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Grand Masters Package (GMP) for JEE, 2016

The Only Crash Correspondence Course

The ideal tool for ultimate finish !

An exclusive fundamentals search based package of 1500 Top quality problems on new JEE pattern testing your
understanding of the subject. It covers all aspects of JEE problem solving techniques.

GMP is basically designed by FIITJEE for Students to help them revise, consolidate and polish their knowledge & skills in just
4 - 5 weeks. Results produced by this course have been simply stupendous. Two full syllabi very similar JEE tests, counselling
on How to attempt the JEE papers, removal of stumbling blocks and tips on producing peak performance on the examination
day are integral parts of this course.

Eligibility : Open to all aspirants of JEE, 2016

Availability : GMP will be available / mailing commences from mid October, 2015

Fee : Rs. 1,200/- (One thousand two hundred only) + Service Tax (Rs. 168/-)

Note :The two full syllabi very similar JEE tests will be mailed to candidates only when they submit proof of appearing in JEE, 2016. You are
required to mail / courier copy of JEE, 2016 admit card to avail these tests.

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Rankers Test Papers File (RTPF) for JEE, 2016

Solving top quality papers prior to the examinations is a tested way to success

The Rankers Test Papers File consists of :

Three part tests and nine full syllabi tests on JEE expected pattern. The test papers are independently sealed in separate
envelopes with instructions printed on top to take the tests at home by simulating real examination like conditions.

Sealed packets of solutions with guidelines to check the answer sheets yourself in a neutral way, thus giving a precise
idea about what the examiner expects in your answer (there can sometimes be a marked difference in what the examiner
expects and what you write, leading to lowering of scores !).

RTPF is designed :
To give several chances to appear in simulated JEE like environment.

To develop sound examination temperament.

Problems of JEE level to prepare one for all types of patterns and levels of difficulty to face JEE in all eventualities.

One comes to know about his/her shortcomings and can consolidate on JEE preparation through these tests.

The question papers of RTPF are different from Test Series question papers. Test Series Students can opt
for this package for very useful additional practice.
Eligibility : Open to all aspirants of JEE, 2016

Availability : RTPF will be available / mailing commences from mid November, 2015

Course Fee : Rs. 700/- (Seven hundred only) + Service Tax (Rs. 98/-)

Note : Last two full syllabi tests of RTPF shall be mailed to candidates only once they mail / courier copy of JEE, 2016 admit card.

Although Grand Masters Package and Rankers Test Papers File have been designed specifically for JEE preparation
but they have proved to be quite useful for other competitive exams also.

Students also have the advantage of availing both GMP and RTPF together at a special fee of only
Rs. 1700/- (One Thousand Seven Hundred Only) + Service Tax (Rs. 238/-).

How to Enrol :Apply on prescribed Form (collect from nearest FIITJEE centre or download from along
with four passport size colour photographs, photocopy of last board exam marksheet(s) & Demand Draft / Pay Order (no cash
or cheque will be accepted) for the course fee in favour of FIITJEE Limited TS, RTPF, GMP A/c payable at New Delhi.
Post / courier your completed application to National Admissions Office at Delhi. You can also submit your completed
application in person at the nearest FIITJEE centre.

For more details about Rankers Test Papers File visit