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CAMBRIDGE SUR aL SVaUel-i mom stole) 4 Nedaaarctam ali e) (CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, Sio Paulo Cambridge University Press ‘The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 2RU, UK. wow.cambridge org Information on this tite: www: © Cambridge University Press 2006 Ths publication isin copyright. Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of Cambridge University Press. ist published 2006 Printed in taly by Burografiea (part of the LEGO group) A catalogue record for this publication is available from the British Library ISBN-13 978.0.821.67117-0 Student's Book BEC Preliminary Edition ISBN-10 0-521-67117-5 Student's Book BEC Preliminary Edition ISBN-13 978-0-521.67284-9 Student's Hook BULATS Edition Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate with CD-ROM ISBN-10 0-521-67284-8 Student's Book BULATS Edition Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate with CD-ROM ISBN-13 978-0-521-67285.6 Teachers Resoutce Book Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate/ Preliminary ISBN-10 0-521-67285-6 Teacher's Resource Book Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate/Preliminary ISBN-13 978-0521-67286-3 Personal Study Book PreIntermediate to Intermediate/Preliminary ISBN-10 0-521-67286-4 Personal Study Book Pre-intermediate to Intermediate/Preliminary ISBN-13 978.0-521-67287-0 Audio Cassette BEC Preliminary Eaition ISBN-10 0-521-67287-2 Audio Cassette BEC Preliminary Eaton ISBN-13 9780:521-67288-7 Audio CD BEC Preliminary Edition JSBN-10 0-521-67288-0 Audio CD BEC Preliminary Edition ISBN-13 978-0-521-67657-1 Audio Cassette BULATS Edition Pre Intermediate to Intermediate ISBN-10 0-521-67657-6 Audio Cassette BULATS Edition Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate ISBN-13 978-0-521-67658-8 Audio CD BULATS Baltion Pre-Intemediate 10 Intermediate ISBN-10 0-521-67658-4 Audio CD BULATS Edition Pre-Intermediate o Intermediate Introduction Who this book is for This book is intended to be an interesting and stimulating course for lower-intermediate students of Business English (Common European Framework Level B1). Itprovides a general Business English course both for students who hhave not yet worked in business and for people who are ‘working and have experience of business environments. 1: provides practical reading, speaking, listening and ‘writing skills for people who need English for working in business, It also contains a wide range of essential business vocabulary and grammar. For students who want to study fora Business English ualification, this book gives you a complete preparation forthe Cambridge Business English Cerificate (BEC) Preliminary exam, together with a complete past BEC Preliminary paper supplied by Cambridge ESOL. What the book contains ‘The book contains the following elements: * 24 units for classroom study. These units are organised in groups of four around a theme: company profiles, production and selling, etc. In each group of four, two of the units have a vocabulary focus and two have a grammar focus. Each unit gives training and practice in 4 variety of skills, These include: ~ different reading strategies fora variety of different business texts ~ listening for gist and specific information in a business context ~ writing business letters and emails ~ accuracy and fluency in speaking ‘+ Communication activities for role-play situations, ete. ‘+ Sample answers for writing activities. Exam skills and Exam practice section. This section, ‘which starts on page 113, gives you detailed guidance ‘on how to approach each BEC Preliminary exam task, the skills required and what the exam task is testing. ‘The Exam skills pages contain exercises to build up your exam skills, The Exam practice pages contain all the questions tasks from a past BEC Preliminary exam, supplied by Cambridge ESOL. ‘+ Full answer key forall the exercises in this book. + ‘Transcripts forall the listening activities in the book. Aso available are: + 2audio CDs/eassettes containing a variety of recorded material and BEC exam listening tasks + Teacher's Resource Book, containing guidance and suggestions on how to approach activities inthe book, plus extra photocopiable activities to supplement the Units inthe Student's Book. + Personal Study Book, containing activities and ‘exercises based on the vocabulary, grammar and skills covered in each unit tis intended as reinforcement of ‘material you have studied in class. The Personal Study Book contains keys to all ts