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List of Shandong Companies Profile to Italy (to be completed)





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Shandong Light Industry Council is the industry management agency of Shandong light industry and the internal organization of Shandong Economic and Information Technology Committee. Formerly it was Shandong Light Industry Bureau, Shandong First Light Industry Department; with several reforms, on September 26, 2000, Shandong Light Industry Office was founded with function combination of original Shandong First Light Industry Council and original Shandong Second Light Industry Council; on November 2, 2005, Shandong Light Industry Office changed into Shandong Light Industry Council.


1 and food

Public service



Shandong Light Industry Council




The Company was incorporated on December 31, 2010 as a limited liability company. The Company has advanced automatic production lines in its processing center, three production lines for Italian pasta, one production line for instant nutrition porridge and two production lines for freeze-dried food.The Company has 8 green food certifications, 9 national invention patents and 8 utility inventions with a sophisticated testing and R&D center equipped with 60 sets of testing devices imported from Japan, Germany and the United States.

Noodles: (1) black noodles(2) dietary noodles (3) vegetable noodles(4) pot pot noodles

Investment and Cooperation

2 and food


Shandong Jingu Foods Co., Ltd.



Heze Giant Xinyuan food co., LTD

heze giant xinyuan food co., LTD was founded in 1999, is a high-tech enterprise in shandong province, agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise of shandong province and shandong province engineering research center for asparagus construction units, the provincial enterprise technology center, the ownership to the private sector, mainly engaged in asparagus high value using the business.

Canned fruits and vegetables (canned asparagus, sugar, canned peach, canned mushroom) deep processing ; latex, plastic, PVC, PE gloves; asparagus, beverage, asparagus beer, asparagus .

Cooperation and experience sharing in asparagus manufacturing

3 and food





Heze Wang Tian Xia Food Co., Ltd. has registered capital of 10 million yuan, with an annual production capacity of 6,800 tons and annual sales of 85 million yuan. The Company employs 85 people and owns a production plant of 28,000 square meters, an integrated laboratory for agricultural products, 20 sets of experiment equipment, 35 production machines, and 2 production lines. The Company also has a "Wang Tian Xia Modern Agricultural and Ecological Sightseeing Garden", which provides high quality raw materials for production and serves as a demonstration garden for promotion, tourism, national youth science education, eco-farming, fruit and vegetable picking, rare bird farming, mushroom cultivation, smart greenhouse and land claims.

The Company produces more than 60 products, including seven-day nutrition porridge, gold buckwheat tea, wheat germ tea, Ming Zhi Cang grains, Chen Ji Chinese yam gift packages, Xishi Chinese yam and peony cakes, Min Zhi Cang original flour, buckwheat flour, gold flour, stone- ground flour as well as peeled vacuum packed Chinese yams and Chinese yam porridge.


4 and food

Seeking partners


Heze Wang Tian Xia Food Co., Ltd.


Rizhao Liu Yuan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development of eco-agriculture and the innovation of agricultural science and technology for tea products. The Company's ecological tea plantation is located in mountainous area with abundant rainfall and lush vegetatio,which covers an area of more than 67,000 square meters. The Company aims to build an "ecological park with scientific management and standard processing" and implements integrated management in production, supply and distribution for efficient, organic and healthy development of a high quality tea plantation.

Green tea: Tipsy Spring Breeze, Rhythm of Drunken Pines, Full Spring: Yuan Chun, Ying Chun and Tan Chun; Rhythm of Pines.



5 and food

Rizhao Liu Yuan

Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd.

Market research


Black tea: Drunken Beauty, Red Happiness, and Liu Yuan Chun Black Tea.


Shandong Manhao Eco-


The company ,founded in 2014, has established a number of bases for growing tea, vegetables, flowers, nursery stock and fruits as well as poultry farming and aquaculture The Company's main businesses include agricultural development; agricultural technology research and development, marketing and consulting services; tea planting; growing and selling primary agricultural products, flowers and seedlings; development of tourism resources.


Sharing experience and seeking partnerships on eco- agritourism in the destination countries


6 and food

agriculture Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

green tea, ecological tourism base



Shandong Lewoo


Shandong Lewoo Information Technology Co., Ltd, founded in March 2012, is an integrated e-commerce company specialized in research, development and construction of online platforms, information technology applications, home delivery of fresh produce, and cold chain logistics. It has created a regional O2O e-commerce service mode that combines "online platform + offline experience center + community distribution" and provides a communicating and trading platform for daily necessities for homes and communities.

Agricultural products e-commerce platform and agricultural product supply chain management platform providing direct supply, cold chain

Import and Cooperation. Seeking partnerships for local produce including Italian red wines and olive oil and Dutch fruits, vegetables, meat and diary products.

7 and food

Information Technology



storage, pick and pack and communities distribution services


Zibo Fan Snack Ltd. was established in 2011, with core business providing breakfast and Chinese snack. We devote ourself to offering high quality and inexpensive food for customers.In 2013, our company was listed into Zibo Breakfast at ease project enterprise. In 2014, our company was rewarded as one of the first Shan Dong Model Enterprises of Breakfast Project.

semi-finished Chinese food. 100 different Chinese

During this trip to Europe, we wish to learn central kitchen operations from our experienced international peers and find inspirations for product planning. We wish to learn the mode and features of foreign chain restaurants and explore ways for the development of Fan Snacks.


8 and food

Zibo Fan Snack Ltd.


food including steam stuffed bun, baked wheat cake, steamed bread, poridge and so on.


Deyi Dairy, located in Zibo, Shandong province, has a professional dairy processing history of over 40 years. It is one of the “National Leading Enterprises in the Process of Agricultural Industrialization” in China, and gathers pasture growing, cow breeding, production and processing, dairy research, and logistics distribution. Deyi Dairy is the largest manufacturer of low temperature milk in Shandong and the fourth of that in China. Deyi Dairy lists in vice president of units in China dairy industry association, and is a member unit of International Diary Federation (IDF). It is the first company in Shandong that obtains GMP Certification in dairy industry.


Investigate the production


liquid milk and cheese, the


establishment of high quality milk sources and the first-class quality control system at Royal Friesland Campina N.V., and the liquid milk production and the full traceability system for

9 and food


Shandong Deyi Dairy Co., Ltd.

pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, fermented milk and drinks, including over 100 products of 4 series.






t Gl


ilk i



Founded on June 20, 2005, Hengfeng Fresh Produce Co., Ltd. is engaged in the processing of fruits and vegetables, which are categorized into fresh and dry product lines and exported to more than 40 countries and regions. The Company has passed

Dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onions, dehydrated ginger, dehydrated carrots and dehydrated red and green bell peppers; Fresh garlic, ginger, pear and pomelo

Looks to expand import and export business. Imports more apples and Kiwis from France and Italy while exporting dehydrated vegetables and fresh garlic.

10 and food

GLOBALGAP, BRC, OU KOSHER, HALAL, ISO2200, pollution-free and green food


Hengfeng Fresh Produce Co., Ltd


certifications. The Company achieved an annual exports of more than 20 million U.S. dollars in 2010 and was named provincial-level leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province.


Shandong Goodfarmer


Founded on January 8, 2002, Goodfarmer is a "national leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization" engaged in the production and processing, cold storage, export and sales of garlic, apples, ginger, pears, and other agricultural products. The Company has been named the Pioneering Enterprise in implementing "going out" strategies, a "National Model Enterprise for Agricultural Products Processing and Export", "Key Leading Enterprise for Agricultural Industrialization" and a focal point for the Ministry of Commerce. It was awarded "Outstanding Enterprise in Leading Agricultural Industrialization" and "Top 100 International Trading Enterprises in the Province" by the Shandong Provincial Government.

apple, ginger, pear and honey pomelo. The Company has passed "GLOBAL GAP", "BRC Food Safety", "ISO22000" Food Safety Management System and "BSCI" certifications.


11 and food

International Trading

Seeking partners to expand sales and boost market shares


Co., Ltd



Founded in 2006, Heze Jiahong Dehydrated Foods Co., Ltd is a Taiwanese joint venture specializing in the development, production and operation of dehydrated vegetables.The Company insists on the policy of "Quality, Service, Growth, Sharing and Integrity". The

Dehydrated cabbage, dehydrated carrots, dehydration onions, dehydrated bell pepper, dehydrated parsley, dehydrated tomatoes, kimchi packets and sauerkraut packets


12 and food

Company has built a field to fork food safety management system and passed IS0900l,



Heze Jiahong Dehydrated Foods Co., Ltd


ISO22000, HACCPP, GAP and QS food quality and safety management certifications. It is one of the leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province.


Zibo Tianma Agricultural Science and Technology


1. Tianma is the largest agent and distributor of high quality agricultural products in Shandong Province, has more than 1,200 suppliers and deals with more than 5,000 products. More than 100 quality agricultural products of the Lugong Tianma brand are available, including Gold Duck eggs, Mingshui fragrant rice, Laoling dates and Chishang balloonflower root. 2. The Company has built 102 Lugong Tianma high quality agricultural products stores across Shandong and sells its products in a number of international and domestic chain supermarkets. It owns more than 2,000 outlets across the country. The Company employees 328 people and use a total area of 20,000 square meters for business operations. In 2014, the Company had 87 million yuan in total assets, generated more than 100 million yuan of sales revenue, and partnered with more than 1,200 suppliers of high quality agricultural products.In brand building, the Company sponsored the 22nd Shandong Provincial Games and the FIG World Cup Gymnastics A Class Tournament.


We wish to find partners who 1) are familiar with the development of China's and Shandong's agricultural industry and recognizes our business strategies in the agricultural sector, 2) can bring in 20 million to 30 million yuan of investment and help the Lugong Tianma e- commerce platform grow into the largest agricultural products trading and consulting site in Shandong Province, and 3) understand IPO processes and help the Company enter the capital market.

13 and food

Development Co., Ltd.

bulk agricultural commodities e-commerce trading center



Jinan Pengsheng

Jinan Pengsheng Agricultural Science and Technology Company is located in Jiyang County of Jinan City in Shandong province with registered capital standing at 5,000,000 yuan. Its manufacturing base covers an area of 100,000 m2.

We have crab mushroom, white mushroom, sea

seeking foreign importers to boost international market share, conducting global collaboration and financing, learning and introducing advanced overseas technology

14 and food

Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Different from usual small-scale production mode, the company adopts standard and



normative operation. All of the products are required to pass the ISO9001 Quality System Certification, Green Product Certification and Organic Product Certification.

mushroom, agrocybe cylindracea and other varieties.


Shandong Jiayuan Edible


The company was established in 2003 with registered capital of 12,000,000 yuan. Covering an area of 40 mu, it specializes in factory cultivation and production of edible mushroom. Its produces 8000 tons of needle mushroompleurotus cornucopiae and pleurotus geesteranus. The sales revenue stood at 98,750,000 yuan. It is one of the leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization of edible mushroom.


Exploring European market of edible mushroom, learning advanced cultivation formula of edible mushroom, fungi production technology and factory production and cultivation management technology, seeking bilateral cooperation for edible mushroom production.

15 and food

Mushroom Technology Co., Ltd


needle mushroom, pleurotus cornucopiae, pleurotus geesteranus and lentinula edodes


The company was established in 2006. It is a comprehensive private enterprisewhich integrates Tuhe black pig breeding, processing and sale of related products, livestock farming tourism into one. The company has won seven national patents, including five national patents. Tuhe black pig meat is the only designated meat for the 11th National Games. It is recognized as national organic pork. Zhang Xunzhao, the president of the company, was honored among the top 10 agricultural sci-tech figures in 2012 with the title of “the Son of the Earth”. The company was listed on the stock market in Qilu Equity Trust Trading Center on Dec. 29th, 2012. It has passed the ISO9001 and 22000 Quality System Certification. Tuhe black pig meat has passed the organic product certification by authorities concerned.

