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Subject : English Language

Year : 4 Smart

Enrolment : 32 pupils

Date / Day : 24th August 2017 (Thursday)

Time : 8.40 a.m. 9.40 a.m. (60 minutes)

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic : Little Bees Poem

Focused Skill : Language Arts

Previous Knowledge : Pupils have learned about poem recitation from previous class.

Content Standard :
4.1 By the end of 6 years primary schooling, pupils will be able to enjoy and appreciate
rhymes, poems and songs.
4.1.2 Able to sing to songs and recite jazz chants and poems with correct stress,
Learning Standard :
pronunciation, rhythm and intonation. (Poem)

By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

Learning Objectives : i) Create actions that are related in each stanza that is suitable with the lines.
ii) Recite a stanza of the Little Bees poem by doing a choral speaking with correct
pronunciation, stress, rhythm and intonation.
Vocabulary :

: (Choose from the 16 elements of EMK appropriate to the topic.)

Moral Values : Appreciating Others Work

Thinking Skills :

Multiple Intelligences : Linguistics

Entrepreneurship : nil

: Replica of a bee, Little Bees poem and bottle
Stages / Time Content Activities Remarks

Sample Questions 1. Teacher shows a replica of a bee to the pupils. Preparation

1. What insect is this? 2. Teacher asks about the bee. Phase
2. Where does it lives?

[ Set Induction ] (To arouse pupils interest) Teaching aids

5 minutes Replica of a bee.
(To introduce the topic)
3. Teacher relates pupils answers with the topic
learned which is Little Bees Poem.
1. Teacher distributes the Little Bees Poem to theImagination
(To give input that will be used in pupils. Phase
next stages) 2. Teacher recites the poem once and pupils
listen. Teaching Aids:
(To let pupils listen to the correct 3. Teacher explains each of the stanza. Little Bees Poem
[ Presentation ]
pronunciation rhythm and stress) 4. Pupils read together with teacher once. (Appendix 1)
15 minutes

5. Pupils read it alone and teacher facilitates.

6. Teacher corrects any mistakes if necessary.

(to let pupils practice for production 1. Teacher tells pupils that they are going to Development Phase
[ Practice ] part) recite the poem by stanza according to the
15 minutes group by doing a choral speaking.
2. Pupils need to recite the poem in correct
pronunciation, rhythm and intonation along
with suitable actions.
3. Pupils need to present their stanza during the
production stage.
4. Pupils practice reciting the poem in their
respective group.

5. Teacher facilitates the whole activity

Choral Speaking 1. All pupils line up in front of the class according
to their group.
(To assess whether pupils achieve 2. Teacher will become the conductor for the Action
the learning objectives or not ) choral speaking. Phase
3. Each group will recite their stanza when the
teacher is pointing to their group.
4. The pupils will recite the poem until it is done
perfectly. Assesment of Learning
[ Production ] Standard 4.1.2
20 minutes 5. Teacher gives comments for the
presentations. Thinking Skill:
6. Teacher asks pupils to choose one best Application ( Revised
group. Blooms Taxonomy)
7. Teacher instils moral value.
Moral Value:
(To instil moral value) Appreciating others work.

Closure (5 1. Teacher tells pupils that they are going to play Teaching Aid:
minutes) Spinning Bottle a Spinning Bottle. Bottle
Teacher will spin the bottle. The 2. Teacher spins the bottle and ask pupils
bottle will be span once again in the selected to answer a question.
group that is pointed by the bottle. 3. Pupils reflect what they have learned.
The pupil that is pointed by the 4. Teacher sums up the whole activity.
bottle need to answer questions.

Sample Questions:
What have you learned
(To inculcate reflective thinking)



Suggestion(s) for Improvement:

Lecturers / Mentors Comments:

Little Bees (Appendix 1)
All their friends are happy too
Three little bees
they fly around their hive
up in the trees.
with that happy buzzing sound
Drinking cups of tea
buzz buzz buzz
that they sat on their knees.

All the little bees

One little bee
live in harmony
said, Why dont we
they help each other
go see our neighbours
and care for each other
and offer them some tea!
(Adapted from Little Bees by Alisha Lee)

They left their seats

and got their treats.

Then flew to their friends

up and down all the streets.

Three little bees

happy on trees.

Feel its good to help

their friends in need.