki's body seeming to coax every last drop of seed from him before
allowing her to release. Kiki herself didn't give off any sort of climactic fluids this time, but the orgasm
she had felt had been wonderful, but it had only served to whet her appetite for more.

Before Jordan could recover, Kiki had broken the kiss, her purple tongue trailing down his chest,
wrapping around his member and pulling it into her greedy beak.


The suit seemed to give Avery, as Kiki, enough staying power to last for hours, and it also seemed that it
passed that gift on to Jordan, as the sun was rising before the two of them managed to untangle
themselves from one another. Kiki remained in bed long after her roommate, enjoying the warm streams
of sunlight that shown down upon her sleek, black body.

She felt incredible, her body filled with a pleasurable radiance. She felt oddly proud of what she'd done,
what a good lover she'd been, and how wonderful all the sex had been. She wished it would have never
ended, that Avery and herself could have kept going, and that her roommate didn't have to go to work.

She sighed softly, closing her eyes. She felt a soft caress upon her thigh, perhaps Jordan had decided
to stay home after all? Kiki moaned with delight as she felt her lover enter her. The gryphoness reached
out to embrace him, but her arms found only air.
Kiki opened her amethyst eyes, and found that there was no one there, and yet she was still feeling the
sensation of a cock within her. She reached down to her netherlips, poking a taloned finger inside
herself, but rather than encounter an animate sex toy, or a disembodied cock, she found nothing; her
touch only enhanced her lust and pleasure.

To her surprise a second invisible, but still tangible, member entered her, pushing into her rump. She felt
phantom hands upon her hips, and then upon her breasts, pressing them together against a third, and
then a fourth slipping into her beak.

Kiki moaned, her body bucking from all the delicious pleasure that it was being given by the phantom
rapists, it made her want to simply lie back in the bed and enjoy the sweet ravishing that she was being

But as good as it felt, it was strange and somewhat frightening to her human self. She was being mated
by some strange, magical force, and the only magic she knew of was the suit that had transformed her.
She didn't want to take off the suit, to go back to being her normal human self, but she needed to get to
the bottom of things. She needed to head back to the store and see what exactly it was that she had

With a sigh Kiki reached up and flipped the small clasps that would transform her back, to make the
gryphoness' latex body just pieces of clothing. The moment she flipped the clasps, the moment she
removed the beaked mask from her face, the disembodied sex acts ceased entirely.

Kiki worked her jaw, which felt a little bit cramped from the working the additional weight of her beak.
The rest of the suit was removed in quick order, and she was dressed in her old clothes in no time. She
grabbed her car keys and strode out of the house, a small ember of anger within her belly at being sold
some strange costume.

She'd give that store owner a piece of her mind.


Kiki returned some hours later, wearing a different outfit than the one she'd left in, carrying several bags
worth of clothing. She felt rather happy and content that she'd gotten quite the deal and had quite a good
time at that. Her pants fit quite nicely and hugged her hips and rump, rather than being baggy like the
ones she'd owned before were.

It was strange; did she have no sense of fashion before yesterday? Everything in her closest was just so
casual and without any regard for color and pattern mixing and matching. Just a bunch of t-shirts and
jeans. She didn't even have any proper underwear.

She clicked her tongue, scolding herself for her obvious oversights. She set her bags down in her room
and headed to the bathroom to take a shower before bed. It was only as she saw the mirror there did
she remember that she wasn't supposed to be a she, and that he name wasn't Kiki.

That explained her clothes. She wasn't supposed to be a girl named Kiki, she was a guy named Avery.
Though she sure didn't look it; Kiki stared at her reflection in the mirror, her build was slim, her features
somewhat androgynous, but the slight swelling upon her chest showed that she was most definitely a
woman, as did her long, bright purple hair and long black nails. Her nail polish matched her ebon lips,
and her lavender hair matched the eye shadow that she had...

No, she hadn't placed it upon her face. Avery didn't own any makeup. It was there naturally, as were the
colorations upon her lips and nails. The suit had altered her, warped her mind and body just a little bit.
Kiki didn't particularly mind, but she still felt kind of angry that she hadn't been warned about the effects
of the suit she'd bought.

She winced, that was the store-related thing that she'd set out to do. Not go shopping for properly
feminine clothing. It was strange, the moment she left the house her thoughts had drifted towards
making herself look good and to...

Her amethyst eyes widened as she recall how she had paid for her outfits. She'd had them custom
tailored down in Grimmtown, the part of the city where the magical and mythological beings tended to
gather. She licked her lips, the faint taste of reptilian pleasure juices upon them.

She felt herself growing aroused at the memory, the brother and sister that ran the place quite eager to
exchange their services for pleasure with a human, and how easily the words passed from her lips to
offer them when she discovered what the cost would be. Once they'd gotten her undressed they seemed
all the more eager, a lustful glimmer in their eyes with a hint of knowledge of what was to come. Once
the deed had been done, they had been quite kind to her, offering her even more clothing that Kiki had

Confused, she removed her clothes wondering what it was that they saw to make them more open and
giving. Kiki gasped as she looked down at her cock, its presence and appearance confused her greatly.
In her mind she was a woman, in her memory she was a man, but in neither had her loins been
precisely this color. Her groin was perfectly smooth, devoid of hair, the skin colored a deep black and
faintly shiny. The color of the latex suit she had worn. The head of her erect shaft, however, was a deep
purple in nature, as were her nipples. Such vivid coloration stuck out as terribly unnatural upon her
otherwise normally colored body.

Kiki looked down at her manhood, not quite sure what to do. It was rather difficult for her to think
clearheadedly on what to do, especially as aroused as she was. She ran a hand down between her legs,
finding that her scrotum was tighter and smoother than it ought to be, as if it were permanently pulling
upwards to reside within her body. The skin behind it was perfectly smooth, unblemished by the feminine
lips that Kiki felt ought to be there, but it felt good to rub and caress the area, which still felt like smooth
latex. Tracing the smoothness back further, she encountered the pucker of her tailhole. The faint touch
made her shiver and gasp, suddenly weak in the knees.

Her body was strange to her, she was a female gryphoness who happened to be stuck within the body
of a mostly male human that seemed to be well on its way to becoming more familiar to her, both female
and latex. She remembered being Avery before she'd put the suit on, having all his memories, but
somehow they just weren't important.

She moaned as she began to stroke the latex portion of herself, and once more she felt phantom
caresses upon her hips and rump. She cried out as an invisible lover entered her, the sensations
delicious, overwhelming, something that her unmagicked human form had not been made to handle.

Kiki dropped to her knees, panting as her senses were dominated by the pleasure. She couldn't think,
she couldn't act, all she could do was wonder how to make these delicious sensations last for as long as
possible, and how to make them better.

Her cock virtually drooled precum, steady dribs and drabs dropping to form a puddle beneath her. She
knew this wasn't normal, that she should go and seek help, but it felt so good. She tried to stop herself,
to prevent her fingers from wrapping around her dripping, throbbing shaft, to keep herself from rapidly
fingering her black latex tailhole, making the mind-numbing pleasure all the greater.

She wanted it to stop, she knew that she ought to find a way to be Avery again, but it was so much fun
to be Kiki, silly, slutty, sexy Kiki. She wanted to be pretty, to be beautiful, to be fucked, to pleasure others
and be rewarded for it. She'd whored herself out and loved it, adored it, and had come home so pleased
with herself for getting so many sexy clothes for a little anal sex and cunnilingus.

