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Flange Adaptors

Flange adaptors are used to Dedicated Flange Adaptors

enable plain-ended pipe to Are available in four basic forms with
be connected either to flanged different sleeve designs:

pipe or to flanged valves and Straight Sleeve

other fittings. The standard form of flange adaptor has a
straight sleeve and a flat face. (Fig. 1.21).
Raised Face Flanges
Expanded Sleeve (See note (i))
Viking Johnson flange adaptors are provided Specifically for use with very thick walled
with flat mating faces. These are suitable pipe such as asbestos cement or concrete,
for bolting to both flat and raised faces. The the expanded sleeve can also be used
same gasket loading characteristics can be when the nominal sizes of the flange and
obtained as with a raised face assembly. To the pipe are different (e.g. connecting
obtain a satisfactory seal, the radial contact DN350 (14") pipe to a DN300 (12") valve).
QuickFit Flange Adaptor dimension or ledge (K on Fig. 1.20) should See Fig. 1.22.
be a minimum of 8mm.
Typical Dimensions
Pressure Ratings Nom. flange size:
Fig. 1.20 > DN300 (12")
Viking Johnson flange adaptors are supplied
B= 160mm H= 57mm
to suit the pressure rating of the flange,
B= 235mm H= 82mm
unless specifically ordered otherwise. The
overall pressure rating of the assembled Always confirm dimensional details
adaptor will be equal to that of the lower before ordering.
rated component, either pipe or flange. e.g.
Tapped Flange (See note (i))
PN10 flange adaptors have a flange rated at
As an alternative to the expanded sleeve,
a working pressure of 10bar (150 psi). The
mismatched components may be joined
coupling component of the flange adaptor
Mating to a raised face flange using a tapped flange (Fig. 1.23). Studs,
will invariably have a higher pressure rating
instead of flange bolts, are used to make
than the flange.
the connection to the mating flange.
Dimension B on Fig. 1.23 varies with the
Fig. 1.21 Fig. 1.23
flange thickness C, relative to the tapping
diameter. (This design is not suitable for
some flange arrangements.)

S Bore
Flange adaptor with full flange faces
suitable for use with wafer style (butterfly)
valves are available see Fig. 1.24.

Straight sleeve Tapped flange

Fig. 1.22 Fig. 1.24

(i) Customer approval of the supply
of this design is generally sought prior
to purchase.

Viking Johnson Flexible couplings
do not resist longitudinal thrust
loadings, and pipe pull-out will
occur unless the loads are restrained
Expanded sleeve
S bore flange by other means.

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