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POSITION DESCRIPTION - Receptionist/Administration Assistant - Employment

Primary purpose of role: To provide a range of efficient reception and administration tasks that ensures outstanding level of customer service

1. Organisational Environment
Under the direction of the General Manager, the role encompasses tasks within five areas (i) Reception (ii) Administration (iii) Accounting
(iv) Office Supplies/Procurement and (v) Culture & Development

2. Working Relationships
2.1 Internal 2.2 External
General Manager Customers
Supported employees Relevant stakeholders
Wallara staff, volunteers and work experience students Community members

3. Key Result Areas

Objectives Key Responsibilities / Major Tasks Key Performance Indicators
Result Areas
KRA 1 Customers are greeted promptly in a professional and courteous Customers feel welcome
Reception manner Calls are answered appropriately
Visitors Book is accurately maintained Messages are conveyed accurately and
Answer phone calls with courtesy and are directed to the promptly
appropriate person Aware of visitors, staff leaving the
Maintain phone system ie night switch, answering machine, premises
Reception area is clean, tidy and welcoming
Reception and adjoining areas have easy and safe access and
comply with WH&S standards
KRA 2 Mail responsible for mail collection and distribution of incoming All mail/packages are collected and
Administration and outgoing mail distributed promptly
Incoming and outgoing faxes are dealt with promptly Outgoing mail is addressed correctly and
Undertake word processing, typing, data entry and photocopying posted promptly
as required Faxes are promptly distributed to the
Responsible for ordering supplies appropriate person
Ensure office equipment is in working order and always stocked Supplies are sourced without disruption
with paper, toner etc to workflow or staff
General office areas including the staff room are always clean, Photocopiers and office equipment is
tidy and adequately stocked always clean and in working order
Maintain Customer and Divisional data base Data bases are current and accurate at all
Maintain meeting room bookings and catering as required times
Maintain security destruction recycling Required tasks are completed as soon as
Assist the General Manager and staff as required possible and in a safe manner
Completing errands and other duties as required from time to
KRA 3 Prepare and process of all Industries invoices Invoices are approved within the
Accounting & Check invoice compliance for GST and coding requirement guidelines of delegation authority
Invoicing Maintenance of the Supplier Master File and associated records Invoices are processed in a timely manner
Follow up on queries, internal and external that relate to Follow up on non compliant invoices
accounts function Accurate recording of invoices
Assist with stock control and inventory systems Answer supplier enquiries promptly,
Ensure policies/procedures and documentation is accurate and competently
up to date Ensure accuracy of all data and

Ensure all documentation is filed
appropriately (audit purposes)
Utilisation and understanding of the
Finance systems

KRA 4 Ensure supplies are ordered, delivered and distributed promptly Supplies are sourced without disruption
Office Follow up on back orders and advise relevant staff to workflow or staff
Supplies/Procurement Arrange for used cartridges to be recycled Supplies are monitored and sourced in a
Use sustainable methods when purchasing items including the life cost-effect manner
of and the disposals of items Recommendations are made to achieve
Recycle items where appropriate cost-effective procurement
Ensure all documentation is filed
Ensure procedures are documented
Information is maintained for audit
Minimum excess of items and associated

KRA 5 Observance and compliance of WHS legislation Keep abreast of industry developments
Culture & Adhere to Wallaras policy and procedures and changes that could impact on
Development Appropriate action taken in regards to grievances, complaints Wallara
and resolution Actively involved in Continuous
Promote and maintain positive image of Wallara through Improvement
professional communications with key stakeholders Actively involved and on committees
Understand, contribute or participate in Continuous Quality Risk management strategies in place
Improvement activities Matters of concern/reportable conduct
Actively contribute to and value add to the broader strategic matters managed as per policy
planning process within area of responsibility
Provide a working environment that is safe, supportive and
encouraging at all times
Report all hazards or incidents that may pose a risk
Conduct risk assessments were appropriate

4. Key Selection Criteria / Skill Requirements
4.1 Practical experience in reception and customer service
4.2 Practical experience and knowledge of accounting systems and functions
4.3 Excellent communication skills with all stakeholders
4.5 Attention to details, accurate data entry and reconciliation skills
4.6 Ability to effectively set priorities and manage time lines
4.7 Maintain a high level confidentiality

5. Knowledge Requirements
5.1 Knowledge of relevant policies and procedures
5.2 Understanding of and commitment to the principles of WHS, EEO, Cultural Diversity and all relevant legislation
5.3 Ability to work within and demonstrate the Wallara philosophy in all interactions

6. Experience and / or qualifications

6.1 Minimum two years experience in similar role
6.2 Relevant qualifications and experience, knowledge and skills
6.3 Current Drivers Licence and be willing and able to drive a manual vehicle

7. Standards to which performance will be assessed

7.1 Key performance areas
7.2 Demonstrating Wallaras philosophy in all activities and interactions
7.3 Compliance with Wallaras policy and procedures and practices
7.4 Compliance with the position description
7.5 Manager and peer feedback

I have read this document and agree to undertake the duties and responsibilities listed above.
I acknowledge that:
The PD is an indication of the duties and responsibilities that I may be required to undertake. Additional or other duties and
responsibilities may be allocated to me. Where additional training and support is required to fulfil extra or other duties of a similar
level of responsibility, it will be provided within the guidelines of Wallara
While performing the duties of this position, I acknowledge that I may be required to carry out manual handling tasks
I acknowledge that I am fit and able to perform all the required tasks relating to the position
The PD will be reviewed regularly in consultation with me
The Key Performance Indicators where included in this document, are indicative and will be set by the immediate supervisor in
discussion with me, for each year (or another set period) and my performance reviewed against those KPIs
I will adhere to Wallaras computer use policy as detailed in the Wallaras Code of Conduct


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