The word made her shiver with delight. Whore. It felt so right to think, to be the way she acted, to be her
job. Whore, slut, harlot, these words and more made Kiki blush, filling her with shame but also with a
strange sense of pride, of rightness to what she was.

"Whore," she whispered in between slattern moans, "I'm a whore."

She felt a tensing of the phantom cock within her, an all too real warmth surging into her, the act of her
invisible lover's climax acting like a flame to the fuse of her climax. She exploded into sweat, mindless
bliss as her orgasm rocked her. She wasn't sure how long she stayed at the peak, seconds, minutes,
hours, but she did indeed come down, feeling the powerful surges that spewed semen from her
unfamiliar cock become slow gushes, and then small leaks.

Kiki panted, an impossible amount of gooey whiteness splattered upon the bathroom cabinets and floor
before her with even more leaking from her rump. She blushed and gathered several towels, mopping
up her mess.

She slunk back into the bedroom, reluctantly donning the latex suit that allowed her to take on her more
comfortable and more natural form. She could handle the pleasure when she was fully latex, even if the
suit transformed her further. She needed to find a way to get back to being Avery, but if she was going to
be sexually assaulted by disembodied dicks even without the suit on, she ought to be wearing it if only to
allow her to keep her thoughts clear.

She was still horny, still aching with need as the gryphoness sucked a breath through her bill. Rather
than the throbbing of her erection, her netherlips poured forth lubrication, eager to have something within

Kiki heard the front door open and her eyes darted to a clock. Jordan was home! Maybe he could help
Kiki get back to herself. Well... after they had sex of course. The gryphoness couldn't concentrate on
serious matters with aching loins, now could she?
19 - Devil's Domain

Shattered Shards: Devil's Domain

By Von Krieger

Yeania sighed softly within the dark, featureless void. Time meant nothing to a denizen of the lowest
Hells, but yet she was finding herself overcome with increasingly strange thoughts; mortal thoughts.

For example, somewhere along the line she had started thinking of herself as a she. True demons did
not have a gender; they were figures of corruption descended from fallen angels. She couldn't quite
remember if she had been completely without gender before, like the original demons had once been, or
if she was one of the dark souls who had gone the other way, embracing the traits of both genders,
blending them together in a mockery of their former state.

She was not sure how long she had been captive, but it had to have been a long time for her to develop
strange psychoses that came from isolation. Which was also another strange thing, it was perfectly
acceptable for demons to have some sort of mental maladies afflicting them without it being considered
'wrong,' but Yeania was thinking of the strange things that had happened to her psyche as wrong and
undesirable. She had felt her power draining, her strength ever so slowly being pulled from her over the
years, decades, perhaps even centuries or millennia that she had been imprisoned. Perhaps that was
why she was thinking in increasingly strange ways. A demon was not a mortal creature; it was a being of
elemental energy that had a physical shell coalescent around it.

On their home plane demons had no separation between mind, body, and soul, any blow from a foe that
lashed out at them cut away a portion of their life force and their essential essence; their sense of self.
During centuries of war between Hells, torture of other demons had become an art form, if you knew
what you were doing, you could easily alter the way a captive foe thought, believed, and behaved.

If she had been captured in the nether realms Yeania would've thought that such would have been the
case with her, but she had been upon the mortal plane, where energy could not be destroyed, merely
moved. Upon the material planes extraplanar beings could freely move about without fear. While you
could never truly kill off a spirit or soul you could diminish it to the point where it would take millennia to
be able to craft a form for itself bigger than an insect, and even then it would have no memories of its
former existence. On the material planes, however, Yeania wasn't sure what would happen once you
drained away most of a soul's energy, though she suspected it was what was happening to her. A loss of
memories, a shift in personality, moving further and further away from the powerful, dominating creature
she had once been and into something softer, more emotional, more... Mortal. It made her shudder to
think, or at least it would if she had a physical body.

Her essence had been captured, forced into a crystalline prison from which it could not escape. Yeania's
spirit was forced into a labyrinth of narrow passages, thread thin tunnels in the sphere that circled and
crossed one another, leaving the demoness unable to concentrate on the form of the sphere.

She was pure energy, and without a physical brain to do the thinking, she spread out the effort along all
of her self. Mental activity made her form move, which made the threads of energy she was forced into
being cross over one another, giving off little sparks of sensation. She could not separate the sensation
of movement from the sensation of being pressed into the sphere. She knew that there was one
thread-path that would lead out, but her inability to concentrate upon it made it impossible to focus
enough to find it.

The demon sighed to herself once more, and then blinked, and then blinked again. Untold years of
missing purely physical sensations had made her forget what they were, what they had felt like. She
hadnt noticed her physical form restoring, for she felt nothing, smelled nothing, saw nothing, and heard
nothing, not until she had made a small sound herself.

She reached out to draw upon the magical energies of the mortal plane, and found them at her
command. She tensed, hoping against hope that she could pull herself from this senseless realm.
Yeania wondered how long it had been that she had been partially free, and yet not known it.

The rich mana of the material world responded to her call, eager to be wrapped into shape by a superior
will. Yeania wove it around herself, willing the envelope of magic to take her from her prison and out into
the proper world.

The proper world was only happy to comply.


The demoness took a deep breath, drawing cool air into her lungs. She looked over herself, able to
remember only a few details of the form she'd had before her imprisonment. Yeania recalled a huge,
powerful, hulking, form; vaguely canine in appearance and covered in a mottled mix of gray scales and
brown fur. She remembered broad, sweeping wings and a thick, powerful reptilian tail as well as huge,
slavering fangs and massive, sinister horns.

But her current form lacked these features to the degree that came to mind when she tried to picture her
former self. She looked more like a human or an elf with a few demonic bits tacked on. Her body lacked
scales and fur entirely, instead clad in skin colored a pale shade of gray. She retained her wings, her
fangs, her claws, and her tail but they were all smaller than they were supposed to be. Each wing
extended as far as her own height, her wingspan allowing her flight but making her unable to create the
intense gales that she recalled using in combat. Her tail was not quite as long as she was tall, and was
thicker and less flexible; she would be unable to coil it around things or to use it as an extra hand. Her
fangs were contained entirely within her mouth, and only four of her thirty something teeth felt properly
pointy. Her horns were tiny, stubby little things not even projecting 2 inches from her temples, and her
claws more closely resembled elongated, black fingernails filed into points.

Yeania shuddered, loathing her smaller, weaker, almost mortal looking body; she longed for her stolen
strength and missing memories. She could scarcely remember what happened to her, and she barely
had any sense of who she was. But her weakened form was still better than the shapeless void which
she had been imprisoned in for centuries, and to be perfectly honest it wasn't all that bad looking.
Generally female in form it was more broad and well-built than the typical thin, frail female. A demon's
form reflected its strengths, powers, and abilities and Yeania was pleased with this form's physical
She admired her bare body, focusing over the large curves of her bottom and breasts. The sight made
her loins stir; the familiar hard, warm sensation of her male member growing brought an array of
comforts to Yeania. She reached down to stroke it, cupping her balls, her fingers exploring back behind
her manhood. The demoness found nothing there.

It made her smile; despite having aspects of her true form stolen away she still remained as one of the
several indeterminate genders that her kind favored. It meant that she still had more than enough power
to be considered a proper demon, and not a mere mortal.

She swung her tail from side to side, getting used to its new, lighter weight and stiffer way in which it
moved. It would likely take her decades to gather the strength she had before her imprisonment, but her
smaller and less useful tail was better than having none at all. That was the way she felt about her new
form; it wasn't what she had before, nor was it what she wanted, but it was good enough for the work
she would be doing.