exercises, so you will be able to check your answers yourself. It also contains a Word list of vocabulary from the Student's Book, Introduction 3 Map of the book Unit Reading writing 4 Mewottne | Suseraricosia> day swapping at work ions 2) corporte Whatkindofcompary cuture | Company cuture:a conversation 8 culture would sutyou?: reading and | betweentwo employees 5 17 answoring a que; Acompany a cate statement 23 Company LeiStruss:enartidean | Joseph Rownres a business 8 story ‘company Mistry; Horgdou: | Studies lectere eat an arcle on te histor ofa Chinese clothing company 4 Trsintmet | Dasnnyeurvetste an | Enabecesses Set phrases fr emai and ters; 22-25 ace ‘ring eras: formal andra ile 5 Deserbing | zangeauemert awed | Utearaio derbtersotende’s | Finainalom equipment | page: Potlems ihn 26-28 equipments enalland headings ona for Ms E) G Process | Worashiaaticonan | GhaaioS.anntelendada 3 andprocedures. | Ausralancothing company | procuction process; Ofize \E| oe frosotresacemoraton 3 7, detain Seling yourproduct abroad: | Enquiring about orders and Phone messages g anddelvery | anaric, 1| eaves; Chasing an ore: z 30-37 __| teleptone converations G Méterising, | Disretoneoladeriong | Mothotal ahora an ‘andmarketing | mederSingepare Anes an | intrvew win the lector ofan 3-41 aricleonthe brancingofan | advertising gency aiine Q Meine ‘Making and changing appointments arrangements ‘vojeemal messages and phone 4203 conversations: Future intentions fang prediclons: shor extracts 2/40 tower Travaerangements: notices | Garcia adi itendew- : 46-49 endohort messages Exes ¢ nero on train vavel a tie Hotel advertisements; Gapsuie | Distinguishing potte and nde: \Wting an email orfaxt0, accommodation | holes: aaricie on asoecal | iionation ahote 50-83, ‘ypeothotl 4D outerine Thinking outside thebox an | Tne colongues choosing a venus: office atice onofstemesings | Awelcome speech al aconforece 5057 4 Map ofthe book Speaking Vocabulary Grammar “Talking about your job; Asking about other poople ‘bs 408 titles and ceserbing jobs; Names of ‘company departments resent simple nd present ‘continuous; Time expressions “Asking questions aboxk companies Finaing and recording cotocations Asking about products: past senpie questions: Past simple; Regular and iregular ‘verbs; Question forms ‘Discussion: now to dasigna website mall and websitetoms Describing obects winen you don't know the name \Vocabuiary to describe objects: ‘component pert, shapes, materials, ‘uses: Offce equipment; Desorbing probiems with equioment "Fale pay: interviewing a company ovmer YVoros to describe processes ‘The present passivo r _ Rle-play: making telephone call to a suoplier Telephone language: completing a quiz | Model verbs cf obligation ‘Describing brands and markets; Discussing ciferent advertising metiiods and advertising techniques Vocabulary to tak about aevertsing and ‘marketing; Language to describe cause and effect Fale-play: making an appointment Role-play: panning Lenauage formaking appointinants Present continuous for future "sales event arrangements; wiland going to future forms: Vocabuiary for airtravel; Guessing Contrast words Unknown vocabulary through contrast words Describing hotels Role-pay: at the hotel reception Vocabulary to describe hotels and hotel ‘cities ‘Discussing holidays and arrangements for tina off Guessing vocabulary from context Comparativesand superlatives | ole-pay! ting out about conference faciltias; Discussing how and where to make key decisions Map ofthe book 5 news; Men's and wernen's investments: an article Unit Reading Listening Writing 43 Peserina Business Network CCorversations when meeting ‘contacts International antic someone forthe frst time 58-61 8/44 cus! ‘Marketing ix China: an Cuttual awareness: aracio 3 issues aici; Dong business in intervew; Gift-giving ia Japan: a tate 3 52-85 Finland: an extract rom a 4 idebock 3 3 $45 tomer ‘Team-bulcing events; ‘Creating good teams: a a 56-69 ‘Keizer an aril presentation 4G Emerninne | Arestsranrevow Business ‘Writing a thank youltterto 8 host clients, ‘90 an aricle 70-73 47 Peete Interpreting bar charts Listoning to statistical information: statistics short exracis| TTT 18 semeem Hamat asecretve success: | A presentation by a compeny finances, anarice france director 76-31 2 £149 imines | Stee ardite sick Men's and womon's investments: & 82-85 ‘exchange: a web page; Short | anintenéew witn the founder ofan ‘articles from the business investment cluo 20 Es" ‘Smoothie drinks: reading ana ‘comparing two articles; Kalida: anartcieon funding Fado