Business: breeding, slaughtering, processing, sale, export and import of Tuhe black pigs



freezed vacuum pork: toreshank, hindquarter,

streak porkpork spare rib, tenderloin rib


Shandong Tuhe Black Pig Food Co., Ltd.


vacuum sauced pork: sauced toreshak, sauced

seeking foreign partners; learning advanced overseas technology

16 and food

hindquarter, sauced streak pork, sauced pork spare rib, sauced tenderloin rib




other processed products: pork meatball, sausage,


pork dumpling, soup for confinementdried pork, dried meat floss



Huitai Investment Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive, technological and modern large enterprise mainly engaged in crude salt production, marine chemical engineering, marine aquaculture and wind power generation, with joint development of engineering installation, machinery repair and manufacture, technological research & development, marine logistics, biotechnology, food and health care, micro-credit, real estate development and other fields. With total assets of 3.0 billion yuan and 3,000 employees, the Company has an annual sales income of 1.6 billion yuan, with profits and taxes of 300 million yuan. It also has annual productivity of 1 million tons of sea salt, 3,000 tons of bromine and 1,500 tons of prawns, brine shrimps and other aquatic products. The Company is vice chairman unit of China Salt Industry Association, the largest sea salt producer of Shandong, national-level pollution-free aquatic breeding base, and is the first in the salt industry system of China to receive certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

We are manily product Small particleLarge particleSnow melt agentMagnesium chloridePotassium chlorideBromineAmmonium phosphate fertilizerVanmameiSea cucumberClamJapanese shrimpSpirulina PowderDunaliella powderArtemia Cysts and so on.

Market research,searching for

17 and food


Huitai Investment Group Co., Ltd

co-operation in aquaculture & healthy food



Jinan Hela Schwarz Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hela International. Hela provides products and high-quality service to the clients in Asia and worldwide. Hela has adopted advanced German technology and standard technical formula .Hela is now adopting ISO22000, FSSC22000 food safety system.


18 and food

product exportation


Jinan Hela Schwarz Food Co.,Ltd.

Natural Compound Seasoning, Single Spices, Vanilla Flavor



Jining ZB Trading Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Chinese garlic ------ Jinxiang County, Shandong Province.With rich agricultural resources, excellent transportation, good location,we has become exporter of a set of agricultural products,including planting, purchasing, processing, cold storage and other business . Our factory occupies 20000 square meters,processing workshop of 7,000 square meters, with a staff of more than 300, five cold storage, the annual storage capacity is more than 10,000 tons .


19 and food

garlic, ginger, potatoes,peanut,and other products

product exportation


Jining ZB Trading Co., Ltd



Longda Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd. is a key leading enterprises in national agriculture industrialization. There are more than 30 subsidiaries. Total assets is 5 billion RMB. The group sets food, furniture, packaging and other industries as a whole. Londga is gloriously placed in the Top 500 China Manufacturing Enterprises, the top 100 China Food Industry, the top 50 China Meat Food Industry. “LONGDA” trademark is well- known trademark in China. Its products are exported to JapanKoreaUSA German and so on. It is about 20 coutries and districts. The turnover is approximately 10 billion RMB.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables,Prepared Foods, Aquatic Products, Grain and Oil Products, Meat Products, Spices


20 and food

product exportation


Longda Foodstuff Group Co.,Ltd




Deqiang Farm in Ling County is a family farm, which is specialized in planting crops, fruit trees, seedling plants and vegetables. The total area of the farm is planned to be divided into three parts: High-yield crop planting agricultural park, Ecological pollution- free vegetables agricultural park and Ecological agriculture park. The farm selects high- quality varieties, and makes use of advanced agricultural machinery and the promotion of advanced agricultural technology to realize the scientific, intensive, and standard management of land.


21 and food


Fruit and corn



Deqiang Farm of Ling County



Shandong Gongfa Fruit & Vegetable Products Co., Ltd., established on January 11,


2012 with the registered capital of RMB 11 million and total investment of over RMB


temporary employees, the company is a modern agricultural enterprise integrating the growing, purchase, processing and export of high-quality agricultural products, and takes the lead in the industry in China. It has been certified to QS and HACCP. Gongfa has built a base of over 1000 mu and a made-to-order farming area of more than 9000mu, which are for planting normative organic crops and can process 50,000t fruits

and vegetables annually. The Company has introduced the most sophisticated lines for fast frozen food and the most advanced fast frozen tunnel in the Chinese market,

million, covers an area of 65 mu. With more than 80 full-time and over 400


ShanDong GongFa Fruit

Root and Stem Vegetables, Fruits and Mushrooms Frozen Fresh Food

22 and food

and Vegetable Products CO.,LTD

product exportation




23 and food

Shandong Jinluban

Organic Agricultural

Technology Co., Ltd. was invested by Shandong Jin Luban Group Co., Ltd. Is committed to organic agricultural production, high - quality organic food development, organic agricultural products logistics, eco - tourism, green seedling operation of modern high- tech enterprises. The total area of the project is about 3500 acres, of which the organic circulation of agricultural and livestock production and facilities of 2500 acres.

Organic vegetables



Technology Co.,Ltd



Linghua Group Incorporated Company was set up in 1979. Now the assets amount to 1.8


billion and the number of staffs reaches 4,300. Linghua Group is composed of more than


companies . Linghua has obtained the ISO 9001:2000 Attestation for International

Quality, Kosher Attestation and Halal Attestation. Domestic market share has reached more than 16%, and the products have exported to more than 60 countries and regions .Linghua Group has taken the first place in the MSG industry with the productivity of 180,000 tons of MSG.


Shandong Linghua

24 and food

Monosodium Glutamate

Linghua Group also makes full use of its advantages to choose the world-class biological tycoon to cooperate with.Linghua jointly built 120,000 tons of starch and new seasoning items with Tianli Incorporated Company in Japan, jointly built 100,000 tons of lysine with Zhengda Group in Thailand, jointly built 2,000 tons of glutamic acid with Qinghua University, jointly built 40,000 tons of big-grain-MSG with Japan Azinomodo Company, jointly built 100,000 tons of amino acid with Ligong Group in Taiwan. Most of these projects have been completed and put into production, greatly improving the overall strength, competitiveness and external fame and influence of Linghua Group.


product exportation


Incorporated Company



Shandong Meijia Group Company Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise mainly dealing with frozen aquatic foodstuff, vegetables, seasoned foods, and owns 10 branch companies. There are 44000 of workshops with 50000T of frozen capacity ,can process 60000T of seafood and vegetable products annually. The aquatic products include sushi , fillets, boiled, roasted, smoked, dried, seasoned products, up to total more than 400 types of products, It can also process more than 30 types of frozen ,seasoned vegetable products, and most of products are exported to Japan, Korea, U.S.A, Europe and South Asia countries and area. We have the certificates of ISO9001,ISO14000,ISO22000, HACCP, EC and BRC. The Lab has got CNAS certificate and authorized as inspection center for local agriculture farming area.


25 and food

product exportation


Shandong Meijia Group Company Ltd.

Pandalus borealisKing CrabOctopus SlicesSoybeans


Shandong Quanfuyuan


Shandong Quanfuyuan Commercial Group Co., Ltd was first founded in 1981. Its business has expanded to various areas , including supermarket, general merchandise, home appliances, logistics, fresh distribution, real estate, household products, direct purchase base, agricultural goods, and etc Shandong Quanfuyuan Commercial Group has set up 12 subsidiaries. Its total assets have reached 5 billion and its business area has spanned a total space of 0.5 million . In 2014, Shandong Quanfuyuan Commercial Group had 6.5 billion yuan in annual sales and 0.25 billion yuan in total profits and taxes.


26 and food

Commercial Group Co., Ltd.

Alcohol, Cooking Oil, Honey

product importation



Shandong Victoria


The company was established in December 2001, with registered capital of 61 million yuan.The company is national model of agricultural products processing enterprises, the key leading enterprise in Shandong Province.Company's total assets of 860000000 yuan, the existing staff of 310 people, including professional and technical personnel accounted for 60%.


27 and food

Modern Agriculture Development Co. Ltd.

Pleurotus nebrodensis;Tongyu China Grassland Red Bull

exportation and co-operation





Yantai G&D distribution is branch enterprise of Yantai G&D International Trade Co., Ltd, which has been engaged in the distribution of imprted goods.

infant formula and milk ;beers, wines , natural mineral water ,leisure food, Italian leather product and Canadian furs


28 and food


product importation





Jinan Jingrong Food Co., Ltd. has 23 years of experience in export since 1990 when it started exporting home grown products to Japan. The Company is one of Jinan's leading agricultural enterprises and was recognized as "Shandong's Class I Agricultural Exporter" in 2008. Known as the "Little Spring City" In Zhangqiu, Mingshui produces a variety of high quality agricultural products thanks to its unique water resources.

Frozen concentrate onion dices/mash, carrot dices/mash, fried mushroom, spinach mash, garlic mince, garlic slices and ginger slices; frozen strawberries, frozen yellow peaches and frozen apricots; mushroom and onion flavor sauce, Jingrong strawberry jam/peach jam; healthy side dishes such as pickled pepper.


29 and food



Jinan Jingrong Food Co., Ltd.



Jinan Fresh Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 with registered capital of 1 million yuan. Its customers are mainly Western-style restaurants. The Company is specializes in the imports and sales of Western-style food materials including frozen tubers, frozen cheese, frozen peas and sweet corn.

Frozen cheese - 100 tons Frozen chips - 600 tons Frozen green beans and sweet corn - 100 tons


30 and food

Jinan Fresh Food Co,.Ltd.




Huangji Taihe Vegetable


Huangji Taihe Vegetable Cooperatives Tianqiao District Jinan was registered with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau in December 2012. The Cooperatives runs 16 acres of green vegetables and 10 acres of gold pears and produces 500 tons of vegetables and 360 tons of gold pears every year. In addition, it owns 16 acres of flowers, nursery stock and economic trees (including new varieties of fruit trees), 8 acres of livestock including free-range laying hens, roosters, cockerels and black goats, which are fed with raw forage, and 1.6 acres of freshwater fish. The products are sold all over the country.

Exports: 1) 120 tons of green food; 2) 100 tons of green bell pepper; and 3) 150 tons of gold pear Imports: 1) 220 tons of potatoes; and 2) 500 tons of by-products from animal husbandry


31 and food

Cooperatives Tianqiao District, Jinan




Jinan Zhengzhuang Modern Agricultural Park was built with a total investment of 100 million yuan and uses a planned area of 824 acres. The Company is determined to take the road of modern agriculture by using modern agricultural technologies and the most advanced varieties. It adopts IOT standard digital control systems and is able to grow 1,650 acres of plants every year.The Agricultural Park cultivates the most excellent fruit and vegetable varieties . Supported by domestic advanced science and technology, the Park combines technology integration and innovation and has created "Internet + Modern Agricultural Smart Information Networking System", the most sophisticated of its kind in China.


Tangguifei pears, 300,000 kilograms per year for



Jinan Zhengzhuang

global supply

32 and food


Jiuhong apples, 50,000 kilograms per year for the



Agricultural Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.

Asian market



The Four Seasons Agricultural Sci-Tech Demonstration Park uses an area of 113 acres and a total investment of 58 million yuan. It is open and accessible and has abundant clean water resources, fertile soil, hardened roads and a beautiful environment. The Park has 4 functional areas for the introduction, demonstration and promotion of new varieties and the display of ornamental trees.


Importing new plants and technologies, specially Dutch flowers and plants

33 and food

Jining Four Seasons Planting Co. Ltd.

Intensively processed products of oil peonies



Jinxiang Success Fruit &


Founded in 2006, the Company covers an area of 15 acres and specializes in cultivation, acquisition, refrigerated storage, export and processing. It is one of Shandong's leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization. It has 20 freezers with annual storage of 12,000 tons. The products are exported to 32 countries and regions and supplied to more than 40 supermarkets in the first and second tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. Last year, the Company exported more than 6,000 tons with a turnover of 30 million yuan.


34 and food

Vegetable Products Co.,Ltd

Fresh garlic, ginger, onions, apples, dried garlic and black garlic




35 and food

Jinan Fuzhong Trade Co.,Ltd.

Our company specialized in export of domestic ceramics, have 20years production and


export and co-operation



sales experiences, our goods have been exported to more than 20 countries.