For the first time she looked at something that was not herself, examining the room she was in; rippling
white and blue light came from a crystalline sphere in the middle of the chamber. Perfectly smooth and
spherical in nature the stone contained incredible power, but it was a tight and rigid energy that was
already devoted to a particular purpose. It was the centerpiece of a spell woven with immense,
incredible skill one that would've taken many mortal lifetimes in order to perfect.

The rest of the room however was rather plain and drab, made of smooth, but not polished stone. The
room was essentially featureless aside from the pedestal that held the massive orb and a small stool-like
protrusion that rose from the floor in front of it. Opposite the stony seat was a narrow passageway that
lead upwards.

Having nowhere else to go Yeania ventured up the stairs, hearing the sounds of a vibrant forest beyond.
The stairs went up for perhaps 20 feet, opening into the middle of a lush jungle. There was no
adornment around the egress from the crystal chamber, which struck Yeania as rather odd. Mortal
mages were notoriously egotistical creatures and loved to have their masterworks somewhere where
they would draw attention, or style the area around them in such a fashion as to draw the eye of any
passerby, even if covered in centuries of roots, moss, and other natural detritus.

Which was another odd, strange thing; the stone stairway stood in the center of a perfectly smooth circle
of rock. It was completely free of leaf litter and natural overgrowth. The edges of the stairs were perfect
right angles and not a single leaf or drop of water had blown or dripped down into the chamber. It was
like it was brand-new; as if it had been placed there just moments before.

As the demoness stood there a small, yellow leaf fell down from one of the trees, landing upon the stone
circle. There were no magic keeping it clear, which seemed more and more strange. Yeania shook her
head and walked away from the underground chamber, seeking to find out where she was. A good look
at the sun would be able to provide her with a general idea of what region of the planet she was on. But
a true pinpointing would have to wait until darkness fell and she could position herself by the stars.

But several minutes later when she stepped out from beneath the jungle canopy and onto a white, sandy
beach she found that she hadn't the slightest clue where she was. Looking up into the sky she found that
overhead was not the small, yellow-white sphere she had been expecting; what she saw instead was a
massive multi-colored orb that filled most of the sky.

What was stranger was that the ocean before her curved away, as if she were standing upon a world in
miniature that orbited the true Aerth. Looking away from the planet above her, Yeania could see that this
was the case. She saw many other tiny worlds but did not know how this could be possible.

Looking at the shapes of the landmasses she could see on the world above her Yeania could make out
the contours of a few familiar landmasses. But there were also others; it looked like someone had drawn
the world upon risen dough and rolled it out flat, making the areas bigger but also putting more space
between them, which they filled with new continents and countries.

It confused Yeania greatly; for not even the power of entire pantheons of greater gods and goddesses
could reshape something so massive. The demoness reached out for the familiar strains of energy that
she knew would be there. But to her surprise she found nothing that comforted her; the streams and
tides of magical energy that had always flowed in the same predictable patterns for millennia were gone.
In their place was an unfamiliar, chaotic tide of rippling and surging energy; the aftershocks of a great
magical and spiritual event.

Yeania cried out and withdrew her senses back into herself, for the crashing, chaotic tides of purest
energy would easily envelop and overwhelm her if she opened herself to them for too long.

It seemed that in a few brief moments all of existence had altered itself into a strange, new configuration.
Rather then a singular world nestled between the elemental planes the mortal realm had expanded into
a great and tremendous expanse that put even the near limitless layers of the Abyss to shame.

As a demon Yeania had a connection to the foundations of existence. She was created, or descended
from spiritual beings forged at the dawn of time. Even with the incredible expanse that comprised all of
existence: the Heavens, the Hells, the elemental planes, the spirit and shadow worlds, and the mortal
realm itself there was a sense of limitation. Everything had been centered on a single ball. Aerth had
been the center of all existence, everything else surrounded it; the bright, bleak, and lifeless moon; a
cold, cruel place where none of the most powerful wizards could tread, and its burning sister the Sun;
the larger blazing bonfire beyond it.

The whole of existence was like the inside of an egg; the shell of the outer planes encircled the white of
the aether, surrounding the yoke that was Aerth. But this? This new realm, this new existence? It was
vast beyond imaginings; it was as if all Yeania had known was nothing more than a grain of sand upon
the beach before her. She could feel the entirety of the altered realms she found herself in, the sheer
scope of it making her drop to her knees and weep.

For the New Earth that stood before her was not even the largest of the dozens orbs circling a massive
flame that burned hotter than the hottest fires of Hell that Yeania had never known. And that massive
collection of spheres circling a central flaming sphere was like a grain of sand upon a beach as it joined
many others in circling a central point in a crushing, chilling void unlike nothing Yeania had ever dared to

And even that band of systems, massive elemental spheres of rock, air, and water orbiting those of fire,
of stars beyond counting encircling that great void... That too was like a grain of sand upon a beach with
so very many other grains.

She had thought she'd known power, that she'd glimpsed infinity. It was then that Yeania realized how
foolish she had been, how very insignificant she was. She was immortal, she was eternal, and still she
felt these worlds were older than her. They were far, far older. Her existence to them was as her own
would be to a mayfly.

The demoness sobbed in fear, in terror, and in confusion. She had been released from captivity only to
find everything she had ever known ripped away from her, changed beyond her comprehension. She
could merely glimpse a tiny portion of existence now, and it dwarfed her. She was not even as the tiniest
insect. Even with millennia before her, even with a million like her, Yeania could not place a lasting mark
upon the cosmos. For what purpose did she have now? What effort should be put forth in collecting
souls, in corrupting mortals, to bolster the forces of her side for the eventual Armageddon, to tip the
cosmic scales forever? All the beings that had ever lived could live upon the worlds circling this single
star in comfort, without conflict or strife. There were worlds enough that each soul could have one for
him, her, or itself. Not even each soul, every single creature that had ever existed could have a world to
itself. There was no order here, no purpose, no reason for anything. Yeania wasn't even sure that she
could transport herself to her home plane with any sort of reliability. She was trapped on this miniature
world, with no idea of what had happened, or what to do.

She supposed she could try and fly off, as it looked like it was possible to fly to the main world, or to one
of the other small ones. But it made her shudder to think that she would be flying downward, rather than
upward. Everything was so new, so strange, it absolutely terrified her.

For the first time in her existence she wished that she was mortal, living merely upon a single plane with
no cosmic awareness to overwhelm her. She could seal off that portion of her, but it would take years to
restore if she needed it back. Already weakened, she was hesitant in giving up even the smallest
fraction of her power.

But she was nearly paralyzed by what she knew, what she could feel, the infinite presence of reality
looming ominously over her, making her feel infinitesimally small and pathetic, making her afraid. She
couldn't stand it; she had to get rid of that feeling.

In an instant she cut that part of her soul away. It would grow back in time, but she might be able to learn
to live with it by then, as it built up slowly. Her body altered to accommodate this loss in power and soul,
her grey skin fading, becoming an un-demonic white-pink. It looked like the flesh of a pale mortal, and
Yeania found herself not minding it so much as she would have a few minutes before. In the scales of
this new cosmos mortal men and demons were almost identical.

In that moment Yeania decided to try and live a normal life. She no longer wanted power, she no longer
wanted control, and she no longer wished to belong to a group. For that was all the armies of her Hell
were now, they were merely a group. All the forces of darkness were nothing upon the face of the
Universe, the word somehow finding its way into the demon's head.

