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Hematology MCQs

20 MCQs
3 short Assays ---choice 2

1. Major hematopeotic embryo:

A. Yolk sac
B. Bone marrow
C. liver
D. spleen
E. lymph nodes

2. All can cause Iron deficiency anemia EXCEPT:

A. Menorrhagia
B. bleeding from GIT
C. Pregnancy.
D. Transcoblamin 1 deficiency

3. 1ry site of folate absorption is:

A. Proximal jejunum.
B. Duodenum
C. both
D. neither

4. Which of the following test is most helpful in diagnosis of

thalassemia :
A. serum iron and iron binding capacity
B. bone marrow iron stain
C. hemoglobin electrophoresis

5. all can be associated with Sickle Cell Anemia EXCEPT:

A. vasoocclusive cresis
B. infection
C. bleeding disease
D. organ damage
E. chest Syndrome
F. Aplastic cresis

6. Anemia characterized by increase RBCs production is:

A. chronic renal failure
B. Hereditary Spherocytosis
C. Fanconi's Anemia
D. Anemia of chronic disease

7. All of the following common finding in Acute Lymphocytic

leukemia EXCEPT:
A. epistaxis
B. fever
C. marked elevation in WBCs
D. Gum hypertrophy

8. In Acute myelocytic leukemia all of the following correct EXCEPT :

A. Bone marrow examination is essential diagnosis
B. Philadelphia +ve chromosome
C. more common in adult
D. it is worse prognosis than chronic myeloid leukemia

9. the Philadelphia chromosome observed in which one of the

following leukemia:
A. chronic myeloid leukemia
B. Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
C. Both
D. Neither

10. Diagnostic criteria of 2ry polycythemia all of the following

A. smoking
B. renal cyst
C. a high altitude
D. D.M

11. Haemophilia A ( factor IIIV deficiency) EXCEPT:

A. All males with defective gene have hemophilia
B. It is Autosomal dominant inheritance
C. 50% of daughter's of hemophilic man are carrier
D. 50% of daughter's of hemophilic man are diseased

12. Thrombocytopenia can be all of the following EXCEPT:

D. Essential thrombocytopenia

13. R factor for venous thrombosis include all EXCEPT:

A. immobilization
B. Estrogen therapy
C. Anti thrombin III deficiency
D. Exercise

14. which can cause thrombosis:

A. liver disease
B. thrombocytopenia
C. Anti phospholipid Syndrome
15. Blood Transfusion for all EXCEPT:
A. Hepatitis B & C virus
B. Hepatitis A virus
C. Syphilis

16. The packed RBCs are stored at :

A. 4 degree Centigrade
B. 30 degree Centigrade
C. 37 degree Centigrade
D. 20 degree Centigrade
(note: platelets at room temperature=25)

17. Vitamin K dependent coagulation Factors may include all

A. Factor 2
B. Factor 7
C. Factor 9
D. Factor 11

18. All of the following features of Multiple Myeloma EXCEPT:

A. Pathological fracture
B. Increase plasma abnormal cells in bone marrow
C. Increase peak serum of monoclonal protein in electrophoresis
D. Increase Hemoglobin level

19. Hodgkin's Disease the most common histological subtype is:

A. Lymphocytic predominant
B. Mixed Cellularity
C. Nodular sclerosing
D. Lymphocyte depleted

20. In which of the following Hematological disorders the polymerase

chain reaction is helpful:
A. Megaloblastic anemia
B. Hemolytic anemia
C. Iron deficiency anemia
D. Hemolytic malignancy
Important Assays in the Revisions
One Assay about blood transfusion (complication immediate &
One Assay about Malignancy (Myeloma, lymphoma, Leukemia, major
criteria of polycythemia)
One Assay about Benign (anemia, thrombocytopenia, acute blood loss)

Approach a 1.Thrombocytopenia ***********

patient with 2. Leukemia(Acute and chronic) ***********
3. Normocytic normochromic anemia
4. Acute Lymophocytic Anemia
5. Acute Lymphoblastic Anemia
6. Lymphoma ***********
7. Hemolytic Anemia
8. Myeloma

Investigation of Iron deficiency anemia?

Risk factors of venous thrombosis?
What are the major criteria of polycythemia?( 1ry, 2ry ) ***********
What are the major criteria of MM?
What are the myeloproliferative disorders? (4)
M3 in AML (Associated with DIC, Gum hyperatrophy)
Benign WBCs ..MCQs
Causes of (Leukocytosis, leukopenia, reticulocytosisin tables)
Treatment NOT involved
Common presentation of G6PD deficiency
Common presentation of Sickle Cell Anemia
Investigation P58.Important.

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