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DATE April 7, 2017


Make a one-day lesson plan based on your chosen topic. Make sure to attach the photocopy of your
lesson. Write at least 3 cognitive objectives, 1 affective, and 1 psychomotor.

Subject: English Language Recognizing Gr./Yr. Level: Grade 9

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:
1. Enumerate the different propagandas used in day-to-day communication;
2. Identify the different propagandas;
3. Construct sentences containing various propagandas;
4. Present a short skit as a group using different propagandas; and
5. Value the importance of recognizing different propagandas in daily situations.

II. Subject Matter
A. Topic: Propagandas
B. Reference/s: P. 509-510 Language in Literature by K. Arkaina
C. Materials: laptop, projector, video clips, and white board markers

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities
Show the class various video clips of election campaigns. Ask the class the question, what
are the strategies or the common appeals of politicians to the voters? and why shouldnt
you believe everything you read?
B. Developmental Activities
1. Enumerate the eight common propagandas.
2. Define each propaganda.
3. Give examples of each propaganda.
Ex. My mother just died and I know that she would be happy in heaven if I continued
her legacy. Emotional appeal
Julia Baretto chooses Whisper, so, will you choose it too? Testimonial

IV. Evaluation
A. Identify what type of propaganda each sentence is. Choose from the box below.

Name-calling Testimonial
Glittering G enerality Bandwagon
Emotional Appeal Plain Folks
Transfer Card-stacking

1. She looks like a burglar so no one will vote for her as the treasurer of the barangay.
2. I have experienced poverty as a child and I also experienced seeing my father die in
front of my own eyes because we didnt have enough money for the hospital. As your
mayor, I will make sure that you wont experience these things.
3. Mining in forests and mountains will provide jobs for the locals and it will also aide our
4. I know what you need and I know how to give it to you. I have experienced it first hand
and I can say that I am like everyone else in this town.
5. Coldplays tickets were sold out in less than 15 minutes! I dont know their songs but I
think they are great singers.
6. I am Nadine Lustre and I choose Whisper Cottony Clean.
7. J.K. Rowling was one of the producers of that film so I think it would be great!