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1. You can see some of the items listed below in the illustrations.

Write the correct numbers

in the circles to identify them. Then, complete the sentences on the next page with the
correct words from the lists.


1. blouse 28. backpack
2. cap 29. bag 46. bracelets
3. clothes 30. belt 47. chain
4. coat 31. boot 48. earrings
5. collar 32. button 49. necklace
6. costume 33. flip flops 50. ring
7. dress 34. glasses 51. watch
35. gloves
8. jacket
36. handbag
9. jeans
37. handkerchief ADJECTIVES
10. jumper
38. kit big
11. pants VERBS
39. pattern cheap
12. pocket fasten
40. purse expensive
13. pullover 41. scarf fit
14. raincoat 42. sunglasses inexpensive fold
15. shirt 43. tie long go with
16. shorts 44. umbrella loose wash
17. skirt 45. wallet old-fashioned hang
18. sleeves short iron
19. socks small match
20. suit tight undress
21. sweater wear
22. sweatshirt take off
23. swimming put away
costume put on
24. trousers knit
25. underpants try on
26. underwear wear
27. uniform worn out
52. cotton
COLOURS 53. fabric
dark/light/pale blue 54. material
green/brown. 55. label
navy blue 56. laundry
57. leather
58. pattern
59. stripe
60. wool(en)
61. silk
2. Complete the dialogues with words from the box related to clothes and fashion.

long-sleeved tight tie jumper worn out old-fashioned

fashionable coat fit(s) (2x) hang(2x) loose silk dress

collar size iron wear (2x) trying on shirts (2X)

pocket skirt(s) (2x) putting on fastens leather jacket sleeves

match take off wallet hat pattern belt

A: Her jeans are so t....................1 and w............... o....... 2 that she looks like shes wearing her
daughters clothes!
B: Oh, youre very o.........-f........................!3 Those jeans are very f.................4 now.

A: Cold, isnt it? You can h............. 5 your c............ 6 and h............. 7 on the rack over there.
B: Thank you. Im looking for a s.. d. 8for a cocktail party.
A: Ill bring some dresses from our spring collection. What s..,9 please?

A: Mary is t.10 one of my s..11 o. for size, mum.

B: I dont think any of them will f her12. Shes a few kilos overweight.

A: Those shorts are too l.13 on you.

B: Not at all. This is the way they should look.

A: Your brother needs some s14. Can you help me choose them?
B: Winter is coming. Lets buy some with long s..15
A: You know he doesnt like l..-s.16 s17. Lets buy him a new j..18
and a l. j...19

A: This dress f.20. at the back. It f 21 you very well.

B: Do you think so? Ill w.22 it tomorrow night with my new high heels.

A: Mary, put that s 23 away now, please. I told you it wouldnt m.24 your new red shoes.
B. OK. Im p o25 my red shoes. and Im going out to buy a new dress.

A: Your shirt c.. 26 looks awful! You didnt h..27 it up properly. Itll take you
five minutes to i..28 it.
B: Oh, no! Ill t it o.29and put on a T-shirt.

A: You should wear your new b..30.. It goes so well with these trousers.
B: Youre right. Ill w.. 31 it. Where are my car keys?
A: Theyre in your jacket p.32 And you need a big leather w33 for your
passport, credit cards and travellers cheques

A: Does this t............... 34 match these trousers?

B: Why dont wear the shirt which has a floral p...................... 35.?