It would be impossible to tip the scales of elemental power, of overthrowing light with dark forever. There
was already so much darkness and so much light. Even a single world overrun by demons could not add
the slightest weight to the cosmic scales.

What should she do? What was her purpose now?

Yeania drew in a deep breath, catching a familiar scent upon the air; that of several mortal women. Her
claws twitched and her member stirred, desires to seduce, corrupt, despoil, and destroy rising within her.
But she shoved them aside. None of that really mattered now.

She left the beach, hiding herself in the bushes. For the moment she would merely watch the three
mortals, to see if they would adapt any better to this new.... Everything. She hoped, for their sakes, it
would be better than she did.

But she couldn't help herself; she had to have a little bit of fun. Tendrils of magical power reached forth
from her, drifted across the island and gently caressed the sleeping forms of her three potential

They would have a rather interesting discovery upon waking up.


Nearby upon the beach a boat had run aground on the sandy shore. Within the 30 foot vessel three
young women stirred to consciousness, unable to recall what exactly had knocked them out.

Christine groaned; it was her yacht and she had been the one steering it. The last thing she recalled was
a sudden storm that came out of nowhere. The sky had filled with dark clouds that seemed to reach all
the way to the ground, forming a thick, impenetrable fog bank around the boat. There hadnt been any
rain, nor had there been any waves, but there had been a strange grinding, rumbling sound; like rubbing
two stones together, but on a far, far grander scale.

She was gorgeous, her skin featuring a perfect salon smoothness, her hair naturally honey blonde, a
generous bust, rump, and hips, as well as a stunning face made all the more stunning by the best plastic
surgeons money could buy. She wasn't at all into the more extreme stuff, like having things implanted or
having the second most lethal substance known to man injected into her face.

She groaned once more and blinked her ice blue eyes. She stood up and let out a disgusted sigh as she
discovered that the boat had run aground. "Oh lovely," she said with a snort, "we've probably ripped the
hell out of the hull. I hope there's not a coral reef out th..."

Her words came to a halt as she turned around. The trees beyond the sandy shore had obscured the lay
of the land. But by looking out upon the sea Christine was greeted by the breathtaking sight of a planet
filling the sky, and reflecting off the glassy-smooth sea that quickly curved away before reaching the

She stood stock still, her mouth gaping as she looked upon the awe-inspiring but still incredibly strange
sight. "Wh-what the hell?" she stuttered, her mind not sure how to process what she saw. She looked at
the planet above her, the mostly blue-and-white orb filling the sky. She could see the familiar shape of
Australia, but there were other landmasses surrounding it that didn't belong there. And that was the only
continent she could recognize; where North and South America were supposed to be there were
unfamiliar, massive shapes.

Christine just stared, trying to figure out what exactly had happened. She somehow knew instinctively
that the world she was looking down upon was Earth, but that it had been altered somehow, expanded
or merged with another world entirely. The process seemed to have been executed seamlessly as there
did not seem to be any places where molten rock was exposed, which was what Christine expected
would happen if you tried to mash two planets together.

There weren't even any smoke, craters, or debris that she could see. Turning her gaze from the planet to
space Christine saw other small worlds like the one she was on. She wasn't exactly sure how they were
staying put and not being drawn down to the planet's surface. She could see objects that were nearer
then the tropical island microworld that she stood upon, and even they didn't seem to be moving either.

It was then that Christine turned her attention inward, finding a strange, persistent ache that had nothing
to do with having spent several hours in a strange position upon the boat's hard deck. She moved her
hand to the source of the discomfort and rubbed at it, only to have her knees wobble at the sudden
pleasure she felt at the touch.

She had absentmindedly sought out the location of the ache, not noticing precisely where it was. But
upon locating it her gaze snapped downward to find that the rather sizable tent seemed to have been
erected within her swimsuit. The one-piece garment, called a monokini, covered her breasts, loins, and
the cleft of her rump, but left her belly exposed. The green and blue swirl pattern darkened at the peak of
the tent, moisture leaking forth from the new addition to Christine's anatomy.

"No way," she said, poking her new cock with a fingertip. She stifled a pleasured moan and clenched her
teeth as she gripped the unwelcome phallus. She hooked a finger into her swimsuit, right at the point
where the twin strips of fabric that served to cover her breasts joined with the bottom. She pushed her
member back and released the stretchy fabric so that her cock was no longer constrained by the tight
fabric, instead being held flat against her body. The thing was huge; it protruded up past the material of
her bikini, extending up to just past her navel. It was the largest shaft Christine had ever seen, at least a
good 10 to 12 inches. She looked down at it in awe and confusion, not knowing how the hell it had
gotten there. The blonde ran her fingertips over the underside of her length, shivering at the pleasure.
Her shaft leaked thick precum that oozed down the head and was absorbed into her swimsuit.

Christine's fingers continued downward, dreading what she would find between her legs. Within her
bikini she felt the balls and scrotum that she had been expecting and winced at their presence. She
slipped her fingers beneath the garment and probed behind the bulky new addition.

With a sigh of relief Christine smiled as her fingertips brushed over her labia, her feminine sex stored
where it was supposed to be. That made the edition all the stranger, as she was not being altered from
one gender to the other, but rather had had a portion of the vascular anatomy seamlessly grafted onto
her just as the planet above and had landmasses seamlessly grafted onto it.

She found herself wanting to plunge her fingers into her pussy and to take her new organ in her hand.
Her body longed for her to pleasure herself, but Christine ignored the urge. She wanted the cock gone,
and no matter how good it felt she wasn't going to pay it the slightest bit of attention.
She gritted her teeth as she walked, doing her best to ignore the pleasant sensations she felt as her
swimsuit rubbed over her member with each step she took. Christine was curious to see if her friends
had been affected in a similar fashion. She wasn't sure which outcome she desired; it would be a terrible
thing to have the two other girls disfigured in such a way, but it would also be reassuring the effect would
not be limited to Christine, but rather the result of being on this island, or the worldly transition that had
brought them here.

The hermified-girl sighed and bit back her trepidation, storming over to the cabin door and pulling it
open. She stepped down into the living area of the boat, and rolled her eyes at the sounds she heard.
Snoring, Casey and Gwendolyn had not awoken as she had, but apparently had shifted into a state of
deep sleep. Christine sighed and looked over the two.

Casey was slumped upon the cabin's table, seated upon the booth seats that would form the sides of the
bed once the table was pushed down, the central pad put into place, and her air mattress inflated and
placed over it.

She wasn't as tall as Christine's near 6 feet, and hers was a different sort of beauty. At 5'6" she was a
few inches taller than most Asian-American women, but she still retained the thin, lithe build of her
people, though unlike most her hair was a gorgeous chestnut brown. Christine's prick throbbed as she
looked over her friend. She longed to sink her shaft into Casey's depths; she couldn't help but imagine
the girl's blue lipstick tinted mouth wrapped around her eager length.

It was all she could do to keep from masturbating as she knelt and peered under the table, trying to see
if Casey suffered from the same gender-altering effect that she did. She couldn't really see anything, so
she reluctantly crawled down underneath. But even with the closer perspective she couldn't quite make
out anything in the shadows between Casey's legs.