interaew: the marketing sector of a businass support \Wrhing eters to expressinterestin a new product 2A Ste wring your Gv:an extract rom took; Onina recrultment Letter applying fr job; Letter inviting ‘ canccatt for nerve: Letter ging the result ofan application: Letters giving good and bac nows. eae Preparing for aninterview: extract rom a book aiving ‘advico; ACvisias text: an aide Fado inleniew on work stations: short extracts Human resources 28 seripment ‘Advertisements for aining ‘courses; Amemo and an advert ‘360 degree feedback: a radio interview Fling ina form Writing an email to book piace ons course 98-101 Genie Grcle: an arte DA sistiects Use of emails a business ‘Wiiting par ofa business eort and figures report: The ight treatment or 192-105 ‘absontess: ananicle Communication activities 106 ‘Sample answers to wring exerciaas 110 EXAM SKILLS AND EXAMPRACTICE 113-152 Contents ofexam saction 418 Answer keys. 183 Transcripts 368 6 Map of the book ‘Speaking Vocabulary Grammar Making srl talk; Givinga timed speech to introduce | ‘Guessing vocabulary from context Present perect and past simple company Vocabulary to describe gts: verb-noun | Desoribing habits and customs ccollocations Discussing teams and team projects Vocabulary to describe aims and achiavaments; Word-bulaing Discussing ways of entertaining visitors; Teling avistor | Ways of descrona food ‘Geuntable and uncountable nouns: ‘about an event Expressions of quant. Beeariting fowres and trends \Vocebulany to describe araphs and ‘Adjpatives and adverbs: Comparisons chats; Desoriong rends Discussing company information Finance vocabulary Pronouns and reference wards ole-pay: 8 conversation witha financial adviser ‘Stocks and shares vocabulary: Guessing Lnkrexwm words rom context ‘Giving a summary ofan article Collocation sets abouttime and money | whichiwho/thatlwhere clauses Discussing what teincludeinacv Headings for CVs; Describing appcalion procedures Discussing applicants fora post; Hypotnesising Employment vocabulary First and second conditonals ‘Desoussing ways of ving feadbackto stat ‘Doinga sis audit; Discussing company poicies Reported speech “Snabsentecism Mapofthebook 7 Acknowledgements The ator nd uber woul et hank he ollwing people forthe invaluable festack when renewing thi couse matel- avi Beth and Hog ‘uian oo Cambridge ESOL; Eline Allen, Pt Ses ache Connabeep, Php Dove Roscmary Richey, Rage Scot, Thirwenlatswa, Ces Terr, ‘ryce Warbuon, fulan Whee, Bob Wht The publishers wool eo ‘het thank Kevin Brown Phot Reseach) Germ Woe (Putin ‘Conan Sipsoa (Assan Priston Conall) ale Coste (Sees tor) Recor by James Richards at Sto AP (sound ergs: Andy By) ‘Te sathor an pedlser ae grief the alos for pens te eace yah mater Kise not alas been pesilew ent desources all he ‘ates! usd ann sith caves the pliers would weleae ination em thecopyight owners Text 18: Lvistrmss Co. forex onthe history of Levi Stas. 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Rugs 20, ‘Werke evense {hath share, 200825 Sepicnber 2008 ‘ropes ice a 25 eptember 208 ‘the eonomiet Newspaper Unie: ps OED rah aves now. ‘work ox pte inert eu forth eas 200 1 203: Aap tom Tae “verge sal hour acta werked pe pasar in employer ‘ECD Enpoye Cust 2001 Eon, QC, aut 02 Gran Thorsten Tiernan or gph 8 erento companie a have waren neon snagorent ne dierent cones: gues aon om Gran Thon ration crtatanal iss Se) (208 208). \© 2004 Gran Termin erootonl Al igh Feseve p10 BNO Publahing Croup raph zcngeo i 1) ‘orkree who ook least ne ay otk di to sik he eevious 12 Imanths ne Eiopean coe: aged tom Caretta and Eason Mtns, OEM 2s; 1387 69, Reproduce vith persion ro the Pushin Gros. very eft as heen made seth copyright holies sn we apologise ‘veneer any unimestonal omissions, We would be please onset be Syproratesckaowledgeent in subsequent don ahs peaton Photo veserah: Kevin Bown “Tat design ond yout Har McLeod ng by ane Canes Produntioneoaumiler orang Wns Falora! manager: Chala Ais Snir comnisstoning elle sll Seay What is Business English? [As the global economy grows, companies from different countries increasingly have to work, trade and communicate with each other. English is often the language used for this communication, not just between native speakers of English but between business people who do not speak each other’s language, but speak English as foreign language. Business fnglish therefore helps business people worldwide to be able to trade and work together: Business English includes: + the vocebulary whieh business people use + the particular language skills which