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Name: Melissa Dyas

Grade Level: 5
Subjects: Social Studies (integrate LA 5.9 Research)

Driving Question: Begin with the End in Mind

What standard will be assessed during this unit?

5.3d Describe the population of the Northeast including: early settlements, historically
significant events and places, and cultural characteristics.

What do you want the students to know? What do you want them to be able to do?

Compared to every other region, the NE is rich with history. I want students to know about
significant historical events and places such as Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, Gettysburg. Our
culminating year-end activity is a travel agency and I want my students to create something
(slides, interactive map, poster, brochure, etc.) that they can highlight the (Who, What, Where,
When, Why) important historical events of the NE

Create your driving question. Turn what you want them to know and turn it into a thesis
statement and then into a solve/invent/build/argue question (an ungoogleable question).

How could we showcase the rich history of the Northeast region to potential tourists in a travel
Have you posed an authentic problem or significant question that engages students and
requires core subject knowledge to solve or answer?

Create the Entry Event:

How will you hook your students? How will you capture their interest?

I will have a Wonder table that has books, artifacts, and materials from the many historic
events and people from the Northeast region. I will give them a few days to interact with and
discover the materials before introducing the project.

Building Knowledge, Understanding and Skills to answer the Driving




Since this is one of our first units, we will have spent time talking about summer vacations and
how these vacations were planned. Our end of year culminating SS activity will be hosting a
travel agency for parents, staff, and community members to attend and discuss planning a
trip. Each SS region we study will lend itself to creating artifacts to save for this travel agency.

KWL: Students create a KWL to find the NEED TO KNOW for the driving question. This will
drive the research.

Since this is our first unit, we will do this one collaboratively as a class. We will make references
to the items from the Wonder table as well as any vacations or personal experiences students
have had. We will then also brainstorm ways we can showcase the information and look at
examples that match those ideas.

Research and Collaboration:

What research tool will you introduce to your students?

2 column chart:
for read alouds - book title on left, students interpretation, facts, meaning on right;
for videos, images shared through Discovery Education, History Channel, Primary Sources
for research - source on left, notes on right
Q/A chart - question to look up on left, answer on right, source listed
Culturegrams - online school account
PebbleGo Next - online school account

How will you have your students keep track of their learning? How will they share their
research with you?

Notebook with 2 column chart and Q/A chart to be informally checked by me as they work

How will you create collaboration? Teaching with Primary Sources

Think Pair Share to have discussions about resources
Interactive Read Aloud discussions
Introduce our Shared Class Notebook in Microsoft Office and a place for students to upload
pictures, research, websites, etc. worthwhile to other classmates

Digital Citizenship:
What digital citizenship lessons will you teach?

Research & Sift

Research for, and collect useful information. Dont get caught up just watching videos. Keep
the end in mind - is what you are researching going to help you make your end product?

Develop and Revise Feedback:

How will you give feedback? How will students give feedback? What strategies will you use?
Gallery Walk: view completed projects
Class discussion: whats working, whats useful, hangups during project work
Student-facilitated formal debrief
Teacher-led formal debrief: 1st SS project so I will lead a plus/delta debrief
Student-facilitated informal debrief
Individual evaluations: student made rubric filled out by student/teacher
Group evaluations

How will students showcase their work?

Work will be shared in our classroom and displayed for a time in the room/hall until the next
project. Then work will be set aside until the end of the year when it is used to decorate for our
public travel agency.

Peer Review
Reviewer Name: Angela Barnett

Constructive I really like the idea of using Social Studies standards to make
Feedback: products for tourists. I suggested adding an ELA component
because I am continuously trying to make lessons
interdisciplinary and I think that connecting lessons across
subjects really shows how relevant our standards are.
Even with all the technology we are trying to introduce to
students I think that hands-on exploration with a Wonder Table
is always beneficial.
I havent even thought about students using Microsoft Office. Our
district/school site has pushed us to use the Google Suite.
For collaboration you may want to look into using Padlet -
students can all provide information onto one document which
is similar to what you can do with Google Docs.

Check your work against the BIE PBL Rubric.