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Release April 2014

1) NORSOK M710 Elastomers

Masterseals is pleased to announce that we have recently evaluated elastomeric

compounds for Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) or Explosive Decompression (ED)
to NORSOK M-710, AnnexB.

The testing was contracted with an independent laboratory, Akron Rubber

Development Laboratory Inc. (ARDL) located in Ohio, USA.

The testing was done on standard AS568-325 O-rings under these conditions:
Media 10% CO2, 90% CH4
Temperature 100 Deg C
Pressure 150 Bar
Duration 7 Days

The performance of the compound is as follows:

Masterseals Code Description Acceptance Criteria
MS-H85-01 HNBR Shore 85 Pass
MS-H90-09 HNBR Shore 90 Pass
MS-V90-01 FKM Shore 90 Pass

2) PTFE and PEEK

Masterseals has recently added several oilfield approved engineering plastic

materials based on PTFE and PEEK.


Virgin PTFE Virgin PEEK
PTFE + 5% Moly 30% Glass Filled PEEK
PTFE + 25% Glass 30% Carbon Filled PEEK
PTFE + 5% Moly + 15% Glass
PTFE + 25% Graphite

In addition, several of the engineering plastic materials are tested for Sour Gas
Ageing to NORSOK M-710, AnnexC. The testing was done under these

Exposure Temp (0C) Sampling Intervals (Days)

200 5,15, 30, 60
210 5,15, 30, 60
220 5,15, 30, 60
The test fluid composition is shown as follows:
Volume (%) Composition
30 2% H2S, 3% CO2, 95% CH4
10 Distilled Water
60 70% Heptane, 20% Cyclohexane, 10% Toluene

The performance of the engineering plastic is as follows:

Masterseals Code Description Acceptance Criteria
MS-400 Virgin PTFE Pass
MS-405 25% Glass Filled PTFE Pass
MS-453 25% Carbon Filled PTFE Pass

With these PTFE and PEEK materials, we offer precision CNC parts like
Valve stem packing
Valve Seat
Vee packing
Face Seal
Radial Seal