Jining Huaxian Import And Export Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Chinese garlic ------ Jinxiang County, Shandong Province. Mamiao town is an old planting area



Jining Huaxian Import And Export Co., Ltd

of garlic, and is the only region of pure white garlic. Here,garlic are superior in quality and gathered numerous export trade enterprises, so the processing and storage

36 and food

Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Potatoes

export and import


conditions are better than that of the surrounding area


company covered an area of


25000 square meters,we have 260 employees,16 big cold rooms,7000 square meters workshop,annual storage capacity is above 10 thousands tons.


Shandong Future Ever Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd which was established in 2001,is located at



37 and food


Shandong Future Ever Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd.

Zhaoxian industrial zone in Juxian.The registered capital is RMB30,000,000.00. We are specialized in producing frozen fruits and vegetables. We already got the HACCP, BRC,

Kosher, GAP halal certification.

workshop area of 10,674 square meters. The cold storage has the capacity of 8,000tons. The annual capacity is 8,000 to 12,000 tons

Now we have more than 300 workers with the

Frozen fruits and vegetables



The company was founded in December 2010, with a registered capital of 10 million



Shandong Ding Tai Feng

38 and food


Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.


Yuan, and has been rated Shandong key Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization in 2012. Our company covers an area of 2000 acres (nursery stock and

flowers accounted for 60%, organic production accounted for 40%). The company has mainly focused on planting the Organic Production, such as pear, peach, Chinese yam, potato, and so on.





Qingdao Longhui Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, which is a multinational agricultural corporation jointly invested by Qingdao Longhai Group and



39 and food

Qingdao Longhui

Agriculture Development


from the U.S. The company registered capital is 100 million yuan, and the major


business covers blueberry, tea and Characteristic agricultural tourism. It is operated


the international mode of planting and producing, storage and fresh-keeping, cold-





chain processing, logistics, and integrated marketing network.



RISING is established in 1991.The Company owns Doctor’s R&D team, first class Laboratory, 108 patents and techniques. The Company also acquires several System Certification such as ISO, FDA and FAMI-QS etc RISING is specialized in the extraction of Natural Products and their deep application. RISING is currently the only company in China that work through the industrial chain from source to end applications and also one of the world’s top ten scale extraction companies. RISINGbenefits 50000 upstream farmers and provides stable and efficient cooperation to customers from worldwide more than 45 countries.


40 and food



Qingdao Rising Bio- Technology Co.,Ltd.

Food-grade Red Chili Pastes, Natural Pigments Feed Additives, Food Additives, Pharmaceuticals


Qingdao Shunchang Foodstuff Co., Ltd.,founded in May 1991, is a foreign trade import and export company. The company is one of the leading companies for the



41 and food

Qingdao Shunchang Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

industrialization of agriculture in Shandong province. For the last 20 years, the company has been engaged in manufacturing, processing and selling of frozen vegetables and


frozen seafood, chilli products and kimchi.

Frozen Vegetables, Chili Products, Chili Seasoning




Our products are sold all over the world, including plenty of countries in Asia and Europe. Especially, we have established stable cooperation relationships with many



companies in Japan.



Yongli Salt Industry Co.,Ltd is a joint-stock company limited, established in 2005


with a registered capital of 60 million RMB and 350 employees.We are devoted to salt


42 and food


Wudi Yongli Salt Industry Co.,Ltd

production, aquaculture production and chemical production. The annual output has reached more than 150,000 tons in crude salt , 1500 tons in bromine,3000 tons in

fish,shellfish and cucumbers400 tons in artemia cysts.The average annual profit is over 20 million RMB in the past two years. We have passed the ISO9001 Quality System Attestation.

Our main products are Crude Salt, Bromine, Vannamei, Prawn, Artemia Cysts and so on.



Jinan Jinxili Agricultural Development Co, Ltd. was established in 2007. It is mainly engaged in the growth and sales of grains, vegetables and garden crops and the development and promotion of agricultural technologies; landscape works; and social and economic consulting.The Company owns 165 acres of pollution-free Chinese yam and has registered "Jinxili" trademark and applied for certificates for pollution-free agricultural products, place of origin and standardized base. The Jinxili trademark has been recognized as Shandong's famous brand.

Exports:Chinese yam,

Exports:Chinese yam, Imports: Quality Chinese yam seedlings; annual demand 5 million seedlings


43 and food


Jinan Jinxili Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Imports: Quality Chinese yam seedlings; annual demand 5 million seedlings



Shandong Jining Nanyang Lake Farm is one of the 14 State-owned farms in the Shandong agricultural reclamation system and one of the leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization. It has 3,295 acres of land and 3,178 residents, and employs 608 people working at 55 production units. A diversified modern system of seven industries has taken shape, which includes tourist agriculture, landscape gardening, green vegetables, agricultural products processing, eco-farming, breeding and byproducts.


to purchase 1,500 kg of vegetable seeds on an annual basis from Dutch seed companies; intends to rent 10 hectares in the Netherlands for the cultivation of vegetable seeds; sends people for technical training and to bring home sophisticated vegetable technologies.

44 and food

tourist agriculture, landscape gardening, green vegetables, agricultural products processing, eco- farming, breeding and byproducts.


Shandong Jining Nanyang Lake Farm



Shandong Changrun Eco-agriculture Co., Ltd. was founded on April 11, 2012, with registered capital of 20 million yuan. Covering 329 acres, it is a modern agricultural company that combines agriculture tourism and the growth, processing and sales of organic fruits, vegetables and other crops. The region is characterized with mild climate, plenty of sunshine, abundant water resources and a beautiful wetland. Containing Yellow River sediments, the soil is fertile, moist, has never been developed for agriculture and therefore unpolluted with pesticides or chemical fertilizers and ideal for organic farming. Main products include organic vegetables, organic grains, eggs, colorful peanuts, organic fruits and other agricultural products.


45 and food

Organic vegetables, organic grains, eggs, colorful peanuts, organic fruits and other agricultural products.

to export organic vegetables


Shandong Changrun Eco- agriculture Co., Ltd.


Qihe Meidong Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2010. It has 4 industrial parks (vegetable seedlings, vegetable growing, cold chain



Qihe Meidong

Garlics sprouts: annual supply of 2,000 tons, exported to South Korea, Japan and Australia.

46 and food


Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.


logistics and processing, and fruit picking areas) that occupy 824 acres.The Park has built a complete industrial chain consisting of nursery, vegetable growing, processing,

refrigeration, cold chain logistics and sales. The Company is China's High Quality Agricultural Products Base, Shandong's High Quality Vegetables Standardized Demonstration Zone and Dezhou's Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization.



Shandong Darunxing


Shandong Darunxing Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2013, with registered capital of 10 million yuan. It owns assets of more than 200 million yuan and employees nearly 400 people. It is an integrated private enterprise with competitive financial strengths and technologies. The Group consists of Darunxing High-Tech Distribution Center, Feicheng Hualian Trading, Feicheng Huaguoshan Bee Products and Taian Shangzhijian Sports, where four industries develop at the same time.

Exports: 1) natural honey, with an annual supply of 800 tons, 2) royal Jelly, with an annual supply of 50 tons, 3) pollen, with an annual supply of 40 tons and 4) ceromel, with an annual supply of 30 tons


47 and food

Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.




Shandong Shenxian


Shandong Shenxian Dangdai Agriculture Development Co., Ltd, wholly owned by Shandong Liaocheng Dangdai Group Co., Ltd, was founded in August 9, 2013, with the registered capital of RMB 100 million Yuan. It is now developing a project named Sino- Dutch ITNL Healthy Agricultural Eco-city, with the land area about 10 square kilometers.

the introduction of modern agricultural technology and achievements in the promotion of modern agricultural management, marketing, engineering and technical personnel training; green pollution- free agricultural products sales; modern agricultural park functional facilities, the construction of living facilities and paid transfer; information technology application and management; the import and export business of the company's production equipment and products; e-commerce; logistics and distribution services.


48 and food


Dangdai Agriculture Development Co., Ltd

import , export and other co- operation



Set up in 1958, Lanshan Group is a food&oil processing enterprise majoring on oil manufacturing and vegetable protein processing. It has an area of 2,000,000 , a total assets of 3.6 billion RMB and staff of 3,200. Lanshan Group is one of the First Leading Enterprises of Industrializing Agriculture of the State, National Credit Enterprise, National Model Enterprise of Agriculture Products Processing, National Model Enterprise of Green Food Processing. The technical center is the R&D Branch Center of Agriculture Product Processing Technologies of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China, R&D center of peanut product development of the State Administration of Grain, The Technology Center of Key Enterprises of Shandong Province.

Non-G.M.O soy oil,cold pressing peanut oil,isolated soy protein,soy dietary fiber,textured soy protein,concentrated soy protein,protein powder,soy oligosaccharide,etc.


49 and food



Shandong Gaotang Lan Shan Group Corporation



Established in 1999 , Heze Xinya Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is a private enterprise that integrates scientific research, manufacture and products sales.At present, the company covers an area of more than 50 mu, with plant area of 10000 and 180 on-job workers. The company owns advanced equipment including more than 160 sets of CNC controlled lathes, numerical controlled linear cutting machines, press machines, bending machines, plate shearing machines and balancing machines.


our company wants to investigate cooperation project in Italian branch plants of Futian Company in order to develop foreign markets, understand the development direction of foreign agricultural machines and lay a solid foundation for the development of foreign markets.

50 and food

the components of seeders of wheat and corn, field straw chopper, deep loosing combined cultivating machine and reaping machines of wheat and corn.


Heze Xinya Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd



Shandong Hengyuan Copper Co., Ltd, has established in 2010. The main products are refined red copper, copper alloy tube, copper alloy wire used railway electrification, low- oxygen bright copper rod etc. Hengyuan Copper has been engaged in recovery utilization of waste appliances, non-ferrous metals and rare metal extraction.

8mm low-oxygen bright copper rod pipe coil wireinner grooved copper tube pancake coil straight tube


51 and food


Shandong Hengyuan

Copper Co.,Ltd




Qufu Confucius Home Wine Co., Ltd. is in liquor production, the main industry of large enterprises, has a long history, renowned at home and abroad, the company took the lead through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, is the liquor industry in Shandong Province's first through the certification of enterprise. Now focus on creating a brand of Confucian culture, Chinese etiquette culture wine.


52 and food


Import and export.


Qufu Confucius Home Wine Co., Ltd.


Yantai Changdao


Yantai Changdao Bluebay Chaice Rare Seafood Company is affiliated to Changdao Tourism Development Companywith Bluebay Bonded Outlet Center of Imported Commodities under it. The outlet center is the first replicated project outside the special area supervised by Shandong customes after the promotion of the bonded and sales exhibition policy of Shanghai free trade zone. Located in the prosperous area and the tourism center of Changdao, the only island county in Shandong province, the company boasts convenient transportation and a large number of tourists. It features the mode of “shop at front, warehouse at back” for the import and direct sale of bonded goods with genuineness and low price. The shop is an experience center located in the Bluebay Shop in the Mingzhu Square of Changdao for the exhibition and transaction of imported goods. It occupies an exhibition area of 1200 m2. The warehouse is a bonded storage for the preparation of imported goods. It is located in the Changshan Road of Changdao County with a storage area of 2033 m2. All of the goods come from foreign countries including Japan, South Korea, European countries and America. More than 1400 varieties of goods are available, including food, wine, beverage, daily provisions, liances

maternal and infant su

lies and household a

Cooperating with local chain supermarket to

seeking foreign importers to boost international market share, conducting global collaboration and financing, learning and introducing advanced overseas technology

53 and food


Bluebay Choice Rare Seafood Co,. Ltd.

purchase daily provisions including food, home appliances and clothes.



Yantai Kangbao Business Company is mainly engaged in the importation and sale of infant products from various countries. The international dairy exhibition center is located in the north of the administrative gateway of Yantai Bonded Area and adjacent to the golden zone of Huanhai Road. Its building area occupies 1500 m2. The exhibition hall of international infant milk powder covers 400 m2. There are 72 varieties of milk powders at your choice, including 18 international first-line infant and maternal milk powders. You can also find a galaxy of foreign infant complementary food. The infant intellective exhibition hall is free to public, covering 300 m2.