She had to know, had to satisfy her curiosity. She reached out with one hand, eyes closed, clenched.
Christine hoped her friend would not awaken, in either circumstance it would be rather strange to find
the blonde copping a feel on the unconscious Asian. Her hand moved closer and closer until it found the
slick fabric of Casey's own swimsuit. Christine found nothing at first, but then felt the protrusion of an
erection upon the girl's body. Casey's cock wasn't as big as Christine's own, perhaps 6 to 8 inches in

Christine sighed and smiled, rather comforted she wasn't the only one who would have to deal with this

"What the hell are you doing?" said a soft, Southern accented voice.

Christine spun to see Gwendolyn glaring down at her with sleep-addled eyes, sporting her own massive
hard-on that she seemed completely unaware of.

"Um..." she said with a blush, "you might want to check between your legs."

Gwen looked puzzled for a moment, but did as was instructed, her gaze fixing upon the foot-long length
that had her bikini bottom extended to near bursting.
"Oh my gods..." she whispered in awe and horror.


Yeania chuckled to herself, this was so easy. The girls didn't have the slightest shred of resistance to
transformative magic. It was like they had lived their entire lives in a spiritual, psychic, and thaumaturgic
dead zone, lacking the barriers in mind and soul that were supposed to shield them from the most
elementary of polymorphic spells.

The demoness licked her lips and giggled. She had intended only to cause minor arousal and a blurring
of sexual preference. She hadn't expected her spell to cause such a powerful change. It was interesting
and rather weird, but it was rather amusing, though it was a bit mean. She couldn't undo the alterations
that had been made, but, she supposed, she could try and make it up to them. A little sorcery could be
handy while surviving upon an island.

And at the very least she was another person that could help move the boat further up onto the shore, or
into the water. She wasn't sure where these strange emotions of compassion, caring, and altruism had
come from, but she decided to embrace them rather than reject them out of hand like she would've done
centuries before.

She smiled and called upon the energy of the land to wrap around her. It would alter her shape for a
time, removing the demonic aspects of herself and making her appear as a normal mortal, albeit one
with pointed ears and gray skin. She also used the land's power to form clothes; a simple skirt, top, and

Yeania thought for a moment, and then released a tiny portion of the spell; make her disguise less
perfect. Though not making her as a normal mortal, this part of the spell would help her fit in more.

After all, apparently girls with cocks were the norm here, she thought with a smile.


Unlike Christine, Gwendolyn's swimsuit did next to nothing to cover, conceal, and constrict her newly
added length. She stared at the added organ with gape-jawed fascination, slowly moving her hand
toward it, as if it were nothing but an illusion that would only be made real once she actually touched it.

"H-holy shit!" Gwen gasped, running her fingertips over the all too real and very sensitive skin of her new
shaft. A thick spurt of precum oozed forth from the tip, slicking the bikini enough to let it overcome the
friction. The garment slid downward along the underside of the redhead's cock, until it was snug with her
groin like it was supposed to be.

She let out a shriek of pleasure, the sensation incredibly intense. The pleased appendage sent forth
more hot slickness, this time in copious amounts, the stream of translucent goo splattering onto the
table, several feet away. It also splattered onto Casey's face, the Asian girl having been awoken by
Gwendolyn's scream; her mouth had been opened in a yawn and the hot, sweet substance had landed
upon her tongue.
She licked her lips and let out a soft moan, her hands immediately slipping beneath her swimsuit. She
stood for a moment before sprawling on the table, tugging down the straps of her suit, exposing herself
fully to the two other girls. One hand clasped a small breast; the other crawled around her new shaft and
began to pump it furiously; Casey moaning in delight at the overpowering carnal sensations that
overwhelmed her.

Christine and Gwendolyn both stared in rapt fascination at the masturbating Asian; the blonde's mouth
was open for harsh, criticizing rebuke but all that could come out was a stuttered moan. She couldn't
take her eyes off of her friend's bare body, her own longing and aching for a similar sensual touch. She
found her hands twitching, seeming to try and move almost of their own accord to her chest and loins to
hungrily fondle what they found there. It took all of her will to resist from mauling herself or leaping atop
the sex-consumed girl upon the table.

Christine's cock ached, it throbbed, and it drooled a steady stream of precum from the slit at its tip. The
crotch of her swimsuit was absolutely saturated by the fluids of her arousal; eagerly provided in torrents
from both sexes. Her body ached for sex, her body longed for sex, her body NEEDED sex; she felt as if
she didn't stick her meet in something, or have something stuck into her she would explode.

The blonde licked her lips and had to quickly close her mouth as she realized that it was filling with
saliva as she eyed Casey's dripping cock. She had never enjoyed oral sex but now her body longed for it
just as much as any other. All the key areas used for eroticism seemed to be drooling; it was almost a
miracle that something wasn't pouring out of her nipples as well.

She almost growled with feral lust as Gwendolyn pressed up against her back; the redhead's hands
seeking out her breasts and her lush lips hungrily kissing Christine's neck. She could feel the farm girl's
own shaft pressed up against her backside, adding further saturation to Christine's soaked suit. She
moaned as her friend played with the best breasts her parents' money could buy, the girl's simple
touches more electric than any sexual sensation she had ever felt in her life.

A sudden realization hit Christine, and she growled as she spun and shoved Gwendolyn away. "You
fucking whore!" Christine snarled, "I bet if you get any of that shit on me I'm going to end up on the floor
jerking off and tit-fucking your cock like some sort of drunken sorority slut."

Her rage allowed her to overcome her lust; she fanned the flames of her anger so that they would
devour and consume the lesser heat of her desire. What angered her more than anything else was the
fact that she would more than likely enjoy doing what she had just said.

Gwendolyn looked up at the blonde, pain and confusion in her eyes as she stared up at her friend from
the floor. "I... I just wanted to help," she said softly, "I'm so horny I can barely think straight, Casey
doesn't seem to be thinking at all, and you seemed to be frozen up. I just wanted to make us both feel

The redhead lowered her eyes, a deep shamed blush upon her face. Meanwhile on the table Casey
bucked her hips, thrusting frantically into the air as she pleasured herself. She seemed oblivious to the
two girls talking about her. The Asian let out a shriek as she climaxed; what burst forth from her seemed
impossible in amount. The first stream of seed that jetted forth from her new organ was expelled hard
enough to reach the ceiling and splatter, cascading down onto Casey and coating her belly and breasts.

The second jet didn't reach the ceiling, and instead arced passed her head, drenching the seat behind
her in girl-sperm, the third covered her face, and the remainder added to the mess upon her belly and
breasts. She let out a satisfied sigh and licked her lips and cleared her splooge from her face, sucking
every last drop off of her fingers with eager, noisy abandon. Only once she had cleared every drop from
her face did she look up and see the confused, disgusted, and aroused expressions of her two friends.

She quickly noticed the new, prominent additions to their anatomy, which made her turn attention to her
own half erection. She stared down at it in wide-eyed awe and tipped her fingertips into the thick, white
fluid that slowly oozed down her body as she sat up. She looked from the cum on her fingertips to her
cock and to her friends. Her mouth opened and closed several times as she tried to find the proper
words. Instead she shuddered and gagged several times.

"Wh-what the hell just happened?!" She asked, breathless. "I... I... I couldn't think, it just felt so good, I
wanted more of it, wanted more sex. I couldn't think of anything else until I came." She said, shivering
again, her mocha skin reddening with shame.

"I'm going to shower," she said hopping down from the table, nearly slipping on a puddle of her own
seed. "After I'm done I'll get some towels to clean all this up."

