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Improving Students Writing skill Through Scrambled Sentences at Eighth Grade of Mts

Maarif Cikedung, Majalengka.

Firman Nurma Sungkawa
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English Language Teaching Department, Tarbiyah Faculty, The State of Islamic Studies
Syekh Nurjati Cirebon

Dr. Tedy Rohadi. M,Pd, SE, Dipl. TEFL

Sumadi SS. M,Hum

This final project was a study to examine the influence of using scrambled
sentences as the media in teaching descriptive text. The objective of this
study was to find the influence of scrambled sentences to improve
students writing skill in descriptive text and the implementation of
scrambled sentences in teaching writing descriptive text. The population
of the study was eigth grader of MTs Maarif Cikedung. The number of the
population was 60 students divided into four classes. The researcher used
8C as sample in this research. The researcher used purposive sample
method in choosing the sample. The research design which the researcher
used was an experimental study with Pre-test and Post-test. The research
instruments used were , tests and observation. At last, the result of the
test was analyzed using t-test formula.The result of the data analysis of the
reflection scores for the cycle I and cycle II figured out the increasing mean figures of pre test
33.75, Post Test I 34,25, and Post Test II 41.67 for cycle I and cycle II respectively. There
was a differences mean figure of Pre Test 59, Post Test I 75, Post Test II 76 for Cycle
II.Based on the result above, scrambled sentences was more effective for teaching writing,
especially to write decriptive text for eight graders of Junior High School Students and
scrambled sentences positively contributed to the improvement of the studentsability in
writing. Then, the researcher suggest the teacher to use scrambled sentences as the media in
teaching writing and to improve studentsmotivation to write English.

Keywords: scrambled sentences, writing skill, descriptive text


The importance of writing is also seen from the fact that the skill has become a need for
people to compete in the global era. Students need to prepare themselves for their future.
They need to be able to write an application letter when applying for a job and many other
kinds of written texts when doing their job later. In addition, writing is a means of expressing
ideas or communicating with others. There are situations in which the ability of writing is
crucial or written language is a need, as it is said by Nunan (1993) that writing is needed to
communicate with others who are removed in time and space, or is used for those occasions
on which a permanent or semi-permanent record is required.

Writing is one of the communication tools, mastering the writing skill is very important to
enable the learners communicate their ideas with the reader in written form. It is needed in
school environment not only as tool for transferring the knowledge from teacher to the
students and students to one another but also as one of English skills that should be learned
by students, besides other skills like reading, speaking and listening. Everyone admits that
writing is a difficult subject but it is very important for the students to learn. The teacher
should give serious and special attention to every student. Good writing in English requires
both good mastery of structures and organization. Students should master the basic
components of writing. Students should master the grammar, vocabulary, using punctuation,
and good organization.

Actually, in teaching learning process especially for students of MTs Maarif Cikedung still
have problem in writing, such as the students do not know how to start the writing, they could
not generate their ideas, probably they understood what they should do but they could not
generate it into written form, they could not make a good sentence, they are still confused
when they are asked to organize words into a good sentence or organize sentences into a good

The problem occurred because of some factors, they were less students motivation in
learning English writing and school environment was noisy so students concentration was
disturbed when they were learning writing, teacher professionalism was not too high in
handling lazy students and they were lack in mastering grammar. When teacher asked the
students to write a sentence, some students could not make a sentence correctly. Students
were lack in mastering vocabulary. The lack of vocabularies could be seen when the teacher
asked them to make a sentence or paragraph and they dont understand the meaning of their
sentence or paragraph. The last, in teaching learning process teacher still used teacher center
method so it made students lazy to concentrate and write their ideas based on the material so
the teacher would be more active than the students.
1. Problem Statement
They are problems related to the teacher, problems related to the students, and problems
related to the process.
1) Problems related to teacher: methods and teachers role.
The method that is used by the teacher will affect the teaching learning process in the class.
Teacher should use the most suitable method for the students. The teacher should consider
the characteristics of the students, the environment, and the subject that will be taught.
Method can be said suitable if they can support the teaching learning process well.