54 and food

Infant milk powderfeeding bottles, complementary foodpaper diapers, maternal food and products, snacks, daily necessities


Yantai Kangbao Business Co.,Ltd.

seeking providers for long-term cooperation



Yanzhou Lvyuan Food Company ,established in July 2001,has developed into a national key enterprise in agricultural industrialization, integrating duck breeding, baby duck hatching, feed supply, standard feeding of meat ducks, cold storage and processing of meat ducks, cooked food processing, vegetable production, cold-chain logistics and export into one. The company was recognized as the AAA Enterprise with Good Standardizing Practice and the National Demonstration Enterprise on Green Products. The products were honored as “Shandong Famous Products” with the title of “Shandong Famous Brand”.

duck breeding, baby duck hatching, feed supply, standard feeding of meat ducks, cold storage and processing of meat ducks, cooked food processing, vegetable production, cold-chain logistics


55 and food



Yanzhou Lvyuan Food Co., Ltd.


Jinxiang County


Sunshine Fruit and Vegetable Co., Ltd is an integrated enterprise specialized in raw materials acquisition, products processing, cargos refrigeration and circulation as well as international trade. It is becoming the most influential company in garlic industry.The company has been providing high quality products and good after-sale services for both domestic and foreign clients since its establishment. “Sunshine" brand has received praises in more than 40 countries around the world. It is renowned at home and abroad.


56 and food

Sunshine Fruit &Vegetable Co., Ltd






Juneng Luqi Food & Oil Co., Ltd was founded together with Tianjin Juneng Food & Oil Co., Ltd in 2006. It now has 280 staff members, including 85 technicians. It has fixed assets of RMB 120 million, and achieves annual sales income of RMB 306.77 million, and annual profits and taxes of RMB 24.48 million. Covering 30-odds acres, it owns a milling plant, three noodle production lines and a food production plant.


57 and food

Frozen food, dried noodles


Qihe County Juneng Luqi Food & Oil Co., Ltd

to import and export wheat, meat



Qingdao Nine-Alliance Group Co., a large national chicken processing enterprise with integrated processing technology in poultry breeding, chicken raising, fodder production, slaughter and refrigeration, cooked products processing, printing and packaging and export trade. It is elected as a state-level leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. Qingdao Nine-Alliance Group now owns more than 100 manufacturing enterprises, total assets of RMB 3.08 billion and over 10,000 staff members. The sales revenue in 2014 reached RMB 7.5 billion, in which the foreign trade revenue reached US$200 million; it also submitted RMB 49.08 million in taxes.


58 and food



Qingdao Nine-Alliance Group Co., Ltd.

Processed chicken products (powdered sausage, sausage meat cut, diced meat)




MuradShandongBiomedical Technology is an enterprise specialized in pomegranate planting, nursery stock cultivation, R&D and deep processing of pomegranates series products.

Pomegranates Related Products: Pomegranate Fruit, Pomegranate Nursery Stock, Pomegranate Juice, Pomegranate Tea, Pomegranate Condensed Juice, Pomegranate Fruit Wine, Pomegranate Essential Oil, Pomegranate Fruit Powder


59 and food

medical Technology





Shandong Jielier Fertilizers Co., Ltd is a key agricultural enterprise in Shandong Province, specialized in the production and operation of fertilizer, pesticide, seeds, herbicide and bactericide. The company covers an area about 26000, with total assets of more than 60 million Yuan and an annual sales volume of 80 million Yuan. Since establishment, the company has successively won the titles of agricultural products trustworthy enterprise, AAA Level Enterprise in quality and integrity service of Chinese market, excellent and integrity enterprise of agricultural operation in Shandong Province.It has made remarkable achievements in technology development and has successively developed many series of agricultural products including “Fuji” brand soil testing formula fertilizer, organic and inorganic compound fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide.


Blending Fertilizer: soil testing formula; based on


a needed ratio, produce fertilizer that suits users’

soil well according to the soil content, which can


60 and food

Shandong Jielier Fertilizers Co., Ltd

reduce fertilizer dosage, increase utilization ratio, save costs and enhance effects.

Investigate and learn foreign

agricultural technology



Agricultural Technology Consultation: provide


users with solutions according to the problems in planting and help users solve all kinds of problems.



Zaozhuang Geng Du


Zaozhuang Geng Du Agriculture Development CO., LTD, founded in 2014 with a registered capital of 3 million yuan, specializes in organic vegetable, organic fruit, seedlings for greening engineering and flower planting, sightseeing and selling. All its projects has combined modern agriculture with ecological environment.


Learning and exploring flower planting, gardening and agriculture tourism development.

61 and food

Agriculture Development Co., LTD

Organic vegetable, organic fruit, seedlings for green engineering and flower planting.




Zaozhuang Sea-stone Flower Co., Ltd, founded in 1982, is an exclusively foreign-owned enterprise specialized in beekeeping, bee product research and development, bee product intensive processing and bee product marketing. It is also an expert in garden planting, bonsai planting and flower planting. During this fair, it intends to visit members of local apicultural association, bonsai association and food association to negotiate and cooperate in projects in fields of flower planting, gardening and high efficiency agriculture.

honey, bee glue, royal jelly, bee pollen, pollen coffee, pollen tablet, pollen cream, pollen beautifier, tribute hive honey, drone pupa wine, mead and honey throat lozenge.

exchanging technologies of bee husbandry and bee products processing; negotiating on introducing advanced bee product producing, processing and packaging equipment and technologies.

62 and food


Zaozhuang Sea-stone Flower Co., Ltd



Zaozhuang Haihe Foods Co., Ltd is an export-oriented modern enterprise that integrates freshwater aquiculture, seawater and freshwater products export processing and vegetables deep export processing. The company owns channel catfish breeding base and seedling base that have been registered by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and proceeds HACCP security quality management all the way from seedling breeding to adult fish cultivation and fish slice processing.


Communicate and discuss the affair about exporting company’s foods and distinctive agricultural products to Milan.

63 and food

seawater and freshwater products, providing all kinds of seawater and freshwater products that are alive, freezing, salted, baking or cooked


Zaozhuang Haihe Foods Co., Ltd



Shandong Runpinyuan Food Co., Ltd, founded June 23 in 2010, is an enterprise with registered capital for 13 million Yuan. With an area of 80,000 square meters, it is the largest enterprise in South Shandong to manufacture fruit and vegetable can. The real estate area of the company amounts more than 20,000 square meters. It has many facilities, including fruit and vegetable can standardized production workshop, filling and sealing workshop, packing workshop, raw material warehouse, finished products warehouse, boiler room, office building, staff residential buildings, sewage treatment station and supporting refrigeration house, etc. The company now has 360 employees, 157 of whom graduated from or above technical secondary school.


promoting and popularizing products of the company; seeking international partners to strengthen the company; Seeking fruit which is more suitable for producing canned food to enhance better development of the company.

64 and food

canned asparagus canned mushroom, canned yellow peach, canned pear, canned fruit cocktail and other canned fruit.


Shandong Runpinyuan Food Co., Ltd


Zaozhuang Jinbeikang Foods Co., Ltd, established in November, 2011, is located in Qingping East Road of Shanting Economic Development Zone of Zaozhuang in Shandong Province. Containing many kinds of new food processing lines, the company covers an area of 50 mu, with annual output of 22 thousand tons, total investment



amount of 92 million Yuan, registered capital of 10 million Yuan, annual sales revenue of 120 million Yuan, profits and tax amount of 13 million Yuan. Besides, the company has also set the employment of 260 workers. The company has passed ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification and has been awarded lots of honors including national famous high quality product, Chinese well-known brand, municipal leading enterprise and recommended product of the committee of safe consumption of China rights protection


medium and high level biscuits products such as semi hard biscuits, crispy biscuits, egg biscuits,

Popularize all kinds of medium and high level biscuits such as semi hard biscuits, crispy biscuits, egg biscuits, waffle and soda biscuits; Make products enter international markets.

65 and food


Zaozhuang Jinbeikang Foods Co., Ltd

waffle and soda biscuits. high-level health protection type natural biscuits


Zhangqiu Oriental Cold Storage Business company was established in 1997. It has become a modern retail enterprise after one-decade exploration and development. Covering over 20000 square meters in terms of business area, it has 14 chain stores with over 2000 employees. The company plans to build another large-scale shopping center in the urban area, 12 stores in towns and villages and an e-commerce platform. By then, the annual sales volume is expected to exceed 1,000,000,000. The company built a modern logistics distribution center occupying over 20 mu in 2009 for future development. Such center will facilitate centralized purchasing, direct sourcing and the introduction of imported goods. The utilization and improvement of the center will greatly enrich the variety of goods, which can lay a solid foundation for meeting the need of consumers and boosting economic interests.

Purchasing intent: snack food, nutritional food,

Purchasing intent: snack food, nutritional food, drinks, local specialty Annual demand: 35,000,000 yuan


66 and food

Zhangqiu Oriental Cold


Storage Business Co.,Ltd.

drinks, local specialty Annual demand: 35,000,000 yuan


67 and food


Binzhou Taiyu Wheat Co.,Ltd

BINZHOU TAIYU WHEAT CO.,LTD Is a collection of high quality wheat varieties breeding, planting, wheat purchase and storage, pretreating, deep processing,food

processing,green ecological culture,waste comprehensive utilization in the integration of

FlourNoodles Gluten flourEdible alcohol

Co-operation in the fields of production equipment and technology

modern energy saving and circular economy




Shandong Haicheng Eco-Technology Group is a company group engaged in a sea salt production, chemical ecology, marine biology, salinization trade, modern logistics, livestock breeding, real estate development, financial credit and hotel management,with total assets of one billion yuan, and employs more than 1,500 people.

Marine biological research, mainly engaged in shrimp, trituberculatus, sea cucumber, Günther and other aquatic seed breeding, cultivation, processing and technology development, service.


68 and food

Shandong Haicheng Eco- Technology Group




69 and food

Shandong huimin


Research and development of new varieties of edible fungus; cultivation and sales of edible fungus; base construction of edible fungus


chunsheng edible fungus technology development


The company was established in 2011with registered capital of 25 million yuan.It’s mainly engaged in is engaged in the scientific research, production, processing, storage and sales of edible fungus products.

exportation and co-operation





Shandong Yangxin Guangfu Livestock Product Co.,Ltd.,was established in October 2002. It has 8 subsidiary companies.The company is the largest leading enterprise in Shandong Province which integrates the high-grade beef cattle breeding, slaughtering, processing, marketing, distribution of cold chain logistics, leather processing and catering services.



70 and food

Yangxin Guangfu Liv

beef, beef sauce and othe cooked food

importation and co-operation


estock Product


















71 and food

72 and food

73 and food

74 and food

75 and food

76 and food

77 and food

78 Necessities

Shandong Tai Yi Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong zhanhua horwath juice co.,


Shandong Jining Xinxin Liquor Co., Ltd

Shandong Lisheng Food Group Co., Ltd

Zaozhuang Honghe Food

Technology Service Co., Ltd

Beijing Huiyuan Leling Co. Ltd

Zaozhuang Xiechen Food Co., Ltd

Yangxin Ruixin Group

Shandong Tai Yi Metal Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2010. The company occupies 423 acres and employs more than 300 people, including 50 management staff, professional and technical personnel 17. The company's total assets amounted to 308.65 million yuan in 2014 sales revenue 17,000 yuan. The company now has 17 national patent products.

Shandong zhanhua horwath juice co., LTD,established in June 2007is the first company specialized in winter date processing production with registered capital of 80 million yuan

Shandong Jining Xinxin Liquor Co., Ltd mainly concentrates on the production of grain liquor and the production and marketing of “Heart” series liquor products. With “Heart” and heart picture as registered trademarks, the company contains registered capital of 6 million Yuan, fixed assets of 120 million Yuan and annual output of 20 thousand tons of liquor products. “Heart” series liquor belongs to Luzhou-flavor Daqu Liquor that is produced according to the traditional steaming process including mixed-steaming, mixed-burning and fermentation in several tanks. “Heart” products now have formed three major series of more than one hundred varieties of liquor.

With more than ten years of efforts, the company now has developed into a large modern enterprise group that takes the production, processing and marketing of flour and fried noodles as major business, and integrates scientific research of ecological agriculture, logistics transportation, collection and storage trades of grain and color printing packaging.

