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Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam -

August 21, 2017

How can we win the bounteous Grace of Lord? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today.

The Lord is so full of Grace that He willingly

guides and guards all who surrender to Him.
When the battle with Ravana was over, one
glance from Lord Ramas merciful eye was
enough to revive the monkeys who had fallen
on the ground, and to heal the wounds they
earned during the war. Some demons had
penetrated into the monkey camp in disguise;
they were brought before Rama for summary
punishment! Lord Rama smiled and pardoned
them, for they assumed the monkey form
which was so dear to Him; He sent them away,
unharmed! That was the measure of His
mercy. To win the Lords bounteous grace, you
must become permeated with righteousness
(dharma) so that every act is God-worthy. With
the sharp chisel of intellect (buddhi), shape the
mind (manas) into a perfect image of Dharma-
murthi, the idol (or embodiment) of
righteousness. Then you will shine with the
splendour of the Divine. That is the task you
should dedicate yourself to today.

- Divine Discourse, Jan 11,1966

Win the Grace of the Lord Almighty. All your accumulated burden will be
burnt into ashes in a moment! Baba

21 Ag`sq,2017
sweI ieMspwier(pRyrxw) dw pMjwbI tRWslySn

pRSn: qusIN, v`D qoN v`D Bgvwn dw AwSIrvwd ikvyN pRwpq kr skdy ho? Bgvwn A`j swnUM, Xwd duAwauNdy hn[
auqr: Bgvwn AwSIrvwd nwl ie`ny Bry hoey hn ik ijhVy lokW ny Awpxy-Awp nUM aunHW nUM pUrI qrHW smripq kIqw
hoieAw hY auh, aunHW dI AwpxI ie`Cw nwl r`iKAw krdy hn Aqy aunHW dw mwg-drSn krdy hn[jd rwvx nwl lVweI
Kqm ho geI qW Bgvwn rwm dI iek dieAw dI dirStI ny zmIn qy byhoS bMdRW nUM TIk kr id`qw Aqy aunHW dy zKm
TIk kr id`qy[ku`J rwkiSS ijhVy Bys bdl ky bMdRW dy KYimAW ivc Gus gey sn,aunHW nUM pkV ky rwm dy swhmxy szw
dyx leI pyS kIqw[Bgvwn rwm muskrwey Aqy aunHW nUM iKmw kr id`qw ikauN jo auh bMdRW nUM bhuq ipAwr krdy sn,
ijnHW dw Bys aunHW ApnwieAw hoieAw sI[aunHW dI ieh dieAwluqw dI Bwvnw sI[Bgvwn dw AwSIrvwd pRwpq krn
leI auhI Drm vwly krm kro ,ijhVy Bgvwn dy mn-psMd hox[bu`DI dI qyj CYxI nwl,mn nUM qRwS kyM Drm dw rUp
dau[iPr qusIN id`vqw ivc cmko gy[ies qrHW dy krm Bgvwn nUM Aripq kro[(11 jnvrI, 1966 dy idvX pRvcn)[

Bgvwn dw AwSIrvwd ij`qo[ies qrHW krn nwl,quhwfy swry bury krmW dw ivnwS ho jwvy gw[(bwbw)[