2) Problems related to students : error writing (SP, V, Vocab, Grammar and structure text)
From error writing found in students writing, I used a set of symbols for indicating clearly
identifiable erros. Use them when I know that the students is familiar with which grmmatical
rule to apply to correct the sentence. Here is a basic list of commonly used symbol.
Based on Ann Reims there are symbol to know error writing on students :
1) SP : spelling Error
2) V : error in verb or tense
3) Vocab : wrong choice of word
4) G : Grammar eror
5) SS : Structure Sentence. Error in structure sentence
6) F : wrong choice word form

Furthemore, error structure can know also from structure of text itself. Type text that found
on problem students writing skill is descriptive text. Generic structure in descriptive text is
focus on arranging stage to build a describing. Here is stage in descriptive text :
1) Introduction
2) Description
From problem found above on students writing skill, I used scrambel sentence to improve
students writing skill. In the scrambled sentences, students can arrange sentence based on
structure text.

3) Problems related to process: classroom activities and interaction.

Classroom activities cannot attract students attention. The teacher does not use any
attractive methods for writing activities. The learning process is teacher centered. The
teacher also never asks the students to work in group for writing activities.
2. Research Question
Based on the reason of the problem that the writer found in the students writing skill, the
writer make the research question that is need to be answered. The question are how is the
implementation of scrambled sentences in the teaching writing descriptive text, the procces of
the implementation scrambled sentences in the classroom is need to be answered. However,
students writing skill is need to be improved. The writer make the other research question that
is can the scrambled sentences improve the students writing skill of descriptive, the
improvement of students writing skill is importants to the students. It because the students
writing skill that the writer found in the problem is low ability.

Based on the question above, the writer would like to arrange the aims of
the research as follows to describe implementation of the scrambled
sentences in teaching writing descriptive text to describe improving the
students writing skill of descriptive text.

3. Literature Review
Scrambled sentences are part of communicative language teaching activity and it usually used
by the teacher in classroom. Teacher can ask the students to unscramble the lines of mixed-up
dialogue or asked the students to put the pictures of a picture strip story in order and write
lines to accompany the pictures. Thus, teacher gives some sentences with scrambled order to
the students and they unscramble the sentences into a good order and then they make a good
paragraph based on sentences (Larsen Freeman, 2000:133).

According to Hyland (2004: 09), explains that writing is a way to share personal meanings.
The people construct their own views on topic. They will share their views on a topic to each
other then. A persons views may be different from other peoples views. It depends on their
belief. Therefore, when constructing their views (ideas), the people have to make it
understandable and acceptable.

Writing is very significant for students in term that they should take notes from their teacher,
make a report, and finish assignments from the teacher. It can be also an indicator to show
that they have gained the information. It is significant for students to master writing skill the
researcher. If they do not master it, it will be difficult for them to share their teacher or their
friends anything in a written form.

Description is writing about characteristic features of a particular thing. According to Oshima

and Hogue (1997:50), descriptive writing appeals to the senses, so it tells how something
looks, feels, smells, tastes, and/ or sounds. In additon, a good description is like a word
picture; the reader can imagine the object, place, or person in his or her mind. A writer of a
good description is like an artist who paints a picture that can be seen clearly in the mind of
the reader.

To find out the improvement students writing skill through scrambled sentences, the writer
used Pre Test and Post Test then analyzed it using T test formula. The data were taken
from the grade VIII students at MTs N Cikedung in the academic year of 2016-2017. The
researcher only used a group of students from the VIII class. The class includes four class that
has 60 students who would be the research participants. They were chosen based on the
consideration from the English teacher.

The sample is part of the population (Nazir, 1999: 137). The sampling process should be able
to produce accurate and precise sample. Samples were inaccurate and imprecise will provide
research conclusions that are not expected or can produce false and misleading conclusions
(Hartono, 2005: 73). The basic idea of sampling (sampling) is that by selecting parts from the
elements of the population in order to obtain conclusions about the entire population (Cooper
and Emory, 1997: 214). The writer using purposive sampling to took the subject. Based on
criteria subject from english teacher. Thw writer selected VIII C class as sample subject.
Because of the class have low writing and need to be improve writing ability.
The data collection technique in this research are following ways:

-) Observation in the classroom during the teaching learning process.

