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Project Management Study Guide

You will see all the individual projects listed in the Combine Projects folder where you can find them at
my desktop.

Open up each project, then click Task Tab. You will see:

Each project is differentiate by years, Year 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, etc.

Task Mode: choose Auto Scheduled

Task Name: type each individual task name

Duration: after put start date and finish date, it would calculate automatically.

Start: type start date

Finish: type finish date

Baseline Cost:

Actual Cost:


% complete: it would calculate the project completion percentage based on how many tasks you
checked off when they are done.
Double click each task, it would pop up a window box Task Information.

Click General tab, you can put task name, start/finish date.

Click Predecessor tab, you can put the task name which has certain order relationship with it and
choose a kind of relationship in the type column.

Click Resources tab, you can type resource name. Also, you can type the amount in the cost column.

Where to print Project Overview/Cost Overview/Cash Flow Report?

Go to main menu, click Report tab.

Scroll down Dashboards, and choose Project Overview/ Cost Overview to create Project Overview
Report/Cost Overview Report.
Scroll down Costs, choose Cash flow to create the Cash Flow Report.