Zaozhuang Honghe Food Technology Service Co., Ltd has been engaged in food study for almost thirty years and has obtained six national invention patents and several utility model patents and appearance patents. The enterprise has built and operated two companies, namely Shandong Provincial Leading Industry Food Co., Ltd and Zaozhuang Municipal Leading Industry Food Co., Ltd.

Founded in September, 2007, Beijing Huiyuan Leling Co. Ltd covers an area of 33 acres. It is a large modern company invested by Beijing Huiyuan Group, with a registered capital of RMB 100 million. The Company is mainly engaged in the production and processing of ziziphus jujube, fruit pulp, condensed juice and other related products. Beijing Huiyuan Group is a national leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, and a pilot enterprise of Chinese agricultural product processing industry, and won the China Ten Famous Brand Product every year Since 1998. It has linked more than 60 high quality raw material sites of fruits & vegetables, tea and milk, and built up a sales network and an agricultural operating system covering the whole

Zaozhuang Xiechen Food Co., Ltd was founded in 2004. In the recent ten years, the company has continuously taken the efforts to seek common development with dealers and achieve win-win cooperation. The constant aim of the company is to forever lead the industry. Now the company has maintained sound cooperation with large malls and supermarkets system including RT-Mart, Lotus, Lotte Mart and Shandong Inzone.

Yangxin Ruixin Group has cooperated and joint venture with Nuorui Company in the US for 4 times since 1998, with introduction of foreign capital of more than $3000. The group now has total assets of 5.8 billion yuan, consisting of six subsidiaries, more than 3600 employees.

Mainly in aluminum and new materials, aluminum profiles, aluminum and wood composite profiles, curtain wall processing, manufacturing, installation and sales.

The main products are winter date, juice, vinegar beverage not Fried vacuum puffing dongzaoHawthorn and FIG Dongzao jujube paste enzyme Dongzao polysaccharide and pure water, etc. Series of products


Grain Processing; Intensive Processing; Production of Wheat flour and Dried Noodles

More than one hundred products including spiced pig trotter, spiced smoked chicken, spiced beef, mushroom partridge, Zaozhuang spicy chicken, spiced wild boar meat, lotus pigeon and lake products. The company used advanced process to

develop lotus pork head meat that contains natural smell and fragrance and has unique flavor with the

feature of fat but not


ruit and vegetable juice drinks

instant drinks

The group is mainly engaged in the production and design of carpet and electronic products,as well as import of raw materials such as wool.

exportatin,investment and co- operation


The company plans to establish “‘Heart’ liquor Industrial

Zone” that concentrates liquor production, technology R&D and presentation of liquor

culture, with total investment

of about 500 million RMB. Now the company is looking

for cooperation partners both at

h d b


Learn, communicate and cooperate about food processing industry.


intensive proceeding , research and development and other

cooperation in agricultural and

sideline products


importation and co-operation


Shandong Parson


Shandong Parson International Trade Co., Ltd. is a cross-border O2O e-commerce business that brings together quality products from around the world and provides domestic consumers with one-stop shopping experience across borders both online and offline. Parsons International sources its products from all over the world, and mainly sells eight categories of products including imported food, baby products, health food, shoes and bags, skin care and cosmetics, fashion and accessories, 3C electronics, and home supplies via its website.



79 Necessities

International Trade Co., Ltd.

Imported food, daily necessities, baby products, wine, cosmetics and fresh food



Jinan Qinlong Electrical


Qinlong is one of Zhangqiu's most important retailers and wholesalers of consumer and commercial electrical appliances with sales network throughout the city. For many years, Qinlong has received community's approval and its sales climbed steadily due to its good reputation. Since 2014, Qinlong has been working towards Internet+ and set up Qinlong e-commerce platform to build a general channel + platform + experience-based and smart ecosystem and provide local consumers with more convenient, more diverse and richer shopping experience with more detail-oriented logistics and e-commerce services for rural areas.



80 Necessities

Appliances Sales Co., Ltd.

Consumer goods, with orders expected to amount to 100 million yuan on an annual basis.



81 Necessities

Binzhou Luniu Leather Co., Ltd


Binzhou Luniu Leather Co., Ltd. was set up on 30th August 2006located in Leather Industry Zone in Zhanhua County, covering an area of 284,014 square meters , with CNY150,000,000 invested as fixed assets. Binzhou Luniu owns modern equipments with capacity to produce 2,000,000 pieces of cattle hides and 45,000,000 square feet of split leather each year.

Wet blue cow leatherwet white cow leathersplit suede leather



Shandong Shengyang


Shandong Shengyang Household Electrical Applicances Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise that specializes in producing custom metallic stamping parts, drawing parts, welding accessories and welding production, with convenient transportation, located at the Yinhe economic development zone, Dezhou, Shandong. Its various products have been applied in the areas of industrial equipments, electrical appliances, building hardware, auto parts and water treating equipments.



82 Necessities

Household Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.

custom metallic stamping parts, drawing parts, welding accessories and welding production.



83 Necessities

Qihe Debai Plaza

Shandong Dezhou Department Store (Group) is a top ten enterprise of national commercial services and a comprehensive trade and circulation conglomerate primarily selling appliances and also dealing with supermarket chains, home building materials, logistics and wholesale, catering and tourism and development of compounds. It owns a number of businesses including Department Store, Hualian Mall, Odele Times Square, Tianqu Mall, Home Furniture Plaza, Logistics and Wholesale Town, Qihe Debai Plaza, Xiajin Debai Spa Resort and Xiajin Debai Plaza, as well as the Ningjin Debai Plaza and Botou Debai Plaza, which are under construction.

Articles of daily use: 1. Textiles, clothing and daily commodities: 2. Stationary and sports supplies:

Purchase products


Laiwu Wenbao Technology Products Co., Ltd. Is an enterprise mainly working on export. Our factory was founded in 1997, and has 600 skilled workers.


Laiwu Wenbao


84 Necessities

Technology Products

Co., Ltd.


We are mainly dedicated to producing candle holders, glass products, photo frames, baskets, small house furnishings and other handcrafts. We have good products and

reputations. We also have customers all over the world. We have smoothly occupied the markets in America, England, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Argentina, Israel, the Netherlands, Australia, Africa, Finland, Hong Kong, Taiwan area and others.

New style glass bottle, new style wire products





Our company is located in Guangrao County,Shandong Province. The company covers an area of 10 hectare, with more than 2000 employees. It mainly produces the straw environment-protection tableware. Currently it has 12 semi-automatic production lines and 2 first-class automatic production lines. The annual output can reach 1 billion tons. Products are export to Russia,USA, Japan, Europe,ASEAN, Middle East and other countries and regions.In line with “the customer first, service first” principle, the comapny provides good-quality products to customers, at same time it is also delicate to provide our clients with perfect after-sale service.


85 Necessities


straw environment-protection tableware

export and co-operation


86 Necessities

Rizhao Golden Star Furniture Co., Ltd.

Rizhao Golden Star Furniture, founded in September 2003, is located on the western side of Linyi Road south to the Binzhou Road in Rizhao High-tech Park. It covers an area of 27,000 square meters and employs more than 100 people specialized in the processing and sales of future for homes, hotels and offices.

Products mainly include solid wood future, which is exported to the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United States and Japan.



Shandong Ceramics


Founded in 1995, Shandong Ceramics Industry Association is an industrial social organization made up by enterprises and public institutions as well as individuals who are engaged in scientific research, education, design and production in ceramics industry. It has five branches, including Ceramic Art Specialized Committee, Hotels Porcelain Specialized Committee, Carved Porcelain Art Specialized Committee, Folk Ceramics Culture Study Committee and Experts Working Committee. There are 567 members in the Association and over 30,000 varieties in 12 categories, including household ceramic, industrial art ceramic, garden ceramics, whiteware, high technical ceramics, advanced refractory materials, ceramic machinery and ceramic pigment. The products are exported to over 80 countries and areas. The Association plays a decisive role in Chinese ceramics industry and enjoys high reputation both at home and abroad.


87 industry

Industry Association

Public service



88 industry

Zibo Renli Enterprises Co., Ltd

Zibo Renli Enterprises Co., Ltd owns 20 years of development history and is a innovative enterprise that integrates foreign trade and export of glasswork, e-commerce and culture popularization of pottery and colored glaze. Located in the beautiful Boshan District of Zibo, the company covers the areas of over 20000 square meters, with workshops, plants and offices of over 15000 square meters and over 150 staff including 10 with senior professional titles and 30 with middle management titles.

creation and collection of handwork high-end artworks

Colored Glaze is one of the representatives of Chinese intangible cultural heritages that have inherited for thousands of years. The company is aimed at letting the world better recognize and know about colored glaze to inherit and carry it forward.


89 industry

Shandong Sicer New Materials Co., Ltd

Shandong Sicer New Materials Co., Ltd is the subordinate enterprise of Shandong Sicer New Materials Technology Inc. It is a national high-tech enterprise that was restructured in May, 2001 from Shandong Silicate Study Design Institution that was subordinate to national light industry inorganic nonmetallic materials key R&D base, which was founded in 1958. The company mainly engages in the R&D, manufacturing and operation of industrial ceramics, advanced daily fine porcelain.

high-tech ceramics, advanced daily fine porcelain, ceramics accessories and special fireproofing materials and has provided products and services for the industries of papermaking, war, aviation, metallurgy and electric power.

Seek high-tech cooperation of ceramics and sign cooperative intents with excellent designers.


90 industry

Shandong Huaguang Ceramics Co., Ltd

As the leading brand of Chinese household ceramics, Huaguang Ceramics has successively obtained many innovation patents including China first leadless glaze and celadon. At the same time, Huaguang Ceramics has focused on the primacy of production equipment. Huaguang born china is one of the born china production bases that were invested early and had largest scale, and owns international advanced equipment such as advanced furnace equipment from Germany, efficient forming machines from Japan, automatic glazing lines from England and decoration firing from Italy.

Based on the market segmentation and according to different consumer groups, the company set up three sub-brands, namely “Big Workshop” art porcelain series, “Rich and Powerful Family” mansion porcelain series and “Green Homeland” home porcelain series.



91 industry

Shandong Zibo Meitao Porcelain Co., Ltd


Shandong Zibo Meitao Porcelain Co., Ltd is a stockholding system enterprise established from Shandong Zibo Art Ceramics Factory. At present, the company contain over 1000 staff including 10 national artistic masters and senior professional technicians. The company mainly produces art porcelain and all kinds of daily use export porcelain including coffee cup, bottle, tea cup and tableware, with annual output of 20 million sets. Now it is designing and developing new model and pictures about 3000 types. The company is the largest art porcelain manufacturing base in Northern China and is called “North Porcelain Home”.

“Rain Drop Glaze” and “Tea-dust Glaze” have world-renowned artistic value.



92 industry

Shandong Zibo Taishan Ceramics Co., Ltd

Zibo Taishan Ceramics Co., Ltd is the only owner of Luqing Trademark and has been awarded by national ministry of culture, national intangible cultural heritage protection unit and the only inheritor of Lu celadon. The company keeps drawing lessons, exploring burning law of Lu celadon and has promoted burning process of Lu celadon to a new level. The representative products of “Lotus Statue and Ruyi Vase” have been selected as the only VIP present of international ceramics expo for consecutive 3 years, and have been given to many head of state as a state gift by state leaders for many times.

Lu celadon is Chinese famous porcelain, with white body, high transparency and green glazing color. With the integration of body and glaze, it has strong jade sense. Lu celadon contains complex burning process and profound high temperature furnace transmutation mechanism so that the products are rare in market. Thus the large size ones are quite precious.



93 industry

Zibo Hongda Ceramics Co., Ltd


Established in October, 1999, Zibo Hongda Ceramics Co., Ltd now contains 800 staff and mainly engages in stoneware and bone porcelain manufacturing, with annual output value of 50 million Yuan and sales revenue of 80 million Yuan.

Bone porcelain


Expand export channel and seek technology cooperation.


Shandong Textile


Shandong textile website is organized by Shandong Textile Industry Association, jointly built by Shandong Vocation College of Science & Technology and sponsored by Shandong Government. The website serves as a window that opens up Shandong Province to the world, as well as an information exchange platform that provides services for Shandong textile enterprises.