they require in order to do business in English + the ability o read about and discuss topies of genetal interest to business people. Business vocabulary Business English vocabulary isthe words and phrases which allow business people to communicate about general business matters. Within Business English, itis possible to specialise much further, for example English for Banking, English for Marketing or English fr Finance Business English is less specialised than this an tres to cover the main general needs of business rather thaa the ‘ery technical specialisations. Other titles of interest from Cambridge University Press: Business Vocabulary in Use Intermediate BEC Preliminary Practice tests Language skills useful for business “These include being able to: 4 listen and speak during normal business activities such asiiterviews, meetings, telephone conversations a negotiations + read business letters, emails, report, articles, information on the Internet, et + write for business purposes (examples of business ‘writing are reports, letters, emails and proposals). Grammar Correct grammatical expression is becoming more and, ‘more important for successful business communication in English. The quality of a company's and a business person's communications is increasingly seen as a reflection of the quality of the company, its products or services and the work of its employees, Businy ss topics Business people are geuterally interested in business-related topies, and Business English allows them to read about and discuss these topics in English. They can read what is being written in the business sections of newspapers; they can read and discuss the latest ideas coming from international business schools, This allows them to keep up to date with the latest trends, business techniques, innovations and developments in the business world. Cambridge Learner's Dictionary eae [1 4 oe Whatis Business English? 9 ‘Tm Jonny, 'm Fesponsible for ‘recruitment and issues to dowith staffwettare.” Getting started “Myname’s Leila, Myjob isto make sue that the ‘companys producing what people wantto buy” 1. Read the introductions and write the correct first names on the organigram below, “Ym Kevin, Ihave goneral responsibilty forthe entire company, Irepresentthe company inthe financial community andthe business world” “tm Richard. do the bookkeeping and the payrall’ “fm Bernard, min charge ofthe people who sell our products, ‘'m Gamal.'m responsible for ‘money planning 4... Kei... Thompson “wy name's ‘Managing Director Beverley. My area ofresponsibilty is finding and testing coutneve products "wy name's Diane. Ymesponsite for she whole company wen Kevinis not here! 2 Drew ‘Assistant Managing Director Yates 4 Asad Smith Sales Director Finance Director Marketing Director 6 Green ee eaten 8 Laporte Research andDevelopmentManager Human ResourcesManager Production Manager ome Ray Accountant. 10 Theworking day 2 you are working, tell your partner about your job. you are still studying, think about someone youknow and tell your partner about Useful language theirjob, using the phrases in the Useful language box. Describing yourjob Iimresponsie for Company departments Wy oD reopens 10 Imineharge ot Vocabulary —— Look at thelist of departments in a company (a-h) and read people's situations (1-6) ane below Decide which depariment each person should askto speak when phoning °‘esonnd the company. There are more departments than you need. aun Technical support 1. MrMitchellis a marketing executive who has eceved several complaints rom green customers about faulty goods. 4. eivsaree 2. MrDaviesisa consultant who thinks he has not ben paid for an invoice preterm 3. MrFiner has ust received the resulis of some laboratory tests on a possible new ence product development 4 Ma Slater sa sales execative whois interested in working forthe company: hy Production 5. Ms Evans works inthe company as a secretary and she has a problem with her computer. 6 Mr Martin is a retailer who is interested in stocking the company's products, Personal assistants Listening 1 Many busy people have a personal assistant or ‘PA’. Workin paits and make alist of at least three things you think a PA does. 2 You are going to hear an interview with a PA who works for the director of a TV channel. Which of the following do you think could be part of her job? ansivering letters 1) making cotfee Oo 7 booking flights [prioritising appointments a 4 booking train tickets [taking notes in meetings Oo co-ordinating special events [J] takingphone calls Oo looking up information TD wetcoming visitors Oo 23 Listen to the first part of the interview to see if you were right. 