Christine was once more held enraptured by the sight of Casey; she could neither moved nor speak until
the cum-covered Asian had locked the bathroom door behind her. "What the hell is wrong with me?" She
whispered as she dropped to her knees. She couldn't get that sight out of her head, replying it over and
over and over again; the white fountain erupting from Casey, the sight of her with her back arched and
her hands frantically caressing her body, the way she had licked herself clean, gulping down her juices
as if it were a tasty treat, and above all the bestial, instinctual way she had done it all. It made the blonde
feel so hot.

She imagined herself running her tongue over Casey's bare, cum- covered midriff, seeking out her
breasts and then her mouth. She imagined azure lips against her own, a tongue seeking the tasty treat
gathered in her mouth, shared with her friend. Christine wanted her, wanted her more than anything,
wanted to shove her 12 inches of monstrous meat into the Asians dripping, oozing, cock-craving snatch.
She could just imagine the warm wetness encircling her girth, soft, sweet, slick, and wet, and oh so
eager to be filled.

Gwendolyn yelped and quickly scooted back across the floor as Christine added to the mess upon the
floor. She hadn't touched herself; she had somehow managed to masturbate merely by thinking about
sex. She panted as thick streams of goo shot forth from her, far more than could possibly be contained
in her testicles, or even in her entire scrotum for that matter. Just like waking up with an added attribute
of the opposing gender her climax was impossible and defied logic and reason.

But her peak had cleared her head and she thought perfectly clearly for the first time since waking up.
She let out a relieved sigh and stood, tucking her deflating manhood back beneath her swimsuit. Once
Casey had cleaned up the floor she got back into the bedroom and got herself a pair of shorts from her
luggage to hide the disfiguring addition.
She looked down at it with a glare and then noticed the dark spots upon her swimsuit over her nipples.
Christine shuddered at the sight, now everything seemed to be leaking when she was aroused. She only
hoped that it would stop here and at other bodily parts would not get in on the act. Things were already
disgusting as it was; there was no need to make it even more wretched.

Christine turned to walk out onto the deck of the ship, she wanted to get a look at the shore and the rest
of the island, hopefully managing to find some food. They had enough on the boat for another week or
so, but with no way off of this little microworld and no way to call for help odds are that they were stuck
here for quite some time.

And as she walked up the stairs she found her way impeded by another person. She stared at the exotic
woman in front of her; she stood a shade over 6 feet in height, wearing simple sandals; her hair was
long and white, thick, lustrous, and hanging down to her rump; her skin was devoid of color, a shade of
gray just a little bit darker than sidewalk cement; her lips pure onyx. Christine was taken aback by the
pure red irises of the woman's eyes, as well as her pointed ears. She was obviously not human.

Yeania smiled shyly and offered a hand, "I'm rather joyed to see that I'm not alone on this island," she
said as she licked her lips. "As you can see I'm rather excited to have company."

Christine's managed to pull her eyes away from the newcomer's own, going downwards past her
generous bust, barely constrained by a bright red top, over a taut belly that sported a sixpack, and down
to a tempted red skirt held aloft by a hard on to rival the blonde's own.

"Very excited indeed." She purred.

20 - Horse and Hypnotist

Shattered Shards: Horse and Hypnotist

By Von Krieger

The youth awoke with a pounding headache. He groaned softly, sitting up from his somewhat scratchy
bedding. He must've been out partying the previous night, he could remember a fun little gathering at
one of the sorority houses on campus, and that he'd been in attendance. But aside from that he couldn't
recall a thing.

He couldn't remember ever getting so drunk before that he couldn't remember the previous evening. He
blinked a few times, and then realized that he really couldn't remember ANYTHING from before the
party. He couldn't recall where he lived, what he was studying, or even his name.

All that he could recall was that he'd been to a party last night and that he was a college student. Maybe
he'd hit his head on something and got a concussion when he was stumbling home drunk, or something
like that?

He sat up only to find himself in a barn laying on a pile of straw, though oddly the window and one wall
was made of bars rather than wood. The youth brought a hand to his aching head, only to find his hand
rather lacking.

He stared at the clumsy appendage before him; a sleek and shiny grey for the most part over his arm
and hand, ending in a gleaming black hoof. He knew for a fact that it was wrong and gave the limb a bit
of a shake to see what was going on. It wasn't that his hand was a hoof, but rather a glove over his hand
that made it a hoof.

Looking over himself the young man found that his entire body seemed to have been encased in a
form-fitting suit of grey latex. The hoof-gloves had a matching set of boots placed upon his feet. The
youth thought it rather weird and he tried to stand. He wobbled terribly, falling over onto all fours. The
suit somehow prevented him from standing upright. He looked over his back with a scowl, trying to make
out the restraints in the costume that made it impossible to walk properly. He couldn't find any; the suit
clung to him like a second skin and all he found that was out of place was the long white equine tail
attached at the base of his spine. He couldn't even find a zipper. The youth rolled around, trying to twist
his body in a way that would pin the suit and leave another portion of his anatomy free to move and
possibly get free of the strange costume. But no matter how he bent and twisted himself, the young man
couldn't get the costume to budge an inch.

He wanted to just about kill the practical joker that put him up to this. He may have passed out drunk at
the party, but that was no excuse to lock him up like this. Especially since he couldn't remember
anything, the pranksters had either bound up an unconscious drunk with a concussion, or given him one
when they moved him to this farm.

The youth heard footsteps approaching and he opened his mouth to call out, hopefully they'd just
dumped him at somebody's farm and he could explain about the stupid prank and have the farmer help
him out of the suit. But his tongue felt oddly thick inside his mouth, and he couldn't get it to form the
proper words.

A familiar looking gentleman with long black hair approached, dressed in the traditional rider's gear; a
red coat, white breeches, black boots and gloves, though he lacked the cap/helmet that the young man
associated with upper class horse riders.

"Good morning, Dobbins," the equestrian said with a smile, "Glad to see you're up and about."

The man's voice sent a shiver down the youth's spine. He was quite sure that Dobbins wasn't his name,
but it seemed easy to think of himself by that name for the time being, until he remembered what had

The rider opened the stall door, and slipped something over Dobbins' head, the youth felt something
round and metallic enter his mouth, a horse's bit and bridle! The rider fastened the straps with practiced
ease. Dobbins wanted to wriggle out of the thing, to get it off, but it felt oddly comforting and natural, like
it ought to be there. A delightful shiver went through him and Dobbins began to feel a strange warmth
upon both his face and within his loins. The dark haired man attached reins to the latex-clad youth's
bridle and led him out into the barn.

"Now we're not going to be doing much until you get properly on your feet. But I think we can get you
used to the saddle and tack today."

Dobbins was confused, the man was treating him like a horse for some reason. He hadn't been
surprised by the presence of a young man in a latex horse suit within his barn, and considering the bit
and bridle seemed suited for a human head instead of an equine one, it would seem that he had
expected it in the first place. The horse-suited youth wasn't sure why he was following along quite
placidly, it just felt natural, something that was easier to do. The more he walked on all fours the more
natural the movements became, like Dobbins had been doing so his entire life. The bit also felt more
comfortable in his mouth, it had felt like some of the straps were initially off a bit but now had slipped into

Dobbins was lead into a different part of the barn, his reins tied to a section of metal piping as the rider
went and fetched a saddle, which was then placed upon Dobbin's back. The weight was a little
uncomfortable, and once more it seemed the straps were tightened in the wrong fashion.

"There we are, master Dobbins, looking a bit more proper." The dark haired man said, but then clicked
his tongue, "Though your tail is a ghastly fright. Let's take care of that now, shall we?"

