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Charlotte Biszewski
We Can Make
Cyanotype mobile print unit
Knowle West Residency 2017
Working with the residence
of Knowle West in creating a
large collaborative wallpaper

Made out of objects from

inside peoples homes, this has
been created with
a mobile exposure unit,

purpose built for this

A Community Shelter

Collaborative Printmaking
Various locations Bristol 2017

Mixed media, linocut, screenprint and

stamping on Tents

As part of five individual workshops

with five different groups and
communities in Bristol.

The project encouraged participants

to print objects and stories relating to
home, on tents, reclaimed from Calais.
Bristol Set In Print

Community Outreach and Engagement Project

Laser cut and Letterpress Print

63cm x 170cm
Printed at the Spike Print Studio 2016
Result of a series of
intergenerational skillshare
workshops, a collaboration
of a retired generation of
ex-letterpress printers and a
contemporary group of

Lead artist on this research

and outreach project.
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Bristol Set in Print

Copper Lighthouse

Copper, digitally cut vinyl sticker

In response to

Set In Stone
The Tobacco Factory 2016

Drawn in Rhino and then created into a net with Pepakura.

The shapes were cut out in Vinyl, and placed onto copper before
entered into an acid bath.
Set In Stone

A Group Exhibition
The Tobacco Factory 2016

In 2016 I invited artists to respond to traditional Litho-stones

and reimagineclassic imagery from the Wills tobacco

Found in the storage at the Bristol M-shed,

recovered from an old print firm. I printed 24 of the 40.

I am currently working on an interactive museum piece

exploring the dark history of the Tobacco Trade.
Interactive Installation

The Rusty Squid 2016

The Moth was an outcome of
a four month collaboration in
The Rusty Squid, it combined
the work of myself (artist),
Nick Willsher (engineer) and
George Rumney (designer).

We developed a physical
interactive piece, which in-
coporated arduino program-
ming and interactive design
to create a narrative installa-
tion of an upturned moth. It
was presented at
The Madeinroath festival

Spike Print 40th Anniversary

Lasercut and Letterpress print.
Spike Print Studio 2016

Print designed in celebration of

Spike Print Studios 40th Anniverisary
Designed in homage to old printers business cards which
were popular at the turn of the 20th century.
If These Walls Could Talk
Knowle West Media Centre
Artist Book
Cyanotype Photography and Letterpress print.
Knowle West 2017

Book to accompany wallpaper

made whilst in residence at KWMC.
El Circ Circle
A silent concertina style book, taking us through
a monochrome meander through a circus tent.
18cm x 48cm, Etching book, Edition of 15.
Printed at tLe Metairie Bruyere, Parley; July 2014

This book was influenced from a 1 month

internship at Giffords Circus. It plays with light,
the contrast between the shadows and shapes
of the performance with the white of the paper.
The Circus of Disrepair
Paying homage to the 1970s style childrens picture book,
inspired by Antonio Fransconi and Dmitry Sayenko.

32 Page Picture book.

28cm x 28cm, woodcut print book, Edition of 5.
Printed at the University of the West of England; May 2015