4 Read the following questions (1-6) and match them with correct reply (a-f 1 Whatknd of atmosphere do you workin? 2 Organisation ithe most important thin 2. What do you like best about your job? a5 You canbe under fot of pressure co meet deadlines, 3° And what do you like least? c It’s very busy. 4 Doyoubaves good working relationship with yourbosst Ye, we get on very wel S$ What kindof cuales do you think a PA need Beng PAs a valuablecreer Posi tetany tersttcncoagnciciornipane® “4 "the peop T eae ik ‘who is thinking of becoming a PA? {5 Listen tothe rest ofthe interview and check your Talking point answers. Workin pairs. Choose four questions from the interview to ask your partner about their job. Theworkingday 14 zr 2 / Changing places Reading Reality TV is where real people are filmed In different situations. One example is Big Brotleer where a group of people who do not know each other have to live together inthe same house, 1 Discuss these questions in small groups. * Do you know any other examples of reality TV? What do you think of 1? 2 Read the article below quickly, without using a dictionary, o get a general understanding of what it is about. This is called skimming and is very useful in ‘a work environment when you have a let of text to read. After you have skimmed the text, you can decide if you are interested in reading any parts of it in more detail, 3 When you have skimmed the text and decided which ‘sentences or paragraphs you would like to read, ‘again in more detail, you need to be able find them quickly. Looking through a text forthe key words which you are interested in is called scanning. ‘The text Changing Places has four paragraphs. Scan the text and write the paragraph numbers which talk. about the following. Paragraph(s) + Donald Eisner + Alex Jennings + Both men 4 Scan the text again to see if the following statements are true or false. For each statement, you will need to check two paragraphs. Donald Eisner 1 He comes from a rich family. 2. He can cook pancakes. 3. Inthe programme, he suecessfully cleans rooms up 10 hiis company’s required standards. 4 Heis thinking of making a different person responsible for ordering the cleaning materials. Tae. CHANGING PLACES 4 Many critics dislike reality TV but one show which hos received very fayouroble reviews is Changing Places. The main idea is simple. Toke the Chief Executive Officer of | ‘comporyy and put him or her in the position of one of the company’ low-end workers. 2 Donald Eisner is the CEO of the Absolon chain of hotels in Australia, His family have been hotel owners for three generations and are one of the wealthiest in the Australian hotel industry In the programme, we see Donale Eisner working oso bellboy, cook ond cleaner while supervisors monitar his performance, noting any mistakes. He has some triumphs, itis true, Inthe kitchen, he successfully cooks severe! pancakes, for example, ond, cos ahousekeeper, he makes the beds correctly, The rest of his housekeeping, however, is nota success, as he fils to dlean ony roams to the company’s required standards, Acthe end of the programme, we see his supervisor taking him from room to room, pointing out his mistakes, 3 Alex Jennings runs a successful choin of steak bors called Wayside Inn. He hos 0 reputation for demanding quality from his stff, both in terms of food and service. ‘When he dhanges places with some of his stalf, we soe him foil a number of tasks in the restaurant, As o waiter, he continually forgets to ask customers hhow they want their steaks to be done ‘ond mixes up the orders completely ‘when he has to serve five tables at the same time. A few minutes later, disaster strikes when his tie becomes caught under the drinks on @ troy! The next day, when he takes the ploce of Ure cook, his supervisor makes him redo several ofthe steaks, 4 Now thot their experience is over, ‘are the CEOs thinking of making any changes? The answers that they already hhave, “We have carried out several cranges, like sorting the knives forks and spoons, to make it easier forthe person who woshes the dishes,” soys Mr Jennings. “We're also redesigning the stoF uniforms. MrEisner found the experience even more of a shock. Heis nat only moking changes in his hotels, ike the policy on who orders new supplies of leaning ‘moterials buthe also wants to create a Changing Places day ot oll Absalon Hotels sa thot all senior ‘management con go through a similar process. The working day