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Mid-1 Time Table for the Semester Monsoon 2017


8:30 10:00AM

11:30 1:00PM

3:00 4:30PM

6:00 7:30PM


Computational Linguistics I, Software Quality Engineering, Digital Image Processing, Information Theory and Coding, Maths and Statistics, Speech Signal Processing, Database Systems, Analog and Mixed Signal Design

Algorithms, Research Methodology, Linear Electronic Circuits, Speech Technology

Computer Problem Solving, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Design for Testability, Advanced Structural Design, Advanced Computer Networks

Gandhian Thought, Intro to Psychology, Scripting & Computer Envi., Technology & Social Movement, Introduction to Politics



Climatology, Earthquake Engineering, Research in Information Security, Mathematics III, Algorithms & OS, Adaptive Signal Processing, Distributed Systems, Basic Maths-I, Topics in Machine Learning, Intro to Cognitive Science, Operating Systems (PG)

Number Theory and Cryptology, Quantum Mechanics S&S, Surveying, BMSID, Differential Equations, Civil Engg Workshop, P & P of Organic Farming, Social Science Perspective on HCI, Computers and Scripting-I

Adv. Mechanics of Materials, Classical Text Reading I, General Physics, EMTA Signals and Systems, Proteomics and Metabolomics, Soil Mechanics, CNS Lab, Advanced Biomole. Architecture

Compilers, Topics in Coding Theory, Operating Systems, Information Retrieval & Extraction



Finite Element Method, Science Technology & Society, Introduction to Databases, Transportation Engineering, Probability & Random Processes, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Shakespeare, Introduction to Gender Studies, Understanding Raga, Introduction to Bioinformatics

Advanced Biology, Water Resource Engineering, Natural Language Processing, DWDM, POPL, Spatial Informatics, Wireless communication, Wireless Sensor Networks, Advanced Problem Solving, Complex Digital System Design, Introduction to Game Theory

Science I, BMSSC, Classical Text Reading III, Linear Control Systems, Complexity & Adv. Algorithms, Classical Language: Sanskrit II

Linguistics 1, Structural Dynamics, SSAD and Project, Electrical Science II, Discrete Maths and Algorithms, Graph Theory


Note: Statistical Methods in AI 07.09.2017 - 6:00 7:30 PM Mid Exams for HVAC and PECS will be conducted during the class hours on either before/after Mid 1 schedule

Date: 22.8.2017


Controller of Examinations