Dobbins couldn't turn his head to see, but he quickly felt the brush running through his tail, which was
rather odd. He didn't have a real tail, it was a part of the suit. But he felt it all the same, and it felt quite
good. Dobbins found himself enjoying it quite a bit. His entire body was beginning to feel oddly warm
now, while his face felt almost painfully hot, as did his...

"Ah, enjoying the grooming, are we master Dobbins?" the rider said, his voice full of amusement.
Dobbins gasped as the man's gloved hand ran over his half-erect cock, which felt larger than he
recalled, far larger. He wriggled, trying to get away from the pleasant, but unwanted touch, but the man
being right behind him and the reins tying his head to the metal pipe made it rather difficult to move.

"You wound me, sir!" the equestrian said with a chuckle, "Without any proper mares about it is most
certainly my duty to see that you are well attended to."

The equestrian began to stroke harder, Dobbins' cock surging with growth. The latex-suited human bent
his head down as best he could, rearing up a little bit and planting his front hooves on the pole to get a
better look.

He gasped softly at the sight of himself, nearly two feet in length, several inches in thickness, with a
broad equine flare at the tip of his latex-black cock. No way that could be real, and no way it could be a
part of him. But as the trainer caressed him, he felt every movement of the soft leather glove over his

"Is this to your liking, master Dobbins?" the trainer asked, "Or would you perhaps like something a little

The words and the voice sparked a memory within Dobbins, a memory of the previous night. He'd seen
the trainer before, though he had looked different, with shorter hair and a mustache, looking the part of
the magician. He'd been the party's entertainment. He remembered looking into the magician's oddly
colored eyes, remembered donning a saddle and being ridden around the room by giggling, drunken
partygoers, and then...

Nothing. He could remember no further. His eyes widened and he looked back at the hypnotist in horror.
A smile crossed the man's face, and for the first time Dobbins noticed his pointed ears, marking him as a
member of the fey, the magical creatures famous for pulling tricks rather like this.

"Here now, there's no need to fret master Dobbins," the elf said, reaching out and giving Dobbins a rub
behind the ears. The touch made the latex-suited young man's ears tingle and tickle, and he flicked them
instinctively, only to realize that he shouldn't be able to do that.

He could feel himself changing, growing, his bones and muscles altering ever so slowly, transforming
him more and more into a horse.

"There's no wickedness nor cruelty involved here. We don't go around snatching people from parties and
bewitching them, you realize. I knew when I looked into your eyes that this would be something you'd
enjoy, being a great powerful horse, rather than a bored and confused college student." The elf said.
"Always a choice there is, sir, and it won't be me that makes it. Feels rather nice, doesn't it? The building
power inside, the warmth of the magic as it fills your body. Trust me sir, I'm quite experienced in bringing
interested young men and women more in touch with their bestial nature. I've got a pair of gryphons that
ought to be coming in soon that are just delighted with their new bodies."

The trainer ceased jerking off the latex stallion in the making and instead moved forward, placing an arm
over Dobbins increasingly equine neck, kissing his ear, "And it's not like anyone is going to mistreat you,
master Dobbins, it takes a good load of effort to find a young man like yourself with the inner desire to
fully take on this change. The components for the final transformation are rather expensive as well.
Once you're your full proud, handsome horse self there's going to be a good deal of resources having
gone into making you that way.

"You're going to be going to some young lad or lass as a mount and a companion, no one in their right
mind would want to mistreat such a wonderful creature. A soft, sleek hide, a keen human intellect, and a
kind and loving personality. You know it'll be fun, how good it'll feel, don't you, sir?"

Dobbins found himself struggling to answer the question. He knew that everything the fey said was true;
he could feel his words dredging up emotions in his mind of his forgotten life, boredom at school and at
home, of not being able to see a place for himself in the big picture, the feelings stirred within him were
incredibly familiar, for they were his own.

It wouldn't be so bad being a horse, especially if as the fey said he was going to be a companion as well
as a mount. It felt right to accept the offer, to go along with it, to leave his old human self behind and
become Dobbins for real.

"No need to decide all at once, young sir, we've got a good day and a half before we're at the point
where it'd be too difficult to turn everything back. Just relax and enjoy yourself. Just indulge yourself with
a bit of the beast, eh?"

The fey magician slipped the bit from Dobbins' mouth, running his fingers through the latex stallion's
mane... hair. It was supposed to be his hair, but the equine terms kept creeping into Dobbins' mind. But
the caress felt quite good, and the sheer act of behaving like a horse filled the young man's body with an
erotic longing.

A part of him wanted to resist; to fight and struggle against what was happening to him. But that part
wasn't particularly loud. It was the part that told him that he shouldn't be sporting an erection in front of
another man, the part that screamed at him that the thoughts he was having were wrong. That he most
certainly wasn't interested in other men.

But Dobbins couldn't deny that the elven male's touch felt electric and that he longed to have this thick,
powerful stallion-shaft stroked some more. He leaned forward, pressing his slowly growing muzzle
against the elf's lips, kissing him gently. The elf reached up, holding Dobbins' head steady as he
returned the kiss, stroking the latex equine's mane.

"There you go, good sir," the fey said with a grin, "No need for those silly human notions about the sexy
sort of fun. And you'd like to have more than a bit of that fun, wouldn't you my good fellow?"

Dobbins felt a blush upon his grey latex cheeks, and he nodded his head shyly, averting his gaze from
the elf.

"Well then good sir, it seems you're in luck. You're just about the right size for a bit of fun." The elf
explained, pulling a stool over behind Dobbins as he unbuckled his belt, "It may feel a touch
uncomfortable at first, but trust me, it gets better right quick. Have I fibbed you yet?"

Dobbins shook his head, the elven gentlemen most certainly hadn't lead him wrong so far. He felt a
gloved hand pull up upon his tail, and a moment later something hard and warm entered him. It was
nowhere near as bad as he'd been expecting, it didn't feel uncomfortable at all. In fact it felt rather good.
Though he was surprised at how big the elf's member felt within him.

"Got a touch of the satyr in me." The fey explained, as if reading Dobbins' mind.

The latex stallion whickered with delight as the elven mage's gloved hands once more found their way to
his cock. Mmm... this wasn't bad, not bad at all...


Dobbins munched happily on the trough full of oats that awaited him back in his stall after the interesting,
delightful fun that had just taken place. The more he thought about it the more he found himself happily
anticipating what was to come. After all, if there had been anything particularly worthwhile in his
existence as a human it would likely have stuck in his memory, even with the amount of Elven magic
that had more than likely gone into him.

He couldn't deny that his equine, latex-skinned body felt good; he could almost feel himself growing with
each mouthful that he swallowed. It seemed that he had been changing a little bit with each passing
moment since the moment he awoke in the stall. His back didn't seem quite so stiff now, and he could
stand up properly now; his bestial quadruped gait was something he did by choice now.

While he was certain that the gray latex coated him had been merely a costume at first it was now most
likely a permanent part of him. Before he could wiggle his fingers around within the hoof-glove, but now
the motion of muscle merely moved the equine appendage and gave him a sensation as well.

His rubber-like hide would be a bit more advantageous than the skin of a natural horse would not pick up
burrs, be able to be pierced by parasites, and would wash clean quite easily. As if sensing his thoughts
about a wash a young man with pointed ears entered the stable with a bucket full of suds in one hand
and a sponge and the other.

"The boss said I should come down and help rinse away the old pains and sorrows." He said with a
smile as he tossed the sponge into the bucket.

