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Comprehensive test on number system

1)What is the units digit of 1781+2781+3781+.+9781?

a)5 b)3 c)1 d)7 e)8

2)What will be the units digit of 13^29^14^7?

a)7 b)9 c)1 d)3 e)none of these

3)What is the rightmost non zero digit of the numberN=7703430?

a)7 b)3 c)9 d)1 e) none of these

4)Find the last two digits of the number N=29933

a)01 b)81 c)89 d)91 e)99

5)If we write down all the natural numbers from 259 to 492 side by side,we shall get a very large
number 259260261262490491492.How many 8s will be used to this large number?

a)52 b)51 c)53 d)54 e)55

6)What is the second smallest multiple of 7 that leaves a remainder of 9 when divided by 19?

a)171 b)259 c)261 d)218 e)161

7)Find the least number which when divided by 6,7,8,9 and 10 leaves remainder 1.

a)2531 b)2521 c)5041 d)7561 e)5761

8)L.C.M of two distinct natural numbers is 191.What is their H.C.F?

a)43 b)191 c)1 d)61 e)cannot be determined

9)If S is the L.C.M of the first 20 natural numbers,then find the L.C.M of the first 25 natural numbers.

a)165S b)21X22X223X24x25S c)S d)230S e)115S

10)Let S be the set of all natural numbers less than 120 such that the H.C.F of any element in S and 120
is 1.Find the number of elements in S

a)104 b)56 c)64 d)32 e)none of these

11)Find the greatest 4 digit number which when divided by 5 leaves remainder 1 and when divided by
6 leaves remainder 5.

a)9941 b)9971 c)9911 d)8971 e)none of these

12How many three digit numbers exist which when divided by 3,4,5,6,7 leaves remainders1,2,3,4 and
5 respectively?

a)5 b)4 c)3 d)2 e)1 1

13)what is the largest power of 12 that would divide 49!

a)22 b)23 c)21 d)24 e)20

14)find the number of zeroes at the end of 36!36!

a)64 b)88 c)8X36! d)48 e)none of these

15)Find the last three digits of the number N,whre N=10!+11!+12!+49!+50!

a)500 b)400 c)300 d)200 e)100