The main function of Shandong textile website is to convey industry information, lead industrial development, demonstrate enterprises profiles and recommend featured products. As an authoritative window reflecting the features of Shandong textile industry in a comprehensive way, the website is the link among carrying out national policies, cultivating textile market and connecting textile enterprises.


94 industry

Industry Association



Shandong Provincial


Shandong Provincial Garment Trade Association was founded in August, 1996. Now there are 511 members, which come from enterprises, colleges, business, research institutes, local associations, garment markets and other areas. The association has many branches, including Designer Branch, Professional Models Branch, Brand Promotion Committee and Apparel Education Council. The secretariat is consisted by functional departments including Member Department, Industry Department, Training Department, External Exchange Department, Garment Vocational Skills and Fashion Models Professional Qualification Evaluation, Shandong Garment Editorial Department and Shandong Garment Association Website.

The association is a public service platform for Shandong garment industry information exchange, integrating functions of conveying information, guiding policy releasing, publishing supply & demand information, enterprise recruitment and personal job seeking freely, exchanging information among industrial members, releasing enterprises

activities, industrial online survey, brand publicity and industrial skills identification. It is the



95 industry

Garment Trade






stren th of Shandon

arment industrial


Shandong Wenzheng Garment co., LTD. (stock name: wenzheng shares, stock code:



96 industry

Shandong Wenzheng

831556) is listed in the "new three board".Its annual production reached 5000000 pieces of clothing (sets) and are exported to the United States, France, Australia, South

Korea and other countries The company has passed the quality, environmental

Consumer Goods

product importation

Garment Co.,Ltd.


management, occupational health and safety management system certification, and through international inspection certification


Qingdao Zhongying


Qingdao Zhongying Weiye Industrial Park Co., Ltd. was established in September 2012 with registered capital of 20 million yuan. It has invested 8 billion yuan in the construction of Qingdao International Clothing Industrial Town, which covers 329 acres, designed with reference to the street blocks in Milan with stores right beneath workshops. It is intended to be headquarters combining production, display, office, R & D and image building all in one place. The Designer and Creative Center, Fabric and Accessories Center, Sample Clothing Center, Talent Exchange Center, Across Border E- commerce Service Center and Models Performance Center have been built. The Park is home to more than 100 companies and aims to be Qingdao's fashion center for entrepreneurs and a cross-border e-commerce center of garments.



97 industry

Weiye Industrial Park Co., Ltd.

Imported fabrics

to imports fabrics


Yantai Jiaoyun Group


Yantai Jiaoyun Group Three-station Huitong Plaza was established in August 1994. It boasts favorable geological location and convenient transportation. It is well-known as a large-scale wholesale and retail market of clothes and other commodities in Yantai and even throughout the Jiaodong Peninsula. Occupying an area of 36100m² and an overall floorage of 80000m2, it includes 4 blocks of A, B, C,D, Jintong Commercial Mansion, Wanfang Commercial Mansion and Jiaodong Seafood Wholesale Market.

mid-range clothes with good quality and fair price. shoes, textiles, knitwear, articles for children and wedding products.



98 industry

Three-station Huitong Plaza Co., Ltd

Visiting the World Expo and seeking partners


Jinan Yihuayongbang


Jinan Yihuayongbang Industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and has a display hall at the entrance to the Train Station. It generates an annual revenue of 50 million yuan from wholesales and online sales of textiles, clothing, footwear, apparel, jewelry, home and kitchen supplies, hardware and woodworking tools. The Company always adheres to integrity and benefits for customers and insists on impressing customers with good services.

Sources women's clothing, shoes, hats, women's bags, apparel, jewelry, home and kitchen supplies, hardware and woodworking tools, and works as agent for brands or e-commerce procurement.



99 industry

Industry and Trade Development Co.,Ltd.



100 industry

Qingdao Haoer Fushi Co.,Ltd.


Qingdao Haoer Fushi Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It is a modern knitted underwear company which can research, develop, design, produce and sale all by itself. Its registered capital is 6000000 yuan. The annual turnover is RMB 50 million yuan. The company has more than 300 workers and standard workshop more than 30000 square meters. It is one of the earliest companies that through the ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 international environmental management system. The company is famous by the brand of "gull" and "howl thought Dan". The company has received the honorary of Qingdao famous products, credit enterprise of AA grade, Consumer satisfied products of Qingdao. The brand "Gull" is the famous brand of Shandong Province.

high-grade thermal underwear, men's and women's cotton underwear, men's and women's modal underwear, the dress that occupy the home in summer, T-shirt, men's and women's rib vest and so on.




The Company uses polyester fiber as raw material, which is woven and coated to make protective grids, geogrids, geocomposites and geotextile fabrics for use in mining. It is a leader in the production of mining and geotechnical materials and its products are mainly used in the overall support for the roof of coal mines and the separation, reinforcement, enhancement, wrapping and protection for geotechnical engineering.

The Company uses polyester fiber as raw material, which is woven and coated to make protective grids, geogrids, geocomposites and geotextile fabrics for use in mining.


101 industry

Hock Technology Co., Ltd


Purchases textile raw materials


Since its inception in 2005, Shandong Hopesage Clothing Co., Ltd. have received a number of honors including Shandong Business of Good Service and Integrity, Contract Binding and Trustworthy Enterprise, Business with Best Customer Satisfaction, China's Top Garment Dealer, China's Growing Clothing Brand, China's Excellent Business in the Marketplace, and Recommended Brand in Chinese Market.

The Company has two major brands:



102 industry

Shandong Hopesage Clothing Co., Ltd.

Hopesage casual apparel and Hopesage boutique clothing

Imports clothing, shoes and hats and search for products


103 industry

Jinan Jiahong Imp. & Exp. Trading Co., Ltd

Jinan Jiahong Imp. & Exp. Trading Co., Ltd is a garment manufacturer and exporter in China.With our own production factory, Jiahua Graments (Jinan) Co., Ltd, we have strong capacity of production and new product development and good management of high quality controlling. All of our products are exported to international market, mainly including Germany, Austria, Belgium, Ireland and etc.

Various kinds of work dresses, hotel and restaurant uniforms, business shirts, casual pants and jackets, ski suits, winter clothes



104 industry

Luthai Textile Co., Ltd

Luthai Group, the parent company of Luthai Textile Co., Ltd, has 12 holding subsidiaries, with 36 production plants, total assets of 8.7 billion Yuan and net assets of 7.17 billion Yuan.

The company now owns high quality long stapled cotton base of 160 thousand mu, spindle of 750 thousand, and wirebar of 100 thousand, with annual output of yarn-dyed fabric of 189 million meters, textile printing fabric of 85 million meters and shirts of 20 million. It is the largest advanced yarn- dyed fabric manufacturer and also the manufacturer of international first-class shirts.

exportation and co-operation


105 industry

Shandong Ruyi Science & Technology Group

Established in 1972, Shandong Ruyi Science & Technology Group is a world-renowned innovative technical textile enterprise. The group now owns two listed company of domestic A-share and Japan Tokyo Mainboard, and 20 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, with staff of 30 thousand, business revenue reaching 30 billion Yuan in 2013 and total volume of foreign trade reaching 1 billion dollars. The group ranks 304 of top 500 national enterprises, ranks 63 of top 100 multinational corporations and its comprehensive competitiveness stands at the top four of total 500 national textile clothing industry.

The group now owns the two largest complete textile clothing industry chains of cotton spinning, wool spinning to clothing brand in the world.

exportation and co-operation


106 industry

Shandong Aspop Costumes Group., Inc

Established in 2008, Shandong Aspop Costumes Group., Inc now owns over 500 staff, 20 most advanced automatic clothing hanging type pipelines and 20 professional denim pipelines. The company has over 50 long-term cooperation industries in Zibo, Yantai, Jinan, Laiwu, Zaozhuang, Dezhou, Jining and foreign countries like Cambodia. At present, the group’s capacity reaches 8 million pieces, which is predicted to reach 10 million pieces in 2015. The company now is the largest professional denim clothing manufacturer in Shandong province, with denim dosage of 12 million meters. Besides, the company is also Shandong Clothing Association Vice-chairman Unit, Zibo Denim Industry League Leader Enterprise and has built design marketing center in Los Angeles of America.

denim clothing ,

exportation and co-operation


Shandong Show Long


Shandong Show Long Fashion & Accessories Co., Ltd is a professional women clothing enterprise that integrates design development, manufacture, and marketing. Established in 1999, the company contains registered capital of 200 million Yuan, industrial park plant areas of 150 thousand square meters and over 8000 staff, with annual processing and producing high fashion women clothing of 3 million pieces. Relying on the enterprise spirit of “respect traditions and create future”, abundant financial support, scientific and effective management, advanced technical equipment and hardworking staff, the company has developed rapidly and has established a nation-wide marketing network system. Owing several thousand shops, the company has a decisive position in national clothing industry and is the leading enterprise of Chinese women clothing.



107 industry

Fashion & Accessories Co., Ltd




Shandong Fuhong


Shandong Fuhong Clothing-Making Co.,Ltd is located to the west of the east outer ring Road, Ling County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province. It is the biggest comprehensive clothing enterprise that mainly produces outdoor clothes in the northwest of Shandong Province, covering a range of businesses such as design, research & development, production, trade and sale. The products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions including Italy, Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France. The registered capital of the Company is RMB 10.337 million while the fixed assets worth more than RMB 25 million. Its annual production capacity reaches over 1 million pieces of garments, with nearly RMB100 million annual output values.


The Company is to bring the advanced manufacturing technique of intelligent clothes and the production capacity of high quality outdoor products abroad and to seek cooperation and investment programs, in order to develop itself and drive regional economy.

108 industry

Clothing-Making Co.,Ltd

outdoor sportswear as well as all kinds of men and women jackets, children's wear and trouser suits.


109 industry

Zibo Yinshilai Textile Co., Ltd

Founded in 1999, Zibo Yinshilai Textile Co., Ltd is a Sino-Hongkong joint venture operation enterprise, a large-scale textile manufacturing enterprise that integrates spinning and weaving, and owns self-support import and export authority. At present, the company owns 200 thousand cotton spinning, 800 air jet looms and 128 electronic jacquard machines, with annual output of all kinds of top grade purified cotton, polyester, specialty fiber blended yarn reaching 45 thousand tons. Besides, the company can produce top grade garment materials and household textile materials of 85 million meters. The capability of producing jacquard fabric stands at the top of domestic industry.

textile materials

exportation and co-operation


Shandong Agricultural


Shandong Agricultural Mechanical Industry Association is a regional agricultural machinery social organization with agricultural machine manufacturing and circulation enterprises as its main body and research and development institutions and universities and colleges as its technical support. Since its establishment in 1988, it has always adhered to the working policy of serving enterprises, coordinating industries and connecting government, actively promoted the reform and innovation, structure optimization and harmonious advancement and has made positive contributions to the healthy and sustainable development of Shandong agricultural mechanical industry.


110 Agriculture


Mechanical Industry


Public service



Shandong Changlin


Shandong Changlin Machinery Group Co., Ltd (Shandong Changlin Group for short) is a national large high-tech enterprise and a national top one hundred enterprise in machinery industry that owns four major core business sectors including agriculture machinery, construction machinery, high-precision casting and high-end hydraulic parts and seeks diversified development, which integrates production, R&D and marketing. It has nine subsidiaries including Changlin Deutz-Fahr, Changlin Agricultural Equipment, Changlin Casting, CCHC, etc.

Wheeled tractor; Walking tractor; Harvest machinery; Agricultural implements; Excavator; High-precision casting parts; High-end hydraulic parts


111 Agriculture


Machinery Group Co., Ltd

Import the infinitely variable speed technology of big tractors.

112 Agriculture


Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (Foton Lovol Heavy for short) is a large-scale industrial equipment manufacturing enterprise primarily engaging in construction machinery, agricultural equipment, vehicles and core components. In 2014, the company’s sales revenue has reached 21.98 billion Yuan. By the great performance in the aspects of connotative growth, structural adjustment and globalization, Foton Lovol Heavy’s brand estimated value increased to 33.556 billion Yuan in 2015. The company is affirmed as “national key high-tech enterprise” and engineering research institute is affirmed as “national-recognized enterprise technology center”.

combined harvester,Large and medium tractors, motor tricycles,construction machinery

Look for technology cooperation

113 Agriculture


Shandong Wuzheng Group Co., Ltd.