This observation was used to know the data about the students participation,
attention, and activities in the classroom. Then, to know the writing ability of
-) Interview with the students and the teacher.
The interview was related to the action implementation of the research in the
classroom with their opinion and suggestion. In this case, the researcher used an
interview guidance to interview the participants. However, there might be any
possible questions and unpredictable questions that would occur to find out more
information from the participants.
-) Testing (pre-test and post-test) results to know the improvement of students ability in
writing descriptive texts.
-) Documentation in the form of photographs during the teaching learning process when the
research was conducted. In addition, recordings could be used to record the interview with
the students to know their opinion and their impression about the use of scrambled sentences
in teaching learning process, especially in wiriting descriptive texts.

To analyze the quantitative data, the result scores of the pre-test before the research was done
were compared with data of the post-test after the research. The data were then analyzed
whether their writing results were reaching the minimum standard or not, and having
improvement or not. From the comparisons, the researcher made conclusions in the form of
descriptions whether the students ability of VIII of MTs Maarif Cikedung in writing
descriptive texts was improved by the use of scrambled sentences or not. The writer use the
scoring rubric writing to analyze students writing skill. The table can see below.

score :
Criteria Scoring
1 2 3 4 5
Grammar 1 2 3 4 5
Spelling 1 2 3 4 5
Vocabulary 1 2 3 4 5
Form 1 2 3 4 5

1 Inacceptable

2 Inadequate
3 Fair
4 Good
Excellent to
5 very good

Note :
SS : Structure Sentences : error in sentence structure ex : (He wants that I go)
Gr : Grammar error ( He have gone)
Sp : Spelling eror ( their ) (theis)
Vocab :wrong choice of word or missing word in sentence ( remind for remmember)
Form : wrong word form (efficient for efficiency)

The Finding of this research revealed the implementation scrambled sentences in class. In
Cycle I include planning : the writer design lesson plan and the material based on the
problem include sentence structure, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and form, Action and
Observation : there are three meetings on March 29th 2017 and April 12th, 13th Each
meeting consisted of two 40-minute sessions. The class ran from 07.40 a.m. 09.00 a.m.
and 11.45 a.m. 01.05 p.m. Reflection : in Cycle I the students score are improve but not
reached the minimal mastery criteria. Based on the reflection, the writer decided to held
test in Cycle 2. In Cycle II, include planning : revision the design lesson plan and material
for student to focus on problem that findings in Cycle I. The problem include sentence
structure, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and form. Action and Observation : there are
three meetings on April 19th 2017 and April 20th, 21th Each meeting consisted of two 40-
minute sessions. The class ran from 07.40 a.m. 09.00 a.m. and 11.45 a.m. 01.05 p.m.
Reflection : in Cycle II the students score are improve and reached the minimal mastery
criteria. Besides, the problem can solve in students writing skill. Based on the reflection,
the writer decided to stop the research.

The table score students writing skill in cycle I can see below, there are no significant
improvement in the table. The reason tp stop the cycle is the writing scoring are reach
standar minimal of minimal mastery criteria. Besides, students writing skill are not reach
the standar minimal criteria. The writer held test again in the cycle 2.

Table : Students Writing Score in Cycle I

Comparison Scoring Students in Cycle I
Pre Post Test Post Test
Subject Test 1 2
Angga Wiguna
Aris Kusdiana 12.5 31.25 50
Deri 43.75 56.25 68.75
Dewi Lestari 29.75 31.25 43.75
Else Elsa Mutiara
Helmi Pratama 12.5 25 50
Ida Maulida Solihah 6.25 12.5 25
Insi Jaoharun Naspis 30.5 37.5 43.75
Iqbal Maulana Abdullah 54.75 56.25 68.75
Mirna Oktavia 37 43.5 56.25
Moch. Nur Ajmi Mulyawan
Nabila Pransiska 18.75 25 37.5
Nur Tri Mulyani 18 25 31.25
Peri Aperiansyah 18.25 37.5 56.25
Rida Fauziah 6.25 12.5 25
Rini Nuraeni 18.75 31.25 50
Riva Rezka Maulana 18 25 50
Sindi 24.75 31.25 43.75
Syamsul Arifin 62 75 87.5
Tini 18.75 25 12.5

Based on Minimal mastery criteria in Mts Maarif cikedung above, it can know that english
language have score 71 for minimal mastery criteria. Besides, many of students score in cycle
I are not mastery criteria in english subject. Although there are litle bit improvement in
students score. It can not be reached the minimal mastery criteria. So, to be improved the
writing skill students. The writer held test again in the Cycle 2.