The sight of the young man, dressed only in riding boots and a simple leather kilt, brought a smile to
Dobbins' muzzled face. Though he'd just had quite a romp with the stable master he could feel his blood
surging to his loins.

Dobbins nearly moaned with delight as the warm water dripped down his body. He could hear faint pops
and cracks as flesh and bone expanded and reshaped to suit his new life. The slick movement of the
sponge over his skin seemed to be where the transformation originated; the stable hand brought it down
over the outside of one leg before moving inwards and running it up the very same.

He seemed to be deliberately avoiding spot between Dobbins' legs, instead moving the sponge from
thigh to thigh before teasingly tracing it down the new horse's leg. The latex horse found himself fully
aroused by the action. He felt his hips and thighs bulking up, the bones elongating; though the lower
legs were thicker than that of a true horse they otherwise almost entirely lacked any hint that they had
once been merely costume pieces.

The stable hand scrubbed in tight circles over Dobbins' spine, the water dribbling and dripping down his
midsection. With quick motions the young man drew the sponge downwards across the equine's chest
and gave a few quick strokes to what had once been the new horse's arms.

The former human panted as she could feel his entire body growing, swelling, changing; muscle, sinew,
and bone altering to suit his new role and his new life. He closed his eyes, waiting for the water to be
dripped down upon his face. But instead of the sponge becoming the catalyst for the last part of this
transformation Dobbins felt press of the stable hand's lips upon his own.

Dobbins found himself hungrily returning the kiss, his head and neck surging to grow into proportion
along with the rest of him. The new horse's tongue nearly filled his tender's mouth, though neither of
them minded at all.

The youth pulled away, panting nearly as much as Dobbins himself. The stable hand grinned and
dropped to all fours, crawling underneath the now full-sized equine. Dobbins whickered softly in
realization; his head was not the last part of him to change after all. Well, at least not THAT head,

"Something special has been asked for with you," the youth said, prodding his tongue over the proud
flare of Dobbins' horse cock, "a few little enchantments. Nothing for you to worry about; just a few things
to make certain activities more comfortable and entertaining for all parties involved."

The equine felt the stable hand's tongue slip into the slit of his expanding member, already equine in
shape and size, at least in comparison to his former form. But now the erect organ grew to match his
truly horse-like size, to the point where it was far easier to measure it in feet rather than inches. And yet
somehow the young man was able to take the trumpet-shaped, and possibly sized, flare into his mouth,
suckling upon it almost hungrily. Dobbins could feel the sway of the stable hand's body, and he looked
down beneath his legs to see what exactly was going on. It seemed that the young man was pleasuring
himself as well. The latex horse wondered if he ought to return the favor, but then again he couldn't
imagine the positions that would have to be taken in order for the full-sized horse to 69 with the
somewhat smallish youth.

Dobbins found himself rather enjoying the effects of the enchantments upon his shaft, feeling it sink
deeper into his tender's throat, inch by inch. If this were to take place without magical assistance it would
result in a dislocated jaw and a blocked airway, if it were possible at all. But the young man seemed to
be breathing quite fine, and did not seem to be in any sort of discomfort.

The ex-human found himself thrusting, trying to push his shaft further and further down his tender's
gullet. The action seemed to be what the young man was looking for, as he raised a hand and began
caressing Dobbins' balls. The touch made them swell much as his cock had, growing larger and larger.
He couldn't see how big they were, or in how they scaled compared to his body, but they felt oddly big
and heavy, and Dobbins found himself quite enjoying the sensation.

He cried out with pleasure as the medial ring of his shaft slipped into the young man's maw. Dobbins
began to thrust harder, overwhelmed with the pleasure. If he had something like this to look forward to
after a day of being ridden, it would be far more than enough of a reward.

He could feel a familiar hot tightness growing within him, far larger than anything he had felt before, like
a locomotive's boiler in comparison to the former teakettle that his libido had once been.

At long last the youth's lips met the smooth grey skin of Dobbins' sheath, and the latex horse could feel
something coming over him, a sense of power that would have made the hair on his body stand on end,
if he'd had any. But his mane stood upright anyway, and his tail hairs were too heavy to tilt upwards with

One last piece slipped into place, just as the youth suddenly jerked back. The sudden action made
sweet sensation run across every inch of Dobbins' several feet worth of stallionhood, and he threw his
head back and whinnied with bliss as his enchanted equine-fey form experienced climax for the first
time. Whatever that last piece had been, it wasn't at all important; all that mattered now was service,
obedience, and pleasure.

The stable hand let out a loud cry of surprise as he was drenched in a veritable flood of stallion-seed.
Thick gobs of it splattering upon his face and chest. It seemed to be enough to push him over the edge,
resulting in a second cry, as well as his own much smaller contribution to the tide of white, hot,
stickiness upon his body.

Dobbins chuckled and moved aside, turning to lick the stable hand's face clean, finding he rather
enjoyed the taste. Sensing somehow that the youth still had the stamina to continue, the latex-skinned
horse began licking his way downwards before taking the stable's manhood into his mouth with careful
gentleness, his smooth, black tongue skillfully going to work.

"Oh... oh my!" the half-elf gasped, "I do believe that you will be quite the hit at his majesty's more...
interesting parties. Who could possibly resist an opportunity to have such an... mmm! Wondrous
experience with such a gorgeous creature?"

The stable hand wrapped his stick arms around Dobbins' neck, "But he's not to claim you for another few
days. I think the other hired hands and some of the master's other projects would be quite... oh gods!
Interested in contributing to your carnal education."

The young man tilted his head back and cried out with bliss as Dobbins' began to use his tongue and
rather flexible equine lips to good use.

"Of course that could wait until we're finished here, Sir Dobbins, if that is alright with you?"

The fey-horse flicked his tail in agreement. It most certainly was.

21 - Tempest's Texts

Shattered Shards: Tempest's Texts

By Von Krieger

Tempest hummed happily to herself as she walked in the door, a bag filled with books upon one arm.
One of her friends ran a used bookstore and always made sure to pluck certain volumes from the recent
turn ins.

People were still getting used to the way the new world worked, as well as settling into what were in
some cases new homes and lands. The city of Port Haven was the result of two large cities, and their
accompanying suburbs and outlying villages being fused and altered during the uniting of Earth and
Aerth. Both cities had been called Port Haven, and they blended almost seamlessly. Somehow the
street patterns from both cities matched up perfectly, Aerth's buildings transforming into a more modern
function while Earth's urban landscape was toned down a little bit, the buildings taking on a more
architectural construction to that of its doppelganger. What was more was that each urban sprawl was a
mirror image of itself. Each Port Haven had gaps between habitation areas, but now they were filled by
reversed duplicates of the other world's streets, buildings, and vegetation. The buildings even carried
identical, though not mirrored, contents. They simply did not have mirrored residents.

As a result nearly half the buildings in the Port Haven area outside the city center were abandoned. With
the distribution routes for the grocery stores changed an effort had been made in the early days to go
through each of the abandoned houses, removing nonperishable food items, and an effort was made to
cook and distribute everything that would go bad eventually. The city had won the services of several
dragons in exchange for the vast amount of frozen meat that would still have gone uneaten. One of
them, a majestic silver dragoness, had set herself up in one of the mirrored castles, using her magics to
preserve even more of the food, thus creating the city's largest food bank. Even now, almost a year later,
people were still combing through the abandoned houses for things of worth and value. There were
many square miles worth of empty homes, filled with possessions that no one would ever miss. People
still made a living off the proceeds.

Though there were some places that did not truly m