Shandong Wuzheng Group is the previous county-level tractor station, established in 1961. After half century of development, the group now is one of key industries of Chinese machinery manufacture and has formed five major leading industries including agricultural vehicle, automobile, special vehicle, agricultural equipment and modern agriculture, with three major manufacturing business division, total assets of 8.9 billion Yuan and staff of 14000.

Tricycle, tractor, automobile, agricultural equipment, agricultural implements

exportation and co-operation

114 industry

solar energy

Shandong Solar Energy Industry Association

Founded in 2009, Shandong Solar Energy Industry Association is the provincial non- profit community organization voluntarily made up by solar energy enterprises and related units. The Association accepts operational guidance and supervision of competent authority, Shandong Economic and Information Technology Committee and registration administrative agency, Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. On April 22, 2009, the Association held founding conference & 1st general meeting in Jinan Shungeng Hall, which passed the Article of Association and Membership Management Measures and generated 52 council Members, 31 standing directors, 1 president, 8 vice presidents and 1 secretary-general.

Public service



Shandong Xinhong


Shandong Xinhong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd is a new and high technology enterprise specializing in new energy products. With a registered capital of 20 million yuan, the total investment of the company amounts to 180 million Yuan. It covers an area of 58.5 mu with a construction area of 28,000 square meters. The company is a new green energy enterprise (electric light source manufacturing enterprise) specializes in developing, producing, constructing and installing solar photovoltaic components and photovoltaic application system. The company has passed ISO 9001 Quality System Certification, ISO14000 Environmental System Certification. It has been municipaly awarded as the Excellent Enterprise of Cleaner Production and Technological Innovation-based Enterprise. It also has a municipal research and development center of “one enterprise, one proprietary technology”.

series energy-saving products, including solar photovoltaic components, solar streetlamp, small solar household appliance, grid lamps, solar water pump, solar sewage treatment system for urban and rural areas, LED light source, etc.


115 industry

solar energy

Photoelectric Technology

Co., Ltd

seeking foreign partners to strengthen cooperation for a better development of the company.

116 industry

solar energy

Shandong Futel Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Futel Technology Co., Ltd was founded on Oct. 2000 and located in Zibo, Shandong province, specialized in the utilization exploitation of solar energy and air energy, production and sale of single machine products and the implementation of water heating system, etc. It is an emerging high-tech enterprise full of vitality.

solar energy equipment



Shandong Lucy New


Shandong Lucy New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, as a high-tech enterprise in production, education, research and utilization, is located in Qingzhou, Shandong province. It is currently the largest research, development and production base of solar air-conditioning system in China. The products independently researched and developed by the company have been sold well all over the world

photovoltaic solar air-conditioning ,solar thermal air- conditioning , combined supply unit of cooling , heating and power, vacuum heating water units, biomass vacuum heating water units, heating water lithium bromide refrigeration equipment, direct- fired lithium bromide refrigeration equipment, steam operated lithium bromide refrigeration equipment, exhaust gas lithium bromide refrigeration equipment, etc.

to know more about the market demand and increase the market share as well as the communication with the enterprises we have cooperated with before, thus we could promote the following cooperation and make an investigation on establishing sales company in the European countries.

117 industry

solar energy

Energy Technology Co., Ltd

118 industry

solar energy

Shandong Wangpu New Energy Co., Ltd

Shandong Wangpu New Energy Co., Ltd is a professional high new-tech enterprise engaged in the technical research, manufacture and market promotion of solar energy and other new energy application products. The products of the company have been sold all over China. The company has received the certification of ISO9001:2008 International Quality System and ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System.

solar energy and other new energy application products

The company is looking forward to the idea exchange on research and development, enterprise management, production sales and various fields with the foreign enterprises and then intents to make further cooperation.

119 industry

solar energy

Shandong Guangpu Solar Energy Project Co., Ltd

Shandong Guangpu Solar Energy Project Co., Ltd is a private high-tech enterprise specialized in research, development, manufacture and marketing promotion of the utilization of solar energy products. At present, the company is awarded as “Executive Director Unit of China Solar Thermal Utilization Industry Alliance”, “Member Unit of China's Rural Energy Industry Association”, “Shandong Consumer Satisfaction Unit”, “One of the China Top 100 Enterprises in Solar Thermal Utilization” and the “Advanced Private Enterprise”.

all-glass vacuum solar heat collection pipe and all- glass heat pipe vacuum coating.


120 industry

solar energy

Shandong Hocome Co., Ltd

Shandong Hocome Co., Ltd, as one of the key national energy high new-tech enterprises, is located in high-tech development district, Jinan and was founded in 1994. The company could be divided into several parts——Jinan production base, Sino-French joint venture production base in Linyi, Yunnan production base and other four production bases which are under construction such as the bases in Shenyang and Wuhan. The company has its own complete industry chain and is regard as a professional supplier of the solar water heater and heating water system.

solar energy vacuum pipe, window set plate solar equipment, wall-mounted solar equipment, solar water boiler, solar floor heating, solar smart temperature controlling bed and some other low carbon products


solar energy

Jinan Hongli Solar Energy Co., Ltd

Jinan Hongli Solar Energy Co., Ltd is an enterprise specialized in the research, development, production and sales of split solar water heater. Currently, the company covers an area of 20,000 square meters including 13,000 square meters of production workshop. There are 236 employees including 53 professional and technical personnel. The fixed assets is RMB 40 million and the annual sales has reached RMB 50 million.

Currently, the company has two advanced production lines for water heater, and two production lines for heater collector with the annual production capacity of 200, 000 units of split solar water heater.


121 industry


122 industry

solar energy

Shandong Linuo Paradigma Co., Ltd

Shandong Linuo Paradigma Co., Ltd, a Sino-German joint venture established by China Linuo Group and Germany Paradigma GmbH& Co, is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in the multi-utilization of multi-typed solar thermal and air energy. It is one of Asia’s largest solar production enterprises and the only “national housing industrialization base” in the industry.

Our product portfolio ranges from evacuated tubes and non-pressurized thermosiphons for solar water heating to complex large-scale solar thermal applications for process heating.


123 industry

solar energy

Zaozhuang Haichuan Industrial Co., Ltd


Haichuan Industrial Fengmao 40MW solar photovoltaic power station project was established with investment of 40 million Yuan by Zaozhuang Haichuan Industrial Co., Ltd, which is the project company of Beijing Meiri Jieneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Haichuan Industrial Co., Ltd is also the incorporated company of the project. Started in February, 2015, the project plans to be combined to the grid in the end of August, 2015 and be completed in August, 2017.

Main Products: Photovoltaic power generation; 40MW solar power generator; 160000 pieces of efficient polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules with peak power of 500WP; 80 sets of 500KM photovoltaic grid-connected inverter; install and support the constructions of main transformer, integrated circuits, roads and auxiliaries in a way of dividing the above equipment into 40 arrays.

Popularize photovoltaic power generation project and seek international cooperation.



Shandong Information Industry Association was founded in 1995 and is the initial 4A social organizations affirmed by Department of Civil Affairs of Shandong Province. It is the link connecting enterprises and government in electronic information industry. Besides, it extensively conducts exchange and cooperation in electronic information industry and information construction between China and foreign countries, facing grass roots and markets. It dedicates in strengthening the provincial information industry, promoting informatization and providing all around service its members as well as advancing the development of information construction and information industry in China.


124 Technology


Shandong Information

Industry Association

Public service




Shandong Kaiyuan electronic Co., Ltd is a large scale enterprise that engages in manufacturing of electric radiator and integrates R&D, manufacturing and marketing of LED lamps. Located in Wenzhou industrial park of Changle county, the company covers areas of over 60 thousand square meters, with areas of structure of over 30 thousand square meters, total assets of 140 million Yuan and staff of 360. The company contains one provincial R&D center, 8 processing plants, 480 sets of equipment .


125 Technology

electric radiator, LED lamp and engine accessories,



Shandong Kaiyuan Electronic Co., Ltd


Shandong Mingwah


Shandong Mingwah Aohan Smart Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise that mainly engages in the professional study and popularization of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The company has successively passed the certification of national high-tech enterprise, software enterprise, software innovation enterprise, designated producer of commercial code products.


Seek appropriate products in the industry and proceed project cooperation or products import.

126 Technology

Aohan Smart Technology Co., Ltd

smart card, read-write machines and relevant RFID intelligence solutions




Located in national high-tech district of Taian, Shandong Zhongzhi Electronic Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise that engages in cloud computing, Internet of things, one-card, big data application and software development and service. In order to establish explicit corporate governance structure, the company has taken Shandong Zhongzhi Electronic Co., Ltd as main body, registered independent corporate enterprises for strategy transition business including cloud computing, Internet of things, one-card and finance, established ripe modern enterprise management system and formed the rudiment of the development of collectivized company. This all lay the foundation for the rapid growth of company’s main business.


127 Technology

software product,especially management systems.


Shandong Zhongzhi Electronic Co., Ltd

Discuss about business cooperation


Yantai Ruichuangda


Located in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai, Yantai Ruichuangda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is directly subordinate to Dongfang Electronics Group and is the national leading solution service provider for Internet of things. After years of technology accumulation and market development, the company has formed the business structure that faces customers, takes solutions as core and takes service and consultant as assistance. The company has developed almost 20 system solutions and products that cover many industry fields such as smart power grids, tracing and anti- fake, financial service, intelligent transportation, intelligent community, livestock breeding, warehouse logistics, intelligent security and protection and military informationization.

RFID Food Safety Trace Management

Cooperate with large-scale industrial enterprises to provide the whole life-cycle management of enterprise assets; cooperate with food (especially liquor) production and processing enterprises to provide complete cycle trace management of food; cooperate in the field of agricultural planting and cultivation to provide intelligent planting and cultivation management system.

128 Technology

Electronic Technology


Co., Ltd

System:,Large-scale Enterprise RFID Asset Management System,Agricultural Products Internet of Things Environment Monitoring System,















Shandong Huantai

Lianhua Supermarket

Co., Ltd.

Shouguang City gourd family Agricultural Development Co. Ltd.

Dezhou Zitong International Logistics Group Co., Ltd

Jinan Cross-Border Tesco E-commerce Technology Co., Ltd.

Binzhou Keda Real Estate Development Co.,LTD

Shandong Tianchang Environmental Protection Project Co., Ltd

Yanzhou New Cooperation Baiyi Trading Co., Ltd.

Shandong Huantai Lianhua Supermarket Company was established in August, 2012 as a limited liability company with corporate capacity. Its registered capital stood at 50,000,000 yuan. It is a leading enterprise in the supply and marketing cooperative in Huantai county.It has become a large-scale chain supermarket with over 1500 employees and more than 1,000,000,000 yuan of annual sales volume, covering an operating area of 50,000 m2. There are 178 franchised outlets and 48 direct-sale stores under its management.

Shouguang City gourd family Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the exploitation of varieties of gourd, gourd cultivation, processing, catering, tourism and other, the company has covers an area of 200 acres of ecological manor. My company's products in 2015 in Milan Expo, and as a state ceremony at the Expo platform gift, San Marino, heads of state and other China Pavilion VIP. Our company is the Milan World Expo in 2015, Shandong, the event week designated souvenirs supplier.

Founded in September 2000, Dezhou Zitong International Logistics Group Co., Ltd. is a modern logistics enterprise with main businesses including industrial park operation, international freight forwarding, international trade, logistics financing, warehouse distribution and container transport organization. With registered capital of 10,651,910 yuan, it has three a logistics parks covering a total area of 132 acres and owns a dozen of subsidiaries including branches and factories in Africa

Jinan Cross-Border Tesco E-commerce Technology Co., Ltd., located in the Jinan Free Trade Zone, is the only e-trading center in the zone. Since our online store Juyanghuo was launched on June 1, 2015, more than 400 international trading companies and 10 thousand products have been brought onto Juyanghuo. Annual sales of billions is expected. Our goal is to be come one of China's most important across border commodity trading center. Website:

The company was established in April 2011located in high tech Zone of Binzhou City.It is mainly engaged in real estate development and sales

Shandong Tianchang Environmental Protection Project Co., Ltd, founded in 2007, is a comprehensive new and high-tech enterprise integrated product design, development, producing, selling, installation and service as a whole. The company covers an area of 150 mu. It has 220 employees, 87 of whom are various professionals and technicians. It produces 58 varieties of products and those products cover more than 180 kinds of specifications.