Table : Stuents writing score in Cycle II

Comparison Scoring Students

Post Post
Pre Test Test
Subject Test 1 2
Angga Wiguna
Aris Kusdiana 62.5 5 75
Deri 75 5 87.5
Dewi Lestari 56.2 62.5 81.2
5 5
Else Elsa Mutiara
Helmi Pratama 62.5 62.5 75
56.2 68.7 81.2
Ida Maulida Solihah 5 5 5
Insi Jaoharun Naspis 50 62.5 87.5
Iqbal Maulana Abdullah 75 5 87.5
56.2 68.7
Mirna Oktavia 5 62.5 5
Moch. Nur Ajmi Mulyawan
Nabila Pransiska 5 62.5 75
56.2 68.7 81.7
Nur Tri Mulyani 5 5 5
Peri Aperiansyah 5 62.5 75
Rida Fauziah 50 75 87.5
Rini Nuraeni 50 62.5 5
Riva Rezka Maulana 50 62.5 5
Sindi 5 62.5 75
Syamsul Arifin 75 5 87.5
Tini 50 75 5

Based on Minimal mastery criteria in Mts Maarif cikedung, it can know that english
language have score 71 for minimal mastery criteria. Besides, many of students score in cycle
II are mastery criteria in english subject. Although there are litle bit improvement in students
score. It can be reached the minimal mastery criteria. In the end, the test that held by the
writer can say just enough.

The average of the students scores obtained from the Cycle I and Cycle II showed the
improvement of the use of the scrambled sentences technique in improving the students
writing ability. The mean students score in Cycle 1 are Pre Test 33.75, Post Test I 34,25,
and Post Test II 41.67. Meanwhile, in Cycle 2 are Pre Test 59, Post Test I 75, Post Test II
76. The result of this study explained that in teaching writing by applying scrambled
sentences gave significant improvement to the students writing skill. Based on the facts
above, the scrambled sentences technique was believed to be useful to improve the students
writing skills.


Based on the findings above, the implementation of the scrambled sentences technique is
successful to improve the writing skills of grade VIII students of Mts N Maarif Cikedung.
Scrambled sentences is able to attract the students attention and motivation in learning
writing. The scrambled sentences helped students in the writing process started arranging
sentences, writing down the keywords, discussing with friends and writing the describing
something. The scrambled sentences also helps the students improve their skill in arranging
the words into sentences beacause it can remembering vocabulary and more selective to
choose vocabulary in arranging sentences in structure sentences. The scrambled sentences
also made the students to focus on the lesson. It implies that the scrambled sentences
technique could be used to improve the writing ability of grade VIII students at Mts N
Maarif Cikedung.

Regarding to the results of the study, the interpretation and the conclusion, some suggestions
are proposed to increase the students writing ability below.

1. For the English Teacher

Based on the result of this action research, the scrambled sentences technique is useful to
improve the students writing skills. It helps the students in generating ideas, enrich the
grammar and vocabulary . It also improves the students motivation and attention towards
writing. The scrambled sentences technique also can be customized with other media and
other text types that will be taught. The English teacher is suggested to use the scrambled
sentences technique to teach writing in order to improve students writing ability.

2. For Other Researchers

This study is limited only to the VIII grade students at Mts N Maarif Cikedung. This
research study is aimed at improving the students writing ability. However there are still
some problems which were not yet solved. Related to the focus of the study, it is advisable
that the results of the study can be used as one of references for the other researchers who
conduct the similar studies related to the development of the students writing ability.
3. For the Students

The students are suggested to continue this activity. It will be very useful for them in
improving their writing ability. It can also be used as a reference when they need to write the
same topics. The students should always practice writing to build their writing habits, one of
the ways is by using scrambled sentences.
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