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Annotated Lesson Plan: Rock in Rio and the immediate future

2016 Jonathan Fleck

Introductory Portuguese, Mid-Semester

Rock in Rio and the immediate future

Grammatical Topics
O futuro imediato (the ir-future)

YouTube videos: Alicia Keys interview:

After being exposed to examples of the ir-future to talk about upcoming plans, students
hypothesize generalizations for formation and usage, collaboratively test their
hypotheses, and practice the form with guidance from the instructor.
Students gain culture knowledge of an important Brazilian musical event, and learn about
Brazils cosmopolitanism.

Introduction Roll call and introduction: 3 minutes

Tem um evento que est acontecendo este fim de
semana no Rio de Janeiro. Algum j sabe o que ?
Vamos saber
Project slides 1 and 2.

Transition: Vamos ver uma entrevista com Alcia Keys, dublada [dubbed] em portugus. Primeiro,
falamos de entrevistas em geral.

Warm-up Top-down questions to discuss in pairs: What 6 minutes

discussion. vocabulary items do you expect to appear in an
interview with a pop star like Alicia Keys? Think of
five key words in Portuguese. You may use a
writing on
Clear the blackboard. Any student may come up and
write one of his/her words on the board. When there
are approximately 15 words on the board, move on.
Annotated Lesson Plan: Rock in Rio and the immediate future
2016 Jonathan Fleck

Transition: Read out several of the words listed on the blackboard, and briefly note any themes in
common. Agora, vamos assistir uma entrevista com a estrela de pop Alcia Keys, feita pela Rede

Video: Listening Watch Alicia Keys dubbed interview: 6 minutes

and Reaction With the same pairs, discuss:
o Did you hear any of the words that you
o What types of questions were asked, personal
questions or professional questions?
Watch video again

Transition: Alcia Keys e o entrevistador disseram algumas coisas interessantes, n? Vamos falar
um pouco de um verbo que vocs j sabem, mas que Alcia e o entrevistador esto usando de um
novo jeito.

Use Inductive Question to the whole class: Even if you didnt 7 minutes
Learning to understand all the vocabulary or sentences in the
formulate video, you can tell a lot by context. Based on the
generalization for interview, do you think the concert happened
the ir-future. already, or is it still in the future?
Project slide 4. With their partner, discuss:
o Essas sentenas falam do passado, ou do
writing and
futuro? Como voc sabe?
o Qual o padro [pattern] das frases em
generalization on
negrito [bold]?
o Make a blank space available on the
blackboard. Ask for three volunteers to come
to the front of the class and write formulas
for the words in bold. They should come up
with something like this: [conjugated ir] +
[verb in the infinitive]. If there are any
disagreements, ask if any students in the
class wrote something different. If so, ask the
student to justify their choice, and point out
any errors.

Transition: Agora, vocs tem uma regra [rule] para falar do futuro em portugus. Esta forma se
chama o futuro prximo, ou o ir-future. Como vocs perceberam, corresponde forma going
to em ingls.
Annotated Lesson Plan: Rock in Rio and the immediate future
2016 Jonathan Fleck

Writing and Project slide 5 to recall the conjugations for ir. 6 minutes
Accountability: Escreva trs sentenas usando o futuro prximo
test para descrever o que voc vai fazer a semana que
comprehension by vem. Depois, compare as suas sentenas com seu
composing and parceiro para identificar erros. Finalmente, quatro
checking voluntrios vo escolher a melhor sentena escrita
sentences in pairs por seu parceiro (no por voc), para compartilhar
and as class com a turma toda.

Transition: Agora, vocs tem uma regra para formar o futuro imediato, e para usar essa forma
para falar dos planos no futuro. Vamos voltar a falar do Rock in Rio para praticar. Nesta aula,
vocs vo desempenhar o papel (play the role) de um pop-star internacional.

Information- The following two slides contain information about 2 minutes

gathering the lineup and schedule for Rock in Rio. Choose one
artist and write down all the information you see.
Move through slides 7 and 8.

Practice the ir- Project slide 9 as students begin to work the activity 8 minutes
future: speaking in pairs. The students should choose which partner
and listening. plays which role.
Preparing an o Parceiro 1: Voc um dos artistas que vai
interview. tocar este ano no Rock in Rio. Voc vai ser
entrevistado pela mdia brasileira, e quer
deixar uma boa impresso.
instructor walks
o Parceiro 2: Voc um reprter para o Rede
through class,
Globo, e vai entrevistar a um msico.
ensuring that
Show slide 10 for sample questions. They should
students are
also create original questions during the interview.
staying on task
o Quando voc vai [vocs vo] tocar?
and offering help
o Quais msicas voc vai [vocs vo] cantar no
if students are
using the form
o O que voc vai [vocs vo] dizer no palco?
o Quais so as suas maiores influncias
o Perguntas originais.
After the students collaboratively compose the
interview, they practice as needed.

Transition: Vamos assistir algumas das entrevistas que vocs fizeram!

Annotated Lesson Plan: Rock in Rio and the immediate future
2016 Jonathan Fleck

Presentations: Solicit three pairs to volunteer to present their short 7 minutes

Speaking and interview. Make sure that the groups are presenting
listening. three different pop stars.

Debrief and Discussion questions in groups of 4: 5 minutes

Discussion Voc vai ser famoso algum dia?
O que voc vai fazer para ser famoso?
O que voc acha que os atores famosos vo dizer nos
Emmys este ano?
circulates in room
Plus any original questions.
and offers
reactions to the

Total: 50

Homework: Ponto de Encontro Brazilian Student Activities Manual, Lio 2

pp. 45-53