Yanzhou New Cooperation Baiyi Trading Co., Ltd. is affiliated to the Yanzhou Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. The Company employees 5.000 people, has 360 million yuan of fixed assets, makes 1 billion yuan of annual sales income and contributes 20 million yuan of tax every year. It is quintessential of large modern chain enterprises, and runs more than 300 chain stores and nine companies.

chain supermarke

the gourd art design, making, inquiry gourd in culture,

Logistics and cross-border e-commerce

Food and beverages, clothing, hats, shoes, kitchen appliances, gifts and bags, baby products and toys

real estate development

a series of sewage treatment equipment, high performance fiber glass reinforced new building materials, doors and windows and guardrails.

It runs more than 300 chain stores and nine companies, which are Modern Department Store, Big Market, Chain Supermarket Company, Qufu Baiyi Shopping Mall, Zoucheng Baiyi Supermarket, Logistics and Distribution Center, Agricultural Production Company, Baiyi Textiles and Xuzhou New Cooperatives.


exportation and co-operation

Procuring commodities and seeking international partners in logistics


importation and co-operation

promoting and popularizing products of the company and seeking foreign partners to strengthen cooperation.

to import Small plastic, stainless steel articles and household items


Shandong Huimin


The company was established in August 2001with registered capital of 20.5 million yuan. We are mainly engaged in industrial and civil construction engineering construction and installation.


136 others

Huanghe Construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.

Industrial and civil construction engineering construction and installation.


137 others

Shandong Liaocheng Dangdai Grop Co., Ltd

Shandong Liaocheng Dangdai Grop Co., Ltd was established in September 1992, with the Second Level of State Development Qualification, registered capital of RMB 90.18 billion Yuan. It has over 2 bilion Yuan of assets. After more than 20 years of innovation and development, it has become intelligence intensive, technology intensive, capital intensive type modern enterprise, become ovrer one million square meters prospective project of urban operators.

real estate development business, engineering planning of construction, installation and decoration, property management, building materials, wood, steel sales. Garden steel planning, design, construction; nursery stock, flower production and sales; the group's assets in the project assessment, asset management, investment advice, services.

import , export and other co- operation

138 others

Shandong Yanggu Cable Group Co., Ltd

Shandong Yanggu Cable Group Co., Ltd.,whose predecessor was Shandong Yanggu Cable Factory founded in 1986, is a large technology-intensive and high-efficiency state- owned enterprise engaged in the high-tech research and production of wires and cables, and the largest rubber cable production base in China. The company has introduced international advanced HV and EHV cross-linked cable production lines, telephone communication cables and fiber optic production line and testing equipment from South Korea, Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Finland, Germany and other countries to ensure product quality and the international first-class testing means. The company now ranks among the top ten enterprises in the national cable industry.

Main products list in Yanggu Cable Group includes power cable( such as PVC insulated cable and XLPE insulated cable),mine cable,communication cable, communication optical cable,photoelectric composite cable, computer cable, aluminium alloy cable and wires.

import , export and other co- operation




Binzhou Weiye Traffic and Highway Engineering Co.,Ltd. is mainly engaged in highway engineering construction and also operates water conservancy project construction and building projects.In October 2007, the company got the qualification of Grade-2 Enterprise Contracting Highway Engineering Constructionwith certificate number A202403710092.The company owns 96 sets of mechanical equipments for subgrade, pavement and bridge engineering construction, asphalt and concrete mixing stations, cement concrete mixing stations, puller paversvarious types of road roller, cement concrete mining and conveying equipmentsequipments for the erection of medium-sized bridges and other key equipments. The company has 201 employees, including 12 senior technical titles13 medium titles, 21 junior titles. We have 49 engineers, 6 economic managers, 25 self weight progect managers and 43 technical workers.

The company is mainly engaged in highway engineering, road greening, municipal engineering, highway maintenance, bridge and culvert construction.



139 others





Binzhou Weiye Traffic


Binzhou Weiye Traffic and Highway Engineering Co.,Ltd. is mainly engaged in highway engineering construction and also operates water conservancy project construction and building projects.In October 2007, the company got the qualification of Grade-2 Enterprise Contracting Highway Engineering Constructionwith certificate number A202403710092.

highway engineering, road greening, municipal engineering, highway maintenance, bridge and culvert construction.


140 others

and Highway Engineering Co.,Ltd



Shandong Lonsun


Lonsun Group was founded in 2001 & became a Group company in June,2011.Our company has developed into one comprehensive enterprise .Our company has the national pressure vessel A1,A2,A3 & B3 design & manufacturing & GC2 pressure pipeline installation qualification.Our company also has PetroChina, Sinopec & CNOOC level-one supplier qualification.Meanwhile,our company successively has passed the accreditations of ISO9001 Quality Assurance System,ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System.Now our company has stabled strategic partnership with China National Heavy Duty Truck,FAW,BAIC,Dongfeng,Yutong,Jinlong,Zhongtong,Foton,etc. Our company has foreign trade business license and LNG cryogenic equipment & refining equipment for global market.Main products have gained EU market CE-PED certification,TS16949 certification,International ASME certification,GOST certification and CCS certification.

press machine,gantry crane,refining & chemical equipments including spherical storage tanks,heat exchanger,towers,reactors,cotainers and so on;the integrated services concerning the equipment design,manufacturing,installation,debugging and maintenance.


141 others

Industrial Co.,Ltd.



Shandong Taifeng New


Shandong Taifeng New Energy-Saving Materials Corp.,Ltd.was established in 2003, and located in Shandong Boxing economic development zone. We have got the certificate of ISO9001:2000 and ISO14000. We have 3 producing line for HDG per year, we also can produce many types of corrugated sheets.

Galvanized coils(GI): used as materials for PPGI or used as building materials directly. Galvanized roofing sheets: used as roofing sheets for keeping out wind and rain.


142 others

Energy-Saving Materials Corp.,Ltd.



Shandong guangyuan


Shandong guangyuan electric technology co., LTD. is specializing in the production of electric power system .The registered capital of 28 million yuan, covers an area of 27000 square meters, construction area of 12000 square meters, fixed assets of 30 million yuan, annual output value of 60 million yuan. Strong technical force, advanced process equipment, complete testing instruments. Gained IS09001:2000 quality system certification, low-voltage electrical products, such as 3 c authentication.

high and low voltage switchgear, box-type substation, power generation, gas and other complete sets of equipment, power distribution room and cabinet


143 others

electric technology co., LTD



Binzhou city China full


Binzhou city China full of flowers and trees technology located in binzhou, covering an area of 2000 mu.

rose cultivation, rose products processing and tourism


144 others

of flowers and trees technology co., LTD


145 others

Yantai Jingwei Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Yantai Jingwei Industrial Company is one of the first local industrial enterprises to enter the commercial real estate sector. It is mainly engaged in three core businesses—investment and development focusing on marketplace, commercial operation and estate management and development and sale of office buildings, apartments and houses.

the plaza is a small HOPSCA, which combines commercial center, hotels, restaurants, entertainment facilities, office buildings and business apartments.

seeking partners for import and export


Shandong Lubei


With more than 6,000 employees and 20 billion yuan of assets, the company is a large prefectural wholly SOE specializing in chemical industry, construction materials, light industry, and electric power, altogether 12 chemical industries. The company ranks among the top 500 companies in China. It is approved as one of the first national pilot units for circular economy and one of the first national environmentally-friendly enterprises. In addition, it is a national demonstration zone of ecological industry and one of the first pilot units for circular economy in Shan

Compound fertilizer, sulfuric acid, cement, titanium dioxide, industrial salt, industrial bromine, alumina and other products processing and marketing; Civil engineering; Construction engineering design; For the record within the scope of import and export business.


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Enterprise Group General Company


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Shandong Bolt Elevator Co.,Ltd

BOLT Elevator Co., Ltd is located in beautiful and affluent Shandong Province, the birthplace of Chinese Confucian culture. Formerly as a parts manufacturing enterprise established in 1993, it was primarily engaged in elevator parts manufacturing, providing supporting services for elevator manufacturers. Since 2008 the company has invested profoundly to develop the “BOLT” series elevators. In 2010, the Company invested in the construction of phasenew plant with a registered capital of RMB 100 million and an area of 130,000 square meters. Since then, the company has evolved into a diversified enterprise integrating design, manufacture, installation, sales, maintenance, service and teaching with national A-level qualification of manufacture and installation.

elevator parts


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Shandong Mengzhilv Motor Homes Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 2012, Shandong Mengzhilv Motor Homes CO., the first company to introduce the idea of making RV affordable to the general public, established the first technology research and development center for pick-up RVs. Meanwhile, the Company has built Chinese first pick-up RVs production line, concentrating on the research, production and sales of pick-up RVs.

With three years development, the Company has created many actively demanded vehicle models, including standard type of self-propelled RVs, comfortable type of self-propelled RVs and off-road RVs. The annual sales of Mengzhilv RVs rank first all over the country.

exportation and co-operation


Shandong Sanling


Founded in 1982 with a registered capital of RMB 50 million, Shandong Sanling Automotive Interior Co.,Ltd. is the leading enterprise in automotive interior industry in Shandong Province. The company covers an area of 86,000 square meters and has 410 employees, 35 of which are professionals and technicians. The company is a professional automotive interior manufacturer for heavy truck and light truck, covering search & development, production and sale.


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Automotive Interior

interior trim parts production of heavy trucks




Shandong Zhongde


Shandong Zhongde Company was founded in 1997. The Company is a new high-tech enterprise outsourcing fermentation engineering services. It is mainly engaged in fermentation engineering, focusing on designing, producing, creating, installing and debugging various kinds of beer equipments and supporting facilities. It introduced the idea of “fermentation engineering service industry”, providing customers with non- standard technical system solutions of fermentation engineering and gradually became the leading enterprise in fermentation engineering services.


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beer equipments and supporting facilities

exportation and co-operation


Shandong Shindaya


Shandong Shindaya International Business & Trade Co.Ltd, which is based in Shandong Province, has gone through two decades’ fame as a great provider of foreign services and a cooperation facilitator. As one of the earliest companies in the business of foreign affairs service, Shindaya adheres to the business philosophy of "Life and Career Require Cordiality, Intelligence and Bravery Gain Multi-Success, Courtesy and Benignity Actualize Elegance”. It started as a public foreign affairs service provider and expanded into the field of international trade, investment and immigration visas. It owns rich information database of different industries and a superior platform of international cooperation.


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International Business & Trade Co.,Ltd

Information Service




Stainless steel American style commercial


refrigerators and freezers;

Binzhou Sky Rainbow Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd was established in 2004,with total area of 400,000 square meters, and building area of 200,000 square meters. Our product has passed the strict certification of CE,GS,RoHS, ETL, UL, BRC, BSCI, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, which ensures the quality of our product. Our product has been exported to over 100 countries and districts.


Stainless steel European style commercial

refrigerators and freezers;

Binzhou Sky Rainbow


Korean style commercial refrigerators and

Import high-quality spare parts and raw materials ;Export

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Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

freezers(for Asia market)

4. Showcase for supper market;

finished product


5. Stainless steel product(cabinet, counter, hoods,


sink, cupboard, etc) for kitchen;


Cooking equipment;

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Zhongtong Bus Holding Co. Ltd.

As a standardized joint-stock company, Zhongtong Bus & Holding Co., Ltd. has a long history of manufacturing large- and medium-sized buses for more than 40 years and is one of the first listed companies in China’s bus industry. Today, the Company has total assets of RMB 3.26bn Yuan, a net asset value of RMB 798 million Yuan and total capital stock of 238.5 million shares. It now employs more than 4000 people, covering an area of 1000,000 square meters. The Company mainly manufactures 1300 sets of equipment through its internationally advanced production line , with an annual production capacity of more than 30,000 energy saving and new energy buses.

Bus, Chassis and parts. Special vehicle.

Export and co-operation